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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
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  ''978-0-7450-0105-0HARCOURT & HAMControversies Political Economy
  ''978-0-7450-0160-9Mark BlaugGreat Economists Before Keynes: An Introduction to the Lives and Works of 100 Great Economists of the Past
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  ''978-0-7450-0367-2The Political science of British politics
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1988978-0-7450-0396-2Willem A. WagenaarIdentifying Ivan: A case Study in Legal Psychology
1987978-0-7450-0402-0John SchwarzmantelStructures of Power
1988978-0-7450-0488-4CARTER A*Marx: A Radical Critique
1989978-0-7450-0518-8   ''Philosophical Foundatns Prop R
  ''978-0-7450-0527-0Howard Ll. WilliamsHegel, Heraclitus and Marx's Dialectic
1988978-0-7450-0544-7K. Bain · P.G.A. HowellsUnderstanding Markets: An Introduction to the Theory, Institutions and Practice of Markets
1989978-0-7450-0570-6Michael ReedThe Sociology of Management
1989978-0-7450-0622-2Jonathan DollimoreRadical tragedy: Religion, ideology, and power in the drama of Shakespeare and his contemporaries
  ''978-0-7450-0634-5Sebastian De GraziaMachiavelli in Hell
  ''978-0-7450-0644-4John WilliamsonPolitical Economy and International Money
1993978-0-7450-0682-6Bruno LatourWe Have Never Been Modern
1991978-0-7450-0720-5Barry BuzanPeople, States and Fear: An Agenda For International Security Studies In The Post-Cold War Era.
1990978-0-7450-0745-8KornaiVision and Reality Mrkt State
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  ''978-0-7450-0823-3Suzanne Raitt" To the Lighthouse " (Critical Studies of Key Texts)
1991978-0-7450-0860-8John SlomanEconomics and MyEconLab Online Access Card
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1992978-0-7450-0925-4Maggie HummFeminisms: A Reader
1995978-0-7450-0935-3James ForemanpeckA History of the World Economy: International Economic Relations since 1850 (2nd Edition)
1993978-0-7450-0963-6JackendoffPatterns In The Mind: Language and Human Nature
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1991978-0-7450-0991-9Jacques DerridaReader
1990978-0-7450-1001-4Shirley FosterAcross New Worlds: Nineteenth Century Women Travellers and Their Writings
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1993978-0-7450-1321-3LatourWe Have Never Been Modern
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1995978-0-7450-1625-2Michael A. Hogg · Graham M VaughanSocial Psychology: An Introduction
1994978-0-7450-1636-8Angela FawcettDyslexia In Children: Multidisciplinary Perspectives

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