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ISBN 978-0-13-218527-1 to 978-0-13-218875-3 < ISBN 978-0-13-218876-0 to 978-0-13-219255-2 > ISBN 978-0-13-219259-0 to 978-0-13-219598-0

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2005978-0-13-218876-0NAComptrzd Acctg Info&esstl Acc02 Lv2&lv3 Pkg
  ''978-0-13-218878-4NADesigng Effectv Math&ascd Acc Code Card Pkg
  ''978-0-13-218880-7   ''Collg Alg Esstl& Studt Study Pack Pkg
  ''978-0-13-218881-4   ''Precalc Esstls& Studt Study Pack Pkg
  ''978-0-13-218882-1   ''Precalc Esstl& Mymathlab& MML LOGO Pkg
1975978-0-13-218883-8Warren HardingDownward bound: A mad guide to rock climbing
2005978-0-13-218884-5NAPhysics Sci& Engineers Vol1& Webct Bunpk Pkg
2005978-0-13-218885-2NATeachg Studt with Severe Disℜ Lives Pkg
  ''978-0-13-218886-9   ''Easy Guide Writg& Themes a PH Pocket Rdr Pk
2005978-0-13-218887-6NAProgramd Coll Vocab&themes PH Pocket Rdr Pk
  ''978-0-13-218888-3   ''Programd Coll Vocab&themes PH Pocket Rdr Pk
  ''978-0-13-218889-0   ''Simon& Schuster Short&theme PH Pockt Rdr Pk
  ''978-0-13-218890-6Writers World: Pe&themes Pocket Pkg
1983978-0-13-218891-3John StiverDouble Post Basketball: Offensive Power and Fundamentals
2005978-0-13-218896-8NAReadg& Writg Acad& Argumt PH Pockt Rdr Pkg
  ''978-0-13-218897-5Discoverg Argmt& Argumt PH Pockt Rdr Pkg
2005978-0-13-218898-2NAWorld Is a Text& Argumt PH Pockt Rdr Pkg
  ''978-0-13-218899-9   ''Quest& Argumt Pren Hall Pocket Readr Pkg
2006978-0-13-218900-2   ''Literature& Society&argumt PH Pockt Rdr Pkg
2005978-0-13-218901-9NALit Intro Readg& Argumt PH Pockt Rdr Pkg
  ''978-0-13-218902-6   ''Writg about Lit& Argumt PH Pockt Rdr Pkg
  ''978-0-13-218903-3   ''Quest& Themes Pren Hall Pocket Reader Pkg
2006978-0-13-218904-0   ''Literature& Society& Themes PH Pockt Rdr Pk
2005978-0-13-218906-4   ''Writg about Literatr&themes PH Pockt Rdr Pk
1978978-0-13-218909-5Joan LesikinDown the road
2005978-0-13-218910-1NAShort Fictn Classic&themes PH Pocket Rdr Pk
2006978-0-13-218911-8NAIntro to Shakespeare& Theme PH Pockt Rdr Pk
2005978-0-13-218912-5Moorg Against the Tide&theme PH Pckt Rdr Pk
  ''978-0-13-218914-9Handbk to Literature& Themes PH Pckt Rdr Pk
  ''978-0-13-218915-6NAWriters World Sentnc& Themes PH Pockt Rdr Pk
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1983978-0-13-218917-0Margery WilsonDouble Your Energy and Live Without Fatigue
2006978-0-13-218918-7NAAnthology Creatv Writr&theme PH Pckt Rdr Pk
2005978-0-13-218919-4   ''Program Collg Vocab&argumt PH Pockt Rdr Pkg
  ''978-0-13-218920-0   ''Prog Coll Vocab Compct&argmt PH Pckt Rdr Pk
2005978-0-13-218921-7NASimon& Schuster Short&argumt PH Pckt Rdr Pk
  ''978-0-13-218922-4   ''Writers World: Pe&argumt Pocket Pkg
1981978-0-13-218925-5Jan WahlDracula's Cat
2005978-0-13-218926-2NAWritg Talk Parag& Argumt PH Pockt Rdr Pkg
2005978-0-13-218927-9NAWritg Talk Sentnc& Argumt PH Pockt Rdr Pkg
  ''978-0-13-218928-6   ''Effectv Publc Reltn&argumt PH Pockt Rdr Pkg
  ''978-0-13-218929-3   ''World Is a Text& Pattrns PH Pckt Rdr Pkg
  ''978-0-13-218930-9   ''Quest& Patterns PH Pockt Reader Pkg
2006978-0-13-218931-6   ''Literature& Society& Pattrns PH Pckt Rdr Pk
1978978-0-13-218933-0Jan Wahl · Kay ChoraoDracula's Cat
2005978-0-13-218934-7NAWritg about Lit& Patterns PH Pocket Rdr Pkg
2005978-0-13-218935-4NAWritg about Lit Brf&pattrns PH Pckt Rdr Pkg
2006978-0-13-218936-1   ''Anth Creatv Writrs& Pattrns PH Pckt Rdr Pkg
  ''978-0-13-218937-8   ''Intro Shakespeare& Pattrns PH Pckt Rdr Pkg
2005978-0-13-218938-5   ''Writg about Lit Brf&argumt PH Pockt Rdr Pkg
2006978-0-13-218939-2   ''Anthology for Creatv& Argumt PH Pckt Rdr Pk
2005978-0-13-218940-8NAShort Fictn Classc& Argumt PH Pockt Rdr Pkg
2006978-0-13-218941-5   ''Intro to Shakespeare& Argumt PH Pckt Rdr Pk
2005978-0-13-218943-9   ''Moorg Against the Tide&argumt Pockt Rdr Pkg
  ''978-0-13-218945-3   ''Handbk to Lit& Argumt PH Pocket Reader Pkg
  ''978-0-13-218946-0   ''Writers World Sentnc& Argumt PH Pockt Rdr Pk
2005978-0-13-218948-4NAEasy Guide to Writg& Patterns PH Pockt Rdr
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  ''978-0-13-218950-7   ''Progrmd Coll Vocab Cmpct&pttrns PH Pckt Rdr
  ''978-0-13-218951-4   ''Simon& Schuster Short&patterns PH Pockt Rdr
  ''978-0-13-218952-1   ''Writrs World: Pe&patterns Pocket Pkg
2005978-0-13-218955-2NAWritg Talk Parag&patterns PH Pocket Rdr Pkg
2005978-0-13-218956-9NAWritg Talk Sentnc&pattrns PH Pocket Rdr Pkg
  ''978-0-13-218957-6   ''Effectv Publc Reltns&pattrns PH Pckt Rdr Pk
  ''978-0-13-218961-3   ''Readg& Writg Acad& Pattrns PH Pckt Rdr Pkg
  ''978-0-13-218962-0   ''Discoverg Argumt& Pattrns PH Pocket Rdr Pkg
  ''978-0-13-218963-7   ''Scott Forman Express& Pattrns PH Pckt Rdr Pk
1968978-0-13-218966-8Benjamin QuarlesFrederick Douglass
2005978-0-13-218973-6NAShort Fictn Classc& Pattrns PH Pckt Rdr Pkg
2005978-0-13-218974-3Benjamin QuarlesMoorg Against Tide&pattrns PH Pckt Rdr Pkg (Great Lives Observed)
  ''978-0-13-218977-4NAHandbook to Lit& Patterns PH Pocket Rdr Pkg
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978-0-13-219002-2Cases in Hospitality and Tourism Management: Student Solutions Manual
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  ''978-0-13-219006-0   ''Out of Many TLC V2& Onekey Coursecompass Pkg
  ''978-0-13-219008-4Life on Earth& Studt Lecture Notebook Pkg
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2006978-0-13-219010-7Susan G. Wheeler · Gary S. WheelerTypeSense: Making Sense of Type on the Computer (3rd Edition)
2005978-0-13-219012-1Prentice HallBasic History of Western Art
  ''978-0-13-219013-8NAPren Hall Ref GD&Rogets Coll Thesau&naw DIC
  ''978-0-13-219014-5   ''Busn Stat Decs& Ssm& Pht Xcl02& KY Forml Sht&
  ''978-0-13-219017-6   ''Bus Stat Decs& Ssm& Mintab CD& 1key BB S/Kit
2005978-0-13-219018-3NABusn Stat Decs& Ssm& Pht Xcl02& KY Forml Sht&
  ''978-0-13-219022-0City of God
1998978-0-13-219023-7A. W. Roscoe · G. M. ReedDomains for Denotational Semantics (Prentice-Hall International Series in Computer Science)
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2010978-0-13-219028-2Joseph A GrafftPocket Reference for Emergency Care in the Wilderness Setting
1978978-0-13-219030-5Stanley A. ClayesDrama and Discussion (2nd Edition)
2005978-0-13-219037-4Prentice HallArt History: Student Access Kit (OneKey)
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2005978-0-13-219043-5NAOut of Many TLC Vol2 Edtn& Onekey Webct Pkg
  ''978-0-13-219044-2Leonard Jessup · Joseph ValacichInformation Systems Today: Why IS Matters & Student CDROM PK (2nd Edition)
  ''978-0-13-219045-9NAOut of Many TLC Comb& Onekey Courscompss Pk
2005978-0-13-219046-6NAIntro to Maple8&intro to Matlb7&engr W/XCL&
  ''978-0-13-219047-3   ''Persnl Fin Updat& Wrkbk Updat& 1srch W/Rn5 Pk
1977978-0-13-219048-0Standing Room Only
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  ''978-0-13-219070-1NAMicroecono Prin& Tools&ph GD
1982978-0-13-219071-8Vernon Hoven · Harold H. HolenDramatic Tax Savings Through Real Estate Transactions
2005978-0-13-219073-2NAMicroeco Prin& Tools& Finl Times Supplmt Pk
  ''978-0-13-219077-0   ''Essentls of Geology& Hazard City Standalone
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1988978-0-13-219080-0Carleton VarneyThe Draper Touch: The High Life and High Style of Dorothy Draper
2005978-0-13-219084-8NACollg Acctg DVD& Study GD & Wrkpprs W/Env Pk
  ''978-0-13-219089-3   ''Auto Heatg& Air Condtng & Auto Tec HVAC Pkg
  ''978-0-13-219094-7   ''Sociology for 21st Centy& Census 2000 Ia CD
1990978-0-13-219098-5Douglas W. TophamInfoworld: A DOS User's Guide to Unix
2005978-0-13-219099-2NAFinancl Acctg& Pren Hall Acctg XCL Tips Pkg
2005978-0-13-219100-5NAFinancial Accounting & Study Guide Pkg
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  ''978-0-13-219118-0Earth Science& Applicatns& Investigatns Pkg
  ''978-0-13-219119-7NAFirst Responder& Review Mnl for 1st Respndr
2005978-0-13-219120-3NACareer Developmt 21st C &Counselg&gd Ethcl
  ''978-0-13-219121-0   ''Economics: Prin& Tools& Macro S/G& McIro S/G
  ''978-0-13-219123-4   ''Correctn American CD& Cj Syst Chart Cj Pkg
2005978-0-13-219126-5NAMacroeconomics Prin& Tools & Macro S/G Pkg
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  ''978-0-13-219133-3NAAfrican Amer Odyssey Comb& Stories& Afr Am V2
  ''978-0-13-219134-0   ''African Amer Odyssey Vol1& Afr Amer Stories
2005978-0-13-219135-7NAAfrican Amer Odyssey V2& Afr Amer Stories V2
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2005978-0-13-219149-4Carol J. Carter · Joyce Bishop · Sarah Lyman KravitsSupplement: Keys to Success & Onekey Coursecompass, Pincode A/Card Package - Keys to Success: Building Successful Intelligence for College, Career, and Life 5/E
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2005978-0-13-219151-7Carol J. Carter · Joyce Bishop · Sarah Lyman KravitsSupplement: Keys to Success & Onekey Webct Pincode A/C Package - Keys to Success: Building Successful Intelligence for College, Career, and Life 5/E
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2005978-0-13-219155-5Writg about Literture&art of Lit CDROM Pkg
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978-0-13-219166-1DEITEL:C++ HOW PROG A/C _5
2005978-0-13-219167-8Paul J. DeitelC++ How to Program
1992978-0-13-219171-5Charles F. RubensteinAutocad: The Drafting Tool
2005978-0-13-219173-9English for Careers& Studt Prep Bk Eng Pkg
  ''978-0-13-219174-6Govt by the People TLC Ver& Make It Real Pkg
2005978-0-13-219175-3NAGovt by the People TX Ver& Make It Real Pkg
  ''978-0-13-219176-0   ''Govt by the People TX TLC& Make It Real Pkg
2005978-0-13-219181-4NADiversity Amid Globalztn& Geog Colorg Book
  ''978-0-13-219182-1Rowntree · Lewis · Price · WyckoffDiversty Amid Globlztn& Sci Eval Ol Res W/RN
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  ''978-0-13-219191-3   ''Litercy 21st Centru&livg Lit Usg Childrn Pk
  ''978-0-13-219192-0   ''Litcy 21st Centy&esol Strateg Tchg Cont Pkg
2005978-0-13-219193-7NALiteracy 21st Cent&no Child Lft Behd GD Pkg
  ''978-0-13-219194-4   ''Integratg Educ Tech &Linkg Tech & Curr Pkg
  ''978-0-13-219195-1   ''Integratg Educ Tech&educ on the Internet Pk
2005978-0-13-219196-8NAIntegratg Educ Tech& MS Offc for Teachr Pkg
1989978-0-13-219197-5R. H. J. SellinDrag Reduction in Fluid Flows: Techniques for Friction Control
2005978-0-13-219198-2NAIntegrtg Educ Tech&tec Tools Tchr MS Ofc Pk
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  ''978-0-13-219201-9NAIntegratg Educ Tech&ms Offc XP/2001 Tchr Pk
  ''978-0-13-219202-6Amer Govt Election Update& Make It Real Pkg
  ''978-0-13-219206-4NAGovt by the People Basic & Make It Real Pkg
2005978-0-13-219207-1NAGovt by the Peopl Natl& Make It Real Pkg
  ''978-0-13-219208-8   ''Govt by the People Nsl Ver& Make It Real Pkg
  ''978-0-13-219209-5   ''Aspects Westrn Civlz V1& PH Atlas Westn CIVL
  ''978-0-13-219210-1Concept of Genetcs& Stu Hb& SM Conc of Genes
  ''978-0-13-219211-8NACriminl Justc Mainstrm& Cj Il Cj Today Pkg
2005978-0-13-219212-5Stephen P. RobbinsOrganztl Behavr& Self& 1key Webct S/A Kit Pk
  ''978-0-13-219216-3NACurriculum Today& Professionalism Teachg Pk
  ''978-0-13-219217-0   ''Teachg Individ with Phys&prof Tchg&lnkg Tec
  ''978-0-13-219218-7   ''Diversity Amid Globalztn& Mappg Workbook Pkg
2005978-0-13-219222-4NAIntro Ito Finl Acct& Und Sarbane Oxley Act2
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2005978-0-13-219229-3NASpanish Law Enforcemt&stu Aud&actn Span Law
  ''978-0-13-219232-3   ''Justc Blind Ideals&cj Illinois Cj Today Pkg
  ''978-0-13-219233-0   ''Exeptnl Lives Spec& Stu S/G& Pass Praxs& ASCD
2006978-0-13-219235-4   ''Ess Intermd Alg& Mathxl Ol 12mo& Alg S/Study
2005978-0-13-219236-1NAEss Intro& Intermd& Mthxl Ol 24mo& S/Study Pk
  ''978-0-13-219246-0   ''Tech Intro& Studt Res& Phit Ppt2& Acc2 Exp V1
1991978-0-13-219247-7Dan GookinDOS 5 Users Guide
2005978-0-13-219249-1Thomas R DyePolitics in American: Texas Edition
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  ''978-0-13-219252-1   ''Info Systems Mangmt&entrprise Resrc Planng
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2005978-0-13-219255-2NAExplorg Microsft Office 03 Vol2& Navg BB Pkg