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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1996978-0-13-541343-2Michael D Koehler PH.D.Advising Student Athletes Through the College Recruitment Process: A Complete Guide for Counselors, Coaches and Parents
1972978-0-13-541367-8A.H. TaubM. A. A. Studies in Applied Mathematics: v. 7 (Studies in mathematics, v. 7)
1989978-0-13-541368-5MOORESLotus 1-2-3 Rel 3.0
1983978-0-13-541375-3MotorolaM6805 HMOS/M146805 CMOS Family Microcomputer/Microprocessor User's Manual
  ''978-0-13-541383-8MotorolaM6805 HMOs, Ml46805 CMOS Family Microcomputer/Microprocessor: User's Manual
1984978-0-13-541392-0   ''M68000 16/32 Bit-Microprocessor: Programmer's Reference Manual
  ''978-0-13-541400-2No Author Listed.M68000 16/32 bit-microprocessor: Programmer's reference manual
  ''978-0-13-541418-7M68020 Thirty-two Bit Microprocessor User's Manual
1972978-0-13-541425-5Lawrence S. WittnerMacArthur (Spectrum Books)
1997978-0-13-541426-2Joel G. Siegel · Jae K. Shim · Nicky A. DauberCorporate Controller's Handbook of Financial Management (Corporate Controller's Handbook of Financial Management, 2nd ed)
1972978-0-13-541433-0Lawrence S. WittnerMacArthur (Spectrum Books)
1986978-0-13-541434-7Gary B. LittleMac Assembly Language: A Guide for Programmers
1977978-0-13-541441-5Terence Hawkes · Caroline F. E. Spurgeon"Macbeth" (20th Century Interpretations)
  ''978-0-13-541458-3EnglewoodTwentieth Century Interpretations of Macbeth: A Collection of Critical Essays (A Spectrum Book)
1984978-0-13-541467-5MC68020 32-bit microprocessor user's manual
1986978-0-13-541475-0J. Brady Robert · Motorola IncM68000 8-/16-/32-Bit Microprocessors: Programmer's Reference Manual
1986978-0-13-541483-5M68000 8-/16-/32-bit microprocessors: Programmer's reference manual
  ''978-0-13-541491-0MotorolaM68000 8-/16-/32-Bit Microprocessors: Programmer's Reference Manual
1988978-0-13-541509-2Keith Mathews · Jay FriedlandMac Read Only Memory Reference: Programmer's Guide to Macintosh Macros
1990978-0-13-541525-2Werner Hilf · Anton NauschThe M68000 Family: Architecture, Addressing Modes and Instruction Set (Series in Solid-State Electronics)
  ''978-0-13-541533-7Werner Hilf · Anton NauschThe M68000 Family: Applications and the M68000 Devices (Motorola series in solid-state electronics)
1986978-0-13-541558-0Richard Sandes Forsyth · R. RadaMachine Learning: Applications in Expert Systems and Information Retrieval (Ellis Horwood Series Artificial Intelligence)
  ''978-0-13-541566-5Richard Sandes Forsyth · R. RadaMachine Learning: Applications in Expert Systems and Information Retrieval (Ellis Horwood Series in Artificial Intelligence)
1979978-0-13-541582-5Jean E. HayesMachine Intelligence: Machine Expertise and the Human Interface
1982978-0-13-541632-7MaculaitisMAC Test 9-12 Student Bklt
1991978-0-13-541657-0Inc. MotorolaMc68020 32-Bit Microprocessor User's Manual
  ''978-0-13-541665-5   ''M68000 8-/16-32-Bit Microprocessors User's Manual
1991978-0-13-541681-5Rosemary Ellen GuileyMoonscapes: A Celebration of Lunar Astronomy, Magic, Legend, and Lore
1993978-0-13-541699-0Helene Bestougeff · Gerard LigozatLogical Tools for Temporal Knowledge Representation (Ellis Horwood Series in Artificial Intelligence)
1991978-0-13-541723-2Macro/micro: Brief Int Soclgy** Tepperman/rose
  ''978-0-13-541749-2Francesco Bergadano · A. Giordana · L. SaittaMachine Learning: An Integrated Framework and Its Applications (Ellis Horwood Series in Artificial Intelligence)
978-0-13-541756-0S.A. Dobrynin · M.S. Feldman · G.I. FusovMachine Vibrations: Computer-Aided Techniques for Investigation (Ellis Horwood Series in Automated Manufacture)
1987978-0-13-541764-5Uffe HindhedeMachine Design Fundamentals: A Practical Approach
1996978-0-13-541815-4HearnSm Computer Graphics C Version I/M
1991978-0-13-541848-2Roland O. Neely John E. · MeyerMachine Tool Practices
1979978-0-13-541870-3Arthur GillMachine and Assembly Language Programming of the PDP-11
1983978-0-13-541888-8Arthur GillMachine and Assembly Language Programming of the Pdp-11
1984978-0-13-541897-0Graham KeelerMachine Level Programming on the Apple Ii/IIE (Prentice Hall International personal computer book)
1982978-0-13-541904-5Ramakant NevatiaMachine Perception
1984978-0-13-541913-7Graham KeelerMachine Level Programming on the Apple Ii/IIE
1991978-0-13-541947-2Jerry DanielsMaclopedia: The Macintosh Hardware and Software Compendium
1997978-0-13-541954-0Government By the People (Instructor's Resource Manual)
1990978-0-13-541962-5Harvey M. Deitel · Dennis P. CurtinMicrosoft Word 4: Procedures Manual for the MacIntosh (Word and information processing on microcomputers series)
1983978-0-13-542001-0Robert A. YearlingMachine Trades Blueprint Reading
1991978-0-13-542010-2Steve AdamsQuicken for the Macintosh
1986978-0-13-542036-2Nello ZuechMachine Vision
1990978-0-13-542044-7Louis GalbiatiMachine Vision and Digital Image Processing Fundamentals
1988978-0-13-542051-5Nelda PughMachine Transcription: A Simulation, Module 1
  ''978-0-13-542069-0   ''Machine Transcription: A Simulation, Module 2
  ''978-0-13-542077-5   ''Machine Transcription: A Simulation, Module 3
  ''978-0-13-542101-7Machine Transcriptn Mod 1 Cass Pugh
1988978-0-13-542127-7Machine Transcriptn Mod 3 Cass Pugh
  ''978-0-13-542150-5Machine Transcriptn Mod 2 Cass Pugh
1963978-0-13-542175-8Lewis MayersMachinery of Justice, The: An Introduction to Legal Structure and Process
1989978-0-13-542184-0Nelda S. PughStationery Pocket Machine Transcrip Mod1
  ''978-0-13-542192-5PughStationery Pocket Machine Transcrip Mod2
  ''978-0-13-542200-7PughStationery Pocket Machine Transcrip Mod3
1969978-0-13-542209-0R.H. Brown · E.J.A. ArmaregoThe Machining of Metals
1989978-0-13-542218-2PughMachine Transcription Module 1-2-3 Tape
1985978-0-13-542226-7A Breakthrough in Making Computers Friendly
1999978-0-13-542227-4Dorothy Palmer · James MacGregor Burns · J. W. Peltason · Thomas E. Cronin · David B. MaglebyGovernment by the People: Brief Edition
1997978-0-13-542235-9Government By the People (Test Item File)
1986978-0-13-542242-7Gordon McCombThe MacIntosh Business Graphics Handbook (Microtrend Series)
1978978-0-13-542258-8Peter J. DenningMachines, Languages, and Computation
1984978-0-13-542267-0Joel W WestMacintosh graphics in fifteen minutes
1985978-0-13-542275-5John HeilbornMacintosh Notebook: Macbasic
  ''978-0-13-542283-0John HeilbornMacIntosh Notebook MacPaint
1985978-0-13-542291-5John HeilbornMacintosh Notebook: Macwrite
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978-0-13-542341-7BRADYMacintosh Technical Gde
978-0-13-542358-5BRADYMacintosh Technical Gde
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1987978-0-13-542374-5John HeilbornMacIntosh Notebook: Lotus Jazz
1985978-0-13-542382-0John HeilbornMacIntosh Notebook: MacPascal
1987978-0-13-542390-5Gary G. Bitter · Roger L. GoodberletMacIntosh Basic for Business
1991978-0-13-542408-7Jane SchmidMacintosh Applications
1986978-0-13-542432-2Mary Louise HattenMacroeconomics for Management
1984978-0-13-542457-5PARKIN · BADEMacroeconomics S/G
1983978-0-13-542480-3R. V. CherneffMacRoeconomics
1981978-0-13-542498-8Mary Louise HattenMacroeconomics for management
1983978-0-13-542514-5Mark R. Eaker · Jess B. YawitzMacroeconomics
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1975978-0-13-542555-8Frank ZahnMacroeconomic Theory and Policy
1970978-0-13-542563-3Richard Attiyeh · etc.Macroeconomics: A Programmed Book
1978978-0-13-542571-8Rebecca ClarkMacromind Power
1984978-0-13-542589-3Michael Parkin*Macroecomonics
1972978-0-13-542605-0F. WoldMacromolecules: Structure and Function (Foundations of Modern Biochemistry)
  ''978-0-13-542613-5   ''Macromolecules: Structure and Function (Foundations of Modern Biochemistry)
  ''978-0-13-542621-0D.A.L. Auld · E.K. GrantMacroeconomics: A Programmed Book for Canadian Students
1974978-0-13-542639-5Gordon Brunhild · Robert H. BurtonMacroeconomic Theory
1979978-0-13-542647-0Michael R. EdgmandMacroeconomics: Theory and Policy
1974978-0-13-542662-3Richard Attiyeh · etc.Macroeconomics: A Programmed Book
1983978-0-13-542688-3Michael R. EdgmandMacroeconomics: Theory and Policy
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1977978-0-13-542720-0   ''Macroeconomics: Analysis and Policy
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1981978-0-13-542761-3William A. KellyMacroeconomics
1983978-0-13-542787-3William P. AlbrechtMacroeconomic Principles
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1988978-0-13-542870-2William S BrownMacroeconomics
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1987978-0-13-543216-7DixsonModern American Eng L4 Cas
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1996978-0-13-543381-2William E. Warren · Larry F. ChapmanBasketball Coach's Survival Guide: Practical Techniques and Materials for Building an Effective Program and a Winning Team
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1982978-0-13-543562-5MaculaitisMAC Test 4-5 Sample Bklt
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1982978-0-13-543604-2MaculaitisMAC Test 4-5 Trans Optic
1990978-0-13-543620-2Mac 6.8 Examiners Kit 1
1979978-0-13-543702-5Leonard MogelThe Magazine: Everything You Need to Know to Make it in the Magazine Business
  ''978-0-13-543710-0Leonard MogelThe Magazine: Everything You Need to Know to Make it in the Magazine Business
1982978-0-13-543728-5J. T. W HubbardMagazine editing: How to acquire the skills you need to win a job and succeed in the magazine business
  ''978-0-13-543736-0J. T. W. HubbardMagazine Editing: How to Acquire the Skills You Need to Win a Job and Succeed in the Magazine Business
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1982978-0-13-543918-0Richard LucasMagic Herbs for Arthritis, Rheumatism, and Related Ailments
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1973978-0-13-543942-5Carlson WadeMagic enzymes: key to youth and health
1976978-0-13-543959-3Frank C. WykoffMacroeconomics: Theory, Evidence and Policy
1981978-0-13-543967-8Frank C. WykoffMacroeconomics: Theory, Evidence, and Policy
1992978-0-13-543984-5HornManagers Factomatic
1992978-0-13-544024-7David A. Buchanan · David BoddyExpertise Change Agent
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1990978-0-13-544040-7EarlManagement Strategies Info TEC
1994978-0-13-544047-6James F. McHugh · Jo A. Gerber · Robert D. CarlsenManual of Quality Assurance Procedures and Forms
1991978-0-13-544065-0NEELEYMachine Tool Practices W/B
  ''978-0-13-544073-5MaculaitisMAC Test 2-3 Admin Bklt
  ''978-0-13-544081-0   ''MAC Test Admin Bklt
  ''978-0-13-544099-5   ''MAC Test K-1 Admin Bklt
  ''978-0-13-544107-7   ''MAC Test 4-5 Admin Bklt
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1992978-0-13-544149-7Robert S. EllwoodMany Peoples, Many Faiths: An Introduction to Religious Life of Humankind
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1994978-0-13-544222-7Jeffrey D. Sachs · Felipe LarrainMacroeconomics in the Global Economy: Tif Phec
1993978-0-13-544230-2SachsSm Macroecon Global Econ 1-12 I/M Phec