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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1974978-0-13-642074-3Leslie E. Orgel · Stanley MillerOrigins of Life on the Earth (Concepts of Modern Biology)
  ''978-0-13-642082-8Leslie E. Orgel · Stanley MillerOrigins of Life on the Earth (Concepts of Modern Biology)
1986978-0-13-642083-5Orientation to Banking ** Capes/raynor
1981978-0-13-642108-5Theodore W HatlenOrientation to the theatre [sic]
1975978-0-13-642116-0Norvell.The Oriental 7-Day Quick Weight-Off Diet
1978978-0-13-642124-5A. NorvellOriental 7-day Quick Weight-off Diet
1987978-0-13-642158-0Instructor's Manual with Tests Orientation to the Theater
1980978-0-13-642165-8Iris Friedlander · Marge LinThe Orient Express Chinese Cookbook
  ''978-0-13-642173-3Iris Friedlander · Marge LimOrient Express Chinese Cook Book (The Creative cooking series)
1987978-0-13-642182-5Stephen P RobbinsOrganization theory: Structure, design and applications
  ''978-0-13-642190-0Cordura Publications IncOrientation to the Auto Shop: Safety & Tools
1989978-0-13-642208-2Florence HeffronHEFFRON: ORG THRY PUB ORG _c
1993978-0-13-642216-7OllckNon Profit Corporation Organizations
1994978-0-13-642232-7James Martin · Joseph LebenTCP/IP Networking: Architecture, Administration, and Programming
1993978-0-13-642240-2Harley R. Myler · Arthur R. WeeksThe Pocket Handbook of Image Processing Algorithms In C
978-0-13-642257-0SHENODA CLAPPSmds & Broadbends Communication Tech: Zz:Shenoda:Smds Broadbends Comm TE
1998978-0-13-642299-0David MegginsonStructuring XML Documents
1997978-0-13-642331-7BRODYSm Personality Psychology I/M & Tests
  ''978-0-13-642356-0BrodySm Personality Psychology Ctm
1997978-0-13-642364-5BrodySm Personality Psychology Ctw
978-0-13-642372-0BRODYPersonality Psychology S/G
1997978-0-13-642380-5Alan PipesProduction for Graphic Designers (2nd Edition)
  ''978-0-13-642398-0MERCERSm Students Learning Disabilities I/M
  ''978-0-13-642406-2MercerSm Students Learning Disabs Ct
978-0-13-642430-7Understanding the Construction Industry
1998978-0-13-642448-2Jack B. Samuels · Reginald Foucar-SzockiGuiding Your Entry Into the Hospitality, Recreation and Tourism Mega-Profession
1984978-0-13-642455-0Philip CoreThe Original Eye: Arbiters of 20th Century Taste
1990978-0-13-642471-0Stephen P. RobbinsOrganization Theory: Structures, Designs, and Applications (3rd Edition)
  ''978-0-13-642505-2Steven HolznerOs2 Assembly Language
  ''978-0-13-642513-7Randall W. RheaOscillator Design and Computer Simulation/Book and Disk
1973978-0-13-642553-3Howard Clark KeeThe origins of Christianity;: Sources and documents
1991978-0-13-642562-5Richard H HallOrganizations: Structures, Processes, and Outcomes
1990978-0-13-642588-5L. G. WadeOrganic Chemistry
1965978-0-13-642603-5Robert H. KnappOrigins of American Humanistic Scholars (Princeton Studies)
978-0-13-642612-7BRUMLIKUniversal Molecular Modls(Wade
1990978-0-13-642646-2Ole J. AnfindsenIBM Os/2 Extended Edition Database Manager
1992978-0-13-642653-0Understanding OS/2 DBS Mg +++ Anfindsen
1991978-0-13-642661-5Richard Gill · Nathan Glazer · Stephan A. ThernstromOur Changing Population
1968978-0-13-642686-8N.A. TollesOrigins of Modern Wage Theories
1972978-0-13-642702-5Harvey Blatt · Gerard Middleton · Raymond MurrayOrigin of Sedimentary Rocks
1980978-0-13-642710-0Harvey BlattOrigin of Sedimentary Rocks
1976978-0-13-642744-5Joachim RemakOrigins of the Second World War
1976978-0-13-642751-3Joachim RemakThe Origins of the Second World War (A Spectrum book)
1979978-0-13-642769-8Charles FurstOrigins of the mind: Mind-brain connections (A Spectrum book)
  ''978-0-13-642777-3   ''Origins of the Mind: Mind-Brain Connections (A Spectrum book)
1990978-0-13-642786-5Douglas A. YoungOsf/Motif Reference Guide
1991978-0-13-642802-2Organizational BEHAVR/MGT Live Robbins et al.
1970978-0-13-642827-5Bobby OrrOrr on ice,
1974978-0-13-642835-0Joseph Earle SpencerOriental Asia: Themes Toward a Geography (Foundations of world regional geography series)
  ''978-0-13-642843-5   ''Oriental Asia: Themes Toward a Geography (Foundations of world regional geography series)
1999978-0-13-642844-2PetersonSm Social Probs Globalization
1986978-0-13-642851-0Chris L DemarestOrville's odyssey
1984978-0-13-642868-8Frank BradyOrson Welles: A Prodigious Life
1988978-0-13-642877-0John Raynor Faaborg · Susan B. ChaplinOrnithology: An Ecological Approach (Spectrum Book)
  ''978-0-13-642885-5FAABORG CHAPLIOrnithology Lab/field Exercise
1990978-0-13-642893-0Mike EdelhartManaging Os/2: Profiting from Changing Standards
1987978-0-13-642901-2Daniel H. RindfleischOS and VS Job Control Language and Utility Programs
1976978-0-13-642918-0John E UpledgerAn osteopathic doctor's treasury of health secrets
1999978-0-13-642919-7PetersonSm Social Probs Globalizatn 21
1971978-0-13-642926-5Harry W. CadowO.S./360 Job Control Language
1989978-0-13-642927-2David SchmittThe Os/2 Programming Environment (Yourdon Press computing series)
1988978-0-13-642935-7Thuygen Nguyen · R. MoskalAdvanced Programmer's Guide to OS/2
1977978-0-13-642959-3Michael RoskinOther Governments of Europe: Sweden, Spain, Italy, Yugoslavia, and East Germany (Prentice-Hall contemporary comparative politics series)
1971978-0-13-642967-8Ira BerkowOscar Robertson: The Golden Year, 1964
  ''978-0-13-642975-3Cynthia Fuchs Epstein · William J. GoodeThe Other Half: Roads to Women's Equality (Spectrum Books)
1971978-0-13-642983-8Cynthia Fuchs Epstein · William J. GoodeThe Other Half: Roads to Women's Equality (Spectrum Books)
1974978-0-13-642991-3Walter L. HarterOsceola's Head and Other American Ghost Stories,
  ''978-0-13-643007-0Osceola's Head and Other American Ghost Stories,
1990978-0-13-643016-2Marshall T. RoseThe Open Book: A Practical Perspective on Osi
1977978-0-13-643056-8Rochelle JonesOther Generation: The New Power of Older People (A Spectrum book)
  ''978-0-13-643064-3Rochelle JonesOther Generation: The New Power of Older People (A Spectrum book)
1992978-0-13-643065-0David MoskowitzOs/2 Power Tools: IBM Version 3 1/2 Disk/Book and Disk Package (Brady Books)
1983978-0-13-643073-5B. KachruThe Other Tongue: English Across Culture
1993978-0-13-643099-5ROBBINS MARXOrganizational Behavior & Managemnt Live
1992978-0-13-643107-7Open Software FoundationOSF/MOTIF Programmer's Guide Release 1.2 (OSF/MOTIF Series), Revised and Updated
  ''978-0-13-643115-2   ''OSF/MOTIF Programmer's Reference Release 1.2
  ''978-0-13-643123-7   ''Osf/Motif Style Guide: Revision 1.2 (Osf/Motif Series)
1992978-0-13-643131-2Open Software FoundationOSF/Motif User's Guide Release 1.2
1982978-0-13-643155-8Sherry Lynn Mims JimenezThe other side of pregnancy: Coping with miscarriage and stillbirth
1982978-0-13-643163-3Sherry Lynn Mims JimenezThe Other Side of Pregnancy: Coping With Miscarriage and Stillbirth
1999978-0-13-643172-5PetersonStudy Guide
1998978-0-13-643206-7MacionisSm Seeing Ourselves I/M
1983978-0-13-643213-5Otto KleppnerOtto Kleppner's Advertising Procedure (The Prentice-Hall series in marketing)
  ''978-0-13-643239-5   ''Advertising Procedure - Eight Edition
1986978-0-13-643255-5   ''Otto Kleppner's Advertising Procedure (The Prentice-Hall series in marketing)
1997978-0-13-643272-2MacionisSm Seeing Ourselves Ctd
1986978-0-13-643289-0thomas and Verrill, Glenn RussellOtto Kleppner's Advertising Procedure
978-0-13-643297-5Otto Kleppner's Advertising Procedure (The Prentice-Hall series in marketing)
1990978-0-13-643347-7Dale ChambersPassport to Overseas Employment
1991978-0-13-643354-5Byron W. MaguireOutdoor Building Projects
  ''978-0-13-643362-0Jan William SimekOrganic Chemistry
  ''978-0-13-643370-5CarlsonSm Organic Chemistry Tif
1988978-0-13-643404-7J. Henshall · S. ShawOSI Explained: End-to-End Computer Communication Standards (Ellis Horwood series in computer communications & networking)
1984978-0-13-643412-2Saad S. M. HassanOrganic Analysis Using Atomic Absorption Spectrometry (Ellis Horwood Series in Analytical Chemistry)
1990978-0-13-643420-7ArgyrisOvercoming Organizational Defn (Nor) (Norwegian Edition)
1991978-0-13-643438-2Stephen P. RobbinsOrganizational Behavior: Concepts, Controversies and Applications
1997978-0-13-643447-4MacionisSm Seeing Ourselves Ctw
  ''978-0-13-643454-2   ''Sm Seeing Ourselves Ctm
1991978-0-13-643479-5RobbinsSm Organizational Behavior Tif
1999978-0-13-643512-9ThompsonThur the Global Lens
1991978-0-13-643537-2Stephen P. RobbinsOrganizational Behavior: Concepts, Controversies, and Applications/Book and Disk
1991978-0-13-643552-5Stephen P. RobbinsOrganizational Behavior: Concepts, Controversies, and Applications, Annotated Instructor's edition,
1992978-0-13-643578-5Scott H. FullmanOptions: A Personal Seminar
  ''978-0-13-643586-0Peter NortonOutside the IBM PC and Ps/2: Access to New Technology
  ''978-0-13-643594-5Open Software FoundationOsf/1 User's Guide: Revision 1.0 (Osf/1 Operating System Series)
1991978-0-13-643602-7   ''Osf/1 System and Network Administrator's Reference (Osf/1 Series)
1991978-0-13-643610-2Open Software FoundationOsf/1 Programmer's Reference (Osf/1 Series)
  ''978-0-13-643628-7   ''Osf/1 Command Reference: Revision 1.0 (OSF/1 operating system)
  ''978-0-13-643636-2RobbinsOrganizational Behavior & Acumen 3.5
  ''978-0-13-643651-5KOLB ET ALOrganiztnl Behvr: Exper App Acu
1992978-0-13-643669-0Robert T. Morrison · Robert N. BoydOrganic Chemistry, 6th Edition
  ''978-0-13-643677-5Robert T. MorrisonStudy Guide to Organic Chemistry, 6th Edition
1993978-0-13-643701-7MorrisonSm Organic Chemistry Tif
1994978-0-13-643710-9NASupplement: Organic Chemistry and Molecular Models Package - Organic Chemistry 6/E
1991978-0-13-643727-7GayakwadOperation Amplifiers Linear I/
1984978-0-13-643768-0M. GordonOunce of Prevention ** Gordon
1993978-0-13-643800-7R. Wayne Pace · Donald F. FaulesOrganizational Communication (3rd Edition)
1993978-0-13-643818-2Open Software FoundationOsf Dce Administration Reference: Revision 1.0
  ''978-0-13-643826-7   ''Osf Dce Application Development Guide: Revision 1.0
  ''978-0-13-643834-2   ''Osf Dce Application Development Reference/Revision 1.0 (OSF DCE series)
1992978-0-13-643842-7   ''OSF DCE User's Guide and Reference
1988978-0-13-643867-0Conner & JohnsonOur Arctic Way of Life: The Copper Inuit
1969978-0-13-643882-3Edwin M. SchurOur Criminal Society: The Social and Legal Sources of Crime in America
1970978-0-13-643890-8Edwin M. SchurOur Criminal Society (Spectrum Books)
1999978-0-13-643891-5Robert Thornton Morrison · Robert Neilson BoydOrganic Chemistry
  ''978-0-13-643941-7Donald Kagan · Steven E. Ozment · Frank M. TurnerThe Western Heritage: To 1715: Study Guide and Workbook
1940978-0-13-643982-0D. ConnerOur Coast Salish Way of Life- The Squamish
1994978-0-13-644014-7Kris Berg · Richard LatinEssentials of Modern Research Methods in Health, Physical Education and Recreation
978-0-13-644022-2ZIMDARS-SWARTZStudying Religion
2005978-0-13-644030-7SINNOTT-ARMSTRONGMoral Epistemology Founds Philosophy
  ''978-0-13-644048-2BurnhamReading Writing Critical Thinking Skills
1964978-0-13-644062-8Rollin George ThomasOur Modern Banking and Monetary System
1995978-0-13-644063-5Eric Chaisson · Steve McMillanAstronomy: A Beginner's Guide to the Universe
1997978-0-13-644071-0Mari WomackBeing Human: An Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
1994978-0-13-644105-2ConnellyTest Item File
2002978-0-13-644196-0Joseph Holzinger · Michael A SeedsLaboratory Exercises and Obseruation Guide -PR
1998978-0-13-644279-0FeldmanSm Reason Argument I/M
978-0-13-644287-5Society: the Basics D/D
1997978-0-13-644320-9MacionisSm Society: the Basics Tif
1982978-0-13-644369-8Keith MatthewsOur Newfoundland and Labrador cultural heritage
1984978-0-13-644378-0K MatthewsOur Newfoundland Labradr Cul** Matthews Et Al
1979978-0-13-644393-3Ginny VidaOur Right to Love
1978978-0-13-644401-5Ginny VidaOur right to love: A lesbian resource book
1962978-0-13-644427-5Bernice KohnOur Tiny Servants: Molds and Yeasts
1982978-0-13-644435-0Our Secret Names
  ''978-0-13-644443-5Leslie DunklingOur Secret Names
1973978-0-13-644468-8C. CraftsOur Own Things: Contemporary Thought in Poetry (English literature series)
1972978-0-13-644476-3Irene TavissOur Toolmaking Society (A Spectrum book)
1999978-0-13-644477-0SpodekSm Worlds History Combined I/M
1972978-0-13-644484-8Irene TavissOur Toolmaking Society (A Spectrum book)
1982978-0-13-644492-3Kendrick FrazierOur Turbulent Sun
  ''978-0-13-644500-5Kendrick FrazierOur turbulent sun
1998978-0-13-644519-7John SoaresTest Item File By John Soares
1967978-0-13-644559-3N. Platt · M.J. DrummondOur World
1997978-0-13-644576-0GALLOWAYPaintco V: A Marketing Simulation for Marketing,Canadian Edition Aod
978-0-13-644592-0Understanding Today's Police
1998978-0-13-644600-2Janice D. YoderWomen and Gender: Transforming Psychology
1997978-0-13-644618-7Prentice HallSystat 7.0 New Statistics
1998978-0-13-644627-9Inc. SPSSSystat 7.0: Command Reference
1997978-0-13-644635-4Joel D. BlockThe Romance of Sex: Special Days & Nights for Lovers
1985978-0-13-644642-2SAKURAIOrganosilicon Bioorgslcon C$$$
1994978-0-13-644659-0Phyllis Buell · James GirardChemistry: An Environmental Perspective
1992978-0-13-644667-5Stephen P. RobbinsOrganizational Behavior: Concepts, Controversies, and Applications
1994978-0-13-644675-0RobbinsSm Organizational Behavior ABC Vid [VHS]
1993978-0-13-644683-5Stephen P. RobbinsOrganizational Behavior: Concepts, Controversies, and Applications: Annotated Instructors Edition
1994978-0-13-644691-0KELLOGGSm Organizational Behavior Apple Vid [VHS]
1993978-0-13-644709-2Sm Organizational Behavior I/M Oht
1992978-0-13-644816-7Victor B Ottaviano · Fairmont PressNational Mechanical Estimator Ottaviano/Fair
1995978-0-13-644899-0RobbinsOrganizational Behavior Keys Success V3k
1999978-0-13-644907-2Barry FeigWinning Marketing Strategies
978-0-13-644915-7FEIGWinning Marketing Strats Boosting Sales
1986978-0-13-644931-7Daniel Alan SeiverOUTPERFORMING WALL STREET
1990978-0-13-644964-5   ''Outperforming Wall Street
1991978-0-13-644972-0Herbert RustOwning Your Own Franchise
  ''978-0-13-644980-5Herbert RustOwning Your Own Franchise
1972978-0-13-644997-3Julian W SmithOutdoor education
1981978-0-13-645010-8Michael LinkOutdoor Education
  ''978-0-13-645028-3Michael LinkOutdoor education: A manual for teaching in nature's classroom (PHalarope books)
1972978-0-13-645085-6John H RosengrenOutdoor science for the elementary grades
1998978-0-13-645086-3Amitava MitraFundamentals of Quality Control and Improvement (2nd Edition)
1999978-0-13-645102-0AnnasSm Against Current Readings Writers I/M
978-0-13-645110-5PARGMANSm Understandin Spt Behavior I/M & Tests
1982978-0-13-645127-3Stephen K. Merman · John E. McLaughlinOut-Interviewing the Interviewer: A Job Winner's Script for Success
1982978-0-13-645135-8Out-Interviewing the Interviewer
1998978-0-13-645151-8George W. FeinsteinInstructor's Manual for Programed College Vocabulary
1997978-0-13-645169-3Arthur HeilmanInstructors Manual
1999978-0-13-645193-8WESTLINGSm World Literature I/M
1981978-0-13-645200-3Barbara HinckleyOutline of American Government: The Continuing Experiment
1987978-0-13-645219-5Daniel Alan SeiverOutperforming Wall Street: Stock Market Profits Through Patience and Discipline
1984978-0-13-645227-0Lawrence M. Brammer · Frank E. HumbergerOutplacement and Inplacement Counselling
1987978-0-13-645235-5Daniel Alan SeiverOutperforming Wall Street: Stock Market Profits Through Patience and Discipline
1983978-0-13-645259-1Leon A DancoOutside Directors in the Family Owned Business: Why, When, Who and How
1974978-0-13-645283-6Dan GerberOut of Control: A Novel
1997978-0-13-645284-3Richard Kellough · Patricia RobertsInstructors Manual