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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1997978-0-13-656919-0Inc. Spss · SPSSSPSS 7.5 for Windows Student Version, 3.5 Disks
1996978-0-13-656927-5SPSSSPSS Advanced Statistics 7.5
1975978-0-13-656934-3Richard D. ZakiaPerception and Photography
1996978-0-13-656935-0Spss Inc.Spss Professional Statistics 7.5
  ''978-0-13-656943-5Spss Inc.Spss Base 7.5 Syntax Reference Guide
1985978-0-13-656976-3Mike BaughmanThe Perfect Fishing Trip
  ''978-0-13-656984-8   ''The perfect fishing trip
1971978-0-13-656991-6Harry Walker HepnerPerceptive management and supervision;: Social responsibilities and challenges
1996978-0-13-656992-3SPSS Inc · Spss Anc · SPSSSpss Base 7.5 Applications Guide
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1978978-0-13-657015-8Herman WeiskopfPerfect Game
1979978-0-13-657023-3Bryant J. CrattyPerceptual and Motor Development in Infants and Children
1977978-0-13-657056-1Jackie RutanThe perfect fit: Easy pattern alterations (A Spectrum book ; S-426)
  ''978-0-13-657064-6   ''The Perfect Fit: Easy Pattern Alterations (A Spectrum Book: S-426)
1982978-0-13-657072-1Judy Rachel BlockPerformance Appraisal on the Job
  ''978-0-13-657080-6Judy R. BlockPerformance Appraisal on the Job: Making It Work (Hands-On Management Guide)
1978978-0-13-657098-1Julian E. HochbergPerception (Foundations of Modern Psychology)
1978978-0-13-657106-3J. HochbergPerception (Foundations of Modern Psychology)
1983978-0-13-657114-8Mike McCaffrey · Jerry DerloshonPersonal Marketing Strategies: How to sell yourself, your ideas, and your services
1974978-0-13-657130-8O.Ivar Lovaas · Bradley D. BucherPerspectives in Behaviour Modification with Deviant Children (The Prentice-Hall series in developmental psychology)
1978978-0-13-657148-3W. McNeil LowryThe Performing Arts and American Society
  ''978-0-13-657155-1W. McNeil--Editor LOWRYThe Performing arts and American society (A Spectrum book)
1986978-0-13-657164-3Bryant J. CrattyPerceptual and Motor Development in Infants and Children
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1974978-0-13-657189-6Terrel Howard BellA performance accountability system for school administrators
1971978-0-13-657197-1Gerald SykesPerennial Avantgarde
1988978-0-13-657198-8David A. Decenzo · Stephen P. RobbinsPersonnel/Human Resource Management
1974978-0-13-657205-3Ivan FloresPeripheral Devices
1976978-0-13-657213-8J. William WordenPDA--personal death awareness
1996978-0-13-657214-5SPSS Inc · SPSSSpss Base 7.5 for Windows User's Guide
1982978-0-13-657221-3Joseph H. MogliaThe Perimeter Attack Offense Key to Winning Football
1973978-0-13-657247-3Ellen J. LangerPersonal Politics: The Psychology of Making It
  ''978-0-13-657254-1Ellen J LangerPersonal politics: the psychology of making it
1987978-0-13-657255-8DECENZO ROBBINPersonnel Human Resource Management S/M
1997978-0-13-657264-0Spss Inc.Spss Base 7.5 for Windows User's Guide
1986978-0-13-657271-8John RaceThe sceptic's guide to personal computers in business
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1975978-0-13-657338-8Judson T. LandisPersonal Adjustment, Marriage and Family Living
1987978-0-13-657354-8Peter McWilliamsPersonal electronics book
1970978-0-13-657361-6AeschylusPersians (Prentice-Hall Greek drama series)
1976978-0-13-657387-6Donald K DarnellPersons communicating (Prentice-Hall series in speech communication)
1979978-0-13-657395-1Charles J. Sippl · Roger J. SipplPersonal and Home Electronic Buyer's Guide (A Spectrum book)
  ''978-0-13-657403-3Charles J. Sippl · Roger J. SipplPersonal and Home Electronic Buyer's Guide (A Spectrum book)
1966978-0-13-657429-3Judson T. Landis, Mary G., LandisPersonal adjustment, marriage, and family living
1997978-0-13-657438-5Paul B. Horton · Gerald R. Leslie · Richard F. Larson · Robert L. HortonThe Sociology of Social Problems (12th Edition)
1998978-0-13-657446-0Barbara Burke Hubbard · John H. HubbardVector Calculus, Linear Algebra and Differential Forms: A Unified Approach
1983978-0-13-657452-1Mike McCaffrey · Jerry DerloshonPersonal Marketing Strategies: How to Sell Yourself, Your Ideas, and Your Services
1997978-0-13-657462-0CASSEL · ASICComputing Essentials Wind 95 Int Vis Bas
1973978-0-13-657478-1T. Simard L. SaulnierPersonal Growth and Interpersonal Relations
1973978-0-13-657486-6L. Saulnier · T. SimardPersonal Growth and Interpersonal Relations
1981978-0-13-657502-3Kathleen H BrownPersonal finance for Canadians
1980978-0-13-657510-8Marcos E KinevanPersonal estate planning: Financial and legal aspects of accumulating, protecting, and disposing of your personal estate (A Spectrum book)
  ''978-0-13-657528-3Marcos E KinevanPersonal estate planning: Financial and legal aspects of accumulating, protecting, and disposing of your personal estate (A Spectrum book)
1981978-0-13-657544-3Gale E. HurleyPersonal Money Management: A Consumer Guide
1972978-0-13-657551-1E.Earl BaughmanPersonality: Psychological Study of the Individual
1969978-0-13-657577-1Robert SommerPersonal Space: The Behavioral Basis of Design (Spectrum Books)
  ''978-0-13-657585-6Robert SommerPersonal Space: Behavioural Basis of Design (Spectrum Books)
1974978-0-13-657593-1Mortimer FeuerPersonal liabilities of corporate officers and directors,
1998978-0-13-657594-8Carlotta B EatonExploring Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0; Includes Coverage of 5.0 (Grauer, Robert T., Exploring Windows.)
1986978-0-13-657602-0Howard R. ReissPersonal Injury and Product Liability Litigation (Prentice-Hall law practice portfolio series)
1978978-0-13-657635-8Jan DulapPersonal and Professional Success for Women
1972978-0-13-657643-3Jan DunlapPersonal and professional success for women
1976978-0-13-657650-1Gale E HurleyPersonal money management: A consumer guide
1989978-0-13-657669-3Marc A. DorioPersonnel Manager's Desk Book
1984978-0-13-657677-8Kathleen H. BrownPersonal Finance for Canadians
1971978-0-13-657684-6RICHARD S. LAZARUSPersonality
  ''978-0-13-657692-1Richard S LazarusPersonality (Foundations of modern psychology series)
1963978-0-13-657700-3richard lazarusPersonality and Adjustment
  ''978-0-13-657718-8Richard S. LazarusPersonality and Adjustment
1987978-0-13-657719-5Ronald W. ReborePersonnel Administration in Education: A Management Approach
1982978-0-13-657742-3Ronald W. ReborePersonnel Administration in Education: A Management Approach
1978978-0-13-657759-1Marsha WeilPersonal models of teaching (Expanding your teaching repertoire)
1978978-0-13-657767-6Marsha WeilPersonal models of teaching (Expanding your teaching repertoire)
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1980978-0-13-657809-3George StraussPersonnel, the Human Problems of Management
1982978-0-13-657825-3Stephen P. RobbinsPersonnel: The Management of Human Resources
1978978-0-13-657833-8   ''Personnel: The Management of Human Resources
1997978-0-13-657842-0LEVINEInstructors Solutions Manual (Now Subbing to 0-13-020415-3)
1978978-0-13-657866-6Byron G. WelsPersonal Computers: What They are and How to Use Them (A Spectrum book)
  ''978-0-13-657874-1Byron G WelsPersonal computers: What they are & how to use them (A Spectrum book)
1979978-0-13-657882-6Xxx ForgusPersonality: A Cognitive View
  ''978-0-13-657908-3Richard S. LazarusPersonality (Foundations of Modern Psychology)
  ''978-0-13-657916-8Richard S. Lazarus · Alan MonatPersonality (Foundations of Modern Psychology)
1980978-0-13-657932-8Ervin StaubPersonality: Basic Issues and Current Research
1983978-0-13-657940-3Dennis J. O'Connor · Alberto T. BuesoPersonal Financial Management: A Forecasting and Control Approach
1966978-0-13-657965-6D. & Hamilton, M. L. ByrnePersonality Research; a Book of Readings
1987978-0-13-657966-3Nancy Cantor · John F. KihlstromPersonality and Social Intelligence (Century Psychology Series)
1976978-0-13-657973-1P. Susan MamchakPersonalized behavioral modification: Practical techniques for elementary educators
1985978-0-13-658030-0Mark Overgaard · Stan StrinfellowPersonal Computing With the Ucsd P-System
1983978-0-13-658047-8Donald A. SordilloPersonal Computer BASIC(s) Reference Manual: Bk. 1
  ''978-0-13-658070-6Mark Overgaard · Stan StringfellowPersonal Computing with the U. C. S. D. p-System (UCSD p-System personal computing series)
1983978-0-13-658096-6Mark OvergaardPersonal computing with the UCSD p-System (UCSD p-System personal computing series)
1975978-0-13-658104-8Walter B. Barbe · J. AbbottPersonalized Reading Instruction: New Techniques That Increase Reading Skill and Comprehension
1984978-0-13-658112-3Stephen LehaneThe Personally Tailored Diet
1982978-0-13-658120-8Joseph C. McGinnPersonal Law: The most common legal problems and how to solve them
  ''978-0-13-658138-3Joseph McGinnPersonal Law
1983978-0-13-658146-8Personal Power
  ''978-0-13-658153-6Pete BradshawPersonal Power
1976978-0-13-658161-1Robert HoganPersonality Theory: The Personological Tradition (Prentice-Hall series in personality)
1984978-0-13-658179-6Stephen LehaneThe Personally Tailored Diet
1989978-0-13-658196-3New York Institute of FinanceFutures: A Personal Seminar
  ''978-0-13-658204-5New York Institute of Finance · New York Institute of FinanceSecurities Analysis: A Personal Seminar
1999978-0-13-658213-7William S. Pfeiffer · Charles H. Keller Jr.Proposal Writing: The Art of Friendly and Winning Persuasion
1996978-0-13-658221-2TheisSm Wests Woods Intro Foodservi
1983978-0-13-658278-6Arthur A. SloanePersonnel: The Management of Human Resources
1979978-0-13-658302-8Derek Torrington · John ChapmanPersonnel Management
1983978-0-13-658328-8Derek Torrington · John ChapmanPersonnel Management
1986978-0-13-658337-0Gary DesslerPersonnel Management: Modern Concepts and Techniques
  ''978-0-13-658352-3Gary DesslerPersonnel Management: Modern Concepts and Techniques
1997978-0-13-658361-5GieseckeSm Technical Drawing I/S/M
978-0-13-658428-5Personal Computer BASIC(s) Reference Manual: Bk. 2
978-0-13-658501-5Personnel Management
1988978-0-13-658526-8KochPersonnel Managers Hdbk Peop P
1999978-0-13-658536-7Frederick E. Giesecke · Mitchell Alva · Henry C. Spencer · Ivan L. HillEngineering Drawing, Problem Series 1
1988978-0-13-658543-5Gary DesslerPersonnel management
1988978-0-13-658568-8Gary DesslerPersonnel Management: Modern Concepts and Techniques: Study Gde
1984978-0-13-658576-3Stafford H. ThomasPersonal Skills in Public Speech
1988978-0-13-658618-0DesslerPersonnel Management
1991978-0-13-658626-5W. H. BallinPerfect Your English: The Easy Way
1989978-0-13-658634-0E. James BrennanPerformance Management Workbook
  ''978-0-13-658642-5Mary F. CookPersonnel Manager's Complete Model Letter Book
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1990978-0-13-658675-3AT&TUnix Sys V/386 Prog Ref Man 3.
1993978-0-13-658683-8Michael J. Economides · Daniel A. Hill · Christine Ehlig-EconomidesPetroleum Production Systems
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1993978-0-13-658733-0Lewis R. AikenPersonality: Theories, Research, and Applications
1979978-0-13-658748-4Byron G. WelsPersonal Computers: What They Are and How to Use Them
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  ''978-0-13-658766-8David I. Schneider · Peter Norton Computing GroupQBasic Programming (The Peter Norton Programming Library)
  ''978-0-13-658774-3Steven Holzner · Peter NortonAdvanced Assembly Language (The Peter Norton programming library)
1991978-0-13-658782-8Robert JourdainThe Hard Disk Companion (Peter Norton Hardware Series)
  ''978-0-13-658790-3TORRINGTONSm Personnel Management: New Apprch I/M
1992978-0-13-658816-0Joel M. SchoenPerformance and Fault Modeling With Vhdl
  ''978-0-13-658824-5N. Viswanadham · Y. NarahariPerformance Modeling of Automated Manufacturing Systems (Prentice Hall Information and System Sciences Series)
1995978-0-13-658857-3GoushaPensacola (City Map)
1997978-0-13-658881-8Frederick E. Giesecke · Alva E. Mitchell · Hill · John Thomas Dygdon · Novak and LockhartEngineering Drawing, Problem Series 2
1994978-0-13-658907-5Gray DesslerHuman Resource Management
1992978-0-13-658915-0Shirley J. HansenPerformance Contracting for Energy and Environmental Systems
1994978-0-13-658956-3Gary Dessler~Karen BowermanHuman Resource Management Instructor's Manual with Video Guide 6th edition
1983978-0-13-659003-3R.Dennis MiddlemistPersonnel Management: Job, People and Logic
1986978-0-13-659020-0Jack HalloranPersonnel and Human Resource Management
1985978-0-13-659053-8Personnel management guide
1994978-0-13-659095-8DESSLERHuman Resource Management & Keys Rev Pk
1999978-0-13-659111-5Paige Davis · Karen Renee JuneauEngineering Drawing: Problem Series 3
1982978-0-13-659193-1Dale YoderPersonnel Management and Industrial Relations
1942978-0-13-659201-3Dale YoderPersonnel management and industrial relations,
1984978-0-13-659251-8Mary F. CookPersonnel Manager's Portfolio of Model Letters
1987978-0-13-659277-8Jeffrey W. Foreman · Dave MyersThe Personal Stress Reduction Program
  ''978-0-13-659285-3Jeffrey W. Foreman · Dave MyersThe Personal Stress Reduction Program
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1996978-0-13-659491-8RennerPsychology: Xp Multimedia for Windows
1997978-0-13-659517-5KramerPh Fed Tax 1998: Comprehensive
978-0-13-659533-5Federal Taxation 1998
1997978-0-13-659582-3John L. Kramer · Thomas R. PopePrentice Hall Federal Taxation 1998: Comprehensive
1997978-0-13-659616-5Today's Mathematics
1995978-0-13-659673-8Mathworks Inc. · Mathworks IncThe Student Edition of Simulink: Dynamic System Simulation Software for Technical Education (Windows Disk) (Matlab Curriculum Series)
1997978-0-13-659681-3Mathworks Inc. · MathWorks Inc.Student Edition of SIMULINK v2 MACINTOSH, The
  ''978-0-13-659699-8James B. Dabney · Thomas L. Harman · MathWorks Inc.Student Edition of SIMULINK v2 User's Guide
1999978-0-13-659707-0M. Tamer Ozsu · Patrick ValduriezPrinciples of Distributed Database Systems (2nd Edition)
1998978-0-13-659723-0Bruce EckelThinking in Java
1997978-0-13-659749-0J. Francis Young · Sidney Mindess · Arnon Bentur · Robert J. GrayThe Science and Technology of Civil Engineering Materials
  ''978-0-13-659822-0Kramer · PopePh Fed Tax 1998: Corporations
  ''978-0-13-659897-8deborah R. Garvinprentice hall's tax practice problems 1998 corporations and partnerships
1998978-0-13-659939-5Diamond · PINTELInstructors Manual
1996978-0-13-659970-8Inc. SpssSystat for Students 6.0
1997978-0-13-660002-2LevineSm Stats Managers Using Ms Excel I/M
1996978-0-13-660051-0Peter YoungSm Readings Management Accounting I/M
1998978-0-13-660135-7Gerald L. Bradley · Karl J. SmithCalculus (2nd Edition)
1997978-0-13-660143-2Steven D. Gammon · Sharon HutchisonChemistry Skill Builder
2000978-0-13-660150-0MICHALSONDesigning Microprocessor Systems
1998978-0-13-660168-5Judith HillmanDiscovering Children's Literature (2nd Edition)
1999978-0-13-660176-0Roselle ChartockEducational Foundations: An Anthology
1998978-0-13-660184-5Kenneth L. Casavant · Craig L. Infanger · Deborah E. BridgesAgricultural Economics and Management
2000978-0-13-660192-0Paul A. AlcornPractical Ethics for a Technological World
1998978-0-13-660200-2Solon A. Ewing · Donald C. Lay · Eberhard von BorellFarm Animal Well-Being: Stress Physiology, Animal Behavior and Environmental Design
1997978-0-13-660218-7Louis C. BurmeisterElements of Thermal-Fluid System Design
1998978-0-13-660226-2John ShepherdAuthoring Authorware: A Practical Guide
2001978-0-13-660234-7CHERUKURI & MALLISFrame Based Access ATM
1998978-0-13-660242-2Mark N. HorensteinEngineering Design: A Day in the Life of Four Engineers (Prentice Hall Modular Series for Engineering)
1997978-0-13-660259-0Robert BlitzerCollege Algebra/Instructors Ed
1998978-0-13-660267-5BentonSm Applied Human Relations I/M and Ohm
  ''978-0-13-660275-0TimmSm Customer Service I/M
1998978-0-13-660283-5David L., Introduced By. EdwardsSm Calculus Analy Geom A/I/E
1999978-0-13-660291-0Jeanne Ellis OrmrodStudent Study Guide to Accompany Educational Psychology: Developing Learners
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1990978-0-13-660317-7Richard H WexlerPersonnel policies workbook
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1999978-0-13-660333-7Linda E. Graham · Lee W. WilcoxAlgae
1985978-0-13-660341-2Patricia Hogue WerhanePersons, Rights and Corporations