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ISBN 978-0-13-850017-7 to 978-0-13-852806-5 < ISBN 978-0-13-852814-0 to 978-0-13-855701-0 > ISBN 978-0-13-855735-5 to 978-0-13-860289-5

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1972978-0-13-852814-0Les DaneStrike-it-rich sales prospecting
1990978-0-13-852831-7PORTER FLOYDStretching Turbo Pascal 5.5 Revised
1983978-0-13-852855-3Christopher R LinvilleStrike it rich: Big money secrets for your own business
  ''978-0-13-852863-8   ''Strike it rich: Big money secrets for your own business
1990978-0-13-852872-0Andrew S. TanenbaumStructured Computer Organization
1981978-0-13-852905-5Gloria Jean SesslerStroke: How to Prevent it/How to Survive it
1984978-0-13-852913-0   ''Stroke: How to Prevent It, How to Survive It (A Spectrum book)
1986978-0-13-852922-2Richard Langton Hewer MD and Derick T WadeStroke: A Practical Guide Towards Recovery
1980978-0-13-852948-2WilliamsStress Analysis Polymers **
  ''978-0-13-852955-0WilliamsStress Analysis Polymers $$
1991978-0-13-852963-5LEE MAYKOVICHPrentice Hall Statistics Sas Manual
  ''978-0-13-852971-0   ''Prentice Hall Statistics Minitab Manual
  ''978-0-13-852989-5G. BodorStructural Investigation of Polymers (Ellis Horwood Series in Polymer Science and Technology)
978-0-13-853003-7BeardsStructural Vibration Analys$$$
1975978-0-13-853010-5Ralph E. GriswoldString and List Processing in Snobol 4: Techniques and Applications (Automatic Computation)
1990978-0-13-853029-7TanenbaumStructured Computer Organizati
1992978-0-13-853037-2J. Winston Crawley · William C. McArthur · Norman M. JacobsonStructured Programming Using Think Pascal on the MacIntosh
1992978-0-13-853052-5William G. McArthur · J. Winston CrawleyStructuring Data With Turbo Pascal: A Practical Introduction to Abstract Data Types
1991978-0-13-853060-0William McArthur · J. Winston CrawleyStructuring Data With Pascal: A Practical Introduction to Abstract Data Types
978-0-13-853102-7Structured Anal Dsgn In/Sys*** Galin
1990978-0-13-853177-5BURNS ET ALGovernmt People(std E/pk Basic
1996978-0-13-853219-2John Murray · Jean-Pierre JeannetEuropean Strategic Market Planning
1993978-0-13-853227-7Martin InformStrategic Info Planning Method
1991978-0-13-853235-2Ward Mellor Vol 1Structured Development System
  ''978-0-13-853243-7TanenbaumStructured Computer Organizati
  ''978-0-13-853268-0Sally DeWitt SpurginStrategies for Argument: A Reader and Sourcebook
  ''978-0-13-853318-2Michael C. O'GuinThe Complete Guide to Activity-Based Costing
1992978-0-13-853326-7Richard I. LevinStrategy in a Nutshell
1991978-0-13-853367-0Strategies Successful Writing Reinking/hart
1987978-0-13-853383-0Tung Au · Paul ChristianoStructural Analysis (Prentice-Hall international series in civil engineering & engineering mechanics)
1982978-0-13-853408-0Alexander ChajesStructural Analysis (Prentice-Hall civil engineering and engineering mechanic series)
1988978-0-13-853425-7Andrew C., Jr. StaugaardStructuring Techniques: An Introduction Using Turbo Pascal/Book and Disk
1989978-0-13-853441-7Jay LiebowitzStructuring Expert Systems: Domain, Design, and Development (Yourdon Press Computing Series)
1967978-0-13-853465-3Mario Salvadori · Matthys LevyStructural Design in Architecture
1981978-0-13-853473-8Mario George SalvadoriStructural Design in Architecture
1987978-0-13-853508-7William Weaver · Paul R. JohnstonStructural Dynamics by Finite Elements (PRENTICE-HALL INTERNATIONAL SERIES IN CIVIL ENGINEERING AND ENGINEERING MECHANICS)
  ''978-0-13-853516-2Stanley E. MyersStructured Cobol with Business Applications
1988978-0-13-853524-7J. Winston Crawley · William G. McArthurStructured Programming Using PASCAL
1988978-0-13-853532-2William RoetzheimStructured Computer Project Management (Prentice Hall Mainframe Software Series)
1992978-0-13-853540-7Nancy Woodard Cain · Thomas CainStructured Programming With Lotus 1-2-3
1989978-0-13-853557-5Zbigniew SorbjanStructure of the Atmospheric Boundary Layer (Prentice Hall advanced reference series)
  ''978-0-13-853573-5John L. Connell · Linda ShaferStructured Rapid Prototyping: An Evolutionary Approach to Software Development (Yourdon Press Computing Series)
  ''978-0-13-853581-0Terry GobleStructured Systems Analysis Through Prolog
1990978-0-13-853599-5William H. RoetzheimStructured Design Using Hipo II
  ''978-0-13-853623-7David Bellin · Susan SuchmanThe Structured Systems Development Manual (Yourdon Press Computing)
1989978-0-13-853631-2Edward G. ContureStuttering (2nd Edition)
  ''978-0-13-853649-7C.Woodruff StarkweatherStuttering Preventn: Parents ML
1980978-0-13-853671-8Karl S. PisterStructural Engineering and Structural Mechanics: A Volume Honouring Edgar P.Popov
1990978-0-13-853680-0Edward B. EichelbergerStructured Logic Testing (Prentice Hall Series in Computer Engineering)
1992978-0-13-853698-5Ed Downs · Peter Clare · Ian CoeStructured Systems Analysis and Design Method: Application and Context
1991978-0-13-853714-2J. M. AlexanderStrength of Materials
1991978-0-13-853722-7J. M. Alexander · J. S. GunasekeraStrength of Materials
978-0-13-853723-4Peter J TanousInvestment Gurus
1991978-0-13-853730-2John E. SarnoStroke: A Guide for Patients and Their Families
1982978-0-13-853748-7Roy AthertonStructured Programming with Comal (Ellis Horwood Series in Computers and Their Applications)
1988978-0-13-853755-5J. B. EvansStructures of Discrete Event Simulation: An Introduction to the Engagement Strategy (Ellis Horwood Series in Artificial Intelligence)
1990978-0-13-853771-5Henry MintzbergStructuring of Organizations
1994978-0-13-853789-0Perepelkin.Structure and Properties of Chemical Fibres
1991978-0-13-853797-5Brian D. BundayStatistical Methods in Reliability Theory and Practice (Mathematics & Its Applications)
1977978-0-13-853804-0W. J. HallStructural and Geotechnical Mechanics: A Volume Honoring Nathan M. Newmark
1996978-0-13-853839-2Anna Graf Williams · Jennifer A. GalipeauHospitality Cases in Marketing and Operations
1972978-0-13-853846-0Marland Pratt BillingsStructural Geology
1998978-0-13-853854-5Strategic Management ** Greenley
1992978-0-13-853862-0Raynold A. Svenson · Monica J. RindererThe Training and Development Strategic Plan Workbook
1994978-0-13-853896-5REINKING HARTStrategies Successful Writing
978-0-13-853912-2HwangStructured Programming
1997978-0-13-853920-7Sandy E. Gramling · Stephen M. AuerbachStress Management Workbook: Techniques and Self Assessment Procedures
1971978-0-13-853937-5S. SahlinStructural Masonry
1969978-0-13-853945-0N.S. AsplundStructural Mechanics
1968978-0-13-853952-8T.V. GalambosStructural Members and Frames (International Series in Theoretical & Applied Mechanics)
1983978-0-13-853960-3Gajanan M. Sabnis · etc.Structural Modelling and Experimental Techniques (Prentice-Hall civil engineering and engineering mechanics series)
  ''978-0-13-853978-8Robert A. ColemanStructural Systems Design
1971978-0-13-853986-3Moshe F. RubinsteinStructural Systems: Statics, Dynamics and Stability (Civil engineering and engineering mechanics series)
1964978-0-13-854000-5edwin fleishmanThe Structure and Measurement of Physical Fitness
1984978-0-13-854019-7Irving EngelStructural Principles
2000978-0-13-854027-2EngelSm Structural Principles S/M
1988978-0-13-854035-7J. Winston Crawley · William G. McArthurStructured Programming Using Pascal
  ''978-0-13-854043-2J. Winston CrawleyStructured programming using PASCAL: Instructor's resource manual
1989978-0-13-854050-0Eric Garrigue VeselyCobol: A Guide to Structured, Portable, Maintainable, and Efficient Program Design
1993978-0-13-854068-5James Brian Quinn · Henry MintzbergThe Strategy Process: Contexts and Cases
1985978-0-13-854076-0Timothy D. WellsA Structured Approach to Building Programs: Basic (v. 1)
1986978-0-13-854084-5Timothy D. WellsStructured Approach to Building Programmes: Cobol v. 3
1963978-0-13-854091-3Mario G. Salvadori · R.A. HellerStructure in Architecture: The Building of Buildings
1975978-0-13-854109-5Mario George Salvadori · Robert HellerStructure in Architecture: The Building of Buildings
1986978-0-13-854118-7Mario George SalvadoriStructure in Architecture: The Building of Buildings
1987978-0-13-854142-2John BlankenshipStructured BASIC Programming with Technical Applications on the I.B.M. Personal Computer
  ''978-0-13-854159-0Joan K. Hughes · Glen C. Michtom · Jay I. MichtomA Structured Approach to Programming
1988978-0-13-854167-5Stanley E. MyersStructured Cobol With Business Applications
  ''978-0-13-854175-0Stanley E MyersStructured COBOL with business applications: Instructor's manual with transparency masters
1986978-0-13-854183-5J. Winston CrawleyA Structured Approach to Fortran
1985978-0-13-854217-7Robert T. GrauerStructured COBOL Programming
1985978-0-13-854233-7Charles PaddockStructured Fortran for Business (Prentice-Hall series in computer programming languages)
1964978-0-13-854273-3Richard HofstadterThe Structure of American History
1973978-0-13-854299-3Richard HofstadterThe structure of American history
1988978-0-13-854308-2J. Winston Crawley · Charles E. MillerStructured Approach FORTRAN
1987978-0-13-854324-2Ed Downs · etc.Structured Systems Analysis and Design Method: Applications and Context
1980978-0-13-854331-0John L. Finlay · D.N. SpragueStructure of Canadian History
1982978-0-13-854349-5Henry MintzbergStructure in Fives: Designing Effective Organizations
1977978-0-13-854356-3Joan Kirby Hughes · Jay I. MichtomStructured Approach to Programming
1985978-0-13-854364-8John L. FinlayThe Structure of Canadian History
1984978-0-13-854373-0William E. PerryA Structured Approach to Systems Testing (The QED series)
1979978-0-13-854380-8Tom DeMarcoStructured Analysis and System Specification
1984978-0-13-854398-3Howard J. SwatlandStructure and Development of Meat Animals
1985978-0-13-854407-2Nicholas P. VitalariStructured Basic for Business (Prentice-Hall series in computer programming languages)
1980978-0-13-854414-0Victor WeinbergStructured Analysis (Prentice-Hall Software Series)
978-0-13-854423-2Structured Computer Organization
1984978-0-13-854430-0William M. Fuori · Stephen GaughranStructured Ans Cobol Programming
  ''978-0-13-854448-5Thayne A. ShankThe Structured Coboler's Guide
1981978-0-13-854455-3R. GrauerStructured Cobol: A Pragmatic Approach (Prentice-Hall software series)
1979978-0-13-854471-3Yourdon Press · Larry L. ConstantineStructured Design: Fundamentals of a Discipline of Computer Program and Systems Design
1984978-0-13-854489-8Andrew S. TanenbaumStructured Computer Organization
1979978-0-13-854497-3   ''Structured Computer Organization
1976978-0-13-854505-5Andrew S. TanenbaumStructured Computer Organization (Prentice-Hall series in automatic computation)
1982978-0-13-854539-0Robert T. GrauerStructured Methods Through Cobol
1979978-0-13-854547-5Chris Gane · Trish SarsonStructured Systems Analysis: Tools and Techniques
1983978-0-13-854554-3Raymond M. KlineStructured Digital Design: Including Msi/Lsi Components and Microprocessors (PRENTICE-HALL COMPUTER APPLICATIONS IN ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING SERIES)
1980978-0-13-854562-8James WelshStructured System Programming (Prentice Hall International Series in Computing Science)
1987978-0-13-854571-0Ziya AktasStructured Analysis Design In
1980978-0-13-854596-3Editors Joh Harp and John R. HofleyStructured inequality in Canada
1984978-0-13-854605-2Andrew S. TanenbaumStructured Computer Organization
1981978-0-13-854612-0Louis A HillStructured programming in FORTRAN
1972978-0-13-854646-5Sydney P. ClarkStructure of the Earth (Foundations of Earth Science)
  ''978-0-13-854653-3   ''Structure of the Earth (Foundations of Earth Science)
1966978-0-13-854661-8sherman kruppThe Structure of Economic Science: Essays on Methodology
1990978-0-13-854662-5Andrew S. TanenbaumStructured Computer Organization
  ''978-0-13-854670-0TanenbaumSM Structured Computer Organization I/M
1967978-0-13-854687-8David Wendell MillerThe Structure of Human Decisions
1964978-0-13-854703-5Jerry A. Fodor · Jerrold.J. KatzThe Structure of Language: Readings in the Philosophy of Language
1988978-0-13-854712-7Victor E. Broquard · WestleyStructured Problem Analysis and Logic Design
1975978-0-13-854737-0Richard B. KieburtzStructural Programming and Problem Solving with Algol
1985978-0-13-854746-2Allen M. LewisStructured D. E. C. BASIC for Business Using Files (Prentice-Hall software series)
1980978-0-13-854752-3Paul CressStructured FORTRAN with WATFIV-S
1966978-0-13-854778-3F.D. ParkerThe structure of number systems
1986978-0-13-854787-5Paul T. WardStructured Development for Real-Time Systems: Vol. I: Introduction and Tools
  ''978-0-13-854795-0Paul T. Ward · Stephen J. MellorStructured Development for Real-Time Systems, Vol. II: Essential Modeling Techniques
  ''978-0-13-854803-2Paul T. Ward · Stephen J. MellorStructured Development for Real-Time Systems, Vol. III: Implementation Modeling Techniques
1997978-0-13-854838-4O'SullivanSm Macroeconomics I/M
1965978-0-13-854844-5N. L. et al. AllingerStructure of Organic Molecules (Foundations of Organic Chemistry)
1965978-0-13-854851-3N L Allinger, J AllingerStructures of Organic Molecules
1978978-0-13-854869-8Richard B KieburtzStructured programming and problem-solving with PASCAL
  ''978-0-13-854877-3Richard B. KieburtzStructured Programming and Problem Solving With Pascal
1977978-0-13-854885-8Michael MarcottyStructured programming with PL/1: An introduction
1988978-0-13-854894-0Irving EngelStructural Steel in Architecture and Building Technology
1977978-0-13-854901-5Michael Kennedy · Martin B. SolomonStructured P. L./0 Plus P.L./1
1988978-0-13-854910-7Michael Kennedy · Martin B. SolomonStructured P. L./Zero Plus P.L./One
  ''978-0-13-854936-7James Martin · Carma McClureStructured Techniques: The Basis for Case
1977978-0-13-854943-5Richard B. KieburtzStructured Programming and Problem Solving with P. L./1
1985978-0-13-854951-0Jerry L. JonesStructured Programming Logic: A Flowcharting Approach
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1989978-0-13-855040-0John L FinlayThe structure of Canadian history
1997978-0-13-855065-3G. PerroneStructured Analysis With Case Tools: The Teamwork/PC'S a Approach/IBM Compatible
1990978-0-13-855073-8Alexander ChajesStructural Analysis (Prentice Hall International Series in Civil Engineering and Engineering Mechaniics)
  ''978-0-13-855081-3   ''Structural Analysis Solutions Manual
1987978-0-13-855099-8J. J. EastlakeA Structured Approach to Computer Strategy (Ellis Horwood Series in Computers & Their Applications)
1979978-0-13-855107-0M. F. C. LaddStructure and Bonding in Solid State Chemistry (Ellis Horwood series in chemical science)
1988978-0-13-855115-5N. G. R. IyengarStructural Stability of Columns and Plates (Ellis Horwood Series in Civil Engineering)
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1977978-0-13-855131-5Kenneth T. OrrStructured Systems Development
  ''978-0-13-855149-0   ''Structured Systems Development
1999978-0-13-855172-8Janice Boucher Breuer · Arthur O'Sullivan · Steven M. SheffrinMacroeconomics: Principles and Tools
1985978-0-13-855180-3James Martin · Carma L. McClureStructured Techniques for Computing
1993978-0-13-855206-0James R. Armstrong · F. Gail GrayStructured Logic Design With Vhdl
1979978-0-13-855221-3Edward YourdonStructured Walkthroughs (Prentice-Hall software series)
1996978-0-13-855231-2CHOPRADynamics of Structures: Solutions Manual with Transparency Masters
978-0-13-855248-0Structured Walkthroughs
1976978-0-13-855254-1Arlyn J MelcherStructure and process of organizations: A systems approach (Prentice-Hall behavioral sciences in business series)
1979978-0-13-855270-1Henry MintzbergThe Structuring of Organizations
1989978-0-13-855289-3Edward YourdonStructured Walkthroughs (Yourdon Press Computing Series)
1998978-0-13-855297-8O'SullivanSm Macroeconomics Tif
1980978-0-13-855304-3Daniel L. SchodekStructures
1991978-0-13-855313-5Daniel L. SchodekStructures
1992978-0-13-855321-0P. A. Firby · Cyril F. GardinerSurface Topology (Mathematics & Its Applications)
1992978-0-13-855362-3Rina Yarmish · Gerald WohlStructured COBOL: A Direct Approach
  ''978-0-13-855370-8Henry Mintzberg · James Brian QuinnReadings in the Strategy Process
2000978-0-13-855396-8MEDISHSuperpowers Comparison America Russia
1992978-0-13-855412-5Mary C. StarkeStrategies for College Success
1994978-0-13-855438-5STARKEStrategies College Success STD
1992978-0-13-855479-8Henry MintzbergStructure in Fives: Designing Effective Organizations
1973978-0-13-855502-3Thomas F McInerneyA student's guide to flowcharting
1993978-0-13-855503-0Sm Structured Cobol Irm
1973978-0-13-855510-8Thomas F. McInerneyA Student's Guide to Flowcharting
1993978-0-13-855529-0Mary C. StarkeStrategies for College Success: Student Planner
1997978-0-13-855586-3O'sullivanSm Macroeconomics Ctw
1998978-0-13-855594-8Arthur O'Sullivan · Steven M. SheffrinMicroeconomics: Principles and Tools/Instructors Manual
1969978-0-13-855601-3W. G SteglichStudent guide to sociology
1999978-0-13-855602-0Arthur O'Sullivan · Steven M. Sheffrin · Janice Boucher BreuerMicroeconomics: Principles and Tools: Practicum
1997978-0-13-855611-2O'sullivanSm Microeconomics T/I/F
1988978-0-13-855636-5ARIStudy Guide to the Ari-Gama Competency in Hvacr, 1987-1988
1997978-0-13-855645-7O'sullivanSm Microeconomics Ctm
1988978-0-13-855669-3Walter James Miller · Elizabeth Morse-CluleyThe Student's Guide to Writing Better Book Reports: Everything You Need to Know to Write About Fiction, Non-Fiction, Drama, and Poetry
978-0-13-855677-8The Scholarship Book: For Student Care Center
1989978-0-13-855685-3Raymond G. HutchinsTime Tracker 1989-1990
  ''978-0-13-855693-8The Webster's New World Student Organizer: A Loose-Leaf Planning and Record System for the Student
1990978-0-13-855701-0Robert J. MeloshStructural Engineering Analysis by Finite Elements (PRENTICE-HALL INTERNATIONAL SERIES IN CIVIL ENGINEERING AND ENGINEERING MECHANICS)