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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1967978-0-13-730846-0Harper W. Boyd · Sidney J. LevyPromotion: A Behavioral View (Foundations of Marketing)
1987978-0-13-730854-5M. Elizabeth Clarey · Robert J. DixsonPronunciation Exercises in English, A New Revised Edition (Dixson English Series)
1977978-0-13-730861-3Malcolm G. MitchellPropaganda, Polls, and Public Opinion
1963978-0-13-730870-5Elizabeth Clarey · Robert J. DixsonPronunciation Exercises in English (Dixson English Series)
1970978-0-13-730879-8Malcolm G. MitchellPropaganda, Polls and Public Opinion: Are the People Manipulated? (Inquiry into Crucial American Problems)
1982978-0-13-730895-8Richard E. StanleyPromotion Advertising, Publicity, Personal Selling, Sales Promotion
  ''978-0-13-730903-0Richard E StanleyInstructor's manual with tests [for] Promotion, 2nd edition
1984978-0-13-730912-2Lawrence C. BeckerProperty: Cases, Concepts, Critiques
1983978-0-13-730920-7Edith Crowell Trager · Sara Cook HendersonPronunciation Drills (The PD's)
1982978-0-13-730937-5Property and Liability Insurance
1987978-0-13-730938-2Don L. F. Nilsen · Alleen Pace NilsenPronunciation Contrasts in English
1966978-0-13-730952-8William H. RoddaProperty And Liability Insurance
1976978-0-13-730960-3S. S. Huebner · Kenneth Black Jr. · Robert S. ClineProperty and Liability Insurance
1982978-0-13-730978-8Solomon Stephen HuebnerProperty and Liability Insurance (The Prentice-Hall series in security & insurance)
1983978-0-13-730987-0Edith Crowell TragerPD's in Depth
1979978-0-13-731000-5Jerrold F JanataProperty tax manual: Strategies and techniques for reduction and control
1985978-0-13-731019-7Norman Govoni · Robert Eng · Morton GalperPromotional Management
1988978-0-13-731027-2GOVONISm Promotional Mgmt Student/ml
1987978-0-13-731035-7Norman Govoni · Robert Eng · Morton GalperPromotional Management: Issues and Perspectives
1977978-0-13-731059-3Promises to keep: Reading and writing about values
1985978-0-13-731068-5Frances CarrollPromises: A Guide to Christian Commitment
  ''978-0-13-731076-0   ''Promises: A Guide to Christian Commitment (Steeple books)
1986978-0-13-731084-5The Promise of Tax Reform
1985978-0-13-731092-0Joseph A. PechmanThe Promise of Tax Reform (American Assembly Series)
1977978-0-13-731109-5Malcolm MitchellPropaganda, Polls, and Public Opinion: Are the People Manipulated (Inquiry into Crucial American Problems)
  ''978-0-13-731117-0   ''Propaganda, polls, and public opinion: Are the people manipulated? (Inquiry into crucial American problems)
1983978-0-13-731125-5Gregory R. Moore · D. E. KlienProperties and Processing of Polymers for Engineers
1985978-0-13-731134-7William Chargar · Morris A. NunesThe Property Maintenance Logbook
1981978-0-13-731159-0Gary GabrielProse and Passion
1987978-0-13-731167-5"Gabriel"Prose Passion TB
  ''978-0-13-731175-0G. GabrielProse and Passion Cassette
1983978-0-13-731182-8Dan GeerPro Rated Longshots: A Proven Method for Selecting Longshot Winners
1988978-0-13-731191-0Mel A. ShearProperty Management Reinvented: How to Convert Maintenance and Energy Expenses to Profits
1987978-0-13-731209-2Kim Flachmann · Michael FlachmannThe Prose Reader: Essays for College Writers
1984978-0-13-731225-2Mike McDanielsThe Pro-T Offense: Winning Football With a Modern Passing Attack
1989978-0-13-731241-2Judith W. Irwin · Isabel BakerPromoting Active Reading Comprehension Strategies: A Resource Book for Teachers
1989978-0-13-731266-5Chris Hendrickson · Tung AuProject Management for Construction: Fundamental Concepts for Owners, Engineers, Architects, and Builders (PRENTICE-HALL INTERNATIONAL SERIES IN CIVIL ENGINEERING AND ENGINEERING MECHANICS)
1971978-0-13-731273-3Joe H. Mize · etc.PROSIM V: Administrator's Manual
1984978-0-13-731324-2F. Bernadette TurnerProsperity and the healing power of prayer
1971978-0-13-731331-0Lloyd F. · Black, Edwin (eds.) BitzerThe Prospect of rhetoric;: Report of the national developmental project, sponsored by Speech Communication Association (Prentice-Hall speech communication series)
1982978-0-13-731349-5Dan RamseyThe P.R.O. system for selling real estate: A 14 step program for big money profits
1974978-0-13-731364-8Catherine PonderProsperity Secret of the Ages
1972978-0-13-731372-3Abdul A. SaidProtagonists of Change: Subcultures in Development and Revolution (A Spectrum book)
1988978-0-13-731373-0Larry L. PerryProspective Financial Statements Documentation Manual
1972978-0-13-731380-8Abdul A. SaidProtagonists of Change: Subcultures in Development and Revolution (A Spectrum book)
1986978-0-13-731381-5William H. RoetzheimProposal Writing for the Data Processing Consultant
1984978-0-13-731399-0Edwin J. Perkins · Gary M. WaltonA Prosperous People: The Growth of the American Economy
1972978-0-13-731406-5R.P. BowlesProtest, Violence and Social Change (Canada: issues & options)
1979978-0-13-731422-5Robert G. BartholProtect Yourself: Self Defence Guide for Women from Prevention to Counter-attack (A Spectrum book)
  ''978-0-13-731430-0   ''Protect Yourself: Self Defence Guide for Women from Prevention to Counter-attack (A Spectrum book)
1985978-0-13-731449-2Laura M. HuchtonProtect Your Child: A Parent's Safeguard Against Child Abduction and Sexual Abuse
  ''978-0-13-731456-0Laura M HuchtonProtect your child: A parent's safeguard against child abduction and sexual abuse
1979978-0-13-731480-5Emil J. BurcikProperties of Petroleum Reservoir Fluids
1991978-0-13-731498-0Tibet MimarProgramming and Designing With the 68000 Family: Including the 68000, the 68010/12, the 68020, and the 68030
1977978-0-13-731521-5Robert MilesProse style for the modern writer (Prentice-Hall series in English composition)
1986978-0-13-731530-7Carol M. BarnumProse and Cons: The DOS and Donts of Technical and Business Writing
1977978-0-13-731547-5Mary Jane McCaffreeProtocol: The complete handbook of diplomatic, official and social usage
1975978-0-13-731554-3Dan GeerPro rated longshots: A proven method for selecting longshot winners
1976978-0-13-731570-3Steve AxmanThe pro-read option attack for winning football
1990978-0-13-731589-5Roland VonkPrototyping: The Effective Use of Case Technology (English and Dutch Edition)
1976978-0-13-731604-5Tom BennettThe Pro Style: The Complete Guide to Understanding National Football League Strategy
1989978-0-13-731613-7Rene, Chartrand, Maurice ProvostProvigo: The Story Behind 20 Years of Entrepreneurial Success
1985978-0-13-731621-2LEONARDProteus (Software)
1988978-0-13-731647-2J. Ellis Bell · Evelyn T. BellProteins and Enzymes
1969978-0-13-731653-3BOB CURRANPro Football's Rag Days
1976978-0-13-731654-0Robert DeckerThe Proud Mexicans
1986978-0-13-731662-5Perry Rand DyckProvincial politics in Canada
978-0-13-731679-3Salute to Canada's winners & heroes
1983978-0-13-731695-3Prudential's Book of Canadian Winners & Heroes: A Salute to the winners and Heroes of Canada, from Confederation to Today
1974978-0-13-731711-0Albert LightProteins: Structure and Function
1981978-0-13-731729-5A. KuoProtocols and Techniques for Data Communication Networks (PRENTICE-HALL COMPUTER APPLICATIONS IN ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING SERIES)
1984978-0-13-731738-7James W. CoffronProven Techniques for Troubleshooting the Microprocessor and Home Computer Systems (Prentice-Hall series in microprocessor technology)
1979978-0-13-731745-5Jane RobertsPsychic Politics
1976978-0-13-731752-3Jane RobertsPsychic Politics
1986978-0-13-731761-5Marianne MehlingProvence and the Cote D'Azur: A Phaidon Cultural Guide
1981978-0-13-731778-3T. RileyProving Punitive Damages
1980978-0-13-731786-8Sandra McNeilPsi-kinetic power: Magic road to riches
1974978-0-13-731802-5José CueliPsicocomunidad (Spanish Edition)
1988978-0-13-731829-2Eve P. Steinberg · Joan U. Levy · Norman LevyPreparation for the Psat/Nmsqt: Preliminary Scholarship Aptitude Test/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test
1973978-0-13-731844-5Ann Wolbert BurgessPsychiatric nursing in the hospital and the community
1983978-0-13-731851-3Ruth Beckman Murray · M.Marilyn Wilson HuelskoetterPsychiatric and Mental Health Nursing: Giving Emotional Care
1989978-0-13-731878-0Steven HolznerThe Ps/2-PC Assembly Language
1976978-0-13-731901-5Ann Wolbert Burgess · Aaron LazarePsychiatric Nursing in the Hospital and the Community
1981978-0-13-731927-5Ann Wolbert BurgessPsychiatric Nursing in the Hospital and the Community
1985978-0-13-731951-0   ''Psychiatric Nursing in the Hospital and the Community
1980978-0-13-731968-8William Jon WatkinsThe psychic experiment book
1970978-0-13-731984-8David E. HamburgPsychiatry as a Behavioural Science (Spectrum Books)
1970978-0-13-731992-3David E. HamburgPsychiatry as a Behavioural Science (Spectrum Books)
1989978-0-13-732009-7Susan DellingerPsycho Geometrics: How to Use Geometric Psychology to Influence People
1971978-0-13-732016-5Brad SteigerThe psychic feats of Olof Jonsson
1982978-0-13-732024-0David V. LewisPsychic Advantage
1979978-0-13-732032-5David V LewisPsychic advantage: Key to controlling people and situations
1973978-0-13-732057-8Hudson RlPruning Handbook
1971978-0-13-732073-8Joseph MurphyPsychic perception: The magic of extrasensory power
1984978-0-13-732081-3Sheila Ostrander · Lynn SchroederPsychic Discoveries Behind the Iron Curtain
1987978-0-13-732090-5David CrewsPsychobiology of Reproductive Behavior: An Evolutionary Perspective
1971978-0-13-732099-8Dorothy Bomar Bradley · Robert A. BradleyPsychic Phenomena: Revelations and Experiences
1989978-0-13-732108-7Charles G. MorrisPsychology: An Introduction
1990978-0-13-732116-2Maria I LasagaStudy guide [for] Psychology, an introduction
1963978-0-13-732131-5R. GirardProust (20th Century Views)
1966978-0-13-732149-0Walter HollandPRP: Key to Life on a Big Scale
1990978-0-13-732157-5Eastwood AtwaterPsychology of Adjustment: Personal Growth in a Changing World
1959978-0-13-732206-0Robert A. HarperPsychoanalysis and Psychotherapy 36 Systems ...
1970978-0-13-732214-5Joseph J. WeedPsychic Energy: How to Change Your Desires Into Realities
  ''978-0-13-732230-5Sheila Ostrander · Lynn SchroederPsychic Discoveries Behind the Iron Curtain
1990978-0-13-732249-7Charles G. Morris · Gary PiggremTest Item File Psychology: An Introduction
1960978-0-13-732255-8Maxwell MaltzPsycho-Cybernetics; A New Way to Get More Living Out of Life.
1979978-0-13-732263-3Paul G ThomasPsycho-Feedback: Practical Psychocybernetics
1973978-0-13-732271-8P MussenThe Psychological Development of the Child
1973978-0-13-732313-5Paul Henry MussenPsychological Development of the Child (Foundations of Modern Psychology)
  ''978-0-13-732321-0Paul Henry MussenPsychological Development of the Child (Foundations of Modern Psychology)
1983978-0-13-732354-8G R LefrancoisPsychology: Principles & Applications
1970978-0-13-732362-3Psychoanalysis and literary process
1980978-0-13-732370-8Robert A. FergusonPsychic Telemetry
1977978-0-13-732388-3Robert A. FergusonPsychic Telemetry: New Key to Health, Wealth, and Perfect Living
1987978-0-13-732405-7Frank J. LandyPsychology: The Science of People
1979978-0-13-732412-5Paul Henry MussenPsychological Development of the Child (Foundations of Modern Psychology)
  ''978-0-13-732420-0   ''Psychological Development of the Child
1982978-0-13-732438-5Les DonaldsonPsychological Leverage
1978978-0-13-732446-0Donald J. FossPsycholinguistics: An Introduction to the Psychology of Language
1979978-0-13-732461-3HepnerPsychology Applied to Life and Work (6th Edition)
1983978-0-13-732495-8Stephen R SchmidtInstructor's resource manual. Psychology: Principles and applications
1957978-0-13-732529-0B. J. UnderwoodPsychological Research
1975978-0-13-732545-0Leonard P. Ullman · Leonard KrasnerPsychological Approach to Abnormal Behaviour (Prentice-Hall psychology series)
1969978-0-13-732552-8Leonard P. Ullman · Leonard KrasnerPsychological Approach to Abnormal Behaviour
1987978-0-13-732561-0Walter J. RollinThe Psychology of Communication Disorders in Individuals and Their Families
1972978-0-13-732578-8Lawrence H. SchwartzThe Psychodynamics of Patient Care
  ''978-0-13-732586-3L.H. Schwartz · J. L. SchwartzPsychodynamics of Patient Care
1988978-0-13-732587-0Kevin R. Murphy · Charles O. DavidshoferPsychological Testing: Principles and Applications
1988978-0-13-732595-5Martin J IkedaTest item file: Psychological testing: principles & applications, Kevin R. Murphy, Charles O. Davidshofer
1983978-0-13-732602-0Bruce D. HutchisonPsycho Logic
  ''978-0-13-732610-5   ''Psycho Logic
1988978-0-13-732629-7Kevin R. Murphy · Charles O. DavidshoferPsychological Testing: Principles and Applications
1983978-0-13-732636-5Joan Mikkelsen EtzelPsycho-business skills: How to survive and thrive in the corporate arena
  ''978-0-13-732644-0   ''Psycho-business skills: How to survive and thrive in the corporate arena
1984978-0-13-732652-5J. Graham · R. LillyPsychological Testing
1977978-0-13-732677-8Lee R. SteinerPsychic Self-Healing for Psychological Problems
1986978-0-13-732694-5Stephen WorchelPsychology: Principles and application
  ''978-0-13-732710-2John M TuckerStudy guide with practice tests
  ''978-0-13-732736-2PittengerPh Slides Psychology (Slides)
1986978-0-13-732751-5John M. DarleyPsychology
1973978-0-13-732784-3Joseph J. WeedPsychic Energy: How to Change Desires into Realities
1970978-0-13-732792-8KENNETH E. & GEORGE A. MILLER (eds.) CLARKPsychology
  ''978-0-13-732800-0Kenneth E. Clark · George A. MillerPsychology (Spectrum Books)
1987978-0-13-732801-7Lorry Cology · Frank J. LandyPsychology Study Gd/pract Set Landy/cology
1989978-0-13-732835-2Susan DellingerPsychogeometrics: How to Use Geometric Psychology to Influence People
1972978-0-13-732842-0F.B. McMahonPsychology: The Hybrid Science
1989978-0-13-732843-7Joseph J. WeedPsychic Energy: How to Change Desires into Realities (Reward Classics)
1972978-0-13-732859-8Frank B. , editor McMahonPsychology Perspectives on the Hybrid Science
1963978-0-13-732867-3Timothy W. And Zalkind, Sheldon s. CostelloPsychology in Administration; a Research Orientation; Text With Integrated Readings
1989978-0-13-732884-0Garry Martin · J Grayson OsbornePsychology Study Guide
  ''978-0-13-732892-5Stephen Worchel · Wayne L. ShebilskePsychology Non-Nat Spk S/G
978-0-13-732900-7Computerized Accounting with ACCPAC Plus for Windows, Version 3.0 College Edition
1974978-0-13-732909-0Frank B McMahonPsychology, the hybrid science
  ''978-0-13-732917-5John P De CeccoThe psychology of learning and instruction: educational psychology
1976978-0-13-732925-0Adrian V. ClarkPsycho-Kinesis: Moving Matter with the Mind
1973978-0-13-732933-5   ''Psycho-Kinesis: Moving Matter With the Mind
1977978-0-13-732958-8Frank B McMahonPsychology, the hybrid science
  ''978-0-13-732966-3McMahon Frank B. Walraven Michael G.Psychology: The Hybrid Science
1978978-0-13-733022-5Robert E. SilvermanPsychology
1978978-0-13-733030-0John P LombardoInstructor's manual [to accompany] Psychology: Robert E. Silverman, third edition
  ''978-0-13-733048-5R. SilvermanPsychology: Study Guide and Workbook
1988978-0-13-733064-5Diana S. Woodruff-PakPsychology and Aging
  ''978-0-13-733080-5Garry L. Martin · J.Grayson OsbornePsychology, Adjustment and Everyday Living
1980978-0-13-733113-0Richard A KasschauTeacher's Guide With Tests To Accompany Psychology, Exploring Behavior
  ''978-0-13-733121-5Psychology: Student Handbook Experiments and Quizzes
1984978-0-13-733147-5John M. Darley · etc.Psychology
1981978-0-13-733154-3John M. Darley · etc.Psychology
  ''978-0-13-733188-8Carolyn SmithStudy guide: Psychology [by] John M. Darley ... [et al.]
1982978-0-13-733204-5Michael CookTest item file, series II, Psychology, [by] John M. Darley ... [et al.]
1999978-0-13-733247-2John/Rozin, Paul: JonidesPsychology Study Guide
1965978-0-13-733253-3Marvin D. Dunnette · Wayne K. KirchnerPsychology applied to industry
1985978-0-13-733262-5Richard A. KasschauPsychology: Exploring Behavior
1974978-0-13-733279-3Abraham K. KormanPsychology of Motivation
1976978-0-13-733287-8Janice T. GibsonPsychology for the Classroom
1985978-0-13-733296-0KasschauPsychology: Tea Gde W/tests
1968978-0-13-733303-5B.J. CrattyPsychology and physical activity
1980978-0-13-733312-7Richard A. KasschauPsychology, Exploring behavior- Student Handbook experiments and Quizzes
1981978-0-13-733352-3Janice Gibson-ClinePsychology for the Classroom
  ''978-0-13-733360-8Pamela MeadowcraftPsychology for the classroom, second edition. Instructors manual
1986978-0-13-733403-2John M. Darley · etc.Psychology
1964978-0-13-733428-5James E. BirrenPsychology of Ageing
1985978-0-13-733437-7Frank J. Landy · Lorry CologyPsychology
1984978-0-13-733510-7Frank J. LandyPsychology: The Science of People
978-0-13-733544-2Psychology, Study Guide with Practice Tests (By Landy)
1982978-0-13-733550-3Robert E. SilvermanPsychology
  ''978-0-13-733576-3Stephen F DavisInstructor's manual
1985978-0-13-733601-2Robert E. SilvermanPsychology
1988978-0-13-733650-0John M DarleyPsychology
  ''978-0-13-733718-7Gordon K HodgeStudy guide with practice tests: Fourth edition Psychology
1981978-0-13-733759-0A.A LeontievPsychology and the Language Learning Process
1979978-0-13-733808-5William M. CruickshankPsychology of Exceptional Children and Youth