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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1987978-0-13-969858-3Eva S. WeinerWriting: A Diagnostic Approach
1980978-0-13-969865-1Dean MemeringThe writer's work: Guide to effective composition
  ''978-0-13-969873-6   ''Teaching: The writer's work
1976978-0-13-969907-8Allan B. LefcowitzWriting Skills Workbook. --
  ''978-0-13-969915-3The Writer's Handbook Teacher's Manual
  ''978-0-13-969923-8Allen B. LefcowitzWriter's Handbook
1984978-0-13-969940-5Stephen D. KrashenWriting: Research, Theory and Applications (Language Teaching Methodology Series)
1970978-0-13-969956-6Wallace Kaufman · William PowersWriter's Mind
1989978-0-13-969957-3Mary Sue KoeppelWriting: Resources for Conferencing and Collaboration
  ''978-0-13-969965-8   ''Writing: Resources for Conferencing and Collaboration/Instructor's Edition
1975978-0-13-969980-1Robert BainThe writer and the worlds of words
1983978-0-13-970004-0Writing clear paragraphs
1987978-0-13-970021-7Robert B. Donald · etc.Writing Clear Paragraphs
1989978-0-13-970062-0Sharon FriedmanWriting and Thinking in the Social Sciences
1975978-0-13-970103-0R. V. CassillWriting Fiction (Spectrum Book)
1975978-0-13-970111-5R. V CassillWriting fiction (A Spectrum book ; S-364)
1988978-0-13-970112-2Ralph E. LoeweThe Writing Clinic: Writing-Grammar-Readings
1982978-0-13-970129-0Fotinos Carver · Olson CarverA Writing Book: English in Everyday Life
1983978-0-13-970145-0Robert B. DonaldWriting clear essays
1976978-0-13-970152-8Sheila Young GrahamWritingcraft: The paragraph and the essay
1978978-0-13-970160-3Barbara SealeWriting efficiently: A step by step composition course
  ''978-0-13-970178-8SealeSm Writing Efficiently TB
  ''978-0-13-970186-3Lida, LivingstonWrinkles: How to Prevent Them, How to Erase Them
1983978-0-13-970194-8Morrow, Wargetz and Werner DonaldTeacher's Manual - Writing Clear Essays
1975978-0-13-970202-0William L. RiversWriting: Craft and Art
  ''978-0-13-970210-5William L RiversWriting, craft and art
1980978-0-13-970228-0John E. McLaughlin · Stephen K. MermanWriting a Job-Winning Resume (Spectrum Book)
  ''978-0-13-970236-5John E McLaughlinWriting a job-winning resume (A Spectrum book)
1982978-0-13-970244-0Jon Louis BentleyWriting Efficient Programs (Prentice-Hall Software Series)
1982978-0-13-970251-8Jon Louis BentleyWriting Efficient Programs (Prentice-Hall Software Series)
1980978-0-13-970269-3Sandra L. McKay · Lisa RosenthalWriting for a Specific Purpose
1983978-0-13-970277-8Christina PaulstonWriting: Communicative Activities in English
1982978-0-13-970285-3Marcella FrankWriting from Experience
1976978-0-13-970301-0Monroe C. BeardsleyWriting With Reason: Logic for Composition
1983978-0-13-970319-5Ralph E LoeweThe writing clinic
1987978-0-13-970328-7Judith RodbyWriting by Choice: Intermediate Composition for Students of Esl
1978978-0-13-970350-8No AuthorWriting clear paragraphs
1975978-0-13-970368-3John R., TrimbleWriting With Style: Conversations on the Art of Writing
  ''978-0-13-970376-8John R TrimbleWriting with style: Conversations on the art of writing
1971978-0-13-970392-8Eleanore C HibbsWriting: fact and imagination
1987978-0-13-970401-7Robert B. Donald · Betty Richmond Morrow · Lillian Griffith Wargetz · WerWriting Clear Sentences
1978978-0-13-970434-5Ralph E LoeweThe writing clinic
1972978-0-13-970442-0   ''The writing clinic
1981978-0-13-970467-3Nelda R. LawrenceWriting Communications in Business and Industry
1974978-0-13-970491-8Nelda R LawrenceWriting communications in business and industry
1980978-0-13-970509-0Lee J. Martin · Harry P. KroitorWriting the Five-Hundred-Word Theme (Starpath Series)
  ''978-0-13-970517-5Lee J. Martin · Harry P. KroiterWriting the Five Hundred Word Theme (Starpath series)
1972978-0-13-970525-0Daniel KnappWriting for real
1983978-0-13-970541-0Rebecca E BurnettThe writing connection
1980978-0-13-970558-8Martin Joseph MaloneyWriting for the media
1982978-0-13-970566-3Edgar V RobertsWriting themes about literature
1977978-0-13-970574-8Edgar V. RobertsTeacher's Manual, Writing Themes About Literature
  ''978-0-13-970582-3Edgar V RobertsWriting themes about literature
1981978-0-13-970590-8Stewart BronfeldWriting for film and television (A Spectrum book)
  ''978-0-13-970608-0Stewart BronfieldWriting for Film and Television (A Spectrum book)
1972978-0-13-970616-5Karl K TaylorWriting from example;
1988978-0-13-970617-2Andrea RutherfoordBasic Communication Skills for Electronics Technology
1987978-0-13-970625-7Myrick E. LandWriting for Magazines
1973978-0-13-970632-5Robert M GorrellWriting modern English
1982978-0-13-970657-8Edgar V. RobertsWriting Themes About Literature.
1982978-0-13-970665-3Writing skills for technical students (Prentice-Hall series in developmental English)
1977978-0-13-970673-8Robert RainsburyWritten English: An Introduction for Beginning Students of English as a Second Language
1986978-0-13-970708-7Edward YourdonWritings of the Revolution: Selected Readings on Software Engineering
1962978-0-13-970716-2salamon eskinaziPrinciples of Fluid Mechanics
1973978-0-13-970723-0Edgar V RobertsWriting themes about literature
  ''978-0-13-970731-5   ''Writing themes about literature
1982978-0-13-970749-0Writing Themes About Literature, Brief Edition
1991978-0-13-970757-5RobertsWriting Themes about Literature
1998978-0-13-970774-2Mary Epes · Michael G. SouthwellMastering Written Sentences: Self-Teaching Exercises for College Writers
1988978-0-13-970781-0Delaware Technical and Community CollegeWriting Skills for Technical Students
  ''978-0-13-970807-7Edgar V. RobertsWriting Themes About Literature
1990978-0-13-970831-2Robert Weissberg · Suzanne BukerWriting Up Research: Experimental Research Report Writing for Students of English
1989978-0-13-970849-7Robert Weissberg · Suzanne BukerWriting Up Research: Instructor's Manual
1990978-0-13-970864-0Philip M. Adams · Clovis L. TondoWriting DOS Device Drivers in C
  ''978-0-13-970914-2John W. Fink · Carolyn Parnall FinkWriting for the Allied Health Professional
1990978-0-13-970930-2John SchultzWriting About Canada: A Handbook for Modern Canadian History
1984978-0-13-970948-7Mary Cogan BromageWriting Audit Reports
1992978-0-13-970971-5Robert B. Donald · Betty Richmond MorrowWriting Clear Essays
1990978-0-13-970997-5James D. Moore · Betty Richmond Morrow · Lillian Griffith Wargetz · Kathleen Werner · Robert B. DonaldWriting Clear Paragraphs
1992978-0-13-971011-7Kenneth W. Davis · Kim B. LovejoyWriting: Process, Product, and Power
1991978-0-13-971037-7Joan F. Gilliland · Joan Tyler MeadReasons for Writing
1990978-0-13-971052-0Edgar V. RobertsWriting Themes about Literature
1991978-0-13-971060-5Edgar V. RobertsWriting Themes About Literature
  ''978-0-13-971078-0Donald E. Miller · Barry Jay SeltserWriting and Research in Religious Studies
1990978-0-13-971086-5Keith Van WagenenWriting a Thesis: Substance And Style
  ''978-0-13-971094-0T-Maker CompanyWritenow(tm) for Macintosh (R) Student Edition, Version 2.2s
1982978-0-13-971102-2Bernard SewardWriting American English
1989978-0-13-971110-7Tom & McKayWriting Warm Ups: Seventy Activities for Prewriting/Teachers Edition
1991978-0-13-971136-7Judy PrivenEasy Writer: Basics to Ged (Cambridge Writing Series)
  ''978-0-13-971144-2Sharon SorensonWriting Skills Wkbk Ged Sorenson
  ''978-0-13-971177-0Theo de KlerkWriting Vax/Vms Applications Using Pascal
1992978-0-13-971193-0Myrick E. LandWriting for Magazines
1992978-0-13-971201-2Robert W. ScheiflerX Window System: Complete Reference
2000978-0-13-971219-7RAYMONDWriters Handbook
1993978-0-13-971227-2Kristin R. Woolever · Helen M. LoebWriting for the Computer Industry
978-0-13-971250-0WHITEWriter Subject
1995978-0-13-971300-2Al WojtasWriting Device Drivers: An Advanced Tutorial
  ''978-0-13-971326-2Ellis and EslerWorld History: Historical Outline Map Book With Lesson Ideas: South Asia After World War II
1993978-0-13-971359-0Sharilyn DueWordPerfect 5.1 Using VMS & DOS Macros
2001978-0-13-971466-5Richard T. Froyen · Linda LowMacroeconomics: An Asian Perspective
1969978-0-13-971473-3Eleanor Newman HutchensWriting to be read (Prentice-Hall English literature series)
1981978-0-13-971499-3J. Karl NicholasWriting and Revising: A Workbook
1987978-0-13-971508-2P. Rubenstein · M. MaloneyWriting for the Media: Film, Television, Video, and Radio (2nd Edition)
1971978-0-13-971515-0Lawrence WelkWunnerful, Wunnerful! The Autobiography of Lawrence Welk
1968978-0-13-971531-0Thomas A., VoglerTwentieth century interpretations of Wuthering Heights: a collection of critical essays.
  ''978-0-13-971549-5Thomas A. VoglerTwentieth Century Interpretations of Wuthering Heights: A Collection of Critical Essays (20th Century Interpretations)
1981978-0-13-971556-3Patricia A. MoodyWriting Today: A Rhetoric and Handbook
  ''978-0-13-971572-3Patricia MoodyWriting Today Workbook Moody
  ''978-0-13-971580-8Patricia A. MoodyInstructor's Resource Kit for Writing Today: A Rhetoric and Handbook
1983978-0-13-971598-3A. FrankWriting Experience TB
1981978-0-13-971606-5Edmond H. WeissThe Writing System for Engineers and Scientists
1983978-0-13-971622-5J. LyonsWriting Fundamentals
1982978-0-13-971630-0Stephen C. LewisWriting Through Reading
1983978-0-13-971655-3Edgar V. RobertsWriting Themes About Literature
1981978-0-13-971663-8John Cotton HowellWriting a will: The citizen's legal guide
1983978-0-13-971671-3John StevensonWriting Commercial Fiction (Reward Book)
1983978-0-13-971689-8John StevensonWriting Commercial Fiction
  ''978-0-13-971697-3Edgar V. RobertsWriting Themes About Literature Fifth Edition, Instructor's Manual
1984978-0-13-971713-0Shirley BiagiWriter's Guide to Word Processors
  ''978-0-13-971721-5Shirley BiagiA writer's guide to word processors
  ''978-0-13-971739-0Dean Memering · Frank O'HaraWriter's Work: Guide to Effective Composition
  ''978-0-13-971747-5George Kennedy · etc.Writing Book
1984978-0-13-971754-3George Kennedy · Daryl R. Moen · Don RanlyThe Writing Book
  ''978-0-13-971762-8M. GoodmanWrite to the Point: Effective Communication in the Workplace
  ''978-0-13-971770-3Irene Donahue BettsThe Writing Plan
  ''978-0-13-971797-0Dean Memering · Frank O'HareTeaching The Writer's Work
1980978-0-13-971846-5Robert J BondyYears of promise, Canada 1945-1963 (Canadiana scrapbook series)
1977978-0-13-971853-3Yankee Doodle
1984978-0-13-971862-5THE WRITER'S WORK
1988978-0-13-971888-5Anna Harris LiveYesterday and Today in the U.S.A.: Intermediate ESL Reader, Second Edition (Student Book)
1970978-0-13-971895-3Thomas PakenhamThe year of liberty;: The story of the great Irish rebellion of 1798
1991978-0-13-971896-0LiveYesterday Today USA TB
1963978-0-13-971911-0John UntereckerYeats T C V Unterecker
  ''978-0-13-971929-5John UntereckerYeats (20th Century Views)
1984978-0-13-971987-5Louis E. CatronWriting, Producing and Selling Your Play
1984978-0-13-971995-0Louis E. CatronWriting, Producing and Selling Your Play
  ''978-0-13-972001-7Richard DaveyWriting Process
  ''978-0-13-972019-2Russell A. StultzWriting and Publishing on Your Microcomputer
1989978-0-13-972028-4Edgar V. RobertsWriting Themes About Literature
1990978-0-13-972050-5Robert Scheifler · Robert W. Schiefler · James GettysX Window System Complete Reference to Xlib and Protocol
1987978-0-13-972084-0Bonnie J. FladungXLISP Primer
  ''978-0-13-972100-7COMERXINU VERSION 6 COMP SRC VL1(SW
  ''978-0-13-972118-2ComerXinu Version 7 No Prop Vl2(sw)
1987978-0-13-972126-7ComerXinu Version 7 Comp SRC Vl2(SW
1989978-0-13-972134-2X-OpenX Open Software Directory: Programming Languages
  ''978-0-13-972142-7NAX/Open Security Guide: Programming Languages
1990978-0-13-972159-5Robert W. Scheifler · James Gettys · Ron Newman · Al Mento · Al WojtasX Window System: C Library and Protocol Reference
1989978-0-13-972167-0Douglas A. YoungX/Window Systems: Programming and Applications With XT
1988978-0-13-972175-5Richard J. DeasingtonX.25 Explained: Protocols for Packet Switching Networks (Ellis Horwood Series in Computers and Their Applications)
1992978-0-13-972183-0Nicolas M. Thorpe · Derek RossX.25 Made Easy
1991978-0-13-972191-5Paul J. Asente · Ralph R. SwickX WINDOW SYSTEM TOOLKIT
1990978-0-13-972209-7ROST*X/Motif Quick Ref Gde ### (Digital Press X & Motif Series)
1984978-0-13-972233-2Emily B. KirbyYes, You Can: The Working Woman's Guide to Her Legal Rights, Fair Employment, and Equal Pay
  ''978-0-13-972241-7Emily B KirbyYes you can: The working woman's guide to her legal rights, fair employment, and equal pay
1977978-0-13-972273-8Anna Harris LiveYesterday and Today in the United States of America: Intermediate English as a Second Language Reader
1981978-0-13-972307-0Bob SmithYoga for a New Age: A Modern Approach to Hatha Yoga
1982978-0-13-972315-5Bob SmithYoga for a new age: A modern approach to hatha yoga
1998978-0-13-972325-4Teh Fu YenEnvironmental Chemistry: Chemical Principles for Environmental Processes
1959978-0-13-972331-5I. DeviYoga for Americans
1970978-0-13-972398-8Frank R. YoungYoga for Men Only
1969978-0-13-972406-0Frank Rudolph YoungYoga for Men Only
1976978-0-13-972448-0Frank Rudolph YoungYoga secrets for extraordinary health and long life
1998978-0-13-972449-7Mahesh L. Chugani · Abhay R. Samant · Michael CernaLabVIEW Signal Processing
1988978-0-13-972456-5Livingston G. DouglasYield Curve Analysis: The Fundamentals of Risk and Return
1974978-0-13-972463-3Sue LubyYoga is for You
  ''978-0-13-972471-8   ''Yoga Is for You.
1961978-0-13-972505-0Desmond DunneYoga made easy (A Reward book)
1979978-0-13-972521-0Frank Rudolph YoungThe yogatronic diet: Amazing new way to a youthful, trim body
1982978-0-13-972539-5Norman V PealeYou Can If You Think You Can
1974978-0-13-972547-0Norman Vincent PealeYou Can If You Think You Can
978-0-13-972556-2Exceptional Lives
1976978-0-13-972562-3Bernard PoduskaYou can cope: Be the person you want to be through self-therapy (A Spectrum book)
1975978-0-13-972570-8Bernard PoduskaYou Can Cope: Be the Person You Want to Be Through Self-Therapy
1981978-0-13-972604-0John Cotton HowellYou Can Be Your Own Lawyer in Court: The Citizen's Legal Guide
1986978-0-13-972613-2Bruce RobertsonYou Can Draw
1987978-0-13-972621-7Bruce RobertsonYou Can Draw
1972978-0-13-972687-3Anthony Austin · Doris Faber · Harold Faber · Lee Kanner · Michael E. Levy · Fabian Linden · John Noble WilfordYou and Election '72
1988978-0-13-972688-0BurkoYou Can Take It With You (Language in Education)
1991978-0-13-972720-7J. K. Lasser InstituteYour 60 Minute Tax Return, 1991
  ''978-0-13-972746-7Randi J. RostX and Motif Quick Reference Guide
1993978-0-13-972753-5Elias Israel · Erik FortuneX Window System Server: X Version 11, Release 5 (Digital Press X and Motif Series)
1999978-0-13-972795-5Ann TurnbullTest Bank to Accompany Exceptional Lives: Special Education in Today's Schools
1998978-0-13-972803-7TurnbullSm Exceptional Lives Spec Ed T
1998978-0-13-972829-7TURNBULLSm Exceptional Lives Spec Ed T
  ''978-0-13-972837-2TurnbullSm Exceptional Lives Spec Ed T
2003978-0-13-972845-7GORMLEYIntroduction Aviation Science
1998978-0-13-972860-0R. Wayne MondyHuman Resource
978-0-13-972878-5GORDONOrganizational Behaviour Diagnostic RC
978-0-13-972894-5HIBBELERSm Engineer Mech Comb Stats Dy
1998978-0-13-972910-2Eggen & KauchakSm Educational Psychology I/M
978-0-13-972936-2Sm Educational Psychology T/B
1976978-0-13-972943-0Ruth Bennett WhiteYou and Your Food
1971978-0-13-972950-8White Ruth BennettYou and Your Food
1998978-0-13-972969-0Eggen & KauchakEducational Psychology: Sampler
1980978-0-13-972976-8Doug HooperYOU ARE WHAT YOU THINK
1981978-0-13-972979-9HooperYou Are What You Think
  ''978-0-13-972984-3Doug HooperYou are what you think
1988978-0-13-972993-5BattagliaYoshi Goes to New York Sb