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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
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  ''978-0-13-014498-0Jay LehmannIntermediate Algebra Functions and Authentic Applications
1984978-0-13-014499-7Maurice I. MandellAdvertising
978-0-13-014504-8BREYIntel Microprocessors 8086/8088/80186
1982978-0-13-014506-2Hal BetancourtThe Advertising Answerbook: A Guide for Business and Professional People
2000978-0-13-014509-3David Copeland · Ron Louis · David DopelandHow to Succeed With Men
978-0-13-014512-3Ronald M. Ayers Robert A. CollingeEconomics by Design Principles and Issues (Tabbed Review Copy)
1999978-0-13-014513-0Gary DesslerHuman Resource Management
1982978-0-13-014514-7Hal BetancourtThe advertising answerbook: A guide for business and professional people
1999978-0-13-014516-1Mark C. GridleyJazz Styles: History and Analysis
2000978-0-13-014517-8Mark C. GridleyJazz Styles
1999978-0-13-014518-5   ''Jazz Styles: History and Analysis
978-0-13-014520-8MUSSERSm Mathematics Elementary Teachers Tif
978-0-13-014522-2PH StatPro: Student Version
978-0-13-014524-6PH StatPro, Network Version
1999978-0-13-014527-7MusserSm Mathematics Elementary Teac
  ''978-0-13-014529-1MUSSERMathematics Elementary Teachers
1985978-0-13-014531-4David Samuel BarrAdvertising on Cable: A Practical Guide for Advertisers
1999978-0-13-014532-1MUSSERMathematics Elementary Teachers S/G
  ''978-0-13-014537-6K. Elayn Martin-GayAlgebra a Combined Approach: Multimedia Mathpro Explorer 4.0 Student Version
  ''978-0-13-014542-0Ronald Stover · Melodie Lichty · Penny StoverInstructors Manual
2000978-0-13-014543-7NunnallySm Managing Construction Equip
1999978-0-13-014544-4Frederick K. Lutgens · Edward J. TarbuckEssentials of Geology
1999978-0-13-014545-1James McCallaJazz: A Listener's Guide (3rd Edition)
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2000978-0-13-014554-3GALLAGHER & ANDREWStudy Guide
1999978-0-13-014555-0F. Marco GotshawJourneyman's Guide to the National Electrical Code, 1999 Edition
1992978-0-13-014556-7B. Shahian · Michael Hassul · M. HassaulControl System Design Using MATLAB
2001978-0-13-014558-1Patrick E. ReganNetworking with Windows 2000
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1992978-0-13-014564-2WELLSAdvertising S/G
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1992978-0-13-014572-7WELLSSM ADVERTISING TIF
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2001978-0-13-014580-2MANZO & MANZOContent Area Literacy
1992978-0-13-014581-9Alan BalfeCorel Draw 3.0, A User's Guide
2000978-0-13-014582-6Solutions Manual. Feedback Control Systems. Fourth edition
  ''978-0-13-014583-3Rick A. CaulfieldInfants and Toddlers
978-0-13-014585-7The Complete Idiot's Guide to Online Investing in Canada
2006978-0-13-014591-8Hubert B. Van Hoof · Gary K. Vallen · Marilyn E. McDonald · Paul J. WienerA Host of Opportunities: An Introduction to Hospitality Management (2nd Edition)
2000978-0-13-014599-4Ronald S. Blicq · Lisa A. MorettoGuidelines for Report Writing (4th Edition)
1999978-0-13-014603-8Jacquelyn G. BlackMicrobiology Study Guide Set
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1994978-0-13-014649-6Frank, Ph.D. SchmallegerCriminal Justice: A Brief Introduction
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1999978-0-13-014656-4WOODHot Topics in Business
1997978-0-13-014657-1Stephen Nelson · Richard BestThe Complete Idiot's Guide to Making Money on the Canadian Stock Market
978-0-13-014658-8Malcolm G KellyComplete Idiots Guide To Canadian Sports History And Trivia
1999978-0-13-014659-5Edward YourdonDeath March: The Complete Software Developer's Guide to Surviving 'Mission Impossible' Projects (Yourdon Computing Series)
1999978-0-13-014660-1NCCER00102 Matematicas Basicas, Instructor Guide
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2000978-0-13-014666-3Judi A. LindsleyTest Item File: Essentials of Anatomy & Physiology (Second Edition)
  ''978-0-13-014667-0Prentice Hall Test Manager: A Comprehensive Suite of Tools for Testing and Assessment (Bartholomew Martini's Essentials of Anatomy and Physiology)
978-0-13-014669-4Transparencies for Essentials of Anatomy & Physiology 2nd Edition
1999978-0-13-014670-0NCCERCurriculum Basico Trainee Gde 00106 (Spanish Edition)
  ''978-0-13-014672-4NccerSm Curriculum Basico 00103 I/M
  ''978-0-13-014673-1   ''Sm Curriculum Basico 00104 Mec
1999978-0-13-014674-8NccerSm Curriculum Basico 00105 Pla
  ''978-0-13-014675-5   ''Sm Curriculum Basico Levante 0
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  ''978-0-13-014677-9   ''Curric Basico Trainee Gde De Mano 00103 (Spanish Edition)
1999978-0-13-014678-6NCCERCurric Basico Trainee Gde 00104 Mecnanca (Spanish Edition)
  ''978-0-13-014679-3   ''Curric Basico Trainee Gde 00105 Planos (Spanish Edition)
1989978-0-13-014689-2BURNETT/NIEFELAdvertising Special Package
1999978-0-13-014692-2CharonMeaning of Sociology/Meaning of Sociology Reader/Sociology on the Internet 98-99 Pkg
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  ''978-0-13-014706-6H. W. JansonHistory of Art
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2000978-0-13-014711-0Ellie QuigleyLinux Shells by Example (with CD-ROM)
2000978-0-13-014712-7Crystal SloanVisual Basic 6 Desk Reference
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978-0-13-014716-5Leslie WoodsSap R/3 Managers Interactive Workbook
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  ''978-0-13-014754-7MANTABEAccounting: a-1 Photography PR
1999978-0-13-014757-8Sociology Student Media
1992978-0-13-014762-2HEARINGAccounting: Luggage Merchant PR
  ''978-0-13-014770-7HEARING GRONHOAccounting: Computerized Prac Lugg
  ''978-0-13-014788-2ZAHURAKAccounting: Ductions & Company
1992978-0-13-014796-7SINEATHAccounting: 4 Seasons Furniture
2000978-0-13-014808-7Roberta Seckler Brown · Susan CareyMy Alphabet Letter Bks Aa-Zz Stdnt Wkbk
1999978-0-13-014809-4FlickManaging Teens with ADHD: Practical Tools & Strategies for Dealing with Difficult Behaviors
2000978-0-13-014810-0Theodore Schultz · Margaret L. KingWestern Civilization: A Social and Cultural History: Prehistory - 1750 - Vol. 1
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  ''978-0-13-014837-7   ''Masonry Lev 2 Trainee Guide Rev 99
1999978-0-13-014839-1NCCERMasonry Lev 2 Trainee Guide Rev 99
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  ''978-0-13-014841-4   ''Masonry: Instructors Guide Level 2
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1999978-0-13-014844-5Nccer StaffElectrical
1993978-0-13-014846-9Thomas C. PattersonThe Theory and Practice of Archaeology: A Workbook (2nd Edition)
  ''978-0-13-014849-0   ''Electrical
  ''978-0-13-014850-6NCCERWelding: Instructors Guide Level 1
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1999978-0-13-014864-3NCCERIronworking Lev 1 Trainee Gde Rev 99
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1999978-0-13-014868-1NCCERIronworking Level One Instructor's Guide 1999 Revision, Ringbound
  ''978-0-13-014869-8   ''Ironworking
  ''978-0-13-014871-1   ''Concrete Finishg Lev 2 Train Gde
  ''978-0-13-014872-8   ''Concrete Finishing Level Two Instructor's Guide, Perfect Bound
  ''978-0-13-014873-5   ''Concrete Finishing Level Two Annotated Instructor's Guide
1999978-0-13-014875-9NCCERElectronics Systems Technician: Instructors Guide Level 1
  ''978-0-13-014876-6   ''Scaffolding Level 1 Trainee Guide, Paperback
  ''978-0-13-014877-3   ''Scaffolding Instructor's Guide
  ''978-0-13-014880-3ARMSTRONG & KOTLERMarketing+Hot Topics Mktg+Int99 Pk
1993978-0-13-014895-7William A. McClenaghanMagruders American Government, 1993
1998978-0-13-014910-7Matilde Olivella De Castells · Patricia RushMosaicos: Spanish As a World Language
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978-0-13-014922-0Enterprise Databases on LINUX
2002978-0-13-014923-7Managing the Oracle Data Warehouse
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978-0-13-014931-2Instructors Solutions Manual
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2000978-0-13-014938-1Robert BlitzerThinking Mathematically
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1998978-0-13-014967-1Matilde Olivella De Castells · Patricia RushMosaicos: Spanish As a World Language
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1998978-0-13-014972-5Matilde Olivella De Castells · Patricia RushMosaicos: Spanish As a World Lanaguage
1998978-0-13-014973-2Matilde Olivella De Castells · Patricia RushMosaicos: Spanish As a World Language
2005978-0-13-014978-7TIESZENSymbolic Logic Computational Approach
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978-0-13-014990-9CHAMBERLAINSyllabus Fall 1999 S/G
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