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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1987978-0-13-580565-7Daphne E. Swabey · Dennis P. CurtinMicrocomputer Resource Manual: Software and Applications-Apple Edition
1984978-0-13-580571-8Samuel Y. LiaoMicrowave Solid-State Devices
1975978-0-13-580589-3Karl G PearsonMichigan real estate (Prentice-Hall series in real estate)
  ''978-0-13-580597-8   ''Michigan real estate (Prentice-Hall series in real estate)
1971978-0-13-580605-0   ''Michigan real estate (Prentice-Hall series in real estate)
1997978-0-13-580606-7ShortMicroprocessors and Programmed Logic (2nd Edition)
1984978-0-13-580621-0Sally CampbellMicrocomputer Software Design: How to Develop Complex Application Programs
  ''978-0-13-580639-5Sally CampbellMicrocomputer software design: How to develop complex application programs
  ''978-0-13-580654-8Curtis D. JohnsonMicroprocessor-Based Process Control
1983978-0-13-580662-3Donald Hearn · Pauline M. BakerMicrocomputer Graphics: Techniques and Applications
  ''978-0-13-580670-8Donald HearnMicrocomputer Graphics: Techniques and Applications
1983978-0-13-580688-3Theodore NeedlemanMicrocomputers for Accountants
  ''978-0-13-580696-8Theodore. NeedlemanMicrocomputers for Accountants
1969978-0-13-580704-0Jay StielstraMichigan-style high school football
1989978-0-13-580705-7Richard J. PrestopnikMicroprocessor Peripheral Ic Reference Manual
1982978-0-13-580712-5Frank J. DerflerMicrocomputer Data Communication Systems
  ''978-0-13-580720-0Frank J DerflerMicrocomputer data communication systems
  ''978-0-13-580738-5Alan ClementsMicrocomputer Design and Construction
  ''978-0-13-580746-0Robert D RandallMicrocomputers in small business
1982978-0-13-580753-8Robert D RandallMicrocomputers in small business
1981978-0-13-580761-3Lance A. LeventhalMicrocomputer Experimentation with the Motorola MEK 6800 D2
1982978-0-13-580779-8Lance A. LeventhalMicrocomputer Experimentation
1983978-0-13-580787-3Thomas William MadronMicrocomputers in Large Organizations
  ''978-0-13-580795-8   ''Microcomputers in large organizations
1975978-0-13-580803-0Tomie De PaolaMichael Bird-Boy
1978978-0-13-580811-5Thomas Anthony De PaolaMichael Bird-Boy
1981978-0-13-580829-0James Arlin CooperMicroprocessor Background for Management Personnel
1983978-0-13-580845-0Henry DavisMicrocomputer Games: How to Create Your Own
1975978-0-13-580852-8Mickey CohenMickey Cohen, In My Own Words: As Told to John Peer Nugent
1980978-0-13-580860-3Lance A. LeventhalMicrocomputer Experimentation With the Intel Sdk-85
1981978-0-13-580878-8Glenn A. Gibson · Yu-Cheng LiuMicrocomputers for engineers and scientists
1980978-0-13-580886-3Glenn A GibsonMicrocomputers for engineers and scientists
  ''978-0-13-580902-0Bruce A. ArtwickMicrocomputer Interfacing (Prentice-Hall series in personal computing)
1983978-0-13-580910-5Lance A. LeventhalMicrocomputer Experimentation With the Synertek Sym-1
1980978-0-13-580936-5Carol Anne OgdinMicrocomputer management and programming
1984978-0-13-580944-0Yu-Cheng Liu · Glenn A. GibsonMicrocomputer Systems: 8086/8088 Family Architecture, Programming and Design
1969978-0-13-580951-8A. Harris StoneMicrobes are something else,
1990978-0-13-580952-5Mike Cavenor · John ArnoldMicrocomputer Interfacing: An Experimental Approach Using the Z-80
1976978-0-13-580969-3John L. HilburnMicrocomputers/Microprocessors: Hardware, Software, and Applications (Prentice-Hall series in automatic computation)
1978978-0-13-580977-8Carol Anne OgdinMicrocomputer Design
  ''978-0-13-580985-3   ''Microcomputer Design
1986978-0-13-580994-5John A. McCrindleMicrocomputer Handbook
1970978-0-13-581017-0R.Y. Stanier · etc.Microbial World
1976978-0-13-581025-5R.Y. Stanier · etc.Microbial World
1983978-0-13-581033-0William G. ShepherdMicroeconomics
1986978-0-13-581042-2Roger Y. Stanier · John L. Ingraham · Mark L., Ph.D. Wheelis · Page R. PainterThe Microbial World
  ''978-0-13-581059-0Dennis P. Curtin · Leslie R. PorterMicrocomputers: Software and Applications: Resource Manual
1983978-0-13-581066-8Alexander MacMillanMacroeconomcs Microecon Stgd** Macmillan
1983978-0-13-581074-3Heathkit · Zenith Educational SystemsMicroprocessors: A Step-By-Step Introduction
  ''978-0-13-581082-8Heathkit Zenith Educational SystemsMicroprocessors: A step-by-step introduction (Training in computers & electronics series)
1982978-0-13-581090-3David L. HeisermanMicroprocessor Instruction Sets and Software Principles
1984978-0-13-581108-5John Douglas-YoungMicroelectronics: A standard manual and guide
1981978-0-13-581116-0Jerome E. Oleksy · George B. RutkowskiMicroprocessor and Digital Computer Technology
1987978-0-13-581132-0John D. Ferguson · Louie Macari · Peter WilliamsMicroprocessor System Servicing
1981978-0-13-581140-5George D. Kraft · Wing N. ToyMicroprogrammed Control and Reliable Design of Small Computers
1983978-0-13-581157-3William P. AlbrechtMicroeconomic Principles
  ''978-0-13-581165-8Robert J. (editor) Instrument Society of America Staff · BibberoMicroprocessors in Industrial Control
1980978-0-13-581173-3Kenneth L. ShortMicroprocessors and Programmed Logic
978-0-13-581182-5StanierSm Microbial World I/M
1986978-0-13-581190-0William P., Jr. AlbrechtMicroeconomic Principles
1980978-0-13-581207-5Samuel Y. LiaoMicrowave Devices and Circuits
  ''978-0-13-581215-0Samuel Y LiaoSolutions manual [for] Microwave devices and circuits
1982978-0-13-581231-0Edwin E. KlingmanMicroprocessor Systems Design: Vol II, Microcoding, Array Logic, and Architectural Design
1979978-0-13-581249-5Jefferson C BoyceMicroprocessor and microcomputer basics (Electronic Technology)
1984978-0-13-581264-8Keith L. ClarkMicro-Prolog: Programming in Logic
1983978-0-13-581272-3Alexander MacMillanMicroeconomics: The Canadian Context
1980978-0-13-581298-3George Leland BachMicroeconomics: Analysis and Applications
1977978-0-13-581306-5George Leland BachMicroeconomics: Analysis and applications
1979978-0-13-581314-0William P. AlbrechtMicroeconomic Principles
1982978-0-13-581322-5Ronald J TocciMicroprocessors and microcomputers: Hardware and software
1979978-0-13-581330-0Ronald J. Tocci · Lester P. LaskowskiMicroprocessors and Microcomputers: Hardware and Software (Electronic Technology)
1992978-0-13-581364-5Dennis P. CurtinMicrosoft Word 5.5: Procedures Manual
1980978-0-13-581371-3Alexander MacMillanMicroeconomics: The Canadian context
1976978-0-13-581389-8John M. HeinekeMicroeconomics for Business Decisions: Theory and Application
1981978-0-13-581397-3Keith G. LumsdenMicroeconomics: A Programmed Book
1979978-0-13-581405-5Fraser George DuncanMicroprocessor Programming and Software Development (Prentice Hall International Series in Computing Science)
1977978-0-13-581413-0Edwin E. KlingmanMicroprocessor Systems Design
1974978-0-13-581421-5Keith G LumsdenMicroeconomics;: A programmed book
1970978-0-13-581439-0Keith LumsdenMicroeconomics: A Programmed Book
  ''978-0-13-581454-3Samir S. HussonMicroprogramming: Principles and Practices
1985978-0-13-581463-5John F. KirkMicrosoft Word on the Mac
1987978-0-13-581464-2Joseph D. GreenfieldMicroprocessor Handbook
1971978-0-13-581470-3Kenneth W ClarksonMicroeconomics in action
1990978-0-13-581471-0Veljko M. MilutinovicMicroprocessor Design for Gaas Technology (Prentice Hall Advanced Reference Series)
1969978-0-13-581488-8Stephen F. AdamMicrowave Theory and Applications
1970978-0-13-581496-3   ''Microwave Theory and Applications: Laboratory Manual
1973978-0-13-581512-0Francis E JohnstonMicroevolution of human populations
1986978-0-13-581521-2LiuSm Microcomputer System S/M
1971978-0-13-581546-5Robert C. West · J.P. AugelliMiddle America: Its Land and People
1986978-0-13-581554-0Yahya Armajani · Thomas M. RicksMiddle East: Past and Present
  ''978-0-13-581562-5Vincent F. FuscoMicrowave Circuits: Computer Aided Analysis and Design
1970978-0-13-581579-3Y. ArmajaniMiddle East, Past and Present
1971978-0-13-581587-8Dankwart A RustowMiddle Eastern political systems (Comparative Asian governments series)
1987978-0-13-581588-5Vincent F. FuscoMicrowave Circuits: Analysis and Computer-Aided Design
1971978-0-13-581595-3Dankwart A. RustowMiddle Eastern Political Systems
1986978-0-13-581596-0Nigel P. CookMicrowave Principles and Systems
1983978-0-13-581603-5Glenn E. PerryMiddle East: Fourteen Islamic Centuries
1986978-0-13-581612-7SeegerMicrowave Theory, Components, and Devices
1981978-0-13-581629-5Dale F. EickelmanMiddle East: An Anthropological Approach (Prentice-Hall series in anthropology)
1984978-0-13-581646-2Guillermo GonzalezMicrowave Transistor Amplifiers: Analysis and Design
1986978-0-13-581661-5David BolocanMicrotrend's Microsoft Windows on the IBM PC
1984978-0-13-581679-0John F KirkMicrosoft Word on the IBM PC
1970978-0-13-581686-8W. RussellMilestones in Motivation: Contributions to the Psychology of Drive and Purpose
1985978-0-13-581695-0Samuel Y. LiaoMicrowave Devices and Circuits
1961978-0-13-581710-0thomas brockMilestones in Microbiology
1988978-0-13-581711-7Peter RizziMicrowave Engineering
1985978-0-13-581729-2Leo J. ScanlonMicrosoft Word for the IBM PC (Prentice-Hall Personal Computing Series)
  ''978-0-13-581745-2R. TocciMicroprocessors and Microcomputers: The 6800 Family
1986978-0-13-581760-5Ronald J. Tocci · Lester P. LaskowskiMicroprocessors and Microcomputers: Hardware and Software
  ''978-0-13-581786-5Samuel Y. LaioMicrowave Circuit Analysis and Amplifier Design
1986978-0-13-581794-0Kalman J. Cohen · Steven F. Meyer · Robert A. Schwartz · David K. WhitcombThe Microstructure of Securities Markets
1982978-0-13-581801-5Richard J ThainThe mid-career manual: A guide to making smart decisions for your high-earning years
  ''978-0-13-581819-0   ''The mid-career manual: A guide to making smart decisions for your high-earning years
1986978-0-13-581828-2Larry Joel GoldsteinMicrosoft BASIC for the Macintosh
1988978-0-13-581869-5D. A. ProtopapasMicrocomputer Hardware Design
1987978-0-13-581885-5Harry HelmsMicroprocessors 1987 Source Book
  ''978-0-13-581893-0Cy DecosseCountry Kitchen Microwaving
  ''978-0-13-581901-2George T. GeisMicromanaging: Transforming Business Leaders With Personal Computers
  ''978-0-13-581927-2George Thomas Geis · Robert Lawrence KuhnMicromanaging: Transforming Business Letters with Personal Computers
1988978-0-13-581935-7Byron W. PutmanMicroprocessor Hardware, Operation and Troubleshooting with the I. B. M. Personal Computer: Applications
1988978-0-13-581943-2Byron W. PutmanMicrocomputer Hardware, Operation, and Troubleshooting With IBM PC Applications
  ''978-0-13-581950-0David L. GoetschMicroCADD: Computer Aided Design and Drafting on Microcomputers
  ''978-0-13-581976-0CoffronMicroprocessor Programming, Troubleshooting, and Interfacing: The Z80, 8080, and 8085
  ''978-0-13-581984-5James W. Coffron*Experimentation Intel Sdk 85
1986978-0-13-582008-7Allan A. Glatthorn · Norman K. SpencerMiddle School/Junior High Principal's Handbook: A Practical Guide for Developing Better Schools
1987978-0-13-582016-2Ronald C. StirlingMicrowave Frequency Synthesizers
1994978-0-13-582025-4Robert J. DixsonEssential Idioms in English, New Edition
1988978-0-13-582065-0MacmillanMacroeconomic Microeconomic S/G
  ''978-0-13-582073-5Samuel Y. LiaoMicrowave Electron-Tube Devices
1988978-0-13-582099-5Arthur F WickershamMicrowave and fiber optics communications
  ''978-0-13-582123-7Thelma SnyderThe microwave French cookbook
  ''978-0-13-582131-2Thelma Snyder · Marcia ConeThe Microwave Italian Cookbook
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  ''978-0-13-582180-0Frederick W. HughesMicroprocessor Technology: Theory and Experimentation
1988978-0-13-582248-7Michael SlaterMicroprocessor Based Design: A Comprehensive Guide to Effective Hardware Design
1989978-0-13-582255-5M. David StoneMicrosoft World 5.0 Powerpack
1982978-0-13-582263-0Enders A. RobinsonMigration of Geophysical Data
1989978-0-13-582271-5Robert WestMiddle America: Its Lands and Peoples (3rd Edition)
  ''978-0-13-582289-0Dale F. EickelmanThe Middle East: An Anthropological Approach
1987978-0-13-582297-5Nick TredennickMicroprocessor Logic Design: The Flowchart Method
1989978-0-13-582313-2CurtinMicrocomputers Spec Edn
  ''978-0-13-582321-7CurtinMicrocomputers Spec Edn (B/D)
  ''978-0-13-582347-7   ''Sm Microcomputers Irm (B/D)
1990978-0-13-582362-0Wulf H. Utian · Ruth S. JacobowitzManaging Your Menopause
2005978-0-13-582370-5Eric BogatinMicroelectronic Packaging
1991978-0-13-582388-0Katie Layman · Lavaughn HartMicrosoft Word 5 Made Easy (Prentice Hall Word Processing Made Easy Series)
1990978-0-13-582396-5James W. StewartMicroprocessor Systems: Hardware, Software, and Applications
  ''978-0-13-582420-7Robert L. Moore · James D. WhitneyMicroeconomic Principles in Action
1991978-0-13-582453-5Doris E SadovyInstructor's manual with tests (Prentice Hall word processing made easy series)
1991978-0-13-582479-5Otto J. HelwegMicrocomputer Applications in Water Resources/Book and Disk
1990978-0-13-582529-7Tod EnsignMilitary Life: The Insider's Guide
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  ''978-0-13-582545-7MARK DAVISONMicrobiology Pronounciation Tape
  ''978-0-13-582578-5MICROSOFT CORPMicrosoft Excel Student Ed
1985978-0-13-582586-0E.R. RobinsonMicrocomputers in the Process Industry (Ellis Horwood Series in Applied Science and Industrial Technology)
1983978-0-13-582594-5Francis J. C. RoeMicrobiological Standardisation of Laboratory Animals
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  ''978-0-13-582628-7Michael A. SleighMicrobes in the Sea (Ellis Horwood Series in Marine Science)
1990978-0-13-582644-7Microeconomics ** James
1990978-0-13-582651-5Microprocessor System Development
1997978-0-13-582652-2Andrew Fenton CooperCanadian foreign policy: Old habits and new directions (The Prentice Hall Canada foreign policy series)
1991978-0-13-582701-7Ralph B., Jr. Tower · Robin G. TowerUsing Microcomputers in Auditing/Book and Disk
1997978-0-13-582735-2K. P. FlintMicrobial Ecology of Water Purity (ELLIS HORWOOD SERIES IN WATER AND WASTEWATER TECHNOLOGY)
1990978-0-13-582750-5Alain AmgharMicroprocessor System Development
1992978-0-13-582768-0TanenbaumMinix 1.5 IBM 3.5 Demo Kit
  ''978-0-13-582784-0TanenbaumMinix 1.5 Macintosh Demo Kit
1994978-0-13-582800-7HarriganThe Microbiology of Chilled and Frozen Foods
1985978-0-13-582826-7Wolfgang EckeThe Midnight Chess Game (English and German Edition)
  ''978-0-13-582834-2David UpdikeA Midnight Journey
1982978-0-13-582859-5SmithMicrocomputers Education **
1991978-0-13-582875-5Ted Kalmon · Nancy Long · Larry LongMicrocomputer Software: Wordperfect 5.1 Step by Step
  ''978-0-13-582883-0Jerrold H. KrenzMicroelectronic Circuits: A Laboratory Approach
1992978-0-13-582917-2Jacquelyn G. BlackMicrobiology: Principles and Applications
1983978-0-13-582932-5Arthur James BarkerMidway (Reward Book)
1978978-0-13-582940-0Mary W. HelmsMiddle America: A Culture History of Heartland and Frontiers (Prentice-Hall anthropology series)
1975978-0-13-582957-8Mary W. HelmsMiddle America: A Culture History of Heartland and Frontiers
1969978-0-13-582973-8Robert Willoughby CorriganArthur Miller a Collection of Critical Essays (20th Century Views)
1982978-0-13-582999-8Milking Your Business for All It's Worth
  ''978-0-13-583005-5John J. GarganMilking Your Business for All It's Worth: Tax-Saving Opportunities for Small Business
1984978-0-13-583014-7William C. CrayMiles 1884-1984: A Centennial History
1989978-0-13-583022-2Solomon WienerMilitary Flight Aptitude Tests
1982978-0-13-583054-3Betsy Coxe KyselyMilitary Service in the United States
1982978-0-13-583062-8Brent ScowcroftMilitary Service in the United States (American Assembly Series)
1988978-0-13-583105-2BADER ET ALMat: Miller Analogies Test
1989978-0-13-583113-7GROSS NYIFMining the Cold Call Gold
1970978-0-13-583120-5James Holly, HanfordA Milton Handbook
1966978-0-13-583138-0Louis L. MartzMilton: A Collection of Critical Essays (Spectrum Books)
  ''978-0-13-583146-5Louis Lohr MartzMilton: A Collection of Critical Essays
1972978-0-13-583154-0robert krausmilton the early riser
1987978-0-13-583162-5Robert KrausMilton the Early Riser
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1990978-0-13-583220-2Mark N. HorensteinMicroelectronic Circuits & Devices Instructor's Resource Manual
1974978-0-13-583237-0Eddie DoucetteThe Milwaukee Bucks and the remarkable Abdul-Jabbar (Reward books)