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1999978-0-13-011286-6Thomas Hardy Leahey · Leahy · Thomas H. LeaheyA History of Psychology: Main Currents in Psychological Thought (5th Edition)
  ''978-0-13-011287-3James F. ShackelfordIntroduction to Materials Science for Engineers (5th Edition)
  ''978-0-13-011288-0Edward J. Tarbuck · Frederick K. Lutgens · Kenneth G. Pinzke · Dennis TasaApplications and Investigations in Earth Science (3rd Edition)
  ''978-0-13-011290-3C. H. Edwards · David E. PenneyElementary Differential Equations (4th Edition)
2000978-0-13-011291-0Marjorie Vannoy Fields · Katherine SpanglerLet's Begin Reading Right: A Developmental Approach to Emergent Literacy (4th Edition)
1999978-0-13-011292-7Robert C. Beck · Robert BeckMotivation: Theories and Principles (4th Edition)
  ''978-0-13-011293-4John H. TullockOld Testament Story, The
2000978-0-13-011294-1Robert O. NaessOptics for Technology Students
1999978-0-13-011295-8Larry Long · Nancy Long · Robert T. Grauer · Maryann BarberComputers
1998978-0-13-011298-9Howard PospeselIntroduction to Logic: Propositional Logic, Third Edition; Teacher's Manual
1998978-0-13-011300-9LYON91 Best Kept Tax Saving Secrets
1999978-0-13-011301-6C. H. Edwards · David E. PenneyElementary Differential Equations with Boundary Value Problems (4th Edition)
1998978-0-13-011302-3Steven B. Combs · Jay H. ZirbelFundamentals of AutoCAD Using Release 14
1999978-0-13-011303-0   ''Electronics Drafting Workbook Using Release 14
  ''978-0-13-011304-7COMBS & ZIRBELSm Fundament Autocad Using Rel
1985978-0-13-011305-4Igor AleksanderAdvanced Digital Information Systems
2002978-0-13-011307-8S. Jay Kuder · Cindi HasitEnhancing Literacy for All Students
1999978-0-13-011311-5HibbelerEngineering Mechanics: Statics and Mechanics of Materials Package
1983978-0-13-011312-2A. Frank D'Souza · Vijay K. GargAdvanced Dynamics: Modeling and Analysis
1998978-0-13-011317-7Adobe Illus 7 Intro& Advn& Photo4advn& 98b Pkg
1968978-0-13-011320-7Stephen A. Greyser Edward C. BurskAdvanced Cases in Marketing Management
1999978-0-13-011324-5Robert W. Christopherson · Gail Lewis HobbsApplied Physical Geography: Geosystems in the Laboratory (3rd Edition)
  ''978-0-13-011326-9Leften Stavros StavrianosThe World to 1500: A Global History
1998978-0-13-011327-6Leften Stavros StavrianosThe World Since 1500: A Global History
1999978-0-13-011328-3Michael E. Gorman · Matthew M. Mehalik · Patricia H. WerhaneEthical and Environmental Challenges to Engineering
  ''978-0-13-011329-0Saeed GhahramaniFundamentals of Probability (2nd Edition)
  ''978-0-13-011330-6Marvin N. TolmanHands-On Science Activities for Grades 5-6 (Science Curriculum Activities Library)
978-0-13-011331-3SAGEEVIntro Technical Communication
2000978-0-13-011332-0R. Morelli · Ralph MorelliJava, Java, Java: Object-Oriented Problem Solving
2001978-0-13-011333-7Luis R. Gomez-Mejia · David B. Balkin · Robert L. CardyManaging Human Resources
2000978-0-13-011335-1Balakumar Balachandran · Edward B. Magrab · Gregory Walsh · James Duncan · Keith Herold · Shapour AzarmAn Engineer's Guide to Matlab
1998978-0-13-011337-5Marvin N. TolmanHands-On Science Activities for Grades K-2
1998978-0-13-011339-9Marvin N. TolmanHands-On Science Activities for Grades 3-4: Science Curriculum Activities Library
1960978-0-13-011346-7J.E. LothersAdvanced Design in Structural Steel
1998978-0-13-011348-1Frederic MartiniFundamentals of Anatomy and Physiology
1977978-0-13-011353-5William L KahrlAdvanced modern food and beverage service (Prentice-Hall series in foodservice management)
1999978-0-13-011355-9Robert T. GrauerExploring Microsoft Excel 97 and Core Computers and Issues and Intro to Prog. Visual Basic 5.0 and Pace University Software Exercises Package
  ''978-0-13-011360-3Robert Soutas-Little · Daniel J. InmanEngineering Mechanics: Statics and MATLAB Supplement Package
2000978-0-13-011364-1Gerald L. BradleyMultivariable Calculus
1999978-0-13-011368-9Robert Soutas-Little · Daniel J. InmanEngineering Mechanics: Statics and Mathematica Supplement Package
  ''978-0-13-011369-6   ''Engineering Mechanics: Statics and Mathcad Supplement Package
1984978-0-13-011370-2Robert W. OttmanAdvanced Harmony: Theory and Practice
1999978-0-13-011371-9Robert Soutas-Little · Daniel J. InmanEngineering Mechanics: Dynamics and Mathematica Supplement Package
  ''978-0-13-011372-6   ''Engineering Mechanics: Dynamics and Mathcad Supplement Package
  ''978-0-13-011373-3   ''Engineering Mechanics: Dynamics and MATLAB Supplement Package
1999978-0-13-011377-1Glenn RoweThe Essence of Java Programming (The Essence of Computing Series)
  ''978-0-13-011378-8Dennis Tasa · Edward Tarbuck · Frederick K. LutgensGeode II: Geologic Explorations on Disk
1998978-0-13-011379-5Mary Jane Bradbury · Diane Lindsey ReevesMajors Exploration: A Search and Find Guide for College and Career Direction
1999978-0-13-011380-1Yeo Kiat SengLow-Voltage Low-Power Digital Bicmos Circuits: Circuit Design, Comparative Study and Sensitivity Analysis
  ''978-0-13-011381-8David Arnold · John C. PolkingOrdinary Differential Equations Using Matlab
  ''978-0-13-011385-6James ClawsonInstructors Manual with Test Item File
  ''978-0-13-011386-3J. Richard Elliott · Carl T. LiraIntroductory Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics
2001978-0-13-011387-0ELLIOTTIntroductory Chemical Engineering: Thermodynamics
1986978-0-13-011388-7Alfred Phillip StephensonAdvanced Machine Code Programming for the Commodore 64
1999978-0-13-011389-4Roslyn Muraskin · Ted AllemanIt's a Crime: Women and Justice (2nd Edition)
1999978-0-13-011391-7Alistair Croll · Eric PackmanManaging Bandwidth: Deploying Across Enterprise Networks
2000978-0-13-011392-4Tom DellMcse: Implementing & Supporting Microsoft Internet Server Information Server 4 Exam 80-087
1999978-0-13-011394-8Mike FillonNatural Prostate Healers
1998978-0-13-011402-0H.Craig Petersen · W.Cris LewisManagerial Economics: International Edition
1982978-0-13-011403-7Robert Steven KaplanAdvanced Management Accounting (Prentice Hall series in accounting)
1998978-0-13-011404-4Glenn T. SmithUsing Microsoft Work 4.0
1999978-0-13-011414-3Stephen J. Ethier · Christine A. EthierInstant AutoCAD: Essentials, Release 14
1998978-0-13-011415-0Raymond D. Frost · Judy StraussThe Internet: A New Marketing Tool, 1999 Edition
2009978-0-13-011416-7Nigel P. CookIntro Mathematics Health Care Prof
1999978-0-13-011417-4Richard C. Spangler · John BoyceMathematics for Technical and Vocational Students: A Worktext (2nd Edition)
2002978-0-13-011418-1Stephen Mathis · Janet KoscianskiMicroeconomic Theory: An Integrated Approach
2002978-0-13-011419-8Stephen Mathis · Janet KoscianskiMicroeconomic Theory: Integrated Approach
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1998978-0-13-011421-1Robert T. Grauer · Cynthia B. Leshin · Dennis P. CurtinExplore Office 97 Version 1
1999978-0-13-011425-9TocciSm Microprocssrs Microcomps H/
  ''978-0-13-011427-3Robert W. Soutas-littleEngineering Mechanics: Statics Maple Supplement
  ''978-0-13-011428-0Engineering Mech.Dynamics Maple Supp
1998978-0-13-011429-7BergmanRand McNally Atlas Intro Geography
1999978-0-13-011430-3H. W. Janson · Anthony F. JansonHistory of Art
1984978-0-13-011437-2Sandor · Arthur G. ErdmanAdvanced Mechanism Design: Analysis and Synthesis Vol. II
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  ''978-0-13-011447-1Luis R. Gomez-Mejia · David B. Balkin · Robert L. Cardy · David E. DimickManaging Human Resources, Canadian Edition
1998978-0-13-011449-5Interactive Math for Introductory Algebra
1999978-0-13-011451-8DonaldsonSm Ethical Issues Business Phi
1987978-0-13-011453-2S. E. SutphinAdvanced Medical Instrumentation and Equipment
1999978-0-13-011455-6ArthurMorality Moral Controversies S/G
  ''978-0-13-011456-3BoehnkeSm Environmental Chem Lab Expe
1999978-0-13-011457-0EllwoodSm Many People Many Faiths Wom
2000978-0-13-011465-5Mary BixbyLearning in College: I Can Relate
  ''978-0-13-011466-2James L. Antonakos · Kenneth C. MansfieldMicrocomputer Hardware, Software, and Trouble- shooting for Engineering and Technology
1999978-0-13-011468-6SOUTAS-LITTLEEngineering Mechanics: Dynamics and Maple Supplement Package
  ''978-0-13-011470-9TURBANSm Electronic Commerce Global Persp I/M
2000978-0-13-011477-8SULLIVANSm Prealgebra Journey into Mat
2002978-0-13-011478-5SULLIVANStudents Solutions Manual
1987978-0-13-011479-2Joseph J.Le Bert · J.B. MassoniAdvanced Interactive Cobol for Micros
978-0-13-011480-8Ground Work: Writing Skills to Build on
978-0-13-011483-9Exploring Anthropology
978-0-13-011484-6Exploring Cultural Anthropology
2000978-0-13-011490-7Edward Francisco · Robert Vaughan · Linda FranciscoThe South in Perspective: An Anthology of Southern Literature
978-0-13-011491-4Interpersonal and Group Skills for Law Enforcement
978-0-13-011492-1SENInstructors Manual
1999978-0-13-011493-8Richard J. ElzingaFundamentals of Entomology (5th Edition)
2001978-0-13-011494-5Rebecca SlatonHuman Sexuality
1988978-0-13-011495-2Don CasselAdvanced Structured Cobol and Program Design
2000978-0-13-011496-9David Cyganski · John A. Orr · Richard F. VazInformation Technology: Inside and Outside
2001978-0-13-011498-3Reid · KrollAn Introduction to Linguistics
1998978-0-13-011500-3StoppMoneywise Gde: How To Win On Stockmkt 99 (Moneywise Guides)
1999978-0-13-011501-0Peter SchiavoneMathematics Review
  ''978-0-13-011502-7Reinhard G. PaulyMusic in the Classic Period (4th Edition)
2000978-0-13-011504-1Robert J. LieberNo Common Power: Understanding International Relations (4th Edition)
1998978-0-13-011507-2William F. Sharpe · Gordon J. Alexander · Jeffery V. BaileyInvestments
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1998978-0-13-011509-6BerwickMoneywise Gde: How To Manage Yr Money 99 (Moneywise Guides)
1999978-0-13-011510-2Peter Coad · Jeff de Luca · Eric LefebvreJava Modeling In Color With UML: Enterprise Components and Process
1987978-0-13-011511-9Karl HessAdvanced Theory of Semiconductor Devices (Prentice Hall series in solid state physical electronics)
1998978-0-13-011512-6HanksHow to Save Tax (Moneywise Guides)
  ''978-0-13-011513-3Steven M SackLifetime Family Legal Guide
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  ''978-0-13-011525-6ChristophersonElement Geosystems and Applied Lab and Study Guide and Rand McNally Atlas
  ''978-0-13-011529-4Active Learning TechThe Perils of Pauline: The 1st Interactive Skills-Based Cd-Rom for Business Communication
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2000978-0-13-011547-8Barbara G. Cox · William KoelzerInternet Marketing in Real Estate
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1998978-0-13-011550-8Earl HenryFundamentals of Music
1999978-0-13-011553-9Evelyn ThomsonExercises in Oral Radiography Techniques: A Laboratory Manual
1998978-0-13-011554-6Fawwaz Ulaby · Fawwaz T. UlabyFundamentals of Applied Electromagnetics, 1999 Edition
1999978-0-13-011556-0Dana ShillingThe Complete Guide to Human Resources and the Law, 2000 (Complete Guide to Human Resources & the Law Supplement)
  ''978-0-13-011559-1Edward J. TarbuckStudy Guide Earth Science
1989978-0-13-011560-7R. KaplanAdvanced Management Accounting (Prentice Hall Series in Accounting)
2001978-0-13-011561-4Dunlevy · Hagan · Roemmelt · Fogelso · Bledsoe · Porter · Bob Page · FrewRespiratory Care Sub Acute
1999978-0-13-011562-1Walter T. Harrison · Charles T. HorngrenFinancial Accounting
1998978-0-13-011564-580 X 86 IBM PC& Compat V1& 2& Lab Mnl V1& 2 Pkg
  ''978-0-13-011565-2Stephen W. Fardo · Dale R. PatrickElectrical Distribution Systems
1998978-0-13-011566-9Pinaki Mazumder · Elizabeth RudnickGenetic Algorithms for VLSI Design, Layout and Test Automation
  ''978-0-13-011567-6George J. BendaIndoor Air Quality Case Studies Reference Guide
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1999978-0-13-011611-6Lori M. BamberFinancial Serenity: Successful Financial and Investment Planning for Women
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2000978-0-13-011614-7Elijah M. JamesMacroeconomics: A problem-solving approach
2000978-0-13-011615-4Elijah M JamesMicroeconomics: A problem-solving approach
1999978-0-13-011616-1EssingerGlobal Custody
2000978-0-13-011617-8Guy de VilliersListen and Hear 1
  ''978-0-13-011619-2   ''Listen and Hear 2
  ''978-0-13-011622-2   ''Listen and Hear 3
2004978-0-13-011624-6Guy De VilliersListen and Hear
1999978-0-13-011625-3Robert J. ShapiroSm Multinational Financial Mgm
1987978-0-13-011628-4Eliakim WillnerAdvanced Programming in Ucsd Pascal
1990978-0-13-011629-1Laurie RozakisAdvanced placement examination in English: Composition and literature (Arco Master the AP English Literature & the Composition Test)
1999978-0-13-011630-7Richard M. BuschLaboratory Manual in Physical Geology (5th Edition)
  ''978-0-13-011632-1DesslerInstructors Manual with Test Item File
  ''978-0-13-011635-2James MacGregor Burns · J.W. Peltason · Thomas E. Cronin · David B. MaglebyGovernment by the People (Brief 3rd Edition)
1999978-0-13-011637-6Hazel Jackson · M. Stanley · Mary Kefgen · Phyllis Touchie-SpechtIndividuality in Clothing Selection and Personal Appearance (5th Edition)
  ''978-0-13-011638-3David L. Goetsch · Stanley DavisQuality Management: Introduction to Total Quality Management for Production, Processing, and Services (3rd Edition)
2006978-0-13-011641-3Robert S. Anderson · Suzanne P. AndersonMechanics Chemistry Landscape
2000978-0-13-011642-0John L. Purdy · James RuppertNothing But the Truth: An Anthology of Native American Literature
1999978-0-13-011643-7Jimmy C. McKenzie · Robert J. HughesOffice Machines: A Practical Approach (5th Edition)
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1995978-0-13-011651-2William L. LeonardSelf-Study Exercises in Radiography
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2000978-0-13-011653-6John HeinermanMilagrosas Hierbas Curativas (Spanish Edition)
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  ''978-0-13-011658-1   ''Government by the People, National, State, Local Version (18th Edition)
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978-0-13-011666-6BRANCHEKMicrosoft Client/Server Computing
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1996978-0-13-011677-2Harry H.L. KitanoRace Relations (5th Edition)
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1992978-0-13-011693-2Charles G. MorrisPsychology: An Introduction
1999978-0-13-011696-3GibsonSm Govt Polits Lone Star State
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1998978-0-13-011702-1Frances S. GrodzinskyNetworking and Data Communications Laboratory Manual
1998978-0-13-011708-3TannenbaumExcursions in Modern Math
978-0-13-011712-0CookSm 1st Course Digital Electron
978-0-13-011715-1Wiring Procedures for Industrial Installations
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2002978-0-13-011736-6NCCERCarpentry Level 1 Student Guide
1998978-0-13-011737-3NccerCarpentry Level 1: Trainee Guide 98
1992978-0-13-011743-4GeankoplisTransport Process Unit Operations
2002978-0-13-011749-6Charles H.CorwinIntroducrory Chemistry
978-0-13-011753-3Len Tiu Wright · Margaret CrimpThe Marketing Research Process, 5th Ed.