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ISBN 978-0-13-793605-2 to 978-0-13-796830-5 < ISBN 978-0-13-796855-8 to 978-0-13-799792-3 > ISBN 978-0-13-799800-5 to 978-0-13-800900-7

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1990978-0-13-796855-8NCR CorporationSCSI: Understanding the Small Computer System Interface
1960978-0-13-796870-1Elmer B. Potter · C.W. NimitzSea Power
1990978-0-13-796889-3Murray Shanahan · Richard SouthwickSearch Inference and Dependencies in Artificial Intelligence (Ellis Horwood Series in Artificial Intelligence)
1998978-0-13-796905-0Prentice Hall RegentsPrentice Hall Regents Esl Around Town Theme Pack
1974978-0-13-796912-8Willis D Hawley · Frederick M. WirtThe Search for Community Power
1991978-0-13-796921-0Jean Campbell Pattison VermesSecretary's Guide to Modern English Usage
1993978-0-13-796970-8H.M. Gousha Co.City/Metro Map: Seattle
1992978-0-13-796988-3A. E. Hill · R. D. PilkingtonA Second Complete Autocad Databook
1965978-0-13-797043-8alfred neumeyerThe Search for Meaning in Modern Art
1998978-0-13-797051-3Prentice Hall RegentsPrentice Hall Regents Esl All Kinds of Celebrations Theme Pack
1986978-0-13-797077-3Rita C. Kutie · Joan L. RhodesSecretarial Procedures for the Electronic Office, 2nd Edition
1989978-0-13-797085-8Secretarys Desktop Library 4vl Ph Ed Staff
1990978-0-13-797093-3Gene GarofaloSecrets of Competitive Bidding: Strategies for Finding and Winning Million Dollar Contracts
1988978-0-13-797192-3A. YoungNineteen Eight Eight Sec Guidelines Rules and Regulations
1983978-0-13-797234-0S.E.C. Guidelines Rules and Regulations
1989978-0-13-797235-7Prentice Hall Sec Guidelines, Rules and Regulations, 1989
1987978-0-13-797259-3Deborah A. CoulombeSeaside Naturalist: A Guide to Nature Study at the Seashore (Phalarope Books)
1986978-0-13-797275-3Jim MillerSeasons on Farm
1987978-0-13-797283-8Robert J. DixsonSecond Book In English (Dixson English Series)
1968978-0-13-797316-3James R. BeerbowerSearch for the Past: An Introduction to Paleontology
1977978-0-13-797324-8Gay HendricksThe Second Centering Book (A Spectrum Book)
  ''978-0-13-797332-3Gay HendricksThe second centering book: More awareness activities for children, parents, and teachers (Transpersonal books)
1969978-0-13-797357-6Albert RosenfeldThe second genesis;: The coming control of life
1982978-0-13-797365-1Jean Campbell Pattison VermesSecretary's Modern Guide to English Usage
1988978-0-13-797374-3Texas InstrumentsSecond Generation Tms320 User's Guide (Prentice-Hall and Texas Instruments Digital Signal Processing Series)
1986978-0-13-797382-8Helen Norman Saputo · Nancy Gill RutherfordSecretary's New Guide to Dealing With People
1980978-0-13-797399-6Kohn BSecret Codes and Ciphers
1965978-0-13-797407-8Claire Neff. EddingsSecretary's Complete Model Letter Handbook
1969978-0-13-797415-3Marie Roberson HammThe Second Chafing Dish Cookbook
1977978-0-13-797431-3Evelyn MonahanThe Secrets of Meta-Cosmic Projection
1989978-0-13-797440-5Prentice Hall Sec Guidelines, Rules and Regulations, 1989
1969978-0-13-797449-8Marie Roberson HammThe Second Chafing Dish Cookbook: Enlarged to Feature Fondue Recipes
1990978-0-13-797457-3StaffTeacher's Resource Book (Jenney's Second Year Latin)
1964978-0-13-797464-1Jean C. VermesSecretary's Guide to Dealing with People
1967978-0-13-797472-6Jean Campbell Pattison VermesSecretary's Index to English
1979978-0-13-797498-6Theresa M ReillySecretary's guide to correct usage, punctuation, spelling, and word division
1971978-0-13-797506-8Jean Campbell Pattison VermesSecretary's Book of Instant Letters
  ''978-0-13-797514-3Samuel HomolaSecrets of Naturally Youthful Health and Vitality
1970978-0-13-797522-8N.E. Glenn · etc.Secondary School Music
1986978-0-13-797523-5Earl B HitchcockThe secretary's deskbook of practical business math
1975978-0-13-797530-3Frances CairncrossThe second great crash
1982978-0-13-797548-8Theresa ReillySecretary's Guide to Correct Usage Punctuation Spelling and Word Division
1972978-0-13-797555-6Edward EdelsonThe secondary school music program from classroom to concert hall
  ''978-0-13-797563-1Jess CarrThe Second Oldest Profession: An Informal History of Moonshining in America
1973978-0-13-797571-6Frank Rudolph YoungSecret mental powers: miracle of mind magic
1977978-0-13-797589-1Peter TalbertSecrets of a winning serve and return
1978978-0-13-797597-6William S LaneThe secondary school music laboratory: An accelerated program for teaching instrumental skills in the general music classroom
1975978-0-13-797605-8Scott WittSecond income money makers
1981978-0-13-797621-8R. Lucas · Richard M. LucasSecrets of the Chinese Herbalists
1977978-0-13-797639-3Richard LucasSecrets of the Chinese Herbalists
1978978-0-13-797647-8Lucy Mae JenningsSecretarial and administrative procedures: Instructor's manual for text and projects
  ''978-0-13-797654-6   ''Secretarial and administrative procedures
1977978-0-13-797670-6Rachel Guinther KerschnerSecretary's Desk Guide to Business English
1982978-0-13-797704-8Mary DevriesSecretary's Standard Reference Manual and Guide
1978978-0-13-797712-3Mary Ann De VriesSecretary's standard reference manual and guide
1984978-0-13-797720-8Freda ClarkSecretary's Desk Book of Shortcuts and Timesavers
1983978-0-13-797746-8Lucy Mae JenningsSecretarial and administrative procedures
1980978-0-13-797753-6Jack L. Nelson · John U. MichaelisSecondary Social Studies: Instruction, Curriculum, Evaluation
1985978-0-13-797762-8Lewis FelmanSecond Industrial Revolution
978-0-13-797763-5ReeseDigital Synthesis
1964978-0-13-797770-3D. A. SheffSecretarial English
1981978-0-13-797787-1Michael JamesThe Second Quiltmaker's Handbook: Creative Approaches to Contemporary Quilt Design
  ''978-0-13-797795-6Michael JamesThe second quiltmaker's handbook: Creative approaches to contemporary quilt design (Creative handcrafts series)
  ''978-0-13-797803-8Lucy Mae JenningsSecretarial and general office procedures
1997978-0-13-797838-0Frank J. Ambrosio · Jim C. Deloach · Gregory L. MossLab Manual Troubleshooting and Design to Accompany Digital Systems: Principles and Applications
1981978-0-13-797845-8Ed ParkerSecrets of Chinese Karate
1980978-0-13-797860-1Ken DuganSecrets of coaching championship baseball
1987978-0-13-797879-3Richard LucasSecrets of the Chinese Herbalists
1979978-0-13-797886-1Geof Gray-CobbSecrets From Beyond the Pyramids
1987978-0-13-797895-3Rod EllisSecond Language Acquisition in Context (Language teaching methodology series)
1974978-0-13-797902-8A. E Van VogtThe Secret Galactics (A Reward Book Science-Fiction Original, No.1)
1981978-0-13-797928-8Donald L HenrySecrets of the million-dollar sales year in real estate
1974978-0-13-797936-3Harry Douglas SmithThe Secret of Instantaneous Healing
1986978-0-13-797951-6Harry D. SmithThe Secret of Instantaneous Healing
1982978-0-13-797952-3B. AgarSecrets Among the Ruins: Level Two
1974978-0-13-797985-1Vernon HowardSecrets of Mental Magic: How to Use Your Full Power of Mind
1987978-0-13-798018-5Phil GalvanoSecrets of Accurate Putting & Chipping
  ''978-0-13-798026-0Vinson BrownThe Secret Languages of Animals
1976978-0-13-798041-3Burrall PayeSecrets of the passing-dribbling game offense
1998978-0-13-798042-0Joel M. CharonThe Meaning of Sociology (6th Edition)
1975978-0-13-798058-1N. C ChristensenSecrets of the hard sell
1983978-0-13-798066-6Larry L SandifarSecrets of closing real estate sales
1971978-0-13-798082-6Frank Rudolph YoungThe Secret of Spirit-Thought Magic
1975978-0-13-798090-1Edith Line JohnsonSecrets of top money, extra income
1998978-0-13-798091-8Leslie EasterBulletproof Installs - A Developer's Guide to Install Programs for Windows
1983978-0-13-798108-3Lucy Mae JenningsSecretarial and Administrative Procedures
1981978-0-13-798116-8Lloyd PurvesSecrets of personal command power
1980978-0-13-798132-8Ken MuseThe Secrets of Professional Cartooning
1981978-0-13-798140-3   ''The Secrets of Professional Cartooning (A Reward book)
1983978-0-13-798157-1Linnea Leedham OchsSecretarial Word Finder
1973978-0-13-798173-1L. Fletcher ProutyThe secret team: The CIA and its allies in control of the United States and the world
1986978-0-13-798174-8Richard LucasSecrets of the Chinese Herbalists
1987978-0-13-798182-3Claire SafranSecret Exodus: [the Untold Story of How Operation Moses Saved the Lost Tribe Ethiopian Jews]
1988978-0-13-798190-8Stephen D. KrashenSecond Language Acquisition and Second Language Learning
1982978-0-13-798215-8Herman HoltzThe Secrets of Practical Marketing for Small Business
  ''978-0-13-798223-3Herman HoltzThe secrets of practical marketing for small business
1983978-0-13-798231-8Terry HallerSecrets of the Master Business Strategists
1983978-0-13-798249-3Terry HallerSecrets of the Master Business Strategists: How to Devise Winning Strategies to Boost Profits, Stock Prices, and Career
1985978-0-13-798265-3Daniel R. Boyd · S. D. LewisSecretarial Administration and Management
1988978-0-13-798290-5The Secretary's worksaver: Time-saving letters, charts, and tables to make your job easier--from Prentice-Hall
1985978-0-13-798307-0Mary A. De VriesSecretary's Almanac and Fact Book
  ''978-0-13-798315-5Daniel R. · Lewis, S. D. BoydSecretarial Administration and Management
1989978-0-13-798323-0Lucy Mae JenningsSecretarial and General Office Procedures
1998978-0-13-798332-2James J. HobussBuilding Informix Websites (Prentice-Hall Building a Web Site)
2008978-0-13-798333-9Sam E. HesterEvangelism Among the Deaf, the Deaf Disciple
1989978-0-13-798349-0Lucy Mae JenningsSecretarial and Administrative Procedures (3rd Edition)
1998978-0-13-798357-5James J. HobussBuilding Sybase Web Sites (Prentice Hall Ptr Building a Web Site Series)
1990978-0-13-798372-8Charles JenneyJenney's Second Year Latin Workbook
1988978-0-13-798380-3Secrets of the dBASE
  ''978-0-13-798398-8Lowe · StansfieldSecond Language Proficiency Assessment: Current Issues (Language in Education)
1989978-0-13-798406-0Sheryl Lindsell-Roberts · Sheryl L. LindsellThe Secretary's Quick Reference Handbook
  ''978-0-13-798422-0Lucy Mae JenningsSecretarial and Administrative Procedures
  ''978-0-13-798430-5Mary A. De VriesThe Office Sourcebook
1989978-0-13-798448-0Gay Hendricks · Thomas B. RobertsThe Second Centering Book: More Awareness Activities for Children and Adults to Relax the Body and Mind
1988978-0-13-798463-3Prentice HallPrentice Halls Desk Guide to Punctuation and Spelling
1990978-0-13-798471-8Lucy Mae Jennings · Lauralee KilgourSecretarial Procedures for the Automated Office
  ''978-0-13-798497-8Prentice HallSecretary's Desktop Library
1988978-0-13-798505-0Christopher WhiteSecrets of the dBASE: Programming Language
1990978-0-13-798521-0Anne WaymanSecretary's Portfolio of Instant Letters
1999978-0-13-798530-2Douglas Sease · John A. PrestboBarron's Guide to Making Investment Decisions
  ''978-0-13-798548-7James C. Johnson · Donald F. Wood · Daniel Wardlow · Paul R. MurphyContemporary Logistics (7th Edition)
1990978-0-13-798554-8Matthew J. AlmondShort-Lived Molecules (Ellis Horwood Series in Inorganic Chemistry)
1989978-0-13-798562-3A. R. LloydSeakeeping: Ship Behaviour in Rough Weather (Ellis Horwood Series in Marine Technology)
1983978-0-13-798588-3Ann K. FathmanSlote Second Language Oral Test of English
1985978-0-13-798661-3Charles S PhillipsSecrets of successful public relations: An insider's guide to the strategies and techniques that work today
1984978-0-13-798679-8William TurnerSecrets of Personal Persuasion
  ''978-0-13-798687-3William TurnerSecrets of Personal Persuasion
978-0-13-798710-8Secrets to Success in Sport & Play: A Guide for Players of All Ages
1982978-0-13-798728-3Marianne TorbertSecrets to success in sport & play: A guide for players of all ages
1984978-0-13-798745-0Aubrey R. BonhamSecrets of Winning Fast Break Basketball
1980978-0-13-798751-1Rich GrawerSecrets of Winning Post Play Basketball
1988978-0-13-798778-8New York Institute of FinanceSecurities Industry Glossary
  ''978-0-13-798786-3Theodore R. BennaSection 401 (K) Plans
1986978-0-13-798836-5New York Institute Of FinanceThe Securities Industry Glossary
1987978-0-13-798844-0Donald E. Fischer · Ronald J. JordanSecurity Analysis and Portfolio Management
1979978-0-13-798850-1Donald E FischerSecurity analysis and portfolio management
1983978-0-13-798876-1Donald E. FischerSecurity Analysis and Portfolio Management
1988978-0-13-798885-3Philip J. HoblinSecurities Arbitration: Procedures Strategies Cases/Cumulative Supplement December, 1988
1983978-0-13-798892-1Jerry G HuntInstructor's manual: Security analysis and portfolio management, Donald E. Fischer, Ronald J. Jordan
1987978-0-13-798901-0Donald E. Fischer · Ronald J. JordanSecurity Analysis and Portfolio Management
1988978-0-13-798935-5Robert M. CohnSecurities Sales Planning Guide: A Manual for Achieving Success in Your First Year
1979978-0-13-798959-1A. James FisherSecurity for business and industry: Teacher's manual
1979978-0-13-798967-6A. FisherSecurity for Business and Industry
1975978-0-13-798983-6Donald E. Fischer · Ronald J. JordanSecurity Analysis and Portfolio Management
1974978-0-13-798991-1James MartinSecurity, Accuracy, and Privacy in Computer Systems (Prentice-Hall series in automatic computation)
1989978-0-13-799008-5John Henderson · Jonathan P. ScottSecuritization
1972978-0-13-799015-3Edwin J. Elton · Martin J. GruberSecurity Evaluation and Portfolio Analysis
1989978-0-13-799024-5David E RobbinsThe securities arbitration guide (P-H executive action report)
1973978-0-13-799031-3Maya B DoraySee what I can do!: A book of creative movement,
1974978-0-13-799049-8Ann Thomas PiecewiczSee what I caught!
978-0-13-799056-6See What I Caught
978-0-13-799072-6TOROSIANSecurities Transfer
1988978-0-13-799081-8Martin TorosianSecurities Transfer: Principles and Procedures
1989978-0-13-799099-3New York Institute of FinanceInvestors Rights Manual
1980978-0-13-799106-8Rachel E CarrSee and be: Yoga and creative movement for children (A Spectrum book)
  ''978-0-13-799114-3Rachel E CarrSee and be: Yoga and creative movement for children (A Spectrum book)
1990978-0-13-799123-5Michael T. ReddySecurities Operations: A Guide to Operations and Information Systems in the Securities Industry
1991978-0-13-799149-5Donald E. Fischer · Ronald J. JordanSecurity Analysis and Portfolio Management
1988978-0-13-799172-3Torgeir Daler · Roar Gulbrandsen · Birger Melgard · Torbjorn SjolstadSecurity of Information and Data (Ellis Horwood series in information technology)
1989978-0-13-799180-8Sead MufticSecurity Mechanisms for Computer Networks (Ellis Horwood Series in Computer Communications and Networking)
1992978-0-13-799198-3Philip J. HoblinSecurities Arbitration: Procedures, Strategies, Cases
1990978-0-13-799214-0FischerSecurity Analysis/value Screen
1992978-0-13-799230-0John J. MacIonis · Nijole V. BenokraitisSeeing Ourselves: Classic, Contemporary, and Cross-Cultural Readings in Sociology
  ''978-0-13-799255-3Melanie L. FeinSecurities Activities of Banks
  ''978-0-13-799271-3Clive R. EmmanuelSegment Reporting: International Issues and Evidence (Research Studies in Accounting)
1991978-0-13-799313-0Ayesha Chopra · Nowrang PersaudSecretary's Factomatic
1995978-0-13-799339-0Jason H.P. KravittSecuritization of Financial Assets
1993978-0-13-799347-5Michael D ScottScott On Computer Law Edition Volume 2
1992978-0-13-799354-3Roger DawsonSecrets of Power Persuasion
  ''978-0-13-799388-8Robert D. RamseySecondary Principal's Survival Guide: Practical Techniques and Materials for Successful School Administration
1992978-0-13-799396-3Sheryl Roberts-LindsellThe Secretary's Quick Reference Handbook
  ''978-0-13-799420-5Robert D. HeitertSecurity Officer's Training Manual
1993978-0-13-799438-0Albert V. CarozziSedimentary Petrography (Sedimentary Geology)
  ''978-0-13-799453-3Warwick FordComputer Communications Security: Principles, Standard Protocols and Techniques
1991978-0-13-799461-8Bureau Of Business PracticeSecurity Update: Blueprints for Action from 54 Leading Companies to Upgrade Security in Your Organization (Excellence Achieved Series)
1993978-0-13-799479-3HEITERTSecurity Officers Traing Ml Wb
1983978-0-13-799503-5Denis Waitley10 Seeds of Greatness
1992978-0-13-799529-5Bureau of Business PracticeSecretary's Complete Self-Training Manual: All the Self-Training Tools Needed to Become a Top Notch Secretary or Assistant!
1993978-0-13-799537-0Daniel J. CassidyThe Scholarship Book/the Complete Guide to Private-Sector Scholarships, Grants, and Loans for Undergraduates (Scholarship Books)
  ''978-0-13-799545-5Daniel J. CassidyThe Scholarship Book: The Complete Guide to Private-Sector Scholarships, Grants, and Loans for Undergraduates
1992978-0-13-799552-3CookeSemiconductor Devices (German)
1972978-0-13-799585-1Anthony M OrumThe seeds of politics;: Youth and politics in America
  ''978-0-13-799593-6Anthony M. OrumThe Seeds of Politics: Youth and Politics in America
1989978-0-13-799610-0John J MacionisSeeing ourselves: Classic, contemporary, and cross-cultural readings in sociology
1976978-0-13-799627-8Haris PetieThe Seed the Squirrel Dropped
1983978-0-13-799635-3Christopher MarkertSeeing Well Again Without Your Glasses
1983978-0-13-799643-8Christopher MarkertSeeing Well Again Without Your Glasses
2000978-0-13-799701-5James D. Halderman · Chase D. Mitchell · James HaldermanAutomotive Engines: Theory and Servicing (4th Edition)
1999978-0-13-799719-0James D. Halderman · Chase D. MitchellAutomotive Steering, Suspension, and Alignment (2nd Edition)
2000978-0-13-799727-5Henry L. TischlerDebating Points: Marriage and Family Issues
1998978-0-13-799735-0Robert W. SussmanThe Biological Basis of Human Behavior: A Critical Review (2nd Edition)
1920978-0-13-799767-1J. SeidmanSeidman's Legislative History of Federal Income Tax Laws, 1851-1938
1977978-0-13-799792-3Nigel A. AnsteySeismic Interpretation: The Physical Aspects