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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
978-0-13-026523-4ROGERSWrite of Way: Paragraph Strategies and Readings
1999978-0-13-026525-8Brad Stone · Julie SymonsUNIX Fault Management: A Guide for System Administrators
  ''978-0-13-026528-9Daniel J. Limmer EMT-P · Michael GrillFire Service First Responder, Workbook
2001978-0-13-026529-6Michael OKeefe Daniel LimmerFire Service First Responder: Instructors Resource Manual
  ''978-0-13-026532-6Bruce MitchellResource & Environmental Management
2006978-0-13-026533-3Peter O'Dell · D.A. PinderEuropean Energy Economy: An Introduction
978-0-13-026534-0Title: Divorce
2001978-0-13-026538-8Barbara J. Fox · Marion A. HullPhonics for the Teacher of Reading (8th Edition)
1999978-0-13-026541-8Wee Chow Hou · Lan Luh Luh36 Strategies of the Chinese, The: Adapting Ancient Chinese Wisdom to the Business World
  ''978-0-13-026543-2Byrne · CorrejaSQL Server 7 Interactive Training Course
1994978-0-13-026551-7Dennis P. CurtinWindows 3.1 by Pictorial/Book&Disk (Pictorial Series)
2002978-0-13-026553-1Ian MarshTheory and Practice in Sociology
2000978-0-13-026554-8Joyce S. Osland · David A. Kolb · Irwin M. RubinThe Organizational Behavior Reader (7th Edition)
  ''978-0-13-026557-9LIANGRapid Java Application Devlopmt Usg Jbuilder3
2000978-0-13-026559-3Douglas C. GiancoliPhysics: Principles With Applications
2001978-0-13-026561-6MacionisSociety Basics Study Guide CDROM
2000978-0-13-026562-3Douglas C. GiancoliPhysics: Principles With Applications (Volume 1)
1999978-0-13-026564-7SULLIVANPrecalculus & Math Pack Cdrom Pkg
  ''978-0-13-026565-4Worldviews Crosscult Explor&religns Ser Pkg
1994978-0-13-026584-5Webster/ArmstrongAlgebra 1
2000978-0-13-026594-4Stephen · DeCenzo, David RobbinsTest Item File: Fundamentals of Management
  ''978-0-13-026595-1Stephen · DeCenzo, David RobbinsInstructors Manual with Video Guide
2001978-0-13-026602-6Daniel H. NicholsPhysics for Technology: With Applications in Industrial Control Electronics
2000978-0-13-026603-3Paulette DaleSpeech Communication Made Simple: A Multicultural Perspective
2001978-0-13-026607-1Ignacio Tinoco Jr. · Kenneth Sauer · James C. WangSolutions Manual for Physical Chemistry: Principles and Applications in Biological Sciences
2000978-0-13-026608-8Gary F. Moncrief · Peverill Squire · Malcolm E. JewellWho Runs For The Legislature?
2002978-0-13-026609-5Timothy B. JayThe Psychology of Language
  ''978-0-13-026611-8Lubomir F. Bic · Alan C. ShawOperating Systems Principles
1999978-0-13-026613-2Edward AguadoUnderstanding Weather and Climate
  ''978-0-13-026616-3John J. MacionisSociology: Studnt Media Ver& Time Dollar Pkg
1967978-0-13-026617-0L. ThurowAmerican Fiscal Policy: Experiment for Prosperity
1993978-0-13-026618-7Carlson WadeNatural Energy Boosters
978-0-13-026634-7MULBERRYWord 2000 Essentials Basic
1993978-0-13-026642-2Be HallAlgebra 2 With Trigonometry
2000978-0-13-026646-0McclaveStatistics: Student Solutions Manual Package
978-0-13-026650-7McclaveStatistcs Student Sols Manual Data Disk Int Package
978-0-13-026654-5   ''Statistics Student Sols Manual Data Disk Package Pkg
1992978-0-13-026659-0Prentice HallPrentice Hall Algebra 2 with Trigonometry, Teacher's Edition
978-0-13-026661-3McclaveStatistcs Student Sols Manual Math Int Guide Pkg Pkg
1992978-0-13-026667-5Prentice HallPrentice Hall Algebra 2, Grade 9-12: Teacher's Resource
2001978-0-13-026668-2Survival English: Teacher's Manual Book 2
2001978-0-13-026670-5H. Horton · Laurence A. MoranBiochemistry Student Companion
2002978-0-13-026671-2Lionel M RaffInstructor's Guide for Principles of Physical Chemistry
  ''978-0-13-026672-9H. Robert Horton · Laurence A. Moran · Raymond S. Ochs · David J. Rawn · K. Gray Scrimgeour · H Robert HortonPrinciples of Biochemistry (3rd Edition)
2001978-0-13-026674-3HortonPrinciples of Biochemistry
1992978-0-13-026675-0Prentice HallPh Algebra 2 Gr 9-12 Solutions
  ''978-0-13-026679-8HortonPrinciples of Biochemistry
2000978-0-13-026680-4Charles KimSwift Trader: Perfecting the Art of Day Trading
  ''978-0-13-026682-8ByrneSQL Server 7 Multimedia Cyber Classroom
1999978-0-13-026684-2Donald B. Bailey · Mark WoleryTeaching Infant and Preschoolers With Disabilities, (1 COLOR REPRINT) (2nd Edition)
  ''978-0-13-026685-9Sylvia B. RimmStatistics for Managers Using Microsoft Excel
2000978-0-13-026686-6Don DeVittSolaris PC Netlink: Performance, Sizing, and Deployment
2001978-0-13-026687-3Eduardo R. del RioThe Prentice Hall Anthology of Latino Literature
2000978-0-13-026692-7Barry W. Boehm · Chris Abts · A. Winsor Brown · Sunita Chulani · Bradford K. Clark · Ellis Horowitz · Ray Madachy · Donald J. ReiferSoftware Cost Estimation with Cocomo II
1991978-0-13-026717-7Michael FromeNatl Park Gd 91
1986978-0-13-026725-2Gordon C. SchlomingAmerican Foreign Policy and the Nuclear Dilemma
2002978-0-13-026727-6Maureen SprankleInstructors Manual
1999978-0-13-026729-0SPSSSpss Base 10.0 Users Guide
1985978-0-13-026733-7Thomas L. BrewerAmerican Foreign Policy
1980978-0-13-026740-5Thomas L. BrewerAmerican Foreign Policy: A Contemporary Introduction
2000978-0-13-026744-3Steven J. Molinsky · Bill BlissSide by Side: Student Book 1, Third Edition
2000978-0-13-026745-0Steven J. Molinsky · Bill BlissActivity Workbook to accompany Side By Side, Book 1 (CD not included)
2001978-0-13-026746-7   ''Side by Side 1 Activity Workbook 1 Audiocassettes (2)
  ''978-0-13-026747-4   ''Side by Side 1 Activity Workbook 1 Audio CDs (2)
  ''978-0-13-026750-4   ''Side By Side: Activity Workbook 2, Third Edition (bk. 2)
  ''978-0-13-026752-8Steven J MolinskySide by Side Test Program, Level 1
  ''978-0-13-026753-5Steven J. Molinsky · Bill BlissSide by Side Book 1
2003978-0-13-026754-2Steven J. Molinsky · Bill BlissSide by Side 1 Communication Games
2001978-0-13-026757-3   ''Side by Side: Student Book 2, Third Edition
1988978-0-13-026758-0Eve P SteinbergAmerican foreign service officer
2001978-0-13-026759-7Steven J. Molinsky · Bill BlissSide by Side 2 Student Book 2 Audio CDs (7)
  ''978-0-13-026763-4   ''Side by Side 2 Activity Workbook 2 Audio Cassette (2)
  ''978-0-13-026764-1   ''Side by Side 2 Activity Workbook 2 Audio CD (2)
1971978-0-13-026765-8M. Donald (Dankwart A. Rustow), Editors HancockAmerican Foreign Policy in International Perspective
1988978-0-13-026766-5Glenn P HastedtAmerican foreign policy: Past, present, future
2004978-0-13-026767-2Steven J. Molinsky · Bill BlissSide by Side Communication Games & Activity Masters 2 (3-Hole Punched)
2003978-0-13-026768-9   ''Side by Side 2 Test Package 2
2000978-0-13-026769-6James F. McCauleySteam Distribution Systems Deskbook
1990978-0-13-026790-0Grenville TurnerAkubra Is Australian for Hat
1979978-0-13-026799-3Gillespie · LazarusAmerican Government: Comparing Political Experiences
  ''978-0-13-026807-5Judith A. Gillespie · Stuart LazarusAmerican Government: Comparing Political Experiences
2000978-0-13-026813-6David I. SchneiderIntroduction to Visual Basic 6.0
  ''978-0-13-026814-3Sara RosenthalWomen of the 60s Turning 50:a Wellness Guide for Boomers --2000 publication.
2000978-0-13-026815-0Christine CushingDish It Out: Simple Recipes That Inspire
1990978-0-13-026816-7WirthAlgorithms Data Structures
1991978-0-13-026824-2S. Robert Lichter · Linda S. Lichter · Stanley RothmanWatching America (What Television Tells Us About Our Lives)
1999978-0-13-026827-3Carole Wade · Carol TavrisPsychology: Psychology on the Internet 2000
1991978-0-13-026840-2Allstate Motor ClubRv Park & Campground Directory, 1991: Eastern U.S., Eastern Canada (Allstate Motor Club)
1999978-0-13-026846-4Dan CaldwellWorld Politics and You
2000978-0-13-026851-8Prentice Hall Editorial StaffThe Quick Reference Guide to Key Business Ratios
2002978-0-13-026852-5R. Rocco Cottone · Vilia M. TarvydasEthical and Professional Issues in Counseling (2nd Edition)
  ''978-0-13-026854-9Gardiner · MillerInstructors Manual
  ''978-0-13-026855-6Michael TuttleTest Item File
1991978-0-13-026857-0Rv Park & Campground Directory, 1991: Western U.S., Western Canada, Mexico (Allstate Motor Club)
2000978-0-13-026858-7Tony Croft · Robert Davison · Martin HargreavesEngineering Mathematics: A Foundation for Electronic, Electrical, Communications, and Systems Engineers
  ''978-0-13-026861-7Stewart BirnamDistributed Java 2 Platform Database Development
1997978-0-13-026862-4Stephen C. HarsanyPrinciples of Microwave Technology
1999978-0-13-026864-8James L. Antonakos · Kenneth C. MansfieldPractical Data Structures Using C/C++
1991978-0-13-026865-5Allstate Motor ClubRv Park & Campground Directory, 1991: U.S.A., Canada, Mexico (Allstate Motor Club)
2001978-0-13-026870-9Steven J. Molinsky · Bill BlissSide by Side 3 Student Book 3 Audiocassettes (6)
2003978-0-13-026871-6Edwin Meese · P.J. OrtmeierLeadership, Ethics and Policing: Challenges for the 21st Century
2001978-0-13-026874-7Steven J. Molinsky · Bill Bliss · Bliss · MolinskySide by Side: Student Book 3, Third Edition
  ''978-0-13-026875-4Steven J. Molinsky · Bill BlissSide By Side, Book 3 (Workbook)
2002978-0-13-026876-1Steven J. Molinsky · Bill BlissSide by Side 3 Activity Workbook 3 Audiocassettes (2)
  ''978-0-13-026877-8   ''Side by Side 3 Activity Workbook 3 Audio CDs (2)
  ''978-0-13-026880-8   ''Side by Side 4 Student Book 4 Audio CDs (7)
1991978-0-13-026881-5Sheldon KoppAll God's Children Are Lost, but Only a Few Can Play the Piano: Finding a Life That Is Truly Your Own
2001978-0-13-026882-2Steven J. Molinsky · Bill BlissSide by Side 3 Student Book 3 Audio CDs (7)
  ''978-0-13-026883-9SJ MolinskySide by Side Teacher's Guide 3
2003978-0-13-026885-3Steven J. Molinsky · Bill BlissSide by Side 3 Test Package 3
2007978-0-13-026886-0Steven J. MolinskySide by Side Level 3: Communication Games & Activity Masters 3rd Ed
2002978-0-13-026888-4Steven J. Molinsky · Bill Bliss · MolinskySide by Side: Student Book 4, Third Edition
  ''978-0-13-026889-1Steven J. Molinsky · Bill BlissSide by Side 4 Student Book 4 Audiocassettes (6)
2003978-0-13-026890-7   ''Side by Side Testing Program, Book 4, 3rd Edition
2002978-0-13-026891-4   ''Side by Side 4 Activity Workbook 4
2003978-0-13-026892-1Steven J. Molinsky · Bill BlissSide by Side 4 Activity Workbook4 Audiocassettes (2)
  ''978-0-13-026893-8   ''Side by Side 4 Activity Workbook 4 Audio CDs (2)
2002978-0-13-026896-9Steven J. MolinskySide by Side Teacher's Guide 4
1991978-0-13-026899-0Geoffrey Wigoder · Shalom M. Paul · Benedict T. VivianoAlmanac of the Bible
2005978-0-13-026901-0Steven J. Molinsky · Bill BlissSide by Side Level 4 Communication Games
1986978-0-13-026907-2L. L. IvanovAlgebraic Recursion Theory (Mathematics & Its Applications)
1991978-0-13-026915-7Donald S. PassmanAll You Need to Know about the Music Business
2000978-0-13-026925-6Stephen P. RobbinsThe Prentice Hall Self-Assessment Library: Insights into Your Skills, Abilities, and Interests
  ''978-0-13-026926-3Saul M. KassinPsychology (3rd Edition)
2001978-0-13-026927-0Michael J. Sullivan · Michael SullivanPrecalculus: Graphing and Data Analysis (2nd Edition)
  ''978-0-13-026928-7Arthur J. KeownPersonal Finance: Building and Protecting Your Wealth (Prentice Hall Finance Series)
978-0-13-026929-4CurranSap Reinforcement
2000978-0-13-026946-1Saul M. KassinPsychology (Study Guide)
978-0-13-026954-6Test Item File
2001978-0-13-026955-3Saul KassinInstructor Manual
1993978-0-13-026956-0Norman E. DowlingMechanical Behavior of Materials: Engineering Methods for Deformation, Fracture and Fatigue
2001978-0-13-026970-6MurphyTechnical Analysis of Futures Markets
  ''978-0-13-026971-3NAPsychology Blackboard Pinpk
2000978-0-13-026990-4STULLPhotography on the Internet: A Prentice Hall Guide
2001978-0-13-026994-2Derek SolesThe Prentice Hall Pocket Guide to Understanding Literature
2000978-0-13-026995-9Fred R. DavidStrategic Management: Concepts and Cases (8th Edition)
2000978-0-13-026997-3Al StevensBringing your business online
  ''978-0-13-026999-7Rob YoungPC Starter Kit
  ''978-0-13-027001-6Patrick WardQt Programming for LINUX and Windows 2000 (Hewlett-Packard Professional Books)
2003978-0-13-027002-3Steven J. MolinskySide by Side: Placement Test
1990978-0-13-027004-7Anthony PereiraThe American Express pocket guide to Rome
2003978-0-13-027005-4Steven J. Molinsky · Bill BlissSide by Side Picture Cards
2001978-0-13-027006-1Susan M. Drake · Renee G. DinglerThe Practical Guide to Finance and Accounting
  ''978-0-13-027008-5Jason I. MiletskyWeb Photoshop 6 Primer (Prentice Hall PTR Primer Series)
2000978-0-13-027010-8Will Willis · David Watts · Tillman StrahanWindows 2000 System Administration Handbook
1990978-0-13-027012-2INTLThe American Express Pocket Guide to Florence And Tuscany New and Revised 3rd edition
2001978-0-13-027016-0Kim Michelle Lersch · Mark L DantzkerPolicing and Misconduct
2003978-0-13-027017-7Delores D. Jones-Brown · Karen J. TerryPolicing and Minority Communities: Bridging the Gap (Prentice Hall's Policing and ... Series)
2001978-0-13-027018-4Jason I. MiletskyPhotoShop 6 Primer
2000978-0-13-027019-1Marty Poniatowski · Martin PoniatowskiUNIX User's Handbook
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  ''978-0-13-027027-6Richard St. JeanUnderstanding Psychological Research: An Introduction to Methods
2001978-0-13-027030-6David EwenTechnical Mathematics with Calculus
  ''978-0-13-027032-0Ophelia HancockInstructors Manual
978-0-13-027033-7Dale EwenCompanion Website - Ewen
2002978-0-13-027034-4Judith AdamHigh Performance Perennials: Low Maintenance Flowers with Extended Bloom
2000978-0-13-027037-5Technical Mathematics W/Calcul
2001978-0-13-027040-5James AntonakosInstructors Manual
1999978-0-13-027044-3Chris LynasThe eWorld Handbook: Internet Resources and Opportunities
978-0-13-027049-8Kenneth HarlingInstructors Manual
2000978-0-13-027052-8James S. Walker · James WalkerPhysics, Vol. I
2001978-0-13-027054-2James S. WalkerPhysics, Vol. II
978-0-13-027059-7Test Item File
2001978-0-13-027063-4D. A. S.Physics (Introduction)
2001978-0-13-027065-8WalkerPhysics Volume 1: an Introduction Instructor's Solutions Manual
  ''978-0-13-027066-5   ''Physics Volume 2: an Introduction Instructor's Solutions Manual
978-0-13-027069-62000 Top Funds Building Your Mutual Funds Portfolio 21st Century
2000978-0-13-027074-0Claire ShaefferPatterns
978-0-13-027075-7DassoCompanion Website - Dasso
978-0-13-027076-4Physics: An Introduction
2001978-0-13-027078-8DassoReal Estate
  ''978-0-13-027082-5Mike AwwadInstructors Manual
1993978-0-13-027088-7Thomas A. Cook · Robert A. RussellIntroduction to Management Science, with SPSS PC+ Studentware+ for Business 5.25
2003978-0-13-027092-4Swee Hoon AngPrinciples of Marketing: An Asian Casebook
2001978-0-13-027093-1Robert B. AshlockErrror Patterns in Computation: Using Errror Patterns to Improve Instruction (8th Edition)
1992978-0-13-027095-5Prentice HallPh Algebra 2 Gr 9-12 Tchng Tra
2002978-0-13-027096-2Chandler Barbour · Nita BarbourInstructors Manual
2001978-0-13-027100-6Thomas R. Dye · L. Tucker Gibson · Clay RobisonPolitics in America, Texas Edition
1998978-0-13-027102-0David Hergert · Nancy ThibeaultPC Architecture from Assembly Language to C
2001978-0-13-027109-9Thomas R. DyePolitics in America, National Version
978-0-13-027111-2All-in-1: For System Managers and Application Developers
2000978-0-13-027133-4Paul S. HerrnsonPlaying Hardball: Campaigning for the U.S. Congress
2001978-0-13-027134-1K Martin-GayTestgen-Eq Win/MAC CD
978-0-13-027136-5MathPro Explorer Prealgebra
2001978-0-13-027138-9Elayn Martin-GayPre-Algebra
2000978-0-13-027139-6Prealgebra: MathPro5
  ''978-0-13-027140-2Carol Carter · Joyce Bishop · Sarah KravitsKeys to Success: How to Achieve Your Goals
2002978-0-13-027142-6MARTIN-GAYLecture Videos [VHS]
2000978-0-13-027143-3Barry F. KavanaghSurveying with Construction Applications (4th Edition)
2001978-0-13-027144-0Barry KavanaghInstructors Manual
2000978-0-13-027147-1Jay Heizer · Barry RenderPrinciples of Operations Management
2001978-0-13-027150-1Stephen P. Robbins · Nancy LangtonFundamentals of Organizational Behaviour, Canadian Edition
1980978-0-13-027151-8Abraham HoltzmanAmerican Government: Ideas and Reality