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ISBN 978-0-13-222592-2 to 978-0-13-222966-1 < ISBN 978-0-13-222967-8 to 978-0-13-223372-9 > ISBN 978-0-13-223373-6 to 978-0-13-223857-1

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2006978-0-13-222967-8Jeffrey K PintoProject Management: Achieving Competitive Advantage
  ''978-0-13-222968-5NAIntro to Managemt Sci CD&Ms Proj Pro 2003
1988978-0-13-222969-2Earth Science Test Bank Apple
2005978-0-13-222971-5NAPren Hall Ref GD&Heritg Afr& 1key Blkbd Pkg
  ''978-0-13-222972-2   ''Writrs World Parag&ph Grammr WB&Ph Editg WB
  ''978-0-13-222973-9   ''Life on Earth& Comp/W Stu A/Crd& S/S/Cmpn& KY
  ''978-0-13-222974-6Politics of the Mid East&peo&cult Mid East
1975978-0-13-222976-0G. Robina QualeEastern civilizations
2005978-0-13-222977-7Biol Sci Vol1 Cell& V3 How Plant& Cw+grtrckr&
2005978-0-13-222986-9Sacred Paths of the West&atlas Worlds Relig
2007978-0-13-222987-6Richard M LueptowGraphics Concepts for Computer-Aided Design (2nd Edition)
2005978-0-13-222989-0Fundamntls of Mangmt& Cases Hospilty& Tourism
  ''978-0-13-222990-6NAIntegatg Educ Tech& Explorg MS Brf Ofc3 Adh
  ''978-0-13-222991-3Expl Advncd Access&xcl Modlg Corp Fin Bk&cd
1975978-0-13-222992-0G. Robina QualeEastern Civilizations
2005978-0-13-222995-1NAGo with Microsft Offc3&tait Go Ofc3 Ver2.5
  ''978-0-13-222996-8   ''Go Ser Micrsft Xcl3 V1&tait Go Ofc3 Ver 2.5
  ''978-0-13-222997-5   ''Go Ser Micrsft Xcl3 V2&taitv2.5&pht Xcl3exp
2005978-0-13-223002-5NAGo with Microsft&tait Go Ofc3&phit Xcl&acc
2005978-0-13-223004-9NAExp Microsft Ofc3& Cayf6& Phit Tips XCL& Acc&
  ''978-0-13-223005-6   ''Span Law Enforcmt&wkbk Span&stu Aud CD&Oxfd
1986978-0-13-223008-7Brian J SkinnerEarth Resources
2005978-0-13-223010-0NAInstr Studt Who Have Lit& Tech Rdg& Tchr Prep
  ''978-0-13-223011-7   ''Afr Amer Ody V1&histnote1&afr AME Mos1&1ky
  ''978-0-13-223012-4   ''Crim Justc Today& Eval & Study GD& CDROM Pkg
  ''978-0-13-223013-1   ''Afr AME Ody V2&hisnotes2& Afr AME Mosaci2&
2005978-0-13-223014-8NAGo with Micrsft Ofcwrd3& Xcl3& Ser MS& Ser GS&
  ''978-0-13-223015-5Efraim Turban · Dennis Viehland · Jae LeeElectronic Commerce: A Managerial Perspective
  ''978-0-13-223017-9NAInstr Tech& Media&lnkg Tec&usg&edu Intnet02
2005978-0-13-223018-6NAExplg Microsft Offc3v2& Train& Assess It Prem
  ''978-0-13-223020-9   ''Digitl Experimts Emphasizg&digitl Fundmntls
2006978-0-13-223021-6Out of Many, TLC Edition: Volume 1, Revised Printing- W/CD Package
1981978-0-13-223024-7Earth Father/Sky Father
2005978-0-13-223025-4NAIntro Chem& Comp Website& Stdy Crd& 1ky CC Pk
  ''978-0-13-223026-1   ''Exp Microsft Ofc3&tait V2.5&phit File&ofc&
1981978-0-13-223032-2Arthur D. ColmanEarth Father/Sky Father: The Changing Concept of Fathering
2005978-0-13-223033-9NAGo Ser Micrsft Xcl3 V1&ppt&taitv2.5&go Win&
  ''978-0-13-223035-3   ''Go Get Startd with Int& Tait Gov2.5& 128 MB
  ''978-0-13-223037-7   ''Tec Complt& Studt&go W/MS&Tait 2.5&pht Fil&
2006978-0-13-223038-4NAGo with Microsft Brf Enh& Tec Intro& Taitv2.5
1981978-0-13-223040-7Candy CummingEater's Guide: Nutrition Basics for Busy People
2005978-0-13-223041-4NAGo Ser Microfst Xcl3v1&wrd Brf&win&tait2.5&
2006978-0-13-223044-5Joan Saslow · Allen AscherTop Notch 2 with Take-Home Super CD-ROM
2008978-0-13-223045-2Linda W. SeligmanConceptual Skills for Mental Health Professionals
2006978-0-13-223048-3Elayn Martin-GayBasic College Mathematics Early Integers (Hard Cover) - Basic College Mathematics with E
2005978-0-13-223049-0NAImprovg Adolescent Lit & Teacher Prep A/Code
  ''978-0-13-223050-6Sara Davis PowellIntro to Middle Sch& Teacher Prep Acc Card
2011978-0-13-223053-7Jean A. Scribner, John V. Thill Courtland L. BovéeBusiness Communication Essentials, Second Canadian Edition
2005978-0-13-223054-4NAEarly Childhd Program Mngmt&tchr Prep A/Cde
  ''978-0-13-223055-1   ''Computer as Educ Tool& Lnkg Tec& Tchr Prep Pk
1981978-0-13-223057-5Candy CummingEater's guide: Nutrition basics for busy people
2006978-0-13-223061-2Andrea M. GuillaumeCD-ROM
1981978-0-13-223065-0Robert Englekirk · Gary C. HartEarthquake Design of Concrete and Masonry Buildings, Vol. 1: Response Spectrual Analysis and General Earthquake Modeling Consideration
2006978-0-13-223068-1NAExp Microsft Off3&explg GS W/Frntpg&v2.5 Pk
  ''978-0-13-223069-8   ''Exp Microsft Offc3&tait V2.5&phit Xcl&acc
  ''978-0-13-223070-4   ''Exp Microsft Off3&tait V2.5&phit Xcl&winxp&
2005978-0-13-223071-1   ''Exp Microsft Offc3&tait V2.5&phit Xcl&word
1982978-0-13-223073-5Easy-To-Make AIDS for Your Handicapped Child
2005978-0-13-223075-9Intro to Managmt Acctg& Intro to Finl Acctg
2005978-0-13-223076-6Marketg Managmt& Strat& Tactcs& Custmr Equity
  ''978-0-13-223077-3NAAcctg Chap 1-26&workg Pprs1-13&1ky Webct Pk
2005978-0-13-223078-0NAPhit Tips Excel3& Acc& Explr MS& Enh Crd& Train
1982978-0-13-223081-0Don CastonEasy-to-make AIDS for Your Handicapped Child: A Guide for Parents and Teachers (Special Education Series)
2008978-0-13-223085-8Bernard Ellis Lewis · Buntzie Ellis ChurchillIslam: The Religion and the People
2005978-0-13-223088-9NAArt Awareness How&theories of Shildhood Pkg
  ''978-0-13-223089-6R. Glenn Hubbard · Anthony Patrick O'BrienMicroeconomics and MyEcon Lab Access Card Package
1986978-0-13-223090-2Brian J. SkinnerEarth Resources (Prentice-Hall Foundations of Earth Science Series)
2005978-0-13-223093-3NACriminal Evidence Police&careers Cj CDROM
978-0-13-223103-9Child Development, Second Canadian Edition with MyDevelopmentLab with E-Book Student Access Code Card PKG
2005978-0-13-223106-0NAJoing the Conversatn&ph Txtbk Rdr&dic&thesa
  ''978-0-13-223107-7   ''Simon& Schuster Short Prose&ph Grammr Wbk
  ''978-0-13-223110-7   ''Conexn& Stu Actv M&s/VID CD&Aud CD S/Actv M
  ''978-0-13-223111-4   ''Socty Basics& Socnotes Macion& Time Soc Spec
2005978-0-13-223112-1NAChinese Link Zhongwen&wb Hmwk& Char Tradtn
  ''978-0-13-223115-2   ''Ins Tech& Media&linkg Tech&currc&tchr Prep
  ''978-0-13-223118-3Heritage World CIV V1& Histnot& 1key CC& Atlas
  ''978-0-13-223129-9NAV Puti& Studt Activ Manl&ref Gramr&oxfd DIC
2006978-0-13-223130-5NAPlay at the Centr of Curr& Tchr Prep Acc Crd
1983978-0-13-223131-2Phillip Donald GrubEast Asia Dimensions of International Business
2006978-0-13-223132-9NAFamily Sch& Comm Relatns& Tchr Prep Acc Crd
2005978-0-13-223135-0   ''Gerontology Nursg Ess GD&Eff Ldrship&mgmt
2007978-0-13-223137-4Frank R. Dagostino · Leslie Feigenbaum · Clint KissoonEstimating in Building Construction, Second Canadian Edition (2nd Edition)
2008978-0-13-223145-9Martha Marinara · Carol O'SheaChoices: Exercise Book: A Writer's Brief Handbook
2006978-0-13-223146-6Arturo A. FoxLatinoamérica: Presente y pasado (3rd Edition) (Spanish Edition)
2005978-0-13-223147-3NAEffectv Classrm Mangmt& Tchr Tstd& Tchr Prep
2006978-0-13-223148-0DRAPERAll American Stories, Book A Answer Key
1984978-0-13-223149-7K. Eileen Allen · Betty HartThe Early Years: Arrangements for Learning
2006978-0-13-223150-3MARISCAL & LAWLORLongman Social Studies Audio CD
2005978-0-13-223151-0NAOut of Many TLC& 1ky CC& Docv1& V2& Many Live1&
  ''978-0-13-223152-7   ''Youth at Risk& Cases Emotional& Behav Dis
2006978-0-13-223153-4Jay H. HeizerOperations Management Flex Version with Lecture Guide and Student CD with CDROM and Other
2005978-0-13-223154-1NADiff Equations& Linear Alg& App Mnl& Sol Man
1984978-0-13-223156-5Robert Englekirk · Gary C. HartEarthquake Design of Concrete Masonry Buildings: Strength Design of One- To Four-Story Buildings
2005978-0-13-223159-6NAClassrm Managemt Models& Tchr Prep A/Code Pk
2006978-0-13-223160-2   ''Managemt of Child Dev& Tchr Prep Acc Cde Crd
  ''978-0-13-223161-9   ''Total Learning Devl Curr& Tchr Prep Acc Crd
2006978-0-13-223163-3NAGuidance of Young Childrn& Tchr Prep Acc Crd
2005978-0-13-223164-0   ''Life on Earth& Compn& PH Blast& Belk Lab Mnl
1988978-0-13-223165-7InsightInsight East Asia (Insight Guide East Asia)
2005978-0-13-223166-4NAContempy Art& Theors of Contmp Art&time Mag
  ''978-0-13-223174-9   ''Managmt Info Syst Mang& 1key BB Stu A/Kit
1983978-0-13-223180-0Mary Blocksma · Dewey BlocksmaEasy-To-Make Spaceships That Really Fly
2005978-0-13-223184-8NATech Complt& Studt Resrc&go W/MS&256mb&phit
  ''978-0-13-223186-2   ''Effectv Readr Upd&naw Dict&study Crd Vocab&
2006978-0-13-223187-9Joan M. Saslow · Allen AscherTop Notch Fundamentals with Super CD-ROM Split B (Units 6-10) with Workbook and Super CD-ROM
  ''978-0-13-223188-6Joan M. Saslow · Allen AscherTop Notch 2B (Book & CD-ROM)
2005978-0-13-223189-3NAAstronomy Today Vol2& 1key Webct& Lec Tut Pk
  ''978-0-13-223191-6   ''Writers World Parag&naw&bldg Coll Vocab Pkg
2005978-0-13-223192-3NAProtectg Republic Educ&careers Cj CDROM Pkg
  ''978-0-13-223194-7Alan Evans · Kendall Martin · Mary Anne PoatsyTechnology in Action: Introductory (Go!)
  ''978-0-13-223196-1NAYoung Child in Family&fd Nutr&tchr Prep A/C
2005978-0-13-223197-8NACornrstn Buildg Your Concs&ph Sscd&lassi Pk
1986978-0-13-223199-2Mary Blocksma · Dewey BlocksmaEasy-To-Make Spaceships That Really Fly
2006978-0-13-223200-5GOLDSTEIN & SCHNEIDERStudent Solutions Manual and CDLS Wrap/SSP (sa) Package Solutions Manual: Finite Mathematics and Its Appreciation
  ''978-0-13-223201-2NABrief Calculus& Its Applications&ssp VP Pkg
2007978-0-13-223202-9Edward A. KellerNatural Hazards: Earth's Processes as Hazards, Disasters, and Catastrophes, Canadian Edition
2005978-0-13-223203-6NAMIS Cases& Phit Tips Xcl03 Exp&access03 Exp
1988978-0-13-223207-4Mary BlocksmaEasy-to-make water toys that really work
2005978-0-13-223208-1NAJazz Styl& Pren Hall Collctn&cd Set&demo CD
  ''978-0-13-223209-8   ''Action Research for Teachr&tchr Prep A/Code
  ''978-0-13-223210-4   ''Teachg Sci Inq&actv Integrtg Sci&sci Intrnt
  ''978-0-13-223212-8   ''Choice& Change& Self Assessmt Lib CD V3.0
2007978-0-13-223213-5   ''Trato Hecho Paperbnd&ans Key&1ky Quia&oxfd&
1986978-0-13-223215-9Lawrence StevensEcology Basics
2006978-0-13-223219-7NAManagmt Info Sys Manag& Craftg Multimed Text
2005978-0-13-223221-0Princ of Marktg& Stdt Stdy GD&1ky BB S/A Kt
2005978-0-13-223223-4NABrock Bio Microorg& PH Blast Bio Lect Animtn
1988978-0-13-223224-1Karl E Case · Ray C FairPrinciples of Economics
2005978-0-13-223225-8NALiteracy for the 21st Centry〈 Art Esstl
2005978-0-13-223226-5NALiteracy for the 21st C〈 Arts&tchr Prep
  ''978-0-13-223227-2   ''Inclsv Classrm Strat& No Chld Left& Idea& ESOL
2006978-0-13-223229-6Pearson Prentice HallBrief Calculus & Its Applications
  ''978-0-13-223231-9Pearson Prentice HallCalculus & Its Applications
2007978-0-13-223232-6GoldsteinYour Student Study Pack: Finite Mathematics and It's Applications
2006978-0-13-223233-3Pearson Prentice HallFinite Mathematics & Its Applications
2005978-0-13-223237-1NALit Young Children& 50 Early Childhd Litcy
  ''978-0-13-223239-5   ''Basic Coll Math& Mathxl Online Studt 12 Mos
  ''978-0-13-223240-1   ''Sci Exprncs Early Chldhd&actv Expr ACT Chld
2005978-0-13-223241-8NAMultic Edu& Explg Divs&div Popul Giftd&prep
2006978-0-13-223242-5   ''Comptr Confl Intro& Phit Tips Ofc03 1 Train
2005978-0-13-223246-3NAChez Nous& ANS Key S/Actv Mnl&1ky 2.Quia BB
  ''978-0-13-223247-0   ''Org Chem Comptr Web&sol Mnl&framwrk Molec
1980978-0-13-223248-7Wolter J. FabryckyEconomic Decision Analysis
2006978-0-13-223249-4NATech Intro& Stu Res CD& Exp MS Ofc Acc& XCL
2005978-0-13-223252-4   ''Developmt Across the Life& Tchr Prep A/Code
1978978-0-13-223255-5Michael D. IntriligatorEconometric Models, Techniques, and Applications (Advanced Textbooks in Economics)
2008978-0-13-223262-3Larry GoldenCase Studies in Counseling Older Adults
2006978-0-13-223263-0Carolyn B. Stone · Carol A. DahirSchool Counselor Accountability: A MEASURE of Student Success (2nd Edition)
2005978-0-13-223266-1NAExpl Microsft Ofc3&phit SEC&Filemgmt&256mb&
  ''978-0-13-223267-8   ''Esstls Gettg Startg& Phit Tips Ofc3 1 Train
  ''978-0-13-223269-2   ''Quan Analys Mangmt& POM Qm for Windows V.3
1974978-0-13-223271-5Wolter J. Fabrycky · G.J. ThuesenEconomic Decision Analysis
2005978-0-13-223272-2Criminal Law Today Intro&1ky Prem CC S/A Kt
  ''978-0-13-223274-6Educ Psycho& Case Studies& Preparg Praxis&
2005978-0-13-223275-3Paramed Princ& Prac V1-5&wbk&bsc Arrhy&emt
  ''978-0-13-223276-0NAEnterprise Resrce Planng&sap R3 Bus Blueprt
2005978-0-13-223277-7NAAfrican Amer Odyssey& BIOS V2& V1& Commn Sense
  ''978-0-13-223278-4   ''Marketg Managemt& Interprtv Sim& Hbsp Case Pk
  ''978-0-13-223279-1   ''Prin& Prac Info Security&database Concepts
  ''978-0-13-223281-4   ''Prehosp Emerg Care W/CD& Workbk& EMT Achieve
  ''978-0-13-223290-6   ''Understandg by Design&classrm Instr Works
2005978-0-13-223294-4NAMaking of Economic Socty&20th C AME Soc&pol
2005978-0-13-223295-1NAEfftv Leadrship& Mangmt&leadrship&mgmt Nurg
  ''978-0-13-223303-3   ''Criminology Today Integratv& 1ky Prem CC Kit
1967978-0-13-223305-7Dudley DillardEconomic Development of the North Atlantic Community: Historical Introduction to Modern Economics
2007978-0-13-223310-1Jeremy YudkinUnderstanding Music: Student 3-cd Collection
1982978-0-13-223313-2David A. KatzEconometric Theory and Applications
2005978-0-13-223317-0NAPrin Oper Mangmt& Studt CD& 1ky BB& MS Proj
  ''978-0-13-223318-7   ''Written& Interpersl Comm&policg Within Prof
2006978-0-13-223319-4   ''Exp Microsft Offc& Phit Tip Xcl3& File Mgmt
2005978-0-13-223330-9   ''Art& Arch of Seventeenth& Art Hist Interactv
2007978-0-13-223332-3Jeremy YudkinUnderstanding Music (5th Edition)
2007978-0-13-223334-7Jeremy YudkinMusicnotes: Note-taking Companion for " Understanding Music "
1967978-0-13-223339-2Richard T GillEconomic development past and present (Foundations of modern economics series)
2005978-0-13-223342-2NAAppld Behavior Anal Tchr& Unstdg Purps Chall
  ''978-0-13-223343-9Rodney C. Vandeveer · Michael L. MenefeeHuman Behavior in Organizations & Self-Assessment Library (Access Code) v. 3.0 Package
  ''978-0-13-223345-3NAMarktg AME Rep 1763-1815&lettr From&t Paine
  ''978-0-13-223347-7   ''Go with Microsft3&tait Go Ofcv2.5&phit Tips
978-0-13-223348-4The Economics of Accounting Standard Setting (Research Studies in Accounting)
2006978-0-13-223349-1NAConcise Guide Jazz 4 Classc CDs&Demo CD Pkg
2005978-0-13-223350-7   ''Gerontology Nursing& Blackboard Pkg
2007978-0-13-223353-8Robert N. Anthony · Leslie BreitnerEssentials of Accounting: International Edition
1970978-0-13-223354-5Stephen SpiegelglasEconomic development;: Challenge and promise
2005978-0-13-223356-9NAAdaptg Early Childrd& VID Case CD& Tchr Prep
  ''978-0-13-223357-6   ''Marktg an Intro& Plan Hbk&vid Seg DVD&Brand
2005978-0-13-223358-3NAIntegratg Educ Tech&tchr Prep&linkg Tech Pk
  ''978-0-13-223360-6Esstls Paramedc Care&prehosp Emerg&arrhyth&
1973978-0-13-223362-0Richard T. GillEconomic Development: Past and Present (Research Studies in Accounting)
2005978-0-13-223363-7NAMacroeconomics& Student Guide&1key Webct Kt
  ''978-0-13-223365-1   ''Cost Accountg& Pren Hall Acctg XCL Tips Fin
2005978-0-13-223366-8NABrock Bio Microorg& Cw& Gr Trck& Microbio Lab
  ''978-0-13-223367-5   ''Expl Micrsft Offc+&train&assess&pht Car GD&
  ''978-0-13-223368-2   ''Writing with Style& Litersture PH Pckt Rdr
1973978-0-13-223370-5Richard T. GillEconomic Development: Past and Present (Foundations of Modern Economics)
2005978-0-13-223372-9Intro Modern Philosophy&studg Philosophy Pk