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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1983978-0-13-535856-6Huck ScarryLife on a Fishing Boat: A Sketchbook (English and French Edition)
1985978-0-13-535865-8Hans HolzerLife Beyond Life: The Evidence of Reincarnation (History of Science Series)
  ''978-0-13-535873-3Hans HolzerLife Beyond Life: The Evidence of Reincarnation
1986978-0-13-535881-8Kenneth Black · Harold D. SkipperLife Insurance (The Prentice-Hall series in security and insurance)
1985978-0-13-535907-5J. ClausenThe Life Course: A Sociological Perspective
1981978-0-13-535915-0Harry Pomann · Barbara FoleyLifelines (Lifelines (Prentice Hall))
1982978-0-13-535923-5Harry Pomann · Barbara FoleyLifelines (Lifelines (Prentice Hall))
  ''978-0-13-535931-0   ''Lifelines: Coping Skills in English (Lifelines (Prentice Hall))
1983978-0-13-535949-5   ''Lifelines (Lifelines (Prentice Hall))
1988978-0-13-535980-8Kenneth Black · Harold D. SkipperLife Insurance (The Prentice-Hall series in security & insurance)
1985978-0-13-536020-0Wong/ShevickLife Science Key Ideas
  ''978-0-13-536038-5   ''Life Science Teachers Manl
  ''978-0-13-536046-0   ''Life Science Lab Data Book
1996978-0-13-536047-7J. M. Spivey · Michael SpiveyAn Introduction to Logic Programming Through Prolog (Prentice Hall International Series in Computer Science)
1986978-0-13-536061-3Marvin N. Tolman · James O. MortonLife Science Activities for Grades 2-8, Book I: Science Curriculum Activities Library
1992978-0-13-536079-8Francis G. McCabeLogic and Objects (Prentice-hall International Series in Computer Science)
1988978-0-13-536087-3Jill WrightLife Science Annotated/Teachers Edition
1988978-0-13-536095-8Jill WrightLife Science Laboratory Manual
1971978-0-13-536102-3Jack Cutler KeirThe life insurance sales management handbook
1988978-0-13-536111-5Jill WrightLife Science Annotated Laboratory Manual/Teachers Edition
  ''978-0-13-536137-5Charles R ColePrentice Hall life science
  ''978-0-13-536145-0Jill WrightLife Science Teachers Resource Book
1983978-0-13-536151-1Brian L. G MorganThe lifelong nutrition guide: How to eat for health at every age and stage of life
  ''978-0-13-536169-6Brian L. G. MorganThe Lifelong Nutrition Guide: How to Eat for Health at Every Age and Stage of Life
1988978-0-13-536210-5Life Science Test Bank Apple/Book and Disk
  ''978-0-13-536300-3Jane GrosslightLight: Effective Use of Daylight and Electric Light in Residential and Commercial Spaces
1980978-0-13-536318-8Arthur W. Galston · Peter J. Davies · Ruth L. SatterThe Life of The Green Plant (3rd Edition)
1980978-0-13-536326-3Arthur William GalstonThe life of the green plant (Foundations of Modern Biology)
1964978-0-13-536334-8Arthur W. GalstonLife of Green Plant (Foundations of Modern Biology)
1990978-0-13-536335-5Life Management
1988978-0-13-536343-0Marita A SullivanLife management (Prentice Hall home economics series)
1972978-0-13-536375-1THE LIFE OF THE GREEN PLANET
1983978-0-13-536383-6Harold E. MeyerLifetime encyclopedia of letters
1963978-0-13-536391-1P.G. StevensThe Life Of Grace
1986978-0-13-536392-8Income Opportunities MagazineIncome opportunities magazine guide to family finance
1984978-0-13-536400-0James K. Van FleetLifetime Conversation Guide
1979978-0-13-536417-8Gretchen WinklemanLifetime Treasury of Elementary Physical Education Activities
1981978-0-13-536433-8William E. MurphyLifetime Treasury of Tested Tennis Tips
1978978-0-13-536441-3William E. Murphy · Chet MurphyLifetime Treasury of Tested Tennis Tips: Secrets of Winning Play
1977978-0-13-536458-1Eleanor C TurnerLifetime encyclopedia of real estate classified advertising
1978978-0-13-536466-6Abraham J. TwerskiLike Yourself and Others Will, Too
1979978-0-13-536474-1Rabbi Abraham J. TwerskiLike Yourself and Others Will Too (A Spectrum book)
1969978-0-13-536482-6Lillian GishLillian Gish: The Movies, Mr. Griffith and Me
1987978-0-13-536533-5Klaus Gillessen · Werner SchairerLight Emitting Diodes: An Introduction (Prentice Hall International Series in Optoelectronics)
1979978-0-13-536557-1Fred AllhoffLightning in the night
1984978-0-13-536566-3Richard Hudson PalmerThe Lighting Art: Aesthetics of Stage Lighting Design
1969978-0-13-536573-1Melvin L. AlexenbergLight and Sound
  ''978-0-13-536581-6Melvin L. AlexenbergLight and Sight
1988978-0-13-536582-3CowanLightning Bolt Love
1976978-0-13-536599-1William F StraubThe lifetime sports-oriented physical education program
1970978-0-13-536607-3David L. MinterFaulkner's "Light in August": A Collection of Critical Essays (20th Century Interpretations)
1988978-0-13-536608-0FAIRMONT/THUMALighting Efficiency Applctns *
1970978-0-13-536615-8David L. MinterTwentieth Century Interpretations of Light in August
1984978-0-13-536623-3Mogens Peter NielsenLimit Analysis and Concrete Plasticity (Prentice-Hall civil engineering and engineering mechanics series)
1969978-0-13-536649-3Lillian Gish · Ann PinchotLillian Gish: The Movies, Mr Griffith, and Me
1989978-0-13-536657-8Don Libes · Sandy ResslerLife With Unix: A Guide for Everyone
1976978-0-13-536664-6Andreas, FeiningerLight and Lighting in Photography
1988978-0-13-536673-8S. MadhuLinear Circuit Analysis
1974978-0-13-536698-1Gary M. MillerLinear Circuits for Electronics Technology (Prentice-hall series in electronic technology)
1988978-0-13-536707-0Swaminathan MadhuLinear circuit analysis: Solutions manual
1982978-0-13-536722-3M. E. Van ValkenburgLinear Circuits
1971978-0-13-536730-8Ralph G. MartinLincoln Center for the Performing Arts
  ''978-0-13-536748-3Ralph G MartinLincoln Center for the Performing Arts,
  ''978-0-13-536755-1G. E ShilovLinear algebra
1974978-0-13-536763-6Stanley ZiontsLinear and Integer Programming (Prentice-Hall international series in management)
  ''978-0-13-536771-1Butch LesniakSolutions manual, Linear and integer programming [by] Stanley Zionts
1982978-0-13-536789-6Baruch BerlinerLimits of Insurability of Risks
1971978-0-13-536797-1Kenneth M Hoffman · Ray KunzeLinear Algebra (2nd Edition)
1987978-0-13-536806-0Lindsay Wagner · Robert M. KleinLindsay Wagner's New Beauty: The Acupressure Facelift
1989978-0-13-536814-5Raymond A. DecarloLinear Systems: A State Variable Approach With Numerical Implementation
1990978-0-13-536822-0DE CARLOSm Linear Systems S/M
1971978-0-13-536839-8Menahem E YaariLinear algebra for social sciences (Prentice-Hall series in mathematical economics)
1987978-0-13-536863-3Syed A. Nasar · I. BoldeaLinear Electric Motors: Theory, Design and Practical Applications
1971978-0-13-536870-1Brian David Outram Anderson · John B. MooreLinear Optimal Control (Prentice-Hall networks series)
1989978-0-13-536871-8Steven J. Molinsky · Bill BlissLine by Line Beginning: Stories for Learners of English (Second Edition)
1966978-0-13-536888-6Michel SimonnardLinear Programming
1991978-0-13-536889-3Steven J. Molinsky · Bill BlissLine by Line Intermediate: Stories for Learners of English
1971978-0-13-536896-1Daniel C. VandermeulenLinear Economic Theory
1967978-0-13-536912-8f a fickenLinear Transformations and Matrices
1987978-0-13-536913-5Harry HelmsLinear Ic Devices: 1987 Source Book (Technipubs/Prentice-Hall Electronics Source Book Series)
1975978-0-13-536920-3Peter MarinThe Limits of Schooling
1975978-0-13-536938-8Peter MarinThe Limits of Schooling (A Spectrum book ; S-338)
1971978-0-13-536946-3Hugh G. CampbellLinear Algebra with Applications
1980978-0-13-536953-1Linear Algebra With Applications, Including Linear Programming
  ''978-0-13-536961-6Thomas KailathLinear Systems
  ''978-0-13-536979-1Hugh G. CampbellLinear Algebra With Applications, Including Linear Programming
1985978-0-13-536996-8Michael J. Best · Klaus RitterLinear Programming: Active Set Analysis and Computer Programs
1979978-0-13-537019-3Stephen H. Friedberg · Arnold J. Insel · Lawrence E. SpenceLinear Algebra
1981978-0-13-537027-8James P. IgnizioLinear Programming in Single and Multiple Objective Systems (Prentice-hall International Series in Industrial & Systems Engineering)
1969978-0-13-537035-3Karl D. UittiLinguistics and Literary Theology (Princeton Studies)
1982978-0-13-537050-6Art LinkletterLinkletter on dynamic selling (A Reward book)
1981978-0-13-537068-1Philippe DumasThe Lippizaners and the Spanish Riding School of Vienna
1983978-0-13-537076-6Steven J. Molinsky · etc.Line by Line: Bk. 1: English Through Grammar Stories
1977978-0-13-537084-1Kathryn LarsonListen to the Land: A Farm journal Treasury
1983978-0-13-537092-6Steven J. Molinsky · Bill BlissLine by Line: English Through Grammar Stories, Book 1A
1989978-0-13-537102-2Stephen H. Friedberg · Arnold J. Insel · Lawrence E. SpenceLinear Algebra
1971978-0-13-537126-8Larry Lee BarkerListening behavior
1989978-0-13-537127-5Stephen · Insel, Arnold · Spence, Laurence E. FriedbergAnswer Booklet 2e '89, to Linear Algebra 2e
1988978-0-13-537143-5L'isogramme: Grammaire Synthetique Du Francais International
1974978-0-13-537159-6Carl J. FriedrichLimited Government: A Comparison (Prentice-Hall contemporary comparative politics series)
  ''978-0-13-537167-1Carl J. FriedrichLimited Government: A Comparison (Prentice-Hall contemporary comparative politics series)
1988978-0-13-537168-8L'Isogrammes: Cahier D'Exercices Pour L'Isogramme
1983978-0-13-537175-6Steven J. Molinsky · Bill BlissLine By Line: English Through Grammar Stories, Book 1b
1978978-0-13-537209-8Jerry CokerListening to Jazz
1982978-0-13-537217-3Jerry CokerListening to Jazz
1982978-0-13-537225-8Jerry CokerListening to jazz
1984978-0-13-537233-3Steven J. Molinsky · Bill BlissLine by Line: English Through Grammar Stories Book 2 (Bk. 2)
1983978-0-13-537241-8   ''Line By Line: English Through Grammar Stories Book 2a
  ''978-0-13-537258-6   ''Line By Line: English Through Grammar Stories, Book 2b
1985978-0-13-537317-0Bennett ReimerListening for the Experience of Music/Albums
1990978-0-13-537318-7Le Corrige De L'Isogrammex
1985978-0-13-537333-0J. Michael McMenaminLinear Integrated Circuits: Operation and Applications
1984978-0-13-537341-5Doraiswami Ramkrishna · Neal Russell AmundsonLinear Operator Methods in Chemical Engineering With Applications to Transport and Chemical Reaction Systems (Prentice-Hall International Series in the Physical and Chemical Engineering Sciences)
1985978-0-13-537366-8Thomas YoungLinear Systems and Digital Signal Processing
1982978-0-13-537381-1Listing Real Estate Successfully
1988978-0-13-537440-5The Literary Spirit
1986978-0-13-537457-3Chrys Goyens · Allan TurowetzLions in Winter
  ''978-0-13-537481-8Franklin BachellerListening and Recall
1989978-0-13-537490-0Sharam HekmatpourLisp: A Portable Implementation/Book and Disk
1983978-0-13-537506-8Mary Ann WennigerLithography: A complete guide (The Art & design series)
  ''978-0-13-537514-3Mary Ann WennigerLithography: A Complete Guide (Art & Design Series)
1971978-0-13-537522-8Allen ChurchillThe literary decade
1986978-0-13-537523-5Listening and Recall: Lessons 1-23
1985978-0-13-537531-0Joan MorleyListening and Language Learning in Esl: Developing Self-Study Activities for Listening Comprehension (Language in Education) (No 59)
1988978-0-13-537549-5Dennis J. SporreThe literary spirit
1972978-0-13-537555-6A. Castenada ShularLiteratura Chicana: Texto Y Contexto/Text and Context: Chicano Literature
  ''978-0-13-537563-1Antonia, Comp. Casta~Neda ShularLiteratura Chicana: Texto Y Contexto. Chicano Literature: Text and Context.
1967978-0-13-537605-8Albert C. BaughA Literary History of England (2nd Edition)
1968978-0-13-537613-3Walter K. GordonLiterature in Critical Perspectives, an Anthology
1988978-0-13-537622-5W. Winterowd · L. Hawk · R. WinterowdThe Literature of Fact: Readings for Writers
1988978-0-13-537648-5Edgar V. Roberts · Henry E. JacobsLiterature: An Introduction to Reading and Writing
1989978-0-13-537655-3Edgar V. & Jacobs, Henry E. RobertsLiterature: An Introduction to Reading and Writing
  ''978-0-13-537671-3Steve EberlyLiterature: An introduction to reading and writing, second edition, Edgar V. Roberts, Henry E. Jacobs
  ''978-0-13-537689-8Dennison NashA Little Anthropology
1985978-0-13-537697-3Linda GlovachThe Little Witch's Cat Book
1981978-0-13-537704-8Peter B. MessentLiterature of the Occult ; A Collection of Critical Essays (Twentieth Century Views)
  ''978-0-13-537712-3Peter B. MessertLiterature of the Occult (Twentieth century views)
1989978-0-13-537739-0Linda GlovachThe Little Witch's Dinosaur Book
1981978-0-13-537746-8Jack KentLittle Peep
1978978-0-13-537753-6J. Olander · M. GreenbergTwentieth Century Interpretations of Literature of Horror and Supernatural
1980978-0-13-537761-1and OlanderTwentieth Century Interpretations of Literature of Horror and the Supernatural
1989978-0-13-537762-8Literary Experiences - Volume 1 (Stories; Poems; Essays; Plays)
1975978-0-13-537779-6Christine WesterbergA little lion
978-0-13-537787-1A Little Anthropology (Art & Design Series)
1983978-0-13-537795-6Fred R PfisterThe littlest baby: A handbook for parents of premature children
  ''978-0-13-537811-3Charles KellerThe Little Witch Presents a Monster Joke Book
1971978-0-13-537845-8Richard BraddockLittle Casebook in the Rhetoric of Writing
1972978-0-13-537860-1Linda GlovachThe little witch's black magic cookbook
1968978-0-13-537878-6Ennis. ReesThe Little Greek Alphabet Book.
1986978-0-13-537879-3Linda GlovachThe Little Witch's Book of Toys
1979978-0-13-537886-1   ''Little Witch's Book of Games
1969978-0-13-537902-8Letty · Chaves, Doris (translated by) · Allen, Ed (translated by) WilliamsThe little red hen: La pequeña gallina roja
1980978-0-13-537910-3Linda GlovachThe Little Witch's Black Magic Book of Disguises
1974978-0-13-537928-8   ''The Little Witch's Black Magic Book of Games
1972978-0-13-537936-3Linda GlovachThe Little Witch's Black Magic Cookbook
1977978-0-13-537944-8   ''The Little Witch's Black Magic Book of Disguises
1974978-0-13-537951-6   ''The Little Witch's Christmas Book
1976978-0-13-537969-1   ''The Little Witch Presents a Monster Joke Book
1981978-0-13-537977-6   ''The Little Witch's Birthday Book
1975978-0-13-537985-1Linda GlovachThe Little Witch's Halloween Book
1976978-0-13-537993-6   ''The Little Witch's Thanksgiving Book
  ''978-0-13-538009-3   ''The Little Witch's Thanksgiving Book
1986978-0-13-538018-5   ''The Little Witch's Summertime Book
2019978-0-13-538019-2Cheryl A. SchmidtComplete A+ Guide to IT Hardware and Software Lab Manual: A CompTIA A+ Core 1 (220-1001) & CompTIA A+ Core 2 (220-1002) Lab Manual (8th Edition)
1984978-0-13-538026-0Linda GlovachThe Little Witch's Valentine Book
1979978-0-13-538033-8   ''The little witch's book of yoga
1982978-0-13-538041-3Richard VeitThe Little Writing Book Cases for Rhetorical Expression
1977978-0-13-538066-6DaigonLive Learn
1982978-0-13-538074-1Linda GlovachThe Little Witch's Carnival Book
1974978-0-13-538090-1The Little Witch's Christmas Book
1983978-0-13-538108-3Linda GlovachThe Little Witch's Spring Holiday Book
1983978-0-13-538116-8Linda GlovachThe Little Witch's Halloween Book
1981978-0-13-538125-0The Little Witch's Birthday Book
2003978-0-13-538158-8M IVESON J E OSTER AND J K MCCLAYLiterary Experiences Volume Two: Stories Poems Essays Plays
1990978-0-13-538182-3Pamela J. Annas · Robert C. RosenLiterature and Society: An Introduction to Fiction, Poetry, Drama, Nonfiction
1989978-0-13-538209-7LANGLEYComfort Heating Lincoln Tech Edition
  ''978-0-13-538216-5Dan KileyLiving Together, Feeling Alone: Healing Your Hidden Loneliness
1990978-0-13-538240-0Lisa BirnbachLisa Birnbach's New and Improved College Book
978-0-13-538273-8Science & Technology Policy in the Unite
1991978-0-13-538315-5J. M. VergnaudLiquid Transport Process in Polymeric Materials: Modeling and Industrial Applications (Polymer Science and Engineering Series)
  ''978-0-13-538323-0Wolter J. Fabrycky · Benjamin S. BlanchardLife-Cycle Cost and Economic Analysis (Prentice Hall International Series in Industrial and Systems Engineering)
  ''978-0-13-538349-0John W. AuerLinear Algebra With Applications
1995978-0-13-538356-8Jay D. ZornListening to Music (4 CD Set) B/CD
1991978-0-13-538380-3Jay D. ZornListening to Music
1990978-0-13-538422-0Molly M. Miller · Eric BensonLisp: Style and Design
  ''978-0-13-538455-8A. C. Baker · H. L. PorteousLinear Algebra and Differential Equations (Ellis Horwood Series in Mathematics & Its Applications)
1991978-0-13-538471-8A. C. BakerLinear Algebra and Differential Equations (Mathematics and Its Applications)
978-0-13-538488-6T.C. ByerlyLivestock and Livestock Products
1972978-0-13-538496-1Joseph T McGloinLiving to beat hell!
1978978-0-13-538504-3Gay HendricksHow to Love Every Minute of Your Life
1990978-0-13-538505-0T.R. Graves SmithLinear Analysis of Frameworks (Ellis Horwood Series in Engineering Science)
1974978-0-13-538513-5G. W. Gray · Philip Alan WinsorLiquid Crystals & Plastic Crystals: Vol.1: Preparation, Constitution and Applications (Ellis Horwood series in physical chemistry)
1983978-0-13-538521-0Ian David Huntley · Roy Michael JohnsonLinear and Nonlinear Differential Equations (Mathematics and its Applications)
1983978-0-13-538539-5Ian David Huntley · Roy Michael JohnsonLinear and Nonlinear Differential Equations (Mathematics and its Applications)
1982978-0-13-538579-1Livestock and Poultry Production
  ''978-0-13-538587-6Clarence E. BundyLivestock and Poultry Production (Prentice-Hall agriculture series)
1984978-0-13-538595-1A. BundyLivestock Poultry Production T
1990978-0-13-538604-0FISHER/LUYSTERLiving Religion
  ''978-0-13-538620-0Carol M. ArcherLiving With Strangers in the U.S.A.: Communicating Beyond Culture