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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1989978-0-13-912270-5JACOBUSTexas Real Estate Law
1990978-0-13-912296-5Malcolm ClarkTex Applications, Uses, Methods (Ellis Horwood Series in Computers & Their Applications)
978-0-13-912313-9DERUCHERSolutions Manual
1983978-0-13-912320-7Frank ChorltonTextbook of Dynamics (Ellis Horwood Series in Mathematics & Its Applications)
1993978-0-13-912338-2Ricardo A. Baeza-YatesText Searching Algorithms (Ellis Horwood Series in Computers & Their Applications)
1991978-0-13-912346-7John P. WiedemerTexas Real Estate Finance
1995978-0-13-912387-0Kapadia.Textbook of Mathematical Modelling
  ''978-0-13-912395-5Kapadia.Textbook of Mathematical Modelling
1998978-0-13-912437-2HamblinSm Exercises Physical Geology
1981978-0-13-912444-0Rupert Norval Richardson · Adrian N. Anderson · Ernest WallaceTexas: The Lone Star State
1999978-0-13-912460-0Nijole V. BenokraitisFeuds about Families: Conservative, Centrist, Liberal, and Feminist Perspectives
1971978-0-13-912477-8Dan D NimmoThe Texas political system
1998978-0-13-912487-7Robert P. KokernakFluid Power Technology (2nd Edition)
1985978-0-13-912494-5Jack P. FriedmanTexas Real Estate License Examinations Guide
1989978-0-13-912510-2Tom J. Morton · Dean StoutTexas Real Estate Marketing
1985978-0-13-912536-2Carole GoodsonTechnical Mathematics With Calculus
1986978-0-13-912544-7Robert M. QuackenbushTexas Trail to Calamity: A Miss Mallard Mystery
  ''978-0-13-912551-5Edgar J. MantonTexas Real Estate Principles (Wiley Series in Texas Real Estate)
1992978-0-13-912585-0Charles J. JacobusTexas Real Estate Law
1988978-0-13-912593-5Peter NewmarkA Textbook of Translation (Skills)
1983978-0-13-912600-0Insight GuidesInsight Guide to Thailand (Insight Guide Thailand)
1984978-0-13-912627-7Apa Map Thailand
1991978-0-13-912635-2John G. BeechThank You for Flying With Us: English for In-Flight Cabin Attendants
978-0-13-912643-7Thank You for Flying With Us (Prentice Hall International English Language Teaching)
1986978-0-13-912684-0Brian HansenInstructor's Manual with Test Theatre the Dynamics of the Art
1980978-0-13-912717-5Errol HillTheater of Black Americans (TWENTIETH CENTURY VIEWS)
  ''978-0-13-912725-0Errol G. HillTheatre of Black Americans: v. 2 (20th Century Views)
  ''978-0-13-912733-5Errol HillThe Theater of Black Americans: The Presenters: Companies of Players; The Participators: Audiences and Critics (A Collection of Critical Essays)
1991978-0-13-912742-7George StyliosTextile Objective Measurement and Automation in Garment Manufacture (Ellis Horwood Series in Applied Science and Industrial Technology)
1991978-0-13-912775-5AlcockTextbook Social Psychology Workbook
1982978-0-13-912808-0Betty F. Smith · Ira BlockTextiles in Perspective
1992978-0-13-912817-2Lawrence M. Brammer · Philip Abrego · Everett ShostrumTherapeutic Counseling and Psychotherapy (6th Edition)
1970978-0-13-912824-0Isabel B. WingateTextile Fabrics and Their Selection
1974978-0-13-912832-5Lawrence R. KleinTextbook of Econometrics
1976978-0-13-912840-0Isabel Barnum WingateTextile fabrics and their selection
  ''978-0-13-912857-8Lee WarrenThe Theater of Africa: An Introduction
1984978-0-13-912865-3Isabel B. Wingate · June F. MohlerTextile Fabrics and Their Selection
1989978-0-13-912874-5CARMENTTextbook Social Psychology
1977978-0-13-912881-3Thacker's Dictionary of Accounting Terms
1988978-0-13-912912-4AlcockTextbook of Social Psychology
  ''978-0-13-912916-2   ''Social Psychology: Study Guide
1995978-0-13-912932-2Susan Coleman · James V. CalviTexas Government
1968978-0-13-912949-0Alexander WelshThackeray: A Collection of Critical Essays
  ''978-0-13-912956-8Alexander WelshThackeray: A Collection of Critical Essays
1975978-0-13-912972-8Monroe C. Beardsley · Robert W. Daniel · Glenn LeggettTheme and Form: An Introduction to Literature
1973978-0-13-913004-5Louis PhillipsTheodore Jonathan Wainwright Is Going To Bomb The Pentagon A Comic Novella
1998978-0-13-913005-2Donna E. Norton · Saundra NortonLanguage Arts Activities for Children (4th Edition)
1970978-0-13-913012-0Charlotte Kay MotterTheatre in high school: planning, teaching, directing (Prentice-Hall series in theatre and drama)
1998978-0-13-913013-7Richard E. MayerThe Promise of Educational Psychology: Learning in the Content Areas
1974978-0-13-913020-5George SouleThe theatre of the mind (Prentice-Hall English literature series)
  ''978-0-13-913038-0J. S. AbbottWhole Thing
1990978-0-13-913047-2Brian HansenTheatre: The Dynamics of the Art (2nd Edition)
1974978-0-13-913053-3James J. MatlesThem and us: struggles of a rank-and-file union
2000978-0-13-913054-0Duncan R. Wood George A. MacLeanIntroduction to Politics: Power, Participation, and the Distribution of Wealth
1991978-0-13-913062-5Brian HansenTheatre: The Dynamics of the Art; Instructor's Manual with Tests
1974978-0-13-913079-3James J MatlesThem and us: struggles of a rank-and-file union,
1998978-0-13-913088-5Pete PalmerOpenlinux: The Complete Linux Operating System With Integrated Desktop and Utilities!
1967978-0-13-913111-0John F. CadyThailand, Burma, Laos and Cambodia
1967978-0-13-913129-5John F. CadyThailand, Burma, Laos and Cambodia
1990978-0-13-913138-7Edwin A. Locke · Gary P. Latham · Ken J. Smith · Robert E. WoodA Theory of Goal Setting & Task Performance
1979978-0-13-913145-5Lawrence H. DavisTheory of Action (Foundations of Philosophy)
  ''978-0-13-913152-3   ''Theory of Action (Foundations of Philosophy)
1990978-0-13-913161-5William C. Olson · etc.The Theory and Practice of International Relations
1962978-0-13-913178-3Reginald F. O'Neill.Theories of Knowledge
1998978-0-13-913179-0Raymond A. Barnett · Michael R. Ziegler · Karl E. ByleenFinite Mathematics for Business, Economics, Life Sciences and Social Sciences
1988978-0-13-913187-5F. Kouril · K. VrbaNon-Linear and Parametric Circuits: Principles, Theory and Applications (Mathematics & Its Applications) (English and Czech Edition)
1994978-0-13-913195-0Jaroslav ChuracekAdvanced Instrumental Methods of Chemical Analysis (Ellis Horwood Series in Analytical Chemistry)
1976978-0-13-913202-5Willis D. HawleyTheoretical Perspectives on Urban Politics
1963978-0-13-913228-5James L. Potter · Sylvan J. FichTheory Of Networks And Lines
1960978-0-13-913236-0Ronald F. SoohooTheory and Application of Ferrites
1985978-0-13-913260-5Explorations LoggingTheory and Application of Drilling Fluid Hydraulics
1963978-0-13-913277-3S.H. LehnigkTheory and Application of Liapunov's Direct Method
1998978-0-13-913286-5Jayant et al KadambiGigabit Ethernet
1985978-0-13-913302-2Alun WhittakerTheory and Evaluation of Formation Pressures (Exlog Series of Petroleum, Geology and Engineering Handbooks)
1995978-0-13-913310-7Joseph F. Hair · Rolph E. Anderson · Ronald L. Tatham · William C. BlackMultivariate Data Analysis: With Readings
1971978-0-13-913319-0William T. BluhmTheories of the Political System
1978978-0-13-913327-5William T. BluhmTheories of the Political System; Classics of Political Thought and Modern Political Analysis
1969978-0-13-913343-5Hubert M. BlalockTheory Construction
1970978-0-13-913368-8Michael A. ArbibTheories of Abstract Automata (Automatic Computation)
  ''978-0-13-913376-3Fred (Colorado College) · Olson, William (Colombia University) · McLellan, David (Univ of Calif, Riverside) SondermannThe Theory and Practice of International Relations
  ''978-0-13-913384-8Fred A SondermannThe theory and practice of international relations
1969978-0-13-913418-0Dean G. Pruitt · Richard C. SnyderTheory and Research on the Causes of War
1974978-0-13-913426-5Rudolph SzilardTheory and Analysis of Plates: Classical and Numerical Methods (Civil engineering and engineering mechanics series)
1978978-0-13-913467-8Carolyn SmithThat's entertainment (Passport series)
  ''978-0-13-913475-3That's entertainment: Narrative writing (Passport series)
1991978-0-13-913476-0William CrainTheories of Development: Concepts and Applications
1978978-0-13-913483-8That's entertainment: Narrative writing (Passport series)
1981978-0-13-913491-3Barry D. SmithTheoretical Approaches to Personality
1968978-0-13-913517-0Richard C. DubesTheory of Applied Probability (Electrical Engineering S.)
1992978-0-13-913559-0William C CrainTest item file: Theories of development: concepts and applications, third edition
1980978-0-13-913566-8William CrainTheories of Development: Concepts and Applications
1980978-0-13-913590-3Clarence R GreenThe theory and servicing of AM, FM, and FM stereo receivers
1985978-0-13-913617-7William CrainTheories of development: Concepts and applications
1970978-0-13-913624-5Michael J. BrennanTheory of Economic Statics
1988978-0-13-913633-7William Crain*Theories Development **
1981978-0-13-913657-3Callista Roy · Sharon RobertsTheory Construction in Nursing: An Adaption Model
1973978-0-13-913699-3Jan MossinTheory of Financial Markets (Prentice-Hall international series in management)
1989978-0-13-913708-2John Carroll · Darrell LongTheory of Finite Automata With an Introduction to Formal Languages
1990978-0-13-913724-2Barry D. Smith · Harold J. VetterTheories of Personality (2nd Edition)
1993978-0-13-913740-2H.M. Gousha (Firm)Texas roadmap: Including mini-maps of Texarkana, AR, Ciudad Acuna, Mexico, Abilene, Amarillo ... and highway map of Big Bend National Park (A Gousha travel publication)
1999978-0-13-913757-0MANCINI & MAYER-MARTINTheory Musicians Vol 1 2 Workbook (v. 1 & 2)
1965978-0-13-913772-3Peter NewmanTheory of Exchange
  ''978-0-13-913780-8K J & Cyert, R M CohenTheory of the Firm (International Series in Management)
1975978-0-13-913798-3Richard M. Cyert · Kalman J. CohenTheory of the Firm: Resource Allocation in a Market Economy (Prentice-Hall International Series in Management)
1967978-0-13-913822-5A. I. MarkushevichTheory of Functions of a Complex Variable, Vol. 3
1975978-0-13-913830-0Nancy Smith BarrettTheory of Macroeconomics Policy
1973978-0-13-913848-5   ''Theory of Macroeconomic Policy
1981978-0-13-913905-5Rickey L GeorgeTheory, methods & processes of counseling and psychotherapy (Prentice-Hall series in counseling and human development)
1968978-0-13-913988-8Abdul A., ed. SaidTheory of International Relations the CR
1999978-0-13-913989-5Joel G. Siegel · Anique Qureshi · Robert, Ph.D. ChiInformation Systems Management Handbook
1967978-0-13-914002-0Roderick M. ChisholmTheory of Knowledge (Foundations of Philosophy)
1998978-0-13-914011-2AngusSm Math at Work Book 1 Rev Arith I/M
1999978-0-13-914029-7Jack L. BurtonBuilding Systems Design Series Volume 3: Domestic Plumbing Design
1998978-0-13-914037-2Frederick K. Lutgens · Edward J. TarbuckFoundations of Earth Science
1999978-0-13-914052-5Timothy J. Newby · James Lehman · James Russell · Donald A. StepichInstructional Technology for Teaching and Learning: Designing Instruction, Integrating Computers, and Using Media
  ''978-0-13-914060-0H. R. MahoodInterest Groups in American National Politics: An Overview
1969978-0-13-914085-3Monroe C BeardsleyTheme and form;: An introduction to literature (Prentice-Hall English literature series)
1998978-0-13-914086-0Joyce Bishop · Kathleen Cole · Gary Izumo · Carol CarterKeys to Workplace Skills: How to Get From Your Senior Year to Your First Promotion
1969978-0-13-914093-8Monroe C. Beardsley · Robert W. Daniel · Glenn LeggettTheme and Form: An Introduction to Literature
1975978-0-13-914101-0Lawrence R. Rabiner · Bernard GoldTheory and Application of Digital Signal Processing
1998978-0-13-914128-7John ArthurMorality and Moral Controversies
1977978-0-13-914150-8Roderick M. ChisholmTheory of Knowledge (Foundations of Philosophy)
  ''978-0-13-914168-3   ''Theory of Knowledge (Foundations of Philosophy)
1989978-0-13-914177-5Roderick ChisholmTheory of Knowledge (Prentice-hall Foundations of Philosophy Series)
1995978-0-13-914276-5Prentice HallThe 32 Toughest Letters A Human Resource Manager Will Ever Have To Write
1992978-0-13-914292-5Davidson · Lytle · StoffAmerican Journey The Quest for Liberty Since 1865 (Texas Edition)
1991978-0-13-914318-2Irwin UngerThese United States: The Questions Of Our Past - Vol. II Since 1865
1992978-0-13-914326-7CLAUSSENThese United States Vl2 S/G
1995978-0-13-914334-2These United States
1991978-0-13-914342-7ClaussenThese U S,
1998978-0-13-914359-5PetersonTherapeutic Recreation
1997978-0-13-914392-2Math Elementary Teachers
1984978-0-13-914408-0Fred Dansereau · etc.Theory Testing in Organizational Behavior
1985978-0-13-914416-5Earl HenryTheory of Tonal Music
  ''978-0-13-914424-0Earl HenryTheory of Tonal Music
1980978-0-13-914432-5Gordon H. Bower · Ernest R. HilgardTheories of Learning (5th Edition)
1987978-0-13-914441-7Luigina De GrandisTheory and Use of Color
1975978-0-13-914457-8Ernest R. Hilgard · Gordon H. BowerTheories of Learning (The Century psychology series)
1983978-0-13-914473-8Joseph R. Royce · Arnold PowellTheory of Personality and Individual Differences: Factors, Systems, and Processes (The Century psychology series)
1983978-0-13-914481-3William C. Olson · etc.Theory and Practice of International Relations
1974978-0-13-914499-8William C. Olson · etc.Theory and Practice of International Relations
1979978-0-13-914507-0Fred A. Sonderman · etc.Theory and Practice of International Relations
1981978-0-13-914515-5William T. ThomsonTheory Of Vibration With Applications (Solutions Manual)
1988978-0-13-914532-2William T. ThomsonTheory of Vibration with Applications
1972978-0-13-914556-8Alfred V. Aho · Jeffrey D. UllmanThe Theory of Parsing, Translation, and Compiling (Volume I: Parsing)
1973978-0-13-914564-3Alfred V. Aho · Jeffrey D. UllmanCompiling (Theory of Parsing, Translation and Compiling)
1987978-0-13-914573-5William C. Olson · etc.Theory and Practice of International Relations
1970978-0-13-914580-3Adrienne Lehrer · Keith LehrerTheory of Meaning (Central Issues in Philosophy Series)
1988978-0-13-914581-0William T. ThomsonTheory of Vibration with Applications - Solutions Manual
1970978-0-13-914598-8Adrienne Lehrer · Keith LehrerTheory of Meaning (Central issues in philosophy series)
1982978-0-13-914614-5Lawrence M. Brammer · Everett L. ShostromTherapeutic Psychology: Fundamentals of Counselling and Psychotherapy
1977978-0-13-914622-0Lawrence M. Brammer · Everett L. ShostromTherapeutic Psychology: Fundamentals of Counselling and Psychotherapy (Prentice-Hall psychology series)
1969978-0-13-914630-5R.L. Curry · L.L. WadeTheory of Political Exchange (Contemporary Political Theory)
1968978-0-13-914648-0lawrence MTherapeutic Psychology
1987978-0-13-914656-5Roxanne Howe-Murphy · Becky G. CharboneauTherapeutic Recreation Intervention: An Ecological Perspective
1989978-0-13-914664-0Lawrence Brammer · Everett L. Shostrom · Philip AbregoTherapeutic Psychology: Fundamentals of Counseling and Psychotherapy
1979978-0-13-914671-8Paavo O. AirolaThere IS a Cure For Arithritis
1987978-0-13-914680-0Gerald EskenaziThere were giants in those days
1974978-0-13-914697-8Harrisene JacksonThere's nothing I own that I want
1988978-0-13-914698-5Paavo AirolaThere is a Cure for Arthritis
1986978-0-13-914706-7Robert F. MorneauThere is a Season: An Inspirational Journal
1971978-0-13-914739-5J.J. StifflerTheory of Synchronous Communications (Electrical Engineering)
1989978-0-13-914748-7Richard E. HamTherapy of Stuttering: Preschool Through Adolescence
1984978-0-13-914755-5Robert MorneauThere Is a Season
1991978-0-13-914771-5David R. Austin · Michael E. CrawfordTherapeutic Recreation: An Introduction
1975978-0-13-914788-3William A McGareyThere will your heart be also: Edgar Cayce's readings about home and marriage
1999978-0-13-914789-0Joel R. EvansMarketing
1981978-0-13-914796-8Albert M. Cook · John G. WebsterTherapeutic Medical Devices
1978978-0-13-914804-0Scott Lee Gunn · Carol Ann PetersonTherapeutic Recreation Design: Principles and Procedures
1984978-0-13-914839-2Carol Ann Peterson · Scout Lee GunnTherapeutic Recreation Program Design: Principles and Procedures
1967978-0-13-914853-8Melvin MarkThermodynamics; an auto-instructional text
1987978-0-13-914854-5Michael E. Crawford · Ron MendellTherapeutic Recreation and Adapted Physical Activities for Mentally Retarded Individuals
1974978-0-13-914879-8Elliott Morton AvedonTherapeutic Recreation Service: An Applied Behavioural Approach
1975978-0-13-914887-3John DixonThermodynamics: Introduction to Energy (Prentice-Hall series in engineering of the physical sciences)
1989978-0-13-914896-5Gerald S. O'Morrow · Ronald P. ReynoldsTherapeutic Recreation: A Helping Profession
1966978-0-13-914911-5Michel A. SaadThermodynamics For Engineers
1971978-0-13-914945-0Edme RegnierThere is a Cure for the Common Cold!
1999978-0-13-914946-7Philip KotlerMarketing Management: Analysis, Planning, Implementation, and Control
1991978-0-13-914953-5Roger M. ButlerThermal Recovery of Oil and Bitumen
  ''978-0-13-914961-0S. K. DeThermoplastic Elastomers from Rubber-Plastic Blends (Ellis Horwood Series in Polymer Science and Technology)
1985978-0-13-914979-5Bhalchandra V. KarlekarThermodynamics for Engineers
1982978-0-13-914986-3Bhalchandra V. KarlekarThermodynamics for Engineers
1990978-0-13-915026-5M.H. CardewThermodynamics for Chemists and Chemical Engineers
1984978-0-13-915034-0R. M. JohnsonTheory and Applications of Linear Differential and Difference Equations: A Systems Approach in Engineering (Mathematics and its Applications)
1991978-0-13-915042-5G. A. KrestovThermodynamics of Solvation: Solution and Dissolution, Ions and Solvents, Structure and Energetics (Ellis Horwood Series in Physical Chemistry)
1986978-0-13-915059-3Tickets Please and Other Stories
1995978-0-13-915067-8GoushaThibodaux (City Map)
1993978-0-13-915091-3D. R. VijThermoluminescent Materials
978-0-13-915158-3UNGERSm These Us Vol 2 Ques Our Past Tif
978-0-13-915174-3UNGERSm These Us Vol 1 Ques Our Pas
2000978-0-13-915182-8   ''Sm These Us Vol 1 Ques Our Pas
1992978-0-13-915240-5Carma McClureThe Three R's of Software Automation: Re-Engineering Repository Reusability
1993978-0-13-915257-3Geoffrey WigoderThey Made History: A Biographical Dictionary