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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2002978-0-13-094333-0Joan M. Saslow · Tim CollinsWorkplace Plus: Living and Working in English: Level 3 (Workplace Plus)
2001978-0-13-094334-7Eric Chaisson · S. McMillanAstronomy Today: High School Binding
  ''978-0-13-094339-2Stephen J. Ethier · Christine A. EthierAutocad in 3 Dimensions Using Autocad 2002
2003978-0-13-094340-8Michael LymanInstructors Manual
2004978-0-13-094341-5Chek-Chart · Mark Hambaum · James D. HaldermanAutomatic Transmissions and Transaxles: Classroom Manual
  ''978-0-13-094342-2Mark HambaumShop Manual
2003978-0-13-094344-6Class Text
1991978-0-13-094350-7C.J. Miller · N.E. PalmerBusiness Law
2003978-0-13-094351-4Joan M. Saslow · Tim CollinsWorkplace Plus, Level 4 (Student Book)
  ''978-0-13-094352-1Joan M. Saslow · Barbara R. DenmanWorkplace Plus: Living and Working in English 4 Workbook
  ''978-0-13-094353-8SaslowWorkplace Plus Level 4 Teacher's Edition
2003978-0-13-094354-5Joan SaslowWorkplace Plus 4 with Grammar Booster Audiocassettes
2002978-0-13-094372-9Adam U. KemplerAdventures in Writing: An Introduction to the Writing Process with Readings
  ''978-0-13-094381-1Deborah GordonIn Charge 2 Workbook (Scott Foresman English)
  ''978-0-13-094382-8Stephen GudgelIn Charge 1 Workbook (Scott Foresman English)
978-0-13-094383-5Occupational Safety and Health for Construction Management
1992978-0-13-094384-2William E. Warren · Larry F. ChapmanBasketball Coach's Survival Guide
2001978-0-13-094386-6Jerald A. Dively · Marcraft International CorporationCCNA PASS-IT Exam Preparation (4th Edition)
2004978-0-13-094387-3Barry M. LuntElectronic Physical Design
978-0-13-094388-0Barry LuntInstructors Manual
2002978-0-13-094405-4Dean J. ChampionInstructor's Manual: AND Test Item File
  ''978-0-13-094407-8Macromedia Flash 5: Animating for the Web (Against the Clock Series)
2002978-0-13-094409-2Adobe Photoshop 6: Advanced Digital Images (Against the Clock Series)
2001978-0-13-094410-8Lynn KyleLynn Kyle's Macromedia Flash Training Course: A Digital Seminar on CD-ROM
2002978-0-13-094412-2Adobe Illustrator 9: Introduction to Digital Illustration (Against the Clock Series)
978-0-13-094415-3KleitzDigital Electronics: a Practical Approach with Coursecompass
2001978-0-13-094416-0Charles DaleThe Chef's Guide to America's Best Restaurants
  ''978-0-13-094417-7Lynn KyleLynn Kyle's Photoshop Training Course: A Digital Seminar on CD-ROM
2000978-0-13-094418-4FeeneyBrief Review On Global History
978-0-13-094420-7Philip ReichelCompanion Website - Reichel
978-0-13-094422-1Lynn KyleWorkbook
2002978-0-13-094424-5James V. Valentino · Joseph GoldenbergIntroduction to Computer Numerical Control (CNC) (3rd Edition)
2001978-0-13-094425-2NAPeople of the Earth: Intro World Prehist CD
2002978-0-13-094429-0Darren Wershler-HenryFree as in Speech and Beer: The Internet, Gift Economies and the Intellectual Property Crisis
  ''978-0-13-094431-3James L. Antonakos · Kenneth C. MansfieldMastering A+ Certification and Lab Manual
978-0-13-094432-0James Antonakos · Kenneth MansfieldInstructors Manual
2001978-0-13-094433-7James L. Antonakos · Kenneth C. MansfieldLab Manual
1992978-0-13-094434-4Ricky W. Griffin · Ronald J. EbertBusiness
2001978-0-13-094437-5Barbara ClarkGrowing Up Gifted: Developing the Potential of Children at Home and at School (6th Edition)
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  ''978-0-13-094441-2Arthur J. Keown · John MartinFinancial Management: Principles and Applications: International Edition
1993978-0-13-094442-9MCGEEHEE BOInstructors Resource Binder with Video Guide
2001978-0-13-094444-3Robert L. Boylestad · Louis NashelskyElectronic Devices and Circuit Theory: International Edition
2003978-0-13-094450-4Terance D. Miethe · Andrew Stull · Richard McCorkleInstructor's Manual
2002978-0-13-094456-6Margaret McWilliams · Holly HellerFood Around the World: A Cultural Perspective
2001978-0-13-094458-0Richard C. McCorkle · Terance D. MiethePanic: The Social Construction of the Street Gang Problem
1993978-0-13-094459-7John Bowdidge · George SwalesStudy Guide
1993978-0-13-094467-2Donald LinnerStock Market and Investment Practice Set
2002978-0-13-094484-9Frederick DouglasNarrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, an American Slave
2001978-0-13-094485-6Thomas PaineCommon Sense
  ''978-0-13-094494-8Steven J. Molinsky · Bill BlissSide by Side 1 Reference Guide 1 (bk. 1)
  ''978-0-13-094495-5Steven J. Molinsky · Bill BlissSide by Side TV Reference Guide 2 (3rd Edition)
2002978-0-13-094496-2Steven MolinskySide by Side 1 Activity and Test Prep Teacher's Resource Book
2006978-0-13-094497-9Steven J. Molinsky · Bill BlissSide by Side Bk 2 Actv TST Wb2
2008978-0-13-094498-6   ''Side by Side: Activity and Test Prep Teacher's Resource Bk. 3
2001978-0-13-094499-3   ''Side by Side Level 4 Activity & Test Prep Teacher's Resource
2003978-0-13-094500-6George AcquaahUnderstanding Biotechnology: An Integrated and Cyber-Based Approach
2001978-0-13-094502-0Howard SpodekAccess Code Card Blackboard (2nd Edition)
  ''978-0-13-094507-5Stephen J. Ethier · Christine A. EthierInstant AutoCAD: Mechanical Desktop 5.0
  ''978-0-13-094508-2   ''Instant AutoCAD: Architectural Desktop 3.0
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2002978-0-13-094512-9Colin J. Marsh · George WillisCurriculum: Alternative Approaches, Ongoing Issues (3rd Edition)
  ''978-0-13-094513-6Sandra L. CaronSex Matters for College Students: Sex FAQ's in Human Sexuality
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1993978-0-13-094517-4Business - Annotated Instructor's Edition
2002978-0-13-094518-1Claudia Eliason · Loa JenkinsPractical Guide to Early Childhood Curriculum, A (7th Edition)
2003978-0-13-094521-1Jaime J. Romo · Paula S. Bradfield-Kreider · Ramón A. SerranoReclaiming Democracy: Multicultural Educators' Journeys Toward Transformative Teaching
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2001978-0-13-094524-2Linda MallinsonThe Office Guide (2nd Edition)
2002978-0-13-094526-6Inc. Against The ClockAdobe Premiere 6: Digital Video Editing
2003978-0-13-094535-8GOLDFIELDMapping American History CD-Rom
2002978-0-13-094549-5WebCT Standard Access Card (2nd Edition)
  ''978-0-13-094551-8Marilyn StokstadBlackboard Standard Access Card (2nd Edition)
978-0-13-094555-6Of Color: Literature for Composition
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2001978-0-13-094565-5K. Elayn Martin-GrayPrealgebra CD Lecture Series 10 CDs
978-0-13-094567-9CD Lecture Series Intermediage Algebra A Graphing Approach Second Edition K. Elayn Martin-Gay and Margaret Green 11-disc set
2003978-0-13-094577-8R. Wayne Mondy · Robert M. Noe · Shane R. PremeauxStudy Guide
2002978-0-13-094580-8John E. Neely · Thomas J. BertonePractical Metallurgy and Materials of Industry (6th Edition)
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2001978-0-13-094591-4NAContmp Writer Full
2002978-0-13-094600-3Lewis BarkerPsychology
2001978-0-13-094602-7John Sheridan BiaysCourseCompass Standard Access Card
  ''978-0-13-094603-4Lewis BarkerPsychology, Study Guide
2002978-0-13-094604-1   ''Instructors Manual
1993978-0-13-094608-9ROUECHE GRAVESStudent Solutions Manual
2002978-0-13-094610-2Jane E. RizzitanoQuiosco Cordeiro - Workbook (Spanish Edition)
2002978-0-13-094611-9Lewis BarkerPsychology
1952978-0-13-094612-6PETERSON AND COMPANY ROWThe Standard Building of our Nation
1993978-0-13-094624-9Sm Business Supplement Sampler
2009978-0-13-094627-0Sylvia RosenAdvanced Apparel Design
2004978-0-13-094628-7Nancy BerkoffNutrition for the Culinary Arts
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978-0-13-094631-7PAGLAIROMethods Competent Teaching: Self Assessment
1993978-0-13-094632-4GRIFFIN EBERTBusiness Essentials Ph Career Guide
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2001978-0-13-094635-5John H. TullockThe Old Testament Story (6th Edition)
2005978-0-13-094637-9Laura Miller · Dennis ThompsonClassc Film in Intro Psychology DVD
2002978-0-13-094641-6Bruce J. Colbert · Barbara J. Mason Pharm. D.Prentice Hall's Cardiopulmonary Drug Guide
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978-0-13-094850-2Ellen KisslingerContemporary Topics Teacher's Pack: High Intermediate Listening and Note-Taking Skills
2002978-0-13-094851-9NAArriba: Comunicacion y Cultura with CDROM
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978-0-13-094854-0Laurie Frazier Helen Sophia SolorzanoContemporary Topics Teacher's Pack: Intermediate Listening and Note-Taking Skills
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2001978-0-13-094914-1NABlackboard Prem Bunpk Computer& Explor Pkg
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2001978-0-13-094923-3Larry Long · Nancy LongComputers: Information Technology in Perspective
  ''978-0-13-094924-0NAComputers in Your Future& Essn Off00& Slcc Pk
  ''978-0-13-094926-4   ''Projects Office 2000ms Cert& Cmptr& CD& Lab Pk
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2001978-0-13-094934-9Paul G. HewittConceptual Physics
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2008978-0-13-094941-7Dirk LouisJava 2 in No Time
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978-0-13-094950-9MCSWANESpanish Certification Test Preparation Guide for Food Safety and Sanitation
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978-0-13-094971-4MCSWANECertification Test Preparation Guide for Food Safety and Sanitation
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1991978-0-13-094988-2DaviesBilingual Hdbk Bus Cor(G/Hn
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