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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1989978-0-13-834698-0Angus Macbeth · Stephen D. RamseyEmergency Reporting Requirements for Environmental Spills and Releases
1986978-0-13-834706-2Leonard Spinrad · Thelma SpinradSpinrads' Encyclopedic Treasury for Speakers
1998978-0-13-834714-7James J. Little · Vincent C. ManisSchematics Computation
1984978-0-13-834748-2Don JenningsA Spiritual Almanac: Guidelines for Better Living Each Month of the Year (Steeple Books)
  ''978-0-13-834755-0Don JenningsA spiritual almanac: Guidelines for better living each month of the year (Steeple books)
  ''978-0-13-834788-8Dandi Daley MackallA Spiritual Handbook for Women (Steeple Books)
  ''978-0-13-834796-3KnorrSpiritual Handbook Women (Steeple books)
1997978-0-13-835331-5Bernard J. Nebel · Richard T. WrightEnvironmental Science: The Way the World Works
1987978-0-13-835380-3Pangratios PapacostaThe Splendid Voyage: An Introduction to New Sciences and New Technologies (Frontiers of science)
1970978-0-13-835397-1Penelope ProddowThe spirit of spring;: A tale of the Greek god Dionysos
1972978-0-13-835405-3Martin H SchultzSpline analysis (Prentice-Hall series in automatic computation)
1988978-0-13-835430-5Michael RosenDown at the Doctor's: The Sick Book
1985978-0-13-835463-3Pamela LonsdaleSpooky: Stories of the Supernatural
1972978-0-13-835488-6John D. LawtherSport Psychology
1986978-0-13-835513-5Robert HenkesSport in Art: A Guide for Beginning Illustrators (The Art & design series)
1989978-0-13-835521-0Robert HenkesSport in Art: A Guide for Beginning Illustrators (ART AND DESIGN SERIES)
1988978-0-13-835539-5John Syer · Christopher ConnollySporting Body, Sporting Mind: An Athlete's Guide to Mental Training
1991978-0-13-835562-3O. Jerry Parker · Gary L. BrenemanSpreadsheet Chemistry
  ''978-0-13-835570-8Will K Balliett · H.M. Gousha Co.United States of America Today Sports Atlas 1992
1991978-0-13-835588-3PARKER BRE · NEMASpreadsheet Chemistry.mac Ex2.2 (Disk)
  ''978-0-13-835596-8PARKER · BRENEMASpreadsheet 2.2 (Disk)
  ''978-0-13-835604-0PARKER BRENEMASpreadsheet Chemistry.lotus Version 2.2
1984978-0-13-835646-0CarrierSlr:2:British Theartre
  ''978-0-13-835653-8M. CarrierSlr:5:Cinema
1982978-0-13-835661-3CarrierSlr:3:Common Market
1992978-0-13-835679-8   ''Slr:1:a Doctors Day
1984978-0-13-835687-3   ''Slr:4:Energy
1982978-0-13-835695-8   ''Slr:6:English Revolution
1984978-0-13-835703-0   ''Slr:4:Fleet Street
1984978-0-13-835729-0   ''Slr:2:Great Mysteries
1982978-0-13-835737-5   ''Slr:1:Illusions
  ''978-0-13-835745-0M. CarrierSlr:2:Inventions
1992978-0-13-835752-8CarrierSlr:3:the Kennedys
1993978-0-13-835760-3   ''Slr:1:Muhammad Ali
1984978-0-13-835778-8   ''Slr:1:North Sea Oil
1997978-0-13-835794-8   ''Slr:5:Pop Industry
1982978-0-13-835802-0   ''Slr:1:Radio Station
1984978-0-13-835810-5   ''Slr:5:Social Class in Britain
  ''978-0-13-835828-0   ''Slr:2:Space Race
1992978-0-13-835836-5CarrierSlr:4:Strange Stories
1982978-0-13-835844-0M. CarrierSlr:4:Surprises of Nature
1984978-0-13-835869-3   ''Slr:3:Tomorrows World
1982978-0-13-835877-8   ''Slr:6:Winston Churchill
1984978-0-13-835885-3   ''Slr:6:Women in Society
1994978-0-13-835893-8Christine M. BrooksSports Marketing: Competitive Business Strategies for Sports
1992978-0-13-835919-5CarrierSlr:4:William Shakespeare
1994978-0-13-835927-0LIMOUSINESports Nicknames
1997978-0-13-836396-3Samuel T. GladdingFamily Therapy: History, Theory, and Practice
1988978-0-13-836423-6MACDONALDMarketing Audit Workbook
1998978-0-13-836446-5James T. McClave · P. George Benson · Terry SincichFirst Course in Business Statistics, A
978-0-13-836560-8Prentice Hall Writer's Solution Writing Lab and Language Lab for Macintosh
1998978-0-13-836768-8McclaveSm First Course Bus Stats Prin
1995978-0-13-837006-0Computer Test Bank (Mathematics Explorations and Applications)
1994978-0-13-837246-0Skills for Wellness (Health)
1996978-0-13-837311-5Prentice HallChemistry: Connections to Our Changing World
  ''978-0-13-837329-0PRENTICE HALLChemistry Connections to Our Changing World Lab Manual
  ''978-0-13-837352-8Prentice Hall Chemistry: Connections to Our Changing World TEACHER'S DESK REFERENCE
  ''978-0-13-837360-3Chemistry: Connections to Our Changing World: Classroom Manager
1996978-0-13-837378-8Herbert BeallPrentice Hall Chemistry, Connections to Our Changing World, Unit 5, States of Matter, Student Sampler
1997978-0-13-837659-8R.W. StevensonModernist Fiction
1996978-0-13-837691-8Chemistry: Connections to Our Changing World, Laboratory Manual, Teacher's Edition
1972978-0-13-837740-3Associated PressThe sports immortals
1983978-0-13-837807-3Steven RoySport's Medicine Prevention Evaluation Management and Rehabilitation
  ''978-0-13-837823-3Timothy J. CurrySports: A Social Perspective
1981978-0-13-837849-3Frank RyanSports and Psychology
  ''978-0-13-837856-1Frank RyanSports and Psychology
1984978-0-13-837881-3R. SimonSports and Social Values
1989978-0-13-837923-0Philip KoopmanStack Computers: The New Wave (Ellis Horwood Series in Computers and Their Applications
1987978-0-13-837931-5R. Kapadia · G. AnderssonStatistics Explained: Basic Concepts and Methods (Series: Ellis Horwood Series Mathematics and Its Applications Series Editor: G.M. Bell) (Ellis Horwood Series in Mathematics & Its Applications)
1988978-0-13-837949-0Ramesh Kapadia · G. AnderssonStatistics Explained: Basic Concepts and Methods (Mathematics & Its Applications)
1991978-0-13-837956-8Raymond A. Lorie · Jean-Jacques DaudenardeSQL and Its Applications
1994978-0-13-837964-3CrossSquare Planar Complexes
978-0-13-837972-8Rehorek · KempSpin Trapping (Physical Chemistry)
1992978-0-13-838038-0Digby · Inlingua Fce CSpotlight First Cert Sb: Student Book
  ''978-0-13-838046-5DigbySpotlight First Cert TB: Teacher's Edition
1982978-0-13-838061-8CarrierSlr:2:Beginning of Radio
  ''978-0-13-838079-3   ''Slr:2:British Food
1989978-0-13-838129-5Dennis CurtinLotus 1-2-3 Procedures Manual (Word and Information Processing on Microcomputers Series)
1984978-0-13-838136-3Sally Greenwood LarsenSprite Graphics for the Commodore 64
1983978-0-13-838144-8Sally Greenwood LarsenSprite Graphics for the Commodore 64
1989978-0-13-838160-8John M. Nevison1-2-3 Spreadsheet Design
1997978-0-13-838178-3PorteousSm Occupational Psychology: an
1996978-0-13-838202-5NaPrentice Hall Literature: Copper Edition
1996978-0-13-838210-0Prentice HallPrentice Hall Literature Bronze Edition
  ''978-0-13-838236-0Ellen Bowler et alPrentice Hall Literature Silver (Fourth Edition)
  ''978-0-13-838244-5Prentice HallPrentice Hall Literature Gold Level
1901978-0-13-838251-3PRENTICE HALLPrentice Hall Literature: Platinum
1996978-0-13-838269-8UnknownPrentice Hall Literature: The American Experience
  ''978-0-13-838277-3Inc. Prentice-HallLiterature: The British Tradition
1998978-0-13-838673-3Allan Bellman · Sadie Chavis Bragg · Suzanne H. Chapin · Theodore J. Gardella · Bettye C. Hall · William G. Handlin · Edward ManfreAlgebra: Tools for a Changing World Teacher's Edition
1997978-0-13-838905-5Inc. Prentice-HallJuntos Uno
  ''978-0-13-838939-0Margot Northey · Ann B. FischerImpact: A Guide to Business Communication (Esl English 2nd Language Series)
978-0-13-839028-0SilverthornLaboratory Expts Physiology Solving Prob
1997978-0-13-839051-8Rifaat A. DayemMobile Data & Wireless Lan Technologies
2012978-0-13-839077-8PRENTICE HALLPrentice Hall Mathematics: Computational Practice Skills Review
1996978-0-13-839119-5GrallaInternet Laer Med Billeder (Danish)
1996978-0-13-839184-3GrallaInternett Laer Med Bilder (Norwegian)
1996978-0-13-839234-5GrallaInternet Lata Med Bilder (Swedish)
1999978-0-13-839259-8Global Issue Posters
1996978-0-13-839267-3Iftikhar AhmadWorld Cultures: A Global Mosaic
  ''978-0-13-839291-8UnknownPrentice Hall: Chemistry - Connections to Our Changing World - Computer Test Bank
2012978-0-13-839481-3PRENTICE HALLPH INT SCI MS SLV PKG GR 6
1995978-0-13-839531-5MarquezPrentice Hall Mathematics Standardized Test Prep - Teacher's Edition
1996978-0-13-839549-0World Cultures - A Global Mosaic - World Cultures Transparencies with Lesson Suggestions
1997978-0-13-839671-8Larry McCann · Angus GunnHeartland Hinterland: A Regional Geography of Canada, Third Edition
978-0-13-839689-3Prentice Hall, Matematicas Curso 1 6th Grade Spanish Edition, 1996 ISBN: 0138396892
978-0-13-839697-8Matemáticas: Para Niveles Intermedios; Curso 2: Un enfoque interactivo (Spanish Edition)
978-0-13-839705-0Matematicas: Para Niveles Intermedios: Las Claves del Exito (Spanish Edition)
1997978-0-13-839721-0Albert J. Fredman · Russ WilerHow Mutual Funds Work: Second Edition (New York Institute of Finance)
1980978-0-13-839902-3Squash for Players and Coaches
  ''978-0-13-839910-8Cecil J. ZuberSquash for Players and Coaches (A Spectrum book ; S-673)
1982978-0-13-839928-3Guy BilloutSquid and Spider: A Look at the Animal Kingdom
1983978-0-13-839944-3HKSri Lanka
1984978-0-13-839952-8Nelles VerlagApa Map Sri Lanka
1972978-0-13-839969-6Daniel D PerlmutterStability of chemical reactors (Prentice-Hall international series in the physical and chemical engineering sciences)
1996978-0-13-840001-9HintonVideo Dossiers: 3 Videos Pack [VHS]
1991978-0-13-840026-2Donald HonigThe St. Louis Cardinals: An Illustrated History
1992978-0-13-840042-2Merv AdrianSQL Server
1989978-0-13-840059-0Rick F. Van Der LansThe Sql Standard: A Complete Reference Guide (English and Dutch Edition)
1999978-0-13-840067-5George FeuerlichtSQL-Based Fourth Generation Languages
1986978-0-13-840083-5Bhimsen K. ShivamoggiStability of Parallel Gas Flows (Mathematics & Its Applications)
1996978-0-13-840109-2Michael Hinton · Barry TomalinVideo Dossier [VHS]
  ''978-0-13-840117-7Peter Coad · David North · Mark MayfieldObject Models: Strategies, Patterns, and Applications (2nd Edition)
1979978-0-13-840140-5C. Loring BraceStages of Human Evolution (Foundations of Modern Anthropology)
  ''978-0-13-840157-3C. Loring BraceStages of Human Evolution (Foundations of Modern Anthropology)
1988978-0-13-840166-5   ''The stages of human evolution: Human and cultural origins
1999978-0-13-840174-0Stage Makeup, Special Edition
1985978-0-13-840182-5David GroteStaging the Musical
1989978-0-13-840190-0David GroteStaging the Musical: Planning, Rehearsing, and Marketing the Amateur Production
1997978-0-13-840208-2Ronald E. Walpole · Raymond H. Myers · Sharon L. MyersProbability and Statistics for Engineers and Scientists
1998978-0-13-840216-7WALPOLEProbability & Statistcs for Engineers and Scientists Instructor's Solutions Manual
1997978-0-13-840232-7James T. McClave · P. George Benson · Terry SincichStatistics for Business and Economics
1978978-0-13-840249-5Edward M DavisStaff one: A perspective on effective police management
1978978-0-13-840256-3Edward M. DavisStaff One: A Perspective on Effective Police Management
1975978-0-13-840264-8Norton M. DennStability of Reaction and Transport Processes (Prentice-Hall international series in the physical and chemical engineering sciences)
1997978-0-13-840265-5MCCLAVEAnnotated Instructors Edition
1988978-0-13-840273-0Harvey J. BertcherStaff Development in Human Service Organizations
1972978-0-13-840280-8P. BrianStaged Cascades in Chemical Processing (Prentice Hall international series in the physical and chemical engineering sciences)
1969978-0-13-840306-5Emory LewisStages; the fifty-year childhood of the American theatre
1998978-0-13-840307-2MCCLAVEInstructors Solutions Manual
1985978-0-13-840322-5Douglas A. RussellStage Costume Design
1981978-0-13-840330-0Joy Spanabel EmeryStage Costume Techniques
1985978-0-13-840349-2Douglas A. RussellStage Costume Design: Theory, Technique, and Style
1974978-0-13-840355-3Alan CastyStaircase to writing and reading;: A rhetoric and anthology
1997978-0-13-840356-0James T. McClaveTest Bank for Statistics for Business and Economics
1985978-0-13-840364-5Robert M QuackenbushStage door to terror: A Miss Mallard mystery
1967978-0-13-840371-3C. Loring BraceThe Stages of Human Evolution
1970978-0-13-840397-3Dennis P. & Stephen Richer ForceseStages of Social Research, Contemporary Perspectives
  ''978-0-13-840405-5Dennis P. Forcese · Stephen RicherStages of Social Research: Contemporary Perspectives
1998978-0-13-840406-2William C. Wray · Joseph D. Greenfield · Ross BannatyneUsing Microprocessors and Microcomputers: The Motorola Family (4th Edition)
1969978-0-13-840413-0Alan CastyStaircase to writing and reading;: A rhetoric and anthology
1998978-0-13-840422-2Eric Bolen · William Laughlin Robinson · Eric G. BolenWildlife Ecology and Management (4th Edition)
1974978-0-13-840447-5Alan CastyStaircase to writing and reading;: A rhetoric and anthology
1966978-0-13-840454-3T. H. RigbyStalin [Great Lives Observed series] (Spectrum Books)
  ''978-0-13-840462-8Thomas Harold RigbyStalin
1964978-0-13-840470-3Samuel SeldenStage scenery and lighting
1974978-0-13-840488-8Joe ScalzoStand on the gas! Sprint car racing in America
978-0-13-840504-5Richard CorsonStage Makeup 4ED
1999978-0-13-840547-2Bernard W. TaylorIntroduction to Management Science
1979978-0-13-840553-3Star Atlas ** Mitton
1977978-0-13-840561-8Patricia Wallace & Maryjane Dunstan & Dyan Howell Pike GarlanStar sight: Visions of the future
1979978-0-13-840579-3Alan CastyStaircase to Writing and Reading: A Rhetoric and Anthology
1983978-0-13-840595-3Robert M. QuackenbushStairway to Doom
1986978-0-13-840604-2QuackenbushStairway Doom P
1996978-0-13-840620-2Jay Heizer · Larry RenderProduction & Operations Management
1997978-0-13-840638-7Product and Operations Managment
  ''978-0-13-840695-0Newton C. Ellis · Hiroko Fujihara · Way KuoSoftware Measurement: A Visualization Toolkit for Project Control and Process Improvement (Hewlett-Packard Professional Books)
1998978-0-13-840703-2Amir AfzalPure C Programming
1978978-0-13-840737-7de FreitasSurvival English
1999978-0-13-840745-2Michael Sullivan · Katy MurphyPrecalculus
1991978-0-13-840828-2Avery CatlinStandard Basic Programming With Quickbasic
1990978-0-13-840844-2R. F. HoskinsStandard and Nonstandard Analysis: Fundamental Theory, Techniques, and Applications (Mathematics and Its Applications)
1999978-0-13-840958-6Surface Processes and Landforms
1997978-0-13-841073-5Dave SperlingInternet Guide for English Language Teachers, The
  ''978-0-13-841123-7The Complete Book of Small Business Forms & Agreements
1997978-0-13-841180-0Early StephensImplementing Peoplesoft Financials: A Guide for Success
  ''978-0-13-841198-5Randy J. HinrichsIntranets: What's the Bottom Line?
  ''978-0-13-841206-7Conrad Hughes · Michael Shoffner · Maria Winslow · Merlin HughesJava Network Programming
  ''978-0-13-841214-2Lussier Kyle · Kyle LussierPower-3D: High Speed 3d Graphics in Windows 95/Nt
1998978-0-13-841222-7Ray C. Fair Karl E. CasePrinciples of Macroeconomics package: Study Guide, Surfing for Success, Case/Fair
1999978-0-13-841297-5Jack Forem · Steve ShimerHealing With Pressure Point Therapy: Simple, Effective Techniques for Massaging Away More Than 100 Common Ailments
1998978-0-13-841420-7Ulka RodgersOracle: A Database Developer's Guide 2/E
1999978-0-13-841446-7Robert Mott · Robert L. MottMachine Elements in Mechanical Design (3rd Edition)