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ISBN 978-0-13-048301-0 to 978-0-13-048785-8 < ISBN 978-0-13-048786-5 to 978-0-13-049368-2 > ISBN 978-0-13-049369-9 to 978-0-13-049841-0

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1985978-0-13-048786-5Leroy, Gross*Art Selling Intangibles RV/Ed
2003978-0-13-048788-9Richard H. BerubeComputer Simulated Experiments for Electric Circuits Using Electronics Workbench Multisim
978-0-13-048790-2Student Study Guide for LPN/LVN Pediatrics
1982978-0-13-048793-3Robert A. MartinArthur Miller
978-0-13-048794-0JohnsonLaboratory Manual
1982978-0-13-048801-5Robert A. MartinArthur Miller: New Perspectives (Twentieth Century Views)
2002978-0-13-048808-4Hamdy A. TahaOperations Research: An Introduction (7th Edition)
2004978-0-13-048810-7Dale Ewen · Joan S. Gary · James E. TrefzgerTechnical Mathematics (2nd Edition)
2005978-0-13-048817-6Carroll TyminskiYour Early Childhood Practicum and Student Teaching Experience: Guidelines for Success
2004978-0-13-048818-3Dale Ewen · Joan S. Gary · James E. TrefzgerTechnical Calculus (5th Edition)
1978978-0-13-048819-0Ireene RobbinsArts and crafts from across the Nation: A 50-State treasury of classroom projects
2003978-0-13-048820-6Dorothy DisterheftAdvanced Grammar: A Manual for Students
2004978-0-13-048822-0Dale Ewen · Joan S. Gary · James E. TrefzgerTechnical Mathematics with Calculus, 2nd Edition
2003978-0-13-048824-4Karen M. Burke · Priscilla Lemone · Elaine L. Mohn-BrownStudy Guide to Accompany Medical-Surgical Nursing Care
2004978-0-13-048826-8David CopelandIntroduction to Electronic Communications
1983978-0-13-048827-5Charles C ManzThe art of self-leadership: Strategies for personal effectiveness in your life and work
2008978-0-13-048828-2Pia Nystrom · Pamela AshmoreThe Life of Primates
2002978-0-13-048829-9Prentic HallClassic and Contemporary Videos in Social Psychology
2003978-0-13-048833-6Linda Huetinck · Sara N. MunshinTeaching Mathematics for the 21st Century: Methods and Activities for Grades 6-12, Second Edition
2004978-0-13-048834-3Barbara M. BirchLearning and Teaching English Grammar, K-12
1983978-0-13-048835-0Charles C. ManzThe Art of Self Leadership
2003978-0-13-048836-7Sally LipskyCollege Study: The Essential Ingredients
978-0-13-048837-4Instructor's Manual
2009978-0-13-048838-1LESHINLearning with Technology
2005978-0-13-048840-4Bruce WingerdUnlocking Medical Terminology
2002978-0-13-048841-1John A. KlineListening Effectively: Achieving High Standards in Communication (NetEffect Series)
2004978-0-13-048842-8Phyllis HeathParent-Child Relations: History, Theory, Research, and Context
2005978-0-13-048843-5heathParent-Child Relations History, Theory, Research and Context Instructor's Manual and Test Bank
1986978-0-13-048844-2Gene D. SteinhauerArtificial Behaviour: Computer Simulation of Psychological Processes (Prentice-Hall personal computing series)
2002978-0-13-048845-9George W. MaximDynamic Social Studies for Elementary Classrooms (7th Edition)
  ''978-0-13-048848-0Barbara B. RicePrentice Hall Health's Outline Review of Massage Therapy
  ''978-0-13-048849-7James P. Bowman · Frank D. GiddingsStrokes: An Illustrated Guide to Brain Structure, Blood Supply and Clinical Signs
  ''978-0-13-048851-0James D. HaldermanAutomotive Engine Performance (Halderman/Birch Automotive Series)
1990978-0-13-048852-7M. Neil Browne · Stuart M KeeleyAsking the Right Questions: A Guide to Critical Thinking
2004978-0-13-048855-8Instructor's Manual to Accompany Automotive Engine Performance
2003978-0-13-048856-5James D. Halderman · Chase D. MitchellAutomotive Steering, Suspension, and Alignment, Third Edition
978-0-13-048859-6James HaldermanAUTOMOTIVE STEERING,SUSPENSION
2002978-0-13-048862-6Rena B. Lewis · Linda SmithTeaching Special Students In General Education Classrooms
2004978-0-13-048867-1Robert QuesadaComputer Numerical Control: Machining and Turning Centers
1986978-0-13-048869-5Alain BonnetArtificial Intelligence: Promise and Performance
2004978-0-13-048875-6Jane L. McGrath Professor EmeritaStrategies for Critical Reading: A Text with Thematic Reader (McGrath Developmental Reading)
1985978-0-13-048877-0William R. Arnold · John S. BowieArtificial Intelligence: A Personal, Commonsense Journey
2003978-0-13-048879-4Daniel Lewis SchodekStructures, Fifth Edition
  ''978-0-13-048884-8John J. MacionisSociology
2003978-0-13-048885-5Ron Larson · Betsy FaberElementary Statistics: Picturing the World
978-0-13-048886-2Arthur Frommer's New World of Travel
2003978-0-13-048890-9Thomas F. Oltmanns · Robert E. EmeryAbnormal Psychology, Fourth Edition
978-0-13-048892-3Study Guide for Theory for Musicians - Volume I & II
1986978-0-13-048893-0Wendy B. Rauch-HindinArtificial Intelligence in Business, Science, and Industry: Fundamentals
2003978-0-13-048894-7Pamela Arlov · Nick ArlovWordsmith: Essentials of College English
  ''978-0-13-048895-4Pamela ArlovWordsmith: A Guide to Paragraphs and Short Essays, Second Edition
  ''978-0-13-048896-1   ''Wordsmith: A Guide to College Writing, Second Edition
978-0-13-048897-8Michael Korolenko · Bruce WolcottDigital Design and Storytelling
1985978-0-13-048901-2Wendy B.Rauch- HindinArtificial Intelligence in Business, Science and Industry: Applications v. 2
2002978-0-13-048902-9Jo Burton · David BurtonTouch Key 10-key Software
2004978-0-13-048903-6June Payne-Palacio · Monica TheisIntroduction to Foodservice (10th Edition)
  ''978-0-13-048907-4June Payne-Palacio · Monica TheisStudy Guide
2003978-0-13-048908-1Jeffrey S. MagersStudent Study Guide
  ''978-0-13-048910-4George M. Dupuy · David H. DupuyCareer Preparation: Transition Guide for College Students
2003978-0-13-048917-3W. L. Schroeder · Stephen Dickenson · Don C. Warrington P.E.Soils in Construction, 5th Edition
1988978-0-13-048919-7Richard K. Miller · Terri C. WalkerArtificial Intelligence Applications for Business Management
978-0-13-048920-3Pencom InternationalSpanish Language Cross Contamination [VHS]
2003978-0-13-048922-7Richard J. Colwell · Liz WingAn Orientation to Music Education: Structural Knowledge for Music Teaching
2004978-0-13-048923-4Thomas P. ZurfliehAutoCAD 2004: 2D Drawing and Dimensioning
  ''978-0-13-048924-1Thomas P. ZurfliehAutoCAD 2004: 3D Drawing and Solid Modeling
1988978-0-13-048927-2Richard K. Miller · Terri C. WalkerArtificial Intelligence for Manufacturing
978-0-13-048929-6Pencom InternationalSpanish Language Food Safety and Sanitation [VHS]
2002978-0-13-048930-2FRIEDMANEl cuento: Arte y analisis
978-0-13-048931-9Pencom InternationalSpanish Language Personal Hygiene [VHS]
978-0-13-048932-6   ''Spanish Language Food Safety and Sanitation [VHS]
978-0-13-048934-0   ''Spanish Language Time and Temperature [VHS]
978-0-13-048939-5Educational Psychology: Sample Chapters
2004978-0-13-048940-1Video Classics in Psychology (Software)
  ''978-0-13-048942-5Jennifer ThomasFacilitator's Guide with Transparency Masters
1987978-0-13-048943-2John E. Bernthal · Nicholas W. BanksonArticulation and Phonological Disorders
2003978-0-13-048945-6ThomasSpanish/English for Hospitality & Foodservice Command Flash Cards
  ''978-0-13-048946-3Saul KassinEssentials of Psychology
2004978-0-13-048953-1Saul M. KassinEssentials of Psychology
2005978-0-13-048955-5Saul M. KassinOneKey Blackboard Student Access Kit for Kassin, Essentials of Psychology
2002978-0-13-048956-2John W. Webb · Ronald A. ReisLab Manual
2004978-0-13-048965-4Charles P. Nemeth · Hope I. HaywoodLegal Research: A How To Manual With Practice
1988978-0-13-048968-5Perry M. RogersAspects of Western Civilization: Problems and Sources v. 2
2004978-0-13-048969-2Barbara G. Cox · Robert W. Hunt · Matthew B. HuntEthics at Work: Cases and Activities
  ''978-0-13-048974-6William E. Barnes · Michael Khader · Ronald RocklandLaboratory Manual
2003978-0-13-048975-3Gary D. BorichEffective Teaching Methods, Fifth Edition
2004978-0-13-048981-4Helen L. Bee · Barbara Bjorklund · Ralph G. Brockett · Susan L. StockdaleThe Journey of Adulthood (Instuctor's Manual With Tests)
2003978-0-13-048982-1Helen Bee · Barbara BjorklundCompanion Website - Bee
2003978-0-13-048987-6Singiresu S. RaoMechanical Vibrations (4th Edition)
2004978-0-13-048988-3Mechanical Vibrations
2003978-0-13-048989-0Merhyle F. Spotts · Terry E. Shoup · Lee E. HornbergerDesign of Machine Elements (8th Edition)
2008978-0-13-049019-3Lewis BarkerBiological Psychology
1982978-0-13-049023-0Edmund B. FeldmanArtist
2009978-0-13-049029-2Jack YensenIntroduction to Nursing Informatics
1982978-0-13-049031-5Edmund Burke FeldmanThe Artist
2002978-0-13-049034-6Larson · NellaPassing
2003978-0-13-049035-3Harold I. Morrow · Robert P. KokernakStatics and Strength of Materials, Fifth Edition
  ''978-0-13-049036-0Gerald M. SmithStatistical Process Control and Quality Improvement (5th Edition)
2002978-0-13-049037-7John Mack FaragherOut of Many: Review Guide / Study Guide
1982978-0-13-049049-0Miriam Easton RutzArt Today and Everyday: Classroom Activities for the Elementary School Year
2004978-0-13-049055-1Pricilla MartelStudy Guide for On Baking: A Textbook of Baking and Pastry Fundamentals
1972978-0-13-049056-8Jenean Romberg · Miriam Easton RutzArt Today and Every Day: Classroom Activities for the Elementary School Year
978-0-13-049061-2Study Guide for Pharmacotherapeutics in Nursing
2002978-0-13-049064-3Ruth C. Bindler · Jane W. Ball · Marcia L. London · Patricia A. LadewigMaternal-Newborn and Child Nursing: Family Centered Care Skills Manual
1981978-0-13-049072-8John E. Bernthal · Nicholas W. BanksonArticulation Disorders
2005978-0-13-049075-9Sarah LabenskyOnbaking - A textbook of baking and pastry fundamentals (Instructor's Manual with Test Item File and Transparency Masters)
1983978-0-13-049080-3Ronald K. SommersArticulation Disorders (Remediation of Communication Disorders)
2006978-0-13-049087-2Laurie Schneider Adams · Laurence King Publishing LtdExploring the Humanities: Creativity and Culture in the West, Vol. 2
  ''978-0-13-049089-6Laurie Schneider AdamsStudy Guide, Vol II (v. 2)
  ''978-0-13-049091-9   ''Exploring the Humanities: Creativity and Culture in the West (Combined Edition)
2005978-0-13-049095-7Laurie Schneider Adams · Laurence King Publishing LtdExploring the Humanities: Creativity and Culture in the West, Vol. 1
2006978-0-13-049096-4Laurie Schneider AdamsStudy Guide, Vol I (v. 1)
2003978-0-13-049098-8Jane S. GarofanoPrentice Hall Health's Question & Answer Review of Massage Therapy, Third Edition
1988978-0-13-049099-5Le Roy GrossArt of Selling Intangibles
1982978-0-13-049106-0George BerkeleyArthritis Without Aspirin
2003978-0-13-049111-4Richard D. BucherDiversity Consciousness: Opening Our Minds to People, Cultures, and Opportunities (2nd Edition)
2004978-0-13-049112-1Richard BucherInstructor's Manual
1982978-0-13-049114-5George BerkeleyArthritis Without Aspirin
2002978-0-13-049120-6Mary Pat FisherLiving Religions
2001978-0-13-049121-3BenokraitisMarriages Families Webct Acc C
  ''978-0-13-049123-7BenokraitisMarriages& Families: Changs Ch
2006978-0-13-049128-2Laurie Schneider AdamsOneKey CourseCompass, Student Access Kit, Introduction to the Humanities, Combined
2006978-0-13-049129-9Laurie Schneider AdamsOneKey Blackboard, Student Access Kit, Introduction to the Humanities, Combined
1986978-0-13-049131-2Edward A. Patrick · James M. FattuArtificial Intelligence with Statistical Pattern Recognition
2002978-0-13-049133-6FisherLiving Religions Webct Stnd Ac
2008978-0-13-049136-7Lauren Ingraham SewellArguing in Real World: Onekey Blackboard, Student Access Kit
2008978-0-13-049139-8Lauren Ingraham SewellOnekey Coursecompass, Student Access Kit, Arguing in the Real World: One Key Coursecompass, Student Access Kit
2003978-0-13-049140-4Theodore L. Brown · H LeMay · Bruce E. Bursten · Julia R. BurdgeChemistry: The Central Science
  ''978-0-13-049141-1A. Daniel FrankforterWest: Cult& Ideas PH Portfolio Ed V1-1660 (Vol 1)
2002978-0-13-049146-6Kip R. IrvineAssembly Language for Intel-Based Computers: International Edition
  ''978-0-13-049147-3Michael T. Madigan · John M. Martinko · Jack Parker · Thomas D. BrockBrock Biology of Microorganisms
1980978-0-13-049148-0John Adkins RichardsonArt: The Way It Is
2002978-0-13-049162-6Rose Marie NieswiadomyBlackboard Standard Access Code Card
1988978-0-13-049164-0Harry H. L Kitano · Roger DanielsAsian Americans: Emerging Minorities
1984978-0-13-049171-8David J. BradleyAssembly Language Programming For The IBM Personal Computer
2002978-0-13-049173-2NAAutoCAD Architect Print Supplement
2003978-0-13-049175-6Leon Schiffman · Leslie KanukConsumer Behavior: International Edition
2002978-0-13-049176-3Courtland L. Bovee · John V. Thill · Barbara E. SchatzmanBusiness Communication Today: International Edition
1984978-0-13-049189-3David J BradleyAssembly language programming for the IBM Personal Computer
1978978-0-13-049205-0Murray A. SperberArthur Koestler: A Collection of Critical Essays (20th Century Views)
2002978-0-13-049210-4Robert V. KailCourseCompass Access Code
1978978-0-13-049213-5Murray A. SperberArthur Koestler: A Collection of Critical Essays (20th Century Views)
978-0-13-049217-3Test Item File
2004978-0-13-049219-7Cheryl Cleaves · Margie Hobbs · Paul DudenheferCollege Math for Tech& Prem Cw Acc Card Pkg
1983978-0-13-049221-0John Adkins RichardsonArt: The Way It Is.
2003978-0-13-049237-1Daniel FlageStudent Study Guide
1977978-0-13-049239-5Jack J. CollettiThe Art of Woodcarving
2004978-0-13-049242-5Scott A. Bailey · Joseph Palladino · Stephen DavisPsychology, Fourth Edition, Study Guide
1977978-0-13-049247-0Jack J. CollettiArt of Woodcarving (A Spectrum book ; S-CR-14)
2004978-0-13-049250-0Pamela ArlovWordsmith: A Guide To Paragraphs and Short Essays
978-0-13-049252-4Study Guide
978-0-13-049258-6ARLOVWordsmith: Guide Paragraphs and Essays Writingpro
2004978-0-13-049261-6Wendy Jean Frandsen · Pamela ArlovWordsmith ~ A Guide to Paragraphs and Short Essays ~ Instructor's Resource Manual (Wordsmith, Instructor's Resource Manual)
1979978-0-13-049262-3Curtis T. Sears · Conrad L. StanitskiAspects of Chemistry for Health and Related Sciences
2004978-0-13-049263-0Pamela ArlovWordsmith: A Guide to College Writing (Corinthian College Custom Edition)
  ''978-0-13-049265-4   ''Wordsmith: Essentials Of College English (Instructor's Edition)
  ''978-0-13-049266-1Pearson/Prentice HallInstructors Resource Manual Wordsmith Essentials of College English
978-0-13-049267-8ARLOVWordsmith: Guide College Writing Writingpro
2004978-0-13-049269-2Pamela ArlovWordsmith: A Guide to College Writing - Instructor's Edition
1964978-0-13-049270-8R. BrengleArthur: King of Britain
978-0-13-049271-5Study Guide
2005978-0-13-049278-4Bruce S. WingerdAudio Glossary on CD-ROM
2006978-0-13-049281-4David McSwane · Nancy R. Rue · Richard Linton · Anna Graf Willliams · INT'L PENCOMSpanish Food Safety and Sanitation Trainer's Kit
2006978-0-13-049283-8David McSwane · Richard Linton · Nancy R. Rue · Anna Graf WillliamsSpanish Trainer's Manual
2003978-0-13-049285-2Robert G. NixonEMS Field Training Officer
2007978-0-13-049286-9Mea A. Weinberg · Cheryl Westphal Theile · James Burke FineOral Pharmacology for the Dental Hygienist
2003978-0-13-049288-3Joseph J. Mistovich · Brent Q. Hafen · Keith J. Karren · Keith S. KarrenPrehospital Emergency Care, Seventh Edition
2004978-0-13-049289-0Instructor Resource Manual Prehospital Emergency Care
2002978-0-13-049290-6FulwilerThe Working Writer, with 2001 APA Guidelines (3rd Edition)
978-0-13-049291-3LIMMERFirst Responder Essentials
2006978-0-13-049292-0Robert M. Carmack · Janine L. Gasco · Gary H. GossenThe Legacy of Mesoamerica: History and Culture of a Native American Civilization
  ''978-0-13-049293-7Karen Ramey BurnsThe Forensic Anthropology Training Manual (2nd Edition)
2002978-0-13-049295-1Gordon Pape2003 Gordon Papes Buyers Guide To Rrsps
1967978-0-13-049296-8wayne wilcoxAsia and United States Policy
1983978-0-13-049297-5Jean McConochie · Ginny TherriaultAs Long As the Rivers Shall Run (Regents Readers)
2002978-0-13-049298-2FulweilerCollege Writers Reference W/01
  ''978-0-13-049299-9Nancy V. Wood · WoodWriting Argumentative Essays with 2001 APA Guidelines (2nd Edition)
2003978-0-13-049300-2Susan BarnesStudy Guide For Fundamentals of Nursing: Concepts, Process, and Practice
2002978-0-13-049301-9Lynn Quitman TroykaSimon And Schuster Handbook for Writers
  ''978-0-13-049302-6James A. Reinking · Andrew W. Hart · Robert von der OstenStrategies for Successful Writing, Brief with 2001 APA Guidelines (6th Edition)
1976978-0-13-049304-0Edmund W. VazAspects of Deviance
2002978-0-13-049307-1William StallingsComputer Organization and Architecture: Designing for Performance
1976978-0-13-049312-5Edmund W VazAspects of deviance
2002978-0-13-049314-9Diane J. Orton · Tammy L.W. Freelin · Fresa J. Jacobs · Robin R. WingoBuilding Professionals: Creating a Successful Portfolio
2003978-0-13-049317-0Stanley C. PlogLeisure Travel: A Marketing Handbook
1969978-0-13-049320-0Harris. WinitzArticulatory Acquisition and Behavior
2002978-0-13-049345-3Summit Performance Group LLCBrady's Medical Medical Emergency Response Simulator (MERS) 2.0, CD Reprint & Update (2nd Edition)
1975978-0-13-049346-0R. DeloneAspects of Twentieth-Century Music
1965978-0-13-049353-8Robert N WilsonArts in Society
  ''978-0-13-049361-3Donald F., and Carol Flaumenhaft, eds. LachAsia on the Eve of Europe's Expansion
1987978-0-13-049362-0Neil C. RoweArtificial Intelligence Through PROLOG
2002978-0-13-049363-7Roberta S. Russell · Bernard W. TaylorOperations Management
2002978-0-13-049364-4Floyd A. Beams · Joseph H. Anthony · Robin P. Clement · Suzanne H. LowensohnAdvanced Accounting: International Edition
2004978-0-13-049365-1Darlene Canestrale Pabis · Arden B. HamerBuilding College Vocabulary Strategies
  ''978-0-13-049367-5Judith M. WilkinsonPrentice Hall Nursing Diagnosis Handbook: With NIC Interventions and NOC Outcomes (8th Edition) (Wilkinson, Nursing Diagnosis Handbook)
2003978-0-13-049368-2Primal PicturesBody in Motion (CD-ROM)