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ISBN 978-0-13-116559-5 to 978-0-13-117513-6 < ISBN 978-0-13-117514-3 to 978-0-13-118040-6 > ISBN 978-0-13-118041-3 to 978-0-13-118562-3

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2007978-0-13-117514-3Lynn MacKenzieNonwestern Art: A Brief Guide (3rd Edition)
2005978-0-13-117515-0Joseph CiagliaIntroduction to Digital Photography (2nd Edition)
1990978-0-13-117516-7Tondo GimpelC Answer Book (French)
2004978-0-13-117517-4Paul J. Zelanski · Mary Pat FisherArt of Seeing, The (6th Edition)
  ''978-0-13-117520-4Philip E. BishopAdventures in the Human Spirit
  ''978-0-13-117527-3Thomas OltmannsInstructor's Resource CD-Rom
  ''978-0-13-117528-0Eduardo Zayas-Bazán · Susan M. Bacon¡Arriba! Comunicacin y cultura, Brief Edition (4th Edition)
  ''978-0-13-117529-7Eduardo Zayas-Bazán · Susan M. Bacon¡Arriba! Comunicacin y cultura (4th Edition)
2004978-0-13-117530-3BaconArriba Comunicacion Y Cultura
1990978-0-13-117532-7Ritchie KernighanC Programming Language
978-0-13-117536-5Study Guide
1991978-0-13-117540-2GoushaCar Care Guide
978-0-13-117541-9Scenarios USA Student CD-ROM
978-0-13-117542-6Scenarios USA Student CD-ROM (saleable)
2005978-0-13-117551-8Eduardo Zayas-Bazan · Susan M. BaconWorkbook and Lab Manual to Accompany ARRIBA!: Comunicacion y Cultura (Spanish Edition)
2004978-0-13-117552-5Oy L. DivaceStudent Video CD-ROM
  ''978-0-13-117553-2Eduardo Zayas-BazanArriba: Comunicacion & Cultura
  ''978-0-13-117555-6Eduardo Zayas-Bazan · Susan BaconArriba: Comunicacion & Cultura
1979978-0-13-117556-3John D. MartinCases in Basic Financial Management
2005978-0-13-117557-0Eduardo Zayes-Bazan & Susan M. BaconArriba! Comunicacion y cultura (Instructor's Resource Manual for)
2004978-0-13-117561-7Eduardo Zayas-Bazan · Susan M. BaconArriba: Comunicacion & Cultura (Spanish Edition)
  ''978-0-13-117565-5Eduardo Zayas-BazanArriba: Ritmos de Nuestro Mundo / Arriba (Spanish Edition)
  ''978-0-13-117567-9   ''Arriba: Comunicacion & Cultura
2005978-0-13-117568-6Pearson Prentice Hall StaffVideo to Accompany Arriba! Comunicacion y cultura (Fourth Edition)
2006978-0-13-117569-3Linda Johnston · Lawrence A. Beard · Laura Bowden CarpenterAssistive Technology: Access for All Students
2006978-0-13-117571-6Nikki L. Murdick · Barbara L. Gartin · Terry Lee CrabtreeSpecial Education Law (2nd Edition)
2004978-0-13-117572-3Tamarack SoftwareHome Technology Integration Test Bank: Testgen 5.0 and Quizmaster 4.0: Cd-rom with Instruction Manual
2005978-0-13-117574-7Benny F. Tucker · Ann H. Singleton · Terry L. WeaverTeaching Mathematics to All Children: Designing and Adapting Instruction to Meet the Needs of Diverse Learners (2nd Edition)
2004978-0-13-117577-8Dorothy L. Taylor EmeritusJumpstarting Your Career: An Internship Guide for Criminal Justice (2nd Edition)
2003978-0-13-117579-2Stephen RobbinsCoursecompass
1992978-0-13-117581-5Linda BermanBehind the Eight Ball
2004978-0-13-117589-1James C. Greenlaw · Jazlin V. EbenezerEnglish Language Arts and Reading on the Internet (2nd Edition) (On The Internet Series)
  ''978-0-13-117590-7Merrill C EducationTeaching Writing CD-ROM
2005978-0-13-117591-4Gail WalravenBasic Arrhythmias (6th Edition)
2004978-0-13-117592-1Lillian Burke · Barbara WeillInformation Technology for the Health Professions (2nd Edition)
  ''978-0-13-117597-6David L. GoetschParticipant Guide for Effective Leadership: Ten Steps for Technical Professions (NetEffect Series)
  ''978-0-13-117598-3Thomas E. KissellElectricity & Electronics For Industrial Maintenance
  ''978-0-13-117601-0Penelope MasonHistory of Japanese Art
2004978-0-13-117602-7Penelope MasonHistory of Japanese Art
  ''978-0-13-117603-4Marianne Fox · Lawrence C. Metzelaar · Linda Bird · Keith Mulberry · Pamela R. ToliverEssentials: Getting Started with Windows XP (Essentials Series for Office 2003)
2003978-0-13-117605-8Robert H. BishopLearning With Labview 7 Express
1982978-0-13-117606-5Scott H PartridgeCases in business and society
2004978-0-13-117608-9National InstrumentsNational Instruments: Labview
  ''978-0-13-117610-2Barbara Herlihy · Theodore Remley · Stewart Garry · Janice Marie GarryScenarios in Counseling: Guided Interactive Practice in Understanding Ethical and Legal Issues, CD-ROM
978-0-13-117612-6Test Item File, Revision
978-0-13-117619-5Study Guide
2007978-0-13-117621-8Shaun Fix · Kathleen LezonSuccess! in ACLS Tips and Tricks for Passing the ACLS Course
2003978-0-13-117624-9Marian Burk WoodBuilding Your Personal Stock Portfolio
2009978-0-13-117625-6James GlanvilleEngineer's Chemistry Handbook
2004978-0-13-117626-3K Martin-GayInstructor's Resource Manual with Tests
2005978-0-13-117629-4Kelli Jade Hammer · John GarlowInstructor's Solutions Manual for PREALGEBRA & INTRODUCTORY ALGEBRA by Elayn Martin-Gay
1991978-0-13-117631-7Canadian Marketg Action S/Gd** Tuckwell
2004978-0-13-117633-1Elayn Martin-GayPrealgebra & Introductory Algebra
2003978-0-13-117634-8PH MarketingMarketing Updates Access Card
2005978-0-13-117655-3Mark J. GuzdialIntroduction to Computing and Programming in Python, A Multimedia Approach
2007978-0-13-117660-7R. Clifford Blair · Richard TaylorBiostatistics for the Health Sciences
2004978-0-13-117670-6Ken LaudonWindows Server 2003: Designing Network Security (Exam 70-298) (Windows Server 2003 Certification Series)
2003978-0-13-117674-4Robert S. FeldmanChild Development, Third Edition
1991978-0-13-117680-5K.D. MUNTCanadian Macroeconomics: Problems and Policies
2008978-0-13-117682-9Gail WalravenHeart Rate Calculator for Basic Arrhythmias
2004978-0-13-117683-6Eric Chaisson · Steve McMillanAstronomy Today, Volume 1: The Solar System (5th Edition)
  ''978-0-13-117684-3Eric Chaisson · Steve McMillanAstronomy Today, Volume 2: Stars and Galaxies (5th Edition)
  ''978-0-13-117685-0J. Lloyd EldredgeTeach Decoding: Why and How (2nd Edition)
2004978-0-13-117686-7Richard JohnsonbaughDiscrete Mathematics (6th Edition) (Jk Computer Science and Mathematics)
2005978-0-13-117687-4Richard JohnsonbaughInstructor's Manual Discrete Mathematics
2003978-0-13-117688-1Jennifer HarrisEngineering Applications
  ''978-0-13-117689-8Mosaics Focusing on Essays with Student's User Manual (Second Edition)
2004978-0-13-117705-5Michael FeathersWorking Effectively with Legacy Code
2005978-0-13-117708-6Bonnie F. FremgenMedical Law and Ethics (2nd Edition)
2006978-0-13-117710-9Bonnie F. FremgenMedical Law and Ethics -Instructor's Resource Manual with Test Bank and PoerPoint Lecture CD-ROM(2nd Edition)
2004978-0-13-117712-3David L. GoetschEffective Change Management
2003978-0-13-117715-4Douglas R. Emery · John D. Finnerty · John D. StoweCorporate Financial Mang&Nav Webct Stud
2007978-0-13-117719-2BOAZBiological Anthropology: AND Scientific American Special Edition, New Look at Human Evolution: A Synthetic Approach to Human Evolution
  ''978-0-13-117720-8BOAZBiological Anthropology: AND Thinking Anthropologically, a Practical Guide for Students: A Synthetic Approach to Human Evolution
  ''978-0-13-117721-5   ''Biological Anthropology & New
1991978-0-13-117722-2GoushaThe Carolinas Road Atlas and Visitor's Guide (Gousha State Atlas)
2004978-0-13-117724-6NAAnthropology Brief with Ethnoquest Pkg
978-0-13-117726-0Fifty Strategies for Teaching English Language Learners: AND ESOL Strategies for Teaching Content, Facilitating Instruction for English Language Learners
2003978-0-13-117727-7Henry Stark · John W. WoodsProability & Random Process&1st Crse DAT Pk
  ''978-0-13-117728-4Henry Stark · John W. WoodsProbability & Random Process&elem Struct Pk
2003978-0-13-117729-1James S. Holton · Roger L. Hadlich · Norhma Gomez-Estrada · Andrew StullSpanish Grammar in Review& ANS Key& Int Pkg
2004978-0-13-117735-2Gail E. TompkinsLanguage Arts: Patterns of Practice (6th Edition)
2003978-0-13-117745-1George S. MorrisonEducation and Development of Infants, Toddlers, and Preschoolers
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1991978-0-13-117748-2Jon M. DuffCadkey Light
  ''978-0-13-117755-0Dale E. Varberg · Edwin J. PurcellCalculus With Analytic Geometry
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2004978-0-13-117766-6Steven T. EdwardsFire Service Personnel Management (2nd Edition)
2003978-0-13-117771-0Pearson EducationTrain & Assess It Office2000& Lab Edition Pk
  ''978-0-13-117776-5Lori Ann FowlerSocNotes for Sociology
  ''978-0-13-117777-2Lori Ann FowlerEssentials of Sociology
1992978-0-13-117789-5VARBERGSm Calculus/analytic Geometry I/M
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  ''978-0-13-117799-4Barbara J. FoxPhonics for the Teacher of Reading (9th Edition)
2006978-0-13-117800-7Mark S. GerigFoundations for Mental Health and Community Counseling: An Introduction to the Profession
2007978-0-13-117802-1Janine Peck Stichter · Maureen A. Conroy · James M. KauffmanAn Introduction to Students with High-Incidence Disabilities
2004978-0-13-117806-9Donna E. NortonMulticultural Children's Literature: Through the Eyes of Many Children (2nd Edition)
2004978-0-13-117807-6Robert EllwoodMany Peoples, Many Faiths: Women and Men in the World Religions
2005978-0-13-117810-6Thomas J. KampwirthCollaborative Consultation in the Schools (3rd Edition)
2006978-0-13-117812-0Festus E. ObiakorMulticultural Special Education: Culturally Responsive Teaching
1994978-0-13-117814-4Cellulose Deriv Related Pol$$$ Kennedy Et Al
2005978-0-13-117817-5Philip F. Riley · Frank Gerome · Robert L. Lembright · Henry Myers · Chong-kun YoonThe Global Experience: Readings in World History, Volume 1 (to 1550) (5th Edition)
  ''978-0-13-117818-2Philip F. Riley · Frank Gerome · Henry Myers · Chong-kun YoonGlobal Experience, The, Volume 2 (5th Edition)
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2006978-0-13-117820-5CrystalParamedica Care: Principles & Practice- Inrtroduction to Advanced Prehospital Care- Instructors Resource Manual, 2nd
2005978-0-13-117824-3Robert S. PorterStudent Workbook, Volume 1 for Paramedic Care: Principles and Practice, Volume 1: Introduction to Advanced Prehospital Care
  ''978-0-13-117830-4   ''Combined Workbooks 1-5
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2006978-0-13-117832-8BledsoeInstructor' s Resource Manual for Paramedic Care- Principles and Practice, Patient Assessment, 2nd
2005978-0-13-117833-5Robert S. PorterStudent Workbook, Volume 2 for Paramedic Care: Principles and Practice, Volume 2: Patient Assessment
2005978-0-13-117834-2Bryan E. Bledsoe · Robert S. Porter · Richard A. CherryParamedic Care: Principles and Practices, Volume 3: Medical Emergencies (2nd Edition) (Paramedic Care Principles & Practice Series)
2006978-0-13-117835-9BledsoeInstructor's Resource Manual for Paramedic Care- Principles & Practice, Medical Emergencies, 2nd
2005978-0-13-117836-6Robert S. PorterWorkbook, Volume 3 for Paramedic Care: Principles and Practices, Volume 3: Medical Emergencies
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2006978-0-13-117838-0BledsoeParamedic Care: Principles & Practice, Trauma Emergencies: Instructor's Resource Manual, 2nd
1993978-0-13-117839-7VARBERGCalculus Analytic Geometry Aie
2005978-0-13-117840-3Robert S. PorterParamedic Care: Principles & Practice: Trauma Emergencies 2nd edition workbook
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978-0-13-117843-4Instructor's Resource Manual for Paramedic Care- Principles & Practice- Special Considerations/Operations, 2nd
2008978-0-13-117844-1Alan T. StuttsManagement in the Visual Arts and Communication Business: An Introduction
2006978-0-13-117846-5Alan T. StuttsCareer and Professional Development for Visual arts and Communication Students
2005978-0-13-117849-6Alan StuttsCareer and Professional Development for Hospitality Management
  ''978-0-13-117851-9Tom Palko · Hilda PalkoQ & A Review for the Medical Assistant, 7th Edition
978-0-13-117853-3Electronics Workbench Multisim: Version 7
2007978-0-13-117881-6Dennis J. StevensPolice Officer Stress: Sources and Solutions
2005978-0-13-117884-7Victoria Rodrigo · Francisco Lluna-Mateu · Carmen SchligOpiniones: A 4-Skills Approach to Intermediate-High/Advanced Spanish
2005978-0-13-117886-1Lori Langer de RamirezVoices of Diversity: Stories, Activities and Resources for the Multicultural Classroom
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2004978-0-13-117891-5Mary HumphriesFabric Reference Instructor's Manual
1992978-0-13-117904-2Robert Decker · John WilliamsBringing Calculus to Life (Computer Software Version)
2005978-0-13-117907-3Pearson Education,-. Pearson Education,Inc. (COR) Pearson Education, Prentice HallPearson's Medical Assisting (General) DVD Videos
2006978-0-13-117909-7William P. Andrew · James W. Damitio Ph.D CMA · Raymond S. SchmidgallFinancial Management for the Hospitality Industry
1992978-0-13-117912-7Polly L. KeenerCartooning
2003978-0-13-117914-1NAPolice Supervision & Management & Cj Ol Pkg
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  ''978-0-13-117917-2NAUnderstanding Contemporary Gangs&cj Eval Pk
  ''978-0-13-117919-6   ''Introductory Statistic Crim Just&cj Eval Pk
2003978-0-13-117921-9NACriminal Courts: Structure Proc&cj Eval Pkg
2003978-0-13-117922-6NACrimes & Criminal & Crim Jus Eval Online Pk
  ''978-0-13-117924-0   ''Police Talk: Scenario Based Comm&cj Eval Pk
  ''978-0-13-117925-7   ''Criminal Procedure Today& Crim Just Eval Pk
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  ''978-0-13-117928-8NAPolicing & Crime Preventn&cj Eval Online Pk
2005978-0-13-117930-1   ''Profit Without Honor& Cj Eval Online Pkg
2003978-0-13-117931-8   ''Forensic Science Handbook Vol1&cj Eval Pkg
2003978-0-13-117933-2NACriminal Law Today& Crim Just Eval R/G Pkg
  ''978-0-13-117934-9SchmallegerDefinitive Guide Crim Just&cj Eval Pkg
  ''978-0-13-117939-4NACorrectional Administration & Crim Just Pkg
2003978-0-13-117940-0NAVictimology & Criminal Justice Eval Pkg
  ''978-0-13-117941-7   ''Incarcerated Woman & Criminal Just Eval Pkg
  ''978-0-13-117945-5   ''Policing & Community Partnership&cj Eval Pk
1991978-0-13-117946-2Prentice-HallCaribbean Islands Handbook, 1992 (Footprint Caribbean Islands Handbook)
2003978-0-13-117947-9NAInmate Prison Experience&crim Just Eval Pkg
  ''978-0-13-117948-6Lisa Stolzenberg · Stewart J. D'AlessioCriminal Courts for 21st Cent& Cj Eval Pkg
  ''978-0-13-117949-3NAProcedures Justice System& Crim Just Eval Pk
2003978-0-13-117950-9Kathleen M. SweetAviation & Airport Security& Crim Just Pkg
  ''978-0-13-117952-3NAYour Criminal Justice Career&crim Just Pkg
1992978-0-13-117953-0Carl SalasCfc Handbook
2003978-0-13-117954-7NAProactive Police Management& Crim Just Pkg
  ''978-0-13-117956-1   ''School Crime & Policing&crim Just Eval Pkg
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2003978-0-13-117958-5Gennaro F. Vito · Michael B. BlankenshipStatistical Analysis Criml Just& Cj Eval Pk
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  ''978-0-13-117960-8   ''To Protect & Serve&crime Justice Eval Pkg
2003978-0-13-117962-2NAPolicing & the Law&criminal Justice Onln Pk
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1992978-0-13-118001-7CASE WORKER HAMMER/COHEN
978-0-13-118002-4Functional Assessment
2007978-0-13-118004-8Brenda K. BradshawTen Behaviors of Effective Readers
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2004978-0-13-118007-9Arthur A. Carin · Joel E. Bass · Terry L. ContantActivities for Teaching Science as Inquiry (6th Edition)
  ''978-0-13-118008-6Marian C Merrill EducationA Guide to Ethical Conduct for the Helping Professions (Student Enrichment)
2005978-0-13-118011-6American Culinary FederationCulinary Fundamentals
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2005978-0-13-118013-0American Culinary FederationStudy Guide (Culinary Fundamentals)
2004978-0-13-118017-8Joyce LeFever KeePrentice Hall Handbook of Laboratory and Diagnostic Tests with Nursing Implications (5th Edition)
2006978-0-13-118018-5Christopher P. Day · Brenda R. CarlosKnife Skills for Chefs
2004978-0-13-118022-2Peggy A. Grubbs · Barbara A. BlasbandThe Long Term Care Nursing Assistant (3rd Edition)
2004978-0-13-118024-6Peggy A. Grubbs · Barbara A. BlasbandWorkbook
978-0-13-118027-7HOLZNER NORTONC Programming 3.5 Disk
1992978-0-13-118035-2Edwin J. Purcell · Dale VarbergStudent's Solutions Manual: Calculus With Analytic Geometry
2003978-0-13-118038-3EWBLocal Area Networks& Commsim Pkg
2004978-0-13-118040-6Marianne Fox · Lawrence C. Metzelaar · Linda Bird · keith Mulbery · Pam ToliverEssentials Office 2003 Lev123& CC Acc CD Pkg