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1998978-0-13-681511-2Charles F. Goldfarb · Steve Pepper · Chet EnsignSGML Buyer's Guide: A Unique Guide to Determining Your Requirements and Choosing the Right SGML and XML Products and Services (Charles F. Goldfarb Series on Open Information Management)
1999978-0-13-681537-2Paul T HeyneThe economic way of thinking, first Canadian edition
1991978-0-13-681560-0Michael G. Roskin · Robert L. Cord · James A. Medeiros · James S. JonesPolitical Science: An Introducion
1900978-0-13-681569-3BRUMLIKPoly Flexible Tub Blue Set 50
1992978-0-13-681578-5Eve P. SteinbergPostal Exams Handbook (Arco Civil Service Test Tutor)
1994978-0-13-681602-7Alfred Stone · Stuart M. DeLucaPolice Administration: An Introduction (2nd Edition)
1993978-0-13-681628-7Irving ZeitlinPlato's Vision: The Classical Origins of Social and Political Thought
1977978-0-13-681635-5Kurt WagnerA plastic surgeon answers your questions: A personal consultation in book form (A Reward book)
1992978-0-13-681644-7Herbert M. LevinePolitical Issues Debated: An Introduction To Politics (4th Edition)
1993978-0-13-681651-5Roger HilsmanThe Politics Of Policy Making In Defense and Foreign Affairs: Conceptual Models and Bureaucratic Politics (3rd Edition)
978-0-13-681693-5Real Estate
1992978-0-13-681719-2Martin Walters · Lesley Ann Daniels · Merilyn Holme · Clara SansomAnimal Life (The Prentice Hall Illustrated Dictionary)
  ''978-0-13-681727-7Jane WalkerScience and Technology: A Prentice Hall Illustrated Dictionary (The Prentice Hall Illustrated Dictionary Series)
  ''978-0-13-681735-2Martin Walters · Felicity TrotmanEarth Sciences: A Prentice Hall Illustrated Dictionary
  ''978-0-13-681743-7Michael Pollard · Felicity TrotmanSpace (A Prentice Hall Illustrated Dictionary)
1998978-0-13-681750-5Peter L. Wright · Mark J. Kroll · John A. ParnellStrategic Management: Concepts and Cases
1963978-0-13-681759-8Thomas Landon ThorsonPlato: Totalitarian or Democrat?
1994978-0-13-681768-0Plant Nutrition Metabolism $$$ Mengel
1900978-0-13-681775-8BRUMLIKPoly Flexible Tub White Set 25
1994978-0-13-681776-5Plant Nutrition Metabolism *** Mengel
1900978-0-13-681783-3BRUMLIKPoly Flexible Tub Black Set 25
1999978-0-13-681784-0H. RuvinPractical Guide to the Design and Implementation of Information System
1900978-0-13-681791-8BRUMLIKPoly Flexible Tub Blue Set 25
  ''978-0-13-681817-5   ''Poly Flexible Tub L Grn Set 25
1998978-0-13-681818-2John L. Kramer · Thomas R. PopePrentice Hall's Federal Taxation 1999: Comprehensive
1900978-0-13-681825-0BRUMLIKPoly Flexible Tub D Grn Set 25
1999978-0-13-681826-7KRAMER & POPESm Ph Fed Taxation 1999 Comp Aie
1900978-0-13-681833-5BRUMLIKPoly Flexible Tub Yellw Set 25
1998978-0-13-681834-2KRAMER & POPEPh Federal Taxation 1999 Comprehensive
1900978-0-13-681841-0BRUMLIKPoly Flexible Tub Ornge Set 25
1900978-0-13-681858-8BRUMLIKPoly Flexible Tub Mgnta Set 25
  ''978-0-13-681866-3   ''Poly Flexible Tub Brown Set 25
  ''978-0-13-681874-8   ''Poly Flexible Tub Gray Set 25
  ''978-0-13-681916-5   ''Poly Rigid Tub Blue Set 50
1900978-0-13-681932-5BRUMLIKPoly Rigid Tub Red Set 50
  ''978-0-13-682013-0   ''Poly Rigid Tub White Set 25
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1900978-0-13-682062-8BRUMLIKPoly Rigid Tub Dk Green Set 25
1900978-0-13-682070-3BRUMLIKPoly Rigid Tub Yellow Set 25
  ''978-0-13-682088-8   ''Poly Rigid Tub Orange Set 25
1997978-0-13-682089-5William H. Roetzheim · Reyna A. BeasleySoftware Project Cost and Schedule Estimating: Best Practices
1900978-0-13-682096-3BRUMLIKPoly Rigid Tub Magenta Set 25
1997978-0-13-682097-0HonningsoyWord 97 Visuell Guide (Swedish) (Swedish Edition)
1900978-0-13-682104-5BRUMLIKPoly Rigid Tub Brown Set 25
  ''978-0-13-682112-0   ''Poly Rigid Tub Gray Set 25
1997978-0-13-682246-2Henry M. SayreWorld of Art
1999978-0-13-682253-0POPE & KRAMERPh Fed Taxation 1999 Individual
1998978-0-13-682261-5Thomas R. PopePrentice Hall Federal Taxation 1999: Individual
1990978-0-13-682275-2A Bartlett GiamattiPlay of Double Senses :SPENSER
1966978-0-13-682278-3S, Bierman, J, Hart, J JohnsonThe Play and the Reader
1971978-0-13-682286-8Stanley Lewis JohnsonThe play and the reader (Prentice-Hall English literature series)
1998978-0-13-682296-7POPE & KRAMERPh Federal Taxation 1999 Indiv
1969978-0-13-682302-5thomas whitakerTwentieth Century Interpretations of the Playboy of the Western World, a Collection of Critical Essays
  ''978-0-13-682310-0Thomas R. Whitaker"Playboy of the Western World": A Collection of Critical Essays (20th Century Interpretations)
1984978-0-13-682329-2David M. HarlandPolymorphic Programming Languages: Design and Implementation (Ellis Horwood Series in Computers & Their Applications)
1988978-0-13-682337-7Joseph GreenfieldExperiments in Practical Transistors and Linear Integrated Circuits
1992978-0-13-682360-5Charles E. Lindblom · Edward J. WoodhousePolicy Making Process, The (3rd Edition)
1991978-0-13-682378-0Howard E. ShumanPolitics and the Budget: The Struggle Between the President and the Congress
1999978-0-13-682387-2POPE & KRAMERSm Ph Fed Taxation 1999 Individual S/M
1991978-0-13-682394-0Robert Walters · David H. BlakeThe Politics of Global Economic Relations (4th Edition)
1993978-0-13-682402-2Denise L. Baer · David A. BositisPolitics and Linkage in a Democratic Society
1990978-0-13-682410-7Michael G. Roskin · Robert L. Cord · James Medeiros · Walter S. JonesPolitical Science: An Introduction
  ''978-0-13-682444-2Thomas R. DyePolitics in States and Communities
1991978-0-13-682485-5Petr SvecStyrene-Based Plastics and Their Modification (Ellis Horwood Series in Polymer Science and Technology)
1991978-0-13-682493-0O. C. SeeversPower Systems Handbook: Design, Operation & Maintenance
1995978-0-13-682501-2GoushaPlantation (City Map)
1993978-0-13-682519-7Ger ChallaPolymer Chemistry: An Introduction (Ellis Horwood Series in Polymer Science and Technology)
1990978-0-13-682624-8Michael GosneyPostscript Illustrations
1999978-0-13-682627-9KRAMER & POPEPh Fed Taxation 1999 Corp Partnerships
1992978-0-13-682642-2Timothy J. MasonPractical Sonochemistry: User's Guide to Applications in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering (Ellis Horwood Series in Organic Chemistry)
1990978-0-13-682659-0DEASINGTONPractical Gd Comp Comm Ntwk***
1991978-0-13-682675-0Abdel-Azia Fouad · Vijay VittalPower System Transient Stability Analysis Using the Transient Energy Function Method
  ''978-0-13-682725-2VAN ETTEN VAN DER PLAATSSm Fundamental Optical Fibre Comm S/M
1990978-0-13-682766-5Milson KirkPrinciples Design Operation Ca
  ''978-0-13-682774-0   ''*Principles Design Operation
1993978-0-13-682782-5Wan · DepewPolarisation and Magnetic Effects in Chemistry
1991978-0-13-682790-0Anthony S. RuddPractical Usage of Rexx (Ellis Horwood Series in Computers & Their Applications)
1994978-0-13-682865-5Thomas D Barker · Jeff Rush · Ron HunterPolice Systems and Practices: An Introduction
2002978-0-13-682873-0Dorothy RubinPower Vocabulary Locater Test: Basic Word Strategies for Adults
1994978-0-13-682881-5BARKER RUSHSm Police Systems I/M W/TB
1982978-0-13-682906-5Paul KuritzPlaying: An Introduction to Acting
1999978-0-13-682915-7KramerSm Ph Fed Taxation 1999 Corp Parts Aie
1981978-0-13-683003-0Sid SacksonPlaying Cards Around the World
1989978-0-13-683020-7Rudolph HeitefussCrop and Plant Protection: The Practical Foundations (Ellis Horwood Series in Agrochemical and Agricultural Science)
1982978-0-13-683045-0Neil ThomasPlaying popular piano
  ''978-0-13-683052-8Neil ThomasPlaying Popular Piano
  ''978-0-13-683102-0M. AuerbachPlaying and Winning Raquetball
1971978-0-13-683106-8Daniel TabakOptimal Control By Mathematical Prog
1982978-0-13-683110-5Marc AuerbachPlaying and winning racquetball
1991978-0-13-683145-7David L. Weimer · Aidan R. ViningPolicy Analysis: Concepts and Practice
1991978-0-13-683178-5ForcesePolicing Canadian Society
1994978-0-13-683186-0Z. WirpszaPolyurethanes: Chemistry, Technology and Applications (Ellis Horwood Series in Polymer Science and Technology)
1992978-0-13-683202-7Charles E. DavisPolitics of Hazardous Waste, The
1991978-0-13-683210-2Marshall RoseThe Little Black Book: Mail Bonding With Osi Directory Services (Prentice Hall Series in Innovative Technology)
1992978-0-13-683251-5David S. SoanePolymer Applications for Biotechnology: Macromolecular Separation and Identification (Polymer Science and Engineering Series)
1993978-0-13-683269-0David O'HaganThe Polyketide Metabolites (Ellis Horwood Series in Organic Chemistry)
1991978-0-13-683327-7Robert L. DilenschneiderPower and Influence: Mastering the Art of Persuasion
1983978-0-13-683334-5John E. DietrichPlay Direction
1981978-0-13-683359-8Asterie Baker ProvenzoPlay it again: Historic board games you can make and play (A Spectrum book)
  ''978-0-13-683367-3Asterie Baker ProvenzoPlay It Again: Historic Board Games You Can Make and Play
1984978-0-13-683400-7R. J. DeasingtonA Practical Guide to Computer Communications and Networking (Ellis Horwood Series in Computers and Their Applications)
1995978-0-13-683418-2Patricia AckertPlease Write: A Beginning Composition Text For Students of Esl
2000978-0-13-683426-7Patricia AckertPlease Write: Teacher's Manual
1985978-0-13-683434-2Robert E. WillnerThe Pleasure Principle Diet: How to Lose Weight Permanently, Eating the Foods You Love
1984978-0-13-683442-7Robert E. WillnerThe Pleasure Principle Diet: How to Lose Weight Permanently, Eating the Foods That Made You Fat
1987978-0-13-683475-5Frank SparanedroPlumber-Steam Fitter (Arco Civil Service Test Tutor)
1990978-0-13-683491-5Language ProcessorsLPI-PL/I Language Reference Manual
  ''978-0-13-683509-7Prentice HallLpi-Pl/I Language Reference Manual
978-0-13-683517-2I. Kutmanova · M. Skaloud · M. TochacekPlastic Design in Webs, Plates and Shells (Ellis Horwood Series in Civil Engineering)
1991978-0-13-683525-7Rhys LewisPractical Digital Image Processing (Ellis Horwood Series in Digital and Signal Processing)
1990978-0-13-683533-2D. Clarke · M.V. MurrayPractical Machine Translation
1985978-0-13-683541-7M. KovacsPollution Control and Conservation
1989978-0-13-683558-5K. LesterA Practical Approach to Data Structures: Related Algorithms in Pascal with Applications (Ellis Horwood Series in Computers and Their Applications)
1987978-0-13-683566-0John E. StruttPlant Corrosion: Prediction of Materials Performance (Ellis Horwood Series in Corrosion and Its Prevention)
1989978-0-13-683590-5Aleksander M. ZikicPractical Digital Control (Ellis Horwood Series in Electrical and Electronic Engineering)
1990978-0-13-683624-7Michael Gosney · Linnea Dayton · Janet AshfordPostScript Illustrations
1980978-0-13-683631-5Paul B WestonPolice personnel management (Prentice-Hall series in criminal justice)
1989978-0-13-683657-5Robert Panzarella · Hugh E O'NeillPolice Officer Oneil Et Al (Arco civil service test tutor)
1990978-0-13-683665-0Marvin J. Fischer · Marvin J. Pocket Guide to the National Electrical Code, 1987 FischerVest Pocket Guide to the National Electrical Code, 1990 Edition
1989978-0-13-683673-5Nigel S. CookPotassium Channels: Structure, Classification, Function and Therapeutic Potential (Ellis Horwood Series in Pharmaceutical Technology)
1972978-0-13-683680-3Robert W JohnPlaying social and recreational instruments
1990978-0-13-683707-7GoushaPocket Road Atlas
  ''978-0-13-683749-7Albert Ameiss · John AndersonPractical Guide to Gaap Applications/Book and Disk
1991978-0-13-683756-5Max A. Sobel · Norbert LernerPrecalculus Mathematics
  ''978-0-13-683764-0Sobel/LernerAnnotated Instructor's Edition Precalculus Mathematics
1963978-0-13-683789-3Ralph MateskyPlaying and Teaching Stringed Instruments, Part One
1989978-0-13-683806-7Louis J. MahieuPlumber's Toolbox Manual (ARCO'S ON-THE-JOB REFERENCE SERIES)
1982978-0-13-683839-5Pocket Magic
1982978-0-13-683847-0Bill BehrendtPocket Magic
  ''978-0-13-683862-3Hank LibrachPocket Computer Primer
1961978-0-13-683871-5Jacob M. BraudePocket Portfolio Of Jokes, Definitions And Toasts For Numerous Popular Occasions
1957978-0-13-683888-3W. WardPlaymaking With Children from Kindergarten Through
1983978-0-13-683896-8Joseph ShipleyPlaying With Words
1978978-0-13-683904-0Dan WhitePlay to win: A profile of Princeton Basketball coach Pete Carril
1983978-0-13-683912-5W. HornungPlumbers and Pipefitters Handbook
1982978-0-13-683920-0William J HornungPlumbing and heating
  ''978-0-13-683962-0James EmanuelPoet's Mind (Regents readers)
1980978-0-13-683979-8Andrew W. DohelsteinPolitics, Economics and Public Welfare (Prentice-Hall series in social work practice)
1984978-0-13-683995-8Marvin J FischerPocket guide to the National Electrical Code, 1984 edition
1979978-0-13-684019-0Joseph Frazier WallPolicies and people: The first hundred years of the Bankers Life
1989978-0-13-684051-0Allen D. Putt · J. Frederick SpringerPolicy Research: Concepts, Methods, Applications
1997978-0-13-684061-9C BOIKOPersephone 6 Genre
1981978-0-13-684076-3Thomas Alfred JohnsonThe police and society: An environment for collaboration and confrontation (Prentice-Hall series in criminal justice)
1986978-0-13-684101-2Andrew W. DobelsteinPolitics, Economics, and Public Welfare (Prentice-Hall Series in Social Work Practice)
1989978-0-13-684119-7Kim Richard* NossalThe Politics of Canadian Foreign Policy
  ''978-0-13-684127-2Will H. BlackwellPoisonous and Medicinal Plants (Prentice Hall Advanced Reference Series, Physical and Life Sciences)
  ''978-0-13-684143-2S.B. GreenfieldThe Poem: An Anthology (3rd Edition)
1989978-0-13-684168-5Roger HilsmanThe Politics of Policy-making in Defence and Foreign Affairs: Conceptual Models and Bureaucratic Policies
  ''978-0-13-684184-5David Weimer · Aidan R. ViningPolicy Analysis: Concepts and Practice
1998978-0-13-684192-0Universal MapPocatello Map
1990978-0-13-684218-7JacksonPolitics Canada
1983978-0-13-684226-2GreenfieldPractical Digital Desgn* [F[
1988978-0-13-684234-7Joseph D. GreenfieldPractical Transistors and Linear Integrated Circuits
1985978-0-13-684259-0Thomas Francis AdamsPolice field operations
1986978-0-13-684283-5MacLeanPolitical Economy Crime
1985978-0-13-684291-0James DullPolitics of American Foreign Policy
1988978-0-13-684309-2Robert G. WessonPolitics: Individual and State
1986978-0-13-684325-2Kim Richard NossalPolitics of Canadian Foreign Policy
1985978-0-13-684333-7Herbert M. LevinePolitics of State and Local Government Debated: Readings in Accountability, Responsiveness, and Efficiency
1984978-0-13-684341-2Howard E ShumanPolitics and the budget: The struggle between the President and the Congress
1980978-0-13-684357-3Dennis S. Ippolito · Thomas G. WalkerPolitical Parties, Interest Groups and Public Policy: Group Influence in American Politics
1983978-0-13-684373-3Roald - Maguire - Marchand - ParkerPolitical Life in Canada
1988978-0-13-684390-0Leon P. BaradatPolitical Ideologies: Their Origins And Impact
1960978-0-13-684407-5Joseph T. ShipleyPlaying with Words
1988978-0-13-684416-7Howard E. ShumanPolitics and the Budget: The Struggle Between the President and Congress
1983978-0-13-684449-5David H. Blake · Robert S. WaltersPolitics of Global Economic Relations
1977978-0-13-684464-8DaigonPoetry: The Heart of the Matter
1985978-0-13-684473-0Robert R. MayerPolicy and Program Planning: A Developmental Perspective (Prentice-Hall Series in Social Work Practice)
1970978-0-13-684498-3Sylvia Diane BordanPlays as teaching tools in the elementary school
1977978-0-13-684514-0Jan WahlThe Pleasant Fieldmouse storybook
1974978-0-13-684522-5Norman J. Vig · R.P. StiefboldPolitics in Advanced Nations: Modernization, Development and Contemporary Change
1990978-0-13-684549-2Rick SmolanThe Power To Heal: Ancient Arts & Modern Medicine
1972978-0-13-684555-3Eve BrownThe Plaza Cookbook
1973978-0-13-684563-8Judah MatrasPopulations and Societies (Prentice-Hall series in sociology)
1960978-0-13-684589-8Emily ChasePleasures of Cooking With Wine
1971978-0-13-684597-3Evie Unkelbach · Kurt UnkelbachThe pleasures of dog ownership,
  ''978-0-13-684605-5Alan. CoffeyPolice-Community Relations
1987978-0-13-684606-2Marvin J. FischerPocket Guide to the National Electrical Code
1971978-0-13-684613-0Alan CoffeyPolice-community relations (Prentice-Hall essentials of law enforcement series)
1985978-0-13-684622-2Roger HilsmanThe Politics of Governing America
1971978-0-13-684647-5Twentieth Century Interpretations of Poe's Tales: A Collection of Critical Essays (A Spectrum book, S-838) (Twentieth Century Interpretations of Poe's Tales: A Collection of Critical Essays (A Spectrum book, S-838))
  ''978-0-13-684654-3William L. HowarthTwentieth Century Interpretations of Poe's Tales; A Collection of Critical Essays
  ''978-0-13-684662-8Thomas Francis AdamsPolice Patrol: Tactics and Techniques (Prentice-Hall series in law enforcement)
1971978-0-13-684670-3Herbert GoldstonePoints of Departure;: A Collection of Short Fiction (Prentice-Hall English Literature Series)
1973978-0-13-684688-8Frank D MurphyPolicy and job description manual for nursing institutions
1987978-0-13-684689-5Gerald C. MacCallumPolitical Philosophy (Prentice-hall Foundations of Philosophy Series)
1970978-0-13-684696-3George LenczowskiThe Political Awakening in the Middle East
  ''978-0-13-684704-5George LenczowskiPolitical Awakening in the Middle East (Global History)
1998978-0-13-684705-2Donald KaganWestern Heritage to 1715
1976978-0-13-684712-0David H. Blake · Robert S. WaltersPolitics of Global Economic Relations
1990978-0-13-684739-7Tony LescePolice Products Handbook
1980978-0-13-684746-5Edwin M. SchurThe Politics of Deviance: Stigma Contests and the Uses of Power
  ''978-0-13-684753-3Edwin M. SchurPolitics of Deviance: Stigma Contests and the Uses of Power (A Spectrum book)