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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
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  ''978-0-13-152502-3NAGeneral Chemistry& Student Lec Notebook Pkg
1970978-0-13-152504-7Sam RosenbergThe come as you are masquerade party
1989978-0-13-152505-4Gary T. HuntCommunication Skills in the Organization
2004978-0-13-152507-8NABeginng Alg& Math Tutr W/Acc& CD VID Intrm
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  ''978-0-13-152510-8Gordon W. BrownLegal Termnlgy& Navg Webct GD& Pearson Dict
2004978-0-13-152512-2Intro to E Comm & FrontPage 03 Windows Pkg
  ''978-0-13-152518-4Barbara J. Kozier · Glenora, BScN, RN Erb · Audrey T. Berman · Shirlee SnyderFundmtl Nursg& Kozier&erb Tec&sg&navg Webct
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2005978-0-13-152523-8Paul J. DeitelVisual C# 2005 How to Program (2nd Edition)
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  ''978-0-13-152531-3George Beekman · Michael J. QuinnComputer Confluence Complete (7th Edition)
2008978-0-13-152532-0David Lepak · Mary GowanHuman Resource Management
2004978-0-13-152536-8Jeffrey A. HofferOracle 10G
1979978-0-13-152538-2Robert J. Bull · B. Cobbey CrislerCome See the Place: The Holy Land Jesus Knew
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  ''978-0-13-152544-3Naresh MalhotraMarketing Research Project Manual
1994978-0-13-152547-4MARANWindows 3.1 Laer Med Bilder (Norwegian)
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2004978-0-13-152573-3Elizabeth G. Sturtevant · Wayne M. LinekImprovg Adolescnt Lit&contnt Litcy&ascd Crd
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  ''978-0-13-152575-7NAComptrs Tools Info Age& Explrg MS Offc Brief
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  ''978-0-13-152590-0   ''Medical Termgy Livg& Onekey BB Acc Card Pkg
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2004978-0-13-152594-8NAExplrg Microsft Offc03 V1& Exp3 1key& Wrd& XCL
  ''978-0-13-152595-5   ''Explg Micrsft Offc&comp Your Futr&exp03&wrd
2009978-0-13-152599-3Michael P. Adams Ph.D · Robert KochPharmacology: Connections to Nursing Practice
2004978-0-13-152600-6NAAtando Cabos& Stu Actv& ANS Key& VID CD& DIC&
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1975978-0-13-152603-7Robert J. MyersThe Coming Collapse of the Post Office
2004978-0-13-152606-8NAIntro to the Bible &Introductg the Bible Pk
  ''978-0-13-152607-5   ''Go with Micrsft Ofc Xcl03 Brf& Phit Xcl3 Expl
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  ''978-0-13-152624-2   ''Understandg Manag DIV &Diversity Consciouns
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2004978-0-13-152635-8NAMedl Termnlgy with Human & BB Medl Termnlgy
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2004978-0-13-152653-2InfosourceTAIT Office 2000 Premium Pack - Stanalone (old version)
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2004978-0-13-152658-7Daniel Limmer · Michael F. O'KeefeEmergency Care
2009978-0-13-152659-4Pincode Only Tait 2.3pin&tait Phit Tip 1 Pk
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1986978-0-13-152661-7Common Countenance ** Tomkins
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2004978-0-13-152667-9NAIntro Teachg Becomg& Professnlism Tchg Pkg
  ''978-0-13-152669-3   ''Intro Teachg Becmg & Portfolio Planner Pkg
  ''978-0-13-152671-6   ''Intro Teachg Becomg& Respondg to Hate Schl
  ''978-0-13-152672-3   ''Teachg Experience& Develpg Tchg Portfolio
  ''978-0-13-152676-1   ''Miller& Freunds Prob & S/S/M Pkg
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2004978-0-13-152679-2NACrimnl Justc Today & Onekey BB Studt Acc Pk
2004978-0-13-152680-8NACrimnl Justc Today & Onekey Webct Studt Pkg
2004978-0-13-152681-5NACriminal Justice Today & CC Access Card Pkg
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2004978-0-13-152686-0Karl SchriftgiesserEsstl of Sociolgy& 10 Ways Fight Hate& Clssc
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2004978-0-13-152709-6John Jarolimek · Clifford Foster · Richard D. Kellough · Merrill EducationTeachg& Learng Elem& Elem VID Case Studie CD
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  ''978-0-13-152718-8NAOperatg Systm& Undrstnd Unix Linux Prog Pkg
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2004978-0-13-152722-5NAGeneral Chem& Onekey CC Stu A/Kit&lab Expmt
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1983978-0-13-152737-9Lee ArnoldCommercial Investment Real Estate Policies and Procedures Book 2
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2006978-0-13-152740-9SullivanAlgebra & Trigonometry: Enhanced with Graphing Utilities (Instructor's Edition)
1963978-0-13-152744-7Prentice-HallCommon Secretarial Mistakes and How to Avoid Them
978-0-13-152745-4Algebra and Trigonometry Enhanced with Graphing Utilities Instructors Solution Manual Volume 2 4th Edition
978-0-13-152746-1Algebra Trigon Enhan Graph Stdntstdypksa
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2004978-0-13-152772-0NAStory Ethics Fulfillg& Common Philsphl Terms
1984978-0-13-152778-2Commodore 64 French Edition*** Onosko
2006978-0-13-152779-9NAExplorg Microsft Excel 03& MOUS Vouchers Pkg
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2004978-0-13-152796-6Richard R. Powell · Jesus Garcia · Stanley J. ZehmExploring Diversity & Field Experience Pkg
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1984978-0-13-152802-4PIOVIACommonsense Gd Law Office Auto
2004978-0-13-152803-1A. Daniel Frankforter · William M. SpellmanWest Prentice Hall Portf V1& Lysistrata Pkg
2005978-0-13-152807-9Douglas C. GiancoliPhysics: Principles with Applications with WebAssign Access Code Card-One Term Version (6th Edition)
1994978-0-13-152808-6Maria Gonzalez-AguilarAtando Cabos: Curso Intermedio de Espanol (Spanish Edition)
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2004978-0-13-152815-4NAEcono Expl& Applyµ Sg&macro Sg&1key CC
2004978-0-13-152819-2NAQuick Simpl Micrsft&g/Strtd&exp3 V2&fle&wrd
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2004978-0-13-152826-0Roger R., Ph.D. HockForty Studies That Changd&expc Psychlgy Pkg
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2004978-0-13-152839-0Sheryl A. Nicolson · Susan G. ShipsteadThough the Lookg Glass&portfolio Plannr Pkg
2006978-0-13-152840-6NASF Compact& Pren Hall Grammar Workbook Pkg
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978-0-13-152861-1Keys to Success (Transparency Acetates to Accompany, Fifth Edition)
2005978-0-13-152867-3Student SuccessFranklin Covey Planner 2005-20
1969978-0-13-152868-0Richard LucasCommon and Uncommon Uses of Herbs for Healthful Living
2004978-0-13-152874-1Bus Ess& Onekey BB& Bldg Stk Port& Begn Yr&
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  ''978-0-13-152887-1Crimlgy Today Intgrtv&eor&nag Webct GD&Time
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2004978-0-13-152904-5Robert T. Grauer · Maryann BarberExplrg Microsft Offc& MS Frntpg2& Expl1& Excl3
  ''978-0-13-152907-6NAEssen Entrepreneurship& Small& Bus Plan 03
  ''978-0-13-152912-0   ''Fund Nursg Concp& Clin Nur Skill& Stu S/GD Pk
  ''978-0-13-152913-7   ''Complt C# Traing Crse& Visl C# Stnd Ed Sftw
2004978-0-13-152914-4Anthony Bedford · Wallace FowlerEngineering Mechanics: Dynamics
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  ''978-0-13-152923-6CHEESEMANLegl Env Bus&Ol&Stdy Gd
1972978-0-13-152926-7Robert S. LopezCommercial Revolution in the Middle Ages
2004978-0-13-152930-4NAExplorg Microsft Acc&tait Exp03 V2.3vp 1ky
2006978-0-13-152931-1Info Syst Tody&s/VID CS&Exp MS Acc&tait Exp
1986978-0-13-152935-9Kathy J. IrvingCommunicating in Context: Intercultural Communication Skills for Esl Students
2004978-0-13-152938-0Carol J. Carter · Joyce Bishop · Sarah Lyman Kravits · Judy BlockKeys Succ Coll Career& PH Planr& 10 Ways Fght
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2004978-0-13-152945-8NATheories of Developmt& APS Current Dirtn Pk