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ISBN 978-0-00-215254-9 to 978-0-00-215913-5 < ISBN 978-0-00-215922-7 to 978-0-00-216375-0 > ISBN 978-0-00-216376-7 to 978-0-00-216863-2

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1989978-0-00-215922-7Michel TournierThe Wind Spirit: An Autobiography
1993978-0-00-215927-2Katie HickmanA Trip to the Light Fantastic: Travels with a Mexican Circus
1991978-0-00-215929-6Michael Young · Tom Schuller · T SchulerLife After Work: The Arrival of the Ageless Society
1992978-0-00-215930-2Simon StrongThe Shining Path: World's Deadliest Revolutionary Force
1999978-0-00-215931-9Virginia RaineyCALIFORNIA BEAUTIFUL COOK BOOK
1993978-0-00-215936-4David FraserKnight's Cross: A Life of Field Marshal Erwin Rommel
1991978-0-00-215937-1Peter CollierThe Fondas: A Hollywood Dynasty
  ''978-0-00-215938-8Tom RamseyGolf Courses of Hawaii
  ''978-0-00-215939-5Scotto Sisters · Scotto E. · Pudlowski GillesFrance the Beautiful: Cookbook 1992 Engagement Calendar
1995978-0-00-215943-2Fernand BraudelThe Mediterranean
1991978-0-00-215944-9Bernard InghamKill the Messenger
  ''978-0-00-215948-7Philip HowardTimes Bedside Book
  ''978-0-00-215949-4Marilyn Tausend · Susanna PalazuelosMexico: The Beautiful Cookbook
1991978-0-00-215950-0Sally FoxThe Medieval Woman: an Illustrated Book of Postcards
  ''978-0-00-215951-7Jennifer Enwitt · Tom LawlorA Day in the Life of Ireland
  ''978-0-00-215953-1Bob Whitaker · Martin HarrisonThe Unseen Beatles
1979978-0-00-215954-8Robert K. HudnutBootstrap Fallacy
1989978-0-00-215956-2Douglas GreshamLenten Lands
1992978-0-00-215957-9Bryan BurroughVendetta: American Express and the smering of banking rival Edmond Safra: American Express and the Smearing of Banking Rival Edmond Safra
1991978-0-00-215960-9Gillian HewittItaly: A Culinary Journey
1998978-0-00-215961-6Ken DuncanAustralia Wide
1991978-0-00-215962-3P Greenleigh John · Greenleigh John · Beimler Rosalind RosoffThe Days of the Dead: Mexico's Festival of Communion with the Departed
1993978-0-00-215963-0Ian McIntyreThe Expense of Glory: Life of John Reith
1995978-0-00-215964-7Ian McIntyreDirt and Deity: A Life of Robert Burns
1993978-0-00-215967-8Roger GraefLiving Dangerously: Young Offenders in Their Own Words
1996978-0-00-215968-5Roger GraefIn Search of Law and Order
1992978-0-00-215969-2P. J. KavanaghThe Book of Consolations
1994978-0-00-215970-8Dorothy RoweTime on Our Side: Growing in Wisdom, Not Growing Old
1989978-0-00-215972-2Kingsley BrownFlock
  ''978-0-00-215973-9Mike. BryanBaseball Lives
978-0-00-215974-6Pocket Ref English Dict Can ed
978-0-00-215975-3Country: Classic and Contemporary Ideas for Living by Rogers, Barbara Radcliffe (1989) Hardcover
1989978-0-00-215976-0Margaret CannonChina tide: The revealing story of the Hong Kong exodus to Canada
  ''978-0-00-215977-7Ian BrownFreewheeling: The feuds, broods, and outrageous fortunes of the Billes family and Canadas favourite company
978-0-00-215979-1Spoils of power: The politics of patronage (Mass Market Paperback)
1988978-0-00-215980-7Julia BairdJohn Lennon, My Brother
978-0-00-215984-5Runaway: Diary of a street kid
1990978-0-00-215986-9Gordon PittsStorming the fortress: How Canadian business can conquer Europe in 1992
1989978-0-00-215989-0L.E. TuckZola, Photographer
1997978-0-00-215991-3Kathryn SpinkMother Teresa: An Authorized Biography
1992978-0-00-215995-1Gordon S. WakefieldBunyan the Christian
1992978-0-00-215996-8Bruce KentUndiscovered Ends: An Autobiography
1986978-0-00-215999-9Kevin Sinclair · Jacki Passmore · Julia Roles · Elaine RussellChina: The Beautiful Cookbook
1993978-0-00-216000-1Robert Van De WeyerThe Fount Book of Prayer
1974978-0-00-216002-5Sylvain MangeotAdventures of a Manchurian: Story of Lobsang Thondup
  ''978-0-00-216004-9Richard BostonAnatomy of Laughter
2017978-0-00-216005-6L.I. RUDOLPHGANDHI: THE TRADITIONAL ROOTS OF CHARISMA [Hardcover] [Jan 01, 2017] RUDOLPH,L.I.
1973978-0-00-216006-3Sybille BedfordAldous Huxley: A Biography, Vol 1 1894-1939
1975978-0-00-216009-4Tom HarrissonLiving Through the Blitz
1974978-0-00-216011-7Barry JohnThe Barry John Story
1977978-0-00-216012-4Agatha ChristieAn Autobiography
1974978-0-00-216014-8Sybille BedfordAldous Huxley: The Turning Points, 1939-63 v. 2
1975978-0-00-216016-2Arthur BryantAge of Elegance, 1812-22
  ''978-0-00-216024-7Neville CardusAutobiography
1978978-0-00-216026-1John MackinnonApe within Us, The
1977978-0-00-216028-5John SkeapingDrawn from life: An autobiography
1980978-0-00-216029-2G.Dieter PlageWild Horizons: Cameraman in Africa
1979978-0-00-216031-5Douglas HurdAn End to Promises: Sketch of a Government 1970-74
1978978-0-00-216032-2Robert MarkIn the Office of Constable
  ''978-0-00-216035-3Joy AdamsonThe Searching Spirit:: An Autobiography
1984978-0-00-216036-0Larry AdlerIt Ain't Necessarily So
1979978-0-00-216037-7Jonathan RabanArabia Through the Looking Glass
  ''978-0-00-216038-4J.P.R. WilliamsJPR: The Autobigraphy of J P R Williams
1983978-0-00-216039-1Rosalind K. MarshallVirgins and Viragos
1978978-0-00-216042-1Reginald DavisThe Prince of Wales
1980978-0-00-216044-5Gerald Cubitt · Eric RobinsThe Book of Kenya
1979978-0-00-216047-6Kevin Brownlow · John KobalHollywood: The Pioneers
1973978-0-00-216052-0William Leslie WebbBedside "Guardian": No. 22
1974978-0-00-216054-4Peter QuennellByron: The Years of Fame, and, Byron in Italy
1975978-0-00-216056-8Peter ShanklandByron of "The Wager"
1976978-0-00-216058-2David J. HowarthGreek Adventure: Lord Byron and Other Eccentrics in the War of Independence
1974978-0-00-216059-9Roger Lancelyn Green · Walter HooperC.S. Lewis: A Biography
1974978-0-00-216060-5Malcolm PennyThe Birds of Seychelles and the Outlying Islands
  ''978-0-00-216061-2Peter MudfordBirds of a Different Plumage
  ''978-0-00-216063-6Valerie Salt · Colin SaltBorn to Obey
  ''978-0-00-216064-3William Leslie WebbBedside "Guardian" 23
1976978-0-00-216066-7Richard BostonBeer and Skittles
1975978-0-00-216067-4William Leslie WebbBedside "Guardian": No. 24
1979978-0-00-216073-5Vivien AllenLady Trader: Biography of Mrs.Sarah Heckford
1976978-0-00-216075-9William Leslie WebbThe Bedside Guardian 25
1979978-0-00-216076-6William Douglas-HomeMr. Home Pronounced Hume
1977978-0-00-216078-0David HamiltonBest of Hamilton, The
1979978-0-00-216085-8Anthony FrewinBook of Days
  ''978-0-00-216089-6Adam ZamoyskiChopin: A Biography
1978978-0-00-216093-3William Leslie Webb · Bryan McAllister · Gibbard McAllisterThe Bedside "Guardian" 27 includes a selection from The Guardian 1977-78
1979978-0-00-216094-0Michel HuetDance, Art and Ritual of Africa
1975978-0-00-216104-6Robert SpeaightThe Companion Guide to Burgundy
1974978-0-00-216106-0Preben BangCollins Guide to Animal Tracks and Signs (British and European Mammals and Birds)
1979978-0-00-216111-4Brian De JonghMainland Greece (Companion Guides)
1978978-0-00-216112-1Stella BrewerForest Dwellers, The
1975978-0-00-216113-8Rowland ParkerThe Common Stream: Foxton
1976978-0-00-216115-2Alan GibsonMingled Yarn
1979978-0-00-216116-9John FreelyThe Companion Guide to Turkey (The companion guides)
1975978-0-00-216117-6J.A. FernandezDonana
1975978-0-00-216118-3Lady Veronica MacleanDiplomatic Dishes
1978978-0-00-216119-0Vincent CroninCatherine, Empress of All the Russias
1979978-0-00-216121-3Jonathan KeatesShakespeare Country (Companion Guides)
1978978-0-00-216124-4Kailash SankhalaTiger: The Story of the Indian Tiger
1976978-0-00-216125-1Darrell BatesDevon and Cornwall (Companion Guides)
1983978-0-00-216126-8Brian De JonghMainland Greece (Companion Guides)
1977978-0-00-216127-5S. W. RoskillChurchill and the Admirals
  ''978-0-00-216128-2David KossoffChristmas Story, The
1978978-0-00-216130-5Cosima WagnerCosima Wagner's Diaries; Volume 1 1869-1877: 1869-77
1982978-0-00-216132-9Fernand BraudelThe Wheels of Commerce: Civilisation and Capitalism 15th-18th Century, vol. 2
1984978-0-00-216133-6   ''Civilization and Capitalism, 15th-18th Century: Perspective of the World v. 3 (Civilization & capitalism, 15th-18th century)
1977978-0-00-216134-3Max EgremontThe Cousins: The Friendship, Opinions and Activities of Wilfrid Scawen Blunt and George Wyndham
1976978-0-00-216135-0Agatha ChristieCome, Tell Me How You Live
1978978-0-00-216136-7Peter Deyneka · Anita DeynekaSong in Siberia
1980978-0-00-216137-4Gavin Young · Nik WheelerIraq: Land of Two Rivers
1976978-0-00-216138-1Tony WilliamsonCounter Strike Entebbe
1978978-0-00-216139-8Oliver KnoxCroft: A Journey of Confidence, 1678-1978
1977978-0-00-216142-8Geza VermesDead Sea Scrolls: Qumran in Perspective
1980978-0-00-216143-5Kenneth David KaundaKaunda on Violence
1977978-0-00-216149-7Alan Bullock & Oliver StallybrassThe Fontana Dictionary of Modern Thought
1975978-0-00-216152-7Q. HoggDoor Wherein I Went
1977978-0-00-216156-5Valery Giscard D'EstaingTowards a New Democracy
1980978-0-00-216162-6Peter LeviThe Hill of Kronos
  ''978-0-00-216166-4John BetjemanCollins Guide to Parish Churches of England & Wales
1979978-0-00-216167-1E. B OgleLong distance please: The story of the TransCanada Telephone System
978-0-00-216169-5Joe Clark: a portrait
978-0-00-216172-5My Québec
978-0-00-216176-3Cigarette Pack Art - A Unique Blend of Cigarette Pack Design
1979978-0-00-216187-9Andre RavierBernadette
1980978-0-00-216189-3Cosima WagnerCosima Wagner's Diaries, Vol. 2: 1878-1883: 1878-83
  ''978-0-00-216190-9Robert BarnardTalent to Deceive: Appreciation of Agatha Christie
1982978-0-00-216191-6Mirella RicciardiAfrican Saga
1980978-0-00-216193-0Patrick O'DonovanBenedict of Nursia
2000978-0-00-216194-7Wilfred ThesigerThe Life of My Choice
1979978-0-00-216195-4William Leslie WebbBedside "Guardian": No. 28
  ''978-0-00-216196-1Elizabeth WalterChristmas Scrapbook
1976978-0-00-216202-9Stanley AylingThe Elder Pitt, Earl of Chatham
1979978-0-00-216203-6Giles St.AubynEdward VII: Prince and King
1980978-0-00-216207-4Arthur BryantThe Elizabethan Deliverance
1980978-0-00-216208-1Robert VavraLove of Tiger Flower
1976978-0-00-216210-4Michael JacksonEnglish Pub (A quarto book)
1983978-0-00-216212-8Richard DavisEnglish Rothschilds
1981978-0-00-216219-7Susan M. PearceArchaeology of South West Britain (Collins archaeology)
1980978-0-00-216226-5Clive OrtonMathematics in Archaeology (Collins archaeology)
  ''978-0-00-216228-9Richard BaileyViking Age Sculpture in Northern England (Collins archaeology)
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1979978-0-00-216245-6Eve BorsookThe Companion Guide to Florence (Companion Guides)
1983978-0-00-216246-3Peter LeviFlutes of Autumn
1976978-0-00-216248-7John Rupert ColvilleFootprints in Time
1980978-0-00-216251-7S.C. StanfordWelsh Marches (Collins Archaeology)
1983978-0-00-216256-2Anka MuhlsteinBaron James
1973978-0-00-216262-3Stuart CloeteThe Gambler
1974978-0-00-216263-0Frank Pakenham Earl of LongfordGrain of Wheat
  ''978-0-00-216264-7George B. SchallerGolden Shadows, Flying Hooves
1979978-0-00-216265-4Alan GoodallThe Wandering Gorillas
1978978-0-00-216267-8Michael WoodGo an Extra Mile
  ''978-0-00-216268-5Gerald DurrellThe Garden Of The Gods :
1985978-0-00-216281-4T.E.B. HowarthProspect and Reality: Great Britain, 1945-55
1980978-0-00-216285-2W. L Webb.The Bedside Guardian 29.
  ''978-0-00-216288-3Douglas CorranceScotland
1981978-0-00-216289-0Christopher LloydEnglish Corsairs on the Barbary Coast
1980978-0-00-216291-3Anthony CrickmayDancers
1980978-0-00-216293-7Peter AllissBedside Golf
1981978-0-00-216294-4John RanelaghIreland: An Illustrated History
1980978-0-00-216296-8Tim Fitzgeorge-ParkerThe Guv'nor: Biography of Sir Noel Murless
  ''978-0-00-216298-2Anthony PollenThe Great Gunnery Scandal: The Mystery of Jutland
1979978-0-00-216301-9Lord HomeBorder Reflections
1981978-0-00-216302-6Pauline FlickChristmas Cats
  ''978-0-00-216303-3Fernand BraudelCivilization and Capitalism, 15th-18th Century: Structures of Everyday Life v. 1 (Civilisation and capitalism)
1980978-0-00-216304-0Harold NicolsonDiaries and Letters (edited and condensed edition)
1986978-0-00-216305-7Martin GilbertThe Holocaust, The Jewish Tragedy
1980978-0-00-216307-1Gay TaleseThy Neighbour's Wife
1977978-0-00-216314-9Johannes LehmannThe Hittites
1984978-0-00-216315-6Karen MonsonAlma Mahler: Muse to Genius
1982978-0-00-216319-4Michael ChineryThe Seasons: An Exploration of twelve country walks
1976978-0-00-216320-0Robert ArdreyHunting Hypothesis: A Personal Conclusion Concerning the Evolutionary Nature of Man
1989978-0-00-216324-8Richard BostonOsbert: Portrait of Osbert Lancaster
1981978-0-00-216326-2Richard BuckleMost Upsetting Woman: Autobiography
  ''978-0-00-216328-6Francois KersaudyChurchill and De Gaulle
1984978-0-00-216330-9Janet MorganAgatha Christie: A Biography
1983978-0-00-216331-6Liz Butler · Michael ChineryThe Seasons
1988978-0-00-216332-3Douglas Fairbanks JrThe Salad Days
1978978-0-00-216337-8Malcolm Muggeridge · PapasIn a Valley of this Restless Mind
1981978-0-00-216341-5Elspeth HuxleyWhipsnade: Captive Breeding for Survival
1980978-0-00-216347-7Duncan McLarenIn Ruins: The Once Great Houses of Ireland
  ''978-0-00-216349-1E.W. SwantonBarclays World of Cricket
1981978-0-00-216350-7Michael MacintyreShogun Inheritance, The
1984978-0-00-216351-4Tom SteelScotland's Story
1983978-0-00-216352-1Donald SpotoThe Life of Alfred Hitchcock
1983978-0-00-216353-8Michel CimentKubrick
1985978-0-00-216357-6Mark Owens · Delia OwensCry of the Kalahari
1982978-0-00-216358-3Petru DumitriuTo the Unknown God
1981978-0-00-216359-0Jack FingletonBatting from Memory: An Autobiography
1982978-0-00-216360-6David FraserAlanbrooke
  ''978-0-00-216365-1David FingletonKiri Te Kanawa: A Biography
1981978-0-00-216367-5Ngaio MarshBlack Beech and Honeydew
1993978-0-00-216370-5Carol BeckwithNomads Of Niger
1983978-0-00-216371-2Geoffrey WansellCary Grant: Haunted Idol
1984978-0-00-216373-6Jasper Parrott · Vladimir AshkenazyAshkenazy. Beyond Frontiers.
1983978-0-00-216375-0David DuffGeorge & Elizabeth A Royal Marriage