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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1995978-0-00-638245-4Catharine A. MacKinnonOnly Words
2004978-0-00-638247-8Simon ArcherFab Facts: Behind the Scenes of Gerry Anderson's TV Adventures in the 21st Century
1994978-0-00-638248-5Henry BeardMulligan’s Laws of Golf
2011978-0-00-638249-2Nick DanzigerDanziger’s Britain: A Journey to the Edge
2010978-0-00-638251-5Nancy FridayMy Mother, Myself
2000978-0-00-638252-2Luise Eichenbaum · Susie OrbachWhat Do Women Want?
1994978-0-00-638254-6Tony ParkerMay the Lord in His Mercy Be Kind to Belfast
1997978-0-00-638255-3Gordon Brook-ShepherdThe Austrians: A Thousand-year Odyssey
1993978-0-00-638256-0Michael JordanRare Air: Michael on Michael
1996978-0-00-638264-5Des MacHaleThe World’s Best Scottish Jokes (World's best jokes)
1995978-0-00-638267-6Tim JacksonVirgin King: Inside Richard Branson's Business Empire
1994978-0-00-638268-3Lt. Col. Bob StewartBroken Lives: Personal View of the Bosnian Conflict
  ''978-0-00-638271-3Sidney ZionLoyality and Betrayal: The Story of the American Mob (A Lookout book)
1996978-0-00-638279-9Susan WelsThe Olympic Spirit
1994978-0-00-638282-9Tibor RudasEncore! 3 Tenors
1995978-0-00-638287-4Meesha Halm · Dayna Macy · Steven RothfeldSavouring the Wine Country
  ''978-0-00-638288-1Linda HinrichsCactus: A Prickly Portrait of a Desert Eccentric
  ''978-0-00-638299-7Robert ThurmanInside Tibetan Buddhism Rituals: Signs of the Sacred
1994978-0-00-638302-4Mario AndrettiAndretti: Mario on Mario
  ''978-0-00-638314-7Maggie WaldronPotatoes: Country Garden Notecards
1995978-0-00-638320-8Ben PimlottFrustrate Their Knavish Tricks: Writings on Biography, History and Politics
1995978-0-00-638321-5Margaret ThatcherThe Downing Street Years
1994978-0-00-638324-6Rick AtkinsonCrusade: The Untold Story of the Gulf War
  ''978-0-00-638325-3Bob GarrattThe Learning Organization (Successful Strategist)
  ''978-0-00-638328-4E. M. BardCat Intelligence Test: The Cat IQ Test
  ''978-0-00-638333-8Margery JolleyA Look Around the Corner: Memoirs of a Psychic
1996978-0-00-638337-6Mohamed HeikalSecret Channels: Inside Story of Arab-Israeli Peace Negotiations
1994978-0-00-638338-3Jean RitchieStalkers: How Harmless Devotion Turns to Sinister Obsession
1997978-0-00-638339-0Michael CoveneyThe World According to Mike Leigh
1994978-0-00-638341-3John Harvey JonesMaking It Happen: Reflections on Leadership
  ''978-0-00-638342-0Akio MoritaMade in Japan: Akio Morita and Sony
1994978-0-00-638345-1Al Ries · Jack Trout22 Immutable Laws of Marketing
2005978-0-00-638347-5Karen ArmstrongA History of Jerusalem: One City, Three Faiths
2001978-0-00-638348-2Karen ArmstrongThe Battle for God: Fundamentalism in Judaism, Christianity and Islam
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2010978-0-00-638354-3Patrick McGilliganClint: The Life and Legend
1994978-0-00-638356-7Deborah McKinlayLove Lies: What Men Don't Know and Women Won't Admit
1995978-0-00-638357-4Deborah McKinlaySex Secrets: A Companion's Volume
1994978-0-00-638364-2Kenichi OhmaeThe Borderless World: Power and Strategy in the Interlinked Economy
1995978-0-00-638368-0Christa PaulaThe Road to Miran: Travels in the Forbidden Zone of Xinjiang
  ''978-0-00-638369-7Jeffrey MillerIn Touch: The Letters of Paul Bowles
  ''978-0-00-638371-0John PearsonThe Profession of Violence: The Rise and Fall of the Kray Twins
1998978-0-00-638372-7Geoffrey HoskingRussia: People and Empire: 1552–1917
1994978-0-00-638374-1Richard O'TooleMore of the Worlds’s Best Dirty Limericks
  ''978-0-00-638375-8Barry WoodBlood Betrayal: Inside story of the Jersey Murders
1995978-0-00-638378-9Katie WoodHitch-Hiker’s Guide to Europe ’95
  ''978-0-00-638379-6Katie WoodCheap Sleep Guide to Europe ’95
1995978-0-00-638382-6Hamish McRaeThe World in 2020: Power, Culture and Prosperity - A Vision of the Future
1994978-0-00-638384-0David FraserKnight’s Cross: Life of Field Marshal Erwin Rommel
1995978-0-00-638386-4Matthew Horsman · Andrew MarshallAfter the Nation State: Citizens, Tribalism and the New World Disorder
1998978-0-00-638391-8Jeremy Howard-WilliamsThe Complete Crossword Companion
1995978-0-00-638392-5Wilfred ThesigerMy Kenya Days
  ''978-0-00-638394-9David CanterCriminal Shadows: Inside the Mind of the Serial Killer
1997978-0-00-638396-3Alice RawsthornYves Saint Laurent: A Biography
1995978-0-00-638401-4Tim Pat CooganThe I.R.A.
  ''978-0-00-638402-1Tom Peters · Robert H. WatermanIn Search of Excellence: Lessons from America's Best-run Companies
2007978-0-00-638407-6Alexander MaitlandWilfred Thesiger: The Life of the Great Explorer
1994978-0-00-638409-0Mr. "O"The World's Best Irish Jokes (World's best jokes)
  ''978-0-00-638416-8William Shatner · Chris KreskiStar Trek Movie Memories: The Inside Story of the Classic Movies
1997978-0-00-638418-2Edmund DellThe Chancellors: A History of the Chancellors of the Exchequer, 1945-90
1998978-0-00-638420-5Richard ForteyLife: an Unauthorised Biography: An Unauthorized Biography
2000978-0-00-638421-2Frank WelshA History of South Africa
1996978-0-00-638422-9Dorothy RoweDorothy Rowe’s Guide to Life
1997978-0-00-638423-6Anthony StorrFeet of Clay: Study of Gurus
1996978-0-00-638424-3Tom BowerMaxwell: The Final Verdict
  ''978-0-00-638428-1Richard WebsterWhy Freud Was Wrong: Sin, Science and Psychoanalysis
1996978-0-00-638430-4Alan SillitoeLife Without Armour
2001978-0-00-638431-1Helen SaulPhobias: Fighting the Fear
1995978-0-00-638432-8Val McDermidA Suitable Job for a Woman: Inside the World of Female Private Eyes
  ''978-0-00-638433-5Patrick McGilliganJack’s Life: Biography of Jack Nicholson
  ''978-0-00-638437-3Adrian HouseThe Great Safari: The Lives of George and Joy Adamson
  ''978-0-00-638439-7Henry HoggePig Poets
  ''978-0-00-638442-7John WilliamsBloody Valentine: A Killing in Cardiff
1995978-0-00-638443-4Cathy HopkinsDivorce for Beginners: How to Get Unhitched Without the Hitches
1997978-0-00-638444-1John BaxterSteven Spielberg: The Unauthorised Biography
1998978-0-00-638445-8John BaxterStanley Kubrick: A Biography
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  ''978-0-00-638449-6David Marquand · Anthony SeldonThe Ideas That Shaped Post-War Britain
1995978-0-00-638456-4Kathleen KeatingThe Little Book of Calm
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1998978-0-00-638472-4Christopher DewdneyLast Flesh: Life in the Transhuman Era
1997978-0-00-638476-2Richard Croft · Eric KirznerThe Beginner's Guide to Investing: A Practical Guide to Putting Your Money to Work for You
1996978-0-00-638480-9Nuala BeckShifting Gears: Thriving in the New Economy
978-0-00-638483-0Robin Baker · E OramBaby Wars. Parenthood And Family Strife.
2006978-0-00-638484-7Lucy Waverman · James ChattoA Matter of Taste
1996978-0-00-638485-4Murray BakerThe Debt-Free Graduate: How to Survive College or University Without Going Broke
1997978-0-00-638486-1Richard ScrimgerStill Life with Children: True Tales of Love, Laughter and Laundry
1998978-0-00-638487-8Leslie BendalyOrganization 2000
978-0-00-638488-5Charles ForanThe Story of My Life (So Far)
1995978-0-00-638490-8Guy ChevreauPray With Fire: Interceding in the Spirit
1996978-0-00-638491-5Anne Rhodes · Ann RhodesTake Care: Help and Advice for Caregivers
2001978-0-00-638492-2Jerald BainSo Your Child is Gay
2000978-0-00-638493-9Adrian HumphreysThe Enforcer: Johny Pops Papalia - A Murderous Life in the Mafia
978-0-00-638497-7Island Wings: A Memoir
2000978-0-00-638499-1Richard CroftThe Beginner's Guide to Investing: A Practical Guide to Putting Your Money to Work for You
1999978-0-00-638502-8Edmund J. FreedbergActivation
978-0-00-638504-2Seasons of My Garden
1999978-0-00-638507-3Alistair Davidson · etc. · Mary ChungRiding the Tiger
2002978-0-00-638508-0Lawrence HillBlack Berry, Sweet Juice
1998978-0-00-638510-3Marjorie HarrisPocket Gardening
1999978-0-00-638511-0John AylenThe Commonsense Guide to Running Your Own Business
  ''978-0-00-638512-7Robin S. SharmaThe Monk Who Sold His Ferrari
  ''978-0-00-638514-1J. RaffanFire in the Bones
2009978-0-00-638515-8Marilyn LintonCanadian Woman's Guide to Breast Cancer
1997978-0-00-638516-5Marjorie HarrisThe Healing Garden: Nature's Restorative Powers
1999978-0-00-638517-2Murray BakerThe Debt-Free Graduate: How to Survive College or University Without Going Broke
2000978-0-00-638518-9Monica FleckManaging For Success
2000978-0-00-638519-6Kim ZarzourThe Schoolyard Bully
1996978-0-00-638520-2Margaret Fishback PowersFriends of Footprints: How Footprints Has Left Its Imprint on Readers Around the World
2015978-0-00-638522-6Don AkerThe Space Between
978-0-00-638524-0Bloodlines: The Rise and Fall of the Mafia's Royal Family
978-0-00-638526-4Hurry Down Sunshine
2000978-0-00-638527-1Nuala BeckThe Next Century: Why Canada Wins
978-0-00-638529-5Frederick Street: Life and Death on Canada's Love Canal
1999978-0-00-638533-2Billy GrahamJust as I Am: Billy Graham
1998978-0-00-638535-6Monda Rosenberg · Frances BerkoffMore Vitality Cooking
1997978-0-00-638536-3Steve BarehamThe Last Resort: A Retirement Vision for Canadians and How to Achieve It
1999978-0-00-638537-0Dakota HamiltonFreedom's Just Another Word
2001978-0-00-638538-7Yves LavigneDeath Dealers
1998978-0-00-638540-0Rosemary SullivanThe Red Shoes: Margaret Atwood Starting Out
1997978-0-00-638541-7J. L. GranatsteinYankee Go Home: Canadians and Anti-Americanism
1998978-0-00-638542-4Douglas CouplandGirlfriend in a Coma
978-0-00-638543-1SOS TITLE UNKNOWN
2002978-0-00-638544-8Robin SharmaFamily Wisdom from Monk Who Sold His Ferrari
1996978-0-00-638545-5RybczynskiCity Life
978-0-00-638547-9Invisible Rules of the Zoe Lama
2000978-0-00-638548-6Wendy Buckland · Barb NicollAround the World with Wendy and Barb: More Tasting Low-Fat Recipes from the Authors of Spread Yourself Thin
  ''978-0-00-638549-3Gerry SmithWork Rage
978-0-00-638550-9"Could Do Better": Why Children Underachieve and What to Do about It
978-0-00-638552-3Park City: New and Selected Stories (Vintage Contemporaries (Paperback)) [ PARK CITY: NEW AND SELECTED STORIES (VINTAGE CONTEMPORARIES (PAPERBACK)) ] by Beattie, Ann (Author) on Jun-29-1999 Paperback
1999978-0-00-638553-0Ellie RubinBulldog: Spirit of the New Entrepeneur
978-0-00-638555-4John GrayMen Women and Relationships
1998978-0-00-638556-1T. I MaudeThe Internet Investor (Internet Investor: A Practical & Time-Saving Guide to Financial Information on the Internet)
978-0-00-638557-8A building goes up: The making of a skyscraper
2000978-0-00-638558-5Rosemary SullivanThe Red Shoes: Margaret Atwood/Starting Out
2004978-0-00-638559-2Maija Robinson Laura RobinsonGreat Girls
1996978-0-00-638560-8Nuala BeckExcelerate Tpb
1998978-0-00-638561-5Sandy FriedmanWhen Girls Feel Fat: Helping Girls Through Adolescence
1999978-0-00-638562-2Robin S. SharmaLeadership Wisdom from the Monk Who Sold His Ferrari
2001978-0-00-638564-6A HUMPHRIESHeels Angels at War
1998978-0-00-638565-3Jill DownieA Passionate Pen: The Life and Times of Faith Fenton
2000978-0-00-638568-4Jack NewmanGuide to Breastfeeding
2002978-0-00-638569-1Ann CoombsThe Living Workplace: Soul, Spirit and Success in the 21st Century
1998978-0-00-638570-7Yves LavigneHells Angels: Into The Abyss
  ''978-0-00-638571-4Harper CollinsCollins Pocket Reference English Dictionary
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2003978-0-00-638574-5James RaffanDeep Waters
1997978-0-00-638575-2Andre PicardThe Gift of Death: Confronting Canada's Tainted-Blood Tragedy
1999978-0-00-638578-3Robin S. SharmaWho Will Cry When You Die?
2000978-0-00-638579-0Shawn M. MulliganMulligan's Bar Guide
1996978-0-00-638580-6Maude Barlow · Bruce CampbellStraight through the Heart
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1998978-0-00-638582-0Frances ItaniLeaning, leaning over water: A novel in ten stories
1999978-0-00-638583-7Doyle Sifu GlenMartial Artist Way
  ''978-0-00-638584-4She Said Yes - The Unlikely Martyrdom Of Cassie Bernall
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978-0-00-638586-8The Twisted Blade
978-0-00-638587-5Terry JordanBeneath That Starry Place
2004978-0-00-638589-9Elizabeth AbbottHistory Of Mistresses
1997978-0-00-638590-5Sid MartyLeaning on the Wind: Under the Spell of the Great Chinook
1997978-0-00-638591-2Richard Croft · Eric KirznerThe Fundline Advisor, 1998: The Essential Mutual Funds Handbook for Canadian Investors
2000978-0-00-638592-9Eric WaltersStranded
1997978-0-00-638595-0Sharon ButalaCoyote's Morning Cry
978-0-00-638596-7Robin BakerSperm wars: The science of sex
978-0-00-638598-1Loyal No More
1998978-0-00-638601-8Brian C. StillerFrom the Tower of Babel to Parliament Hill: How to Be a Christian in Canada Today
2002978-0-00-638603-2Witold RybczynskiOne Good Turn: A Natural History of the Screwdriver and the Screw
2001978-0-00-638604-9S AZAMRebel Rogue Mischevious Babe
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2001978-0-00-638609-4Sandy FriedmanWhen Girls Feel Fat: Helping Girls Through Adolescence
978-0-00-638611-7Just As I Am: The Autobiography of Billy Graham
978-0-00-638614-8As Nature Made Him: The Boy Who Was Raised As a Girl
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978-0-00-638617-9Healing Plants
1999978-0-00-638618-6Maude BarlowThe Fight of My Life: Confessions of an Unrepentant Canadian
978-0-00-638619-3Inside Memory: Pages from a Writer's Workbook
978-0-00-638620-9Lessons from the Golf Greats
1999978-0-00-638622-3Michael Pinball ClemonsAll Heart: My Story
  ''978-0-00-638623-0Christopher OndaatjeJourney to the Source of the Nile
2000978-0-00-638624-7Yvonne, M.D. KasonA Farther Shore: How Near-Death and Other Extraordinary Experiences Can Change Ordinary Lives
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1998978-0-00-638626-1Timothy J MaudeInternet Investor 98/99 ed.
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978-0-00-638629-2In Her Own Time: A Class Reunion Inspires a Cultural History of Women
2009978-0-00-638630-8Gretta VosperWith Or Without God
1998978-0-00-638631-5Lee Selleck · Francis Thompson · Annette SelleckDying for Gold; The True Story of the Giant Mine Murders
2000978-0-00-638632-2Bill BishopGlobal Marketing for the Digital Age: Globalize Your Business with Digital and Online Technology
1997978-0-00-638635-3Hugh SegalNo Surrender: Reflections of a Happy Warrior in the Tory Crusade
978-0-00-638637-7Strategic marketing for the digital age: Grow your business with online and digital technology (Paperback)
2000978-0-00-638638-4Brooke JeffreyHard Right Turn: The New Face of Neo-Conservatism in Canada
978-0-00-638639-1Critical Care: Canadian Nurses Speak for Change
1998978-0-00-638641-4Walter StewartBank Heist: How Our Financial Giants Are Costing You Money
978-0-00-638643-8Clearing in the Distance: Frederich Law Olmsted and America