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ISBN 978-0-00-635318-8 to 978-0-00-637003-1 < ISBN 978-0-00-637007-9 to 978-0-00-637730-6 > ISBN 978-0-00-637732-0 to 978-0-00-638378-9

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1985978-0-00-637007-9John ArlottOn Cricket
1987978-0-00-637009-3Harry ColePoliceman's Gazette
1985978-0-00-637010-9Gerald DurrellHow to Shoot an Amateur Naturalist
1986978-0-00-637013-0Julian ThompsonNo Picnic
  ''978-0-00-637014-7Eric AmblerHere Lies: An Autobiography
1989978-0-00-637030-7Mark Owens · Delia OwensCry of the Kalahari
1987978-0-00-637031-4Clare SullivanThe Aforesaid Child
1985978-0-00-637033-8Alvilde Lees-Milne · Derry MooreThe Englishwoman's House
1988978-0-00-637036-9Rena SalamanMediterranean Vegetable Cookery
1986978-0-00-637047-5Philip ZieglerMountbatten: The Official Biography
  ''978-0-00-637052-9Christine Marion FraserRoses Round the Door
  ''978-0-00-637057-4Chris Lloyd · John LloydLloyd on Lloyd
1994978-0-00-637062-8Tom Peters · Nancy AustinPassion for Excellence
1987978-0-00-637065-9Danny DanzigerAll in a Day's Work
  ''978-0-00-637066-6Nigel ReesA Dictionary of Twentieth Century Quotations
1993978-0-00-637067-3Les DawsonA Clown Too Many
1995978-0-00-637072-7Edward de BonoTactics: The Art and Science of Success
1990978-0-00-637079-6Ludovic KennedyOn My Way to the Club
1994978-0-00-637080-2Kenneth Blanchard · Patricia Zigarmi · Drea ZigarmiLeadership and the One Minute Manager
1993978-0-00-637082-6Kenneth WilliamsJust Williams: An Autobiography
1986978-0-00-637089-5Peter AllissYet More Bedside Golf
1996978-0-00-637101-4Dorothy RoweBeyond Fear
1986978-0-00-637103-8Nicholas ParsonsThe Book of Literary Lists
1986978-0-00-637107-6Joan JonkerVictims of Violence
  ''978-0-00-637108-3Alec GuinnessBlessings in Disguise
  ''978-0-00-637122-9Dr. SeussYou're Only Old Once!
  ''978-0-00-637123-6Mel Smith · Griff Rhys-JonesLavishly Tooled Smith and Jones
1987978-0-00-637124-3Posy SimmondsVery Posy
  ''978-0-00-637145-8Hugh LasgarnVet for All Seasons
1988978-0-00-637146-5Maryon TysoeAll This and Work, Too: Psychology of Office Life
1989978-0-00-637157-1Robert MarshallAll the King's Men: The Truth Behind S.O.E.'s Greatest Wartime Disaster
1988978-0-00-637162-5A. Norman JeffaresAn Irish Childhoods: An Anthology (Fontana paperbacks)
1987978-0-00-637164-9Auberon WaughAnother Voice
1987978-0-00-637167-0Jack WebsterA Grain of Truth: A Scottish Journalist Remembers
1989978-0-00-637194-6Martin GilbertThe Holocaust
1987978-0-00-637197-7Penina SpiegelSteve McQueen: The Untold Story of a Bad Boy in Hollywood
  ''978-0-00-637200-4Frances EdmondsAnother Bloody Tour: England in the West Indies, 1986
1996978-0-00-637202-8Dorothy RoweChoosing Not Losing: Experience of Depression
1987978-0-00-637203-5Victor KiamGoing for it!: How to Succeed as an Entrepreneur
  ''978-0-00-637219-6Barney HoskynsSay it One Time for the Broken Hearted: Country Side of Southern Soul
1988978-0-00-637220-2Katie Wood · George McDonaldHoliday Portugal (Fontana holiday guides)
1987978-0-00-637224-0Allegra TaylorI Fly Out with Bright Feathers: The Quest of a Novice Healer
  ''978-0-00-637227-1Joan FormanRoyal Hauntings
1988978-0-00-637234-9Morito AkioMade in Japan: Akio Morita and Sony
1987978-0-00-637237-0Bill BeaumontBedside Rugby
  ''978-0-00-637238-7Ronnie Corbett · Clive ClarkArmchair Golf
1990978-0-00-637239-4Angela FoxCompletely Foxed
1988978-0-00-637244-8Jonathan Porritt · David WinnerThe Coming of the Greens (A Fontana original)
1988978-0-00-637247-9Glenys Kinnock · Joan Lester · Joan RuddockVoices for One World
1987978-0-00-637250-9Andrew MitchellThe Enchanted Canopy: Secrets from the Rain Forest Roof
1990978-0-00-637253-0Martin GilbertSecond World War
1988978-0-00-637256-1James Brown · Bruce TuckerJames Brown: Godfather of Soul
  ''978-0-00-637257-8Marcus SieffDon't Ask the Price
  ''978-0-00-637258-5Carolyn Falder · Ruth MarkelMoving Up: A Woman's Guide to A Better Future At Work
  ''978-0-00-637259-2Robin NeillandsBy Sea and Land: Story of the Royal Marine Commandos
  ''978-0-00-637264-6Betty EdwardsDrawing on the Artist Within: How to Release Your Hidden Creativity
1989978-0-00-637265-3W. Hamilton · DalrympleIn Xanadu
2010978-0-00-637267-7Wilfred ThesigerThe Life of My Choice
1988978-0-00-637269-1Mark H. McCormackWhat They Didn't Teach Me at Yale Law School
1988978-0-00-637270-7Lew GradeStill Dancing
1989978-0-00-637271-4Shlomo HillelOperation Babylon
  ''978-0-00-637280-6Katie Wood · George McDonaldHoliday Yugoslavia (Fontana holiday guides)
  ''978-0-00-637284-4John Sculley · John A. ByrneOdyssey Pepsi to Apple with Jo
1987978-0-00-637285-1Foreward By HRH The Prince EdwardGrand Knockout Tournament
1989978-0-00-637286-8John RaeToo Little, Too Late?: Challenges That Still Face British Education
1988978-0-00-637287-5Ken WelshHitch-hiker's Guide to Europe
  ''978-0-00-637290-5Rosie SwaleBack to Cape Horn
  ''978-0-00-637325-4Hugh LasgarnVet in a Storm
1991978-0-00-637328-5Christopher RawlenceThe Missing Reel - The Untold Story of the Lost Inventor of Moving Pictures: Biography of Augustin Le Prince
1988978-0-00-637335-3Ken LivingstoneIf Voting Changed Anything They'd Abolish it
2003978-0-00-637338-4T. J. BinyonPushkin: A Biography
1988978-0-00-637340-7Tom SteelThe Life and Death of St. Kilda: The moving story of a vanished island community
1996978-0-00-637342-1Dorothy RoweThe Successful Self
1988978-0-00-637346-9Sid JenkinsAnimals Have More Sense
1988978-0-00-637347-6Tim Shawcross · Martin YoungMafia Ward: Confessions of Tommaso Buscetta
  ''978-0-00-637354-4Ron Wood · Bill GermanThe Works
  ''978-0-00-637356-8M.S. GorbachevPerestroika: Our Hopes for Our Country and Our World
  ''978-0-00-637357-5Derek WoodheadPigs Might Fly
1990978-0-00-637358-2Garry KasparovUnlimited Challenge
1987978-0-00-637360-5David FrostWorld's Shortest Books
1988978-0-00-637366-7Sally Falk MooreLucan: Not Guilty
1990978-0-00-637370-4Boston Women's CollectiveOurselves, Growing Older
1989978-0-00-637373-5Anthony HoldenCharles: A Biography
  ''978-0-00-637384-1Dorothy RoweConstruction of Life and Death
1989978-0-00-637385-8Cynthia MossElephant Memories: Thirteen Years in the Life of an Elephant Family
1992978-0-00-637387-2Jeffrey MassonAgainst Therapy
1988978-0-00-637388-9John SamuelBedside Skiing (Bedside books)
1989978-0-00-637389-6David WiseThe Spy Who Got Away
  ''978-0-00-637390-2Michael FreedlandJane Fonda
  ''978-0-00-637397-1Barbara L. GordonJennifer Fever
  ''978-0-00-637398-8Alan WhickerWhicker's World Down Under
1990978-0-00-637407-7Paul Brown · Fiona HackettManaging Meetings (The successful manager)
1989978-0-00-637408-4Jeffrey RobinsonYamani: The Inside Story
  ''978-0-00-637409-1John Harvey-JonesMaking it Happen: Reflections on Leadership
1989978-0-00-637410-7Sandor KopacsiIn the Name of the Working Class
  ''978-0-00-637412-1Hedrick SmithThe Power Game: How Washington Works
  ''978-0-00-637413-8Barnet LitvinoffThe Burning Bush: Antisemitism and World History
1996978-0-00-637430-5Dorothy RoweWanting Everything: Art of Happiness
1995978-0-00-637432-9Martin GilbertIn Search of Churchill
1990978-0-00-637433-6Penelope TremayneNor Iron Bars a Cage
1989978-0-00-637436-7Buck RodgersI. B. M. Way: Insights into the World's Most Successful Marketing Organization
  ''978-0-00-637437-4Jane Mayer · Doyle McManusLandslide: Unmaking of President Reagan
1988978-0-00-637438-1Diana CopisarowCompliment Slips
1989978-0-00-637446-6Alan HamiltonThe Real Charles
  ''978-0-00-637450-3James BirdsallThe Boys and the Butterflies
1989978-0-00-637451-0Hugh LasgarnVet in a Village
  ''978-0-00-637453-4John SimpsonBehind Iranian Lines
1999978-0-00-637454-1Roy PorterThe Greatest Benefit to Mankind: A Medical History of Humanity
1994978-0-00-637460-2John PrebbleLandscapes and Memories: An Intermittent Autobiography
1989978-0-00-637463-3David AttenboroughThe First Eden: Mediterranean World and Man
  ''978-0-00-637466-4Rupert SheldrakeThe Presence of the Past: Morphic Resonance and the Habits of Nature
1996978-0-00-637470-1Anne EdwardsThrone of Gold: Lives of the Aga Khans
1990978-0-00-637474-9Robert BarnardA Talent to Deceive: Appreciation of Agatha Christie
  ''978-0-00-637475-6Harry ColePoliceman's Travels
1991978-0-00-637477-0Michael PearsonThe Sealed Train
1989978-0-00-637487-9Douglas, Jr. FairbanksThe Salad Days: An Autobiography
1993978-0-00-637492-3Jung ChangWild Swans: Three Daughters of China
1989978-0-00-637496-1Chet FlippoMcCartney: The Biography
1990978-0-00-637497-8Robin NeillandsThe Raiders: Army Commandos, 1940-46
1991978-0-00-637499-2Christina NobleAt Home in the Himalayas
1989978-0-00-637501-2Colette DowlingPerfect Women: Hidden Fears of Inadequacy and the Drive to Perform
1990978-0-00-637505-0Julian ThompsonReady for Anything: Parachute Regiment at War, 1940-82
1991978-0-00-637507-4Katie WoodCollins Holiday Scotland 1991
1992978-0-00-637514-2John RanelaghThatcher’s People
1990978-0-00-637518-0Christine Marion FraserGreen are My Mountains
  ''978-0-00-637521-0Vincent CroninNapoleon
1990978-0-00-637522-7Mark H. McCormackSuccess Secrets
  ''978-0-00-637525-8Roger GraefTalking Blues: Police in Their Own Words
1991978-0-00-637527-2Barney HoskynsFrom a Whisper to a Scream: Great Voices of Popular Music
1990978-0-00-637529-6Debbie MooreWhen a Woman Means Business
2010978-0-00-637531-9Amos ElonJerusalem: City of Mirrors
1991978-0-00-637537-1Gerald DurrellThe Ark’s Anniversary
  ''978-0-00-637539-5Rick AtkinsonThe Long Gray Line: West Point's Journey to Vietnam
  ''978-0-00-637543-2Ralph BakerThat Eternal Summer: Unknown Stories from the Battle of Britain
1989978-0-00-637544-9David ThomasGreat Sporting Moments
2010978-0-00-637565-4Dorothy RoweBreaking the Bonds: Understanding Depression, Finding Freedom
2011978-0-00-637566-1Anthony StorrChurchill’s Black Dog
1990978-0-00-637568-5Jeffrey RobinsonRainier and Grace: Inside Monaco and the House of Grimaldi
  ''978-0-00-637571-5Johnny MorrisThere's Lovely: An Autobiography
1990978-0-00-637577-7Richard BostonOsbert: Portrait of Osbert Lancaster
978-0-00-637583-8Jeffrey MassonPsychiatry & the Holocaust
1995978-0-00-637586-9Richard CockettThinking the Unthinkable: Think-tanks and the Economic Counter-revolution, 1931-83
1991978-0-00-637587-6Joy AdamsonBorn Free
  ''978-0-00-637588-3Joy AdamsonLiving Free
  ''978-0-00-637589-0   ''Forever Free
1995978-0-00-637594-4Agatha Christie MallowanCome, Tell Me How You Live: An Archaeological Memoir
1996978-0-00-637595-1William DalrympleCity of Djinns: A Year in Delhi
1994978-0-00-637598-2Libby PurvesHow Not Raise a Perfect Child
1992978-0-00-637599-9Libby PurvesOne Summer’s Grace: A Family Voyage Round Britain
1990978-0-00-637600-2Thomas L. FriedmanFrom Beirut to Jerusalem
1995978-0-00-637601-9Patrick FrenchYounghusband: The Last Great Imperial Adventurer
1991978-0-00-637602-6Simon HoggartAmerica: A User's Guide
1990978-0-00-637604-0Rock BrynnerYul: The Man Who Would be King
1994978-0-00-637606-4Kenneth Blanchard · William, Jr. Oncken · Hal BurrowsOne Minute Manager Meets the Monkey (The One Minute Manager)
1990978-0-00-637608-8Jean AlexanderThe Other Side of the Street
1993978-0-00-637609-5Henry ShukmanTravels With My Trombone: A Caribbean Journey
1990978-0-00-637610-1Maureen Lipman · Richard PhillipsYou Got an Ology?
1997978-0-00-637612-5Anthony CavendishInside Intelligence: The Revelations of an M16 Officer
1994978-0-00-637635-4L.A. Morse002: Video Trash and Treasure: v. 2
1990978-0-00-637636-1Jean-Francois LiseeIn the Eye of the Eagle
1994978-0-00-637645-3Frank WelshHong Kong
1991978-0-00-637648-4Sarah BradfordGeorge VI
  ''978-0-00-637649-1Katie Wood · George McDonaldEurope by Train 1991: The Complete Guide to Inter Railing
1990978-0-00-637660-6Brower KennethOne Earth: Photographed by More Than 80 of the World's Best Photojournalists
1998978-0-00-637661-3Martin GilbertEmpires in Conflict: The History of the 20th Century: 1900-1933: 1900-33 v. 1
1999978-0-00-637662-0   ''Descent Into Barbarism: A History of the 20th Century 1933-1951: 1933-51 v. 2
2000978-0-00-637663-7   ''Challenge to Civilization: The History of the 20th Century: 1952–1999: 1952-1999 Vol 3 (History of the 20th Century 3)
2002978-0-00-637664-4   ''History of the 20th Century
1995978-0-00-637666-8Martin GilbertFirst World War
1994978-0-00-637667-5Philip MarsdenThe Crossing Place: Journey Among the Armenians
1990978-0-00-637673-6A.A. WaltersSterling in Danger: Economic Consequences of Fixed Exchange Rates
  ''978-0-00-637675-0Lynn UnderwoodAgatha Christie: Official Centenary Celebration 1890-1990
1991978-0-00-637678-1David Rayvern Allen · John ArlottThe Essential Arlott on Cricket: Forty Years of Classic Writing on the Game
  ''978-0-00-637682-8Alice Thomas EllisWales: An Anthology
1999978-0-00-637688-0Alexandra RichieFaust’s Metropolis: A History of Berlin
1992978-0-00-637689-7Adam HochschildThe Mirror at Midnight
978-0-00-637692-7100 Best Companies to Work for in Canada 1990-91 Rev ed
978-0-00-637700-9Justice denied: The law versus Donald Marshall
1992978-0-00-637704-7R. D. LawrenceThe Ghost Walker
  ''978-0-00-637706-1R. D. LawrenceVoyage of the Stella
1991978-0-00-637707-8Marjorie Lamb2 minutes a day to supersavings
978-0-00-637708-5Kitchen Table Money Plan
1992978-0-00-637709-2Liz Armstrong · Adrienne ScottWhitewash: Exposing the Health and Environmental Dangers of Women's Sanitary Products and Disposable Diapers: What You Can Do about it
  ''978-0-00-637710-8Allan Gross · Penny GrossSurgery: A Complete Guide for Patients and Their Families
1991978-0-00-637711-5R.F. MackenzieA Search for Scotland
1991978-0-00-637712-2Noel Gilroy AnnanOur Age: The Generation That Made Post-war Britain
  ''978-0-00-637714-6Derek CooperThe Hebridean Connection: View of the Highlands and Islands
1994978-0-00-637715-3Katie HickmanA Trip to the Light Fantastic: Travels with a Mexican Circus
1991978-0-00-637716-0Richard IngramsEngland: An Anthology
  ''978-0-00-637720-7Joy OverbeckLove Stinks: The Romantic's Guide to Breaking Up without Breaking Down
  ''978-0-00-637721-4Quintin Hogg Hailsham of St MaryleboneA Sparrow's Flight: Memoirs
  ''978-0-00-637724-5Alice Hart- DavisOn the Waterfront
1991978-0-00-637726-9Philip ZieglerKing Edward VIII: The Official Biography
  ''978-0-00-637727-6Katharina DaltonOnce a Month: Menstrual Syndrome, Its Causes and Consequences
  ''978-0-00-637730-6Eliot Brenner · William HarwoodDesert Storm: The Weapons of War