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ISBN 978-0-00-790240-8 to 978-0-00-792059-4 < ISBN 978-0-00-792062-4 to 978-0-00-792483-7 > ISBN 978-0-00-792485-1 to 978-0-00-793457-7

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2012978-0-00-792062-4Collins - Britain Essential Road Atlas
  ''978-0-00-792064-8Susan CoolidgeWhat Katy Did (Collins Classics)
  ''978-0-00-792065-5Thomas De QuinceyConfessions of an English Opium Eater (Collins Classics)
  ''978-0-00-792066-2Washington IrvingThe Legend of Sleepy Hollow and Other Stories (Collins Classics)
  ''978-0-00-792067-9Thomas HardyUnder the Greenwood Tree (Collins Classics)
2012978-0-00-792068-6Charlotte BronteThe Professor (Collins Classics)
  ''978-0-00-792069-3AristotleThe Art of Rhetoric (Collins Classics)
  ''978-0-00-792070-9John Meade FalknerMoonfleet (Collins Classics)
  ''978-0-00-792071-6Carlo CollodiPinocchio (Collins Classics)
  ''978-0-00-792072-3Laurence SterneTristram Shandy (Collins Classics)
2012978-0-00-792073-0Rudyard KiplingJust So Stories (Collins Classics)
  ''978-0-00-792074-7Xmake It Easy English 6 7
  ''978-0-00-792075-4Xdictionary Thesaurus Plc
2011978-0-00-792077-8X2012 Big Rd Atlas Britain Pb
2012978-0-00-792078-5Xworld Wall Map Lam Bargain
  ''978-0-00-792079-2Xmake It Easy English 8 9
  ''978-0-00-792080-8Xmake It Easy English 7 8
2012978-0-00-792081-5Xmake It Easy English 9 10
  ''978-0-00-792082-2Xmake It Easy English 10 11
  ''978-0-00-792084-6Xmake It Easy English 4 5 Pb
  ''978-0-00-792085-3Xmake It Easy English 3 4 Pb
  ''978-0-00-792087-7Chinery MichaelXcomplete Brit Mushroom Toad
2012978-0-00-792088-4Sterry PaulXcom Brit Mushroom Toadstool P
  ''978-0-00-792089-1   ''Xcomplete Gde Brit Wild Flow P
  ''978-0-00-792090-7   ''Xcomplete Gde British Birds Pb
  ''978-0-00-792091-4   ''Xcomplete Gde British Trees Pb
  ''978-0-00-792092-1Xmake It Easy Maths 10 11
2012978-0-00-792093-8Xmake It Easy Maths 9 10
  ''978-0-00-792094-5Xmake It Easy Maths 8 9
  ''978-0-00-792095-2Xmake It Easy Maths 7 8
  ''978-0-00-792096-9Xmake It Easy Maths 6 7
  ''978-0-00-792097-6Xmake It Easy Maths 5 6
2012978-0-00-792098-3Xmake It Easy Maths 4 5 Pb
  ''978-0-00-792099-0Xmake It Easy Maths 3 4 Pb
  ''978-0-00-792100-3Allen RachelXentertaining at Home Hb
  ''978-0-00-792101-0   ''Xmarket Kitchen Cookbook Plc
  ''978-0-00-792102-7Olney RichardXfrench Menu Cookbook Hb
2012978-0-00-792103-4Roots LeviXlevi Roots Reggae Cookbook Hb
  ''978-0-00-792104-1Maguire NevenXnevens Food from the Sun Pb
  ''978-0-00-792105-8Allen RachelXrachels Food for Living Pb
  ''978-0-00-792106-5Xmake It Easy English 7 8
  ''978-0-00-792107-2Martin JamesXmy Kitchen Pb
2012978-0-00-792108-9Dundon KevinXgreat Family Food Pb
  ''978-0-00-792109-6Xjustine Pb
  ''978-0-00-792110-2Prince RoseXkitchenella Secrets Woman Hb
  ''978-0-00-792113-3Innocent DrinksXinnocent Hungry
  ''978-0-00-792114-0Prince RoseXnew English Table
2012978-0-00-792118-8Fellowes JessicaXworld of Downton Abbey Hb
  ''978-0-00-792126-3B.K.S. IyengarCore of the Yoga Sutras: The Definitive Guide to the Philosophy of Yoga
2013978-0-00-792127-0B. K. S. IyengarThe Tree of Yoga: The Definitive Guide To Yoga In Everyday Life
  ''978-0-00-792128-7B.K.S. IyengarLight on Pranayama: The Definitive Guide to the Art of Breathing
2012978-0-00-792129-4Tony BuzanBaby Brain Builders: Over 100 Creative Boosters for Your Baby & Toddler
  ''978-0-00-792130-0From the Editors at Tattoofinder.comTattoo-pedia: Choose from Over 1000 of the Hottest Tattoo Designs for Your New Ink!
  ''978-0-00-792134-8Mike AbbottThe Guitar and Amp Sourcebook: An Illustrated Collection of the Axes and Amps that Rocked Our World
2013978-0-00-792136-2Rachel FedermanGrossopedia: A Startling Collection of Repulsive Trivia You Won’t Want to Know!
978-0-00-792137-9Little Princess I Want a Friend
2012978-0-00-792138-6Ian HarrisonHornby. The Official Illustrated History
2012978-0-00-792141-6j.E.BrightIce Age 4 Continental Drift - Manny's Big Adventure
  ''978-0-00-792153-9Daniel HowarthWhy I Love Bedtime: For everyone everywhere, in children's very own words
  ''978-0-00-792154-6Daniel HowarthWhy I Love Canada: Celebrating Canada, in children's very own words
978-0-00-792181-2Morning,Noon + Night
2012978-0-00-792182-9Philippa GregoryZelda's Cut (Morrisons)
  ''978-0-00-792184-3Andrew GrossReckless
1900978-0-00-792185-0Andrew GrossKilling Hour (Morrisons)
2012978-0-00-792195-9Whitehead SarahXclever Dog Bp
  ''978-0-00-792204-8Barbara ErskineLady of Hay
2013978-0-00-792217-8Rodney CastledenThe Element Encyclopedia of the Celts
2012978-0-00-792233-8Bradford Barbara TaXangel Exp
2012978-0-00-792234-5Patterson JamesXhide and Seek Exp
  ''978-0-00-792235-2Patterson JamesXblack Market Exp
2012978-0-00-792236-9Patterson JamesXmidnight Club Exp
  ''978-0-00-792237-6Gregory PhilippaXzeldas Cut Exp
  ''978-0-00-792238-3Mcdermid ValXwire in the Blood Exp
  ''978-0-00-792239-0Sheldon SidneyXmorning Noon Night Exp
  ''978-0-00-792240-6Sheldon SidneyXare You Affraid of Dark Exp
2012978-0-00-792241-3Sheldon SidneyXbest Laid Plans Exp
  ''978-0-00-792242-0Gross AndrewXkilling Hour Exp
  ''978-0-00-792243-7Gross AndrewXreckless Pb Exp
  ''978-0-00-792244-4Bennett AnneXsisters Promise Exp
  ''978-0-00-792245-1   ''Xdaughters Secret Exp
2012978-0-00-792246-8Bradford Barbara TaXsudden Change of Heart Exp
  ''978-0-00-792247-5   ''Xto Be the Best Exp
  ''978-0-00-792248-2   ''Xremember Exp
  ''978-0-00-792250-5Rachel Perez100 of the Best Curses and Insults in Spanish: A Toolkit for the Testy Tourist
2008978-0-00-792251-2Dr. SeussUnknown
  ''978-0-00-792252-9Dr Seuss Mini - Hunches in Bunches
2008978-0-00-792253-6Dr. SeussDr Seuss Mini - I Had Trouble in Getting to Solla Sollew
  ''978-0-00-792256-7   ''Mr. Brown Can Moo. Can you?
2008978-0-00-792257-4Dr. SeussUnknown
  ''978-0-00-792258-1   ''The Skeetches and Other Stories
1968978-0-00-792259-8   ''One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish - Dr. Seuss
2008978-0-00-792261-1   ''Dr Seuss Mini - How The Grinch Stole Christmas
2012978-0-00-792264-2Keane JessieXplaying Dead Exp
  ''978-0-00-792265-9Bradford Barbara TaXact of Will Exp
2007978-0-00-792267-3Theresa CheungThe Element ENCYCLOPEDIA of BIRTHDAYS.
2012978-0-00-792274-1Cheung TheresaXangel Called My Name Exp
  ''978-0-00-792275-8Newcomb JackyXan Angel By My Side Exp
  ''978-0-00-792282-6Chinery MichaelXcomp Gde to Britain Insect Pb
2011978-0-00-792285-7Dr SeussOh, The Places You'll Go
978-0-00-792286-4Geisel TheodoreXdr Seuss S ABC Rebranded ed P
2010978-0-00-792287-1Dr SeussHow the Grinch Stole Christmas!
2010978-0-00-792288-8Dr SeussGreen Eggs and Ham
2012978-0-00-792289-5   ''Horton Hears A Who!
2011978-0-00-792290-1Dr SeussOne Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish
2012978-0-00-792291-8Collins Britain & Ireland 2013 Handy Road Atlas, by Collins, Spiral bound, Maps and Atlases
  ''978-0-00-792292-5Partridge AlanXI Partridge We Need to T Hb
  ''978-0-00-792293-2Fellowes JessicaXworld of Downton Abbey Hb
2011978-0-00-792294-9Dr SeussFox in Socks
  ''978-0-00-792295-6   ''The Lorax
  ''978-0-00-792296-3   ''The Cat in the Hat Comes Back
2010978-0-00-792298-7   ''The Cat in the Hat
2012978-0-00-792300-7Xmaths 9 10 Quick Tests
2012978-0-00-792301-4Xmaths 8 9 Quick Tests
  ''978-0-00-792302-1Xmaths 7 8 Quick Tests
  ''978-0-00-792303-8Xmaths 10 11 Quick Tests
  ''978-0-00-792304-5Xmathss 6 7 Quick Tests
  ''978-0-00-792305-2Xmaths 5 6 Quick Tests
2012978-0-00-792307-6Xmake It Easy English 10 11
  ''978-0-00-792308-3Xenglish 9 10 Quick Tests
  ''978-0-00-792309-0Xenglish 8 9 Tests
  ''978-0-00-792310-6Xenglish 7 8 Quick Tests
  ''978-0-00-792311-3Xenglish 6 7 Quick Tests
2012978-0-00-792312-0Xenglish 5 6 Quick Tests
  ''978-0-00-792314-4Mie Eng Maths W Qt 1011
  ''978-0-00-792315-1Mie Eng Maths W Qt 910
  ''978-0-00-792316-8Mie Eng Maths W Qt 89
  ''978-0-00-792317-5Mie Eng Maths W Qt 78
2012978-0-00-792318-2Mie Eng Maths W Qt 67
  ''978-0-00-792319-9Mie Eng Maths W Qt 56
  ''978-0-00-792320-5Collins Europe Road Map, Maps & Atlases
  ''978-0-00-792327-4Daniel HowarthWhy I Love Baby Jesus: For everyone everywhere, in children's very own words
  ''978-0-00-792330-4Xenglish 10 11 Quick Tests
2012978-0-00-792331-1Xcollins Essential 2013 Hb
  ''978-0-00-792332-8Collins Europe Road Atlas 2013, Maps and Atlases
  ''978-0-00-792333-5Xsevern and Avon
  ''978-0-00-792338-0Fearnley WhittingstaXriver Cottage Cook Book Ent
  ''978-0-00-792339-7X2013 Collins Road Atlas Franc
2012978-0-00-792340-3Dr SeussDr Seuss's ABC
2011978-0-00-792341-0   ''Mr Brown Can Moo! Can You?
2012978-0-00-792342-7Dr SeussTheres a Wocket in My Pocket!
  ''978-0-00-792344-1Collins FRANCE Big road atlas, by Collins, Atlases & Maps
978-0-00-792352-6Geisel TheodoreXdr Seuss Favourite Stories
2012978-0-00-792357-1Daniel HowarthWhy I Love Baby Jesus: For everyone everywhere, in children’s very own words
  ''978-0-00-792358-8   ''Why I Love Bedtime: For everyone everywhere, in children's very own words
  ''978-0-00-792359-5Macbride StuartXflesh House Exp
  ''978-0-00-792360-1Horrobin PeterXcomp Miss Praise Music 25th H
2012978-0-00-792365-6Catherine NicholsColor Yourself Smart Great Works of Art: The fun, visual way to teach yourself about anything and everything
  ''978-0-00-792366-3Dominic CouzensColor Yourself Smart Dinosaurs: The fun, visual way to teach yourself about anything and everything
2013978-0-00-792367-0Wendy, PhD MPH LeonardThe Utterly, Completely, and Totally Useless Science Fact-o-pedia
2012978-0-00-792370-0Rooney WayneXwayne Rooney 3 Untitled Hb
  ''978-0-00-792376-2NoneXmake It Easy English 7 8
  ''978-0-00-792378-6Alison HeadMake it easy English Age 9-10 (Letts)
  ''978-0-00-792379-3Alison HeadMake it easy English Age 10-11 (Letts)
2012978-0-00-792380-9Paul BroadbentMake it easy: Maths age 3-4
  ''978-0-00-792386-1Paul BroadbentMake it easy Maths Age 9 - 10 (Letts)
  ''978-0-00-792387-8   ''Make it easy Maths Age 10-11 (Letts)
2007978-0-00-792391-5Kimiko BarberYo Sushi: The Japanese Cookbook
2012978-0-00-792393-9Karen FarringtonGreat Victorian Railways
2008978-0-00-792395-3Ching-He HuangChinese Food Made Easy
2012978-0-00-792404-2Martin George R RXdance With Dragons Part Two P
  ''978-0-00-792405-9Martin George R RXgame of Thrones Pb
  ''978-0-00-792406-6   ''Xdance With Dragons Part One P
2012978-0-00-792407-3Martin George R RXfeast for Crows Pb
  ''978-0-00-792408-0   ''Xstorm of Swords Blood G Pb
2012978-0-00-792409-7Martin George R RXstorm of Swords Steel S Pb
  ''978-0-00-792418-9Pascale LorraineXhome Cooking Made Easy Whs
  ''978-0-00-792420-2Fearnley WhittingstaXriver Cottage Cookbook Whs
  ''978-0-00-792421-9AnonymousCake Days W H Smith Hb
  ''978-0-00-792428-8Xclassics Thirty Nine Steps Pb
2012978-0-00-792429-5Xclassics Middlemarch
  ''978-0-00-792430-1Xclassics Vanity Fair
  ''978-0-00-792431-8Xclassics the Three Musketeers
  ''978-0-00-792432-5Xclassics Hunchback Notre Dame
  ''978-0-00-792433-2Xclassics Hard Times Pb
2012978-0-00-792434-9Xclassics the Railway Children
  ''978-0-00-792435-6Xclassics Wind in the Willows
2012978-0-00-792465-3Rodgers KirstenXsupper Club Hb
978-0-00-792466-0Geisel TheodoreXone Fish Two Fish Rd Fish B P
978-0-00-792467-7   ''Xhop on Pop
978-0-00-792468-4   ''Xgreen Eggs and Ham
978-0-00-792469-1   ''Xfox in Socks
978-0-00-792470-7   ''Xcat in Hat 50th Bday Rebrand
978-0-00-792471-4Geisel TheodoreXhorton Hears a Who Rebrand
978-0-00-792472-1   ''Xdr Seuss S ABC Rebranded ed P
978-0-00-792473-8   ''Xthere S a Wocket in My Pkt R
978-0-00-792474-5   ''Xmulberry Street Rebrand
978-0-00-792475-2   ''Xoh Thinks You Can Think Rebrd
978-0-00-792476-9Geisel TheodoreXwacky Wednesday Rebranded ed
978-0-00-792477-6   ''Xhow Grinch Stole Xmas S Reb P
2012978-0-00-792478-3Moss StephenXgem Garden Birds Pb
978-0-00-792479-0Geisel TheodoreXmarvin K Mooney Will Rebrand
2012978-0-00-792480-6Flegg JimXgem Birds Tpb
  ''978-0-00-792481-3The TimesQueen Elizabeth II - Commemorating Diamond Jubilee 1952 - 2012 The Times Limited Exclusive Edition | Lavishly illustrated book with hundreds of photos (Contents: The Queen's Accession and Coronation | The First Decade 1952-1961 | The Second Decade 1962-1971 | The Third Decade 1972-1981 | The Fourth Decade 1982-1991 including the Queen's Palaces | The Fifth Decade 1992-2001 | The Sixth Decade 2002-2011 | Diamond Jubilee Year | Diamond Jubilee Legacy | Diamond Jubilee Celebrations)
2014978-0-00-792483-7Philip PatenallPeople (Collins Learn to Draw)