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ISBN 978-0-00-736478-7 to 978-0-00-737465-6 < ISBN 978-0-00-737467-0 to 978-0-00-739018-2 > ISBN 978-0-00-739020-5 to 978-0-00-741076-7

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2010978-0-00-737467-0Collins DictionariesCollins Scrabble Word Improver
2011978-0-00-737469-4Collins DictionaryCollins Easy Learning Complete English (Collins Easy Learning)
  ''978-0-00-737470-0Collins DictionariesEasy Learning How to Use English (Collins Easy Learning English)
  ''978-0-00-737471-7   ''Easy Learning English Vocabulary (Collins Easy Learning English)
  ''978-0-00-737472-4   ''Easy Learning English Conversation: Book 1 (Collins Easy Learning English)
  ''978-0-00-737473-1   ''Easy Learning English Conversation: Book 2 (Collins Easy Learning English)
2011978-0-00-737475-5Cathy GlassMy Dad’s a Policeman (Quick Reads)
  ''978-0-00-737478-6Sean RaymentBomb Hunters: In Afghanistan with Britain’s Elite Bomb Disposal Unit
  ''978-0-00-737479-3Tarek MaloufThe Hummingbird Bakery Cake Days
2010978-0-00-737485-4Deborah CadburyChocolate Wars: From Cadbury to Kraft: 200 years of Sweet Success and Bitter Rivalry
  ''978-0-00-737511-0Lisa ScottolineMoment of Truth
  ''978-0-00-737513-4Stephen LawheadThe Mystic Rose
2011978-0-00-737526-4Barbara Taylor BradfordPlaying the Game
2011978-0-00-737527-1Hugh Fearnley-WhittingstallThe River Cottage Cookbook
978-0-00-737535-6Only Fat People Skip Breakfast
978-0-00-737542-4Best Loved Hymns and Readings
2010978-0-00-737547-9Sidney SheldonA Stranger in the Mirror
  ''978-0-00-737549-3Katharine KerrA Time of War
  ''978-0-00-737552-3Helen ForresterBy the Waters of Liverpool
  ''978-0-00-737554-7Juliet MarillierDaughter of the Forest (The Sevenwaters Trilogy, Book 1)
  ''978-0-00-737562-2Stephen BaxterThe Time Ships
978-0-00-737584-4Michael MorpurgoDear Olly
2010978-0-00-737598-1Katharine KerrDaggerspell
2010978-0-00-737599-8Robert WilsonA Darkening Stain
  ''978-0-00-737601-8Katharine KerrDragonspell: The Southern Sea
  ''978-0-00-737602-5   ''A Time of Justice
2010978-0-00-737604-9Katharine KerrDawnspell: The Bristling Wood
  ''978-0-00-737606-3David QuantickGrumpy Old Men on Holiday
2011978-0-00-737609-4Robin HobbDragon Haven (The Rain Wild Chronicles, Book 2)
  ''978-0-00-737610-0Bruce PooleBruce’s Cookbook
2010978-0-00-737611-7Louise RennisonFab Confessions of Georgia Nicolson (1 and 2): Angus, thongs and full-frontal snogging/‘It’s Ok, I’m wearing really big knickers.’ (The Confessions of Georgia Nicolson)
  ''978-0-00-737612-4Anastasia CatrisSuBo’s Cat: The Imaginings of Susan Boyle’s Pampered Pussy (Humour)
  ''978-0-00-737613-1Julia RompA Friend Like Ben
978-0-00-737641-4Banking world
2010978-0-00-737715-2Jack HigginsThe Judas Gate (Sean Dillon Series, Book 18)
2010978-0-00-737717-6Conn IgguldenEmpire of Silver (Conqueror, Book 4)
  ''978-0-00-737723-7H.R.H. Prince of WalesHarmony: A New Way of Looking at Our World
  ''978-0-00-737733-6Derek LandyMortal Coil (Skulduggery Pleasant)
  ''978-0-00-737740-4Bernard CornwellThe Fort
  ''978-0-00-737750-3Michael MorpurgoShadow
2010978-0-00-737755-8Jonathan FranzenFreedom
2011978-0-00-737780-0Stuart MacBrideShatter the Bones (Logan McRae, Book 7)
2010978-0-00-737790-9Katy ReganThe One Before The One
  ''978-0-00-737793-0Collins Robert French Dictionary: Complete and Unabridged (Collins Complete and Unabridged)
  ''978-0-00-737794-7Stephen DavisLZ-’75: Across America with Led Zeppelin
2011978-0-00-737797-8David LevithanThe Lover’s Dictionary
2012978-0-00-737799-2David LevithanThe Lover’s Dictionary
2011978-0-00-737801-2Laura HillenbrandUnbroken
2012978-0-00-737803-6Laura HillenbrandUnbroken
2020978-0-00-737805-0Tania Kindersley · Sarah VineThrough the Looking Glass: A Journey into the World of Beauty
2011978-0-00-737811-1Jasmin Glynne · Collins Big CatThe Dancing Dog: Band 03/Yellow (Collins Big Cat)
  ''978-0-00-737812-8Katie McDougall · Collins Big CatMilo’s Moustache: Band 03/Yellow (Collins Big Cat)
978-0-00-737833-3J. G. BallardEmpire of the Sun
2010978-0-00-737890-6Matt RidleyThe Rational Optimist
2011978-0-00-737891-3Janie RitsonHoping For A Home: How a woman with a big heart gave new lives to animals in need
2010978-0-00-737895-1Anne CurtisShoo Fly Connected Learning – Twisted Tales
  ''978-0-00-737900-2Adele NozedarThe Illustrated Signs and Symbols Sourcebook
2010978-0-00-737901-9Lizzy GoodmanLady Gaga: Extreme Style
  ''978-0-00-737902-6Collins Pocket Scrabble Dictionary: Luxury slipcase edition
  ''978-0-00-737903-3Jeremy ClarksonReal Heroes: Courage Under Fire (Help for Heroes)
2011978-0-00-737904-0Sarah GristwoodThe Girl in the Mirror
2012978-0-00-737905-7Sarah GristwoodThe Girl in the Mirror
2010978-0-00-737907-1JLSJLS: Just Between Us [Special Edition]: Our Private Diary
  ''978-0-00-737908-8Josephine CoxBlood Brothers
  ''978-0-00-737918-7Mike LawsonThe Inside Ring
2010978-0-00-737920-0Megan LindholmThe Windsingers (The Ki and Vandien Quartet, Book 2)
  ''978-0-00-737925-5Julian MayOrion Arm: The Rampart Worlds: Book 2
  ''978-0-00-737926-2Katharine KerrThe Fire Dragon
  ''978-0-00-737927-9Dale BrownBattle Born
  ''978-0-00-737929-3Brendan GrahamThe Whitest Flower
2010978-0-00-737931-6Gordon KentPeacemaker
  ''978-0-00-737932-3Penina SpinkaPicture Maker
  ''978-0-00-737933-0Megan LindholmThe Reindeer People
  ''978-0-00-737934-7Philippa GregoryPerfectly Correct
  ''978-0-00-737935-4Stuart HarrisonAphrodite’s Smile
2010978-0-00-737936-1James HallBlackwater Sound
  ''978-0-00-737940-8Craig ThomasA Wild Justice
  ''978-0-00-737941-5Craig ThomasThe Last Raven
  ''978-0-00-737942-2Gordon KentNight Trap
  ''978-0-00-737943-9   ''Top Hook
2010978-0-00-737945-3Sara MacDonaldAnother Life
  ''978-0-00-737948-4James CrumleyThe Final Country
  ''978-0-00-737949-1Albert Jackson · David DayCollins Complete Plumbing and Central Heating
  ''978-0-00-737958-3Dr. SeussMy Book About Me (Beginner Series)
978-0-00-738081-7Juan Carlos: Steering Spain from Dictatorship to Democracy (Text Only)
978-0-00-738172-2JOURNAL OF MODERN GREEK STUDIES, Vol. 6, No. 2 October 1988
1987978-0-00-738176-0George StevensIf I Die in a Combat Zone
2011978-0-00-738214-9Stephen BoothLost River (Cooper and Fry Crime Series, Book 10)
2010978-0-00-738215-6John GroganMarley and the Kittens
  ''978-0-00-738216-3Norton Juster · Alan Garner · T. H. WhiteEssential Modern Classics Fantasy Collection: The Phantom Tollbooth / Elidor / The Sword in the Stone
2010978-0-00-738218-7VARIOUSWallace and Gromit’s World of Invention (Wallace and Gromit)
  ''978-0-00-738219-4Richard ScarryThe Night Before The Night Before Christmas
  ''978-0-00-738220-0Anthony BrowneBEAR’S MAGIC PENCIL
978-0-00-738221-7Frank LampardTotally Frank: The Autobiography of Frank Lampard
2010978-0-00-738222-4Rebecca LimMercy (Mercy, Book 1)
978-0-00-738227-9Advances in Orthopaedic Surgery
2010978-0-00-738232-3Collins Portuguese Concise Dictionary
  ''978-0-00-738233-0VARIOUSCollins English Dictionary 30th Anniversary Edition
2011978-0-00-738234-7Easy Learning French Refresher (Collins Easy Learning French)
  ''978-0-00-738236-1Collins DictionariesCollins Chinese Dictionary
2011978-0-00-738237-8Collins DictionariesCollins Spanish Dictionary & Grammar Essential edition: 60,000 translations plus grammar tips for everyday use (Collins Dictionary and Grammar)
2009978-0-00-738238-5   ''Collins Spanish Dictionary 40th anniversary edition (Collins Complete and Unabridged)
2013978-0-00-738273-6Johnny VegasBecoming Johnny Vegas
2018978-0-00-738274-3Julia RompA Friend Like Ben
2011978-0-00-738278-1Gordon RamsayCooking for Friends
978-0-00-738280-4The World's Most Extraordinary People ... and Me
2013978-0-00-738285-9David LloydThe Ashes According to Bumble
2011978-0-00-738287-3David LloydStart the Car: The World According to Bumble
  ''978-0-00-738297-2Peter MillerSmart Swarm: Using Animal Behaviour to Organise Our World
  ''978-0-00-738299-6Kerstin RodgersSupper Club: Recipes and notes from the underground restaurant
  ''978-0-00-738302-3Donal SkehanKitchen Hero
  ''978-0-00-738303-0Kevin DundonRecipes That Work
978-0-00-738304-7Joshua LevineBeauty and Atrocity: People, Politics and Ireland's Fight for Peace
2011978-0-00-738305-4Gareth MaloneMusic for the People: The Pleasures and Pitfalls of Classical Music
2010978-0-00-738316-0C. S. LewisC. S. Lewis Bible: New Revised Standard Version (NRSV) (Bible Nrsv)
978-0-00-738375-7The Single Girl's To-Do List
2011978-0-00-738376-4Lindsey KelkThe Single Girl’s To-Do List
2011978-0-00-738377-1Lindsey KelkThe Single Girl’s To-Do List
  ''978-0-00-738379-5Cathy KellyHomecoming
  ''978-0-00-738386-3Tony ParsonsMen from the Boys
2010978-0-00-738412-9Reginald HillAn April Shroud
  ''978-0-00-738413-6Reginald HillA Clubbable Woman
2011978-0-00-738415-0David ChandlerHonour Among Thieves (Ancient Blades Trilogy, Book 3)
  ''978-0-00-738416-7David ChandlerA Thief in the Night (Ancient Blades Trilogy, Book 2)
2011978-0-00-738418-1David ChandlerDen of Thieves (Ancient Blades Trilogy, Book 1)
  ''978-0-00-738422-8Cinda Williams ChimaThe Exiled Queen (The Seven Realms Series, Book 2)
2012978-0-00-738427-3Andrew Gross15 Seconds
2015978-0-00-738428-0Greg IlesThe Bone Tree (Penn Cage, Book 5)
  ''978-0-00-738429-7Greg IlesTHE BONE TREE (Penn Cage, Book 5)
2011978-0-00-738431-0J. A. JanceQueen of the Night
  ''978-0-00-738434-1J. A. KerleyHer Last Scream (Carson Ryder, Book 8)
  ''978-0-00-738436-5Andrew GrossKilling Hour
2011978-0-00-738443-3Guillermo del Toro · Chuck HoganThe Night Eternal: 3/3 (The Strain Trilogy)
  ''978-0-00-738446-4Guillermo del Toro · Chuck HoganThe Fall: 2/3 (Strain Trilogy 2)
2012978-0-00-738448-8Daniel BlakeWhite Death
2011978-0-00-738449-5Noah BoydLast Chance to Die
  ''978-0-00-738450-1Daniel BlakeCity of Sins
2017978-0-00-738453-2Fernando TorresUntitled Fernando Torres
2016978-0-00-738454-9Fernando TorresUntitled Fernando Torres
2010978-0-00-738458-7Jane AsherThe Longing
  ''978-0-00-738463-1Aprilynne PikeSpells
  ''978-0-00-738466-2Jane O'ConnorFancy Nancy's Fabulous Fashion Boutique (Fancy Nancy)
2011978-0-00-738468-6Jack HigginsFlight of Eagles
2010978-0-00-738497-6Jimmy Floyd HasselbainkJimmy: The Autobiography of Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink
2010978-0-00-738500-3Lisa ScottolineCourting Trouble
  ''978-0-00-738501-0Danuta ReahBleak Water
  ''978-0-00-738503-4Robert SilverbergLegends: Discworld, Pern, Song of Ice and Fire, Memory, Sorrow and Thorn, Wheel of Time
  ''978-0-00-738504-1Stephen LawheadPatrick
  ''978-0-00-738505-8Belinda AlexandraWhite Gardenia
2010978-0-00-738508-9V. L. McDermidReport for Murder (Lindsay Gordon Crime Series, Book 1)
  ''978-0-00-738519-5Annie GrovesConnie’s Courage
2011978-0-00-738560-7Jack HigginsThe Judas Gate (Sean Dillon Series, Book 18)
  ''978-0-00-738584-3Len DeightonCity of Gold
  ''978-0-00-738585-0Len DeightonMAMista
  ''978-0-00-738586-7   ''Only When I Larf
2019978-0-00-738604-8Hot Wheels – Activity book 4: with car!
2010978-0-00-738651-2Vicki PetterssonThe Taste of Night
2010978-0-00-738656-7Alexandra ConnorThe Face in the Locket
  ''978-0-00-738657-4Alexandra ConnorThe Sixpenny Winner
  ''978-0-00-738658-1Helen ForresterYes, Mama
978-0-00-738659-8Hello Kitty – Hello Christmas
2011978-0-00-738660-4Arabella WeirThe Real Me is Thin
  ''978-0-00-738661-1Juliet GardinerThe Blitz
  ''978-0-00-738663-5Mitchell ZuckoffLost in Shangri-La: Escape from a Hidden World - A True Story
2010978-0-00-738690-1Professor Brian Cox · Andrew CohenWonders of the Solar System
2011978-0-00-738697-0Dean KoontzLost Souls (Dean Koontz’s Frankenstein, Book 4)
2013978-0-00-738700-7Lauren DeStefanoFever
2011978-0-00-738712-0Harry StylesCollins Gem English-Bangla/Bangla-English Dictionary (Collins Gem)
2011978-0-00-738713-7NOT KNOWNCollins Gem English-Hindi/Hindi-English Dictionary (Collins Gem)
  ''978-0-00-738714-4Collins DictionariesCollins Gem English-Malayalam/Malayalam-English Dictionary (Collins Gem)
  ''978-0-00-738715-1NOT KNOWNCollins Gem English-Tamil/Tamil-English Dictionary (Collins Gem)
978-0-00-738795-3In the Night Room
978-0-00-738808-0The Secret of Lost Things
2011978-0-00-738811-0Judith KerrMy Henry
2012978-0-00-738812-7Judith KerrMy Henry
2010978-0-00-738815-8Matt GROENINGSimpsons World The Ultimate Episode Guide Seasons 1-20 (The Simpsons)
2011978-0-00-738816-5Joyce Carol OatesA Widow’s Story: A Memoir
2012978-0-00-738817-2Joyce Carol OatesA Widow’s Story
2011978-0-00-738818-9   ''A Widow’s Story
  ''978-0-00-738826-4Jane baxter · Guy WatsonEveryday and Sunday: Recipes from Riverford Farm
978-0-00-738827-1Everyday and Sunday
2010978-0-00-738890-5David WhelanNo More Silence: He thought he’d got away with it. But one day little David would find the strength to speak out.
978-0-00-738918-6Prensa San Diego
2011978-0-00-738973-5Joseph PolanskyYour Personal Horoscope 2012: Month-by-month forecasts for every sign
2010978-0-00-738982-7Arian SherineThe Atheist's Guide to Christmas.
2012978-0-00-738986-5John StackArmada
  ''978-0-00-738987-2John StackArmada
2012978-0-00-738989-6John StackArmada
2011978-0-00-738990-2Rob ScottonLove, Splat Mini HB
2012978-0-00-738991-9John Gillham · Ronald TurnbullLake District (Collins Rambler’s Guides:)
2017978-0-00-738992-6Guillermo del Toro · Chuck HoganDel Toro/Hogan Standalone Thriller
2018978-0-00-738994-0Guillermo del Toro · Chuck HoganDel Toro/Hogan Standalone Thriller
2010978-0-00-739008-3Jeff RovinTom Clancy’s Op-Centre (2) – Mirror Image
2011978-0-00-739011-3Kiersten WhiteParanormalcy (Paranormalcy, Book 1)
2010978-0-00-739012-0Kiersten WhiteParanormalcy (Paranormalcy, Book 1)
2012978-0-00-739014-4   ''Supernaturally (Paranormalcy, Book 2)
2011978-0-00-739015-1   ''Supernaturally (Paranormalcy, Book 2)
2012978-0-00-739017-5   ''Endlessly (Paranormalcy, Book 3)
978-0-00-739018-2   ''Paranormalcy 3