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ISBN 978-0-00-655105-8 to 978-0-00-663371-6 < ISBN 978-0-00-663383-9 to 978-0-00-670670-0 > ISBN 978-0-00-670693-9 to 978-0-00-673505-2

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1989978-0-00-663383-9Judith KerrMog’s Amazing Birthday Caper (Picture Lions)
1990978-0-00-663394-5Quentin BlakeMrs.Armitage on Wheels (Picture Lions)
  ''978-0-00-663448-5Siobhan DoddsSarah Bulldog (Picture Lions)
  ''978-0-00-663450-8Colin Hawkins · Jacqui HawkinsThis Old Car (Picture Lions)
  ''978-0-00-663507-9Dennis HamleyTigger and Friends (Picture Lions)
2014978-0-00-663573-4Mario Sergio CortellaQual e a Tua Obra? Inquietacoes Propositivas Sobre etica, Lideranca e Gestao
1999978-0-00-663604-5Bob GrahamCrusher is Coming (Picture Lions)
1992978-0-00-663682-3Nick ButterworthAmanda’s Butterfly
1990978-0-00-663753-0Colin Hawkins · Jacqui HawkinsCrocodile Creek: The Cry in the Night (Picture Lions)
  ''978-0-00-663755-4Chris McEwanThe Little Penguin (Picture Lions)
1991978-0-00-663820-9Emma Guenier · Jonathan SatchellCan You Keep a Secret?
2011978-0-00-663824-7Robin KingslandMo and the Mummy Case (Jets)
1991978-0-00-663854-4Valerie GreeleyWhere's My Share? (Picture Lions)
2002978-0-00-663855-1Bernard AshleyCleversticks (Picture Lions)
1991978-0-00-663920-6Quentin BlakePatrick
1991978-0-00-663921-3Quentin BlakeAngelo
1992978-0-00-663922-0   ''Snuff
2001978-0-00-663969-5Georgenor de Sousa Franco FilhoDireito do Trabalho no Stf - Vol.4
2005978-0-00-663998-5Carol Taylor Carol Lillis Priscilla LeMoneFundamentals of Nursing: The Art and Science of Nursing Care- Text Only Edition: fifth
1992978-0-00-664005-9Michael Ratnett · June GouldingTogg and Leftover
1990978-0-00-664020-2Colin Hawkins · Jacqui HawkinsMonsters (Picture Lions)
1991978-0-00-664033-2Judith KerrMog and Bunny
  ''978-0-00-664040-0Nick ButterworthOne Snowy Night
1993978-0-00-664050-9Sally-Ann LeverCharlie Barley
1999978-0-00-664061-5Judith KerrThe Tiger Who Came to Tea (Collins Picture Lions)
1991978-0-00-664062-2   ''Mog the Forgetful Cat
  ''978-0-00-664065-3   ''Mog and the Baby (Picture Lions)
1995978-0-00-664066-0Jill BarklemSummer Story: Poppy and Dusty’s Wedding Day (Brambly Hedge)
  ''978-0-00-664067-7Jill BarklemSpring Story: A Birthday Surprise for Wilfred (Brambly Hedge)
  ''978-0-00-664068-4   ''Winter Story: A Party In The Ice Palace (Brambly Hedge)
1995978-0-00-664069-1Jill BarklemAutumn Story: Primrose Meets The Harvest Mice (Brambly Hedge)
1996978-0-00-664070-7Jonathan LangleyThe Story Of Rumpelstiltskin
  ''978-0-00-664071-4Jonathan LangleyThe Three Bears and Goldilocks
1993978-0-00-664083-7Maurice SendakOutside Over There
1992978-0-00-664086-8Maurice SendakWhere the Wild Things Are
  ''978-0-00-664087-5Maurice Sendak · Matthew MargolisSome Swell Pup or are You Sure You Want a Dog?
  ''978-0-00-664095-0D. ReaderButterfingers
  ''978-0-00-664123-0Michael BondPaddington's Colours (Paddington Concept Books)
1992978-0-00-664125-4Michael BondPaddington's 123 (Paddington Concept Books)
  ''978-0-00-664133-9Jonathan LangleyNursery Rhymes: Bk. 2
1994978-0-00-664136-0Michael BondPaddington's Garden
  ''978-0-00-664139-1Paddington at the Tower
1999978-0-00-664146-9Judith KerrMog’s Christmas (Picture Lions)
2002978-0-00-664160-5Bernard AshleyA Present for Paul
2005978-0-00-664184-1Lucy MicklethwaitAn Alphabet in Art (I Spy)
1996978-0-00-664185-8Andy EllisBears' Picnic (Collins toddler)
1992978-0-00-664228-2Lesley YoungBrum and the Fire Engine
1993978-0-00-664252-7Nick ButterworthPercy’s Park – After the Storm (Tales From Percy's Park)
1992978-0-00-664271-8Jonathan LangleyNursery Rhymes
1993978-0-00-664291-6Lisa TaylorA Pig Called Shrimp
  ''978-0-00-664296-1Michael RatnettTogg and Leftover in Trouble
2004978-0-00-664298-5Lucy MicklethwaitNumbers in Art (I Spy)
1994978-0-00-664309-8Jan MarkCarrot Tops and Cottontails
1992978-0-00-664317-3Susan VarleyBadger’s Parting Gifts
  ''978-0-00-664318-0Nick ButterworthOne Snowy Night (Percy the Park Keeper)
1994978-0-00-664341-8Rose ImpeyMonster and Frog Mind the Baby (Monster & Frog)
1993978-0-00-664348-7Patricia Cleveland-PeckFreckle and Clyde
2001978-0-00-664356-2Tony RossI Want My Dinner (Little Princess) (A Little Princess story)
2001978-0-00-664357-9Tony RossI Want To Be (Little Princess) (A Little Princess story)
1999978-0-00-664361-6Joanna HarrisonDear Bear (Picture Lions)
1994978-0-00-664376-0Nick ButterworthThe Rescue Party (Tales From Percy's Park)
2005978-0-00-664407-1Lucy MicklethwaitAnimals in Art (I Spy)
1994978-0-00-664424-8Michael BondPaddington at the Tower
  ''978-0-00-664501-6Judith KerrMog on Fox Night
  ''978-0-00-664502-3Helen CresswellClassic Fairy Tales
1995978-0-00-664505-4Nick ButterworthThe Secret Path (Tales From Percy's Park)
1996978-0-00-664508-5Rodney PeppeGus and Nipper
1995978-0-00-664510-8Tony Bradman · Lynn BreezeOur Baby (Collins Toddler)
1999978-0-00-664517-7Alan BrownNikki and the Rocking Horse (Picture Lions)
1996978-0-00-664519-1Joanna HarrisonWhen Mum Turned Into A Monster
1995978-0-00-664537-5Colin Hawkins · Jacqui HawkinsFoxy and the Spots (Collins Toddler)
1995978-0-00-664539-9Colin Hawkins · Jacqui HawkinsFoxy in the Kitchen (Collins Toddler)
1996978-0-00-664540-5Ian BeckPoppy and Pip's Walk (Collins toddler)
1994978-0-00-664548-1Richard ScarryBest Babysitter Ever
  ''978-0-00-664549-8Richard ScarryMr Frumbles New Cars (The busy world of Richard Scarry)
  ''978-0-00-664551-1   ''Treasure Hunt
1996978-0-00-664554-2Hiawyn OramBadger’s Party
1995978-0-00-664556-6Mark BurgessTeddy and Rabbit's Runaway Washing (Collins Toddler)
1999978-0-00-664564-1Colin Hawkins · Jacqui HawkinsFoxy and His Naughty Little Sister (Collins Picture Lions)
  ''978-0-00-664565-8   ''Foxy and Friends Go Racing
1995978-0-00-664567-2   ''School
1996978-0-00-664570-2Richard ScarryA Trip to the Moon (Busy World of Richard Scarry)
  ''978-0-00-664573-3   ''Busytown Regatta ("Busy World of Richard Scarry")
1996978-0-00-664574-0Richard ScarryBusytown Racers (Busy World of Richard Scarry)
  ''978-0-00-664580-1Lucy MicklethwaitI Spy: Transport In Art
  ''978-0-00-664588-7Jill BarklemThe High Hills: Wilfred's Mountain Adventure (Brambly Hedge)
1996978-0-00-664589-4Jill BarklemThe Secret Staircase (Brambly Hedge)
1999978-0-00-664590-0Deborah KingFlight of the Snow Goose (Collins Picture Lions)
1996978-0-00-664592-4Judith KerrMog and the Granny (Picture Lions)
1980978-0-00-664594-8Alan SnowThe Truth About Cats
1999978-0-00-664596-2Hiawyn OramA Message for Santa
1997978-0-00-664597-9Jeanne WillisThe Pet Person
1996978-0-00-664598-6Jill BarklemSea Story: Primrose and Wilfred Sail to Sandy Bay (Brambly Hedge)
  ''978-0-00-664599-3   ''Poppy’s Babies: Poppy and Dusty’s New Family (Brambly Hedge)
2002978-0-00-664600-6Mark HaddonOcean Star Express
1996978-0-00-664609-9Kenneth GrahameThe Wild Wood (Wind in the Willows)
  ''978-0-00-664610-5Kenneth GrahameMr. Toad's Adventures (Wind in the Willows)
1997978-0-00-664615-0Nick ButterworthTreasure Hunt (Percy the Park Keeper)
  ''978-0-00-664620-4Judith KerrMog and the Vee Ee Tee (Collins picture lions)
1999978-0-00-664624-2Jez AlboroughBalloon (Collins Picture Lions)
1997978-0-00-664626-6Nick ButterworthAll Together Now ! (A Lift-the-Flap Book)
2000978-0-00-664627-3Michael MorpurgoWombat Goes Walkabout
2014978-0-00-664628-0Mark HaddonThe Ice Bear’s Cave
2001978-0-00-664629-7Sam McBratneyI’m Sorry
1996978-0-00-664636-5Judith KerrHow Mrs Monkey Missed the Ark
1997978-0-00-664637-2Jonathan LangleyBaby’s Bedtime: Lullabies and Verse (Picture Lions)
1999978-0-00-664639-6Michael RosenSnore! (Collins Picture Lions)
2000978-0-00-664644-0Joanna HarrisonThe Three Wishes
2008978-0-00-664646-4Nick ButterworthThud!
1997978-0-00-664648-8Jonathan LangleyLittle Red Riding Hood (Jonathan Langley Nursery Tales)
1999978-0-00-664649-5Alan BrownOld Hushwing (Picture Lions)
1997978-0-00-664651-8Nick ButterworthA Year with Percy: Colouring Book (Percy the Park Keeper)
2001978-0-00-664654-9Colin McNaughtonGoal!: (Picture Lions)
  ''978-0-00-664655-6Colin McNaughtonPreston Pig – Hmm… (A Preston Pig story)
1998978-0-00-664665-5Nick ButterworthPercy’s Games Book (Percy the Park Keeper)
1998978-0-00-664666-2Nick ButterworthLearn With Percy – 1-2-3 (Percy the Park Keeper)
  ''978-0-00-664667-9   ''Percy the Park Keeper A-B-C
2000978-0-00-664668-6Colin Hawkins · Jacqui HawkinsGreedy Goat (Collins picture lions)
  ''978-0-00-664670-9Clare JarrettDancing Maddy (Collins picture lions)
1998978-0-00-664673-0Enid BlytonBrer Rabbit and the Potato Fight (Toyland Stories)
  ''978-0-00-664678-5Michael BondPaddington and the Christmas Surprise
2001978-0-00-664679-2Deborah KingA Bear’s Dream (Picture Lions)
1999978-0-00-664680-8Hiawyn OramBadger’s Bad Mood (Picture Lions)
2000978-0-00-664681-5Lindsay CampBiggest Bed in the World (Picture Lions)
2009978-0-00-664684-6Emma Chichester ClarkI Love You, Blue Kangaroo (Picture Lions)
2000978-0-00-664687-7John WallaceJungle Kids (Collins picture lions)
1999978-0-00-664689-1Judith KerrBirdie Halleluyah! (Collins Picture Lions)
2002978-0-00-664690-7Sam McBratneyI’m Not Your Friend (Picture Lions)
2001978-0-00-664691-4Mark BurgessTeddy Time
1999978-0-00-664692-1Nick ButterworthThe Badger’s Bath (Percy the Park Keeper)
  ''978-0-00-664693-8   ''The Cross Rabbit (Percy's Park)
1999978-0-00-664694-5Nick ButterworthThe Fox’s Hiccups (Percy's Park)
  ''978-0-00-664695-2   ''The Hedgehog’s Balloon (Percy the Park Keeper)
  ''978-0-00-664698-3Jonathan LangleyFavourite Nursery Rhymes (Collins Picture Lions)
2000978-0-00-664701-0Lindsay CampRambling Ted’s Brilliant Invention
1999978-0-00-664702-7Colin Hawkins · Jacqui HawkinsWizzie Witch (Picture Lions)
2001978-0-00-664712-6Nick ButterworthQ Pootle 5
  ''978-0-00-664715-7Colin McNaughtonShh!: (Don’t Tell Mister Wolf) (Preston Pig) (A Preston Pig Lift-the-flap Book)
1999978-0-00-664716-4Michael BondPaddington Bear
2000978-0-00-664717-1Jez AlboroughDuck in the Truck
2001978-0-00-664718-8Colin Hawkins · Jacqui HawkinsCrazy Cow
2002978-0-00-664719-5Colin Hawkins · Jacqui HawkinsBad Bear
2001978-0-00-664722-5   ''Rude Rabbit
2007978-0-00-664725-6Michael BondPaddington at the Carnival (Paddington Bear)
2003978-0-00-664728-7Jonathan EmmettDinosaurs After Dark
2001978-0-00-664730-0Tony RossI Want a Sister (A Little Princess Story) (Collins Picture Lions)
2000978-0-00-664739-3Gretz · SageTeddybears – The Lost Pet
  ''978-0-00-664742-3Nick ButterworthOne Warm Fox (Percy the Park Keeper)
  ''978-0-00-664743-0   ''The Owl’s Lesson (Percy the Park Keeper)
2015978-0-00-664744-7Michael BondPaddington at the Zoo
2014978-0-00-664745-4   ''Paddington the Artist (Paddington Library S.)
2000978-0-00-664748-5Trevor RickettsAnimal Stories – Simpson the Slug
2005978-0-00-664755-3Judith KerrMog’s Bad Thing
2001978-0-00-664757-7Colin Hawkins · Jacqui HawkinsFoxy Bakes Some Cakes
  ''978-0-00-664758-4   ''Foxy Feels Unwell
  ''978-0-00-664760-7Emma Chichester ClarkFollow My Leader
2001978-0-00-664761-4Michael BondPaddington at the Circus
2007978-0-00-664762-1Nick ButterworthJingle Bells
2000978-0-00-664763-8Michael BondPaddington and the Tutti Frutti Rainbow (Paddington Library)
2000978-0-00-664764-5Michael BondPaddington at the Fair (Paddington Library)
2002978-0-00-664766-9Jenny NimmoSomething Wonderful
2004978-0-00-664767-6Henrietta BranfordSix Chicks
2002978-0-00-664768-3Clare JarrettJamie and the Lost Bird (Picture Lions)
2000978-0-00-664770-6Lindsay CampGrumpy Little Girls – Grumpy Little Girls and the Bouncy Ferret
2002978-0-00-664771-3Colin McNaughtonDon’t Step on the Crack
  ''978-0-00-664772-0   ''Good News! Bad News! [Picture Lions]
  ''978-0-00-664775-1Clara VulliamySmall
2003978-0-00-664776-8John WallacePirate Boy
2010978-0-00-664777-5Mandy StanleyLettice: The Dancing Rabbit
  ''978-0-00-664778-2Mandy StanleyWhat Do You Say?
1987978-0-00-665658-6Carey LandryHi God: 3 Keyboard
2014978-0-00-665707-1C. J. DaughertyEscola Noturna - Vol.1
2005978-0-00-666313-3Justice, Crime, + Ethics- Text Only
2014978-0-00-668163-2David CohenLinguagem Do Corpo, A
2006978-0-00-668185-4Professional Office Procedures- Text Only
2014978-0-00-668826-6Paula PimentaFazendo Meu Filme 2: Fani na Terra da Rainha
2005978-0-00-668834-1Elementary Survey Sampling-text Only
1987978-0-00-670136-1Benson Music GroupWedding Music: Volume 1
1973978-0-00-670413-3Marguerite HenryKing of the Wind (Armada Lions)
1976978-0-00-670429-4Michael BondMore About Paddington (Armada Lions)
1971978-0-00-670430-0Alan GarnerWeirdstone of Brisingamen (Armada Lions S.)
  ''978-0-00-670479-9Michael BondPaddington Goes to Town (Armada Lions)
1972978-0-00-670500-0Alan MarshallWhispering in the Wind (Armada Lions)
1972978-0-00-670516-1Michael BondPaddington Helps Out (Armada Lions)
1999978-0-00-670519-2Pamela L. Travers · Mary ShepardMary Poppins in the Park
1973978-0-00-670521-5Susan DickinsonGhostly Experiences (Armada Lions)
  ''978-0-00-670528-4Joy AdamsonBorn Free (Armada Lions)
1972978-0-00-670529-1Joy AdamsonLiving Free (Armada Lions)
  ''978-0-00-670542-0Michael BondParsley the Lion (Armada Lions)
  ''978-0-00-670544-4Kenneth GrahameThe Reluctant Dragon (Armada Lions)
  ''978-0-00-670548-2Michael BondPaddington at Large (Armada Lions)
2000978-0-00-670555-0Noel StreatfeildThursday's Child (Armada Lions)
1972978-0-00-670561-1Gillian AveryThe Greatest Gresham
1973978-0-00-670592-5Lloyd AlexanderBook of Three (Armada Lions)
1973978-0-00-670609-0Michael BondPaddington Abroad (The Paddington books)
1998978-0-00-670613-7P. L. TraversMary Poppins Comes Back (Armada Lions)
1973978-0-00-670618-2Geoffrey Willans and Ronald SearleWhizz for Atomms
  ''978-0-00-670619-9Geoffrey Willans · Ronald SearleDown with Skool! (Armada Lions)
1983978-0-00-670620-5Geoffrey Willans · Ronald SearleBack in the Jug Agane (Armada Lions)
2014978-0-00-670670-0Soman ChainaniEscola do Bem e do Mal, A