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ISBN 978-0-00-211359-5 to 978-0-00-211997-9 < ISBN 978-0-00-211999-3 to 978-0-00-215548-9 > ISBN 978-0-00-215578-6 to 978-0-00-216117-6

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1978978-0-00-211999-3Francis HitchingThe World Atlas of Mysteries
1972978-0-00-212004-3Arne Schiotz · Preben DahlstromAquarium Fishes
1971978-0-00-212019-7Richard Sidney Richmond Fitter · R A RichardsonCollins Pocket Guide to British Birds
1974978-0-00-212020-3Roger Tory PetersonA field guide to the birds of Britain and Europe
1973978-0-00-212021-0John George WilliamsField Guide to the Birds of East and Central Africa
1966978-0-00-212022-7R.A. Falla · etc.Field Guide to the Birds of New Zealand
1960978-0-00-212024-1James BondBirds of the West Indies
1971978-0-00-212026-5O.P.M. ProzeskyField Guide to the Birds of Southern Africa (Collins Pocket Guide)
1970978-0-00-212027-2Malcolm BarcantField Guide to the Butterflies of Trinidad and Tobago
1973978-0-00-212028-9Norman D Riley · Lionel G HigginsA Field Guide to the Butterflies of Britain and Europe
1972978-0-00-212034-0R. S. R. FitterBirds of Britain and Europe
1974978-0-00-212035-7Alan MitchellField Guide to the Trees of Britain and Northern Europe
  ''978-0-00-212044-9Michael HARRISA Field Guide To The Birds Of Galapagos.
  ''978-0-00-212053-1Desmond Nethersole-Thompson · Adam WatsonThe Cairngorms
  ''978-0-00-212058-6Bent J MuusCollins guide to the sea fishes of Britain and North-Western Europe
1967978-0-00-212093-7F.H.Van Den BrinkField Guide to the Mammals of Britain and Europe
  ''978-0-00-212103-3John G. WilliamsA Field Guide to the National Parks of East Africa
1973978-0-00-212110-1Rudolf MetzMinerals and Precious Stones (Collins colour guides)
1972978-0-00-212144-6John H. Barrett · Charles Maurice YongeCollins Pocket Guide to the Sea Shore
1971978-0-00-212146-0J.F.M. FitzsimonsField Guide to Snakes of Southern Africa
1956978-0-00-212188-0David McClintock · R. S. R. FitterThe Collins Pocket Guide to Wild Flowers
1968978-0-00-213021-9L.Harrison MatthewsBritish Mammals (Collins New Naturalist Series)
1970978-0-00-213024-0Laurence Stamp;Laurence Dudley StampBritain's Structure and Scenery (Collins New Naturalist Series)
1973978-0-00-213030-1W.J. Belcher · Richard Broadley SibsonBirds of Fiji in Colour
1974978-0-00-213032-5H. R. HewerBritish Seals (Collins New Naturalist)
1972978-0-00-213057-8Desmond Nethersole-ThompsonThe Dotterel
1972978-0-00-213065-3Ian NewtonFinches (Collins New Naturalist)
1969978-0-00-213092-9F. Fraser Darling · J.Morton BoydHighlands and Islands (The New Naturalist - A Survey of British Natural History)
1973978-0-00-213133-9William H. Pearsall · Winifred PenningtonLake District (Collins New Naturalist)
1971978-0-00-213142-1Max Walters · J. E. RavenMountain Flowers (Collins New Naturalist)
  ''978-0-00-213143-8W. H. PearsallMountains and Moorlands (Collins New Naturalist Series)
  ''978-0-00-213145-2Kenneth MellanbyThe Mole (Collins New Naturalist Series) (Hardcover)
1970978-0-00-213153-7H. J. Fleure · Margaret DaviesNatural History of Man in Britain (The new naturalist)
  ''978-0-00-213177-3Kenneth MellanbyPesticides and Pollution (Colllins New Naturalist Series)
1972978-0-00-213250-3Sidney William Wooldridge · Frederick GoldringThe Weald (Collins New Naturalist)
1974978-0-00-213254-1C. G. ButlerWorld of the Honeybee (Collins New Naturalist)
1971978-0-00-213256-5Naomi A. HintzeWorld of the Spiders (Collins New Naturalist)
  ''978-0-00-213259-6Eric SimmsWoodland Birds (Collins New Naturalist)
1972978-0-00-214014-0Anna N GriffithCollins Guide to Alpines and Rock Garden Plants
1957978-0-00-214015-7Frances PerryCollins Guide to Border Plants
1961978-0-00-214016-4Patrick Millington SyngeCollins Guide to Bulbs
1973978-0-00-214044-7Christopher LloydFoliage Plants
1973978-0-00-214070-6Michael GibsonShrub Roses for Every Garden
1965978-0-00-215001-9Pierre Teilhard de ChardinAppearance of Man
1943978-0-00-215008-8C. S. LewisAbolition of Man
1993978-0-00-215013-2David FrostDavid Frost: An Autobiography, Part One: From Congregations to Audiences Pt. 1
1978978-0-00-215047-7Peter HebblethwaiteYear of Three Popes
1970978-0-00-215054-5Eberhard BethgeDietrich Bonhoeffer
1981978-0-00-215056-9Robert NowellPassion for Truth
1971978-0-00-215057-6John J DaviesBeginning now: Contemporary experience of creation and fall
1976978-0-00-215058-3Johnston McKay · James MillerBiblical Studies: Essays in Honour of William Barclay
1973978-0-00-215061-3Joseph RhymerBible is for All
1975978-0-00-215064-4Eberhard BethgeBonhoeffer: Exile and Martyr
1988978-0-00-215080-4Peter QuennellByron: The Years of Fame, and, Byron in Italy
1989978-0-00-215082-8John RaeToo Little, Too Late?: Challenges That Still Face British Education
1988978-0-00-215083-5Fleur CowlesAn Artist's Journey
2002978-0-00-215084-2T. J. BinyonPushkin
1991978-0-00-215089-7Douglas DunnScotland: An Anthology
1988978-0-00-215091-0Hugh HerbertThe Bedside Guardian: No. 37
1989978-0-00-215094-1Donald CogganCuthbert Bardsley: Bishop, Evangelist, Pastor
1990978-0-00-215096-5Thomas L. FriedmanFrom Beirut to Jerusalem
1991978-0-00-215097-2David Tylden-WrightJohn Aubrey
1990978-0-00-215098-9Terence O'BrienChasing After Danger
1972978-0-00-215119-1Malcolm MuggeridgeChronicles of Wasted Time - Volume I: The Green Stick
1973978-0-00-215123-8Malcolm MuggeridgeChronicles of Wasted Time - Volume II: The Infernal Grove
1991978-0-00-215135-1Shirley ToulsonDevon (Companion Guides)
1990978-0-00-215137-5A. N. WilsonC.S.Lewis: A Biography
1988978-0-00-215139-9Eve BorsookFlorence (Companion Guides)
1976978-0-00-215140-5Norman YoungCreator, Creation and Faith
1983978-0-00-215145-0David L. EdwardsChristian England: From the Reformation to the 18th Century v. 2
1980978-0-00-215146-7Helmut ThielickeFacing Lifes Questions
1969978-0-00-215151-1Richard P. McBrienDo We Need the Church?
1970978-0-00-215152-8Ronald Gregor SmithDoctrine of God
  ''978-0-00-215153-5Andre FrossardGod Exists
1971978-0-00-215154-2Erich PrzywaraDivine Majesty
1984978-0-00-215160-3Alister HardyDarwin and the Spirit of Man
1989978-0-00-215162-7Rick Smolan · David CohenA Day in the Life of California
  ''978-0-00-215163-4Rick Smolan · David CohenA Day in the Life of California
1988978-0-00-215164-1David CohenChristmas in America
1990978-0-00-215165-8Raghu RaiDreams of India
1991978-0-00-215166-5Wolfgang KempThe Desire of My Eyes: Life of John Ruskin
1988978-0-00-215167-2Rick SmolanA Day in the Life of Australia: Photographed by 100 of the World's Leading Photographers
1990978-0-00-215171-9Larry WolffPostcards from the End of the World
1997978-0-00-215173-3Roy PorterThe Greatest Benefit to Mankind: A Medical History of Humanity from Antiquity to the Present
1989978-0-00-215181-8Patrick O'BrianPablo Ruiz Picasso: A Biography
1993978-0-00-215184-9John PrebbleLandscapes and Memories: An Intermittent Autobiography
1989978-0-00-215185-6R.F. MackenzieA Search for Scotland
  ''978-0-00-215186-3Mark H. McCormackSuccess Secrets
1990978-0-00-215187-0Christopher RawlenceThe Missing Reel - The Untold Story of the Lost Inventor of Moving Pictures: Biography of Augustin Le Prince
1992978-0-00-215189-4Ben PimlottHarold Wilson
1990978-0-00-215190-0T. C. Smout · Sydney WoodScottish Voices, 1745-1960: An Anthology
1995978-0-00-215191-7Vincent CroninParis, City of Light: 1919–1939: City of Light, 1919-39
1992978-0-00-215192-4Lionel Blue · Jonathan MagonetHow to Get Up When Life Gets You Down: A Companion and Guide
1995978-0-00-215196-2Anne EdwardsThrone of Gold: The Life of the Aga Khan: Lives of the Aga Khans
1992978-0-00-215199-3Miles KingtonJazz: An Anthology
1970978-0-00-215203-7Roland H. BaintonErasmus of Christendom
1973978-0-00-215205-1Gonville Ffrench-BeytaghEncountering Darkness
1986978-0-00-215211-2Adrian HastingsHistory of English Christianity, 1920-85
1989978-0-00-215215-0John SandayCollins Illustrated Guide to Kathmandu and Valley
  ''978-0-00-215217-4Isobel ShawCollins Illustrated Guide to Pakistan
1989978-0-00-215218-1Elisabeth B BoozCollins Illustrated Guide to New Zealand
1990978-0-00-215219-8Carl RobinsonCollins Illustrated Guide to Australia
1989978-0-00-215220-4Irene HoeCollins Illustrated Guide to Singapore
  ''978-0-00-215221-1Wendy MooreCollins Illustrated Guide to Malaysia
  ''978-0-00-215225-9Judy BonaviaCollins Illustrated Guide to Yangzi
1988978-0-00-215226-6Caroline CourtauldCollins Illustrated Guide to Hong Kong
1989978-0-00-215227-3Robert MorkotCollins Illustrated Guide to Egypt (Collins illustrated guides)
  ''978-0-00-215236-5Judy BonaviaCollins Illustrated Guide to the Silk Road
  ''978-0-00-215241-9Anne EdwardsThe DeMilles
1990978-0-00-215242-6Alan JuddFord Madox Ford
1981978-0-00-215249-5Patricia MachinFavourite Hymns
1967978-0-00-215254-9Mircea EliadeFrom Primitives to Zen
1971978-0-00-215257-0C.H. DoddThe Founder of Christianity
1988978-0-00-215263-1Simon HolledgeCollins Illustrated Guide to Xi'an
1988978-0-00-215264-8Collins Illustrated Guide to Jiangsu
  ''978-0-00-215265-5Caroline CourtauldCollins Illustrated Guide to Fujian
  ''978-0-00-215266-2Not statedCollins Illustrated Guide to Canton and Guilin (China guide series)
1971978-0-00-215283-9N.H.G. RobinsonGroundwork of Christian Ethics
1978978-0-00-215285-3Peter KellySearching for Truth
1980978-0-00-215296-9Norman AndersonGod's Law and God's Love
1990978-0-00-215297-6Ronald FergusonGeorge MacLeod: Founder of the Iona Community
1969978-0-00-215307-2Pierre Teilhard de ChardinHow I believe
1979978-0-00-215311-9Mircea EliadeA History of Religious Ideas: Vol 1 From the Stone Age to the Eleusinian Mysteries
1990978-0-00-215318-8Warren TuteThe Reluctant Enemies: The War Between Britain and France, 1940-42
1991978-0-00-215320-1Ken PopleStanley Spencer: A Biography
1989978-0-00-215321-8David CohenA Day in the Life of China
  ''978-0-00-215323-2   ''The Jews in America
  ''978-0-00-215324-9Galen RowellThe Art of Adventure
1990978-0-00-215325-6Jun'ichiro TanizakiChildhood Years: A Memoir
1990978-0-00-215332-4Michael De-la-NoyMichael Ramsey: a Portrait
  ''978-0-00-215333-1Naomi ShepherdAlarms and Excursions: Thirty Years in Israel
1989978-0-00-215335-5Harvey G. CoxMany Mansions
1993978-0-00-215339-3John HaleThe Civilization of Europe in the Renaissance
1971978-0-00-215342-3Paul Rowntree CliffordInterpreting Human Experience
1974978-0-00-215346-1Lawrence ElliottI Will be Called John: Biography of Pope John XXIII
1980978-0-00-215351-5St.Catherine of SienaI, Catherine: Writings
1994978-0-00-215356-0Martin GilbertIn Search of Churchill
1992978-0-00-215357-7Jung ChangWild Swans: Three Daughters of China
1993978-0-00-215364-5Elaine FeinsteinLawrence’s Women: The Intimate Life of D H Lawrence
1990978-0-00-215365-2Hugh HonourVenice (Companion Guides)
  ''978-0-00-215368-3Anne HigonnetBerthe Morisot
1975978-0-00-215375-1Malachi MartinJesus Now
  ''978-0-00-215376-8Peter De RosaJesus Who Became Christ
1991978-0-00-215380-5Christina NobleAt Home in the Himalayas
  ''978-0-00-215386-7Michael NicholsonA Measure of Danger: Memoirs of a British War Correspondent
1992978-0-00-215387-4Malcolm RogersCollins Guide to London (Companion Guides)
1990978-0-00-215389-8Peter ThompsonSharing the Success: The Story of NFC
1989978-0-00-215390-4Richard GoodwinLeontyne: By Barge from London to Vienna
1998978-0-00-215392-8John LoweThe Warden: A Portrait of John Sparrow
1990978-0-00-215397-3Robert MarshallIn the Sewers of Lvov
1989978-0-00-215400-0Eric NewbyA Short Walk in the Hindu Kush
1976978-0-00-215402-4David L. EdwardsKey to the Old Testament
1988978-0-00-215403-1Victor KiamKeep Going for it!: Living the Life of an Entrepreneur
1988978-0-00-215404-8John PrebbleThe King's Jaunt: George IV in Scotland, 1822
1991978-0-00-215406-2C.S. LewisAll My Road Before Me: The Diary of C.S.Lewis, 1922-27
1990978-0-00-215408-6Sara SuleriMeatless Days
1992978-0-00-215411-6Vincent CroninThe Renaissance
1989978-0-00-215412-3Elisabeth ScottoFrance the Beautiful Cookbook
978-0-00-215418-5Charles LynchYou Can't Print That! Memoirs of a Political Voyeur
1988978-0-00-215419-2Stephen BrookMaple leaf rag: Travels across Canada
978-0-00-215426-0Dogleg Madness
978-0-00-215428-4Winning the Radar War: A Memoir
978-0-00-215431-4Wreaths: Techniques and materials-- step-by-step projects-- creative ideas for the year round
978-0-00-215433-8Submarine Versus Submarine. The Tactics & Technology Of Underwater Confrontation.
978-0-00-215435-2This won't hurt a bit!: Vicki Gabereau chats with the famous, not-so-famous and should-be-famous
1988978-0-00-215437-6Edward L GreenspanGreenspan, the case for the defence
  ''978-0-00-215438-3Robert FulfordBest seat in the House: Memoirs of a lucky man
1995978-0-00-215439-0L.A. MorseVideo Trash and Treasure: v. 1
1988978-0-00-215440-6Martha HarronDon Harron a Parent Contradiction a Biography
1989978-0-00-215441-3Michael RachlisSecond opinion: What's wrong with Canada's health-care system and how to fix it
1995978-0-00-215443-7Shawn M. MulliganMulligan's Bar Guide
1989978-0-00-215446-8Lorenza De' Medici Stucchi · Patrizia PassigliItaly: The Beautiful Cookbook: Authentic Recipes from the Regions of Italy
1969978-0-00-215457-4Pierre Teilhard de ChardinLetters to Leontine Zanta
1970978-0-00-215459-8John KnoxLimits of Unbelief
  ''978-0-00-215460-4Marc BoegnerLong Road to Unity
  ''978-0-00-215461-1Pierre Teilhard de ChardinActivation of Energy
1971978-0-00-215462-8Henri de LubacEternal Feminine
1970978-0-00-215463-5Charles DickensThe Life of Our Lord
1990978-0-00-215464-2Frank Pakenham,Earl of LongfordSuffering and Hope
1974978-0-00-215468-0Pierre Teilhard de ChardinToward the Future
1980978-0-00-215474-1William BarclayThe Lord is My Shepherd
1989978-0-00-215480-2C. S. LewisLetters to Don Giovanni Calabria
1990978-0-00-215483-3Cheryl BentsenMaasai Days
1991978-0-00-215486-4Christopher SomervilleThe Bedside Rambler
1990978-0-00-215490-1"Fynn"Anna and the Black Knight
1991978-0-00-215494-9Alan BullockHitler and Stalin: Parallel Lives
1990978-0-00-215498-7Gerald DurrellThe Ark's Anniversary
  ''978-0-00-215500-7Andrew C. RevkinThe Burning Season: Murder of Chico Mendes and the Fight for the Amazon Rain Forest
1972978-0-00-215510-6John MortonMan, Science and God
1969978-0-00-215511-3K.H. WrageMan and Woman: The Basis of Their Relationship
1970978-0-00-215512-0Roger GaraudyMarxism in the Twentieth Century
1974978-0-00-215519-9FynnMister God, This is Anna
1975978-0-00-215521-2Thomas KeneallyMoses the lawgiver
1975978-0-00-215522-9Malcolm MuggeridgeJesus: The man who lives
1989978-0-00-215534-2Jack HigginsMemoirs of a Dance Hall Romeo
1993978-0-00-215535-9Susan HaskinsMary Magdalen: Myth and Metaphor
  ''978-0-00-215539-7Gordon BowkerPursued by Furies: A Life of Malcolm Lowry
1989978-0-00-215543-4Roy JenkinsMr. Balfour's Poodle: Peers Versus People
1990978-0-00-215545-8Q. HoggA Sparrow's Flight
1991978-0-00-215548-9Dorothy RoweWanting Everything: Art of Happiness