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ISBN 978-0-00-215922-7 to 978-0-00-216375-0 < ISBN 978-0-00-216376-7 to 978-0-00-216863-2 > ISBN 978-0-00-216864-9 to 978-0-00-217450-3

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1987978-0-00-216376-7Mary SoamesThe Profligate Duke: George Spencer Churchill, Fifth Duke of Marlborough and His Duchess
1977978-0-00-216380-4Cecilia SternbergThe Journey
1981978-0-00-216388-0Patrick EagarSummer to Remember: England Versus Australia, 1981
1994978-0-00-216391-0Lydia ChukovskayaAkhmatova Journals
1983978-0-00-216393-4Russell BraddonThe Other Hundred Years War
1982978-0-00-216396-5John YudkinEat Well Slim Well
1983978-0-00-216398-9Duff Cooper · Diana CooperA Durable Fire: The Letters of Duff and Diana Cooper, 1913-50
1979978-0-00-216404-7David LewisVoyaging Stars, The: Secrets of the Pacific Island Navigators
1978978-0-00-216407-8Lawrence Collings · Olaf RuhenOn and Around Sydney Harbour
  ''978-0-00-216408-5Toni MacKenzieA Small Place in the Country - a Practical Guide to Rural Living
  ''978-0-00-216409-2Derrick I StoneCanberra and the Australian Alps
1979978-0-00-216411-5Densey ClyneThe garden jungle
1980978-0-00-216412-2Terry IngramQuestion of Polish
1994978-0-00-216413-9Richard RunyonBehavioral Statistics: The Core - Textbook Only
1979978-0-00-216415-3Errol Lea-ScarlettRoots & Branches: Ancestry for Australians
1980978-0-00-216416-0John W. Wrigley · Murray FaggAustralian Native Plants: A Manual for Their Propagation, Cultivation and Use in Landscaping
1979978-0-00-216424-5Neville ColemanThe Australian beachcomber
1980978-0-00-216434-4Keith WilleyWhen the Sky Fell Down
1982978-0-00-216436-8Ian RowleyBird Life (Australian Naturalist Library)
1980978-0-00-216438-2June EpsteinNo Music by Request: A Portrait of the Gorman Family
  ''978-0-00-216439-9Michael ThwaitesTruth Will Out - ASIO and the Petrovs
1981978-0-00-216441-2A.B. & J. W. CribbUseful Wild Plants in Australia
1982978-0-00-216442-9Harold HeatwoleA Coral Island (Australian Naturalist Library)
1981978-0-00-216443-6Ronald McKieEchoes from Forgotten Wars
1984978-0-00-216447-4David Moore · Roger HallAustralia: Image of a Nation
1985978-0-00-216448-1Penny TweedieThis My Country Arnhem Land: A View of Arnhem Land
1982978-0-00-216450-4Michael J. TylerFrogs Anl - Limp Ed (Australian Naturalist Library)
  ''978-0-00-216452-8Stephen HowarthKnights Templar
1983978-0-00-216453-5Nanette Newman · Graham TarrantCat Lover's Coffee Table Book
1983978-0-00-216456-6Kirsty McLeodLast Summer
1978978-0-00-216457-3Charles Douglas-HomeEvelyn Baring: The Last Proconsul
1979978-0-00-216460-3Jose De BrouckerConversions of a Bishop
1981978-0-00-216461-0Alastair ServiceLost World
1983978-0-00-216462-7Charles OsborneThe Life and Crimes of Agatha Christie
1977978-0-00-216467-2William BarclayJesus of Nazareth
1981978-0-00-216468-9Malcolm MuggeridgeLike It Was - The Diaries of Malcolm Muggeridge (Hardcover)
  ''978-0-00-216469-6Patrick LichfieldLichfield on Photography
1983978-0-00-216473-3Patrick Lichfield · Richard NorthPatrick Lichfield's Unipart Calendar Book
  ''978-0-00-216476-4John JuxonLewis and Lewis: Life of a Celebrated Victorian Solicitor
1979978-0-00-216478-8Shelley RohdePrivate View of L.S. Lowry
1975978-0-00-216480-1David KossoffThe Little Book of Sylvanus
1977978-0-00-216486-3Frederick LeboyerLoving Hands: The Traditional Indian Art of Baby Massage
1984978-0-00-216493-1Hermione Baddeley · Muriel BurgessUnsinkable Hermione Baddeley
1982978-0-00-216495-5Richard Lawrence OllardAn English Education: Perspective of Eton
  ''978-0-00-216496-2Peter AllissMore Bedside Golf
  ''978-0-00-216497-9William Leslie WebbBedside "Guardian": No. 31
1978978-0-00-216501-3Willy BrandtPeople and Politics: The Years, 1960-75
1977978-0-00-216503-7A. O. J. CockshutMan and Woman: A Study of Love and the Novel, 1740-1940
1977978-0-00-216506-8M.E.L. MallowanMallowan's Memoirs The autobiography of Max Mallowan
1976978-0-00-216509-9Peter QuennellMarble Foot
  ''978-0-00-216510-5Philip ZieglerMelbourne
1977978-0-00-216512-9Lord N.M.V. RothschildMeditations of a Broomstick
1980978-0-00-216514-3Margaret FountaineLove Among the Butterflies: Travels and Adventures of a Victorian Lady
1987978-0-00-216515-0James CallaghanTime and Chance
1977978-0-00-216516-7Ian PeeblesSpinner's Yarn
1978978-0-00-216517-4Jean MonnetMemoirs
1983978-0-00-216519-8Edmund Fawcett · Tony ThomasAmerica, Americans
1980978-0-00-216526-6Peter QuennellThe Wanton Chase: An Autobiography from 1939
1982978-0-00-216527-3Fred WildeThe Clatter of Clogs in the Early Morning
1983978-0-00-216528-0Rita Carter · John IrelandFan Mail: Letters to Celebrities
1984978-0-00-216533-4Chloe Talbot Kelly · Hermann HeinzelCollins Handguide to the Birds of New Zealand (Collins Pocket Guide)
1980978-0-00-216536-5Simon Welfare · John FairleyArthur C.Clarke's Mysterious World
  ''978-0-00-216538-9Ian HunterMalcolm Muggeridge: A Life
1985978-0-00-216543-3Philip ZieglerMountbatten: The Official Biography
1982978-0-00-216544-0Richard BuckleIn the Wake of Diaghilev (Autobiography)
1983978-0-00-216546-4David Pryce-JonesCyril Connolly: Journal and Memoir
1977978-0-00-216551-8Norman ShrapnelView of the Thames
1982978-0-00-216554-9Solly,Baron ZuckermanNuclear Illusion and Reality
  ''978-0-00-216555-6Solly,Baron ZuckermanNuclear Illusion and Reality
1978978-0-00-216556-3Norman LewisNaples '44
1981978-0-00-216558-7Gordon Brook-ShepherdNovember, 1918
1976978-0-00-216560-0Leni RiefenstahlPeople of Kau
1984978-0-00-216561-7George JonasVengeance
1980978-0-00-216562-4Tom PocockYoung Nelson in the Americas
978-0-00-216567-9Magnificent New Zealand
1983978-0-00-216569-3John GlengarryThe Great Decade of New Zealand Racing 1970 - 1980
  ''978-0-00-216575-4John W. WrigleyAustralian Native Plants: A Manual for Their Propagation, Cultivation and Use in Landscaping
1985978-0-00-216577-8Philip DerrimanBodyline
1986978-0-00-216581-5Non-FictionMilestones in Aust History: 1788 to the Present
1986978-0-00-216583-9Ray RobinsonAfter Stumps Were Drawn: Best of Ray Robinson's Cricket Writings
1983978-0-00-216594-5James McNeishWalking on my feet: A.R.D. Fairburn, 1904-1957: a kind of biography
  ''978-0-00-216598-3Francis PoundFrames on the land: Early landscape painting in New Zealand
1979978-0-00-216601-0Title: The Complete skiing handbook Featuring a guide to
1988978-0-00-216604-1Lois KalchmanSafety on ice
1979978-0-00-216606-5John Robert [editor] ColomboColombos Hollywood
  ''978-0-00-216607-2Gregory ClarkGreg Clark & Jimmie Frise outdoors
1980978-0-00-216608-9Peter FosterBlue-eyed Sheiks
  ''978-0-00-216612-6Peggy HolmesIt Could Have Been Worse
978-0-00-216615-7The Blue-Eyed Sheiks: The Canadian Oil Establishment
1980978-0-00-216618-8Clark (Gregory) & Frise (James).GREG CLARK & JIMMY FRISE GO FISHING.
1984978-0-00-216621-8Michael Turner · Michael GeareGluttony, Pride and Lust
1987978-0-00-216622-5Angela FisherAfrica Adorned
1983978-0-00-216625-6Fleur CowlesThe Flower Game
1982978-0-00-216635-5William MacQuittyThe Glory of India
  ''978-0-00-216637-9William FaggYoruba Sculpture
1976978-0-00-216640-9Cynthia GladwynParis Embassy
1985978-0-00-216641-6George PlumptreCollins Book of British Gardens: A Guide to 200 Gardens in England, Scotland and Wales
1981978-0-00-216644-7Penelope HobhouseSmaller Garden: Planning and Planting
1981978-0-00-216645-4David Pryce-JonesParis in the Third Reich
1983978-0-00-216646-1Princess AliceThe Memoirs of Princess Alice Duchess of Gloucester
1981978-0-00-216649-2Michael SellersP.S., I Love You: Peter Sellers, the Man and the Myth
1978978-0-00-216653-9Bernard SchwartzContemporaries: Portraits
  ''978-0-00-216654-6Henry BlofeldPacker Affair
1979978-0-00-216656-0Stanley AylingJohn Wesley
1977978-0-00-216657-7Peter De RosaPrayers for Pagans and Hypocrites
1982978-0-00-216660-7Ian WooldridgeTravelling Reserve
1983978-0-00-216662-1Geoffrey MoorhouseIndia Britannica
1979978-0-00-216663-8Pamela StreetArthur Bryant: Portrait of a Historian
1982978-0-00-216666-9David HamiltonSummer in St. Tropez
1980978-0-00-216667-6David DuffAlexandra: Princess and Queen
1983978-0-00-216669-0Martin Gregor-DellinRichard Wagner: His Life, His Work, His Century
1979978-0-00-216671-3Mrs J.De RothschildRothschilds at Waddesdon Manor
1980978-0-00-216672-0David LewisVoyage to the Ice. The Antarctic Expedition of SOLO
1982978-0-00-216677-5Frank PearceLast Call for H. M. S. "Edinburgh": A Story of the Russian Convoys
1984978-0-00-216679-9John Fairley · Simon WelfareArthur C.Clarke's World of Strange Powers
1976978-0-00-216680-5Gregory ClarkOutdoors with Gregory Clark
1977978-0-00-216682-9John Wilson MurrayMemoirs of a great Canadian detective: Incidents in the life of John Wilson Murray
  ''978-0-00-216683-6Gregory ClarkThe best of Greg Clark & Jimmie Frise
1978978-0-00-216685-0Gregory ClarkGrandma preferred steak and other tales
978-0-00-216686-7CollardMontreal: The Days That Are No More
978-0-00-216689-8Things that go squeak in the night and other stories
1978978-0-00-216692-8Gregory ClarkMay your first love be your last: And other stories
  ''978-0-00-216694-2John WindsorTitle: The mouth of the wolf
978-0-00-216698-0Don CooliganRoyal Family Album
1978978-0-00-216699-7Gregory ClarkSilver linings: Stories
1974978-0-00-216703-1John MackinnonIn Search of the Red Ape
1975978-0-00-216704-8Annette Macarthur OnslowRound House
1974978-0-00-216705-5Jean RenoirMy Life and My Films
1975978-0-00-216707-9Rei HamonRei Hamon: Artist of the New Zealand Bush - His Life and His Drawings
  ''978-0-00-216708-6George RudeRobespierre
1980978-0-00-216714-7John JolliffeRaymond Asquith: Life and Letters
1978978-0-00-216717-8Reginald DaviesRoyal Families of the World
1983978-0-00-216718-5Mary LagoSelected Letters of E. M. Forster Volume One 1879-1920
1979978-0-00-216721-5Gilles QuispelSecret Book of Revelation
1982978-0-00-216723-9Alex de JongeLife and Times of Grigorii Rasputin, The
1979978-0-00-216732-1C. S. LewisThe Screwtape Letters
1975978-0-00-216736-9David HamiltonSouvenirs
1979978-0-00-216739-0Mark Arnold-ForsterSiege of Berlin
1980978-0-00-216740-6Rosemary Kingsland · John WrightA Saint Among Savages
1976978-0-00-216742-0Gerald DurrellThe Stationary Ark
1976978-0-00-216744-4Eliyahu AshtorSocial and Economic History of the Near East in the Middle Ages
1974978-0-00-216746-8"Sunday Times"We Learned to Ski
1975978-0-00-216749-9Violet ConollySiberia Today and Tomorrow
1973978-0-00-216754-3Hugo Van LawickSolo: The Story of an African Wild Dog
  ''978-0-00-216758-1Robert GravesThe Song of Songs
1974978-0-00-216760-4A. O. J. CockshutTruth to Life
  ''978-0-00-216761-1Rose Fitzgerald KennedyTimes to Remember
1976978-0-00-216763-5Albert SpeerSpandau: The Secret Diaries
  ''978-0-00-216764-2Trevor BaileySir Gary: Life of Sir Garfield Sobers
  ''978-0-00-216768-0David Douglas DuncanThe Silent Studio
1977978-0-00-216771-0Hugo Van LawickSavage Paradise
1977978-0-00-216774-1Peter Howell · Elisabeth BeazleySouth Wales (Companion Guides)
  ''978-0-00-216777-2Gordon Brook-ShepherdThe Storm Petrels: The First Soviet Defectors, 1928-38
1976978-0-00-216780-2Caroline SilverEventing: The Book of the Three-day Event
1978978-0-00-216784-0Simon SchamaTwo Rothschilds in the Land of Israel
1979978-0-00-216785-7Aubrey ElliottSons of Zulu
1978978-0-00-216787-1Mohamed HeikalSphinx and Commissar
1979978-0-00-216792-5Bernard FergussonTravel Warrant
1981978-0-00-216798-7Michael HollingsTherese of Lisieux
1977978-0-00-216802-1Hugh HonourVenice (Companion Guides)
1983978-0-00-216806-9Theodore ZeldinThe French
1978978-0-00-216807-6Jack FingletonImmortal Victor Trumper
1980978-0-00-216810-6David HamiltonSisters
1981978-0-00-216811-3Bekon of CowesHundred Years Of Sail
1985978-0-00-216813-7W. H. MurrayWest Highlands of Scotland (Companion Guides)
1980978-0-00-216815-1Roy BonisteelIn Search of Man Alive
  ''978-0-00-216816-8John Wilson MurrayFurther Adventures of the Great Detective. Repr of Part of 1904 Ed
  ''978-0-00-216817-5John FraserThe Chinese: Portrait of a people
  ''978-0-00-216818-2Roger AbbottAir Farce Book
1980978-0-00-216820-5Joe Fisher · Peter ComminsPredictions
978-0-00-216821-2Men in the Shadows - The RCMP Security Service
1981978-0-00-216827-4Roderick Haig-BrownFisherman's Spring
978-0-00-216828-1FISHERMAN'S SUMMER
1980978-0-00-216830-4Gibbon. David.British Isles: A Symphony in Color
1981978-0-00-216832-8Dave · Fischler, Stan SchultzThe Hammer: Confessions of a Hockey Player
978-0-00-216833-5The New Canadian Tax &Amp; Investment Guide
1982978-0-00-216835-9Roderick Haig BrownFISHERMAN'S FALL.
978-0-00-216836-6Return to the River: A Story of the Chinook Run
1982978-0-00-216837-3Bannerman GaryCruise Ships, The Inside Story
  ''978-0-00-216838-0P. CowanThe Beatles: For the Record
1981978-0-00-216839-7Don CoolicanStory of the Royal Family: Text
1977978-0-00-216840-3W. BarclayJesus of Nazareth
1979978-0-00-216841-0Norman CarrValley of the Elephants
1981978-0-00-216848-9John FraserThe chinese portrait of a people
  ''978-0-00-216849-6Kathryn SpinkInvitation to a Royal Wedding
  ''978-0-00-216851-9Kathryn SpinkFor the brotherhood of man under the fatherhood of God: Mother Teresa of Calcutta, her missionaries of charity and her co-workers
978-0-00-216854-0In Search of Man Alive
1983978-0-00-216855-7Peggy · Roberts, Joy · HolmesIt Could Have Been Worse
1982978-0-00-216856-4Ken Macpherson · John BurgessShips of Canada's Naval Forces, 1910-81
1981978-0-00-216858-8Noel · Gambier, Royston Currer-BriggsDebrett's Family Historian: A Guide to Tracing Your Ancestry
978-0-00-216859-5Malcolm Muggeridge. A Life.
1981978-0-00-216863-2Elizabeth WalterA Wedding Bouquet