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ISBN 978-0-00-216118-3 to 978-0-00-216644-7 < ISBN 978-0-00-216645-4 to 978-0-00-217181-6 > ISBN 978-0-00-217182-3 to 978-0-00-217759-7

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1981978-0-00-216645-4David Pryce-JonesParis in the Third Reich
1983978-0-00-216646-1Princess AliceThe Memoirs of Princess Alice Duchess of Gloucester
1981978-0-00-216649-2Michael SellersP.S., I Love You: Peter Sellers, the Man and the Myth
1978978-0-00-216653-9Bernard SchwartzContemporaries: Portraits
  ''978-0-00-216654-6Henry BlofeldPacker Affair
1979978-0-00-216656-0Stanley AylingJohn Wesley
1977978-0-00-216657-7Peter De RosaPrayers for Pagans and Hypocrites
1982978-0-00-216660-7Ian WooldridgeTravelling Reserve
1983978-0-00-216662-1Geoffrey MoorhouseIndia Britannica
1979978-0-00-216663-8Pamela StreetArthur Bryant: Portrait of a Historian
1982978-0-00-216666-9David HamiltonSummer in St. Tropez
1980978-0-00-216667-6David DuffAlexandra: Princess and Queen
1983978-0-00-216669-0Martin Gregor-DellinRichard Wagner: His Life, His Work, His Century
1979978-0-00-216671-3Mrs J.De RothschildRothschilds at Waddesdon Manor
1980978-0-00-216672-0David LewisVoyage to the Ice. The Antarctic Expedition of SOLO
1982978-0-00-216677-5Frank PearceLast Call for H. M. S. "Edinburgh": A Story of the Russian Convoys
1984978-0-00-216679-9John Fairley · Simon WelfareArthur C.Clarke's World of Strange Powers
1976978-0-00-216680-5Gregory ClarkOutdoors with Gregory Clark
1977978-0-00-216682-9John Wilson MurrayMemoirs of a great Canadian detective: Incidents in the life of John Wilson Murray
  ''978-0-00-216683-6Gregory ClarkThe best of Greg Clark & Jimmie Frise
1978978-0-00-216685-0Gregory ClarkGrandma preferred steak and other tales
978-0-00-216686-7CollardMontreal: The Days That Are No More
978-0-00-216689-8Things that go squeak in the night and other stories
1978978-0-00-216692-8Gregory ClarkMay your first love be your last: And other stories
  ''978-0-00-216694-2John WindsorTitle: The mouth of the wolf
978-0-00-216698-0Don CooliganRoyal Family Album
1978978-0-00-216699-7Gregory ClarkSilver linings: Stories
1974978-0-00-216703-1John MackinnonIn Search of the Red Ape
1975978-0-00-216704-8Annette Macarthur OnslowRound House
1974978-0-00-216705-5Jean RenoirMy Life and My Films
1975978-0-00-216707-9Rei HamonRei Hamon: Artist of the New Zealand Bush - His Life and His Drawings
  ''978-0-00-216708-6George RudeRobespierre
1980978-0-00-216714-7John JolliffeRaymond Asquith: Life and Letters
1978978-0-00-216717-8Reginald DaviesRoyal Families of the World
1983978-0-00-216718-5Mary LagoSelected Letters of E. M. Forster Volume One 1879-1920
1979978-0-00-216721-5Gilles QuispelSecret Book of Revelation
1982978-0-00-216723-9Alex de JongeLife and Times of Grigorii Rasputin, The
1979978-0-00-216732-1C. S. LewisThe Screwtape Letters
1975978-0-00-216736-9David HamiltonSouvenirs
1979978-0-00-216739-0Mark Arnold-ForsterSiege of Berlin
1980978-0-00-216740-6Rosemary Kingsland · John WrightA Saint Among Savages
1976978-0-00-216742-0Gerald DurrellThe Stationary Ark
1976978-0-00-216744-4Eliyahu AshtorSocial and Economic History of the Near East in the Middle Ages
1974978-0-00-216746-8"Sunday Times"We Learned to Ski
1975978-0-00-216749-9Violet ConollySiberia Today and Tomorrow
1973978-0-00-216754-3Hugo Van LawickSolo: The Story of an African Wild Dog
  ''978-0-00-216758-1Robert GravesThe Song of Songs
1974978-0-00-216760-4A. O. J. CockshutTruth to Life
  ''978-0-00-216761-1Rose Fitzgerald KennedyTimes to Remember
1976978-0-00-216763-5Albert SpeerSpandau: The Secret Diaries
  ''978-0-00-216764-2Trevor BaileySir Gary: Life of Sir Garfield Sobers
  ''978-0-00-216768-0David Douglas DuncanThe Silent Studio
1977978-0-00-216771-0Hugo Van LawickSavage Paradise
1977978-0-00-216774-1Peter Howell · Elisabeth BeazleySouth Wales (Companion Guides)
  ''978-0-00-216777-2Gordon Brook-ShepherdThe Storm Petrels: The First Soviet Defectors, 1928-38
1976978-0-00-216780-2Caroline SilverEventing: The Book of the Three-day Event
1978978-0-00-216784-0Simon SchamaTwo Rothschilds in the Land of Israel
1979978-0-00-216785-7Aubrey ElliottSons of Zulu
1978978-0-00-216787-1Mohamed HeikalSphinx and Commissar
1979978-0-00-216792-5Bernard FergussonTravel Warrant
1981978-0-00-216798-7Michael HollingsTherese of Lisieux
1977978-0-00-216802-1Hugh HonourVenice (Companion Guides)
1983978-0-00-216806-9Theodore ZeldinThe French
1978978-0-00-216807-6Jack FingletonImmortal Victor Trumper
1980978-0-00-216810-6David HamiltonSisters
1981978-0-00-216811-3Bekon of CowesHundred Years Of Sail
1985978-0-00-216813-7W. H. MurrayWest Highlands of Scotland (Companion Guides)
1980978-0-00-216815-1Roy BonisteelIn Search of Man Alive
  ''978-0-00-216816-8John Wilson MurrayFurther Adventures of the Great Detective. Repr of Part of 1904 Ed
  ''978-0-00-216817-5John FraserThe Chinese: Portrait of a people
  ''978-0-00-216818-2Roger AbbottAir Farce Book
1980978-0-00-216820-5Joe Fisher · Peter ComminsPredictions
978-0-00-216821-2Men in the Shadows - The RCMP Security Service
1981978-0-00-216827-4Roderick Haig-BrownFisherman's Spring
978-0-00-216828-1FISHERMAN'S SUMMER
1980978-0-00-216830-4Gibbon. David.British Isles: A Symphony in Color
1981978-0-00-216832-8Dave · Fischler, Stan SchultzThe Hammer: Confessions of a Hockey Player
978-0-00-216833-5The New Canadian Tax &Amp; Investment Guide
1982978-0-00-216835-9Roderick Haig BrownFISHERMAN'S FALL.
978-0-00-216836-6Return to the River: A Story of the Chinook Run
1982978-0-00-216837-3Bannerman GaryCruise Ships, The Inside Story
  ''978-0-00-216838-0P. CowanThe Beatles: For the Record
1981978-0-00-216839-7Don CoolicanStory of the Royal Family: Text
1977978-0-00-216840-3W. BarclayJesus of Nazareth
1979978-0-00-216841-0Norman CarrValley of the Elephants
1981978-0-00-216848-9John FraserThe chinese portrait of a people
  ''978-0-00-216849-6Kathryn SpinkInvitation to a Royal Wedding
  ''978-0-00-216851-9Kathryn SpinkFor the brotherhood of man under the fatherhood of God: Mother Teresa of Calcutta, her missionaries of charity and her co-workers
978-0-00-216854-0In Search of Man Alive
1983978-0-00-216855-7Peggy · Roberts, Joy · HolmesIt Could Have Been Worse
1982978-0-00-216856-4Ken Macpherson · John BurgessShips of Canada's Naval Forces, 1910-81
1981978-0-00-216858-8Noel · Gambier, Royston Currer-BriggsDebrett's Family Historian: A Guide to Tracing Your Ancestry
978-0-00-216859-5Malcolm Muggeridge. A Life.
1981978-0-00-216863-2Elizabeth WalterA Wedding Bouquet
978-0-00-216864-9The Curling Companion
1982978-0-00-216865-6Grace DeutschCanada: A symphony in color
  ''978-0-00-216866-3G. E. MortimoreBRITISH COLUMBIA: A SYMPHONY IN COLOR.
1981978-0-00-216872-4John PalingSnowy and Company: Insights Into Pet Behaviour
1979978-0-00-216875-5Eric WilliamsWooden Horse
1981978-0-00-216878-6Jean-Jacques Servan-SchreiberWorld Challenge: Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries and the New Global Order
1981978-0-00-216882-3Des Hickey · Gus SmithSeven Days to Disaster: Sinking of the Lusitania
1979978-0-00-216884-7Maureen BisilliatXingu: Tribal Territory
1984978-0-00-216887-8Eric NewbyOn the Shores of the Mediterranean
1983978-0-00-216889-2Giles St.AubynYear of Three Kings: 1483
1982978-0-00-216895-3John WindsorNight drop at Ede
  ''978-0-00-216896-0Rosalind AsheLiterary Houses - Ten Famous Houses In Fiction
1979978-0-00-216906-6A. W. B PowellNew Zealand Mollusca: Marine, land and freshwater shells
1976978-0-00-216908-0G. L PearceThe Scots of New Zealand
1978978-0-00-216911-0Peter BellwoodMan's conquest of the Pacific: The prehistory of Southeast Asia and Oceania
1971978-0-00-216912-7Rei HamonArtist of the New Zealand bush: His life and drawings
1978978-0-00-216928-8R. A Falla · R.B. Simpson · E.G. TurbottThe new guide to the birds of New Zealand and outlying islands
  ''978-0-00-216932-5Audrey Lily EagleEagle's 100 Shrubs & Climbers of New zealand.
  ''978-0-00-216933-2   ''Eagle's 100 trees of New Zealand: Companion volume to Eagle's 100 shrubs & climbers of New Zealand: botanical paintings & notes
  ''978-0-00-216934-9Town Cryer
1978978-0-00-216935-6Gordon DrydenOut of the Red
1980978-0-00-216942-4J.C. Reid · Peter CapeBook of New Zealand
1979978-0-00-216945-5Parsons (John).A Taupo Season. A Bedside Book for Trout Fishermen
  ''978-0-00-216952-3Bill Belcher · Aileen BelcherShipwreck on Middleton Reef: The Story of a Tasman Survivor
1980978-0-00-216957-8Peter CapePlease touch: A survey of the three-dimensional arts in New Zealand
  ''978-0-00-216958-5Shirley MaddockThese Antipodes: New Zealand Album
1981978-0-00-216964-6Clifford W. HawkinsArgosy of Sail: A Photographic History
  ''978-0-00-216968-4Constance Jackson · Judith PlowmanThe Woolcraft Book
1980978-0-00-216975-2Byrne (Jack).Salmon country
1985978-0-00-216977-6Jane WordsworthWomen of the North
1980978-0-00-216981-3Shirley Frances Whitley MaddockA Christmas garland
1982978-0-00-216982-0Toss WoollastonSage Tea
1983978-0-00-216984-4Elaine PowerSmall Birds of the New Zealand Bush
  ''978-0-00-216987-5Tony AylingCollins Guide to the Sea Fishes of New Zealand
1982978-0-00-216989-9Gordon H BrownAn introduction to New Zealand painting 1839-1980
1983978-0-00-217001-7Michael StraightAfter Long Silence
1983978-0-00-217002-4Helen RodriguezHelen of Burma
1984978-0-00-217003-1A. J. AyerMore of My Life
2000978-0-00-217005-5Wilfred ThesigerArabian Sands
1983978-0-00-217006-2Ken FollettOn Wings of Eagles
  ''978-0-00-217007-9David McNeeMcNee's Law
1984978-0-00-217008-6Penelope FitzgeraldCharlotte Mew and Her Friends
1982978-0-00-217010-9David NormanA Totem guide, dinosaurs & other prehistoric animals
1982978-0-00-217024-6Walter StewartTowers of gold, feet of clay: The Canadian banks
  ''978-0-00-217025-3Peter FosterSorcerer's Apprentices: Canada's Super Bureaucrats and the Energy Mess
1983978-0-00-217028-4BrianAlaska And The Yukon
978-0-00-217030-7Zimmer's 1983 Canadian tax & investment guide
1983978-0-00-217031-4Ted FergusonAlberta, A Symphony In Colour
1984978-0-00-217032-1Atlantic Canada
1983978-0-00-217042-0Patrick EagarSummer of Speed: Fight for the Ashes, 1982-83
1986978-0-00-217043-7David Gower · Derek HodgsonA Right Ambition
1983978-0-00-217056-7Carlo D'EsteDecision in Normandy: Unwritten Story of Montgomery and the Allied Campaign
  ''978-0-00-217057-4Francis LawMan at Arms
1985978-0-00-217059-8Ann FlemingThe Letters of Ann Fleming
  ''978-0-00-217060-4Ludovic KennedyThe Airman and the Carpenter
1983978-0-00-217061-1Lord HomeLetters to a Grandson
1983978-0-00-217062-8Robert A. CaroThe Years of Lyndon Johnson: Path to Power v. 1
1985978-0-00-217063-5Edwin Landseer LutyensThe Letters of Edwin Lutyens to his Wife, Lady Emily
1982978-0-00-217066-6Dillian Gordon100 Great Paintings: Duccio to Picasso
2000978-0-00-217068-0Wilfred ThesigerThe Marsh Arabs
1983978-0-00-217072-7W. L. WebbBedside Guardian: No. 32
  ''978-0-00-217074-1Michael EdwardesBack from the Brink
1988978-0-00-217076-5Jehanne WakePrincess Louise: Queen Victoria's Unconventional Daughter
1989978-0-00-217078-9Marcel ProustSelected Letters: v. 2
1982978-0-00-217084-0Arthur BryantSpirit of England
  ''978-0-00-217086-4Ekpo Eyo · Frank WillettTreasures of Ancient Nigeria
1984978-0-00-217090-1John A. GowlettAscent to Civilization: Archaeology of Early Humans
  ''978-0-00-217094-9Flora Solomon · Barnet LitvinoffBaku to Baker Street
1983978-0-00-217098-7Edwardes. Michael.Back from the Brink Exp
  ''978-0-00-217102-1Roy BonisteelMan Alive: Human Journey
1987978-0-00-217104-5Bruce IrwinThe Winner's Edge: How to Win at Casino Gambling
1984978-0-00-217105-2Richard S. MaloneA Portrait of War, 1939-43
1983978-0-00-217106-9Tom Hepburn and Selwyn JacobsonCanada's Most Difficult Golf Holes
978-0-00-217107-6Princess Leader of Fashion
978-0-00-217109-0Towers of Gold, Feet of Clay: The Canadian Banks
1983978-0-00-217110-6UnknownNaughty Nineties ~ B Bk
1993978-0-00-217112-0Peter FosterThe Sorcerer's Apprentices: Canada's Super-Bureaucrats and the Energy Mess
1984978-0-00-217118-2Gary R. Low · William MansellNorth American Marsh Birds
978-0-00-217120-5Reshaping your investment strategies for the 1980s
1983978-0-00-217122-9Peter FosterOther people's money: The banks, the government, and Dome
1983978-0-00-217124-3Hall. TrevorTHE STORY OF PRINCE ANDREW
978-0-00-217125-0One Man's Medicine
1989978-0-00-217126-7Tony WaitersCoaching to Win
978-0-00-217127-4Money Manager for Canadians
1984978-0-00-217130-4Joe FisherTHE CASE FOR REINCARNATION
1987978-0-00-217136-6Rebecca JohnCaspar John
1985978-0-00-217138-0John BosloughBeyond the Black Hole: Stephen Hawking's Universe
1983978-0-00-217141-0Yao Ming-LeConspiracy and Murder of Mao's Heir, The
1995978-0-00-217142-7Penelope HobhouseColour In Your Garden: A Practical Sourcebook
1983978-0-00-217146-5Christopher BrownDutch Paintings (The National Gallery schools of painting)
  ''978-0-00-217147-2Nicholas GageEleni
  ''978-0-00-217150-2Michael WilsonFrench Paintings After 1800 (The National Gallery schools of painting)
1986978-0-00-217161-8Angela FoxSlightly Foxed
1983978-0-00-217164-9Ali Ross · Harold EvansHow We Learned to Ski
  ''978-0-00-217169-4Fred WildeThe Music in the Streets
1985978-0-00-217170-0Woodrow WyattConfessions of an Optimist
1986978-0-00-217171-7Sue Masham · Shirley Du BoulaySue Masham - The World Walks By
  ''978-0-00-217172-4Jack JonesUnion Man: Autobiography
1984978-0-00-217175-5Peter Alliss · Michael HobbsThe Open: The British Championship Since the War
1983978-0-00-217176-2Anthony. HoldenGreat Royal Front Pages
1987978-0-00-217178-6Ernest GellnerPlough, Sword and Book
1984978-0-00-217180-9Fred WildeWhen I Was Down Beside the Sea
1984978-0-00-217181-6Arthur BryantSet in a Silver Sea: Set in a Silver Sea v. 1 (A History of Britain & the British People)