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ISBN 978-0-00-612142-8 to 978-0-00-613584-5 < ISBN 978-0-00-613587-6 to 978-0-00-615164-7 > ISBN 978-0-00-615165-4 to 978-0-00-616266-7

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1973978-0-00-613587-6Duncan KyleFlight into Fear
  ''978-0-00-613588-3Bryan ForbesThe Distant Laughter
  ''978-0-00-613593-7Joan FlemingGrim Death and the Barrow Boys
  ''978-0-00-613595-1Agatha ChristieClocks, The
1981978-0-00-613598-2Simone de BeauvoirThe Woman Destroyed (Fontana modern novels)
1974978-0-00-613627-9Alan ClarkAces High: War in the Air Over the Western Front, 1914-18
  ''978-0-00-613650-7Geoffrey JenkinsWatering Place of Good Peace
1974978-0-00-613653-8Jon ClearyMan's Estate
  ''978-0-00-613654-5Winifred HoltbySouth Riding
  ''978-0-00-613657-6Catherine AirdHis Burial Too
  ''978-0-00-613661-3Rex StoutDeath of a dude
1975978-0-00-613664-4Brian CallisonWeb of Salvage
1974978-0-00-613665-1Agatha ChristieThe murder of Roger Ackroyd
1975978-0-00-613666-8Patrick O'BrianPost Captain
1974978-0-00-613667-5Antony TrewTwo Hours to Darkness
  ''978-0-00-613668-2Rex StoutPlease Pass the Guilt
1977978-0-00-613686-6Abram Tertz · Andrey SinyavskyMakepeace Experiment (Lyubimov)
1976978-0-00-613694-1Agatha ChristieThe Clocks
1980978-0-00-613696-5Robert AickmanThe Third Fontana Book of Great Ghost Stories: 3rd
1976978-0-00-613697-2E.G. PerraultThe Twelfth Mile
1974978-0-00-613706-1Desmond BagleyTightrope Men
1974978-0-00-613711-5Ranger LeeWolf of the Cactus
  ''978-0-00-613712-2Agatha ChristieMurder on the Orient Express
  ''978-0-00-613716-0Ainslie MearesWhy be Old?: How to Avoid the Psychological Reactions of Ageing
1975978-0-00-613718-4R.Chetwynd- HayesNight Ghouls
1974978-0-00-613728-3William Whigham FletcherModern Man Looks at Evolution
  ''978-0-00-613741-2Winston S ChurchillMy early life: A roving commission
1975978-0-00-613765-8Vincent CroninParis (Companion Guides)
  ''978-0-00-613783-2Agatha ChristieDumb witness
1975978-0-00-613795-5Alistair MacleanBreakheart Pass
1974978-0-00-613798-6Agatha. ChristieCROOKED HOUSE.
1976978-0-00-613827-3Ainslie MearesLet's Be Human: New Reactions For Old
1975978-0-00-613835-8Alistair MacLeanThe Way to Dusty Death
1994978-0-00-613840-2Ngaio MarshBlack As He’s Painted
1975978-0-00-613843-3Peter NicholsItalia, Italia
  ''978-0-00-613845-7Hibbert ChristopherThe Battle of Arnhem
  ''978-0-00-613870-9Bernard FergussonBeyond the Chindwin: being an account of the adventures of Number Five column of the Wingate Expedition into Burma, 1943
  ''978-0-00-613883-9Duncan KyleA Raft of Swords
  ''978-0-00-613886-0TURNING WHEELS
1975978-0-00-613889-1Rex StoutDeath of a Doxy
  ''978-0-00-613891-4Simone de BeauvoirShe Came to Stay (Fontana modern novels)
  ''978-0-00-613895-2Hammond InnesThe land God gave to Cain
  ''978-0-00-613903-4Lothar-Gunther BuchheimU-boat
1976978-0-00-613904-1Hammond InnesNorth Star
1962978-0-00-613908-9Ngaio MarshDeath in Ecstasy
1975978-0-00-613909-6Adam HallThe Tango Briefing
  ''978-0-00-613913-3Hans Hellmut KirstTime for Scandal
1975978-0-00-613930-0Agatha ChristieElephants Can Remember
  ''978-0-00-613947-8Francis RyckLoaded Gun
  ''978-0-00-613957-7Angus CampbellSCOTTISH TALES OF TERROR
1995978-0-00-613958-4LONDON TALES OF TERROR: Harry; August Heat; Various Temptations; Confession; Gone is Gone; Time-Fuse; A Little Place off the Edgware Road; A Pleasure Shared; The Old Man; Spooner; Trial for Murder; Someone in the Lift; Mrs. Manifold
1975978-0-00-613964-5Ross MacdonaldSleeping Beauty
1988978-0-00-613965-2Jon ClearyClimate of Courage
1975978-0-00-613966-9The Green Stick &The Infernal Grove: Chronicles of Wasted Time Volume 1 & 2
  ''978-0-00-613986-7Antony TrewKleber's Convoy
  ''978-0-00-613992-8   ''The White Schooner: Revenge in Ibiza
1975978-0-00-613995-9Agatha ChristieThe Murder at the Vicarage
  ''978-0-00-614012-2Howard NorthExpressway
1978978-0-00-614023-8Agatha ChristieTaken at the Flood
1975978-0-00-614035-1Geoffrey JenkinsCleft of Stars
1976978-0-00-614038-2Maureen PetersThe Gallows Herd
1978978-0-00-614043-6JAMES JONESTHE Merry Month of May
1993978-0-00-614045-0Agatha ChristieAppointment with Death
1975978-0-00-614069-6Kenneth BentonSole Agent
1978978-0-00-614072-6Stuart CloeteThe curve and the tusk
1975978-0-00-614074-0Agatha ChristieThey Do it with Mirrors
1980978-0-00-614076-4Agatha. ChristieThe Adventure of the Christmas Pudding
1975978-0-00-614082-5Winston GrahamRoss Poldark: A Novel of Cornwall, 1783-1787 (Poldark 1)
1982978-0-00-614083-2Winston GrahamDemelza: A Novel of Cornwall, 1788-1790 (Poldark 2)
1977978-0-00-614084-9   ''Jeremy Poldark (Third Poldark Novel)
  ''978-0-00-614085-6   ''Warleggan - The 4th Poldark Novel
1975978-0-00-614088-7Jon ClearyRansom
  ''978-0-00-614094-8Adam HallNinth Directive
  ''978-0-00-614113-6Taylor CaldwellCaptains and the Kings (Fontana)
1976978-0-00-614124-2Winston GrahamThe Black Moon - The 5th Poldark Novel
1976978-0-00-614132-7Alistair MacLeanBreakheart Pass
1975978-0-00-614164-8Adam HallThe Striker Portfolio (Quiller 3)
  ''978-0-00-614181-5Patrick O'BrianH.M.S.Surprise
1976978-0-00-614195-2Amos OzTouch the Water, Touch the Wind
1967978-0-00-614202-7Eric AmblerThe Dark Frontier
1978978-0-00-614207-2Eric AmblerDirty Story
1976978-0-00-614208-9Agatha ChristieWhy Didnt They Ask Evans
  ''978-0-00-614218-8Ngaio MarshDeath at the Dolphin.A Roderick Alleyn Mystery.
1958978-0-00-614221-8Agatha ChristieHickory Dickory Dock
1975978-0-00-614225-6Duncan KyleRaft of Swords
1976978-0-00-614245-4Winston GrahamNight without Stars
1989978-0-00-614250-8   ''Cordelia
1976978-0-00-614251-5Morris WestHarlequin
  ''978-0-00-614255-3Agatha ChristiePostern of Fate
1977978-0-00-614271-3Anthony PowellHearing Secret Harmonies (Dance to the Music of Time)
  ''978-0-00-614274-4Hans Hellmut KirstTime for Truth
1976978-0-00-614275-1Vincent Chukwuemeka IkeSunset at Dawn
1976978-0-00-614279-9Rona RandallWatchman's Stone
  ''978-0-00-614309-3Beryl BainbridgeSweet William
  ''978-0-00-614316-1Morris WestDaughter of Silence
  ''978-0-00-614319-2Desmond BagleyThe Snow Tiger
  ''978-0-00-614324-6Hammond InnesThe Stranger Land
1979978-0-00-614325-3Hammond InnesThe Blue Ice
1981978-0-00-614326-0   ''The White South
1979978-0-00-614328-4   ''WRECKERS MUST BREATHE.
1973978-0-00-614331-4Charles. MachardySEND DOWN A DOVE.
1976978-0-00-614332-1ALISTAIR MACLEANCircus
978-0-00-614333-8Adam HallThe Volcanoes of San Domingo
1983978-0-00-614337-6Brian CallisonThe Dawn Attack
1977978-0-00-614342-0Victoria HoltCurse of the Kings
1976978-0-00-614349-9Victoria HoltHouse of a Thousand Lanterns
  ''978-0-00-614384-0Scales of Justice
  ''978-0-00-614388-8Brown MeggsSaturday Games
1979978-0-00-614391-8Levkas Man
1976978-0-00-614400-7Antony TrewZhukov Briefing
  ''978-0-00-614409-0Gerald SeymourHarry's Game
1979978-0-00-614410-6Agatha ChristieHallowe'en Party
1976978-0-00-614412-0Nkem NwankwoMy Mercedes is Bigger Than Yours
  ''978-0-00-614414-4Helen MacInnesThe Snare of the Hunter
1976978-0-00-614422-9Brian CallisonTrapp's War
1992978-0-00-614427-4Helen MacInnesDecision at Delphi
1985978-0-00-614431-1Adam (Elleston Trevor) HallThe Striker Portfolio
1980978-0-00-614446-5Beryl BainbridgeThe Bottle Factory Outing
1977978-0-00-614460-1Morris WestDevil's Advocate
1978978-0-00-614461-8Michael MoorcockGloriana, or the Unfulfill'd Queen
1976978-0-00-614469-4Xavier HerbertLarger Than Life - Twenty Short Stories
  ''978-0-00-614470-0Xavier HerbertPOOR FELLOW MY COUNTRY
  ''978-0-00-614471-7FRANK HARDYThe Hard Way - The Story Behind Power Without Glory
1977978-0-00-614476-2Norman Thomas di Giovanni1900
  ''978-0-00-614482-3Stuart CloeteMore Nights of Jean Macaque
  ''978-0-00-614491-5Michael Kennedy JosephA Soldier's Tale
2005978-0-00-614494-6Alistair MacLeanThe Golden Gate
1977978-0-00-614495-3Brian CallisonShip is Dying
1977978-0-00-614501-1Frank HardyThe Four Legged Lottery
1978978-0-00-614508-0Thomas KeneallyChant of Jimmie Blacksmith N/E
  ''978-0-00-614518-9Buchi EmechetaThe Bride Price
1977978-0-00-614526-4Ngaio MarshClutch of constables
  ''978-0-00-614541-7Anthony PowellAt Lady Molly's: A novel (A Dance to the music of time)
  ''978-0-00-614542-4   ''Casanova's Chinese restaurant: A novel (A Dance to the music of time)
  ''978-0-00-614547-9   ''Books do furnish a room: A novel (A Dance to the music of time)
1977978-0-00-614584-4John EhrlichmanThe Company
1978978-0-00-614585-1Reginald HillVery Good Hater
1977978-0-00-614592-9Hammond InnesNorth Star
  ''978-0-00-614609-4Robert SilverbergTo Live Again (Fontana science fiction)
1978978-0-00-614611-7John BrunnerTelepathist (Fontana science fiction)
1979978-0-00-614612-4John BrunnerLong Result (Fontana science fiction)
1977978-0-00-614615-5Piers AnthonyRings of Ice
  ''978-0-00-614616-2Philip K. DickWe Can Build You
  ''978-0-00-614617-9Gardner Dozois · George Alec EffingerNightmare Blue (Fontana science fiction)
1975978-0-00-614620-9Victoria HoltThe Shivering Sands
2003978-0-00-614641-4Pocket Pal
1980978-0-00-614647-6Hammond InnesThe Land God Gave To Cain
1979978-0-00-614654-4Ross MacdonaldThe Wycherly woman
1977978-0-00-614657-5Agatha ChristieMurder is Easy
  ''978-0-00-614658-2Eric AmblerThe Schirmer inheritance
1977978-0-00-614667-4Gerald SeymourGlory Boys
1976978-0-00-614670-4Hammond InnesAIR BRIDGE.
1977978-0-00-614748-0Dudley PopeRamage and the Freebooters
  ''978-0-00-614749-7Dudley PopeRamage and the Drum Beat
1979978-0-00-614763-3Winston GrahamFortune is a Woman
1981978-0-00-614767-1Christine BernardThe Fontana Book of Great Horror Stories
1981978-0-00-614768-8Christine BernardThe Fourth Fontana Book of Great Horror Stories
1977978-0-00-614777-0James JonesA touch of danger
1996978-0-00-614778-7Dudley PopeRamage’s Diamond
1977978-0-00-614788-6Winston GrahamThe Four Swans: A Novel of Cornwall, 1795-1797 (Poldark 6)
1978978-0-00-614793-0Thomas KeneallyGossip from the Forest
1977978-0-00-614794-7Philip LoraineAsk the Rattlesnake
  ''978-0-00-614797-8Duncan KyleWhiteout
1978978-0-00-614803-6Maurice EdelmanDisraeli in love
1977978-0-00-614811-1Norman SpinradNo Direction Home
  ''978-0-00-614823-4Dudley PopeRamage and the Guillotine
  ''978-0-00-614828-9Adam HallMandarin Cypher
  ''978-0-00-614830-2Brian StablefordMind Riders (Fontana science fiction)
1986978-0-00-614843-2Brian CallisonA Flock of Ships
1977978-0-00-614867-8Victoria HoltBride of Pendorric
1977978-0-00-614869-2Taylor CaldwellCaptains and the Kings
  ''978-0-00-614889-0Alistair MacLeanCircus
  ''978-0-00-614901-9The Golden Gate
  ''978-0-00-614997-2Helen MacInnesAssignment in Brittany
  ''978-0-00-614999-6Victoria HoltLord of the Far Island
1977978-0-00-615016-9Taylor CaldwellThe eagles gather
  ''978-0-00-615034-3Agatha ChristieThey Came to Baghdad
  ''978-0-00-615057-2Gordon WilliamsThe Duellists
1982978-0-00-615062-6Mary DanbyThe Fifth Fontana Book of Great Horror Stories
1989978-0-00-615065-7Duncan KyleA Raft of Swords
1977978-0-00-615066-4Michael FraynThe tin men
  ''978-0-00-615068-8Ngaio MarshDead water
  ''978-0-00-615069-5Alistair MacLeanThe Golden Rendezvous
1978978-0-00-615070-1Victoria HoltThe Queen's Confession: A Fictional Autobiography of Marie Antoinette
1977978-0-00-615071-8Helen MacInnesAgent in Place
1996978-0-00-615085-5Winston GrahamThe Black Moon: A Novel of Cornwall 1794-1795 (Poldark 5)
1980978-0-00-615086-2   ''The Four Swans: A Novel of Cornwall, 1795-1797 (Poldark 6)
1977978-0-00-615089-3Alistair MacLeanSeawitch
1975978-0-00-615135-7   ''The Way to Dusty Death
1979978-0-00-615136-4Anthony PowellFrom a view to a death
1979978-0-00-615137-1Anthony PowellAfternoon men
1978978-0-00-615143-2Gene WolfeOperation Ares (Fontana science fiction)
  ''978-0-00-615146-3Edward BryantCinnabar (Fontana science fiction)
1979978-0-00-615156-2Madeleine BrentTregaron's Daughter
1978978-0-00-615164-7Fred UhlmanReunion