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ISBN 978-0-00-255646-0 to 978-0-00-257087-9 < ISBN 978-0-00-257089-3 to 978-0-00-271096-1 > ISBN 978-0-00-271097-8 to 978-0-00-272502-6

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2001978-0-00-257089-3Ruchir JoshiThe Last Jet-Engine Laugh
2000978-0-00-257091-6Lesley Adkins · Roy AdkinsThe Keys of Egypt: The Race to Read the Hieroglyphs
2002978-0-00-257092-3Christopher HibbertNapoleon: His Wives and Women
2000978-0-00-257093-0Lucinda LambtonOld New World
  ''978-0-00-257095-4Zachary Leader · Kingsley AmisThe Letters of Kingsley Amis
2007978-0-00-257096-1Robert CarverParadise With Serpents: Travels in the Lost World of Paraguay
2001978-0-00-257097-8Richard HolmesRedcoat: The British Soldier in the Age of Horse and Musket
2000978-0-00-257099-2Adeline Yen MahWatching the Tree: A Chinese Daughter Reflects on Happiness, Spiritual Beliefs and Universal Wisdom
2004978-0-00-257100-5Colin PlattMarks of Opulence: The Why, When and Where of Western Art 1000–1914
2002978-0-00-257101-2Peter StanfordHeaven: A Traveller’s Guide to the Undiscovered Country
1999978-0-00-257102-9Joanna Coles · Peter GodwinThe Three of U.S.: A New Life in New York
  ''978-0-00-257105-0Monty RobertsShy Boy: The Horse That Came In From the Wild
2000978-0-00-257107-4Monty RobertsJoin-Up: Horse Sense for People
2003978-0-00-257109-8Patrick FrenchTibet, Tibet: A Personal History of a Lost Land
2004978-0-00-257110-4Simon BallThe Guardsmen: Harold Macmillan, Three Friends and the World they Made
  ''978-0-00-257113-5Armand Marie LeroiMutants: On the Form, Varieties and Errors of the Human Body
2001978-0-00-257115-9Sebastian HopeOutcasts of the Islands: The Sea Gypsies of South East Asia
1999978-0-00-257118-0Matt GroeningHeebie Jeebie Hullabaloo (Bart Simpson’s Treehouse of Horror)
  ''978-0-00-257119-7Tim AppeloAlly McBeal: The Official Guide
2001978-0-00-257122-7Ben MacintyreA Foreign Field: A True Story of Love and Betrayal in the Great War
2001978-0-00-257123-4Peter J. ConradiIris Murdoch: A Life: The Authorized Biography
1999978-0-00-257125-8Glyn WilliamsThe Prize of All the Oceans
2000978-0-00-257127-2Colin ClarkMy Week With Marilyn
1999978-0-00-257128-9Sergio ZymanThe End of Marketing As We Know It
  ''978-0-00-257130-2Adam NicolsonRegeneration: The Story of the Dome
2000978-0-00-257131-9Keith FloydOut of the Frying Pan: An Autobigraphy
1999978-0-00-257133-3Andy MeislerResist or Serve: The Official Guide to the "X-files" (X Files) (Trade Paperback)
2004978-0-00-257134-0John BrewerSentimental Murder: Love and Madness in the Eighteenth Century
1989978-0-00-257135-7Peter BarhamForgotten Lunatics of the Great War
2000978-0-00-257136-4Clive Gilson · Mike Pratt · Kevin Roberts · Ed WeymesPeak Performance: Business Lessons From The World’s Top Sports Organizations
1999978-0-00-257137-1Rachel SilverThe Bill: The Inside Story
2005978-0-00-257138-8Karolyn ShindlerDiscovering Dorothea: The Life of the Pioneering Fossil-Hunter Dorothea Bate
2001978-0-00-257139-5Benjamin WoolleyThe Queen's Conjuror: the science and magic of Doctor Dee
2000978-0-00-257140-1Pat LallyLazarus Only Done It Once: The Story of My Lives
2002978-0-00-257142-5Isabel ColegateA Pelican in the Wilderness: Hermits, Solitaries and Recluses
2001978-0-00-257146-3Pamela PetroSitting Up With the Dead
2005978-0-00-257147-0Pamela PetroThe Slow Breath of Stone: A Romanesque Love Story
2000978-0-00-257148-7Magnus MagnussonScotland: The Story of a Nation
2002978-0-00-257149-4Brenda MaddoxRosalind Franklin: The Dark Lady of DNA
2003978-0-00-257150-0Jane DunnElizabeth and Mary: Cousins, Rivals, Queens
2002978-0-00-257151-7Wilfred ThesigerMy Life and Travels: An Anthology: A Selection
2001978-0-00-257152-4Alan MitchellRight Side Up: Building Brands in the Age of the Organized Consumer: Winning Strategies in the Information Age
1989978-0-00-257153-1Alan Mitchell · Gerhard Hausruckinger · Jurgen MaximowTrumped!: Designing Value Around People in a Networked Economy
2002978-0-00-257155-5Ronald AndersonEdward, Lord Carson
2000978-0-00-257156-2Estelle DanielThe Art of Gormenghast: The Making of a Television Fantasy
2001978-0-00-257157-9David BoyleThe Tyranny of Numbers: Why counting Can’t Make Us Happy
2000978-0-00-257158-6Mark AdkinThe Sharpe Companion: A detailed historical and military guide to Bernard Cornwell’s bestselling series of Sharpe novels
2001978-0-00-257159-3Nick DanzigerThe British: A Photographic Journey
2002978-0-00-257160-9Nick DanzigerThe British: A Photographic Journey
2001978-0-00-257162-3Betty ShineA Free Spirit
  ''978-0-00-257164-7Adam NicolsonSea Room: An Island Life
2003978-0-00-257169-2Patrick BishopFighter Boys: Saving Britain 1940
2000978-0-00-257171-5Mark H. McCormackWhat You’ll Never Learn on the Internet
  ''978-0-00-257172-2Timothy Butler · James WaldroopMaximum Success: Breaking the 12 Bad Business Habits Before They Break You
2002978-0-00-257174-6David ShenkThe Forgetting: Understanding Alzheimer’s: A Biography of a Disease
2007978-0-00-257177-7Eric LawlorThe Cape-to-Cairo
2006978-0-00-257178-4Pamela NorrisWords of Love: Passionate Women from Heloise to Sylvia Plath
2004978-0-00-257180-7Jonathan WrightThe Jesuits
2002978-0-00-257181-4Glyn WilliamsVoyages of Delusion: The Search for the North West Passage in the Age of Reason
2000978-0-00-257184-5Andrew PhamCatfish and Mandala
2003978-0-00-257185-2Stephen FoxThe Ocean Railway: Isambard Kingdom Brunel, Samuel Cunard and the Revolutionary World of the Great Atlantic Steamships
2000978-0-00-257186-9Bill JensenSimplicity: Transforming Your Work and Your Company in the New Economy
2002978-0-00-257188-3Brian ThompsonImperial Vanities: The Adventures of the Baker Brothers and Gordon of Khartoum: Three Victorians, Their Friends and Enemies
2000978-0-00-257189-0Brian ThompsonA Monkey Among Crocodiles: The Life, Loves and Lawsuits of Mrs Georgina Weldon – a disastrous Victorian
2002978-0-00-257190-6Edward DolnickDown the Great Unknown
2001978-0-00-257191-3Douglas BottingDr Eckener’s Dream Machine: The Historic Saga of the Round-the-World Zeppelin: The Extraordinary Story of the Zeppelin
2004978-0-00-257194-4Tim HiltonOne More Kilometre and We’re in the Showers
2001978-0-00-257195-1Christopher SandfordMcQueen: The Biography
2002978-0-00-257196-8John BaxterDe Niro: A Biography
2000978-0-00-257198-2Max LandsbergThe Tools of Leadership
  ''978-0-00-257199-9Robert JonesThe Big Idea
2000978-0-00-257200-2Rory MacleanNext Exit Magic Kingdom: Florida Accidentally
2003978-0-00-257203-3Fiammetta RoccoThe Miraculous Fever Tree: Malaria, Medicine and the Cure That Changed the World [Export Edition]
2000978-0-00-257204-0Jan FennellThe Dog Listener: Learning the Language of Your Best Friend
2002978-0-00-257205-7Jan FennellThe Practical Dog Listener: The 30-Day Path to a Lifelong Understanding of Your Dog
1999978-0-00-257210-1Roger CookDangerous Ground: The Inside Story of Britain’s Leading Investigative Journalist
2001978-0-00-257214-9John WalkerHalliwell’s Who’s Who in the Movies
  ''978-0-00-257216-3Alistair MoffatThe Sea Kingdoms: The History of Celtic Britain and Ireland
2000978-0-00-257217-0Christy CampbellThe Maharajah’s Box: An Imperial Intrigue
2002978-0-00-257219-4Sebastian O'KellyAmedeo: A True Story of Love and War In Abyssinia
2003978-0-00-257221-7Caroline AlexanderThe Bounty: The True Story of the Mutiny on the Bounty
2000978-0-00-257223-1Eric NewbyAround the World in Eighty Years
2004978-0-00-257224-8Alexander MaitlandWilfred Thesiger: A Life in Pictures
1993978-0-00-258201-8Danny RothThe Expert Improver (Collins Winning Bridge)
  ''978-0-00-258202-5Danny RothThe Expert Beginner (Collins Winning Bridge)
2009978-0-00-258378-7Elizabeth KeenanTEST_pclapp
1978978-0-00-259418-9Richard FitterThe Penitent Butchers: The Fauna Preservation Society 1903-1978
  ''978-0-00-261007-0Jean D'OrmessonAt God's Pleasure
1983978-0-00-261127-5Early Music History: Volume 3: Studies in Medieval and Early Modern Music
1975978-0-00-261156-5Elizabeth WalterDead Woman and Other Haunting Experiences
1978978-0-00-261222-7Vladimir MaximovFarewell from Nowhere
1973978-0-00-261279-1Robert SpeaightGeorges Bernanos
1968978-0-00-261303-3Mikhail Afanasevich BulgakovHeart of a Dog
1974978-0-00-261332-3Yasar KemalIron Earth, Copper Sky
1969978-0-00-261350-7Storm JamesonJourney from the North - Volume 1
1970978-0-00-261351-4Storm JamesonJourney from the North - Volume 2
1960978-0-00-261450-4Giuseppe Tomasi di LampedusaThe Leopard
1975978-0-00-261451-1Yasar KemalLegend of Ararat
1976978-0-00-261452-8   ''Legend of the Thousand Bulls
1985978-0-00-261454-2Vasily GrossmanLife and Fate
1979978-0-00-261458-0Emile AjarL'angoise du roi Salomon
  ''978-0-00-261518-1Yasar Kemal · Yashar KemalLords of Akchasaz: Murder in the Ironsmiths Market
1977978-0-00-261708-6Fred UhlmanReunion
1969978-0-00-261750-5Joy AdamsonSpotted Sphinx
1977978-0-00-261820-5Yasar KemalUndying Grass
1971978-0-00-261905-9Mikhail Afanasevich BulgakovWhite Guard
1975978-0-00-262001-7Iain Douglas-Hamilton · Oria Douglas-HamiltonAmong the Elephants
1975978-0-00-262002-4David FanshaweAfrican Sanctus: A Story of Music and Travel
1976978-0-00-262003-1Roger RiouTurtle Island Goodbye
  ''978-0-00-262006-2Mary BowringAnimals Come First
1979978-0-00-262045-1John JacksonA Bucket of Nuts and a Herring Net
1977978-0-00-262049-9Susanne HartBack in the Wild
2001978-0-00-262050-5Joy AdamsonBorn Free
1969978-0-00-262051-2Boris PasternakThe blind beauty: A play
1976978-0-00-262062-8Sheila CudahyBristlecone Pine and Other Poems
1972978-0-00-262101-4Joy AdamsonPippa's Challenge
  ''978-0-00-262102-1Ernest DudleyChance and the Fire Horses
1975978-0-00-262103-8Mikhail Afanasevich BulgakovCountry Doctor's Notebook
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1978978-0-00-262113-7Robert DougallCelebration of Birds
1979978-0-00-262119-9Joan Ward-HarrisCreature Comforts
1982978-0-00-262121-2Jan NowakCourier from Warsaw
1975978-0-00-262150-2Alexander Dolgun · Patrick WatsonAlexander Dolgun's Story: An American in the Gulag
1959978-0-00-262204-2Boris PasternakAn Essay in Autobiography
1977978-0-00-262208-0Lea MacNallyThe Ways of an Eagle
1975978-0-00-262233-2Des Bartlett · Jen BartlettFlight of the Snow Geese, The
  ''978-0-00-262234-9Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn · etc.From Under the Rubble
1970978-0-00-262252-3Robert SpeaightVanier
1974978-0-00-262253-0Alexander SolzhenitsynThe Gulag Archipelago 1918-1956: An Experiment in Literary Investigation, Part 1-2
1975978-0-00-262254-7Alexsander Isaevich SolzhenitsynThe Gulag Archipelago [2] 1918-1956 An Experiment in Literary Investigation III-IV
1982978-0-00-262256-1Robert Dougall · Herbert AxellBirdwatch Round Britain: A Personal selection of Britain's Bird Reserves
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1972978-0-00-262362-9Joy AdamsonJoy Adamson's Africa
1979978-0-00-262402-2Tufton Beamish · Guy HadleyKremlin's Dilemma: Struggle for Human Rights in Eastern Europe
1972978-0-00-262453-4Jack CoufferLions of Living Free, The
1974978-0-00-262457-2Aleksandr SolzhenitsynLetter to Soviet leaders
1971978-0-00-262501-2Nadezhda Mandelstam · Max HaywardHope Against Hope: A Memoir
1973978-0-00-262502-9Prunella StackMovement is Life - An Autobigraphy
1974978-0-00-262503-6Nadezhda MandelstamHope Abandoned A Memoir
1976978-0-00-262504-3Celeste AlbaretMonsieur Proust
1974978-0-00-262505-0Miles SmeetonMoose Magic
1977978-0-00-262507-4Alexander GladkovMeeting With Pasternak :
1982978-0-00-262509-8Leni RiefenstahlLeni Riefenstahl's Africa
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1980978-0-00-262603-3Aleksandr SolzhenitsynThe Oak and the Calf
1976978-0-00-262609-5Philip WayreRiver People
1977978-0-00-262610-1Michael AlexanderOmai: Noble Savage
1981978-0-00-262611-8Chris McBrideOperation White Lion
1967978-0-00-262633-0Joy AdamsonPeoples of Kenya
1973978-0-00-262637-8Lesley GordonPoorman's Nosegay: Flowers from a Cottage Garden
1980978-0-00-262640-8Joy AdamsonQueen of Shaba
1977978-0-00-262648-4Aleksandr SolzhenitsynPrussian Nights
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1974978-0-00-262755-9Andrei D. SakharovSakharov Speaks
1980978-0-00-262760-3Stephen SpawlsSun, Sand and Snakes
1980978-0-00-262761-0Mark PopovskyScience in Chains
  ''978-0-00-262763-4Robert AtkinsonShillay and the Seals
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1973978-0-00-262801-3Daphne SheldrickTsavo Story
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  ''978-0-00-262810-5Michael KleinAnimals My Teachers
1983978-0-00-262811-2Dina KaminskayaFinal Judgement: My Life as a Soviet Defence Lawyer
1980978-0-00-262826-6Elisabeth De StroumilloTastes of Travel: Northern & Central Spain: Northern and Central Spain
1981978-0-00-262829-7   ''Taste of Travel: Southern Spain
1978978-0-00-262847-1Olga IvinskayaA Captive of Time: My Years with Pasternak. The Memoirs of Olga Ivinskaya.
1976978-0-00-262884-6Abram TertsVoice from the Chorus
1981978-0-00-262970-6Dorothy Hammond InnesWhat Lands are These?
1980978-0-00-262998-0Michel PeisselZanskar: The Hidden Kingdom
1999978-0-00-264938-4H NicolaiClassical and Quantum Gravity (Volume 16)
1969978-0-00-271002-2John Massey StewartAcross the Russias
1988978-0-00-271012-1"Vercors"Anne Boleyn: An Idealised Biography
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1989978-0-00-271016-9Gesualdo BufalinoBlind Argus
  ''978-0-00-271018-3Gerald SeymourHome Run
1990978-0-00-271019-0Michael O'NeillThe Stripped Bed
1992978-0-00-271021-3William WatsonThe Last Of The Templars
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1993978-0-00-271028-2Leo PerutzThe Swedish Cavalier
1989978-0-00-271030-5Yasar Kemal · Yashar KemalThe Undying Grass
  ''978-0-00-271031-2Nicholas ShakespeareThe Vision of Elena Silves
1990978-0-00-271037-4Eduardo MendozaCity of Marvels
1990978-0-00-271038-1Georges PerecThings: A Story of the Sixties
1989978-0-00-271041-1Anna Andreevna AkhmatovaSelected Poems
  ''978-0-00-271042-8Peter MatthiessenOn the River Styx
  ''978-0-00-271043-5Raymond CarverA New Path to the Waterfall
1992978-0-00-271048-0Gesualdo BufalinoBlind Argus
1988978-0-00-271053-4Torgny LindgrenBathsheba
1989978-0-00-271054-1Leo PerutzBy Night under the Stone Bridge
1988978-0-00-271055-8Joy WilliamsBreaking and Entering
  ''978-0-00-271057-2Paul MonetteBorrowed Time
1990978-0-00-271062-6Raymond CarverA New Path to the Waterfall
978-0-00-271063-3Merab's Beauty
1991978-0-00-271084-8Leonid BorodinThe Third Truth
  ''978-0-00-271087-9Lars GustafssonThe Death of a Beekeeper
1991978-0-00-271092-3Yury DombrovskyThe Keeper of Antiquities
1990978-0-00-271093-0Joy WilliamsEscapes
  ''978-0-00-271095-4Leo PerutzThe Marquis of Bolibar
1991978-0-00-271096-1   ''By Night Under the Stone Bridge