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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1998978-0-00-472223-8George Way · Romilly SquireScottish Clan Encyclopedia (Scottish Interest)
1999978-0-00-472226-9Not KnownCollins Portuguese Language Pack (Tape) (Collins Language Pack)
2000978-0-00-472227-6Harper Collins PublishersCollins Greek Language Pack (Tape) (Collins Language Pack)
1999978-0-00-472245-0Robert M. YoungsonMedicine (Collins Dictionary of)
  ''978-0-00-472254-2David L. RockwellHow to Fly and Fight in the F-14 Tomcat (Jane’s At the Controls)
  ''978-0-00-472257-3unkownConcise English Dictionary
  ''978-0-00-472259-7Julia CresswellScottish First Names (Scottish Collection)
  ''978-0-00-472260-3David OliverJane's Supermarine Spitfire (Jane's at the Controls)
1999978-0-00-472261-0Ronald AtkinsBeer (Collins Gem)
  ''978-0-00-472263-4Carol P. ShawWhisky (Collins GEM) :
1996978-0-00-472264-1Richard AboulafiaCivil Aircraft Collins (Jane's)
1999978-0-00-472265-8Robert BainClans and Tartans (Collins Gem)
  ''978-0-00-472267-2Martin WaltersCollins Gem – Wild Flowers
  ''978-0-00-472270-2Patrick HardingCollins Gem – Mushrooms and Toadstools
  ''978-0-00-472272-6Storm DunlopCollins Gem – Weather
1999978-0-00-472273-3Mark CarwardineWhales and Dolphins (Collins Gem)
  ''978-0-00-472274-0Chris MattisonSnakes (Collins Gem)
  ''978-0-00-472275-7Paul HillyardSpiders (Collins Gem)
  ''978-0-00-472276-4Wendy BoorerDogs (Collins Gem)
  ''978-0-00-472277-1Deborah GillCats (Collins Gem)
1999978-0-00-472279-5Bob Munro · Christopher ChantCombat Aircraft (Collins Gem)
  ''978-0-00-472280-1Geoffrey L. EthellAircraft of World War II (Collins Gem)
  ''978-0-00-472281-8Christopher F. FossCollins Gem – Modern Tanks
  ''978-0-00-472282-5Terry J. GanderTanks of World War II (Collins Gem)
  ''978-0-00-472283-2Bernard IrelandWarships of World War II (Collins Gem)
2000978-0-00-472284-9Tim NewarkWar in Britain
1999978-0-00-472286-3Anna SelbyCollins Gem – Antique Marks
1999978-0-00-472287-0Brian GlanceyQuotations (Collins Gem) (Collins Dictionary of)
  ''978-0-00-472288-7Printers DevilCollins Gem – Home Emergency Guide
  ''978-0-00-472290-0Deborah GillCollins Gem – Religions of the World
  ''978-0-00-472291-7Julia CresswellCollins Gem – Babies’ Names
  ''978-0-00-472292-4Diagram GroupCollins Gem – Ready Reference
1999978-0-00-472293-1Elaine HendersonCollins Gem – World Records
  ''978-0-00-472294-8Harper Collins PublishersCollins Gem – World Atlas
  ''978-0-00-472295-5Neil GrantCollins Gem – Kings and Queens
  ''978-0-00-472296-2Bridget GilesCollins Gem – Chinese Astrology
  ''978-0-00-472297-9Rowena StuartCollins Gem – Tarot
1999978-0-00-472300-6VariousCollins Gem – Calorie Counter
  ''978-0-00-472301-3Barry DaviesSAS Self-Defence (Collins Gem)
  ''978-0-00-472302-0John 'Lofty' WisemanSAS Survival Guide (Collins Gem)
  ''978-0-00-472305-1Book CreationKeeping Fit (Collins Gem)
  ''978-0-00-472306-8Mary ClarkDieting (Collins Gem)
1999978-0-00-472307-5Diagram GroupCollins Gem – Body Language
  ''978-0-00-472308-2   ''Predicting (Collins Gem)
  ''978-0-00-472309-9Flame TreeCollins Gem – 1950s
  ''978-0-00-472310-5Flame TreeCollins Gem – 1960s
  ''978-0-00-472311-2   ''Collins Gem – 1970s
1999978-0-00-472312-9Flame TreeCollins Gem – 1980s
  ''978-0-00-472314-3Elaine HendersonFirsts (Collins Gem)
  ''978-0-00-472316-7Richard CrazeCollins Gem – Feng Shui
  ''978-0-00-472317-4Diagram GroupCard Games (Collins Gem)
  ''978-0-00-472319-8Robert M. YoungsonCollins Gem – First Aid
1999978-0-00-472320-4Patricia. A. Ralston · Caroline SmartYoga (Collins Gem)
  ''978-0-00-472325-9Harry CampbellSupernatural Scotland (Scottish Collection)
  ''978-0-00-472327-3Arthur WardAirfix: Celebrating 50 years of the greatest modelling kits ever made (Collins GEM)
  ''978-0-00-472330-3Richard PickvanceCollins Gem – Using Your Software
  ''978-0-00-472331-0Harper Collins PublishersCollins Gem – Classic Books
1999978-0-00-472332-7Harper Collins PublishersClassic TV Series (Collins Gem)
  ''978-0-00-472333-4Richard PickvanceCollins Gem – Your PC
  ''978-0-00-472334-1Alex GrayCollins Gem – Internet
2000978-0-00-472337-2Michael ChineryButterflies (Collins Gem)
  ''978-0-00-472338-9David C. Isby · Richard Brooks · Jan Honig · Richard H. Berg · Mark HermanThe Times History of War
1999978-0-00-472340-2Jeff FletcherCollins Gem – Cricket
  ''978-0-00-472343-3Harper Collins PublishersCollins Gem – Golf
2000978-0-00-472344-0   ''Antique Furniture (Collins Gem)
1999978-0-00-472347-1Julia CresswellIrish First Names (Collins Gem)
1999978-0-00-472348-8Collins Compact Thesaurus- The Ultimate Wordfinder
  ''978-0-00-472356-3Collins Pocket German Dictionary
  ''978-0-00-472357-0Harper Collins PublishersCollins Gem German Dictionary
  ''978-0-00-472358-7unknownCollins Dictionary and Grammar – Collins German Dictionary Plus Grammar
  ''978-0-00-472360-0Brian SamwaysCollins Gem – Computing Basic Facts
1999978-0-00-472366-2James LaddBy Sea, By Land: The Authorised History of the Royal Marines
  ''978-0-00-472367-9Not KnownCollins English Mini Dictionary
2000978-0-00-472368-6Collins Dictionary and Grammar – Collins French Dictionary Plus Grammar
1999978-0-00-472369-3Harper Collins PublishersCollins Gem – Signs and Symbols
2000978-0-00-472370-9   ''Collins Gem – Mythology
  ''978-0-00-472371-6Graham KingSuper Speller (Collins Word Power)
1999978-0-00-472372-3Oscar WildeComplete Works of Oscar Wilde: Centenary Edition
2000978-0-00-472373-0Graham KingPunctuation (Collins Word Power)
2000978-0-00-472374-7Graham KingCollins Word Power – Good Grammar
  ''978-0-00-472375-4Elaine HendersonCheeses (Collins Gem)
  ''978-0-00-472378-5Graham KingWord Check (Collins Word Power)
1999978-0-00-472379-2Collins English Mini Thesaurus
2000978-0-00-472381-5Graham KingGood Writing (Collins Word Power)
1999978-0-00-472384-6Trafalgar Square · Collins UKCollins Quotation Finder (Dictionary)
  ''978-0-00-472385-3Harper Collins PublishersCollins Gem – Bible Guide
2000978-0-00-472386-0Collins Pocket English Dictionary
  ''978-0-00-472387-7Collins Pocket English Dictionary
2000978-0-00-472388-4Graham KingForeign Phrases (Collins Word Power)
  ''978-0-00-472390-7Vladimir AshkenazyCollins Encyclopedia of Classical Music
  ''978-0-00-472395-2Oscar WildeThe Oscar Wilde Anthology
1999978-0-00-472399-0Peter IrvineScotland The Best!
2001978-0-00-472402-7Lady Margaret ThatcherCollins Easy Learning German Dictionary (Collins Easy Learning German) (Easy Learning Dictionary)
  ''978-0-00-472403-4Horst KopleckCollins Easy Learning French Dictionary (Collins Easy Learning French) (Easy Learning Dictionary)
  ''978-0-00-472405-8Collins Pocket Portuguese Dictionary
2000978-0-00-472409-6Harper Collins PublishersCollins Gem Portuguese Dictionary
2001978-0-00-472411-9   ''Italian Dictionary (Collins Gem)
2001978-0-00-472414-0Harpercollins PublishersCollins Gem Spanish Dictionary
  ''978-0-00-472417-1No AuthorCollins Easy Learning Spanish Dictionary (Collins Easy Learning Spanish) (Easy Learning Dictionary)
  ''978-0-00-472419-5H E Hallam · John WhitlamCollins Portuguese Dictionary
2000978-0-00-472431-7Michael ParkinsonCollins Robert French Comprehensive Dictionary: English - French, Volume 2
2001978-0-00-472437-9Veronika Harpercollins · Calderwood-SchnorrCollins Pocket German Dictionary
  ''978-0-00-472438-6Collins Pocket French Dictionary in Colour
2000978-0-00-472443-0Trevor DayCollins Pocket Reference – Magic Tricks
  ''978-0-00-472444-7Trevor Day · Diagram GroupCollins Pocket Reference – Card Tricks
2000978-0-00-472445-4Trevor DayCollins Pocket Reference – Patience Card Games
  ''978-0-00-472452-2Christopher F. FossJane's Tank & Combat Vehicle Recognition Guide
  ''978-0-00-472453-9Ian HoggGuns Recognition Guide: Every firearm in use today (Jane’s) (Jane's Recognition Guides)
  ''978-0-00-472454-6Peter Liddle · John Bourne · Ian WhiteheadThe Great World War 1914–1945: Lightning Strikes Twice Vol 1
  ''978-0-00-472461-4David Oliver · Mike RyanX-Planes: Secret Aircraft and Secret Missions
2000978-0-00-472465-2Peter IrvineGlasgow The Best!: The One True Guide
  ''978-0-00-472467-6Jit GillPregnancy (Collins Gem)
  ''978-0-00-472468-3Collins GemChildcare (Collins Gem)
  ''978-0-00-472469-0Harper Collins PublishersMassage (Collins Gem)
2001978-0-00-472473-7Christopher Pass · Bryan Lowes · Leslie DaviesEconomics (Collins Dictionary of)
2000978-0-00-472474-4Ian RidpathCollins Gem – Stars
  ''978-0-00-472475-1Brian LabanCollins Gem – Fast Cars
2000978-0-00-472476-8Harper Collins PublishersCollins Gem – Fashion
  ''978-0-00-472477-5W. A GrayCollins Gem – Creating Web Pages
  ''978-0-00-472479-9David LambertCollins Gem – Dinosaurs (Fun & Games Sticker Books)
  ''978-0-00-472480-5Harper Collins PublishersPalmistry (Collins Gem)
  ''978-0-00-472482-9Brian LabanCollins Gem – Fast Bikes
2000978-0-00-472483-6Barry DaviesSAS Fitness (Collins Gem)
  ''978-0-00-472484-3Collins Gem – Computer Jargon
1999978-0-00-472485-0DimeryClassic Albums (Collins Gem)
  ''978-0-00-472486-7Robert DimeryCollins Gem – Classic Singles
  ''978-0-00-472487-4Bob McCabeCollins Gem – Film Stars
2000978-0-00-472493-5George WayEveryday Scots Law
2002978-0-00-472496-6HarperCollins Publishers · Collins UKThe Munro Guide
2000978-0-00-472497-3Carol P. ShawScotch and Irish Whisky (Collins guide)
  ''978-0-00-472499-7VariousCollins Fact File: Scotland
2000978-0-00-472500-0Royal Scottish Country Dance SocietyScottish Country Dancing (Collins)
  ''978-0-00-472501-7George Way · Romilly SquireClans and Tartans (Collins Pocket Reference)
  ''978-0-00-472503-1Not KnownCollins English Dictionary and Thesaurus
  ''978-0-00-472511-6David Jary · Julia JaryCollins Dictionary of – Sociology
  ''978-0-00-472514-7Tony JeapesSAS Secret War: Operation Storm: SAS in Oman
2000978-0-00-472516-1Collins Gem – Zodiac Types
  ''978-0-00-472518-5Albina Ozieva · Olga StottCollins Russian Dictionary
  ''978-0-00-472519-2Mark W. WoodruffUnheralded Victory: Who Won the Vietnam War?
  ''978-0-00-472529-1Collins English Dictionary
  ''978-0-00-472531-4Collins English Dictionary
978-0-00-474592-3Basic Marketing: A Global Managerial Approach
2002978-0-00-474632-6CAMPBELL REECEBiology (Sixth Edition)
1992978-0-00-475532-8SenacIntroduao aEnfermagem: Sinais Vitais e Medidas Antropometricas - Apenas Vhs
2001978-0-00-477106-9Personal Finance / With CD-ROM
2001978-0-00-481259-5John E. Exner Jr.A Rorschach Workbook for the Comprehensive System Edition: fifth
2000978-0-00-482833-6Maria RodriguesMundo Mais Alem, Um
2002978-0-00-484536-4Biology: Life on Earth - Textbook Only
  ''978-0-00-488954-2Contemporary Business - Textbook only
1983978-0-00-490044-5Tom Hepburn and Selwyn JacobsonEven More of Australia's Most Difficult Golf Holes
1941978-0-00-490624-9Don Marsh · Bob Benson · Lanny WolfeNoel Jesus Is Born
2000978-0-00-491221-9Jean SibeliusStucke(4) Op.115 Violon
1982978-0-00-493428-0Fred BockHymns for the Family of God: Responsive Readings from Among 20 Respected Bible Versions
2007978-0-00-494860-7Stephen GoldsmithCampos do Jordao: da Natureza e das Artes
1983978-0-00-498159-8Don WyrtzenAn Old Fashioned Christmas
1982978-0-00-498390-5Fred BockBocks Greatest Hits
1994978-0-00-499000-2Bernard C. Lamb · Jan A. PechenikHow to Write About Biology: The Essential Guide for Students
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1995978-0-00-499002-6Philip Zimbardo · M McDermott · J Jansz · N MetaalPsychology:A European Text
1994978-0-00-499004-0John Cocking · Lee J. CubaHow to Write About Social Science: The Essential Guide for Students
  ''978-0-00-499006-4Carol J. McNair · Kathleen H.J. LeibfriedBenchmarking: Adding Distinctive Value to Every Aspect of Your Business (Coopers & Lybrand Performance Solution)
2010978-0-00-499021-7Samuel PepysThe Diary of Samuel Pepys: Volume I - 1660: 1660 v. 1
  ''978-0-00-499022-4Samuel Pepys2: The Diary of Samuel Pepys: Volume II - 1661: 1661 v. 2
2010978-0-00-499023-1Samuel PepysThe Diary of Samuel Pepys: Volume III - 1662: 1662 v. 3
  ''978-0-00-499024-8   ''The Diary of Samuel Pepys: Volume IV - 1663: 1663 v. 4
  ''978-0-00-499025-5   ''The Diary of Samuel Pepys: Volume V - 1664: 1664 v. 5
  ''978-0-00-499026-2   ''The Diary of Samuel Pepys: Volume VI - 1665: 1665 v. 6
2010978-0-00-499027-9Samuel PepysThe Diary of Samuel Pepys: Volume VII - 1666: 1666 v. 7
  ''978-0-00-499028-6   ''The Diary of Samuel Pepys: Volume VIII - 1667: 1667 v. 8
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  ''978-0-00-499030-9   ''The Diary of Samuel Pepys: Volume X - Companion: Companion v. 10
  ''978-0-00-499031-6   ''The Diary of Samuel Pepys: Volume - XI Index: Index v. 11
1996978-0-00-499037-8John AtkinsonStrategic Marketing:Cases, Concepts and Challenges
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1993978-0-00-500028-1Queenship Pub CoMystical Mass Prayer
1993978-0-00-500261-2Reflections of Christmas [VHS]
  ''978-0-00-500268-1Immanuel PressPrayer Warriers Guilde (On Bended Knee): A Personal Prayer Guide
  ''978-0-00-500279-7B-FL-ABS-NT 104856 Inupiaq:
  ''978-0-00-500313-8Synopsis of Four Gospels
  ''978-0-00-500314-5Concise Greek/Spanish International New Testament
1993978-0-00-500317-6Hebrew Bilingul Old Testament
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1994978-0-00-500726-6Lynn HodgesMy First Piano Book: Volume Two
1993978-0-00-500984-0Marty ParksI Am the Resurrection: Mini Musical
  ''978-0-00-500987-1Marty ParksI Am the Resurrection
1994978-0-00-501176-8Brentwood Choral ProvidentLift Him Up - The Best of
  ''978-0-00-501182-9Elmo Mercer · Don MarshLift Him Up: The Best of
1994978-0-00-501191-1The Donut Man - The Resurrection Celebration [VHS]
2003978-0-00-501263-5Patrick HurleyA Concise Introduction to Logic - Textbook Only
1989978-0-00-501458-5C. TornquistYoung Gospel Pianist: Level Eight
1994978-0-00-501537-7From Out of the Whirlwind
1993978-0-00-501936-8Padre Pio's San Giovanni I can refuse no one [VHS]
  ''978-0-00-501948-1Merlin Olson · Melinda DillonThe Juggler of Notre Dame [VHS]