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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
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1991978-0-00-327457-8Malcolm Dickson · Bob WilsonStandard Chemistry
  ''978-0-00-327481-3Peter Maunder · etc. · Danny Myers · Nancy Wall · Roger LeRoy MillerEconomics Explained
1997978-0-00-327503-2Peter Maunder · Danny Myers · Nancy Wall · Roger LeRoy MillerEconomics Explained
2001978-0-00-327506-3Claire MeldrumPsychology – Psychology for A-Level Teacher’s Resource Pack
2000978-0-00-327507-0Michael Haralambos · Martin HolbornSociology: Themes and Perspectives 5th Ed
1999978-0-00-327508-7John BirdSociology in Action – Investigating Religion
1993978-0-00-327624-4Tony LawsonSociology for 'A' Level: A Skills Based Approach
2000978-0-00-327701-2Colin ChambersCollins Student Support Materials – AQA (A) Chemistry: Atomic Structure, Bonding and Periodicity
  ''978-0-00-327702-9Colin ChambersCollins Student Support Materials – AQA (A) Chemistry AS2: Foundation Physical and Inorganic Chemistry
  ''978-0-00-327703-6   ''Collins Student Support Materials – AQA (A) Chemistry: Introduction to Organic Chemistry
2001978-0-00-327704-3   ''Collins Student Support Materials – AQA Chemistry: Further Physical and Organic Chemistry
  ''978-0-00-327705-0   ''Collins Student Support Materials – AQA Chemistry: Thermodynamics and Further Inorganic Chemistry
2000978-0-00-327706-7Bill Indge · Mike BoyleCollins Student Support Materials – AQA (A) Biology: Molecules, Cells and Systems
2001978-0-00-327707-4Mike Boyle · Bill IndgeCollins Student Support Materials – AQA (A) Biology AS2: Making Use of Biology
2001978-0-00-327708-1Mike Boyle · Bill IndgeCollins Student Support Materials – AQA (A) Biology AS3: Pathogens and Disease
2000978-0-00-327709-8Mike BoyleCollins Student Support Materials – AQA (B) Biology: Core Principles
  ''978-0-00-327710-4   ''Collins Student Support Materials – AQA (B) Biology: Genes and Genetic Engineering
2000978-0-00-327711-1Mike BoyleCollins Student Support Materials – AQA (B) Biology AS3: Physiology and Transport
  ''978-0-00-327712-8Geoff Jones · Mary JonesCollins Student Support Materials – Edexcel Biology: Molecules and Cells
  ''978-0-00-327713-5Geoff Jones · Mary JonesCollins Student Support Materials – Edexcel Biology: Exchange, Transport and Reproduction
  ''978-0-00-327714-2Geoff JonesEnergy and the Environment: Edexcel AS Biology, Unit 3 (student support materials)
  ''978-0-00-327715-9David KellyAQA AS Physics: Specification (A) Module 1: Particles, Radiation and Quantum Phenomena (Collins Student Support Materials)
2000978-0-00-327716-6David KellyAQA (A) Physics AS2: Mechanics and Molecular Kinetic Theory (Collins Student Support Materials)
  ''978-0-00-327717-3Stuart JonesCollins Student Support Materials – AQA (A) Physics: Current Electricity and Elastic Properties of Solids
  ''978-0-00-327722-7M.T. FainCollins Advanced Modular Sciences – AQA Physics (A): AS Support CD-Rom
2001978-0-00-327741-8Mary Jones · Damian Allen · Gareth WilliamsCollins Advanced Modular Sciences – Applied Ecology
  ''978-0-00-327742-5Ken Mannion · Terry HudsonCollins Advanced Modular Sciences – Microbes and Disease
  ''978-0-00-327743-2Peter Murray · Nick OwensCollins Advanced Modular Sciences – Behaviour and Populations
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2001978-0-00-327754-8Lyn Nichols · Mary RatcliffeCollins Advanced Modular Sciences – Chemistry A2
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2001978-0-00-327756-2   ''Collins Advanced Modular Sciences – Physics A2
2000978-0-00-327758-6Peter Maunder · Danny Myers · Nancy WallEconomics Explained 3rd Ed.
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1998978-0-00-327857-6G.C. DavenportEssential – Psychology
1997978-0-00-327858-3Stephen BarnesEssential – Business Studies
  ''978-0-00-329073-8Tony Outhart · Ray Barker · Colquhoun · Crabtree · Hanson · Lindsey TaylorLeisure and Tourism for Intermediate GNVQ – Leisure and Tourism for Advanced GNVQ (Collins GNVQ Leisure & Tourism)
978-0-00-329079-0Malcom SurridgeLiving and Working in Europe for Advanced Gnvq
1996978-0-00-329080-6Mark Walsh · Josephine De SouzaHealth and Social Care GNVQ – Health and Social Care: for Intermediate GNVQ (Collins GNVQ health & social care)
1997978-0-00-329091-2Paul TaylorSociology in Action – Investigating Culture and Identity
1998978-0-00-329094-3Chris J. NuttallCollins Business GNVQ – Business for Intermediate GNVQ Resource Pack (Collins GNVQ business)
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2000978-0-00-329099-8Jenny Wales · Nancy WallCollins Business GNVQ – Business for Part One GNVQ Foundation (Nuffield)
  ''978-0-00-329100-1Mark WalshHealth and Social Care for Vocational A-level
1998978-0-00-329101-8Mark Walsh · NazarkoHealth and Social Care GNVQ – Working With Older People Resource Pack: for Advanced Level (GNVQ Health & Social Care)
2000978-0-00-329102-5Pauline Wilson · Nik JorgensenSociology for GCSE Teacher’s Support Pack: Teachers' Resource Pack
  ''978-0-00-329103-2Mark Walsh · Josephine de SouzaHealth and Social Care GNVQ – Health and Social Care: for Intermediate GNVQ (Collins GNVQ)
  ''978-0-00-329104-9Matthew Glew · Michael Watts · Malcolm Surridge · Stuart MerrillsBusiness for Vocational A-level
2000978-0-00-329108-7Lindsey TaylorLeisure and Tourism GNVQ – Leisure and Tourism for Intermediate GNVQ Teacher Support Pack: Teacher's Support Pack
  ''978-0-00-329109-4Tony OuthartTravel and Tourism for Vocational A-level (Collins advanced vocational)
  ''978-0-00-329110-0   ''Leisure and Recreation for Vocational A-level
  ''978-0-00-329111-7Tony Outhart · Lindsey TaylorLeisure and Tourism GNVQ – Leisure and Tourism for Intermediate GNVQ (Collins GNVQ: Intermediate)
1971978-0-00-329335-7Isaac DookhamA Pre-emancipation History of the West Indies
1983978-0-00-329345-6Clinton V. BlackThe History of Jamaica
1963978-0-00-329348-7H. Brittain · P.J.G. RipleySimple History of East Africa
1977978-0-00-329413-2Winifred GreyCaribbean Cookery
1991978-0-00-329474-3Alan WardScintillating Ideas for Shrewd Science Teachers (Ideas - a Collins Educational photocopy master)
1992978-0-00-329475-0Christine SymeFantastic Ideas for Frenzied Teachers: Survival Kit for Teachers of the Writing Process (Ideas - a Collins Educational photocopy master)
1991978-0-00-329486-6Elaine Prisk · etc. · Miriam StaddonHome Economics and Food Technology
1998978-0-00-329490-3Janet Inglis · Sue PlewsReal-World Technology – Food Technology (Collins Real-world Technology)
1999978-0-00-329491-0Eileen Chapman · Janet Inglis · Sue PlewsFood Foundation Course (Collins Design & Technology)
  ''978-0-00-329492-7   ''Collins Design and Technology – Textiles Foundation Course (Collins Design & Technology)
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  ''978-0-00-330078-9Morris GleitzmanTwo Weeks with the Queen (Cascades)
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1976978-0-00-338210-5Niederösterreichische Jubiläumsausstellung. Stift Lilienfeld.1000 JAHRE BABENBERGER IN OESTERREICH 15.Mai bis 31. Oktober 1976
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1992978-0-00-360315-6Simon CatlingMapstart 1 (Collins Mapstart): No 1
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1992978-0-00-370258-3   ''English Usage (Collins Cobuild)
1989978-0-00-370261-3   ''Collins COBUILD Essential English Dictionary
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1996978-0-00-371121-9Harper Collins PublishersCollins Gem Greek Phrase Finder & Tape Pack
1998978-0-00-373898-8Personality: Strategies and Issues (8th Edition) Text Only