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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
978-0-00-805697-1PHILARMONIA SCHOENBERG ARNOLD - TRIO A CORDES OP.45 - CONDUCTEUR DE POCHE Classical sheets Pocket score
978-0-00-805718-3Orchesterstudien: Sch_nberg - Berg - Webern - BOOK
1997978-0-00-805719-0Kenny Wheeler: Collected Works on ECM - Complete Scores UE 70007
978-0-00-805861-6Noels Pour Les Instruments
978-0-00-805909-5Team Play A Guide to Making Chamber Music Together - Eb Instruments
978-0-00-805910-1Team Play – F INSTRUMENTS with CD for Instruments in F
978-0-00-805948-4Sinfonie 1 D-dur (titan)
2007978-0-00-805993-4Daniel SheaLiving Democracy, National - Textbook Only
978-0-00-806005-3UNIVERSAL EDITION BERIO L. - SEQUENZA VII - HAUTBOIS Classical sheets Oboe
978-0-00-806013-8Des Knaben Wunderhorn
978-0-00-806102-9UNIVERSAL EDITION STRAUSS RICHARD - LIEDER ALBUM VOL.1 (VOIX GRAVE) Classical sheets Bass, piano
978-0-00-806106-7Piece Partitur für Klavier, Violine, Viola, Violoncello - Stimmensatz
978-0-00-806135-75 Carols
1993978-0-00-806181-4James RaeIntroducing the Saxophone (includes accompaniment CD)
1970978-0-00-806204-0Alban Berg: Wozzeck, op. 7. Oper in 3 Akten
978-0-00-806209-5Josef RentmeisterSpielstücke für Blockflöten und Gitarre 2b - Partitur und Stimmen
2000978-0-00-806268-2Cristobal HalffterKlagelied Eines Verwundeten Vogels (Lament of a Wounded Bird), for Cello
  ''978-0-00-806293-4Ian WilsonSpilliaert's Beach, for Alto Flute and Piano (1999)
2014978-0-00-806348-1Ed: Diermaier Rimsky-KorsakovRimsky-Korsakov: Scheherazade
2008978-0-00-806444-0Arts and Culture, Combined Volume - Textbook Only
2006978-0-00-806594-2Paul SissonPre Calculus - Textbook Only
2003978-0-00-806615-4James RaeCINDERELLA' JONES (+CD): MUSICAL, VOCAL SCORE
978-0-00-806652-9Noels Pour Les Instruments
1979978-0-00-806810-3UnknownLifepac Science 806-810 Answer Key
2008978-0-00-806872-1College Algebra Essentials - Textbook ONLY
978-0-00-806929-2UNIVERSAL EDITION HAUER J.M. - ZWOLFTONTECHNIK Educational books Musical theory
1969978-0-00-807670-2Antonio VivaldiVivaldi Stabat Mater, Fasano Revision, 2nd Violin Part
2008978-0-00-807673-3J.KEarth: An Introduction to Physical Geology - Textbook Only
2002978-0-00-807686-3Arvo PartBerliner Messe fur Chor oder Solisten (SATB) und Orgel (1990, rev. 2002) (Organ-Vocal Score)
2003978-0-00-807807-2Gurre-Lieder für Soli: Sopran, Mezzosopran Alt, 2 Tenor, Bass, Sprecher, Chor - Klavierauszug
2016978-0-00-807829-4Arvo PärtArvo Part Da Pacem Domine For String Quartet
978-0-00-808054-9UNIVERSAL EDITION BARTOK B. - TANZ-SUITE - CONDUCTEUR DE POCHE Classical sheets Choral and vocal ensembles
2011978-0-00-808065-5Daniel SchnyderThe Four Winds
978-0-00-808095-2Sonate C-Dur opus.15: für Gitarre
978-0-00-808133-1Nicolai Podgornov's Graded Pieces for Piano, Volume 2 - Intermediate
978-0-00-808138-6UNIVERSAL EDITION EASY PLAY-ALONG FLUTE + CD Classical sheets Transverse Flute
978-0-00-808190-4UNIVERSAL EDITION JANACEK L. - DAS SCHLAUE FÜCHSLEIN - CHANT-PIANO Classical sheets Choral and vocal ensembles
978-0-00-808224-6Leos JanacekJanacek: Glagolitic Mass (1928) [Msa glagolskaja Fassung letzter Hand 1928]
978-0-00-808225-3Janacek: Glagolitic Mass (1927) [Msa glagolskaja Erstfassung 1927]
2010978-0-00-808248-2Kagel Composition Competition 2010K2010 Reflections Reading a Poem for Piano
  ''978-0-00-808297-0Arvo PartUkuaru valss
978-0-00-808322-9Mahler: Symphonien (Symphonies Arranged for Solo Piano)
978-0-00-808336-6UNIVERSAL EDITION GARDEL C. - TANGO - VIOLON ET PIANO Sheet music pop, rock Strings
2012978-0-00-808337-3Weiss Silviius LeopoldTomb and Fantasy – -- Guitar
978-0-00-808357-1Mozart: Così fan tutte (Flute Duet)
978-0-00-808403-5UNIVERSAL EDITION MAMUDOV H. - BALKAN CLARINET DUETS Sheet music pop, rock Music from all over the world
2011978-0-00-808472-1Jay SchwartzMusic for Alto Saxophone and Piano by Jay Schwartz
2014978-0-00-808506-3Diego CollattiViva El Tango! The Tango Piano Tutor
978-0-00-808527-8Rae: Step by Step (Clarinet) Easy Pupil/Teacher studies
2015978-0-00-808595-7Gustav MahlerWer Hat Dies Liedel Erdacht? - Five Selected Songs (Aus "Des Knaben Wunderhorn"). Composed By Gustav Mahler. Arranged By Ronald Kornfeil. For Flute, Piano. Score and Part.
2001978-0-00-810000-1Mario DaSilvaDiatonic Improvisation on Major Chord Progressions (Volume 1)
2015978-0-00-810019-3Northumbria CommunityCeltic Daily Prayer: Book Two: Farther Up and Farther In (Northumbria Community)
  ''978-0-00-810031-5John NicholAfter the Flood: What the Dambusters Did Next
2014978-0-00-810032-2Tom PerrottaThe Leftovers
2015978-0-00-810035-3Anya LipskaA Devil Under the Skin (Kiszka & Kershaw, Book 3)
2016978-0-00-810046-9Simon TolkienNo Man’s Land
2015978-0-00-810063-6Joseph LuzziIn a Dark Wood: What Dante Taught Me About Grief, Healing, and the Mysteries of Love
  ''978-0-00-810080-3Collins DictionariesCollins Easy Learning English - Easy Learning English Verbs
2015978-0-00-810081-0Collins DictionariesCollins Easy Learning English - Easy Learning English Spelling
  ''978-0-00-810082-7   ''Collins Easy Learning English - Easy Learning Writing
  ''978-0-00-810083-4   ''Cobuild IELTS Dictionary (Collins English for IELTS)
  ''978-0-00-810084-1John NicholAfter the Flood: What the Dambusters Did Next
2016978-0-00-810085-8   ''Return of the Dambusters: What 617 Squadron Did Next
2014978-0-00-810098-8Dr. SeussMy Oh My A Butterfly (The Cat in the Hat’s Learning Library)
  ''978-0-00-810100-8Christian RudderDataclysm: Who We Are (When We Think No One’s Looking)
2014978-0-00-810101-5Collins MapsCollins First Atlas (Collins Primary Atlases)
  ''978-0-00-810102-2   ''Collins First Atlas (Collins Primary Atlases)
  ''978-0-00-810109-1Hilary MantelThe Assassination of Margaret Thatcher
  ''978-0-00-810126-8Lena DunhamNot That Kind of Girl: A Young Woman Tells You What She’s “Learned”
2015978-0-00-810129-9T Geronimo JohnsonWelcome to Braggsville
  ''978-0-00-810155-8Collins MapsShort Walks in Cornwall
2015978-0-00-810156-5Collins MapsShort Walks in Dorset
2015978-0-00-810157-2Collins MapsShort Walks in The North York Moors
  ''978-0-00-810158-9   ''Short Walks in Northumbria
  ''978-0-00-810159-6   ''Four Counties & the Welsh Canals No. 4 (Collins Nicholson Waterways Guides)
  ''978-0-00-810160-2   ''North West & the Pennines No. 5 (Collins Nicholson Waterways Guides)
2014978-0-00-810162-6Rachel WellsAlfie the Doorstep Cat
  ''978-0-00-810163-3Eric LustbaderShallows of the Night
2014978-0-00-810165-7Eric LustbaderBeneath an Opal Moon
  ''978-0-00-810166-4   ''Jian
2014978-0-00-810167-1Eric LustbaderShan
  ''978-0-00-810168-8   ''Sirens
  ''978-0-00-810169-5   ''Black Heart
  ''978-0-00-810170-1   ''Zero
  ''978-0-00-810171-8   ''Black Blade
2014978-0-00-810172-5Rachel FedermanTest Your Dog: Is Your Dog an Undiscovered Genius?
2015978-0-00-810174-9Collins DictionariesEasy Learning English Conversation: Book 1 (Collins Easy Learning English)
2015978-0-00-810175-6Collins DictionariesEasy Learning English Conversation: Book 2 (Collins Easy Learning English)
  ''978-0-00-810176-3   ''Collins Common Errors in English (Collins Easy Learning)
  ''978-0-00-810177-0   ''Collins Easy Learning English - Easy Learning English Vocabulary
  ''978-0-00-810178-7   ''Collins - Easy Learning Grammar And Punctuation (Collins Easy Learning English)
  ''978-0-00-810204-3Collins MapsCollins World Atlas: Essential Edition (Collins Essential Editions)
2014978-0-00-810207-4   ''Collins World Atlas: Reference Edition
2014978-0-00-810209-8S. J. ParrisThe Secret Dead: A Novella
2015978-0-00-810211-1Paullina SimonsI Love My Baby Because…
  ''978-0-00-810212-8Gill PaulNo Place For A Lady: A sweeping wartime romance full of courage and passion
2016978-0-00-810214-2Gill PaulThe Secret Wife: A Captivating Story of Romance, Passion and Mystery
2015978-0-00-810217-3Claire LowdonLeft of the Bang
2015978-0-00-810219-7Claire LowdonLeft of the Bang
  ''978-0-00-810225-8Trisha AshleyCreature Comforts
2014978-0-00-810226-5Alan HodgkinsonBetween the Sticks
2015978-0-00-810227-2Collins MapsCollins Pocket Map Ireland
  ''978-0-00-810228-9   ''Comprehensive Road Atlas Ireland
  ''978-0-00-810229-6   ''2016 Collins Big Road Atlas Britain
  ''978-0-00-810230-2   ''2016 Collins Essential Road Atlas Britain
2015978-0-00-810231-9Collins Maps2016 Collins Handy Road Atlas Britain
  ''978-0-00-810233-3   ''2016 Collins Map of Britain (Road Map)
2015978-0-00-810234-0Collins Maps2016 Collins Map of Scotland (Road Map)
  ''978-0-00-810236-4   ''2016 Collins Map of Ireland (Road Map)
  ''978-0-00-810266-1Collins DictionariesCollins English Dictionary and Thesaurus Boxed Set (Collins Dictionaries)
  ''978-0-00-810286-9   ''Collins Gem School Dictionary & Thesaurus: Trusted support for learning, in a mini-format (Collins School)
  ''978-0-00-810287-6   ''Collins English Dictionary and Thesaurus Paperback edition: All-in-one support for everyday use
2015978-0-00-810288-3Collins DictionariesCollins English Dictionary Paperback edition: 200,000 words and phrases for everyday use
  ''978-0-00-810289-0   ''Collins English Thesaurus Paperback edition: 300,000 synonyms and antonyms for everyday use
2014978-0-00-810290-6Eric LustbaderDragons on the Sea of Night
  ''978-0-00-810292-0Daniel SilvaThe Heist
2015978-0-00-810293-7Fionnuala KearneyYou, Me and Other People
2016978-0-00-810331-6Ross CoulthartThe Lost Tommies
978-0-00-810337-8The Snow Globe: Beyond the Stars
2014978-0-00-810344-6Fern BrittonA Cornish Carol: A Short Story
  ''978-0-00-810345-3Kate GrossLate Fragments: Everything I Want to Tell You (About This Magnificent Life)
2015978-0-00-810347-7Kate GrossLate Fragments: Everything I Want to Tell You (About This Magnificent Life)
2014978-0-00-810348-4James CarrollChrist Actually: The Son of God for the Secular Age
2017978-0-00-810352-1A. F. E. SmithThe The Darkhaven Novels: Windsinger 3
2016978-0-00-810359-0Nancy K. WallaceWolves of Llise: Grim Tidings 2
2014978-0-00-810361-3Special Operations ExecutiveSOE Manual: How to be an Agent in Occupied Europe
  ''978-0-00-810426-9Jeanette Mumford · Sandra Roberts · Jo Power O'Keefe · Elizabeth JurgensenYear 1 Answers (Busy Ant Maths)
  ''978-0-00-810427-6Jeanette Mumford · Sandra Roberts · Jo Power O'Keefe · Elizabeth JurgensenYear 2 Answers (Busy Ant Maths)
  ''978-0-00-810428-3   ''Year 5 Answers (Busy Ant Maths)
  ''978-0-00-810429-0   ''Year 6 Answers (Busy Ant Maths)
2015978-0-00-810430-6Patricia CornwellFlesh and Blood
2014978-0-00-810439-9Aubrie DionneAn American Girl in Italy
2014978-0-00-810440-5Wendy Lou JonesBy My Side
  ''978-0-00-810441-2Sue FortinClosing In
  ''978-0-00-810442-9Michelle BethamStriker
  ''978-0-00-810443-6Rae RiversThe Keepers: Declan (Book 2)
978-0-00-810444-3High Heels & Bicycle Wheels
2015978-0-00-810445-0Sean SmithTom Jones - The Life
  ''978-0-00-810449-8Sean SmithKim Kardashian
2015978-0-00-810455-9Dominic Beddow · Collins MapsDiscovering London Illustrated Map
  ''978-0-00-810456-6Collins MapsLondon Pocket Map
  ''978-0-00-810457-3   ''London Pocket Atlas
  ''978-0-00-810458-0Patricia BracewellThe Price of Blood (The Emma of Normandy Series, Book 2)
  ''978-0-00-810460-3Patricia BracewellThe Price of Blood (The Emma of Normandy Series, Book 2)
2016978-0-00-810466-5Richard ForteyThe Wood for the Trees
2000978-0-00-810471-9EECJK Conversion Corrections (Cobuild)
2015978-0-00-810472-6Adam NicolsonSmell of Summer Grass: Pursuing Happiness at Perch Hill
2017978-0-00-810473-3Daniel SilvaHouse of Spies
2015978-0-00-810497-9Times AtlasesThe Times Mini Atlas of the World
2015978-0-00-810498-6Times AtlasesThe Times Desktop Atlas of the World (World Atlas)
2014978-0-00-810499-3Jill KnappWhat Happens to Men When They Move to Manhattan?
  ''978-0-00-810500-6Lynn MontaganoUnravel Me (The Breathless Series, Book 2)
  ''978-0-00-810501-3Erica HayesScorched (The Sapphire City Chronicles, Book 1)
  ''978-0-00-810502-0Michelle BethamExtra Time
  ''978-0-00-810503-7Mia MarconiLearning to Love Amy: The foster carer who saved a mother and a daughter (HarperTrue Life – A Short Read)
2014978-0-00-810504-4Isabel GeorgeWarrior: The true story of the real war horse (HarperTrue Friend – A Short Read)
  ''978-0-00-810505-1Mia MarconiA Child Called Hope: The true story of a foster mother’s love (HarperTrue Life – A Short Read)
  ''978-0-00-810506-8Jacky NewcombMessages from Angels (Harpertrue Fate - A Short Read): Real signs our loved ones are looking down (HarperTrue Fate - A Short Read)
  ''978-0-00-810507-5Naomi ThomasNo Ordinary Wedding Planner: Fighting against the odds to help others make their dreams come true (HarperTrue Life – A Short Read)
  ''978-0-00-810508-2Jacky NewcombA Gift from Heaven (Harpertrue Fate - A Short Read): True-life stories of contact from the other side (HarperTrue Fate - A Short Read)
2015978-0-00-810509-9Isabel GeorgeThe 9/11 Dogs (Harpertrue Friend - A Short Read): The heroes who searched for survivors at Ground Zero (HarperTrue Friend - A Short Read)
2014978-0-00-810510-5Mia MarconiIf Only He’d Told Me: A foster family pushed to the limits (HarperTrue Life – A Short Read)
2014978-0-00-810511-2Yvette CowlesBelly Dancing and Beating the Odds: How one woman’s passion helped her overcome breast cancer (HarperTrue Life – A Short Read)
  ''978-0-00-810512-9Jacky NewcombTouching Heaven: True stories of spiritual experiences (HarperTrue Fate – A Short Read)
2015978-0-00-810513-6Isabel GeorgeMurphy the Hero Donkey: A true WW1 story (HarperTrue Friend – A Short Read)
  ''978-0-00-810514-3Chris Dicken · Donny WongThe Bumpy Road to Married Bliss (HarperTrue Love – A Short Read)
  ''978-0-00-810515-0Mia MarconiLittle Girl Lost: The true story of a broken child (HarperTrue Life – A Short Read)
2014978-0-00-810516-7Caroline ChurchI Blame The Hormones: A raw and honest account of one woman’s fight against depression (HarperTrue Life – A Short Read)
  ''978-0-00-810517-4Sue AskinsLaugh or You’ll Cry: My life as a mum with MS and a son with autism (HarperTrue Life – A Short Read)
2015978-0-00-810518-1Jayne WallaceMy Psychic Casebook: The amazing secrets of the world’s most respected department-store medium (HarperTrue Fate – A Short Read)
2015978-0-00-810519-8Jacky NewcombDogs in Heaven: and Other Animals: Extraordinary stories of animals reaching out from the other side (HarperTrue Fate – A Short Read)
  ''978-0-00-810521-1Dan RichardsThe Beechwood Airship Interviews
  ''978-0-00-810523-5Ric RawlinsRise of The Super Furry Animals
2014978-0-00-810550-1Jane LinfootHigh Heels & Bicycle Wheels
2017978-0-00-810552-5Katherine HeinyStandard Deviation: ‘The best feel-good novel around’ Daily Mail
2015978-0-00-810561-7Lars KeplerThe Sandman (Joona Linna, Book 4)
2014978-0-00-810567-9Sarah KBound to Please: More secrets from a submissive (HarperTrue Desire – A Short Read)
  ''978-0-00-810568-6Lars KeplerThe Sandman (Joona Linna, Book 4)
2015978-0-00-810575-4J. R. R. TolkienThe Art of the Lord of the Rings (60th Anniv Slipcase)
2014978-0-00-810576-1Jane LarkThe Lost Love of a Soldier
2015978-0-00-810596-9Martin EdwardsThe Golden Age of Murder
2017978-0-00-810598-3Martin EdwardsThe Golden Age of Murder
2015978-0-00-810605-8AA.VVGetting to Yes with Yourself: And Other Worthy Opponents
  ''978-0-00-810620-1Rachel BrightLove Monster (Love Monster 1)
978-0-00-810626-3Trouble in Tinseltown (Summer Flings)
2014978-0-00-810638-6Lynn Marie HulsmanSummer at Castle Stone
2014978-0-00-810640-9Zara StoneleyStable Mates (The Tippermere Series)
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  ''978-0-00-810829-8   ''The Fellowship of the Ring
2014978-0-00-810830-4J. R. R. TolkienThe Two Towers
2014978-0-00-810831-1J. R. R. TolkienThe Return of the King
  ''978-0-00-810832-8   ''The Children of Húrin
  ''978-0-00-810837-3Lois LowryMessenger (The Giver Quartet)
2015978-0-00-810838-0Andrea BennettGalina Petrovna’s Three-Legged Dog Story