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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1969978-0-583-10324-4Jack KerouacDharma Bums
1970978-0-583-10388-6C. S. ForesterHunting the "Bismarck"
1969978-0-583-10519-4Poul AndersonVirgin Planet
1968978-0-583-11259-8Han SuyinCrippled Tree
  ''978-0-583-11308-3L. P DaviesThe artigicial man (Mayflower Science fiction)
  ''978-0-583-11343-4Michael MoorcockStormbringer
  ''978-0-583-11344-1Michael MoorcockStealer of Souls
1969978-0-583-11361-8Joseph KesselThe lion
  ''978-0-583-11368-7Michael MoorcockThe Jewel in the Skull (History of the Runestaff / Michael Moorcock)
1969978-0-583-11385-4Michael MoorcockThe Mad God's Amulet (History of the Runestaff)
1970978-0-583-11415-8Morris WestGallows on the Sand (A Mayflower book)
1969978-0-583-11434-9Michael MoorcockThe Sword of the Dawn (History of the Runestaff)
  ''978-0-583-11481-3Robert SheckleyTenth Victim
  ''978-0-583-11499-8Michael MoorcockThe Runestaff: The History of the Runestaff Volume Four
  ''978-0-583-11522-3Astron del MartiaOne Against Time
  ''978-0-583-11530-8Hunter DaviesThe "Beatles"
1969978-0-583-11559-9Theodore Thomas · Kate WilhelmThe Clone (Mayflower science fiction)
  ''978-0-583-11599-5Tucker CoeKinds of Love, Kinds of Death
  ''978-0-583-11612-1Jack WilliamsonSeetee Ship
  ''978-0-583-11613-8Jack WilliamsonSeetee Shock
  ''978-0-583-11640-4Michael MoorcockBlack Corridor (Mayflower science fantasy)
1970978-0-583-11651-0Rumer GoddenBlack Narcissus
1970978-0-583-11670-1Michael MoorcockThe Singing Citadel (Mayflower science fantasy)
  ''978-0-583-11708-1John SladekReproductive System
1971978-0-583-11745-6Michael MoorcockThe Eternal Champion (Mayflower science fantasy)
1970978-0-583-11757-9Keith LaumerWorlds of the Imperium
  ''978-0-583-11758-6Alexander FullertonThe Waiting Game
  ''978-0-583-11779-1Frederik Pohl · Jack WilliamsonUndersea Quest
  ''978-0-583-11787-6Michael MoorcockBehold the Man
1970978-0-583-11794-4Peter FairleyProject X: The exciting story of British invention
  ''978-0-583-11800-2Michael MoorcockPhoenix in Obsidian
  ''978-0-583-11804-0James Arnold BrusselCasebook of a crime psychiatrist
  ''978-0-583-11817-0Fritz LeiberThe Swords of Lankhmar (The swords series)
1971978-0-583-11822-4Michael MoorcockThe Final Programme
  ''978-0-583-11846-0Robert SheckleyDimension of Miracles (Mayflower science fantasy)
1972978-0-583-11860-6Michael MoorcockKnight of the Swords
1971978-0-583-11917-7   ''Time Dweller
1971978-0-583-11934-4Fritz LeiberA Spectre is Haunting Texas
  ''978-0-583-11944-3Michael MoorcockQueen of the Swords
1972978-0-583-11999-3   ''King of the Swords
1971978-0-583-12064-7Jonathan Powell · John FinchFamily at War: To the Turn of the Tide
1973978-0-583-12077-7Gordon Williams · Terry VenablesThey Used to Play on Grass
1972978-0-583-12091-3Jack VanceThe Dying Earth
  ''978-0-583-12100-2Jack VanceDragon Masters
1973978-0-583-12102-6   ''Star King
1975978-0-583-12104-0Michael MoorcockThe Hollow Lands (Vol.2 of 'Dancers at the End of Time')
1977978-0-583-12105-7   ''The End of All Songs (The dancers at the end of time)
1974978-0-583-12106-4Michael MoorcockAn Alien Heat (Vol.1 of 'Dancers at the End of Time')
1972978-0-583-12127-9Jack VanceThe Eyes of the Overworld (Mayflower science fantasy)
  ''978-0-583-12139-2Olga LengyelFive Chimneys - A Woman Survivor's True Story Of Auschwitz
1973978-0-583-12195-8John SymondsThe Great Beast: The Life and Magick of Aleister Crowley
  ''978-0-583-12198-9Michael MoorcockCount Brass (Chronicles of Castle Brass / Michael Moorcock)
1974978-0-583-12199-6   ''The Champion of Garathorm (Chronicles of Castle Brass / Michael Moorcock)
  ''978-0-583-12213-9Anthony MastersNatural History of the Vampire
1973978-0-583-12248-1Ka-TzetnikHouse of Dolls
  ''978-0-583-12249-8Cyril VosperThe Mind-benders: Scientology
1974978-0-583-12305-1Jack VanceSon of the Tree
1980978-0-583-12306-8   ''Five Gold Bands (Mayflower science fantasy)
1974978-0-583-12338-9Michael MoorcockWinds of Limbo
1974978-0-583-12339-6Michael MoorcockShores of Death (Mayflower science fantasy)
  ''978-0-583-12369-3Donald Carroll4's Company: A Shattering Expose of Group Sex in England (Four's)
1975978-0-583-12382-2Vladimir PeniakoffPopski's Private Army
1974978-0-583-12435-5Christopher StasheffKing Kobold (Mayflower science fantasy)
  ''978-0-583-12436-2Christopher StasheffWarlock in Spite of Himself (Mayflower science fantasy)
1976978-0-583-12467-6Theodor PlievierStalingrad
  ''978-0-583-12492-8Ted AllbeurySnowball
  ''978-0-583-12493-5Ted AllbeuryA Choice of Enemies
1979978-0-583-12496-6Jack VanceTrullion: Alastor 2262 (Mayflower science fantasy)
1976978-0-583-12497-3   ''The Blue World (Mayflower science fantasy)
1978978-0-583-12498-0   ''Fantasms and Magics
1975978-0-583-12506-2Joseph Martin BauerAs Far as My Feet Will Carry Me
1975978-0-583-12524-6Alex Ben BlockLegend of Bruce Lee
  ''978-0-583-12541-3Leonard CheshireBomber Pilot
  ''978-0-583-12573-4Emmanuelle ArsanEmmanuelle
1977978-0-583-12590-1Jon HartHigh Slaughter
  ''978-0-583-12591-8Jon HartTriangle of Death
  ''978-0-583-12592-5David Dahl · Barry KehoeYoung Judy: Biography of Judy Garland
1976978-0-583-12594-9H.V. KershawCoronation Street: Early Days
1976978-0-583-12595-6H.V. KershawCoronation Street: Trouble at the Rovers
1979978-0-583-12597-0Ted AllbeurySpecial Collection
1976978-0-583-12598-7Leslie WallerK. Assignment
1977978-0-583-12599-4Leslie WallerThe Swiss Account
  ''978-0-583-12788-2Bill ShanklyShankly
1978978-0-583-12832-2John RobertsonEverton: The Official Centenary History
1979978-0-583-12889-6Leslie HalliwellFilmgoer's Book of Quotes
  ''978-0-583-12938-1Leslie AitkenMassacre on the Road to Dunkirk: Wormhout, 1940
  ''978-0-583-12984-8Michael MoorcockThe Bull and the Spear (Chronicle of Prince Corum and the Silver Hand / Michael Moorcock)
1981978-0-583-12986-2Michael MoorcockThe Sword and the Stallion
1982978-0-583-13007-3Ted AllbeuryLonely Margins
1978978-0-583-13014-1James Leasor · Kendal BurtThe One That Got Away
  ''978-0-583-13053-0Emmanuelle ArsanNea
1979978-0-583-13087-5Fritz LeiberSwords Against Death (The swords series)
  ''978-0-583-13088-2   ''Swords in the Mist (Swords series / Fritz Leiber)
  ''978-0-583-13089-9   ''Swords Against Wizardry (Swords series / Fritz Leiber)
1981978-0-583-13099-8Michael MoorcockThe Sailor on the Seas of Fate
1980978-0-583-13101-8   ''The Adventures of Una Persson and Catherine Cornelius in the Twentieth Century
1979978-0-583-13113-1Fritz LeiberSwords and Ice Magic (The swords series)
1980978-0-583-13121-6Emmanuelle ArsanSecrets of Emmanuelle
1981978-0-583-13306-7Max EhrlichNaked Beach (A Mayflower book)
  ''978-0-583-13432-3Michael MoorcockSteel Tsar (A Mayflower book)
1988978-0-583-13433-0   ''The Dragon in the Sword (Erekose series)
1983978-0-583-13435-4Michael MoorcockThe Vanishing Tower
1982978-0-583-13560-3Burkhard Von Mullenheim-RechbergBattleship "Bismarck": A Survivor's Story
1983978-0-583-13606-8Ted AllbeuryAll Our Tomorrows
  ''978-0-583-13639-6Michael MoorcockThe Dancers at the End of Time
1974978-0-583-19748-9F.Marian McNeillScots Kitchen: Its Traditions and Lore with Old-time Recipes
1977978-0-583-30000-1Mary O'HaraMy Friend Flicka: Part 1 (Dragon Books): Pt. 1
1966978-0-583-30020-9Enid BlytonThe Mystery of the Spiteful Letters (The 5 find-outers)
1971978-0-583-30027-8Enid BlytonSecond Form at Malory Towers
1967978-0-583-30029-2   ''Upper Fourth at Malory Towers (Dragon Books)
  ''978-0-583-30032-2   ''Twins at St.Clare's (The Dragon Books)
  ''978-0-583-30035-3   ''Second Form at St.Clare's (The Dragon Books)
  ''978-0-583-30045-2   ''In the Fifth at Malory Towers (The Dragon Books)
1968978-0-583-30058-2Enid BlytonClaudine at St.Clare's (The Dragon Books)
  ''978-0-583-30059-9   ''The Last Term at Malory Towers
  ''978-0-583-30065-0   ''Fifth Formers of St.Clare's (The Dragon Books)
  ''978-0-583-30068-1Elyne MitchellSilver Brumby's Daughter (The Dragon Books)
  ''978-0-583-30069-8Elyne MitchellSilver Brumbies of the South (The Dragon Books)
1986978-0-583-30070-4   ''Silver Brumby Kingdom (The Dragon Books)
1996978-0-583-30126-8Enid BlytonThe Mystery of Tally-Ho Cottage
1975978-0-583-30211-1Ronald RidoutPicture Words (The Dragon Books)
1975978-0-583-30222-7Elyne MitchellSilver Brumby Whirlwind (The Dragon Books)
  ''978-0-583-30223-4   ''Moon Filly [Dragon Books]
1979978-0-583-30290-6Elyne MitchellSon of the Whirlwind (The Dragon Books)
1978978-0-583-30345-3   ''Colt at Taparoo (The Dragon Books)
1980978-0-583-30427-6Anne DigbyFirst Term at Trebizon (Dragon Books Paperback)
1981978-0-583-30430-6Anne DigbyBoy Trouble at Trebizon (The Dragon Books)
1982978-0-583-30433-7   ''Tennis Term at Trebizon (The Dragon Books)
  ''978-0-583-30434-4   ''More Trouble at Trebizon (The Dragon Books)
1980978-0-583-30440-5Jim Slater · Christopher SlaterGrinno (The Dragon Books)
1982978-0-583-30511-2Thomas MeehanAnnie
  ''978-0-583-30515-0Anne DigbySummer Camp at Trebizon (The Dragon Books)
1981978-0-583-30518-1Jean WebsterDear Enemy (The Dragon Books)
1986978-0-583-30557-0Anne DigbyFourth Year Triumphs at Trebizon (The Dragon Books)
1983978-0-583-30620-1Joseph HeckDinosaur Riddles (The Dragon Books)
1984978-0-583-30659-1Ann JungmanVlad the Drac Returns
1996978-0-583-30755-0Chassie L WestMillion Dollar Gamble
1986978-0-583-30925-7Barbara BartholomewWhen Dreamers Cease to Dream (The Dragon Books)
  ''978-0-583-30987-5Isaac Asimov · Martin Harry Greenberg · Charles G. WaughAsimov's Monsters (The Dragon Books)
  ''978-0-583-31089-5Hugh MillerTeen Eastenders: Growing Pains No. 2 (The Dragon Books)
1992978-0-583-31413-8Keith FloydA Feast of Floyd
1998978-0-583-32209-6Bill BirkettComplete Lakeland Fells
1996978-0-583-32341-3Len DeightonFaith
1988978-0-583-32420-5Dr. SeussGreen eggs and Ham
2016978-0-583-33137-1C S LewisChronicles Of Narnia 7 Book Collection Box Set
1998978-0-583-33168-5Matt GroeningBart Simpson's Guide to Life
1998978-0-583-33638-3Paul SterryCollins Complete British Wildlife Photoguide
  ''978-0-583-33685-7Keith FloydA Feast of Floyd: 400 of his all-time favourite recipes
  ''978-0-583-33770-0C S LewisThe Chronicles of Narnia Box Set (Chronicles Of Narnia)
1997978-0-583-33809-7Matt GroeningThe Simpsons: A Complete Guide to Our Favorite Family
1998978-0-583-33966-7C.S. LewisThe Last Battle [The Chronicles of Narnia]
1999978-0-583-34423-4S Jenkin PearceLondon Street Atlas
1996978-0-583-34493-7Arthur B. III et al. BusbeyRocks and Fossils; the Ultimate Guide to The Earth
1999978-0-583-34757-0Foreman AmandaGeorgiana Duchess of Devonshire
  ''978-0-583-51149-0Fay WeldonWorst Fears
  ''978-0-583-51290-9Robin HobbLiveship Traders Poster
1999978-0-583-90369-1Patrick O'BrianBlue at the Mizzen Poster

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