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ISBN 978-0-00-103403-7 to 978-0-00-104906-2 < ISBN 978-0-00-104907-9 to 978-0-00-105602-2 > ISBN 978-0-00-105603-9 to 978-0-00-107376-0

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1995978-0-00-104907-9Robert GoddardPast Caring
  ''978-0-00-104909-3Barbara Taylor BradfordDangerous to Know
1981978-0-00-104910-9Georg Friedrich HandNine Trio Sonatas Op. 2 Nr. 6
1995978-0-00-104914-7Robert BurnsThe Poems and Songs of Robert Burns (Harpercollinsaudiobooks)
  ''978-0-00-104915-4Ruth RendellA Sleeping Life
  ''978-0-00-104916-1Ruth RendellPut on by Cunning
1996978-0-00-104917-8   ''A Guilty Thing Surprised
1995978-0-00-104918-5   ''Wolf to the Slaughter
2004978-0-00-104921-5James PattersonKiss the Girls
1995978-0-00-104922-2Agatha ChristieMurder in Mesopotamia
1996978-0-00-104928-4Walter ScottIvanhoe
1995978-0-00-104932-1William WordsworthThe Poetry of Wordsworth: Unabridged
  ''978-0-00-104935-2Harriet Beecher StoweUncle Tom’s Cabin
1995978-0-00-104945-1Linda DaviesNest of Vipers
1976978-0-00-104958-1Walter ReinLasst Uns Glauben
1996978-0-00-104968-0Barbara ErskineHouse of Echoes
1995978-0-00-104969-7Joseph ConradVictory
  ''978-0-00-104985-7Robert Ludlum · Paul McGannThe Apocalypse Watch
  ''978-0-00-104989-5Kevin J.AndersonGround Zero (The X-Files, Book 3)
1980978-0-00-104993-2Kurt HessenbergDer Tag, Der Ist So Freudenreich
1976978-0-00-104995-6Kurt HessenbergDas Sagt, Der Amen Hei T Op. 46
  ''978-0-00-104996-3   ''Das Sagt, Der Amen Hei T Op. 46
1995978-0-00-104998-7Gerald SeymourField of Blood
1996978-0-00-105001-3Barbara ErskineLady of Hay
  ''978-0-00-105002-0   ''Midnight is a Lonely Place
1995978-0-00-105005-1Ruth RendellA New Lease of Death
1995978-0-00-105006-8Bernard CornwellRebel (The Starbuck Chronicles, Book 1)
1996978-0-00-105008-2Bernard CornwellBattle Flag (The Starbuck Chronicles, Book 3)
  ''978-0-00-105009-9Ruth RendellMurder Being Once Done
1996978-0-00-105011-2Ruth RendellVanity Dies Hard
  ''978-0-00-105013-6   ''The Tree of Hands
  ''978-0-00-105014-3Fay WeldonThe Cloning of Joanna May
2009978-0-00-105016-7FRASER G MFlashman Mount Lig 2 Tapes Hca 332
1996978-0-00-105023-5William ShakespeareLove’s Labours Lost: Performed by Derek Jacobi, Geraldine McEwan & Cast
1976978-0-00-105030-3Walter ReinMusik Und Jagerei -Ensemble de Partitions
  ''978-0-00-105037-2Wolfgang FortnerSonnets
1996978-0-00-105041-9Ted HughesTed Hughes Reading His Poetry
1995978-0-00-105046-4Jostein GaarderSophie’s World: A Novel About the History of Philosophy
1996978-0-00-105050-1William ShakespeareHenry IV (Part Two): Complete & Unabridged Pt. 2
1995978-0-00-105053-2Simon CallowOrson Welles: The Road to Xanadu
  ''978-0-00-105055-6Frederick ForsythThe Deceiver
1996978-0-00-105073-0Tom SharpeGrantchester Grind: A Porterhouse Chronicle
1996978-0-00-105074-7Tom SharpeRiotous Assembly
  ''978-0-00-105075-4   ''Indecent Exposure
  ''978-0-00-105086-0Kevin J. AndersonChampions of the Force (Star Wars): Champion of the Force (Jedi Academy Trilogy)
  ''978-0-00-105087-7Roger MacBride AllenStar Wars – Ambush at Corellia (Corellian Trilogy)
  ''978-0-00-105099-0Bernard CornwellThe Bloody Ground (The Starbuck Chronicles, Book 4)
1985978-0-00-105173-7Karl Amadeus HartmanSymphonie Concertante Orchestre
1953978-0-00-105175-1Heinrich SutermeisteMarche Fantasque Orchestre
1984978-0-00-105178-2Hans Werner Henze2. String Quartet Musique d'Ensemble
1976978-0-00-105194-2Heinrich SutermeisteCello Concerto No. 1
1996978-0-00-105201-7Thomas HardyThe Woodlanders
1996978-0-00-105204-8Reginald HillAn April Shroud
  ''978-0-00-105206-2Reginald HillAn Advancement of Learning
2000978-0-00-105207-9David GutersonSnow Falling on Cedars
1996978-0-00-105210-9Barbara Taylor BradfordHer Own Rules
  ''978-0-00-105211-6William HorwoodThe Willows and Beyond
  ''978-0-00-105212-3Joanna TrollopeNext of Kin
  ''978-0-00-105213-0Marcel ProustSwann’s Way
1996978-0-00-105214-7Paul MertonMy Struggle
  ''978-0-00-105215-4Jeffrey ArcherThe Fourth Estate
  ''978-0-00-105218-5Kevin J. AndersonRuins (The X-Files, Book 4)
  ''978-0-00-105219-2Michael ParkinsonSporting Profiles
1997978-0-00-105224-6Jeff RovinOp-Centre (Tom Clancy's Op-Centre)
2002978-0-00-105227-7Meera SyalAnita and Me
1996978-0-00-105230-7Agatha ChristieThe Call of Wings: Unabridged
  ''978-0-00-105231-4Pat BarkerRegeneration
1996978-0-00-105232-1Pat BarkerThe Eye in the Door
  ''978-0-00-105233-8   ''The Ghost Road
  ''978-0-00-105234-5Joseph ConradThe Secret Agent
  ''978-0-00-105241-3Jonathan SwiftGulliver’s Travels
  ''978-0-00-105242-0Daniel DefoeRobinson Crusoe
1996978-0-00-105243-7George EliotSilas Marner
  ''978-0-00-105244-4Cormac McCarthyThe Crossing
2002978-0-00-105248-2Val McDermidThe Mermaids Singing (Tony Hill and Carol Jordan, Book 1)
1996978-0-00-105251-2Les MartinHumbug (The X-Files)
1997978-0-00-105254-3Peter AckroydHawksmoor
1996978-0-00-105255-0R. D. WingfieldHard Frost
  ''978-0-00-105256-7R. D. WingfieldA Touch of Frost
  ''978-0-00-105258-1David CookMissing Persons: Hetty Wainthropp Investigates
  ''978-0-00-105262-8Linda DaviesLifetime Davies Pack
1996978-0-00-105288-8Ellis PetersThe Hermit of Eyton Forest
  ''978-0-00-105289-5Ellis PetersThe Confession of Brother Haluin
1997978-0-00-105294-9Patrick O'BrianThe Yellow Admiral
  ''978-0-00-105295-6Patrick O'BrianThe Mauritius Command
  ''978-0-00-105296-3Reginald HillRuling Passion
  ''978-0-00-105297-0   ''A Killing Kindness
1997978-0-00-105298-7Reginald HillDeadheads
  ''978-0-00-105300-7David Cook · John BowenHetty Wainthropp – Woman of the Year
1996978-0-00-105301-4Rudyard KiplingThe Poetry of Rudyard Kipling: Unabridged
1997978-0-00-105307-6VariousClassic Poems: Unabridged (Poetry)
2002978-0-00-105308-3Agatha ChristieA Caribbean Mystery: Unabridged
2000978-0-00-105309-0Frank McCourtAngela’s Ashes: A Memoir of a Childhood
1976978-0-00-105312-0Walter ReinAlles Ist Liebe
1997978-0-00-105323-6Tom SharpeThe Midden
2002978-0-00-105325-0Agatha ChristieThey Do It With Mirrors: Unabridged
1997978-0-00-105326-7Les MartinTiger, Tiger (The X-Files)
1997978-0-00-105328-1Les MartinFear (The X-Files)
2003978-0-00-105329-8Patrick O'BrianMaster and Commander
1997978-0-00-105330-4   ''Post Captain
  ''978-0-00-105331-1   ''HMS Surprise
  ''978-0-00-105333-5Les MartinE.B.E. (The X-Files)
  ''978-0-00-105335-9Bernard CornwellSharpe's Tiger: The Siege of Seringapatam, 1799
1996978-0-00-105337-3Dava SobelLongitude
1997978-0-00-105339-7VariousWar Poems: Unabridged (Poetry)
1959978-0-00-105359-5Wolfgang FortnerThe Creation - Die Schopfung
1997978-0-00-105361-8Margaret AtwoodAlias Grace
  ''978-0-00-105362-5Beryl BainbridgeEvery Man for Himself
1997978-0-00-105365-6Tom BakerWho on Earth is Tom Baker?
  ''978-0-00-105366-3Les MartinGhost in the Machine (The X-Files)
  ''978-0-00-105372-4Jacquelyn MitchardThe Deep End of the Ocean
  ''978-0-00-105373-1Terry Jones · J. R. R. TolkienSir Gawain and the Green Knight: with Pearl and Sir Orfeo: Unabridged
  ''978-0-00-105374-8J. R. R. TolkienPearl and Sir Orfeo: Unabridged
1976978-0-00-105375-5Gerhard MaaszMiniatrio
1999978-0-00-105407-3William HorwoodThe Willows at Christmas
1997978-0-00-105408-0Agatha ChristieWhile the Light Lasts: Unabridged
1997978-0-00-105409-7Robert GoddardBeyond Recall
  ''978-0-00-105412-7Michael A. StackpoleThe Bacta War (Star Wars X-Wing): X Wing/The Bacta War
  ''978-0-00-105414-1Winston Churchill · Martin Luther, Jr. King · OthersGreat Speeches
  ''978-0-00-105436-3Rose TremainThe Way I Found Her
  ''978-0-00-105440-0Weldon · DaviesWeldon/Davies Clamshell Pk
1997978-0-00-105441-7Smith · ThomasCruz Smith/Thomas Clamshell Pk
  ''978-0-00-105442-4MCDERMID · FYFIELDMcdermid/Fyfield Clamshell Pk
  ''978-0-00-105443-1WELDON FAYWeldon X 2 Clamshell Pk
  ''978-0-00-105444-8BTB · BUCHANBtb/Buchan Clamshell Pk
  ''978-0-00-105445-5DOBBS MICHAELDobbs X 2 Clamshell Pk
1997978-0-00-105446-2Forsyth · LudlumForsyth/Ludlum Clamshell Pk
  ''978-0-00-105447-9Agatha ChristieChristie X 2 Clamshell Pk
  ''978-0-00-105448-6HILL REGINALDReginald Hill X 2 Clamshell Pk
  ''978-0-00-105449-3TROLLOPE JOANNATrollope X 2 Clamshell Pk
  ''978-0-00-105460-8Oscar WildeThe Picture of Dorian Gray
1998978-0-00-105464-6J. R. R. TolkienThe Silmarillion Part 1: Audio Cassette
1998978-0-00-105465-3J. R. R. TolkienThe Silmarillion Part 2: Audio Cassette
  ''978-0-00-105467-7   ''The Silmarillion Part 4: Audio Cassette
1997978-0-00-105468-4Arundhati RoyThe God of Small Things
  ''978-0-00-105469-1Patrick O'BrianDesolation Island
  ''978-0-00-105470-7   ''The Fortune of War
1997978-0-00-105471-4Patrick O'BrianThe Surgeon’s Mate
2001978-0-00-105472-1   ''Patrick O’Brian Gift Set
1998978-0-00-105478-3Arthur Conan DoyleThe Case Book of Sherlock Holmes: Unabridged
  ''978-0-00-105482-0Bernard CornwellThe Sharpe Series (2) – Sharpe’s Triumph: The Battle of Assaye, September 1803
2004978-0-00-105484-4Charles FrazierCold Mountain
1998978-0-00-105485-1Sebastian JungerThe Perfect Storm: A True Story of Man Against the Sea
2002978-0-00-105486-8Agatha ChristieThe Moving Finger: Unabridged
1998978-0-00-105487-5Bernard MacLavertyGrace Notes
  ''978-0-00-105488-2Jeffrey ArcherThe Eleventh Commandment
  ''978-0-00-105490-5J. R. R. TolkienThe Silmarillion Part 5: Audio Cassette
  ''978-0-00-105491-2Colin BatemanDivorcing Jack
1998978-0-00-105496-7Patrick O'BrianThe Ionian Mission
2003978-0-00-105498-1   ''The Far Side of the World
1998978-0-00-105499-8Arthur Conan DoyleSherlock Holmes: The Adventure of the Sussex Vampire and Other Stories
  ''978-0-00-105500-1Nick HornbyAbout a Boy
1976978-0-00-105503-2Josef HaasSchiller-Hymne Op. 107 Chant
  ''978-0-00-105514-8Kurt HessenbergString Quartet No. 4 Op. 60 Musique d'Ensemble-Ensemble de Partitions
1998978-0-00-105517-9Beryl BainbridgeMaster Georgie
2000978-0-00-105521-6Flor PeetersRegeneration Trilogy-Paul Mcgann 6t
1977978-0-00-105526-1Heinrich SutermeisteSpanish Lover/B of Friends/Next O K
1976978-0-00-105527-8   ''HMS Surprise/Mauritius Com-R Hardy
1998978-0-00-105528-5Arthur GoldenMemoirs of a Geisha
  ''978-0-00-105529-2David Ewing DuncanThe Calendar: The 5000 Year Struggle To Align The Clock and the Heavens, and What Happened To The Missing Ten Days
  ''978-0-00-105531-5Patrick O'Brian · Robert HardyThe Hundred Days
1998978-0-00-105532-2William ThackerayVanity Fair
2002978-0-00-105533-9Agatha ChristieNemesis: Unabridged
1998978-0-00-105534-6J. R. R. TolkienThe Silmarillion Giftpack
  ''978-0-00-105535-3   ''Roverandom: Unabridged
  ''978-0-00-105536-0Agatha ChristieBlack Coffee: Unabridged
  ''978-0-00-105537-7Cormac McCarthyCities of the Plain
  ''978-0-00-105539-1Patricia CornwellPoint of Origin (Kay Scarpetta)
1998978-0-00-105542-1Chris CarterFight the Future (The X-Files)
  ''978-0-00-105544-5Sidney SheldonTell Me Your Dreams
1999978-0-00-105546-9Patrick O'BrianThe Reverse of the Medal
1999978-0-00-105547-6Patrick O'BrianThe Letter of Marque
  ''978-0-00-105548-3   ''The Thirteen-Gun Salute
  ''978-0-00-105559-9David GutersonEast of the Mountains
1998978-0-00-105560-5Shani MootooCereus Blooms at Night
1999978-0-00-105562-9Bernard CornwellThe Sharpe Series (3) – Sharpe’s Fortress: The Siege of Gawilghur, December 1803
2004978-0-00-105565-0Ian McEwanEnduring Love (abridged version)
1998978-0-00-105566-7Ian McEwanAmsterdam
  ''978-0-00-105567-4Magnus MillsThe Restraint of Beasts
978-0-00-105571-1Murder in Mesopotamia
1999978-0-00-105574-2Gary KinderShip of Gold in the Deep Blue Sea
  ''978-0-00-105576-6Frank McCourt’Tis
1999978-0-00-105577-3Patrick O'BrianThe Nutmeg of Consolation
2000978-0-00-105579-7   ''The Wine-Dark Sea
  ''978-0-00-105580-3   ''The Commodore
1999978-0-00-105581-0   ''Blue at the Mizzen
2001978-0-00-105583-4John BayleyIris: A Memoir of Iris Murdoch
1999978-0-00-105585-8R. D. WingfieldNight Frost
  ''978-0-00-105586-5Agatha ChristieThe Unexpected Guest
  ''978-0-00-105587-2Ben EltonInconceivable
  ''978-0-00-105592-6Peter AckroydThe Plato Papers
1999978-0-00-105594-0Richard BransonLosing My Virginity
  ''978-0-00-105595-7Patricia CornwellBlack Notice
  ''978-0-00-105596-4Agatha ChristieThe Bloodstained Pavement and Other Stories (Miss Marple)
1999978-0-00-105597-1Agatha ChristieThe Kidnapped Prime Minister: and Other Stories (Poirot)
  ''978-0-00-105598-8   ''The Blue Geranium and Other Stories
  ''978-0-00-105599-5   ''The Mystery of Hunter's Lodge and Other Stories (Poirot)
  ''978-0-00-105600-8   ''Death by Drowning: and Other Stories (Miss Marple)
  ''978-0-00-105601-5   ''Dead Man’s Mirror
1999978-0-00-105602-2Agatha ChristieThe Thirteen Problems Gift Pack (Miss Marple)