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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2011978-0-00-743702-3Julie Crimmins-CrockerCollins Practise with Puzzles – Book 5: Phonics and Spelling
  ''978-0-00-743703-0Julie Crimmins-CrockerCollins Practise with Puzzles – Book 6: Phonics and Spelling
  ''978-0-00-743704-7Simon Smith · Carolyn Dale · Sarah Galpin · Jo Powell · Sue Stalley · Pat SzczesniakCollins Science Scheme – Book 3
  ''978-0-00-743705-4Simon Smith · Carolyn Dale · Sarah Galpin · Jo Powell · Sue Stalley · Pat SzczesniakCollins Science Scheme – Book 5
  ''978-0-00-743706-1   ''Collins Science Scheme – Book 4
2011978-0-00-743707-8Simon Smith · Carolyn Dale · Sarah Galpin · Jo Powell · Sue Stalley · Pat SzczesniakCollins Science Scheme – Book 6
  ''978-0-00-743708-5   ''Collins Science Scheme – Teacher File 3
  ''978-0-00-743709-2   ''Collins Science Scheme – Teacher File 4
  ''978-0-00-743710-8   ''Collins Science Scheme – Teacher File 5
  ''978-0-00-743711-5Conn IgguldenEmpire of Silver (Conqueror, Book 4)
2011978-0-00-743712-2Conn IgguldenThe Gates of Rome (Emperor Series, Book 1)
2011978-0-00-743713-9Conn IgguldenThe Death of Kings (Emperor Series, Book 2)
  ''978-0-00-743714-6   ''The Field of Swords (Emperor Series, Book 3)
  ''978-0-00-743715-3   ''Gods of War (Emperor Series): 4 (Emperor Series)
  ''978-0-00-743716-0Simon Smith · Carolyn Dale · Sarah Galpin · Jo Powell · Sue Stalley · Pat SzczesniakCollins Science Scheme – Teacher File 6
  ''978-0-00-743718-4HarperCollins UKBook 1 (Collins English Skills)
2011978-0-00-743719-1Collins EducationBook 2 (Collins English Skills)
  ''978-0-00-743720-7   ''Book 3 (Collins English Skills)
  ''978-0-00-743721-4   ''Book 4 (Collins English Skills)
2011978-0-00-743722-1Collins EducationBook 5 (Collins English Skills)
  ''978-0-00-743723-8   ''Book 6 (Collins English Skills)
  ''978-0-00-743726-9Michael MorpurgoCollins Readers – War Horse
2012978-0-00-743727-6Tara HudsonArise (Hereafter, Book 2)
2013978-0-00-743729-0Tara HudsonElegy (Hereafter)
2011978-0-00-743731-3Arianna HuffingtonThird World America: How our politicians are abandoning the ordinary citizen
  ''978-0-00-743734-4Cathy KellyChristmas Magic
  ''978-0-00-743735-1Cathy KellyChristmas Magic
2011978-0-00-743766-5Collins Anglicised ESV BiblesStudy Bible: English Standard Version (ESV) Personal Size Edition
  ''978-0-00-743770-2Collins DictionariesWebster’s Easy Learning Spanish Complete (Collins Easy Learning Spanish)
  ''978-0-00-743771-9   ''Webster’s Easy Learning French Complete (Collins Easy Learning French)
2012978-0-00-743776-4Stacia KaneChasing Magic (Downside Ghosts, Book 5)
2019978-0-00-743778-8Stacia KaneDownside Ghosts 6 (Downside Ghosts, Book 6)
2011978-0-00-743780-1Jenni MurrayMy Boy Butch: The heart-warming true story of a little dog who made life worth living again
2012978-0-00-743781-8Collins MapsWorld Atlas (Collins Student Atlas)
  ''978-0-00-743782-5   ''World Atlas (Collins Student Atlas)
  ''978-0-00-743784-9Michael CunninghamBy Nightfall
2011978-0-00-743785-6Jack HigginsFlight of Eagles
2011978-0-00-743786-3Collins DictionariesCollins English Dictionary
2012978-0-00-743790-0   ''Collins Gem French Dictionary (Collins Gem)
2012978-0-00-743791-7Collins DictionariesCollins Gem Spanish Dictionary (Collins Gem)
  ''978-0-00-743792-4   ''Collins Gem German Dictionary (Collins Gem)
  ''978-0-00-743793-1   ''Collins Gem Italian Dictionary (Collins Gem)
  ''978-0-00-743794-8   ''Collins First Time French Dictionary (Collins Primary Dictionaries)
  ''978-0-00-743795-5   ''Collins First Time Spanish Dictionary (Collins Primary Dictionaries)
2011978-0-00-743796-2Times Mind GamesThe Times Codeword 3: 150 cracking logic puzzles
2011978-0-00-743797-9Anthony SampsonMandela: The Authorised Biography
  ''978-0-00-743798-6Cor BlokA Tolkien Tapestry
  ''978-0-00-743799-3Cor BlokA Tolkien Tapestry
  ''978-0-00-743800-6Tom SteelThe Life and Death of St. Kilda
2012978-0-00-743804-4James PattersonJack and Jill
  ''978-0-00-743807-5New Maths Frameworking – Year 9 Practice Books 1, 2, 3
2011978-0-00-743808-2Chris PearceNew Maths Frameworking – Level 6 Booster Workbook
2011978-0-00-743810-5Enid BlytonWell Done, Noddy! (Noddy Classic Collection)
  ''978-0-00-743811-2Enid BlytonYou Funny Little Noddy (Noddy Classic Collection)
2014978-0-00-743812-9Chris EvansDear Me: Midlife, what crisis?
  ''978-0-00-743813-6Chris EvansDear Me: Midlife, what crisis?
2011978-0-00-743840-2Collins UK2012 Collins Europe Road Map
2011978-0-00-743841-9Collins UK2012 Collins France Road Map (International Road Atlases)
  ''978-0-00-743842-6   ''2012 Collins Europe Essential Road Atlas (International Road Atlases)
  ''978-0-00-743845-7Dr. SeussThe Bippolo Seed and Other Lost Stories (Dr. Seuss)
2012978-0-00-743847-1Richard MabeyFood for Free
  ''978-0-00-743849-5Nabila SharmaBrutal: The Heartbreaking True Story of a Little Girl’s Stolen Innocence
2011978-0-00-743851-8June Thomson · Giselle Ross · Marion Scott · Jim McBethBeyond All Evil: Two monsters, two mothers, a love that will last forever
  ''978-0-00-743855-6TimesThe Times Map of The Middle East and North Africa
2011978-0-00-743857-0Collins CobuildCollins Cobuild Pocket English-English-Kannada Dictionary (Collins Cobuild Pocket Diction)
  ''978-0-00-743860-0Collins CobuildCollins Cobuild Pocket English-English-Telugu Dictionary
  ''978-0-00-743861-7Collins My First English-English-Gujarati Dictionary (Collins First)
  ''978-0-00-743863-1Collins My First English-English-Marathi Dictionary (Collins First)
2012978-0-00-743866-2Neil SomervilleYour Chinese Horoscope 2013: What the year of the snake holds in store for you
  ''978-0-00-743867-9Sorrel AndersonThe Clumsies Make a Mess of the School (The Clumsies, Book 5)
2012978-0-00-743869-3Sorrel AndersonThe Clumsies Make a Mess of the Airport (The Clumsies, Book 6)
2014978-0-00-743871-6   ''Untitled - Sorrel Anderson
2012978-0-00-743875-4Adam BryantThe Corner Office
2011978-0-00-743880-8David DuganInside Nature’s Giants (Channel 4)
2012978-0-00-743882-2John Belfield · Jack Gillett · Meg Gillett · John RutterCollins Cambridge IGCSE – Cambridge IGCSE Geography Student Book
  ''978-0-00-743883-9John Belfield · Alan Parkinson · Alison Rae · John RutterCambridge IGCSE Geography Teacher Guide (Collins Cambridge IGCSE)
  ''978-0-00-743884-6Paul Clowrey · Colin StobartCollins Cambridge IGCSE – Cambridge IGCSE ICT Student Book and CD-ROM
  ''978-0-00-743885-3   ''Collins Cambridge IGCSE – Cambridge IGCSE ICT Teacher Guide
  ''978-0-00-743888-4Sophie HayesTrafficked: The Terrifying True Story of a British Girl Forced Into the Sex Trade
2012978-0-00-743891-4Seré Prince HalversonThe Underside of Joy
2014978-0-00-743893-8Seré Prince HalversonThe House of Frozen Dreams
2015978-0-00-743894-5   ''The House of Frozen Dreams
2005978-0-00-743901-0Biology - Custom Core Edition, Textbook ONLY
2013978-0-00-743902-7Mark LawrenceKing of Thorns (The Broken Empire, Book 2): 2/3
2012978-0-00-743903-4Mark LawrenceKing of Thorns (The Broken Empire, Book 2)
2013978-0-00-743906-5Mark LawrenceEmperor of Thorns (The Broken Empire, Book 3)
2011978-0-00-743911-9Maj SjwallRoseanna (The Martin Beck series)
  ''978-0-00-743912-6Maj Sjowall · Per WahlooThe Man Who Went Up In Smoke (A Martin Beck)
  ''978-0-00-743913-3Maj SjowallThe Man on the Balcony (The Martin Beck series, Book 3) (A Martin Beck Novel)
2016978-0-00-743914-0Maj Sjöwall · Per WahlööThe Laughing Policeman (The Martin Beck series, Book 4)
  ''978-0-00-743915-7Maj SjöwallThe Fire Engine That Disappeared (Martin Beck): 9 (A Martin Beck Novel)
2011978-0-00-743916-4Sjöwall WahlooMurder at the Savoy (The Martin Beck series)
2016978-0-00-743917-1Maj Sjöwall · Per WahlööThe Abominable Man (The Martin Beck series, Book 7)
2012978-0-00-743918-8Maj SjwallThe Locked Room. Maj Sjwall and Per Wahl (The Martin Beck Series)
  ''978-0-00-743919-5Sjöwall & wahlooCop Killer a martin beck novel (The Martin Beck series)
2012978-0-00-743920-1Maj SjwallThe Terrorists (The Martin Beck series)
  ''978-0-00-743925-6Zoran DrvenkarSorry
2011978-0-00-743926-3Zoran DrvenkarSorry
2012978-0-00-743928-7   ''Sorry
2011978-0-00-743929-4Julia ThomasCake Angels: Gluten, Wheat & Dairy Free Cakes
  ''978-0-00-743931-7Noel Springett-McHugh · Stephen Springett-McHughBelair On Display – The Essential Guide to Primary Display
  ''978-0-00-743933-1Liz Webster · Linda DuncanBelair On Display – Hands on Numeracy Ages 5 – 7
  ''978-0-00-743934-8Margaret ShareBelair On Display – Hands on Numeracy Ages 7 – 11
2011978-0-00-743935-5Margaret ShareBelair On Display – Creative Numeracy
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2011978-0-00-743947-8Claire TinkerBelair On Display – Hands on Geography
  ''978-0-00-743949-2Rebecca CarnihanBelair On Display – Hands on History
  ''978-0-00-743951-5Claire TinkerBelair On Display – Art Inspired by Music
  ''978-0-00-743955-3Hilary AnsellBelair On Display – Art Inspired by Nature
  ''978-0-00-744034-4Times Mind GamesThe Times Difficult Su Doku Book 5: 200 dreadfully tricky Su Doku puzzles
2011978-0-00-744035-1John GrimshawTimes 2 Jumbo Crossword 6: 60 world-famous crossword puzzles
  ''978-0-00-744036-8Michael MorpurgoLittle Manfred
  ''978-0-00-744041-2Jessica FellowesThe World of Downton Abbey
  ''978-0-00-744045-0Oliver JeffersUp and Down (Book & CD)
2013978-0-00-744049-8Johnny VegasBecoming Johnny Vegas
2011978-0-00-744051-1J. R. R. TolkienMr Bliss
  ''978-0-00-744052-8J.R.R. Tolkien · Derek JacobiMr. Bliss
2011978-0-00-744056-6Frankie BoyleWork! Consume! Die!
  ''978-0-00-744061-0Boris JohnsonJohnson’s Life of London: The People Who Made the City That Made the World
  ''978-0-00-744065-8Times Mind GamesThe Times Ultimate Killer Su Doku Book 3
2012978-0-00-744066-5   ''The Times Fiendish Su Doku Book 5: 200 Challenging Su Doku Puzzles
  ''978-0-00-744067-2   ''Times Killer Su Doku Book 8
  ''978-0-00-744068-9   ''The Times Su Doku Book 12 (Times Su Duko)
2011978-0-00-744069-6Dave Cornmell364 Days of Tedium: or What Santa Gets up to on his Days Off
2011978-0-00-744073-3Nick ButterworthJingle Bells
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2016978-0-00-744083-2J. R. R. TolkienThe Hobbit Facsimile First Edition
2011978-0-00-744084-9J. R. R. TolkienThe Hobbit (pocket version)
2012978-0-00-744089-4Barry HutchisonAfterworlds: The 13th Horseman
2011978-0-00-744093-1Clare DignallCan You Eat, Shoot & Leave?
  ''978-0-00-744122-8Alan ParkerBugsy Malone (Essential Modern Classics)
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  ''978-0-00-744128-0Jeffrey EugenidesThe Marriage Plot
  ''978-0-00-744129-7Jeffrey EugenidesThe Marriage Plot
2012978-0-00-744130-3   ''The Marriage Plot
2011978-0-00-744136-5Anne R. BradfordCollins Bradford’s Crossword Solver’s Lists
2013978-0-00-744140-2Andrew KaufmanBorn Weird
2011978-0-00-744142-6George R.R. MartinA Game of Thrones (A Song of Ice and Fire, Book 1)
2011978-0-00-744153-2Matt Croucher · Royal British LegionThe Royal British Legion
2016978-0-00-744155-6Dr. SeussFox in Socks (Dr. Seuss)
2011978-0-00-744158-7Ian WhybrowMore Meerkat Madness (Awesome Animals)
2012978-0-00-744161-7Ian WhybrowMeerkat Madness Flying High (Awesome Animals)
  ''978-0-00-744171-6Barbara Taylor BradfordLetter from a Stranger
2013978-0-00-744174-7Lucy LordVanity
2014978-0-00-744176-1   ''A Girl Called Summer
2011978-0-00-744178-5C. S. LewisThe Silver Chair - The Chronicles of Narnia Facsimile (6)
  ''978-0-00-744179-2C. S. LewisThe Last Battle (The Chronicles of Narnia Facsimile, Book 7)
2019978-0-00-744194-5GI: How to Succeed Using the Glycemic Index Diet (Collins Gem)
978-0-00-744197-6Alastair FitterCollins Gem – Trees
2011978-0-00-744199-0Collins DictionariesCollins Latin Pocket Dictionary (Collins Pocket)
2012978-0-00-744202-7Collins Gem English-Marathi/Marathi-English Dictionary (Collins Gem)
  ''978-0-00-744203-4Collins Gem English-Telugu/Telugu-English Dictionary (Collins Gem)
2011978-0-00-744231-7Collins UkCollins Road Atlas Ireland
2012978-0-00-744240-9Innocentinnocent hungry?: The innocent recipe book for filling your family with good stuff
  ''978-0-00-744242-3Patrick GaleA Perfectly Good Man
2012978-0-00-744243-0John BriffaEscape the Diet Trap
2011978-0-00-744244-7Peter IrvineScotland The Best
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  ''978-0-00-744251-5Dr. SeussDr. Seuss’s Pocket Box of Fun! (Dr. Seuss)
  ''978-0-00-744262-1Cathy GlassThe Night the Angels Came: The heartbreaking true story of a young boy's loss
2012978-0-00-744263-8Cathy GlassA Baby’s Cry
2012978-0-00-744270-6Cathy GlassHappy Adults
2011978-0-00-744273-7Jez AlboroughHit the Ball, Duck
  ''978-0-00-744274-4Jez AlboroughCaptain Duck
2012978-0-00-744282-9Sidney Sheldon · Tilly BagshaweSidney Sheldon’s Angel of the Dark
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  ''978-0-00-744292-8Veronica RothInsurgent
2012978-0-00-744305-5Collins MapsCambridge IGCSE Student World Atlas (Collins Cambridge IGCSE) (Igcse Geography)
  ''978-0-00-744307-9   ''Postcode Atlas of Britain and Northern Ireland (Collins Postcode Atlas of Great Britain & Northern Ireland)
  ''978-0-00-744308-6Rebecca LimFury (Mercy, Book 4)
2011978-0-00-744313-0Collins DictionariesScrabble Trickster (Collins Little Books)
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2011978-0-00-744317-8Collins at Home with English (Book & CD)
  ''978-0-00-744327-7Penelope LivelyA Stitch in Time (Essential Modern Classics) (Collins Modern Classics)
978-0-00-744328-4Pam WeaverThere's Always Tomorrow
2012978-0-00-744337-6Bonnie Jo CampbellOnce Upon a River
2011978-0-00-744338-3Karen Farrington · Nick ConstableMayday! Mayday!: The History of Sea Rescue Around Britain’s Coastal Waters (Lifeboats)
  ''978-0-00-744344-4Nikki GemmellWith My Body
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2011978-0-00-744357-4Jeffrey EugenidesThe Marriage Plot
2012978-0-00-744363-5Stuart MacBrideBirthdays for the Dead
978-0-00-744372-7Mark SteelMark Steel’s In Town
2012978-0-00-744374-1Camilla LackbergThe Drowning (Patrik Hedstrom and Erica Falck, Book 6)
  ''978-0-00-744379-6Not KnownCollins New GCSE Science – Science
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2012978-0-00-744408-3Sarah WhiteheadClever Dog: The Secrets Your Dog Wants You to Know
2011978-0-00-744410-6Richard ScarryRichard Scarry's Great Big Mystery Book