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ISBN 978-0-00-211717-3 to 978-0-00-215249-5 < ISBN 978-0-00-215254-9 to 978-0-00-215913-5 > ISBN 978-0-00-215922-7 to 978-0-00-216375-0

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1967978-0-00-215254-9Mircea EliadeFrom Primitives to Zen
1971978-0-00-215257-0C.H. DoddThe Founder of Christianity
1988978-0-00-215263-1Simon HolledgeCollins Illustrated Guide to Xi'an
  ''978-0-00-215264-8Collins Illustrated Guide to Jiangsu
  ''978-0-00-215265-5Caroline CourtauldCollins Illustrated Guide to Fujian
  ''978-0-00-215266-2Not statedCollins Illustrated Guide to Canton and Guilin (China guide series)
1971978-0-00-215283-9N.H.G. RobinsonGroundwork of Christian Ethics
1978978-0-00-215285-3Peter KellySearching for Truth
1980978-0-00-215296-9Norman AndersonGod's Law and God's Love
1990978-0-00-215297-6Ronald FergusonGeorge MacLeod: Founder of the Iona Community
1969978-0-00-215307-2Pierre Teilhard de ChardinHow I believe
1979978-0-00-215311-9Mircea EliadeA History of Religious Ideas: Vol 1 From the Stone Age to the Eleusinian Mysteries
1990978-0-00-215318-8Warren TuteThe Reluctant Enemies: The War Between Britain and France, 1940-42
1991978-0-00-215320-1Ken PopleStanley Spencer: A Biography
1989978-0-00-215321-8David CohenA Day in the Life of China
  ''978-0-00-215323-2David CohenThe Jews in America
1989978-0-00-215324-9Galen RowellThe Art of Adventure
1990978-0-00-215325-6Jun'ichiro TanizakiChildhood Years: A Memoir
  ''978-0-00-215332-4Michael De-la-NoyMichael Ramsey: a Portrait
  ''978-0-00-215333-1Naomi ShepherdAlarms and Excursions: Thirty Years in Israel
1989978-0-00-215335-5Harvey G. CoxMany Mansions
1993978-0-00-215339-3John HaleThe Civilization of Europe in the Renaissance
1971978-0-00-215342-3Paul Rowntree CliffordInterpreting Human Experience
1974978-0-00-215346-1Lawrence ElliottI Will be Called John: Biography of Pope John XXIII
1980978-0-00-215351-5St.Catherine of SienaI, Catherine: Writings
1994978-0-00-215356-0Martin GilbertIn Search of Churchill
1992978-0-00-215357-7Jung ChangWild Swans: Three Daughters of China
1993978-0-00-215364-5Elaine FeinsteinLawrence’s Women: The Intimate Life of D H Lawrence
1990978-0-00-215365-2Hugh HonourVenice (Companion Guides)
  ''978-0-00-215368-3Anne HigonnetBerthe Morisot
1975978-0-00-215375-1Malachi MartinJesus Now
  ''978-0-00-215376-8Peter De RosaJesus Who Became Christ
1991978-0-00-215380-5Christina NobleAt Home in the Himalayas
1991978-0-00-215386-7Michael NicholsonA Measure of Danger: Memoirs of a British War Correspondent
1992978-0-00-215387-4Malcolm RogersCollins Guide to London (Companion Guides)
1990978-0-00-215389-8Peter ThompsonSharing the Success: The Story of NFC
1989978-0-00-215390-4Richard GoodwinLeontyne: By Barge from London to Vienna
1998978-0-00-215392-8John LoweThe Warden: A Portrait of John Sparrow
1990978-0-00-215397-3Robert MarshallIn the Sewers of Lvov
1989978-0-00-215400-0Eric NewbyA Short Walk in the Hindu Kush
1976978-0-00-215402-4David L. EdwardsKey to the Old Testament
1988978-0-00-215403-1Victor KiamKeep Going for it!: Living the Life of an Entrepreneur
  ''978-0-00-215404-8John PrebbleThe King's Jaunt: George IV in Scotland, 1822
1991978-0-00-215406-2C.S. LewisAll My Road Before Me: The Diary of C.S.Lewis, 1922-27
1990978-0-00-215408-6Sara SuleriMeatless Days
1992978-0-00-215411-6Vincent CroninThe Renaissance
1989978-0-00-215412-3Elisabeth ScottoFrance the Beautiful Cookbook
978-0-00-215418-5Charles LynchYou Can't Print That! Memoirs of a Political Voyeur
1988978-0-00-215419-2Stephen BrookMaple leaf rag: Travels across Canada
978-0-00-215426-0Dogleg Madness
978-0-00-215428-4Winning the Radar War: A Memoir
978-0-00-215431-4Wreaths: Techniques and materials-- step-by-step projects-- creative ideas for the year round
978-0-00-215433-8Submarine Versus Submarine. The Tactics & Technology Of Underwater Confrontation.
978-0-00-215435-2This won't hurt a bit!: Vicki Gabereau chats with the famous, not-so-famous and should-be-famous
1988978-0-00-215437-6Edward L GreenspanGreenspan, the case for the defence
  ''978-0-00-215438-3Robert FulfordBest seat in the House: Memoirs of a lucky man
1995978-0-00-215439-0L.A. MorseVideo Trash and Treasure: v. 1
1988978-0-00-215440-6Martha HarronDon Harron a Parent Contradiction a Biography
1989978-0-00-215441-3Michael RachlisSecond opinion: What's wrong with Canada's health-care system and how to fix it
1995978-0-00-215443-7Shawn M. MulliganMulligan's Bar Guide
1989978-0-00-215446-8Lorenza De' Medici Stucchi · Patrizia PassigliItaly: The Beautiful Cookbook: Authentic Recipes from the Regions of Italy
1969978-0-00-215457-4Pierre Teilhard de ChardinLetters to Leontine Zanta
1970978-0-00-215459-8John KnoxLimits of Unbelief
  ''978-0-00-215460-4Marc BoegnerLong Road to Unity
  ''978-0-00-215461-1Pierre Teilhard de ChardinActivation of Energy
1971978-0-00-215462-8Henri de LubacEternal Feminine
1970978-0-00-215463-5Charles DickensThe Life of Our Lord
1990978-0-00-215464-2Frank Pakenham,Earl of LongfordSuffering and Hope
1974978-0-00-215468-0Pierre Teilhard de ChardinToward the Future
1980978-0-00-215474-1William BarclayThe Lord is My Shepherd
1989978-0-00-215480-2C. S. LewisLetters to Don Giovanni Calabria
1990978-0-00-215483-3Cheryl BentsenMaasai Days
1991978-0-00-215486-4Christopher SomervilleThe Bedside Rambler
1990978-0-00-215490-1"Fynn"Anna and the Black Knight
1991978-0-00-215494-9Alan BullockHitler and Stalin: Parallel Lives
1990978-0-00-215498-7Gerald DurrellThe Ark's Anniversary
1990978-0-00-215500-7Andrew C. RevkinThe Burning Season: Murder of Chico Mendes and the Fight for the Amazon Rain Forest
1972978-0-00-215510-6John MortonMan, Science and God
1969978-0-00-215511-3K.H. WrageMan and Woman: The Basis of Their Relationship
1970978-0-00-215512-0Roger GaraudyMarxism in the Twentieth Century
1974978-0-00-215519-9FynnMister God, This is Anna
1975978-0-00-215521-2Thomas KeneallyMoses the lawgiver
  ''978-0-00-215522-9Malcolm MuggeridgeJesus: The man who lives
1989978-0-00-215534-2Jack HigginsMemoirs of a Dance Hall Romeo
1993978-0-00-215535-9Susan HaskinsMary Magdalen: Myth and Metaphor
  ''978-0-00-215539-7Gordon BowkerPursued by Furies: A Life of Malcolm Lowry
1989978-0-00-215543-4Roy JenkinsMr. Balfour's Poodle: Peers Versus People
1990978-0-00-215545-8Q. HoggA Sparrow's Flight
1991978-0-00-215548-9Dorothy RoweWanting Everything: Art of Happiness
1972978-0-00-215578-6Holy BibleThe New Testament in modern English
1976978-0-00-215579-3Marcelle BernsteinNuns
1978978-0-00-215582-3David L. EdwardsReason to Hope
1990978-0-00-215584-7Roy A.K. HeathShadows Round the Moon: Caribbean Memoirs
  ''978-0-00-215585-4Ralph BakerThat Eternal Summer: Unknown Stories from the Battle of Britain
1991978-0-00-215587-8Jackie Stewart · Mike BarnesThe Jackie Stewart Book of Shooting
1983978-0-00-215608-0C. S. LewisOf This and Other Worlds
1989978-0-00-215609-7Rick BassOil Notes
1977978-0-00-215610-3Hans KungOn Being a Christian
1988978-0-00-215611-0John Blashford-Snell · Anne TweedyOperation Raleigh - Adventure Challenge
1989978-0-00-215612-7Eric NewbyWhat the Traveller Saw
1975978-0-00-215615-8Pierre Teilhard de ChardinOn Suffering
1990978-0-00-215626-4Bebe Moore CampbellSweet Summer: Growing Up with and without My Dad
1976978-0-00-215628-8J. B. PhillipsPeter's Portrait of Jesus
1972978-0-00-215644-8Malcolm Muggeridge · Alec R. VidlerPaul, Envoy Extraordinary
1973978-0-00-215648-6David MacLennanPreaching the Good News for Modern Man
1977978-0-00-215655-4Dietrich BonhoefferPrayers from Prison
1991978-0-00-215656-1Jack SimmonsRailways: An Anthology
1993978-0-00-215658-5Peter HebblethwaitePaul VI: The First Modern Pope
1987978-0-00-215660-8M.S. GorbachevPerestroika: New Thinking for Our Country and the World
1991978-0-00-215662-2Donald McCaigEminent Dogs, Dangerous Men
1989978-0-00-215664-6David CannadineThe Pleasures of the Past
1969978-0-00-215670-7Heinz ZahrntQuestion of God
1990978-0-00-215673-8Eva InnesTitle: The Financial post 100 best companies to work for
  ''978-0-00-215676-9Brian FAWCETTPUBLIC EYE, An Investigation into the Disappearance of the World
978-0-00-215677-6The Canadian investor's resource book: Your guide to Canadian investment information
1990978-0-00-215678-3C.Everett KoopSecond Opinion
978-0-00-215684-4Scott EymanMary Pickford From Here to Hollywood
1991978-0-00-215686-8Betty J. WylieBetty Jane's diary: Passages: life's journey: personal thoughts & reflections
2008978-0-00-215688-2Michael ChettleburghYoung Thugs: Inside the Dangerous World of Canadian Street Gangs
1993978-0-00-215690-5Paul KennedyPreparing for the twenty-first century
1990978-0-00-215691-2Wayne (with Rick Reilly) GretzkyGretzky Autobiography
978-0-00-215693-6UnnamedPlague: a Story of Smallpox in Montreal
1990978-0-00-215697-4Timothy FindleyInside memory: Pages from a writer's workbook
1991978-0-00-215699-8Margaret VisserThe rituals of dinner: The origins, evolution, eccentricities, and meaning of table manners
1993978-0-00-215700-1Jon Lee AndersonGuerrillas
1993978-0-00-215705-6Paul KennedyPreparing for the 21st Century
1972978-0-00-215707-0David H.Van DaalenReal Resurrection
1990978-0-00-215710-0Roseanne BarrMy Life as a Woman
1976978-0-00-215713-1Bede GriffithsReturn to the Centre
1995978-0-00-215716-2Jeremy LewisKindred Spirits: Adrift in Literary London
1992978-0-00-215717-9Henriette D' AngevillMy Ascent of Mont-Blanc
  ''978-0-00-215723-0Admiral Sandy WoodwardOne Hundred Days: Memoirs of the Falklands Battle Group Commander
1993978-0-00-215725-4William DalrympleCity of Djinns: A Year in Delhi
978-0-00-215728-5Italy Beautiful Ckbk
1991978-0-00-215729-2Rick Smolan · David CohenA Day in the Life of Italy
1990978-0-00-215730-8Kenneth BrowerOne Earth
1999978-0-00-215731-5Karen MullarkeyBaseball in America: From Sandlots to Stadiums, a Portrait of Our National Passion by 50 of Today's Leading Photographers
  ''978-0-00-215732-2Roger RessmeyerSPACE PLACES
1994978-0-00-215733-9Patrick FrenchYounghusband: The Last Great Imperial Adventurer
1990978-0-00-215735-3Frances PartridgeHanging on: Diaries, December 1960 - August 1963
1992978-0-00-215740-7Henry ShukmanTravels With My Trombone: A Caribbean Journey
1990978-0-00-215741-4Philip ZieglerKing Edward VIII: The Official Biography
1991978-0-00-215744-5Merrily WeisbordThe valour and the horror: The untold story of Canadians in the Second World War
1992978-0-00-215746-9Lawrencia BembenekWoman on Trial: Bambi's Story
  ''978-0-00-215747-6Christopher OndaatjeThe Man-eater of Punanai (A Saturday night book)
  ''978-0-00-215748-3Edward De BonoSUR / Petition
1992978-0-00-215749-0Rory MacleanStalin's Nose: Travels Around the Bloc [First U.S. Edition]
1971978-0-00-215769-8Malcolm MuggeridgeSomething Beautiful for God: Mother Teresa of Calcutta
  ''978-0-00-215770-4Joseph P. WhelanSpiritual Doctrine of Friedrich Von Hugel
1979978-0-00-215780-3Gerhard EbelingStudy of Theology
1988978-0-00-215781-0David WiseThe Spy Who Got Away
1992978-0-00-215785-8Nuala BeckShifting Gears: Thriving in the New Economy
  ''978-0-00-215786-5Allen AbelScaring myself again: Far-flung adventures of a TV journalist
  ''978-0-00-215789-6Geoffrey Rowanthe Nine-week Business Diet
1996978-0-00-215792-6Maggie SigginsRiel: a Life of Revolution
978-0-00-215793-3Looking Around: A Journey Through Architecture (A Saturday Night Book Ser.)
1993978-0-00-215795-7Jeffrey SimpsonFaultlines: Struggling for a Canadian vision
1991978-0-00-215797-1Tad SzulcSecret Alliance
2008978-0-00-215800-8Robert A WrightThree Nights in Havana
1970978-0-00-215810-7Pierre Teilhard de ChardinLet Me Explain
1973978-0-00-215812-1Dietrich BonhoefferTrue Patriotism: Letters, Lectures and Notes 1939-45 from the collected works of Dietrich Bonhoeffer volume iii
  ''978-0-00-215816-9Herman WoukThis is My God
1978978-0-00-215824-4Rex BricoTaize
1980978-0-00-215826-8Ursula KingTowards a New Mysticism: Teilhard De Chardin and Eastern Religions
1979978-0-00-215828-2C. S. LewisThey Stand Together: The Letters of C S Lewis to Arthur Greeves 1914-1963
1970978-0-00-215830-5Nels F.S. FerreUniversal Word
1992978-0-00-215838-1Lois BrowneGirls of Summer: In Their Own League
1991978-0-00-215839-8Patrick CarsonGreen is gold :business talking to business about the environmental revolution
1991978-0-00-215842-8Georgette GagnonNot without cause: David Peterson's fall from grace
1999978-0-00-215843-5Kurt BrowningKurt: Forcing the Edge
1996978-0-00-215844-2Robin BriggsWitches and Neighbours: The Social and Cultural Context of European Witchcraft
1989978-0-00-215849-7Peter VansittartVoices of the Revolution
1999978-0-00-215854-1Philip Stephen SchulzAmerica the Beautiful Cookbook
1994978-0-00-215856-5George WeidenfeldRemembering My Good Friends: An Autobiography
1991978-0-00-215857-2Donald SpotoLaurence Olivier: A Biography
1999978-0-00-215860-2Neal PeirceOver New England
1991978-0-00-215861-9Gordon Brook-ShepherdThe Last Empress: Life and Times of Zita of Austria-Hungary, 1892-1989
1993978-0-00-215863-3Paul PrestonFranco: A Biography
1994978-0-00-215866-4Eric NewbyA Small Place in Italy
1997978-0-00-215867-1Martin GilbertEmpires in Conflict: The History of the 20th Century: 1900-1933: 1900-33 v. 1
1998978-0-00-215868-8   ''A History of the Twentieth Century Vol. 2: 1933-1951
1999978-0-00-215869-5   ''Challenge to Civilisation. A History of the 20th Century: 1952-1999
2001978-0-00-215870-1   ''History of the 20th Century
1992978-0-00-215872-5David CannadineG. M. Trevelyan. A Life In History
1990978-0-00-215876-3Mervyn WilsonThe Rural Spirit
1993978-0-00-215878-7Philip MarsdenThe Crossing Place: Journey Among the Armenians
1990978-0-00-215881-7Simon HoggartAmerica: A User's Guide
1995978-0-00-215882-4Carlo D' EsteA Genius for War: A Life of General George S. Patton
1990978-0-00-215886-2Andrew C. RevkinThe Burning Season: The Murder of Chico Mendes and the Fight for the Amazon Rain Forest
1994978-0-00-215890-9Peter VirginSydney Smith: A Biography
1991978-0-00-215891-6Roy StrongA Celebration of Gardens
1999978-0-00-215893-0John Thoreen · Charles O'RearNapa Valley
1995978-0-00-215897-8Simon SchamaLandscape and Memory
1991978-0-00-215898-5Adam HochschildThe Mirror at Midnight
1972978-0-00-215913-5Luigi SantucciWrestling with Christ