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ISBN 978-0-00-211999-3 to 978-0-00-215548-9 < ISBN 978-0-00-215578-6 to 978-0-00-216117-6 > ISBN 978-0-00-216118-3 to 978-0-00-216644-7

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1972978-0-00-215578-6Holy BibleThe New Testament in modern English
1976978-0-00-215579-3Marcelle BernsteinNuns
1978978-0-00-215582-3David L. EdwardsReason to Hope
1990978-0-00-215584-7Roy A.K. HeathShadows Round the Moon: Caribbean Memoirs
  ''978-0-00-215585-4Ralph BakerThat Eternal Summer: Unknown Stories from the Battle of Britain
1991978-0-00-215587-8Jackie Stewart · Mike BarnesThe Jackie Stewart Book of Shooting
1983978-0-00-215608-0C. S. LewisOf This and Other Worlds
1989978-0-00-215609-7Rick BassOil Notes
1977978-0-00-215610-3Hans KungOn Being a Christian
1988978-0-00-215611-0John Blashford-Snell · Anne TweedyOperation Raleigh - Adventure Challenge
1989978-0-00-215612-7Eric NewbyWhat the Traveller Saw
1975978-0-00-215615-8Pierre Teilhard de ChardinOn Suffering
1990978-0-00-215626-4Bebe Moore CampbellSweet Summer: Growing Up with and without My Dad
1976978-0-00-215628-8J. B. PhillipsPeter's Portrait of Jesus
1972978-0-00-215644-8Malcolm Muggeridge · Alec R. VidlerPaul, Envoy Extraordinary
1973978-0-00-215648-6David MacLennanPreaching the Good News for Modern Man
1977978-0-00-215655-4Dietrich BonhoefferPrayers from Prison
1991978-0-00-215656-1Jack SimmonsRailways: An Anthology
1993978-0-00-215658-5Peter HebblethwaitePaul VI: The First Modern Pope
1987978-0-00-215660-8M.S. GorbachevPerestroika: New Thinking for Our Country and the World
1991978-0-00-215662-2Donald McCaigEminent Dogs, Dangerous Men
1989978-0-00-215664-6David CannadineThe Pleasures of the Past
1969978-0-00-215670-7Heinz ZahrntQuestion of God
1990978-0-00-215673-8Eva InnesTitle: The Financial post 100 best companies to work for
  ''978-0-00-215676-9Brian FAWCETTPUBLIC EYE, An Investigation into the Disappearance of the World
978-0-00-215677-6The Canadian investor's resource book: Your guide to Canadian investment information
1990978-0-00-215678-3C.Everett KoopSecond Opinion
978-0-00-215684-4Scott EymanMary Pickford From Here to Hollywood
1991978-0-00-215686-8Betty J. WylieBetty Jane's diary: Passages: life's journey: personal thoughts & reflections
2008978-0-00-215688-2Michael ChettleburghYoung Thugs: Inside the Dangerous World of Canadian Street Gangs
1993978-0-00-215690-5Paul KennedyPreparing for the twenty-first century
1990978-0-00-215691-2Wayne (with Rick Reilly) GretzkyGretzky Autobiography
978-0-00-215693-6UnnamedPlague: a Story of Smallpox in Montreal
1990978-0-00-215697-4Timothy FindleyInside memory: Pages from a writer's workbook
1991978-0-00-215699-8Margaret VisserThe rituals of dinner: The origins, evolution, eccentricities, and meaning of table manners
1993978-0-00-215700-1Jon Lee AndersonGuerrillas
  ''978-0-00-215705-6Paul KennedyPreparing for the 21st Century
1972978-0-00-215707-0David H.Van DaalenReal Resurrection
1990978-0-00-215710-0Roseanne BarrMy Life as a Woman
1976978-0-00-215713-1Bede GriffithsReturn to the Centre
1995978-0-00-215716-2Jeremy LewisKindred Spirits: Adrift in Literary London
1992978-0-00-215717-9Henriette D' AngevillMy Ascent of Mont-Blanc
  ''978-0-00-215723-0Admiral Sandy WoodwardOne Hundred Days: Memoirs of the Falklands Battle Group Commander
1993978-0-00-215725-4William DalrympleCity of Djinns: A Year in Delhi
978-0-00-215728-5Italy Beautiful Ckbk
1991978-0-00-215729-2Rick Smolan · David CohenA Day in the Life of Italy
1990978-0-00-215730-8Kenneth BrowerOne Earth
1999978-0-00-215731-5Karen MullarkeyBaseball in America: From Sandlots to Stadiums, a Portrait of Our National Passion by 50 of Today's Leading Photographers
1999978-0-00-215732-2Roger RessmeyerSPACE PLACES
1994978-0-00-215733-9Patrick FrenchYounghusband: The Last Great Imperial Adventurer
1990978-0-00-215735-3Frances PartridgeHanging on: Diaries, December 1960 - August 1963
1992978-0-00-215740-7Henry ShukmanTravels With My Trombone: A Caribbean Journey
1990978-0-00-215741-4Philip ZieglerKing Edward VIII: The Official Biography
1991978-0-00-215744-5Merrily WeisbordThe valour and the horror: The untold story of Canadians in the Second World War
1992978-0-00-215746-9Lawrencia BembenekWoman on Trial: Bambi's Story
  ''978-0-00-215747-6Christopher OndaatjeThe Man-eater of Punanai (A Saturday night book)
  ''978-0-00-215748-3Edward De BonoSUR / Petition
  ''978-0-00-215749-0Rory MacleanStalin's Nose: Travels Around the Bloc [First U.S. Edition]
1971978-0-00-215769-8Malcolm MuggeridgeSomething Beautiful for God: Mother Teresa of Calcutta
  ''978-0-00-215770-4Joseph P. WhelanSpiritual Doctrine of Friedrich Von Hugel
1979978-0-00-215780-3Gerhard EbelingStudy of Theology
1988978-0-00-215781-0David WiseThe Spy Who Got Away
1992978-0-00-215785-8Nuala BeckShifting Gears: Thriving in the New Economy
1992978-0-00-215786-5Allen AbelScaring myself again: Far-flung adventures of a TV journalist
  ''978-0-00-215789-6Geoffrey Rowanthe Nine-week Business Diet
1996978-0-00-215792-6Maggie SigginsRiel: a Life of Revolution
978-0-00-215793-3Looking Around: A Journey Through Architecture (A Saturday Night Book Ser.)
1993978-0-00-215795-7Jeffrey SimpsonFaultlines: Struggling for a Canadian vision
1991978-0-00-215797-1Tad SzulcSecret Alliance
2008978-0-00-215800-8Robert A WrightThree Nights in Havana
1970978-0-00-215810-7Pierre Teilhard de ChardinLet Me Explain
1973978-0-00-215812-1Dietrich BonhoefferTrue Patriotism: Letters, Lectures and Notes 1939-45 from the collected works of Dietrich Bonhoeffer volume iii
  ''978-0-00-215816-9Herman WoukThis is My God
1978978-0-00-215824-4Rex BricoTaize
1980978-0-00-215826-8Ursula KingTowards a New Mysticism: Teilhard De Chardin and Eastern Religions
1979978-0-00-215828-2C. S. LewisThey Stand Together: The Letters of C S Lewis to Arthur Greeves 1914-1963
1970978-0-00-215830-5Nels F.S. FerreUniversal Word
1992978-0-00-215838-1Lois BrowneGirls of Summer: In Their Own League
1991978-0-00-215839-8Patrick CarsonGreen is gold :business talking to business about the environmental revolution
  ''978-0-00-215842-8Georgette GagnonNot without cause: David Peterson's fall from grace
1999978-0-00-215843-5Kurt BrowningKurt: Forcing the Edge
1996978-0-00-215844-2Robin BriggsWitches and Neighbours: The Social and Cultural Context of European Witchcraft
1989978-0-00-215849-7Peter VansittartVoices of the Revolution
1999978-0-00-215854-1Philip Stephen SchulzAmerica the Beautiful Cookbook
1994978-0-00-215856-5George WeidenfeldRemembering My Good Friends: An Autobiography
1991978-0-00-215857-2Donald SpotoLaurence Olivier: A Biography
1999978-0-00-215860-2Neal PeirceOver New England
1991978-0-00-215861-9Gordon Brook-ShepherdThe Last Empress: Life and Times of Zita of Austria-Hungary, 1892-1989
1993978-0-00-215863-3Paul PrestonFranco: A Biography
1994978-0-00-215866-4Eric NewbyA Small Place in Italy
1997978-0-00-215867-1Martin GilbertEmpires in Conflict: The History of the 20th Century: 1900-1933: 1900-33 v. 1
1998978-0-00-215868-8Martin GilbertA History of the Twentieth Century Vol. 2: 1933-1951
1999978-0-00-215869-5   ''Challenge to Civilisation. A History of the 20th Century: 1952-1999
2001978-0-00-215870-1   ''History of the 20th Century
1992978-0-00-215872-5David CannadineG. M. Trevelyan. A Life In History
1990978-0-00-215876-3Mervyn WilsonThe Rural Spirit
1993978-0-00-215878-7Philip MarsdenThe Crossing Place: Journey Among the Armenians
1990978-0-00-215881-7Simon HoggartAmerica: A User's Guide
1995978-0-00-215882-4Carlo D' EsteA Genius for War: A Life of General George S. Patton
1990978-0-00-215886-2Andrew C. RevkinThe Burning Season: The Murder of Chico Mendes and the Fight for the Amazon Rain Forest
1994978-0-00-215890-9Peter VirginSydney Smith: A Biography
1991978-0-00-215891-6Roy StrongA Celebration of Gardens
1999978-0-00-215893-0John Thoreen · Charles O'RearNapa Valley
1995978-0-00-215897-8Simon SchamaLandscape and Memory
1991978-0-00-215898-5Adam HochschildThe Mirror at Midnight
1972978-0-00-215913-5Luigi SantucciWrestling with Christ
1989978-0-00-215922-7Michel TournierThe Wind Spirit: An Autobiography
1993978-0-00-215927-2Katie HickmanA Trip to the Light Fantastic: Travels with a Mexican Circus
1991978-0-00-215929-6Michael Young · Tom Schuller · T SchulerLife After Work: The Arrival of the Ageless Society
1992978-0-00-215930-2Simon StrongThe Shining Path: World's Deadliest Revolutionary Force
1999978-0-00-215931-9Virginia RaineyCALIFORNIA BEAUTIFUL COOK BOOK
1993978-0-00-215936-4David FraserKnight's Cross: A Life of Field Marshal Erwin Rommel
1991978-0-00-215937-1Peter CollierThe Fondas: A Hollywood Dynasty
  ''978-0-00-215938-8Tom RamseyGolf Courses of Hawaii
1991978-0-00-215939-5Scotto Sisters · Scotto E. · Pudlowski GillesFrance the Beautiful: Cookbook 1992 Engagement Calendar
1995978-0-00-215943-2Fernand BraudelThe Mediterranean
1991978-0-00-215944-9Bernard InghamKill the Messenger
  ''978-0-00-215948-7Philip HowardTimes Bedside Book
  ''978-0-00-215949-4Marilyn Tausend · Susanna PalazuelosMexico: The Beautiful Cookbook
  ''978-0-00-215950-0Sally FoxThe Medieval Woman: an Illustrated Book of Postcards
  ''978-0-00-215951-7Jennifer Enwitt · Tom LawlorA Day in the Life of Ireland
1991978-0-00-215953-1Bob Whitaker · Martin HarrisonThe Unseen Beatles
1979978-0-00-215954-8Robert K. HudnutBootstrap Fallacy
1989978-0-00-215956-2Douglas GreshamLenten Lands
1992978-0-00-215957-9Bryan BurroughVendetta: American Express and the smering of banking rival Edmond Safra: American Express and the Smearing of Banking Rival Edmond Safra
1991978-0-00-215960-9Gillian HewittItaly: A Culinary Journey
1998978-0-00-215961-6Ken DuncanAustralia Wide
1991978-0-00-215962-3P Greenleigh John · Greenleigh John · Beimler Rosalind RosoffThe Days of the Dead: Mexico's Festival of Communion with the Departed
1993978-0-00-215963-0Ian McIntyreThe Expense of Glory: Life of John Reith
1995978-0-00-215964-7Ian McIntyreDirt and Deity: A Life of Robert Burns
1993978-0-00-215967-8Roger GraefLiving Dangerously: Young Offenders in Their Own Words
1996978-0-00-215968-5Roger GraefIn Search of Law and Order
1992978-0-00-215969-2P. J. KavanaghThe Book of Consolations
1994978-0-00-215970-8Dorothy RoweTime on Our Side: Growing in Wisdom, Not Growing Old
1989978-0-00-215972-2Kingsley BrownFlock
  ''978-0-00-215973-9Mike. BryanBaseball Lives
978-0-00-215974-6Pocket Ref English Dict Can ed
978-0-00-215975-3Country: Classic and Contemporary Ideas for Living by Rogers, Barbara Radcliffe (1989) Hardcover
1989978-0-00-215976-0Margaret CannonChina tide: The revealing story of the Hong Kong exodus to Canada
  ''978-0-00-215977-7Ian BrownFreewheeling: The feuds, broods, and outrageous fortunes of the Billes family and Canadas favourite company
978-0-00-215979-1Spoils of power: The politics of patronage (Mass Market Paperback)
1988978-0-00-215980-7Julia BairdJohn Lennon, My Brother
978-0-00-215984-5Runaway: Diary of a street kid
1990978-0-00-215986-9Gordon PittsStorming the fortress: How Canadian business can conquer Europe in 1992
1989978-0-00-215989-0L.E. TuckZola, Photographer
1997978-0-00-215991-3Kathryn SpinkMother Teresa: An Authorized Biography
1992978-0-00-215995-1Gordon S. WakefieldBunyan the Christian
  ''978-0-00-215996-8Bruce KentUndiscovered Ends: An Autobiography
1986978-0-00-215999-9Kevin Sinclair · Jacki Passmore · Julia Roles · Elaine RussellChina: The Beautiful Cookbook
1993978-0-00-216000-1Robert Van De WeyerThe Fount Book of Prayer
1974978-0-00-216002-5Sylvain MangeotAdventures of a Manchurian: Story of Lobsang Thondup
  ''978-0-00-216004-9Richard BostonAnatomy of Laughter
2017978-0-00-216005-6L.I. RUDOLPHGANDHI: THE TRADITIONAL ROOTS OF CHARISMA [Hardcover] [Jan 01, 2017] RUDOLPH,L.I.
1973978-0-00-216006-3Sybille BedfordAldous Huxley: A Biography, Vol 1 1894-1939
1975978-0-00-216009-4Tom HarrissonLiving Through the Blitz
1974978-0-00-216011-7Barry JohnThe Barry John Story
1977978-0-00-216012-4Agatha ChristieAn Autobiography
1974978-0-00-216014-8Sybille BedfordAldous Huxley: The Turning Points, 1939-63 v. 2
1975978-0-00-216016-2Arthur BryantAge of Elegance, 1812-22
1975978-0-00-216024-7Neville CardusAutobiography
1978978-0-00-216026-1John MackinnonApe within Us, The
1977978-0-00-216028-5John SkeapingDrawn from life: An autobiography
1980978-0-00-216029-2G.Dieter PlageWild Horizons: Cameraman in Africa
1979978-0-00-216031-5Douglas HurdAn End to Promises: Sketch of a Government 1970-74
1978978-0-00-216032-2Robert MarkIn the Office of Constable
  ''978-0-00-216035-3Joy AdamsonThe Searching Spirit:: An Autobiography
1984978-0-00-216036-0Larry AdlerIt Ain't Necessarily So
1979978-0-00-216037-7Jonathan RabanArabia Through the Looking Glass
  ''978-0-00-216038-4J.P.R. WilliamsJPR: The Autobigraphy of J P R Williams
1983978-0-00-216039-1Rosalind K. MarshallVirgins and Viragos
1978978-0-00-216042-1Reginald DavisThe Prince of Wales
1980978-0-00-216044-5Gerald Cubitt · Eric RobinsThe Book of Kenya
1979978-0-00-216047-6Kevin Brownlow · John KobalHollywood: The Pioneers
1973978-0-00-216052-0William Leslie WebbBedside Guardian: No. 22
1974978-0-00-216054-4Peter QuennellByron: The Years of Fame, and, Byron in Italy
1975978-0-00-216056-8Peter ShanklandByron of "The Wager"
1976978-0-00-216058-2David J. HowarthGreek Adventure: Lord Byron and Other Eccentrics in the War of Independence
1974978-0-00-216059-9Roger Lancelyn Green · Walter HooperC.S. Lewis: A Biography
  ''978-0-00-216060-5Malcolm PennyThe Birds of Seychelles and the Outlying Islands
  ''978-0-00-216061-2Peter MudfordBirds of a Different Plumage
1974978-0-00-216063-6Valerie Salt · Colin SaltBorn to Obey
  ''978-0-00-216064-3William Leslie WebbBedside Guardian 23
1976978-0-00-216066-7Richard BostonBeer and Skittles
1975978-0-00-216067-4William Leslie WebbBedside "Guardian": No. 24
1979978-0-00-216073-5Vivien AllenLady Trader: Biography of Mrs.Sarah Heckford
1976978-0-00-216075-9William Leslie WebbThe Bedside Guardian 25
1979978-0-00-216076-6William Douglas-HomeMr. Home Pronounced Hume
1977978-0-00-216078-0David HamiltonBest of Hamilton, The
1979978-0-00-216085-8Anthony FrewinBook of Days
  ''978-0-00-216089-6Adam ZamoyskiChopin: A Biography
1978978-0-00-216093-3William Leslie Webb · Bryan McAllister · Gibbard McAllisterThe Bedside Guardian 27 includes a selection from The Guardian 1977-78
1979978-0-00-216094-0Michel HuetDance, Art and Ritual of Africa
1975978-0-00-216104-6Robert SpeaightThe Companion Guide to Burgundy
1974978-0-00-216106-0Preben BangCollins Guide to Animal Tracks and Signs (British and European Mammals and Birds)
1979978-0-00-216111-4Brian De JonghMainland Greece (Companion Guides)
1978978-0-00-216112-1Stella BrewerForest Dwellers, The
1975978-0-00-216113-8Rowland ParkerThe Common Stream: Foxton
1976978-0-00-216115-2Alan GibsonMingled Yarn
1979978-0-00-216116-9John FreelyThe Companion Guide to Turkey (The companion guides)
1975978-0-00-216117-6J.A. FernandezDonana