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1001 Days That Shaped the WorldHardcover 978-0-7858-3579-02017Peter Furtado
Alaska: A Climbing GuidePaperback 978-0-89886-724-42002Colby Coombs
Alexander the Great: The Brief Life and Towering Exploits of History's Greatest Conqueror--As Told By His Original Biographers   " 978-0-14-200140-02004Tania Gergel
Alfred Hitchcock: The Man Who Knew Too MuchHardcover 978-0-544-45622-82015
America in the MoviesPaperback 978-0-231-07099-71989
A South Indian Journey: The Smile of Murugan   " 978-0-14-103267-22007
Auf den Spuren Alexanders des GrossenGebunden
978-3-15-010493-42002Ursula Blank-Sangmeister
Auf den Spuren der Konquistadoren   "
978-3-15-010515-32003   "
Belle de JourPaperback 978-0-85170-823-22000
Breaking the Romans Code   " 978-1-936565-09-22011
Children of Silence: On Contemporary Fiction   " 978-0-231-05049-41999
Chris ArgyrisHardcover 978-0-415-32560-82009John C. Wood
ConquistadorsPaperback 978-1-84607-972-62010
Conquistadors   " 978-0-563-48706-72003
Conquistadors   " 978-0-520-23691-22002Michæl Wood
ConquistadorsHardcover 978-0-520-23064-42001   "
Conquistadors   " 978-0-563-55116-42000
DCI Matilda Darke: A Room Full of Killers 3Digital 978-0-00-822239-02017
Dictionary of Untranslatables: A Philosophical LexiconHardcover 978-0-691-13870-12014Barbara Cassin · Emily Apter · Jacques Lezra
Domesday: A Search For The Roots Of EnglandPaperback 978-0-563-55127-01999
Domesday: A Search for the Roots of EnglandHardcover 978-0-8160-1832-11988
Domesday: A Search for the Roots of England   " 978-0-563-20500-51986
Domesday: A Search for the Roots of EnglandPaperback 978-0-563-30620-7
Film: A Very Short Introduction   " 978-0-19-280353-52012
Gabriel Garcia Marquez: One Hundred Years of Solitude   " 978-0-521-31692-72010
Gloucestershire's Forgotten Battle: Nibley Green 1470   " 978-0-7524-2347-02003Peter Fleming
Go an Extra Mile   " 978-0-00-625918-31980
Go an Extra MileHardcover 978-0-00-216267-81978
Great Railway Journeys of the World   " 978-0-525-24152-21982Michael Frayn · Michael Palin · Ludovic Kennedy · Eric Robson · Brian Thompson
Great Railway Journeys of the WorldPaperback 978-0-563-17903-01981Michael Frayn · Ludovic Kennedy · Miles Kington · Michael Palin · Eric Robson · Brian Thompson
IndiaTaschenbuch 978-0-465-01025-72014
IndiaHardcover 978-0-465-00359-42007
In Search of England: Journeys into the English PastPaperback 978-0-520-23218-12001Michæl Wood
In Search of England: Journeys into the English Past   " 978-0-14-024733-62000
In Search of England: Journeys into the English PastHardcover 978-0-520-22582-42000Michæl Wood
In Search of England: Journeys Into the English Past   " 978-0-670-86184-21999
In Search of Myths and Heroes   " 978-0-520-24724-62005
In Search Of Myths And Heroes   " 978-0-563-52187-72005
In Search of Myths and Heroes: Exploring Four Epic Legends of the WorldPaperback 978-0-520-25170-02007
In Search Of Shakespeare   " 978-0-563-52141-92005
In Search of ShakespeareHardcover 978-0-563-53477-82003
In Search Of The Dark AgesPaperback 978-0-563-52276-82006
In Search of the Dark Ages   " 978-0-563-53431-02001
In Search of the Dark Ages   " 978-0-8160-4702-42001
In Search of the Dark AgesHardcover 978-0-563-17835-42000
In Search of the Dark Ages   " 978-0-8160-1686-01987
In Search Of The First CivilizationsPaperback 978-0-563-52266-92005
In Search of the Trojan War   " 978-0-563-52265-22005
In Search Of The Trojan War   " 978-0-563-53415-02001
In Search of the Trojan War   " 978-0-452-25960-71987
In Search of the Trojan WarHardcover 978-0-8160-1355-51986
In Search of the Trojan War, Updated editionPaperback 978-0-520-21599-31998Michæl Wood
Intermediate Microeconomics   " 978-1-84480-629-41980Walter Nicholson · Christopher Snyder · Peter Luke
In the Footsteps of Alexander the Great   " 978-0-563-52193-82004
In the Footsteps of Alexander the Great   " 978-0-563-53783-02001
In the Footsteps of Alexander the GreatHardcover 978-0-563-37144-11998
In the Footsteps of Alexander The Great: A Journey from Greece to AsiaPaperback 978-0-520-23192-42001Michæl Wood
In the Footsteps of Alexander The Great: A Journey from Greece to AsiaHardcover 978-0-520-21307-41997   "
Laboratory Manual for Anatomy & Physiology, Cat VersionSpiral-bound 978-0-8053-7369-12005
Laboratory Manual for Anatomy & Physiology, Pig Version   " 978-0-8053-7370-72005
Laboratory Textbook of Anatomy and Physiology   " 978-0-13-019694-12001Michael G. Wood
Legacy: Search for the Origins of CivilizationPaperback 978-0-563-55128-71999
Legacy: Search for the Origins of CivilizationHardcover 978-0-563-36429-01992
Literature and the Taste of KnowledgePaperback 978-0-521-60653-02009
Literature and the Taste of KnowledgeHardcover 978-0-521-84476-52005
Making Sense of Statistics: A Non-Mathematical ApproachPaperback 978-1-4039-0107-12003
Mythen & Helden - Die Königin von SabaDVD
Nation, Language, and the Ethics of TranslationPaperback 978-0-691-11609-92005Sandra Bermann
Paul on Homosexuality   " 978-1-936565-12-22011
River Journeys   " 978-0-563-20204-21984Russell Braddon · Christina Dodwell · Germaine Greer · William Shawcross · Brian Thompson
Shakespeare   " 978-0-465-09265-92004
ShakespeareHardcover 978-0-465-09264-22003
The Domesday Quest: In search of the Roots of EnglandPaperback 978-0-563-52274-42005
The Hidden Bible   " 978-1-936565-00-92010
The Hidden God   " 978-0-87070-349-22003Kent Jones · Phillip Lopate · Andrew Sarris · Martin Scorsese · Charles Silver · Dave Kehr
The Jerome Conspiracy   " 978-1-936565-03-02010
The Jerome Conspiracy   " 978-0-595-46916-12008
The Jerome Conspiracy: Second Edition   " 978-1-4401-0015-42008
The Jesus Secret   " 978-1-4502-1805-42010
The Law and Politics of the Kosovo Advisory OpinionHardcover 978-0-19-871751-52015Marko Milanovic
The Magician's DoubtsPaperback 978-0-691-04830-71997
The Magician's DoubtsHardcover 978-0-691-00632-11995
The Magician's Doubts: Nabokov and the Risks of FictionPaperback 978-0-7126-7476-81995
The Magician's Doubts: Nabokov and the Risks of FictionHardcover 978-0-7011-6197-21994
The Practice of Contemplative Photography: Seeing the World with Fresh EyesPaperback 978-1-59030-779-32011Andy Karr
The Road to Delphi   " 978-0-312-42307-02004
The Road to Delphi: Scenes from the History of OraclesHardcover 978-0-374-52610-82003
The Road To Delphi: The Life and Afterlife of OraclesPaperback 978-1-84413-536-32005
The Road To Delphi: The Life and Afterlife of OraclesHardcover 978-0-7011-6546-82004
The Smile of Murugan: A South Indian JourneyPaperback 978-0-7195-6405-52002
The smile of Murugan: A south Indian journeyHardcover 978-0-670-86183-51995
The Story of EnglandPaperback 978-0-670-91904-82011
The Story of EnglandHardcover 978-0-670-91903-12010
The Story of England   " 978-0-670-92016-72010
The Story of IndiaPaperback 978-1-84607-460-82008
The Story of IndiaHardcover 978-0-563-53915-52007
The Story of IndiaAudio CD 978-1-4056-7732-52007
Tom PetersHardcover 978-0-415-32581-32012John C. Wood
Yeats and Violence   " 978-0-19-955766-02010

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