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ISBN 978-0-00-716259-8 to 978-0-00-716544-5 < ISBN 978-0-00-716545-2 to 978-0-00-716998-6 > ISBN 978-0-00-717000-5 to 978-0-00-717255-9

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2007978-0-00-716545-2Salley VickersThe Other Side Of You
2003978-0-00-716548-3James HallidayAustralian Wine Companion 2004
  ''978-0-00-716549-0Clive BarrettAncient Egyptian Tarot
  ''978-0-00-716550-6Ian HarrisonAction Man: The Official Dossier
2011978-0-00-716552-0The SunThe Sun Jumbo Crossword Book 3: Bk. 3
  ''978-0-00-716553-7The SunThe Sun Two-Speed Crossword Book 5: Bk.5
  ''978-0-00-716554-4Times Mind GamesThe Times Quick Crossword Book 7: 80 General Knowledge Puzzles from The Times 2: Bk.7
2004978-0-00-716555-1Edward QuinnLiterary Terms (Collins Dictionary of)
2004978-0-00-716556-820th Century History (Collins Dictionary of)
  ''978-0-00-716557-5Not KnownCollins Public Speaking (Collins Complete Guides)
  ''978-0-00-716558-2Not KnownCollins Letter Writing
2011978-0-00-716559-9The SunThe Sun Word Games Book 4: Bk.4
2003978-0-00-716562-9R. J. StewartMerlin Tarot
  ''978-0-00-716563-6Richard BachJonathan Livingston Seagull
  ''978-0-00-716564-3Charles Harvey · Suzi HarveySun Sign, Moon Sign: Discover the personality secrets of the 144 sun-moon combinations
2004978-0-00-716565-0Stephen KarcherThe I Ching Plain and Simple: A Guide to Working with the Oracle of Change
2004978-0-00-716566-7Matt DawsonMatt Dawson: Nine Lives
2011978-0-00-716567-4Matt DawsonMatt Dawson: Nine Lives
2005978-0-00-716568-1Piers DudgeonThe Woman of Substance: The Life and Work of Barbara Taylor Bradford
2009978-0-00-716569-8Piers DudgeonThe Woman of Substance: The Life and Work of Barbara Taylor Bradford
2003978-0-00-716570-4Collins First – Collins First Time French Workbook
2004978-0-00-716571-1Artist MagazineThe Artist’s Problem Solver
2003978-0-00-716576-6Dave Morris · Leo HartasGame Art
2004978-0-00-716577-3Susie HodgeHow to Paint Like the Impressionists
2006978-0-00-716578-0Mandy StanleyHow Do You Feel?
2005978-0-00-716579-7Mandy StanleyWhat Do You Do?
  ''978-0-00-716580-3   ''The Bridesmaid (Lettice)
2004978-0-00-716581-0   ''All About Me (Lettice)
  ''978-0-00-716582-7   ''Dance With Me (Lettice)
  ''978-0-00-716583-4   ''My Sister’s Birthday (Lettice)
2004978-0-00-716584-1Mandy StanleyMy Favourite Things (Lettice)
2010978-0-00-716585-8   ''A Christmas Wish (Lettice)
2005978-0-00-716586-5Geraldine BrooksMarch
2008978-0-00-716587-2Geraldine BrooksMarch: A Love Story in a Time of War
2003978-0-00-716594-0Jeremy WhittleLe Tour: A Century of the Tour de France
2004978-0-00-716595-7Geography (Collins Dictionary of)
  ''978-0-00-716597-1Collins UkCollins Japanese Language Pack (CD) (Collins Language Packs)
2003978-0-00-716598-8VariousCollins Ultimate Home Solutions: Everything You Need to Know to Run Your Home
2004978-0-00-716599-5Not KnownCollins Japanese Phrase Book and Dictionary
2003978-0-00-716600-8Lesley Ackland10-Minute Pilates with the Ball: Simple Routines for a Strong, Toned Body – includes exercises for pregnancy
  ''978-0-00-716602-2Paulo CoelhoEleven Minutes
  ''978-0-00-716603-9Paulo CoelhoEleven Minutes
2004978-0-00-716604-6   ''Eleven Minutes
  ''978-0-00-716605-3   ''Eleven Minutes
2003978-0-00-716606-0Cassandra LoriusTantric Secrets: 7 Steps to the best sex of your life
2003978-0-00-716607-7Tony BuzanBrain Child: How Smart Parents Make Smart Kids
  ''978-0-00-716608-4Patrick O'BrianMaster and Commander
2011978-0-00-716609-1Christine Pevitt AlgrantMadame de Pompadour: Mistress of France
2003978-0-00-716611-4Jung ChangWild Swans: Three Daughters of China
  ''978-0-00-716612-1Lyn WendonABC Book and Cassette (Letterland) (Letterland Picture Books)
  ''978-0-00-716615-2Rosemary SundayAlphabet Adventures (Letterland) (Letterland Picture Books)
2009978-0-00-716616-9First Alphabet Board Book: No. 1 (Letterland)
  ''978-0-00-716617-6First Words Board Book: No. 2 (Letterland)
2009978-0-00-716618-3Words and Pictures Board Book: No. 3 (Letterland)
  ''978-0-00-716619-0Alphabet Rhymes Board Book: No. 4 (Letterland)
  ''978-0-00-716620-6Lyn WendonWriting Letters (Letterland Learning at Home)
  ''978-0-00-716621-3   ''Writing Words (Letterland Learning at Home)
2009978-0-00-716622-0Lyn WendonWriting Sentences (Letterland Learning at Home)
2003978-0-00-716623-7Fiona PritchardAction Songs (Letterland) (Letterland S.)
2004978-0-00-716624-4Dave Corbett · Lyn WendonLetterland – Handwriting Songs (Letterland S.)
  ''978-0-00-716625-1Fiona PritchardLetterland – Alphabet Songs
2003978-0-00-716631-2Michael CunninghamThe Hours: Complete & Unabridged
2011978-0-00-716633-6Harry StylesHoly Bible King James Version (KJV) Standard White (Christening Edition) (Bible Akjv)
  ''978-0-00-716634-3Harry StylesBible: King James Version Pocket Christening Gift Edition
  ''978-0-00-716635-0   ''HOLY BIBLE: King James Version (KJV) White Pocket Gift Edition (Bible Akjv)
2003978-0-00-716636-7Ian HarrisonThe Times Picture Collection London
  ''978-0-00-716637-4Richard OveryThe Times History of the 20th Century
2003978-0-00-716638-1Julian Shuckburgh · www.getmapping.comLondon Revealed: Uncovering London’s hidden history (Www.Getmapping.Com)
2004978-0-00-716639-8N/aCollins Atlas of Military History
  ''978-0-00-716640-4Collins Atlas of World History (Historical Atlas)
  ''978-0-00-716641-1FynnAnna and Mister God
2003978-0-00-716642-8Echo BodineDear Echo: Answers to Your Questions About Ghosts, Hauntings, and Things that Go Bump in the Night
  ''978-0-00-716643-5Lillian TooThe Mantra Book: Chant Your Way to Health, Wealth, and Serenity
  ''978-0-00-716644-2Hilary MantelLearning to Talk: Short stories
2009978-0-00-716645-9Annie DaltonThe Cosmic Collection (Angels Unlimited):Calling the Shots,Fogging Over,Fighting Fit
2003978-0-00-716647-3Robert Thomson'The Times' Brief Letters to the Editor 2: Bk.2
2004978-0-00-716648-0John BarlowEating Mammals
2005978-0-00-716649-7John BarlowEating Mammals
2003978-0-00-716650-3C. S. LewisThe Chronicles of Narnia CD Gift Set (The Chronicles of Narnia)
2003978-0-00-716651-0C. S. LewisPrince Caspian (The Chronicles of Narnia, Book 4): Complete & Unabridged
  ''978-0-00-716652-7   ''Prince Caspian (The Chronicles of Narnia)
2004978-0-00-716653-4Hugh CloutThe Times History of London (Mapping History S.)
  ''978-0-00-716654-1www.getmapping.comOxford: The Photographic Atlas (Www.Getmapping.Com)
2003978-0-00-716655-8www.getmapping.com · John WhiteRacecourses: The complete turf guide to Britain and Ireland (Www.Getmapping.Com)
2004978-0-00-716656-5UnnamedSunrise Good News Bible: (GNB)
  ''978-0-00-716657-2N/ASunrise Good News Bible: (GNB)
  ''978-0-00-716658-9Rainbow Good News Bible: (GNB)
2003978-0-00-716659-6Philippa GregoryThe Queen’s Fool
2004978-0-00-716660-2Collins UKNew Life Good News Bible: (GNB)
2004978-0-00-716661-9Collins UKRainbow Good News Bible: (GNB)
2014978-0-00-716662-6unknownGood News Bible: (GNB)
2004978-0-00-716664-0Good News Bible (GNB): Large type edition
2007978-0-00-716666-4David PawsonUnlocking the Bible
2004978-0-00-716667-1The GrailThe Psalms: The Grail Translation, Inclusive Language Version
2003978-0-00-716669-5Richard SurmanChurch Cats
  ''978-0-00-716670-1Mark SvenvoldElmer McCurdy: The Misadventures in Life and Afterlife of an American Outlaw
  ''978-0-00-716671-8Matt GroeningThe Ultimate Simpsons in a Big Ol’ Box: A Complete Guide to Our Favourite Family Seasons 1–12
  ''978-0-00-716672-5Matt Groening'The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror: Fun-filled Frightfest'
  ''978-0-00-716674-9Not KnownThe Times Not Dead Yet
2004978-0-00-716675-6Carol ShieldsThe Republic of Love
2003978-0-00-716676-3Janet BalaskasPreparing for Birth with Yoga: Empowering and Effective Exercise for Pregnancy and Childbirth
2004978-0-00-716677-0Alwyn CrawshawAlwyn Crawshaw’s Oil Painting Course
2004978-0-00-716679-4Rachel PollackThe Big Little Book of Tarot: The Only Book You’ll Ever Need
  ''978-0-00-716680-0Howard KentThe Big Little Book of Yoga: The Only Book You'll Ever Need
2003978-0-00-716683-1Inge DougansThe Big Little Book of Reflexology: The Only Book You’ll Ever Need
  ''978-0-00-716686-2Damian WalkerThe Sun Guide to the Jumps 2003/2004
2004978-0-00-716689-3Bang on the DoorGroovy Chick Let’s Party: Novelty Book (Bang on the Door!)
2003978-0-00-716691-6Bang on the DoorRainbow Baby’s Giggle Book: Baby Board Book (Bang on the Door Board Books)
  ''978-0-00-716692-3Enid BlytonStarting to Count 1: Counting 1–5 (Noddy): Counting 1-5 Bk.1
  ''978-0-00-716693-0Enid BlytonStarting to Count 2: Counting 6–10 (Noddy): Counting 6-10 Bk.2
2003978-0-00-716694-7Enid BlytonStarting to Write 1: Pencil Patterns (Noddy): Pencil Patterns Bk.1
  ''978-0-00-716695-4   ''Starting to Write 2: Alphabet Letters (Noddy): Alphabet Letters Bk.2
  ''978-0-00-716696-1   ''Noddy Look and Learn (1) – Shapes: Shapes Bk. 1 (Noddy Look & Learn)
2003978-0-00-716697-8Enid BlytonNoddy Look and Learn (2) – Colours: Colours Bk. 2 (Noddy Look & Learn)
  ''978-0-00-716698-5   ''Noddy Look and Learn (3) – Numbers: Numbers Bk. 3 (Noddy Look & Learn)
  ''978-0-00-716699-2   ''Noddy Look and Learn (4) – Patterns: Patterns Bk. 4 (Noddy Look & Learn)
  ''978-0-00-716700-5   ''Noddy ABC (Learn with Noddy)
2004978-0-00-716701-2   ''Noddy Big Fun Storybook
2005978-0-00-716703-6Matt BeaumontStaying Alive
2003978-0-00-716704-3Laura HillenbrandSeabiscuit: The True Story of Three Men and a Racehorse
  ''978-0-00-716705-0Judith KerrMog’s Christmas: Mini Edition
2004978-0-00-716706-7John Reynolds · Andrew BennettDo Brilliantly At – GCSE English
2004978-0-00-716707-4David Walton · Trevor GreenDo Brilliantly At – A2 General Studies
  ''978-0-00-716708-1Denise Walmsley · Peter Sykes · Henry RobsonTotal Revision – GCSE ICT
  ''978-0-00-716709-8Ray Blockley · John RolfeTotal Revision – GCSE D and T: Graphic Products (Total Revision S.)
  ''978-0-00-716711-1Clement C. MooreThe Night Before Christmas
2003978-0-00-716712-8John WalkerHalliwell’s Film, Video and DVD Guide 2004
  ''978-0-00-716785-2Jean BennettSkyracer Purple – The Lost Sandals: Purple Book
2003978-0-00-716802-6Mary BennettSkyracer Green – The Big Picture: Making a TV Drama Series: Green Book
2010978-0-00-716819-4Daisy WaughBed of Roses
2006978-0-00-716820-0Daisy WaughBordeaux Housewives
2003978-0-00-716821-7Phil TaylorThe Power: My Autobiography
2004978-0-00-716822-4Phil TaylorThe Power: My Autobiography
2003978-0-00-716823-1Bernard Cornwell · Susannah KellsA Crowning Mercy
2006978-0-00-716824-8Matt BeaumontWhere There’s a Will
2003978-0-00-716920-7Gustav Temple · Vic DarkwoodAround the World in Eighty Martinis: The Logbook of a Remarkable Voyage Undertaken by Gustav Temple and Vic Darkwood
  ''978-0-00-716921-4Collins COBUILDCollins Cobuild (Collins COBUILD S.) [CD-ROM]
  ''978-0-00-716922-1Anne R. BradfordCollins Bradford’s Crossword Solver’s Dictionary
2004978-0-00-716923-8Robert CarterThe Language of Stones
2005978-0-00-716924-5Robert CarterThe Giants’ Dance
2011978-0-00-716925-2Robert CarterThe Giants’ Dance
2006978-0-00-716926-9   ''Whitemantle
  ''978-0-00-716927-6   ''Whitemantle
2005978-0-00-716929-0   ''The Giants’ Dance: The 15th Century as it Should Have Been
2004978-0-00-716930-6Ian RidpathThe Times Universe: A Photographic Guide
  ''978-0-00-716933-7Collins Compact Dictionary
2003978-0-00-716934-4Alan Hydes · Jilly CooperCelebrity Portraits
2004978-0-00-716935-1Stephen MossThe Bird-friendly Garden
  ''978-0-00-716936-8Rose ImpeyThe Sleepover Club at Kenny's (Sleepover Club Series)
  ''978-0-00-716937-5Rose ImpeyThe Sleepover Club (4) – The Sleepover Club At Rosie’s: Definitely Not For Boys!
2011978-0-00-716938-2   ''The Sleepover Club At Felicity’s: Definitely Not For Boys! (The Sleepover Club, Book 3)
2004978-0-00-716939-9Rose ImpeyThe Sleepover Club (2) – The Sleepover Club at Lyndsey’s: Definitely Not For Boys!
  ''978-0-00-716940-5   ''The Sleepover Club at Frankie's (The Sleepover Club # 1)
2003978-0-00-716942-9Robert FosterThe Complete Guide to Middle-earth: From The Hobbit to The Silmarillion
  ''978-0-00-716943-6Dr. SeussCrazy Colours: A Lift-the-Flap Book (Dr. Seuss - A Lift-the-Flap Book)
  ''978-0-00-716944-3Dr. SeussSilly Opposites: A Lift-the-Flap Book (Dr. Seuss - A Lift-the-Flap Book)
  ''978-0-00-716945-0   ''Nutty Numbers: A Lift-the-Flap Book (Dr. Seuss - A Lift-the-Flap Book)
2003978-0-00-716946-7Dr. SeussAmazing Animals: A Lift-the-Flap Book (Dr Seuss Lift the Flap)
2004978-0-00-716947-4unknownTouring Guide Scotland (Visit Scotland)
  ''978-0-00-716948-1Touring Map Scotland (Visit Scotland)
2003978-0-00-716949-8Dr. SeussThe Dr. Seuss Miniature Collection
2004978-0-00-716950-4Martin ManserCollins Dictionary of – Saints: The definitive guide to the Saints
2003978-0-00-716951-1Tourist London Atlas and Guide
2004978-0-00-716954-2Handy Road Atlas Scotland
  ''978-0-00-716955-9Not KnownHandy Road Atlas Ireland
2003978-0-00-716956-6Dr. SeussRhymes, Riddles and Nonsense (Dr Seuss)
2006978-0-00-716957-3John WalkerHalliwell’s Who’s Who in the Movies
2004978-0-00-716958-0Cecelia AhernPS, I Love You
2003978-0-00-716959-7Holy Bible: English Standard Version (ESV) (Bible Esv)
2004978-0-00-716960-3Nick PageCEV Youth Bible: Contemporary English Version
2003978-0-00-716962-7Vivianne CrowleyWicca: A comprehensive guide to the Old Religion in the modern world
2006978-0-00-716963-4Michael BiltonWicked Beyond Belief: The Hunt for the Yorkshire Ripper
2003978-0-00-716964-1Stuart BarnesNews of the World Football Annual 2003/2004
2004978-0-00-716965-8Michael GelbHow to Think Like Leonardo da Vinci: Seven Steps to Genius Everyday
  ''978-0-00-716966-5Marguerite PattenEat to Beat Arthritis: Over 60 Recipes and a Self-treatment Plan to Transform Your Life
  ''978-0-00-716968-9Jason ValeThe Juice Master’s Ultimate Fast Food
2003978-0-00-716969-6Amy TanThe Opposite of Fate
2003978-0-00-716970-2Brian SibleyThe Maps of Tolkien’s Middle-earth: Special Edition
  ''978-0-00-716971-9Andrew MurrayThe Tolkien Quiz Book
2006978-0-00-716972-6Christina Scull · Wayne G. HammondThe J. R. R. Tolkien Companion and Guide: Chronology AND Reader's Guide
2004978-0-00-716973-3Nick ButterworthOne Snowy Night (Book & Tape)
2003978-0-00-716975-7Nick ButterworthThe Treasure Hunt (Percy the Park Keeper)
  ''978-0-00-716976-4Enid BlytonMake Way for Noddy – A Bike for Big-Ears/Bounce Alert in Toy Town: AND Bounce Alert in Toy Town
  ''978-0-00-716977-1Doris LessingThe Grandmothers
  ''978-0-00-716978-8Peter StraubLost Boy Lost Girl
2004978-0-00-716979-5Conn IgguldenThe Death of Kings (Emperor Series, Book 2)
2003978-0-00-716982-5Lyn WendonLetterland – New Big Picture Code Cards
2004978-0-00-716983-2Bang on the DoorFootball Crazy’s Activity Book (Bang on the Door)
2005978-0-00-716984-9   ''Fairy Girl Activity Book
2004978-0-00-716988-7Margaret StevensThe Art of Botanical Painting
2003978-0-00-716989-4Dr. SeussMarvin K. Mooney will you Please Go Now!: Green Back Book (Dr. Seuss - Green Back Book)
2003978-0-00-716990-0Dr. SeussIf I Ran the Circus: Yellow Back Book (Dr. Seuss - Yellow Back Book)
  ''978-0-00-716991-7   ''Mr. Brown Can Moo! Can You?: Blue Back Book (Dr. Seuss - Blue Back Book)
2003978-0-00-716992-4Dr. SeussAnd To Think That I Saw It On Mulberry Street: Green Back Book (Dr. Seuss - Green Back Book)
  ''978-0-00-716993-1   ''Dr. Seuss’s Sleep Book: Yellow Back Book (Dr Seuss Yellow Back Book)
  ''978-0-00-716994-8   ''If I Ran the Zoo: Yellow Back Book (Dr. Seuss - Yellow Back Book)
  ''978-0-00-716995-5   ''There’s a Wocket in my Pocket: Blue Back Book (Dr. Seuss - Blue Back Book)
  ''978-0-00-716996-2   ''Scrambled Eggs Super! (Dr Seuss Yellow Back Book)
2003978-0-00-716997-9Dr. SeussTen Apples Up on Top! (Green Back Books)
  ''978-0-00-716998-6Stephen LawheadPatrick