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ISBN 978-0-00-164230-0 to 978-0-00-183734-8 < ISBN 978-0-00-183739-3 to 978-0-00-191392-9 > ISBN 978-0-00-192121-4 to 978-0-00-195141-9

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2011978-0-00-183739-3Jill BarklemAutumn Story (Brambly Hedge)
1976978-0-00-183740-9Rosemary WellsNoisy Nora
1978978-0-00-183748-5Ruth OrbachPlease Send a Panda
  ''978-0-00-183749-2Please Send a Panda
1979978-0-00-183759-1Jane ZalbenNorton's Night-time (My little Collins book)
  ''978-0-00-183760-7Tasha TudorBook of Christmas: Pop-up Book
1982978-0-00-183767-6Ingrid SelbergOur Changing World: Revolving Picture Book (A Revolving picture book)
1975978-0-00-183790-4Jane YolenRainbow Rider
1978978-0-00-183906-9Ron BrooksTimothy and Gramps
2011978-0-00-183922-9Jill BarklemSpring Story (Brambly Hedge)
  ''978-0-00-183923-6   ''Summer Story (Brambly Hedge)
1983978-0-00-183925-0   ''Secret Staircase
1986978-0-00-183964-9   ''The High Hills
1984978-0-00-183977-9Sue Dolman · Jill BarklemThe Brambly Hedge Pattern Book
1976978-0-00-183980-9Nanette NewmanVote for Love
1970978-0-00-184006-5W. Towrie CuttOn the Trail of Long Tom
1987978-0-00-184021-8Paule Alen · Myriam DeruA Birthday Surprise
  ''978-0-00-184022-5Paule AlenFirst Day at School
1999978-0-00-184026-3Jill BarklemThe Four Seasons of Brambly Hedge
1976978-0-00-184042-3Anna SewellBlack Beauty (Boys' & Girls' Library)
1984978-0-00-184045-4Alan GarnerBook Of British Fairy Tales
1988978-0-00-184048-5Alan GarnerBook of British Fairy Tales
1969978-0-00-184057-7Reginald OttleyBates Family
1974978-0-00-184063-8William RaynerBig Mister
1989978-0-00-184084-3Louise LawrenceAndra
2013978-0-00-184085-0Jill BarklemThe Secret Staircase (Brambly Hedge)
2015978-0-00-184086-7   ''The High Hills (Brambly Hedge)
1985978-0-00-184090-4Diane WilmerBenny: The Story of a Dog
1992978-0-00-184101-7Cynthia VoigtDavid and Jonathan
1969978-0-00-184110-9Joan G. RobinsonCharley
1978978-0-00-184134-5Farrukh DhondyCome to Mecca and Other Stories
1983978-0-00-184135-2Michael BondThe Caravan Puppets
1990978-0-00-184142-0Jacqueline RoySoul Daddy
1973978-0-00-184157-4Alan GarnerRed Shift
1975978-0-00-184158-1Patricia LeitchDream of Fair Horses
1990978-0-00-184162-8Jill PinkwaterDisappearance of Sister Perfect
1988978-0-00-184175-8Ralph HammondCocos Gold
1991978-0-00-184177-2Sheila SanchaCastle Story
1989978-0-00-184178-9Philip RidleyDakota of the White Flats
1965978-0-00-184202-1Alan GarnerElidor
1990978-0-00-184211-3Walter Dean MyersFallen Angels
1992978-0-00-184214-4Jonathan LangleyThe Three Billy Goats Gruff
1992978-0-00-184226-7Tony BradmanIt Came from Outer Space
1988978-0-00-184237-3F. A. E. PiraniAbigail at the Beach
1989978-0-00-184239-7Colin Hawkins · Jacqui HawkinsThe Crockers on Holiday [ Crocodile Creek ]
1976978-0-00-184246-5Noel StreatfeildFar to Go
1987978-0-00-184250-2John VerneyFriday's Tunnel
1988978-0-00-184254-0Ellen HowardEdith Herself
1981978-0-00-184267-0Alison FellThe Grey Dancer
1966978-0-00-184274-8Noel StreatfeildThe Growing Summer
1977978-0-00-184288-5Alan GarnerGranny Reardun
1984978-0-00-184316-5Robert IngpenClick Go the Shears
1982978-0-00-184348-6Geoffrey DuttonProwler
1978978-0-00-184368-4Francia Forbes. TurnerTHROUGH THE MIST. (SIGNED).
1979978-0-00-184372-1Lilith NewmanDream of Seas
  ''978-0-00-184376-9Bruce TreloarKim
1987978-0-00-184383-7FictionGulpilils Stories of Dreamtim
1986978-0-00-184403-2Alan GarnerA Bag Of Moonshine
1973978-0-00-184408-7Douglas RutherfordKiller on the Track (A chequered flag book)
1985978-0-00-184415-5Robert LeesonReading and Righting
1987978-0-00-184425-4Rudyard KiplingJust So Stories (Classics)
1989978-0-00-184434-6Hugh B. CaveUncharted Voyage
1990978-0-00-184437-7W. B. YeatsFairy Tales of Ireland
1997978-0-00-184441-4C. S. LewisThe Last Battle (The Chronicles of Narnia, Book 7)
  ''978-0-00-184442-1C. S. LewisThe Magician's Nephew (The Chronicles of Narnia)
1955978-0-00-184451-3Naomi MitchisonLand Ravens Found
1969978-0-00-184455-1Ludek PesekLog of a Moon Expedition
1974978-0-00-184461-2Julie EdwardsLast of the Really Great Whangdoodles
1975978-0-00-184462-9James ReevesShadow of the Hawk
1983978-0-00-184503-9Alan GarnerThe Moon Of Gomrath
1971978-0-00-184509-1Wilkie CollinsThe Moonstone (Classics for today)
1974978-0-00-184515-2Robert Leeson'Maroon Boy
1976978-0-00-184520-6Peter HarrisMonkey and the Three Wizards
1981978-0-00-184527-5Mick GowarSwings and Roundabouts
1985978-0-00-184529-9Tormod HaugenNight Birds
1987978-0-00-184546-6Gareth OwenThe Man with Eyes Like Windows
1990978-0-00-184559-6Tony RossThis Old Man: Musical Counting Book
2014978-0-00-184563-3Jill BarklemSea Story (Brambly Hedge)
1990978-0-00-184580-0Dick BrunaI Know My Opposites
  ''978-0-00-184581-7Dick BrunaI Know My Shapes
1967978-0-00-184603-6Alan GarnerThe Owl Service
1975978-0-00-184604-3Judith KerrOther Way Round
1984978-0-00-184608-1Tony DrakeThere Will be a Next Time
1989978-0-00-184627-2Fay WeldonParty Puddle
1978978-0-00-184629-6Jane ZalbenPenny and the Captain
1979978-0-00-184630-2Tony DrakePlaying it Right
1987978-0-00-184644-9Jonathan Shipton · Richard ParentIn the Night
1985978-0-00-184647-0Elizabeth Laird · etc.The Miracle Child: Story from Ethiopia
  ''978-0-00-184649-4Peter SpierChristmas
1985978-0-00-184652-4Elizabeth Laird · etc.The Miracle Child: Story from Ethiopia
1962978-0-00-184653-1Norton JusterPhantom Tollbooth
1972978-0-00-184662-3Louise LawrencePower of Stars
1970978-0-00-184680-7Thomas JohnstonFight for Arkenvald
1989978-0-00-184683-8Nicola SmeeThe Invitation
  ''978-0-00-184684-5Carlo CollodiPinocchio
1990978-0-00-184686-9Marjorie DarkeRose from Blighty
1980978-0-00-184711-8Alan GarnerThe Lad Of The Gad
1989978-0-00-184712-5J.H. BrennanShiva
1974978-0-00-184772-9Angela BullChild of Ebenezer
1977978-0-00-184775-0Gillian AveryHuck and Her Time Machine
1976978-0-00-184777-4Alan GarnerThe Stone Book
1977978-0-00-184780-4T. H. WhiteThe Sword in the Stone
1988978-0-00-184788-0Alex MartinSnow on the Stinker
  ''978-0-00-184792-7Fay WeldonWolf the Mechanical Dog
1989978-0-00-184793-4Gareth OwenSaving Grace
1964978-0-00-184801-6Margery SharpThe Turret
1970978-0-00-184809-2Noel StreatfeildThursday's Child
1971978-0-00-184810-8Gillian AveryLikely Lad
1989978-0-00-184818-4Gill ScrivenThe White Cat's Holiday
1973978-0-00-184824-5Alexandre DumasThree Musketeers (Boys' & Girls' Library)
1977978-0-00-184832-0Alan GarnerTom Fobble's Day
1978978-0-00-184837-5Godfrey GoodwinThere Ain't No Angels No More
1984978-0-00-184842-9Iris SchweitzerTwice Beneath the Ornok Tree
1987978-0-00-184848-1Walt DisneyThree Little Pigs
1978978-0-00-184854-2Judith KerrA Small Person Far Away
1987978-0-00-184860-3Elizabeth LairdHappy Birthday
1971978-0-00-184913-6Judith KerrWhen Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit
1979978-0-00-184930-3Frank DunneWexford Road (Collins young fiction)
1989978-0-00-184938-9Amy EhrlichWhere it Stops, Nobody Knows
  ''978-0-00-184939-6M.E. KerrFell
1981978-0-00-184981-5Dr Duffer's Outback Adventures
1991978-0-00-184988-4Tony Fairman · Meshack AsareBury My Bones But Keep My Words
1985978-0-00-184990-7Philip TempleMoa: The Story of a Fabulous Bird
1974978-0-00-185002-6Dick RoughseyGiant Devil Dingo
  ''978-0-00-185003-3A.B. PatersonMulga Bill's Bicycle
1974978-0-00-185005-7Nancy KeesingGolden Dream, The (Australians in History S.)
1976978-0-00-185006-4S.A. WakefieldGumbles on Guard
1975978-0-00-185008-8A. B. PatersonThe Man from Ironbark
  ''978-0-00-185010-1Michael Dugan · Deborah NilandStuff and Nonsense
1976978-0-00-185016-3Dick RoughseyThe Rainbow Serpent
1977978-0-00-185023-1A.B. PatersonBush Christening, A
1976978-0-00-185024-8UnnamedClick go the shears, and other Australian bush ballads
1977978-0-00-185025-5A. B. PatersonMan from Snowy River
1975978-0-00-185087-3Jill BagnallCrayfishing with Grandmother
1983978-0-00-185093-4Yvonne KalmanSparkles
1990978-0-00-185115-3Michael BondPaddington's ABC (Paddington Concept Books)
1990978-0-00-185121-4Michael BondPaddington's Colours (Paddington Concept Books)
  ''978-0-00-185124-5   ''Paddington's Opposites (Paddington Concept Books)
1989978-0-00-185128-3Kenneth BaileyEncyclopedia of Nature
1990978-0-00-185354-6Charles HughesThe Winning Formula
1991978-0-00-185401-7Gila AlmagorSummer of Aviya
  ''978-0-00-185414-7Robert LeesonComing Home
1993978-0-00-185424-6Juliana Horatia Ewing · Berlie DohertyOld Father Christmas
1992978-0-00-185427-7Lynne Reid BanksMagic Hare
1991978-0-00-185430-7Roald DahlCharlie and the Chocolate Factory (The best of Roald Dahl)
  ''978-0-00-185431-4Roald DahlCharlie and the Great Glass Elevator (The best of Roald Dahl)
  ''978-0-00-185432-1   ''James and the Giant Peach (The best of Roald Dahl)
1991978-0-00-185434-5Roald DahlThe Magic Finger (The best of Roald Dahl)
1993978-0-00-185501-4Cynthia VoigtOrfe
  ''978-0-00-185504-5Lynne Reid BanksThe Mystery of the Cupboard
  ''978-0-00-185506-9   ''The Adventures of King Midas (Red Storybook)
2002978-0-00-185508-3J.Murray MacbainThe Book of 1000 Poems: Classic Collection for Children
1994978-0-00-185600-4Patricia MacLachlanSkylark
1995978-0-00-185601-1Kaye UmanskyRuby, a Rug and a Prince Called Doug
  ''978-0-00-185606-6Cynthia VoigtWhen She Hollers
  ''978-0-00-185609-7Nicholas WildeThe Eye of the Storm
1995978-0-00-185613-4Robin JarvisThe Woven Path (Tales from the Wyrd Museum)
1996978-0-00-185623-3Louise LawrenceThe Road to Irriyan (Llandor trilogy)
  ''978-0-00-185641-7Jean UreHarriet Strikes Again! (Red Storybook)
1995978-0-00-185647-9Linda NewberyThe Cliff Path (The shouting wind trilogy)
1997978-0-00-185671-4Alan DurantHappy Birthday, Spider McDrew (Red Storybook)
1998978-0-00-185675-2Mary EllisThe Arctic Fox
1997978-0-00-185685-1Lynne Reid BanksAngela and Diabola
1998978-0-00-185688-2Ian WhybrowLittle Wolf’s Haunted Hall for Small Horrors
  ''978-0-00-185701-8C. S. LewisThe Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe Picture Book (The Chronicles of Narnia)
2001978-0-00-185702-5Robin JarvisDeathscent: Intrigues of the Reflected Realm
1999978-0-00-185713-1C. S. LewisThe Complete Chronicles of Narnia (The Chronicles of Narnia)
  ''978-0-00-185714-8Lynne Reid BanksThe Key to the Indian
  ''978-0-00-185715-5Wendy CoolingCenturies of Stories
1999978-0-00-185716-2Brian Sibley · Alison SageA Treasury of Narnia
1998978-0-00-185717-9Shel SilversteinFalling Up
1999978-0-00-185719-3C. S. LewisThe Magician's Nephew: Graphic Novel (The Chronicles of Narnia)
  ''978-0-00-185725-4Ian WhybrowLittle Wolf’s Book of Badness: Colour Edition
2000978-0-00-185729-2Diana Wynne JonesCharmed Life (The Chrestomanci Series, Book 1)
  ''978-0-00-185733-9Diana Wynne JonesFire and Hemlock
  ''978-0-00-185734-6   ''A Tale of Time City
2000978-0-00-185735-3Diana Wynne JonesEight Days of Luke
  ''978-0-00-185736-0   ''Dogsbody
  ''978-0-00-185742-1   ''The Chrestomanci Series (5) - Mixed Magics
  ''978-0-00-185743-8   ''Castle in the Air
1999978-0-00-185744-5R. L. StineNightmare Hour
1989978-0-00-190011-0Susan Cassin · David SmithYour Body (Fascinating Facts)
  ''978-0-00-190012-7Susan Cassin · David SmithAnimals (Fascinating Facts)
1989978-0-00-190054-7A. CookeCollins Picture Dictionary
1990978-0-00-190074-5Janine AmosPop Videos (See it Made S.)
1985978-0-00-190983-0Buzz SpectorWhite Walls (Whitewalls amagazine of writings by Artist, 13)
1989978-0-00-191119-2Elizabeth Laird · Alan MarksSid and Sadie
1987978-0-00-191124-6Robin KerrodDictionary of Space and Astronomy
  ''978-0-00-191125-3Michael DempseyPocket Atlas and Gazetteer
  ''978-0-00-191126-0Michael DempseyConcise Encyclopaedia of Knowledge
1990978-0-00-191160-4Charles HughesThe Winning Formula: Soccer Skills and Tactics
1989978-0-00-191161-1Brian SibleyThe Land of NARNIA
1990978-0-00-191215-1Bridget GibbsSoccer (First Action Skills)
1989978-0-00-191273-1Judith KerrA Small Person Far Away
  ''978-0-00-191283-0Ruth Craft · John Vernon LordThe Song That Sings the Bird
1990978-0-00-191304-2Elizabeth Laird · Colin ReederThe Day the Ducks Went Skating (Little Red Tractor Books)
2001978-0-00-191335-6Agni 53 (AGNI, 53)
1991978-0-00-191357-8Cynthia VoigtOn Fortune's Wheel
1990978-0-00-191368-4F. A. E. PiraniAbigail Goes Visiting
1991978-0-00-191392-9Lesley Anne IvoryCats in the Sun