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ISBN 978-0-00-654674-0 to 978-0-00-655104-1 < ISBN 978-0-00-655105-8 to 978-0-00-663371-6 > ISBN 978-0-00-663383-9 to 978-0-00-670670-0

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1998978-0-00-655105-8Dervla MurphySouth from the Limpopo: Travels Through South Africa
2000978-0-00-655106-5Iseult TeranDolce Vita
1999978-0-00-655107-2Peter HedgesAn Ocean in Iowa
1998978-0-00-655108-9Donald RawleyThe Night Bird Cantata and Other Stories
1997978-0-00-655109-6Arundhati RoyThe God of Small Things
1998978-0-00-655110-2Brian MooreThe Magician’s Wife
2008978-0-00-655111-9Paullina SimonsEleven Hours
1999978-0-00-655113-3Marilyn BoweringVisible Worlds
2004978-0-00-655114-0Magnus MillsThe Restraint of Beasts
1999978-0-00-655117-1Isabel AllendeAphrodite
1998978-0-00-655118-8VariousThe Flamingo Book of New Scottish Writing 1998
1999978-0-00-655121-8Geneviève JurgensenThe Disappearance
  ''978-0-00-655123-2Jane SmileyThe All-True Travels and Adventures of Lidie Newton
2001978-0-00-655125-6Frances AshcroftLife at the Extremes: [The Science of Survival]
1998978-0-00-655126-3Douglas CouplandGirlfriend in a Coma
  ''978-0-00-655127-0Douglas CouplandGirlfriend in a Coma
2011978-0-00-655128-7Johnjoe McFaddenQuantum Evolution: Life in the Multiverse
1999978-0-00-655129-4Rhidian BrookJesus and the Adman
1998978-0-00-655130-0John BirminghamThe Tasmanian Babes Fiasco
2000978-0-00-655135-5Catherine ClementTheo's Odyssey
1998978-0-00-655136-2Hunter S. ThompsonFear and Loathing in Las Vegas
2005978-0-00-655137-9Richard ForteyThe Earth: An Intimate History
2001978-0-00-655138-6Richard ForteyTrilobite! Eyewitness to Evolution
2000978-0-00-655139-3Thomas FriedmanThe Lexus and the Olive Tree
  ''978-0-00-655141-6Andrea BarrettThe Voyage of the Narwhal
  ''978-0-00-655142-3Andrea BarrettShip Fever
2000978-0-00-655143-0Peter LandesmanBlood Acre
  ''978-0-00-655144-7Bryan AppleyardBrave New Worlds: Genetics and the Human Experience
1999978-0-00-655145-4Greg HollingsheadThe Healer
2000978-0-00-655146-1Nanne TepperThe Happy Hunting Grounds
2004978-0-00-655147-8Deborah ScrogginsEmma’s War: Love, Betrayal and Death in the Sudan
2015978-0-00-655148-5Tim O'BrienNorthern Lights
2000978-0-00-655149-2Maeve BrennanThe Springs of Affection
1999978-0-00-655151-5Alan GarnerThe Stone Book Quartet (Cascades)
2000978-0-00-655152-2Tim O'BrienTomcat in Love
2011978-0-00-655153-9Daisy GoodwinSilver River
2000978-0-00-655154-6Barbara GowdyThe White Bone
2001978-0-00-655155-3Katharine McMahonAfter Mary
2010978-0-00-655158-4Fritjof CapraThe Hidden Connections: A Science for Sustainable Living
2009978-0-00-655159-1David CraneThe Kindness of Sisters: Annabella Milbanke and the Destruction of the Byrons
2014978-0-00-655160-7J. G. BallardSuper-Cannes
  ''978-0-00-655161-4J. G. BallardMillennium People
2001978-0-00-655162-1Fay WeldonRhode Island Blues
2006978-0-00-655165-2Fay WeldonShe May Not Leave
2010978-0-00-655166-9   ''Nothing to Wear and Nowhere to Hide: A Collection of Short Stories
2008978-0-00-655167-6   ''What Makes Women Happy
2001978-0-00-655168-3Tim BradfordIs Shane MacGowan Still Alive?
  ''978-0-00-655171-3Kate O'RiordanThe Angel in the House
2010978-0-00-655172-0Paul MartinCounting Sheep: The Science and Pleasures of Sleep and Dreams
2011978-0-00-655173-7Jack TurnerSpice: The History of a Temptation
2009978-0-00-655174-4Robert CarverThe Accursed Mountains: Journeys in Albania
2001978-0-00-655175-1Stuart JeffriesMrs Slocombe’s Pussy: Growing Up in Front of the Telly
1999978-0-00-655176-8Jacquelyn MitchardThe Most Wanted
2000978-0-00-655177-5Jay GriffithsPip Pip: A Sideways Look at Time
2004978-0-00-655178-2Jane SmileyThe All-True Travels and Adventures of Lidie Newton
2000978-0-00-655179-9Jhumpa LahiriInterpreter of Maladies: Stories
2004978-0-00-655180-5Jhumpa LahiriThe Namesake
2000978-0-00-655181-2Frank McCourt’Tis
  ''978-0-00-655183-6Judy BudnitzFlying Leap
2001978-0-00-655184-3Judy BudnitzIf I Told You Once
2000978-0-00-655185-0Magnus MillsAll Quiet on the Orient Express
2000978-0-00-655186-7Diana SavilleCapability’s Eden
2002978-0-00-655187-4Ruchir JoshiThe Last Jet-Engine Laugh
1999978-0-00-655189-8Louisa YoungDesiring Cairo
2000978-0-00-655191-1Georgia de ChamberetXCiTés: The Flamingo Book of Fresh French Writing
2009978-0-00-655192-8Ferenc MateThe Hills Of Tuscany: A New Home in an Old Land
1999978-0-00-655193-5Jacquelyn MitchardThe Deep End of the Ocean
2001978-0-00-655194-2Vanessa JonesTwelve
1999978-0-00-655195-9Dervla MurphyCameroon With Egbert
2000978-0-00-655197-3Bill BroadySwimmer
2001978-0-00-655198-0Bill BroadyIn This Block There Lives a Slag…: And Other Yorkshire Fables
2002978-0-00-655199-7Sebastian HopeOutcasts of the Islands: The Sea Gypsies of South East Asia
2005978-0-00-655200-0John BrewerSentimental Murder: Love and Madness in the Eighteenth Century
2009978-0-00-655201-7Alan SillitoeThe German Numbers Woman
2002978-0-00-655202-4Benjamin WoolleyThe Queen's Conjuror (Science and Magic of Dr Dee): The Life and Magic of Dr Dee: The Science and Magic of Dr.Dee
2010978-0-00-655205-5Marya HornbacherThe Centre of Winter
2000978-0-00-655206-2Douglas CouplandMiss Wyoming
2002978-0-00-655207-9Geoff RymanLust
2010978-0-00-655210-9Geoff RymanThe King’s Last Song
2003978-0-00-655211-6Brenda MaddoxRosalind Franklin: The Dark Lady of DNA
  ''978-0-00-655212-3Wilfred ThesigerMy Life and Travels: An Anthology
2000978-0-00-655213-0Dervla MurphyTibetan Foothold
1999978-0-00-655214-7William BurroughsWord Virus: The William Burroughs Reader (Flamingo Modern Classic)
2001978-0-00-655218-5William BurroughsLast Words (1960s A)
2000978-0-00-655219-2Christopher WallaceThe Resurrection Club
2008978-0-00-655220-8Patrick GaleRough Music
2009978-0-00-655223-9Andrew PhamCatfish and Mandala
  ''978-0-00-655226-0Tom FranklinPoachers
978-0-00-655227-7Tom FranklinHell at the Breech
2001978-0-00-655229-1Doris LessingBen, in the World
2002978-0-00-655230-7Doris LessingThe Sweetest Dream
2000978-0-00-655231-4Isabel AllendeDaughter of Fortune
2008978-0-00-655232-1   ''Daughter of Fortune
2001978-0-00-655234-5Louisa YoungTree of Pearls
2009978-0-00-655235-2Michael MoranBeyond The Coral Sea: Travels in the Old Empires of the South-West Pacific
2001978-0-00-655236-9Dermot BolgerTemptation
2002978-0-00-655237-6Dermot BolgerThe Valparaiso Voyage
2010978-0-00-655238-3Anna BurnsNo Bones
2011978-0-00-655239-0Vanessa JonesThe Kindest use a Knife
2000978-0-00-655241-3Frank McCourt’Tis
  ''978-0-00-655242-0Rhidian BrookThe Testimony of Taliesin Jones
  ''978-0-00-655243-7Steve JonesThe Language of the Genes
2003978-0-00-655244-4Meg HendersonThe Last Wanderer
2010978-0-00-655245-1Meg HendersonSecond Sight
2006978-0-00-655246-8   ''Daisy's Wars
2010978-0-00-655247-5Sebastian O'KellyAmedeo: The True Story of an Italian’s War in Abyssinia
2002978-0-00-655248-2Maria McCannAs Meat Loves Salt
1988978-0-00-656219-1Silvertone Communion Tray
1988978-0-00-656220-7Silvertone Communion Tray Cover
  ''978-0-00-656224-5Silvertone Stacking Bread Plate
  ''978-0-00-656317-4Brasstone Aluminum Communion Cup Tray
  ''978-0-00-656319-8Brasstone Communion Tray Cover
  ''978-0-00-656320-4Brasstone Communion Tray Base
1988978-0-00-656422-5Communion Cup Filler-Squeeze Bottle (16oz)
978-0-00-656532-1The Best Christmas Pageant Ever [VHS]
1988978-0-00-656735-6Portable Communion Set: With 4 Cups
1986978-0-00-656778-3M. ZimmermannSoul Winner's Guide
2005978-0-00-657540-5UnnamedFinancial Accounting - Text Only (5th Edition)
978-0-00-658748-4Linear Algebra: A Modern Introduction- Text Only by David Poole (2006-05-03)
1987978-0-00-658820-7Stormie OmartianExercise for Life: The Video [VHS]
1988978-0-00-658897-9David Huntsinger · Dottie RamboDown by the Creek Bank
2007978-0-00-659394-2EDUFSCARAlmanach-album de Sao Carlos: 1916-1917 - Colecao Nossa Historia
2005978-0-00-659958-6UnnamedBasic Statistics: Tales of Distributions- Text Only
  ''978-0-00-660206-4Juvenile Delinquency: The Core- Text Only
1973978-0-00-660640-6Edward LearOwl and the Pussycat (Armada Picture Lions)
  ''978-0-00-660645-1Judith KerrThe Tiger Who Came to Tea (Armada Picture Lions)
  ''978-0-00-660647-5Susanna GretzTeddybears One to Ten (Armada Picture Lions)
  ''978-0-00-660656-7Roger DuvoisinPetunia (Armada Picture Lions)
1973978-0-00-660657-4Roger DuvoisinPetunia, Beware! (Armada Picture Lions)
  ''978-0-00-660661-1Kate GreenawayA Selection from Under The Window: Pictures & Rhymes for Children (Collins Picture Lions)
1975978-0-00-660668-0Arnold LobelGreat Blueness and Other Predicaments (Armada Picture Lions)
1973978-0-00-660675-8Aurelius BattagliaMother Goose (Armada Picture Lions)
1975978-0-00-660678-9Cheli Duran RyanHildilid's Night (Picture Lions)
1974978-0-00-660682-6Berniece FreschetTurtle Pond (Armada Picture Lions S.)
  ''978-0-00-660686-4Kate GreenawayA Marigold Garden: Selection
2005978-0-00-660715-1Neil A. WeissIntroductory Statistics - Textbook Only
2000978-0-00-660721-2Marco Antonio Ferreira Gomesareas Criticas nas Porcoes de Recarga do Aquifero Guarani Localizadas nas Nascentes do Rio Araguaia
1974978-0-00-660836-3Judith KerrMog the Forgetful Cat (Armada Picture Lions)
1975978-0-00-660837-0Harve Zemach · Margot ZemachBuy Me a China Doll (Armada Picture Lions S.)
  ''978-0-00-660840-0Kathryn HitteBoy, Was I Mad (Picture Lions S.)
1976978-0-00-660842-4Alan ArkinTony's Hard Work Day (Picture Lions S.)
1975978-0-00-660844-8William SteigAmos and Boris (Armada Picture Lions)
  ''978-0-00-660849-3Quentin BlakeLester and the Unusual Pet (Picture Lions)
1975978-0-00-660850-9Quentin BlakeLester at the Seaside (Picture Lions)
  ''978-0-00-660858-5Tomie De PaolaMichael Bird-boy (Picture Lions)
1976978-0-00-660869-1John RyanPugwash the Smuggler (Picture Lions)
  ''978-0-00-661221-6Dick Roughseythe Giant Devil Dingo
2010978-0-00-661340-4Judith KerrWhen Willy Went to the Wedding (Picture Lions)
1979978-0-00-661406-7Judith KerrMog's Christmas (Picture Lions)
1978978-0-00-661465-4Rosemary WellsNoisy Nora (Picture Lions)
1979978-0-00-661470-8A.B. PatersonWaltzing Matilda Oe
2004978-0-00-661476-0Programming Right From the Start with Visual Basic.NET- Text Only
1979978-0-00-661505-7Michael Bond · Ivor WoodPaddington's Cartoon Book (Picture Lions)
  ''978-0-00-661604-7Peter LippmanBusy Boats (Picture Lions)
1980978-0-00-661708-2Oliver Postgate · Peter FirminNoggin and the Flowers (Saga of Noggin the Nog)
  ''978-0-00-661756-3John RyanDoodle's Homework (Picture Lions)
1982978-0-00-661799-0Judith KerrMog and the Baby (Picture Lions)
1981978-0-00-661879-9Quentin BlakeMister Magnolia (Picture Lions)
1983978-0-00-661943-7a./Harvey BoardmanEureka Stockade Oe (Fontana picture lions)
1982978-0-00-661953-6Janet Ahlberg · Allan AhlbergFunnybones (Picture Lions)
1981978-0-00-662033-4Elizabeth HathornTram to Bondi Beach Oe
1985978-0-00-662038-9Percy TreziseMagic Firesticks Oe
1983978-0-00-662052-5Niki DalyJoseph's Other Red Sock (Picture Lions)
  ''978-0-00-662053-2Peter CurryI Can See (Picture Lions)
1984978-0-00-662101-0Margaret LaneThe Beaver (Picture Lions)
1983978-0-00-662136-2Gabrielle VincentErnest and Celestine (Picture Lions)
1984978-0-00-662179-9Jill Bennett · Helen OxenburyTiny Tim: Verses for Children (Picture Lions)
2006978-0-00-662211-6Romanticism , an Anthology , Third Edition
1985978-0-00-662259-8Jan OrmerodBe Brave, Billy (Picture Lions)
1984978-0-00-662266-6Ron MarisBetter Move on, Frog! (Picture Lions)
1986978-0-00-662324-3John Anthony KingAndys Gone with the Cattle (Fontana picture lions)
  ''978-0-00-662326-7Robert IngpenClick Go the Shears Oe (Fontana picture lions)
1985978-0-00-662377-9Babette ColeThe Trouble with Mum (Picture Lions)
1985978-0-00-662379-3Shirley HughesAlfie Gives a Hand (Picture Lions)
1986978-0-00-662432-5Mairi HedderwickKatie Morag Delivers the Mail (Picture Lions)
1985978-0-00-662461-5Quentin BlakeQuentin Blake's Nursery Rhyme Book (Picture Lions)
  ''978-0-00-662567-4Amanda DavidsonTeddy's First Christmas (Picture Lions)
  ''978-0-00-662574-2Colin Hawkins · Jacqui HawkinsWitches (Picture Lions)
  ''978-0-00-662575-9Colin Hawkins · Jacqui HawkinsVampires (Picture Lions)
  ''978-0-00-662576-6   ''The Spooks (Picture Lions)
1986978-0-00-662578-0Bill MartinBrown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? (Picture Lions)
1986978-0-00-662593-3Amanda DavidsonTeddy at the Seaside (Picture Lions)
2001978-0-00-662687-9Tony RossI Want My Potty (Little Princess) (Picture Lions)
1988978-0-00-662735-7Colin Hawkins · Jacqui HawkinsCosmic Cat and the Space Spider (Picture Lions)
  ''978-0-00-662736-4   ''Cosmic Cat and the Pink Planet (Picture Lions)
1986978-0-00-662774-6Judith KerrMog in the Dark
1987978-0-00-662783-8Helen OxenburyNumbers of Things (Picture Lions)
  ''978-0-00-662786-9Bob GrahamFirst There Was Frances (Picture Lions)
1988978-0-00-662798-2Babette ColePrincess Smartypants (Picture Lions)
1987978-0-00-662800-2Marc BrownHand Rhymes (Picture Lions)
1997978-0-00-662845-3Colin Hawkins · Jacqui HawkinsGrannies (Picture Lions)
1987978-0-00-662863-7Marie-Louise GayMoonbeam on a Cat's Ear (Picture Lions)
1990978-0-00-662895-8Peter CurryThe Big Red Bus Ride (Picture Lions)
1988978-0-00-662953-5Ann Morris · Jan LewisBig as a Skyscraper (Picture Lions)
  ''978-0-00-663066-1Bill Martin · John ArchambaultHere are My Hands (Picture Lions)
1990978-0-00-663151-4Babette ColeKing Change-a-lot (Picture Lions)
1988978-0-00-663153-8John Troy McQueenA World Full of Monsters (Picture Lions)
  ''978-0-00-663158-3Colin Hawkins · Jacqui HawkinsPirates (Picture Lions)
1989978-0-00-663161-3Mairi HedderwickKatie Morag and the Tiresome Ted (Picture Lions)
1989978-0-00-663371-6Elizabeth FalconerLittle Gnome (Picture Lions)