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ISBN 978-0-00-638646-9 to 978-0-00-639219-4 < ISBN 978-0-00-639220-0 to 978-0-00-639577-5 > ISBN 978-0-00-639578-2 to 978-0-00-647394-7

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
978-0-00-639220-0Lost Girls
978-0-00-639221-7The Trade Mission: A Novel of Psychological Terror
2002978-0-00-639222-4Claire CalmanLessons for a Sunday Father
  ''978-0-00-639223-1Jonathan FRANZENLes corrections
978-0-00-639224-8Northern Exposures Mm
2004978-0-00-639226-2Barbara GowdyTHE ROMANTIC
2003978-0-00-639231-6Claire CalmanLove Is a Four Letter Word
2002978-0-00-639232-3Sue GoyetteLures: A Novel
978-0-00-639233-0The White Bone
978-0-00-639234-7Real Life: Short Stories
2008978-0-00-639235-4Jon EvansInvisible Armies
978-0-00-639237-8Communist's Daughter
2002978-0-00-639240-8Richard B WrightTourists: A novel
978-0-00-639245-3A Hard Witching and Other Stories
2003978-0-00-639246-0Rob PayneWorking Class Zero
2005978-0-00-639247-7Rob PayneSushi Daze
2003978-0-00-639251-4Douglas CouplandPolaroids From The Dead Perennial Reissue
2004978-0-00-639252-1Niccolò AmmanitiI'm Not Scared
978-0-00-639253-8SOS TITLE UNKNOWN
978-0-00-639254-5Trials Of Ezra Pound
2003978-0-00-639257-6Michael McgowanNewton And The Giant
2004978-0-00-639259-0Kenneth OppelAirborn
  ''978-0-00-639261-3FRANCES ITANIDeafening: A Novel
2008978-0-00-639262-0Frances ItaniRemembering the Bones
978-0-00-639264-4The Mapmaker's Opera
2004978-0-00-639265-1Susan JubyMiss Smithers
2005978-0-00-639266-8Susan JubyTitle: Alice MacLeod Realist at Last
978-0-00-639267-5You Went Away
2002978-0-00-639268-2Timothy FindleyDust To Dust
978-0-00-639269-9Richard WrightFarthings Fortunes
978-0-00-639270-5The Teacher's Daughter
978-0-00-639271-2Final Things
978-0-00-639272-9House Of Blue Mangoes
2004978-0-00-639273-6Kathleen TessaroELEGANCE
978-0-00-639279-8The Hanging of Angélique
2004978-0-00-639280-4Lewis DeSotoA Blade of Grass
2005978-0-00-639281-1Janice Kulyk KeeferThieves
2003978-0-00-639283-5Laura LangstonLesia's Dream
  ''978-0-00-639285-9Don AkerTitle: The First Stone
2015978-0-00-639286-6Don AkerThe First Stone
978-0-00-639287-3Alice, I Think
978-0-00-639288-0Alice, I Think
2006978-0-00-639290-3Michael CunninghamSpecimen Days~Michael Cunningham
978-0-00-639291-0Childrens War
978-0-00-639292-7Wire In The Blood
2003978-0-00-639293-4V McDermidThe Mermaids Singing
978-0-00-639295-8Place Of Execution Mm
978-0-00-639296-5Killing The Shadows Mm
2003978-0-00-639297-2Michael CrichtonPrey
  ''978-0-00-639299-6Barbara Haworth-AttardTheories of Relativity
978-0-00-639300-9Theories Of Relativity
978-0-00-639301-6Good House
2005978-0-00-639303-0Andrew. PyperThe Wildfire Season
978-0-00-639305-4Distant Echo Tpb
978-0-00-639306-1The Distant Echo
978-0-00-639308-5The Silverwing Saga
978-0-00-639309-2The Corrections
2003978-0-00-639310-8Andrew PyperLost Girls
978-0-00-639313-9Love Lies Bleeding
978-0-00-639316-0Ghost Of Lunenberg Manor Mm
978-0-00-639318-4I Like It Like That
2004978-0-00-639319-1Guy Gavriel KayThe Summer Tree (The Fionavar tapestry)
1986978-0-00-639320-7Guy Gavriel KayWandering Fire
978-0-00-639321-4The Darkest Road
2005978-0-00-639322-1David BezmozgisNatasha: And Other Stories [ NATASHA: AND OTHER STORIES BY Bezmozgis, David (Author) May-01-2005[ NATASHA: AND OTHER STORIES [ NATASHA: AND OTHER STORIES BY BEZMOZGIS, DAVID (AUTHOR) MAY-01-2005 ] By Bezmozgis, David (Author)May-01-2005 Paperback
978-0-00-639323-8Bitter Taste Of Time Reissue
2004978-0-00-639325-2Jon EvansDark Places
978-0-00-639326-9Dark Places
2006978-0-00-639327-6Leah McLarenThe Continuity Girl: A Novel
2005978-0-00-639333-7J. Fitzgerald McCurdyThe Serpent's Egg
978-0-00-639334-4Burning Crown (The Serpent's Egg Trilogy)
978-0-00-639335-1The Twisted Blade
2006978-0-00-639347-4Lauren B. DavisThe Radiant City
978-0-00-639348-1How the Light Gets In
2005978-0-00-639349-8Natale GhentBook of Living and Dying
978-0-00-639351-1King of the Q's Blue Plate BBQ
978-0-00-639353-5River City
2005978-0-00-639355-9Myra PapernyThe Greenies
2004978-0-00-639357-3Greg HollingsheadHealer Reissue
978-0-00-639358-0Roaring Girl
2004978-0-00-639359-7HELEN HUMPHREYSThe Lost Garden
2005978-0-00-639361-0Monica HughesWhere Have You Been Billy Boy
978-0-00-639363-4Crystal Drop
978-0-00-639365-8Invitation to the Game
2005978-0-00-639366-5Monica HughesSeven Magpies
978-0-00-639371-9SOS TITLE UNKNOWN
978-0-00-639372-6Under The Skin
2004978-0-00-639374-0MARILYNNE ROBINSONHousekeeping
978-0-00-639376-4Title: Fables of Brunswick Avenue Stories 20th Anniversar
978-0-00-639379-5The Torment Of Others
2005978-0-00-639380-1Peter AbrahamsOblivion
2006978-0-00-639384-9Katherine GovierThree Views of Crystal Water
978-0-00-639386-3Thora~Gillian Johnson
978-0-00-639388-7Thora And The Green Sea Unicorn
978-0-00-639390-0The Game of Silence
978-0-00-639391-7The Porcupine Year
2005978-0-00-639400-6Anne KingstonThe Meaning of Wife
2005978-0-00-639401-3Sharon ButalaThe Perfection Of The Morning
2006978-0-00-639402-0Kenneth OppelSkybreaker
2005978-0-00-639405-1Tom WolfeI AM CHARLOTTE SIMMONS
2004978-0-00-639406-8Richard B. WrightClara Callan
978-0-00-639407-5What You Need
2005978-0-00-639408-2Val McDermidThe Torment of Others
2006978-0-00-639410-5Anne GiardiniThe Sad Truth About Happiness A Novel
978-0-00-639411-2W P Kinsella Omnibus
2006978-0-00-639412-9Pat CapponiLast Stop Sunnyside
2003978-0-00-639415-0Christopher KremmerThe Carpet Wars: Ten Years In Afghanistan, Pakistan And Iraq.
2004978-0-00-639416-7Robin SharmaDISCOVER YOUR DESTINY with the Monk Who Sold His Ferrari: The Seven Laws of Self-Awakening
978-0-00-639418-1The Vice Guide to Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll
978-0-00-639419-8Original Minds (Conversations with CBC Radio's Eleanor Wachtel)
2009978-0-00-639420-4Barbara ColorosoThe Bully, the Bullied and the Bystander
978-0-00-639421-1Divine Hunger: Canadians on Spiritual Walkabout
2002978-0-00-639422-8Simon WinchesterThe Map That Changed the World: A Tale of Rocks, Ruin and Redemption
978-0-00-639424-2Lager Heads: Labatt, Molson and the People Who Created Canada's Beer Wars
978-0-00-639425-9Midwifery Option (2003 publication)
978-0-00-639429-7Power and Peril: The Catholic Church at the Crossroads
2004978-0-00-639431-0Rosemary SullivanLabyrinth of Desire
978-0-00-639432-7Winged Combat: My Story As A Spitfire Pilot in WWII
978-0-00-639435-8Collins French-English Dictionary: Canadian Edition
978-0-00-639436-5Linda DiebelBetrayed: the Assassination of Digna Ochoa
978-0-00-639440-2Innercity Girl Like Me
2003978-0-00-639441-9Marjorie HarrisPocket Gardening
978-0-00-639445-7Dr. Jack Newman's Guide to Breastfeeding (Revised and Updated)
2002978-0-00-639446-4Margaret Fishback PowersFootprints 10th Anniversary Edition
978-0-00-639447-1Understanding Stepmothers
2004978-0-00-639448-8MattRidleyThe Agile Gene: How Nature Turns on Nurture[ THE AGILE GENE: HOW NATURE TURNS ON NURTURE ] By Ridley, Matt (Author)Jul-06-2004 Paperback
2005978-0-00-639449-5Michael RachlisPrescription for Excellence: How Innovation Is Saving Canada's Health Care System
978-0-00-639450-1The Battle of the St. Lawrence: The Second World War in Canada
978-0-00-639451-8At Home in the World: Canada's Global Vision for the 21st Century
2007978-0-00-639453-2Jennifer WelshUntitl Non Fiction Work Tpb
2005978-0-00-639456-3Byron Ayanoglu Aristedes PasparakisNew Greek Cuisine: Fresh and Modern Recipes from Aristedes' Kitchen
978-0-00-639461-7The Book of Tells
978-0-00-639463-1It's Your Move: A Personal and Practical Guide to Career Transition and Job Search for Canadian Managers, Professionals and Executives
978-0-00-639472-3Lady Franklins Revenge
978-0-00-639473-0Riel: A Life of Revolution
978-0-00-639475-4Who Killed the Canadian Military?
2007978-0-00-639476-1Charlotte GrayReluctant Genius: The Passionate Life and Inventive Mind of Alexander Graham Bell
978-0-00-639477-8Barbara HehnerTunnel King
978-0-00-639481-5Lilac Moon
2007978-0-00-639482-2Taras GrescoeThe Devil's Picnic: Travels Through the Underworld of Food and Drink
2004978-0-00-639484-6Michael BlissRight Honourable Men Updated Reissue
978-0-00-639485-3Tapestry of War
978-0-00-639486-0The Automobile Protection Association the Complete Canadian Used Car Guide 2004 Edition
2008978-0-00-639487-7James RaffanEmperor of the North
978-0-00-639489-1Curse of the Narrows
978-0-00-639490-7The Gift of Thanks
2005978-0-00-639491-4Joseph Heath · Andrew PotterThe Rebel Sell: Why the Culture Can't Be Jammed
2009978-0-00-639492-1Sabrina BernardoInnercity Girl Like Me
978-0-00-639493-8Hells Angels: Into the Abyss
978-0-00-639494-5Hells Angels at War
2006978-0-00-639495-2University Jeffrey S RosenthalStruck by Lightning
2007978-0-00-639497-6Lawrence ScanlanHorse God Built
  ''978-0-00-639499-0Mo HayderThe Devil of Nanking
2008978-0-00-639500-3Roma TearneMosquito
978-0-00-639503-4The Enforcer: Johnny Pops Papalia, a Life and Death in the Mafia (Revised and Updated Edition)
978-0-00-639506-5UnnamedLow-Carb Gourmet
2006978-0-00-639507-2Mo HayderThe Devil of Nanking [ THE DEVIL OF NANKING ] By Hayder, Mo (Author)May-30-2006 Paperback
978-0-00-639508-9Food to Grow On
2005978-0-00-639509-6Margaret WenteAn Accidental Canadian: Reflections on My Home and (Not) Native Land
978-0-00-639510-2Cook Once a Week: Eat Well Every Day
2006978-0-00-639512-6Michael Arvaarluk KusugakThe Curse of the Shaman: A Marble Island Story
978-0-00-639514-0Italian Express: Fast and Easy Family Favourites
978-0-00-639515-7Blood Price
2006978-0-00-639517-1Vikas SwarupQ & A: Slumdog Millionaire
  ''978-0-00-639524-9CALEB CARRThe Italian Secretary: A Further Adventure of Sherlock Holmes
  ''978-0-00-639526-3Eric WaltersIve Got An Idea
978-0-00-639527-0Miss Smithers
2005978-0-00-639529-4Matt BeamGetting to First Base with Danalda Chase
  ''978-0-00-639531-7Don AkerOne on One
2006978-0-00-639533-1Hadley DyerJohnny Kellock Died Today
2007978-0-00-639534-8Hadley DyerJohnny Kellock Died Today
978-0-00-639535-5The Cutting Room
978-0-00-639536-2Tamburlaine Must Die
2007978-0-00-639538-6KATE GRENVILLEThe Secret River: A Novel
978-0-00-639544-7Lost Treasure Of Casa Loma
978-0-00-639545-4Terror In Winnipeg
2005978-0-00-639546-1Linda Dranoff · SilverEvery Canadian's Guide to the Law
2006978-0-00-639547-8Richard Parker[John Kenneth Galbraith: His Life, His Politics, His Economics] [by: Richard Parker]
2006978-0-00-639551-5Thomas KingRed Power Murders: A Dreadfulwater Mystery (Thumps Dreadfulwater Mysteries)
  ''978-0-00-639552-2Susan McKenna-GrantPiano, Piano, Pieno: Slow Food from a Tuscan Farm
  ''978-0-00-639555-3Danny LeighThe Monsters of Gramercy Park: A Novel
  ''978-0-00-639557-7Sandra GullandThe Josephine B. Trilogy
978-0-00-639561-4Collins Canadian English Dictionary 2005
2005978-0-00-639563-8Barbara Haworth-AttardLove-Lies-Bleeding
978-0-00-639565-2Red River Ransom
978-0-00-639567-6Silverwing Saga Boxed Set
978-0-00-639569-0Jolted (Paperback)
978-0-00-639572-0Collins French Ringbinder Dictionary
978-0-00-639573-7Collins Robert French Dictionary English Cover
2006978-0-00-639574-4Louise WelshTamburlaine Must Die
2008978-0-00-639576-8Nathan M. GreenfieldBaptism of Fire: The Second Battle of Ypres and the Forging of Canada, April 1915
  ''978-0-00-639577-5Bridget StutchburySilence of the Songbirds