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ISBN 978-0-00-721030-5 to 978-0-00-721233-0 < ISBN 978-0-00-721234-7 to 978-0-00-721444-0 > ISBN 978-0-00-721445-7 to 978-0-00-721656-7

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
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  ''978-0-00-721235-4Ira D SankeySankey’s Sacred Songs and Solos (Hymns)
  ''978-0-00-721236-1Redemption Songs: 1000 Hymns & Choruses
  ''978-0-00-721237-8Collins UKRedemption Songs (Hymns)
  ''978-0-00-721238-5   ''Redemption Songs
2006978-0-00-721239-2Simon CatlingCollins Mapstart – Mapstart 3
2006978-0-00-721240-8Simon CatlingCollins Mapstart – Mapstart 2
  ''978-0-00-721241-5   ''Collins Mapstart – Mapstart 1
  ''978-0-00-721242-2Pam BloomfieldDo Brilliantly! Revision Guide – KS3 English
  ''978-0-00-721243-9Kevin Evans · Keith GordonDo Brilliantly! Revision Guide – KS3 Maths
  ''978-0-00-721244-6Andrew Bennett · Peter ThomasDo Brilliantly! Revision Guide – GCSE English
2006978-0-00-721245-3Paul MetcalfDo Brilliantly! Revision Guide – GCSE Maths
  ''978-0-00-721246-0Chris Sunley · Mike SmithDo Brilliantly! Revision Guide – GCSE Science
2005978-0-00-721247-7Agatha ChristiePoirot Collected Short Stories Gift Set 1: Gift Set No. 1 (CD Giftset)
2006978-0-00-721248-4Agatha ChristiePoirot Collected Short Stories Gift Set 2: Gift Set No. 2 (CD Gift Set)
2005978-0-00-721249-1   ''Miss Marple Complete Short Stories Gift Set
2006978-0-00-721250-7   ''The Listerdale Mystery: And Other Stories: Complete & Unabridged
2006978-0-00-721253-8Agatha ChristiePartners in Crime: Complete & Unabridged
2007978-0-00-721256-9   ''Postern of Fate: Complete & Unabridged
2011978-0-00-721257-6Martin Manser · Martin SelmanCollins Dictionary of The Bible
2006978-0-00-721258-3Agatha ChristieThe Mysterious Mr Quin: Complete & Unabridged
  ''978-0-00-721259-0   ''Parker Pyne Investigates: Complete & Unabridged
  ''978-0-00-721260-6   ''Murder in the Mews: and other stories: Complete & Unabridged
  ''978-0-00-721261-3   ''The Hound of Death and other stories: Complete & Unabridged
2006978-0-00-721262-0Agatha ChristieThe Secret Adversary: Complete & Unabridged
  ''978-0-00-721263-7   ''While the Light Lasts: Complete & Unabridged
  ''978-0-00-721264-4   ''N or M?: Complete & Unabridged
2007978-0-00-721265-1Enid BlytonMake Way for Noddy (11) – Noddy on the Move: Complete & Unabridged
2006978-0-00-721266-8James McGeeRatcatcher
  ''978-0-00-721267-5James McGeeRatcatcher
  ''978-0-00-721268-2   ''Ratcatcher
2007978-0-00-721269-9   ''Resurrectionist
2007978-0-00-721270-5James McGeeResurrectionist (Matthew Hawkwood 2)
2007978-0-00-721271-2James McGeeResurrectionist (Matthew Hawkwood 2)
2008978-0-00-721272-9   ''Rapscallion
  ''978-0-00-721273-6   ''Rapscallion
2009978-0-00-721274-3   ''Rapscallion (Matthew Hawkwood 3)
2005978-0-00-721275-0Gail Carson LevineFairy Dust and the Quest for the Egg (Disney fairies)
  ''978-0-00-721276-7Gail Carson LevineDisney Fairies – Fairy Dust and the Quest for the Egg: Complete & Unabridged
2006978-0-00-721277-4Mandy StanleyThe Flying Rabbit (Lettice): Complete & Unabridged
2005978-0-00-721278-1Philippa GregoryThe Constant Princess
  ''978-0-00-721279-8Mark HughesSpeed Addicts
  ''978-0-00-721280-4Lyndon WainwrightLet’s Dance: The Essential Guide to Ballroom for Amateur Dancers
2006978-0-00-721281-1Agatha ChristieProblem at Pollensa Bay: and other stories: Complete & Unabridged
2005978-0-00-721283-5Christie DickasonThe Firemaster’s Mistress
2006978-0-00-721284-2Richard HolmesDusty Warriors: Modern Soldiers at War
2007978-0-00-721285-9Richard HolmesDusty Warriors: Modern Soldiers at War
2005978-0-00-721286-6Agatha ChristiePoirot Investigates: Complete & Unabridged
2005978-0-00-721287-3Agatha ChristiePoirot’s Early Cases: Complete & Unabridged
  ''978-0-00-721288-0   ''Black Coffee: Complete & Unabridged
2005978-0-00-721289-7Agatha ChristieThe Labours of Hercules: Complete Short Stories: Complete & Unabridged
2006978-0-00-721290-3   ''The Secret of Chimneys: Complete & Unabridged
  ''978-0-00-721291-0Tony BuzanThe Ultimate Book of Mind Maps
2005978-0-00-721292-7Garth NixSabriel
2006978-0-00-721293-4Barbara Taylor BradfordThe Ravenscar Dynasty
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2007978-0-00-721296-5Alistair MacLeanAlistair Maclean’s Sea Thrillers
2011978-0-00-721297-2Alistair MacleanAlistair Maclean's Arctic Chillers
2005978-0-00-721298-9Christine Morton-ShawThe Riddles of Epsilon
  ''978-0-00-721299-6Deborah CadburySpace Race: The Untold Story of Two Rivals and Their Struggle for the Moon
2011978-0-00-721300-9Mike LawsThe Times Crossword Collection: 160 of the most famous crosswords in the world
2006978-0-00-721301-6Koji SuzukiLoop
2006978-0-00-721302-3Ian WhybrowBadness for Beginners: Complete & Unabridged (Book & CD)
2007978-0-00-721303-0Enid BlytonMake Way for Noddy – Noddy on the Move / Noddy the Rainbow Chaser: AND Noddy the Rainbow Chaser
  ''978-0-00-721304-7   ''Make Way for Noddy (12) – Noddy the Rainbow Chaser: Complete & Unabridged
2011978-0-00-721305-4Gowri Motha · Karen Swan MacLeodGentle First Year: The Essential Guide to Mother and Baby Wellbeing in the First Twelve Months
2005978-0-00-721306-1Northumbria CommunityCeltic Daily Prayer
2006978-0-00-721307-8Sean CalleryChildren’s Parties (Collins Need to Know?)
2011978-0-00-721308-5Lynne Reid BanksHarry the Poisonous Centipede’s Big Adventure
2005978-0-00-721309-2Lynne Reid BanksHarry the Poisonous Centipede: A Story To Make You Squirm
  ''978-0-00-721310-8Collins Official Scrabble Dictionary
  ''978-0-00-721311-5Jane HorrocksFifi and the Flowertots – Bumble Catches a Cold
2006978-0-00-721312-2Jane HorrocksFifi and the Flowertots – Smelly Slugsy
  ''978-0-00-721313-9   ''Bumble’s Big Race (Fifi and the Flowertots)
2006978-0-00-721314-6Jane HorrocksFifi and the Flowertots – Fifi’s Talent Show
  ''978-0-00-721315-3Des LynamI Should Have Been at Work
  ''978-0-00-721316-0Des LynamI Should Have Been At Work
2005978-0-00-721317-7Helen DunmoreIngo (The Ingo Chronicles)
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  ''978-0-00-721319-1Collins Gem – German Verb Tables
2005978-0-00-721320-7Jonathan Safran FoerExtremely Loud and Incredibly Close
  ''978-0-00-721321-4Jonathan Safran FoerExtremely Loud and Incredibly Close
2007978-0-00-721322-1Agatha ChristieBy the Pricking of my Thumbs: Complete & Unabridged
2006978-0-00-721323-8Storm DunlopCollins Star Finder Pack
  ''978-0-00-721324-5Steve Goldsmith · Ian Richardson · Patricia MillerDo Brilliantly! Revision Guide – KS3 Science
  ''978-0-00-721325-2Colette HarrisThe Ultimate Pcos Handbook: Lose Weight, Boost Fertility, Clear Skin and Restore Self-Esteem
2005978-0-00-721326-9Tony ParsonsStories We Could Tell
  ''978-0-00-721327-6Tony ParsonsStories We Could Tell
2005978-0-00-721328-3Diana Wynne JonesHowl’s Moving Castle
  ''978-0-00-721329-0Diana Wynne JonesHowl's Moving Castle
2006978-0-00-721330-6Matt RidleyFrancis Crick: Discoverer of the Genetic Code (Eminent Lives)
2011978-0-00-721331-3Matt RidleyFrancis Crick: Discoverer of the Genetic Code (Eminent Lives)
  ''978-0-00-721332-0Keith RidgwayAnimals
2006978-0-00-721333-7Keith RidgwayAnimals
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  ''978-0-00-721335-1Helen DunmoreIngo
2006978-0-00-721336-8Diana Wynne JonesConrad's Fate (The Chrestomanci Series)
  ''978-0-00-721337-5   ''Conrad’s Fate (The Chrestomanci Series, Book 6)
2006978-0-00-721338-2Diana Wynne JonesWitch Week (The Chrestomanci Series, Book 3)
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  ''978-0-00-721342-9   ''Mixed Magics (The Chrestomanci Series, Book 5): Complete & Unabridged
2006978-0-00-721343-6Liz FraserThe Yummy Mummy’s Survival Guide
2007978-0-00-721344-3Liz FraserThe Yummy Mummy's Survival Guide
  ''978-0-00-721345-0Niall WilliamsBoy in the World
2010978-0-00-721346-7Niall WilliamsBoy in the World
2008978-0-00-721347-4   ''Boy and Man
2009978-0-00-721348-1   ''Boy and Man
2006978-0-00-721349-8Keith FloydFloyd’s Thai Food
2005978-0-00-721350-4Wayne GouldThe Times Su Doku Book 2: 100 original puzzles: Bk. 2
2013978-0-00-721353-5Andrew TaylorThe Scent of Death
2006978-0-00-721354-2The Times Compact History of the World/The Times World Atlas: AND The Times World Atlas
2005978-0-00-721355-9Freya NorthLove Rules
2006978-0-00-721356-6Marguerite AlexanderGrievance
2011978-0-00-721357-3Marguerite AlexanderGrievance
2006978-0-00-721358-0Maria HeadleyThe Year of Yes: The Story of a Girl, a Few Hundred Dates, and Fate
  ''978-0-00-721359-7CollinsCollins Scrabble Dictionary
2007978-0-00-721360-3A–Z of Scrabble (Collins Gem)
2006978-0-00-721361-0Paul MetcalfDo Brilliantly! Revision Guide – GCSE Edexcel Maths
  ''978-0-00-721362-7Paulo CoelhoThe Zahir: A Novel of Love, Longing and Obsession
  ''978-0-00-721363-4Keith ChapmanBelle of the Ball: Read-to-Me Storybook ("Fifi and the Flowertots")
2006978-0-00-721364-1Fifi's Good Turn: Read-to-Me Storybook ("Fifi and the Flowertots")
  ''978-0-00-721365-8Matt LucasLittle Britain: The Complete Scripts and Stuff: Series Three
  ''978-0-00-721366-5Tina MooreBobby Moore: By the Person Who Knew Him Best
  ''978-0-00-721367-2Tina MooreBobby Moore: By the Person Who Knew Him Best
2005978-0-00-721368-9Sara MacDonaldThe Hour Before Dawn
2007978-0-00-721370-2Edmund MorrisBeethoven: The Universal Composer (Eminent Lives)
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  ''978-0-00-721377-1Sophie GrigsonVegetables
2005978-0-00-721378-8Russell M. DaviesEgg, Bacon, Chips and Beans: 50 Great Cafes and the stuff that makes them great
  ''978-0-00-721379-5Andrew EdmondsonMaths Frameworking – Practice Answer Book
2006978-0-00-721380-1James HollandTwenty-One: Coming of Age in World War II: Coming of Age in the Second World War
2007978-0-00-721381-8James HollandHeroes: The Greatest Generation and the Second World War
2006978-0-00-721382-5Maeve FrielBroomstick Battles: WITH The Last Task (Witch-in-Training)
2005978-0-00-721383-2Maeve FrielWitch-in-Training – Witch Switch/Moonlight Mischief: AND Moonlight Mischief
  ''978-0-00-721384-9Laurie GrahamGone With the Windsors
2007978-0-00-721385-6Ann BlockleyWatercolour Textures (Collins Artist’s Studio)
2006978-0-00-721386-3Not KnownClan and Family Names Map of Scotland (Pictorial Maps)
2005978-0-00-721387-0Jimmy Floyd HasselbainkJimmy: The Autobiography of Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink
2011978-0-00-721388-7   ''Jimmy: The Autobiography of Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink
2006978-0-00-721389-4Darren ShanThe Demonata (1) – Lord Loss: Complete & Unabridged
2006978-0-00-721390-0Darren ShanLord Loss: Complete & Unabridged (The Demonata)
2009978-0-00-721391-7Dan JonesSummer of Blood: The Peasants' Revolt of 1381
2012978-0-00-721392-4Dan JonesThe Plantagenets
2010978-0-00-721393-1   ''Summer of Blood: The Peasants' Revolt of 1381
2013978-0-00-721394-8Dan JonesThe Plantagenets
  ''978-0-00-721396-2Lucy Hughes-HallettThe Pike
2006978-0-00-721397-9Sean CalleryParty Games (Collins Need to Know?)
2005978-0-00-721398-6Lorna RhodesLearn to Cook Low GI: 70 step-by-step recipes. It’s easy when you know how.
2006978-0-00-721399-3DisneyFira and the Full Moon: Chapter Book (Disney Fairies)
  ''978-0-00-721400-6DisneyDisney Fairies - Prilla and the Butterfly Lie: Chapter Book
  ''978-0-00-721401-3   ''A Masterpiece for Bess: Chapter Book (Disney Fairies)
  ''978-0-00-721402-0   ''Beck Beyond the Sea: Chapter Book (Disney Fairies)
2006978-0-00-721403-7DisneyTinker Bell Takes Charge: Chapter Book (Disney Fairies)
  ''978-0-00-721404-4Collins DictionariesCollins Primary Dictionaries – Collins First Dictionary
  ''978-0-00-721405-1   ''Collins Primary Dictionaries – Collins Big Cat Picture Dictionary
2007978-0-00-721406-8Evelyn GoldsmithCollins First School Thesaurus (Collins School Thesaurus)
2005978-0-00-721407-5Mandy StanleyThe Dancing Rabbit (Lettice): Complete & Unabridged (Lettice S.)
2007978-0-00-721408-2Judith KerrMog the Forgetful Cat
2005978-0-00-721409-9George WeigelWitness to Hope: The biography of Pope John Paul II 1920 – 2005
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  ''978-0-00-721411-2Geoffrey ParkerThe Times Compact History of the World
2005978-0-00-721412-9Richard ScarryFunniest Storybook Ever: Complete & Unabridged
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2009978-0-00-721415-0   ''Cirque Du Freak (The Saga of Darren Shan, Book 1): Complete & Unabridged
978-0-00-721416-7Darren ShanThe Vampire's Assistant (Saga of Darren Shan)
2005978-0-00-721417-4   ''The Saga of Darren Shan (2) – The Vampire’s Assistant: Complete & Unabridged
  ''978-0-00-721418-1   ''Tunnels of Blood: Complete & Unabridged (Saga of Darren Shan)
  ''978-0-00-721419-8   ''Tunnels of Blood (The Saga of Darren Shan, Book 3): Complete & Unabridged
  ''978-0-00-721420-4Nick ButterworthAlbert Le Blanc: Complete & Unabridged
  ''978-0-00-721421-1Jez AlboroughCaptain Duck: Complete & Unabridged
2005978-0-00-721422-8Dava SobelLongitude: The True Story of a Lone Genius Who Solved the Greatest Scientific Problem of His Time
  ''978-0-00-721423-5John NaishPut What Where?: Over 2,000 Years of Bizarre Sex Advice
2006978-0-00-721424-2Greg Behrendt · Liz TuccilloHe’s Just Not That Into You: Your Daily Wake-up Call
  ''978-0-00-721425-9Johnny VaughanHave a Word, Ref!
2005978-0-00-721426-6Wayne GouldThe Times Su Doku Book 3: 100 original puzzles: Bk. 3
2006978-0-00-721427-3Spike MilliganBox 18: The Unpublished Spike Milligan
2005978-0-00-721428-0Jessica Adams · Maggie Alderson · etc.Ladies' Night
2007978-0-00-721429-7Dale BrownEdge of Battle
2006978-0-00-721430-3Dale BrownEdge of Battle
  ''978-0-00-721431-0   ''Edge of Battle
  ''978-0-00-721432-7Jack KerleyThe Broken Souls (Carson Ryder, Book 3)
2006978-0-00-721433-4Jack KerleyThe Broken Souls (Carson Ryder, Book 3)
2007978-0-00-721434-1Jack KerleyThe Broken Souls (Carson Ryder, Book 3)
2010978-0-00-721435-8   ''Little Girls Lost
2007978-0-00-721436-5J. A. KerleyLittle Girls Lost (Carson Ryder)
978-0-00-721437-2Little Girls Lost
2006978-0-00-721438-9Peter GregoUniverse: The story of the Universe, from earliest times to our continuing discoveries (Collins Need to Know?)
2005978-0-00-721439-6Website Members Area (Collins Primary Maths)
2006978-0-00-721440-2Times Mind Games · Richard BrowneThe Times Cryptic Crossword Book 11: 80 of the world’s most famous crossword puzzles: Bk. 11
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  ''978-0-00-721443-3Adam ClayPlay Along Fairy Tales – Puss in Boots
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