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ISBN 978-0-00-649964-0 to 978-0-00-651258-5 < ISBN 978-0-00-651259-2 to 978-0-00-653038-1 > ISBN 978-0-00-653039-8 to 978-0-00-654138-7

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2000978-0-00-651259-2Ngaio MarshClutch of Constables
1977978-0-00-651260-8Felicia LawMagic (Dandelions)
2000978-0-00-651262-2John Gordon DavisUnofficial and Deniable
2002978-0-00-651263-9Val McDermidA Place of Execution
1999978-0-00-651264-6Kim Stanley RobinsonAntarctica
2010978-0-00-651266-0Michael Marshall SmithOnly Forward
1998978-0-00-651267-7Michael Marshall SmithSpares
1999978-0-00-651269-1Stuart HarrisonThe Snow Falcon
2011978-0-00-651275-2James HallBody Language
2001978-0-00-651276-9James HallRough Draft
2011978-0-00-651280-6Jan SiegelProspero’s Children
2001978-0-00-651281-3Jan SiegelThe Dragon-Charmer
2011978-0-00-651282-0   ''Witch’s Honour
  ''978-0-00-651285-1Phil LoveseyPloughing Potter’s Field
2001978-0-00-651286-8   ''When the Ashes Burn
2003978-0-00-651287-5Reginald HillArms and the Women
2002978-0-00-651288-2Reginald HillDialogues of the Dead (A Dalziel & Pascoe Novel)
2011978-0-00-651293-6Daniel EastermanThe Jaguar Mask
  ''978-0-00-651294-3Daniel EastermanMaroc
  ''978-0-00-651295-0Gordon KentPeacemaker
  ''978-0-00-651296-7Gordon KentTop Hook (The Alan Craik novels)
1999978-0-00-651298-1George MacDonald FraserFlashman at the Charge - Vol. IV
1999978-0-00-651299-8George MacDonald FraserFlashman in the Great Game
  ''978-0-00-651300-1   ''Flashman and the Redskins (The Flashman Papers)
  ''978-0-00-651301-8   ''Flashman's Lady (The Flashman Papers)
1999978-0-00-651302-5George MacDonald FraserFlashman and the Angel of the Lord (The Flashman Papers)
  ''978-0-00-651303-2   ''Flashman and the Dragon (The Flashman Papers) Vol.VIII
  ''978-0-00-651304-9   ''Flashman and the Mountain of Light (The Flashman Papers)
  ''978-0-00-651305-6Tim DorseyFlorida Roadkill
2000978-0-00-651306-3Tim DorseyHammerhead Ranch Motel
2009978-0-00-651307-0Tess GerritsenBloodstream
  ''978-0-00-651308-7Tess GerritsenGravity
2000978-0-00-651309-4Bernard CornwellThe Sharpe Series (4) – Sharpe’s Trafalgar: The Battle of Trafalgar, 21 October 1805
2002978-0-00-651310-0Bernard CornwellSharpe’s Prey
2000978-0-00-651311-7Tony HillermanThe First Eagle
1999978-0-00-651312-4Barbara RoganSuspicion
2000978-0-00-651315-5Danuta ReahOnly Darkness
2001978-0-00-651316-2Danuta ReahSilent Playgrounds
2000978-0-00-651317-9Michael AsherThe Eye of Ra
2000978-0-00-651318-6Clare LaytonClutch of Phantoms
2010978-0-00-651319-3Jeff RovinState of Siege (Tom Clancy’s Op-Centre, Book 6)
2000978-0-00-651320-9Tracy ChevalierGirl With a Pearl Earring
  ''978-0-00-651321-6Doris DavidsonThe House of Lyall
2008978-0-00-651322-3Paullina SimonsThe Bronze Horseman
2009978-0-00-651323-0Wally LambI Know This Much is True
2000978-0-00-651324-7Frank DelaneyPearl
  ''978-0-00-651325-4Sharon MaasOf Marriageable Age
  ''978-0-00-651326-1Robert BarnardTouched by the Dead
  ''978-0-00-651327-8Michael PearceDeath of an Effendi (A Mamur Zapt Mystery)
2010978-0-00-651329-2Jane AsherLosing It
2001978-0-00-651330-8Paul McAuleyThe Secret of Life
2002978-0-00-651331-5Paul McAuleyWhole Wide World
2010978-0-00-651333-9Alex GeorgeBefore Your Very Eyes
2000978-0-00-651334-6Jane GoldmanDreamworld
2011978-0-00-651337-7Mark BurnellThe Rhythm Section
2011978-0-00-651338-4Mark BurnellChameleon
2000978-0-00-651339-1Scott McBainThe Mastership Game
1999978-0-00-651340-7Isabel WolffThe Making of Minty Malone
2001978-0-00-651341-4Isabel WolffOut of the Blue
1999978-0-00-651343-8Christina JonesJumping to Conclusions
2000978-0-00-651344-5Christina JonesWalking on Air
  ''978-0-00-651345-2Jon ClearyDilemma
2011978-0-00-651348-3Helen ForresterMadame Barbara
1999978-0-00-651349-0Sue WelfareOff the Record
2000978-0-00-651350-6Sue WelfareMoving on Up
  ''978-0-00-651351-3Alexandra ConnorAn Angel Passing Over
2011978-0-00-651352-0Alexandra ConnorHunter’s Moon
2000978-0-00-651354-4Harry BinghamThe Money Makers
2001978-0-00-651355-1Harry BinghamSweet Talking Money
2002978-0-00-651356-8Alan JuddLegacy
2010978-0-00-651357-5Christie DickasonThe Lady Tree
2000978-0-00-651358-2David HewsonNative Rites
  ''978-0-00-651362-9Peter TurnbullFear of Drowning
2001978-0-00-651363-6Christina JonesNothing to Lose
  ''978-0-00-651364-3Julia HamiltonOther People’s Rules
2000978-0-00-651365-0Nicola ThorneMy Name is Martha Brown
2000978-0-00-651367-4George MacDonald FraserFlashman and the Tiger: And Other Extracts from the Flashman Papers (The Flashman Papers, Book 12)
2008978-0-00-651368-1Agatha ChristieThe Unexpected Guest: Novelisation (Masterpiece Edition)
2010978-0-00-651369-8Jefferson ParkerThe Blue Hour
2004978-0-00-651370-4Clive BarkerAbarat (Abarat Quartet 1)
2000978-0-00-651371-1George MacDonald FraserThe Complete McAuslan
2001978-0-00-651372-8Patrick O'BrianHussein
  ''978-0-00-651373-5Patrick O'BrianCaesar
2011978-0-00-651375-9Peter StraubMr. X
2008978-0-00-651377-3Agatha ChristieHercule Poirot: the Complete Short Stories
2003978-0-00-651378-0Patrick O'BrianBlue at the Mizzen (Aubrey/Maturin Series)
2001978-0-00-651379-7Colin BatemanDivorcing Jack
  ''978-0-00-651380-3Eric GarciaAnonymous Rex
  ''978-0-00-651381-0Michael AsherFirebird
  ''978-0-00-651384-1Bernard CornwellThe Grail Quest (1) – Harlequin
2003978-0-00-651385-8   ''The Grail Quest (2) – Vagabond
2000978-0-00-651386-5   ''Stonehenge: A Novel of 2000 BC
1999978-0-00-651388-9Robert WilsonInstruments of Darkness
1999978-0-00-651389-6Robert WilsonThe Big Killing
  ''978-0-00-651390-2Luke RhinehartThe Dice Man
  ''978-0-00-651391-9Luke RhinehartThe Search for the Dice Man
2001978-0-00-651392-6Brian CallisonThe Stollenberg Legacy
2011978-0-00-651396-4Brendan GrahamThe Element of Fire
2006978-0-00-651397-1Brendan GrahamThe Brightest Day, The Darkest Night
2010978-0-00-651398-8Jeff RovinDivide and Conquer (Tom Clancy’s Op-Centre, Book 8)
2011978-0-00-651399-5Jeff RovinTom Clancy's Op-Centre: Line of Control
2007978-0-00-651400-8Philippa GregoryThe Other Boleyn Girl
1999978-0-00-651405-3Jeffrey ArcherCollected Short Stories
2011978-0-00-651406-0Jeanne KalogridisThe Burning Times
1999978-0-00-651407-7Ballard · et alCult Fiction
2002978-0-00-651409-1Amitav GhoshThe Glass Palace
1999978-0-00-651410-7Agatha ChristieThe Murder of Roger Ackroyd
  ''978-0-00-651411-4   ''Lord Edgware Dies
  ''978-0-00-651412-1Isabel WolffThe Making of Minty Malone
2001978-0-00-651413-8Joolz DenbyStone Baby
2002978-0-00-651414-5Joolz DenbyCorazon
2000978-0-00-651415-2Jamie HollandOne Thing Leads to Another
2001978-0-00-651416-9   ''An Almost Perfect Moon
2002978-0-00-651418-3Val McDermidKilling the Shadows
2003978-0-00-651419-0   ''The Last Temptation (Tony Hill and Carol Jordan, Book 3)
2007978-0-00-651421-3Salley VickersMiss Garnet’s Angel
2000978-0-00-651423-7Leon UrisA God in Ruins
2001978-0-00-651424-4Colin BatemanShooting Sean
2002978-0-00-651425-1   ''Mohammed Maguire
2011978-0-00-651427-5Scott McBainThe Coins of Judas
2000978-0-00-651428-2Damian LaniganStretch, 29
2010978-0-00-651429-9Damian LaniganThe Chancers
2011978-0-00-651430-5Elizabeth ElginThe Willow Pool
2010978-0-00-651431-2Sue WelfareA Few Little Lies
2001978-0-00-651432-9Stephen BoothBlack Dog (Cooper and Fry Crime Series)
2002978-0-00-651433-6Stephen BoothDancing With the Virgins (Cooper and Fry Crime Series)
2000978-0-00-651434-3Laurie R. KingThe Beekeeper’s Apprentice
  ''978-0-00-651435-0Jack HigginsDay Of Reckoning :
  ''978-0-00-651436-7Jack HigginsPay the Devil
2011978-0-00-651437-4Olivia GoldsmithBad Boy
2010978-0-00-651438-1Olivia GoldsmithInsiders
2002978-0-00-651439-8Barbara Taylor BradfordThe Triumph of Katie Byrne
2003978-0-00-651440-4Barbara Taylor BradfordThree Weeks in Paris
2004978-0-00-651441-1   ''Emma’s Secret
2005978-0-00-651442-8   ''Unexpected Blessings
2001978-0-00-651444-2Sean ThomasKissing England
2003978-0-00-651445-9Sean ThomasThe Cheek Perforation Dance
1999978-0-00-651446-6Tony ParsonsMan and Boy
2000978-0-00-651448-0Dawn AndersonFuton Fever
2001978-0-00-651449-7Jon ClearyBear Pit
2002978-0-00-651450-3Richard PitmanJoseph’s Mansions
2011978-0-00-651451-0Richard PitmanBet Your Life
2001978-0-00-651452-7Fidelis MorganUnnatural Fire (A Countess Ashby de la Zouche mystery)
2002978-0-00-651453-4Fidelis MorganThe Rival Queens (A Countess Ashby de la Zouche mystery)
2011978-0-00-651454-1Maggie HudsonNowhere to Run
2001978-0-00-651455-8   ''Looking for Mr Big
  ''978-0-00-651456-5Stuart HarrisonStill Water
2011978-0-00-651457-2   ''Better Than This
2010978-0-00-651458-9Martina DevlinThree Wise Men
2003978-0-00-651460-2Will DavenportThe Painter
2001978-0-00-651461-9Philippa GregoryWideacre (The Wideacre Trilogy, Book 1) (Wideacre Trilogy 1)
2001978-0-00-651462-6Philippa GregoryThe Favoured Child (The Wideacre Trilogy, Book 2)
2006978-0-00-651463-3   ''Meridon (The Wideacre Trilogy: Book 3)
  ''978-0-00-651464-0   ''The Wise Woman
2009978-0-00-651465-7   ''Alice Hartley‘s Happiness
2001978-0-00-651466-4Jack HigginsEdge Of Danger :
2002978-0-00-651467-1   ''The Keys of Hell
2009978-0-00-651468-8Clive BarkerThe Essential Clive Barker
2001978-0-00-651469-5Jeffrey ArcherTo Cut a Long Story Short
2011978-0-00-651472-5Michael PearceA Cold Touch of Ice (Mamur Zapt)
2004978-0-00-651476-3Cathy KellySomeone Like You
  ''978-0-00-651477-0Cathy KellyWhat She Wants
2003978-0-00-651478-7Cathy KellyJust Between Us
2002978-0-00-651479-4Elizabeth WoodcraftGood Bad Woman
2011978-0-00-651480-0Elizabeth WoodcraftBabyface
2008978-0-00-651481-7Tony ParsonsOne For My Baby
  ''978-0-00-651482-4   ''Man and Wife
2001978-0-00-651483-1David Eddings · Leigh EddingsThe Redemption of Althalus
2011978-0-00-651484-8Barbara Taylor BradfordA Secret Affair and Love in Another Town
2000978-0-00-651485-5Jessica Adams · Chris Manby · Fiona WalkerGirls’ Night In
  ''978-0-00-651487-9Jeffrey ArcherTo Cut a Long Story Short
2002978-0-00-651489-3Micheline Aharonian MarcomThree Apples Fell from Heaven
2001978-0-00-651490-9Martina DevlinBe Careful What You Wish For
  ''978-0-00-651492-3Charlotte BaconLost Geography
2008978-0-00-651493-0Agatha ChristieSpider’s Web (Agatha Christie Collection)
2011978-0-00-651494-7Laurie R. KingA Monstrous Regiment of Women (Mary Russell Mystery 2)
2000978-0-00-651495-4Sharon MaasOf Marriageable Age
2001978-0-00-651496-1Tony HillermanHunting Badger
2002978-0-00-651497-8Campbell ArmstrongThe Bad Fire
2003978-0-00-651498-5Campbell ArmstrongThe Last Darkness
978-0-00-651597-5Christians in the Political Arena
2009978-0-00-652327-7Felix MendelssohnBARENREITER MENDELSSOHN BARTHOLDY F. - MEERESSTILLE UND GLUCKLICHE FAHRT OUVERTURE OP.27 1828/1834 - SCORE Classical sheets Full score
1985978-0-00-652369-7French - Ecumenical W/Apocrypha
2013978-0-00-652783-1Aloisio Leoni SchamidAlea - Estudos Neolatinos - Vol.15 - N.2
2014978-0-00-652954-5Bruna VieiraDepois dos Quinze: Quando Tudo Comecou a Mudar
2005978-0-00-652998-9Criminology: The Core- Text Only
2007978-0-00-653004-6Donald SassoonThe Culture of the Europeans
1998978-0-00-653009-1Daniel StartThe Open Cage: The Ordeal of the Irian Jaya Hostages: Murder and Survival in the Jungles of Irian Jaya
1997978-0-00-653016-9Matt GroeningThe Simpsons Rainy Day Fun Book
  ''978-0-00-653017-6David JonesFreak Or Unique?: The Chris Evans Story
1997978-0-00-653018-3Matt GroeningThe Simpsons Uncensored Family Album
1998978-0-00-653019-0Betty ShineA Mind of Your Own
1999978-0-00-653021-3Miles KingtonMiles Kington’s Motorway Madness: A Traveller’s Treasury
  ''978-0-00-653024-4Penny JunorCharles: Victim or villain?
2000978-0-00-653025-1Alan JuddThe Quest for C: Mansfield Cumming and the Founding of the Secret Service
1999978-0-00-653026-8Ian CarrMiles Davis: The Definitive Biography
2010978-0-00-653027-5Stanley StewartIn the Empire of Genghis Khan: A Journey Among Nomads
1997978-0-00-653028-2Mark Leigh · Mike LepineWannabe a Spice Girl?: A Beginner’s Guide to Girl Power
2000978-0-00-653038-1Jonathan RutherfordI Am No Longer Myself Without You: How Men Love Women