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ISBN 978-0-00-649541-3 to 978-0-00-649961-9 < ISBN 978-0-00-649962-6 to 978-0-00-651256-1 > ISBN 978-0-00-651257-8 to 978-0-00-653027-5

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1997978-0-00-649962-6Agatha ChristieMiss Marple: the Complete Short Stories
1996978-0-00-649963-3Cry of the Halidon-Anti-Pirate
2003978-0-00-649964-0Patrick O'BrianThe Yellow Admiral
1997978-0-00-649969-5Daniel EastermanThe Final Judgement
1998978-0-00-649970-1Philippa GregoryA Respectable Trade
  ''978-0-00-649971-8Mary Willis WalkerZero at the Bone
1997978-0-00-649973-2Doris DavidsonThe Girl With the Creel
  ''978-0-00-649974-9Connie BriscoeBig Girls Don’t Cry
1998978-0-00-649975-6Robert WilsonBlood is Dirt
1999978-0-00-649976-3Robert WilsonA Darkening Stain
2008978-0-00-649981-7George MacDonald FraserBlack Ajax
2003978-0-00-649983-1Val McDermidThe Wire in the Blood (Tony Hill and Carol Jordan, Book 2)
1998978-0-00-649984-8Robert BarnardNo Place of Safety
2011978-0-00-649988-6Olivia GoldsmithMarrying Mom
2010978-0-00-649992-3Sue WelfareA Few Little Lies
1998978-0-00-649993-0Sue WelfareJust Desserts
1999978-0-00-649994-7Lisa ScottolineRough Justice
2000978-0-00-649995-4Lisa ScottolineMistaken Identity
1999978-0-00-649997-8Michael Marshall SmithOne of Us
2003978-0-00-649998-5Michael MarshallThe Straw Men (The Straw Men Trilogy, Book 1)
978-0-00-650407-8BARENREITER FURRER BEAT - SPUR Classical sheets Pocket score
2014978-0-00-650748-2Bruna VieiraDe Volta aos Quinze - Vol.1 - Serie Meu Primeiro Blog
1998978-0-00-651002-4Barbara Taylor BradfordPower of a Woman
  ''978-0-00-651003-1David WilliamsA Terminal Case
  ''978-0-00-651004-8Justin ScottFrostline
2000978-0-00-651006-2Daniel EastermanIncarnation
2000978-0-00-651007-9Michael Marshall SmithWhat You Make It: Selected Short Stories
1999978-0-00-651009-3Gordon KentNight Trap
1998978-0-00-651011-6Gwendoline ButlerCoffin’s Game
1999978-0-00-651012-3Gwendoline ButlerA Grave Coffin
2010978-0-00-651013-0Jessica BlairThe Other Side of the River
2001978-0-00-651015-4David HewsonLucifer’s Shadow
1998978-0-00-651018-5Agatha ChristieWhile the Light Lasts
  ''978-0-00-651019-2Andrew NeidermanDevil’s Advocate
2001978-0-00-651020-8Andrew NeidermanThe Dark
1999978-0-00-651021-5Norma CurtisThe Last Place You Look
1998978-0-00-651022-2Reginald HillThe Long Kill
2010978-0-00-651026-0William HorwoodThe Willows at Christmas (Tales of the Willows)
1997978-0-00-651027-7Tom ClancySSN
1999978-0-00-651028-4Annette RoomeBad Monday
2000978-0-00-651029-1Annette RoomeDeceptive Relations
2007978-0-00-651030-7Bernard CornwellThe Sharpe Series (2) – Sharpe’s Triumph: The Battle of Assaye, September 1803
  ''978-0-00-651031-4Bernard CornwellSharpe’s Fortress: The Siege of Gawilghur, December 1803 (The Sharpe Series, Book 3): Richard Sharpe and the Siege of Gawilghur, December 1803
1998978-0-00-651032-1LaVyrle SpencerSmall Town Girl
1999978-0-00-651034-5Frank McCourtAngela's Ashes
  ''978-0-00-651036-9Michael David AnthonyMidnight Come
2013978-0-00-651038-3Clive BarkerThe Scarlet Gospels
2009978-0-00-651040-6Clive BarkerColdheart Canyon
2005978-0-00-651041-3Bernard CornwellSharpe’s Revenge: The Peace of 1814 (The Sharpe Series, Book 19)
  ''978-0-00-651042-0   ''The Sharpe Series (20) - Sharpe's Waterloo
2002978-0-00-651044-4Betty BurtonThe Face of Eve
1999978-0-00-651046-8Paul GarrisonFire and Ice
1997978-0-00-651048-2Richard WoodleyVolcano
2011978-0-00-651050-5Brendan GrahamThe Whitest Flower
2011978-0-00-651051-2Elizabeth ElginOne Summer at Deer’s Leap
1998978-0-00-651052-9Nicola ThorneThe Good Samaritan
2010978-0-00-651053-6Olivia GoldsmithYoung Wives
1998978-0-00-651055-0Sidney SheldonThe Best Laid Plans
1997978-0-00-651059-8Sidney SheldonThe Best Laid Plans
1999978-0-00-651060-4Phil LoveseyDeath Duties
1998978-0-00-651062-8David HewsonSemana Santa
  ''978-0-00-651063-5Colin BatemanDivorcing Jack
1999978-0-00-651064-2Colin BatemanCrossmaheart
  ''978-0-00-651065-9Reginald HillDream of Darkness
  ''978-0-00-651066-6   ''The Only Game
1997978-0-00-651067-3Robert LudlumThe Matarese Countdown
1999978-0-00-651070-3Graham EdwardsStone and Sky
2000978-0-00-651071-0Graham EdwardsStone & Sea
2001978-0-00-651072-7   ''Stone and Sun: Book Three of the Stone Trilogy
1998978-0-00-651074-1Reginald HillFell of Dark
1999978-0-00-651079-6Laurie R. KingThe Birth of a New Moon
2001978-0-00-651080-2Laurie R. KingNight Work (The new Kate Martinelli novel)
2011978-0-00-651081-9Michael PearceThe Last Cut (A Mamur Zapt Mystery)
1999978-0-00-651082-6Nora KellyOld Wounds
2001978-0-00-651085-7Laurie R. KingA Letter of Mary (Mary Russell Mystery 3)
2010978-0-00-651086-4   ''The Moor (Mary Russell Mystery 4)
2011978-0-00-651087-1Jeff RovinBalance of Power (Tom Clancy’s Op-Centre, Book 5)
1999978-0-00-651088-8Geoff RymanThe Child Garden
  ''978-0-00-651089-5Barbara Taylor BradfordA Sudden Change of Heart
2011978-0-00-651090-1Barbara Taylor BradfordWhere You Belong
1999978-0-00-651091-8Anne PerryAshworth Hall
2000978-0-00-651092-5Anne PerryBrunswick Gardens (A Victorian murder mystery)
  ''978-0-00-651094-9James LongKnowing Max
1998978-0-00-651097-0Alan FurstThe World at Night
2011978-0-00-651101-4Jane GordonMisconceptions
1999978-0-00-651103-8Robert SilverbergLord Prestimion (The Majipoor cycle)
2000978-0-00-651105-2Jack WomackGoing, Going, Gone
2007978-0-00-651106-9Sara DouglassBattleaxe: Book One of the Axis Trilogy
  ''978-0-00-651107-6Sara DouglassEnchanter: Book Two of the Axis Trilogy
  ''978-0-00-651108-3   ''Starman: Book Three of the Axis Trilogy
2001978-0-00-651111-3Iain PearsThe Immaculate Deception
1999978-0-00-651112-0Iain PearsThe Raphael Affair
  ''978-0-00-651113-7   ''The Titian Committee
1999978-0-00-651114-4Iain PearsThe Bernini Bust
1997978-0-00-651116-8Graeme GrantShooting Fish
1999978-0-00-651118-2Jacquelyn MitchardThe Most Wanted
1998978-0-00-651120-5Anne PerryThe Cater Street Hangman
1999978-0-00-651121-2   ''Callander Square (A Victorian murder mystery)
2001978-0-00-651123-6   ''Resurrection Row (A Victorian murder mystery)
2001978-0-00-651124-3Anne PerryRutland Place (A Victorian murder mystery)
1999978-0-00-651125-0George MacDonald FraserFlashman (The Flashman Papers)
2015978-0-00-651126-7   ''Royal Flash (The Flashman Papers, Book 2)
1999978-0-00-651127-4   ''Flash for Freedom! (The Flashman Papers)
  ''978-0-00-651128-1Peter TurnbullThe Man With No Face
1998978-0-00-651129-8Alan FurstThe Polish Officer
  ''978-0-00-651130-4   ''Night Soldiers
  ''978-0-00-651131-1   ''Dark Star
1999978-0-00-651132-8Mary Willis WalkerAll the Dead Lie Down
  ''978-0-00-651134-2Gregory HallMortal Remains
2008978-0-00-651137-3Agatha ChristieBlack Coffee (Poirot): Novelisation
2003978-0-00-651138-0Greg BearDarwin’s Radio
2001978-0-00-651141-0Jacquelyn MitchardThe Deep End of the Ocean
1999978-0-00-651142-7Jon ClearyFive Ring Circus
2000978-0-00-651143-4Sheelagh KellyA Sense of Duty
2010978-0-00-651144-1Sheelagh KellyFamily of the Empire
2003978-0-00-651145-8Sheelagh KellyA Different Kind of Love
1999978-0-00-651146-5Philip ShelbyGatekeeper
2000978-0-00-651147-2LaVyrle SpencerThen Came Heaven
2003978-0-00-651148-9Kim Stanley RobinsonThe Years of Rice and Salt
1997978-0-00-651149-6Stella HowardProphecy of Darkness (Xena)
  ''978-0-00-651150-2Ru EmersonThe Empty Throne (Xena)
1998978-0-00-651151-9Ru EmersonThe Huntress and the Sphinx (Xena)
  ''978-0-00-651152-6   ''The Thief of Hermes (Xena)
1999978-0-00-651153-3Maggie HudsonTell Me No Secrets
  ''978-0-00-651155-7Murray DaviesThe Drumbeat of Jimmy Sands
2000978-0-00-651156-4Murray DaviesThe Samson Option
2010978-0-00-651157-1Sheelagh KellyA Long Way from Heaven
1999978-0-00-651158-8   ''For my brother's sins
2011978-0-00-651159-5   ''Erin’s Child (The Feeney family saga)
1999978-0-00-651160-1   ''Dickie
1999978-0-00-651161-8Sheelagh KellyMy Father My Son
  ''978-0-00-651163-2Mike Lunnon-WoodLong Reach
  ''978-0-00-651169-4Robert BarnardThe Corpse at the Haworth Tandoori
  ''978-0-00-651170-0Jack McDevittMoonfall
  ''978-0-00-651171-7Stephen DonaldsonReave the Just: and Other Tales
1998978-0-00-651172-4Reginald HillChild’s Play (Dalziel & Pascoe Novel)
1998978-0-00-651174-8Reginald HillBones and Silence (Dalziel & Pascoe Novel)
  ''978-0-00-651175-5   ''The Wood Beyond (Dalziel & Pascoe Novel)
2000978-0-00-651176-2Philippa GregoryVirgin Earth
2001978-0-00-651177-9   ''Zelda’s Cut
1999978-0-00-651180-9Dale BrownThe Tin Man
2010978-0-00-651182-3Stephen BaxterTime
  ''978-0-00-651183-0Stephen BaxterSpace
2011978-0-00-651184-7   ''Origin (The Manifold Trilogy)
2010978-0-00-651185-4   ''Phase Space (The Manifold Trilogy)
1999978-0-00-651186-1Robert J. SawyerFactoring Humanity
  ''978-0-00-651187-8Sheri S. TepperSix Moon Dance (Dandelions)
1998978-0-00-651190-8Chris CarterThe X-Files Movie: Fight the Future
1999978-0-00-651191-5Barbara DimmickIn the Presence of Horses
1998978-0-00-651192-2Wendy HoldenThe Full Monty
2011978-0-00-651201-1Dale BrownBattle Born
2007978-0-00-651202-8Robert WilsonA Small Death in Lisbon
2011978-0-00-651203-5Robert WilsonThe Company of Strangers
2010978-0-00-651204-2Boris StarlingMessiah
2000978-0-00-651205-9Boris StarlingStorm
1998978-0-00-651206-6Isabel WolffThe Trials of Tiffany Trott
2001978-0-00-651207-3Barbara ErskineWhispers in the Sand
2003978-0-00-651208-0Barbara ErskineHiding From the Light
2004978-0-00-651209-7   ''Sands of Time
1999978-0-00-651211-0Patrick O'BrianThe Hundred Days (Aubrey/Maturin Series)
  ''978-0-00-651212-7Michael PearceDmitri and the One-Legged Lady (Dmitri Kameron Mystery)
2008978-0-00-651213-4Tony ParsonsMan and Boy
1999978-0-00-651214-1David WilliamsSuicide Intended
2001978-0-00-651215-8Ruth Dudley EdwardsThe Anglo-Irish Murders
2011978-0-00-651216-5Ruth Dudley EdwardsCarnage on the Committee (Robert Amiss Mysteries 10)
2000978-0-00-651220-2Robert SilverbergLion Time in Timbuctoo: The Collected Stories Volume 6: Lion Time in Timbuktoo v. 6
  ''978-0-00-651223-3John WilsonOmega Cloister
1999978-0-00-651224-0Sidney SheldonTell Me Your Dreams
1998978-0-00-651225-7Jeffrey ArcherThe Eleventh Commandment
1999978-0-00-651226-4Ngaio MarshWhen in Rome
2000978-0-00-651227-1Ngaio MarshTied Up in Tinsel
  ''978-0-00-651228-8   ''Black As He’s Painted
2001978-0-00-651229-5   ''Last Ditch
  ''978-0-00-651230-1   ''Grave Mistake
1999978-0-00-651231-8Ngaio MarshPhoto-Finish
2002978-0-00-651232-5   ''Light Thickens
2000978-0-00-651233-2   ''Death on the Air: and other stories
2011978-0-00-651234-9   ''Black Beech and Honeydew
2000978-0-00-651235-6   ''Death at the Bar (The Alleyn mysteries)
2011978-0-00-651236-3Ngaio MarshA Surfeit of Lampreys
  ''978-0-00-651237-0   ''Death and the Dancing Footman
  ''978-0-00-651238-7   ''Colour Scheme
  ''978-0-00-651239-4   ''Died in the Wool
2001978-0-00-651240-0   ''Spinsters in Jeopardy
2011978-0-00-651241-7Ngaio MarshFinal Curtain
1999978-0-00-651242-4   ''Scales of Justice
2002978-0-00-651243-1   ''Swing, Brother, Swing
2001978-0-00-651244-8   ''Opening Night
2000978-0-00-651245-5   ''Off With His Head
2002978-0-00-651246-2Ngaio MarshSinging in the Shrouds
2001978-0-00-651247-9   ''False Scent
  ''978-0-00-651248-6   ''Hand in Glove
2000978-0-00-651249-3   ''Dead Water
1999978-0-00-651250-9   ''Death at the Dolphin
2000978-0-00-651251-6Ngaio MarshA Man Lay Dead (The crime club)
2011978-0-00-651252-3   ''Enter a Murderer
  ''978-0-00-651253-0   ''The Nursing Home Murder
2001978-0-00-651254-7   ''Death in Ecstasy
2011978-0-00-651255-4   ''Vintage Murder
2011978-0-00-651256-1Ngaio MarshArtists in Crime