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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1971978-0-00-211098-3J.E.RavenA Botanist's Garden
1973978-0-00-211122-5Wendy HindeGeorge Canning
1969978-0-00-211123-2J. L. HowgegoTHE CITY OF LONDON Through Artists' Eyes
1975978-0-00-211127-0Ernle BradfordGreek Islands (Companion Guides)
1972978-0-00-211128-7Archibald LyallSouth of France (Companion Guides)
1980978-0-00-211130-0Georgina MassonCompanion Guide to Rome (Companion Guides)
1968978-0-00-211133-1J. A. CuddonYugoslavia (Companion Guides)
  ''978-0-00-211135-5W. H. MurrayWest Highlands of Scotland (Companion Guides)
1970978-0-00-211136-2John SeymourThe Companion Guide to East Anglia
1973978-0-00-211138-6Alfonso LoweSouthern Spain (Companion Guides)
1971978-0-00-211139-3Errol BrathwaiteNorth Island of New Zealand (Companion Guides)
1972978-0-00-211143-0Alistair MacLeanCaptain Cook
1973978-0-00-211144-7Brendan LehaneIreland (Companion Guides)
1969978-0-00-211145-4Hammond InnesThe Conquistadors
1970978-0-00-211146-1C.P. ScottThe Political Diaries of C.P. Scott 1911-1928
1972978-0-00-211148-5Gerald DurrellCatch Me a Colobus
1986978-0-00-211152-2Philip ZieglerThe Duchess of Dino
1969978-0-00-211161-4Aidan CrawleyDe Gaulle
1975978-0-00-211163-8Montague HaltrechtThe Quiet Showman: Sir David Webster and The Royal Opera House
1970978-0-00-211164-5H.N.H. WilliamsonFarewell to the Don
1971978-0-00-211166-9David HamiltonDreams of Young Girls: A Photographic Album
1973978-0-00-211168-3Ainslie MearesDialogue with Youth
  ''978-0-00-211169-0David DivineThe Opening of the World
  ''978-0-00-211170-6Donald FriendDonald Friend in Bali
  ''978-0-00-211171-3Warren TuteDeadly Stroke
1975978-0-00-211174-4Lord John ReithDiaries
1974978-0-00-211177-5David GreenBlenheim
1973978-0-00-211178-2Gerald DurrellBeasts in My Belfry
1972978-0-00-211179-9William Leslie Webb · Vic FeatherBedside Guardian, 21, 1971-72
1972978-0-00-211180-5Jack FingletonOn Cricket
1978978-0-00-211181-2T.E.B. HowarthCambridge Between Two Wars
1973978-0-00-211183-6Claude BaillenChanel Solitaire
1974978-0-00-211184-3Patrick CosgraveChurchill at War: v. 1
1972978-0-00-211186-7Joan BearCaroline Murat
1974978-0-00-211188-1John SeymourThe Coast of North East England
1979978-0-00-211189-8Eve Palmer · Geoffrey JenkinsSouth Africa (Companion Guides)
1973978-0-00-211191-1Carlo M. CipollaCristofano and the Plague: A Study in the History of Public Health in the Age of Galileo
1976978-0-00-211195-9Darrell BatesDevon and Cornwall (Companion Guides)
1974978-0-00-211196-6Alastair BoydMadrid and Central Spain (Companion Guides)
1979978-0-00-211197-3Ian DunlopIle de France (Companion Guides)
1975978-0-00-211202-4Christopher SykesEvelyn Waugh: A Biography
1973978-0-00-211209-3William Henry StevensEast Africa Safari
1969978-0-00-211221-5Albert SorelEurope and the French Revolution
  ''978-0-00-211225-3Carlos BakerErnest Hemingway
  ''978-0-00-211226-0John StoyeEurope Unfolding, 1648-1688 (The Fontana history of Europe)
1976978-0-00-211233-8Reginald DavisElizabeth Our Queen
1975978-0-00-211235-2Lovat DicksonRadclyffe Hall at the Well of Loneliness: A Sapphic Chronicle
1974978-0-00-211241-3J. M. LangleyFight Another Day
1973978-0-00-211245-1Keith MoneyFonteyn: The Making of a Legend
1972978-0-00-211246-8Richard MabeyFood for Free ~ A guide to the edible wild plants of Britain
1971978-0-00-211248-2Gerald DurrellFillets of Plaice
1950978-0-00-211251-2William Edgar LyonFirst Aid Hints for the Horse Owner: A Veterinary Note Book
1965978-0-00-211252-9Arthur BryantFire and the Rose: Dramatic Moments in British History
1967978-0-00-211262-8Vincent CroninThe Florentine Renaissance
1969978-0-00-211269-7Noel BarberFrom the Land of Lost Content
  ''978-0-00-211270-3Vincent CroninFlowering of the Renaissance
  ''978-0-00-211272-7Marion Howard SpringFrontispiece: A Childhood Portrait
1969978-0-00-211273-4Carey RobinsonFighting Maroons of Jamaica
1970978-0-00-211274-1Shirley Maddock · Don WhyteFar as a Man May Go: Captain Cook's New Zealand
  ''978-0-00-211276-5David CauteFanon (Modern masters)
  ''978-0-00-211277-2Oliver Graham-JonesFirst Catch Your Tiger
1974978-0-00-211278-9Richard Fitter · Marjorie Blamey · Alastair FitterWild Flowers of Britain and Northern Europe (Collins Pocket Guides Series)
1972978-0-00-211290-1John Rupert ColvilleMan of Valour - Field-Marshal Lord Gort V.C.
1973978-0-00-211292-5David George Ogilvy AyerstThe Guardian Omnibus 1821-1971(Guardian Newspaper)
1972978-0-00-211293-2Reinhard GehlenThe Gehlen Memoirs: The first full edition of the Memoirs of General Reinhard Gehlen 1942-1971
1973978-0-00-211295-6Tom PocockFighting General - The Public & Private Campaigns of General Sir Walter Walker
1969978-0-00-211326-7T. C. SmoutHistory of the Scottish People, 1560-1830
1971978-0-00-211329-8David George Ogilvy AyerstGuardian. Biography of a Newspaper
1972978-0-00-211330-4S. W. RoskillHankey: v. 2: Man of Secrets
1974978-0-00-211332-8Stephen RoskillHankey: Man of Secrets Volume 3 1931-1963
  ''978-0-00-211334-2David AveryNot on Queen Victoria's Birthday: Story of the Rio Tinto Mines
1973978-0-00-211335-9Vladimir Tretchikoff · Anthony HockingPigeon's Luck
  ''978-0-00-211338-0Rosalind K. MarshallThe Days of Duchess Anne: Life in the Household of the Duchess of Hamilton 1656-1716
1969978-0-00-211351-9Durga DasIndia from Curzon to Nehru and After
1970978-0-00-211354-0Hugo Van Lawick · Jane GoodallInnocent Killers
1971978-0-00-211355-7Jean KennedyIsle of Devils: Bermuda Under the Somers Island Company, 1609-85
1977978-0-00-211356-4John ArlottIllustrated Guide to Britain
1971978-0-00-211357-1Jane van Lawick-GoodallIn the Shadow of Man
1976978-0-00-211358-8Jacquie DurrellIntimate Relations
1974978-0-00-211359-5John BurkeIllustrated History of England
1975978-0-00-211364-9Terry O'ConnorHow the Lions Won: Stories and Skills Behind Two Famous Victories
1977978-0-00-211365-6James PhelanHoward Hughes: The Hidden Years
1978978-0-00-211368-7David BelchemAll in the Day's March
1978978-0-00-211370-0Diana NoelFive to Seven: The Story of a 1920's Childhood
1979978-0-00-211371-7John CleareGuide to Mountains and Mountaineering
1978978-0-00-211373-1Philip ZieglerCrown and People
  ''978-0-00-211375-5Robert M. GrantEarly Christianity and Society
1980978-0-00-211379-3Ruth Hurst VoseGlass (Collins archaeology)
1970978-0-00-211384-7Janet DunbarJ.M.Barrie: Man Behind the Image
  ''978-0-00-211385-4Eric LinklaterJohn Moore's England
1975978-0-00-211388-5Malcolm MuggeridgeJesus: The Man Who Lives
1971978-0-00-211389-2Barbara EnglishJohn Company's Last War
  ''978-0-00-211390-8Caroline BinghamJames V, King of Scots
1976978-0-00-211392-2Catherine DupreJohn Galsworthy: A Biography
1974978-0-00-211393-9Peregrine Churchill · Julian MitchellJennie, Lady Randolph Churchill
1977978-0-00-211394-6William Leslie WebbBedside "Guardian": No. 26
1955978-0-00-211403-5C. V. WedgwoodKing's Peace, 1637-41
1958978-0-00-211404-2C. V. WedgwoodKing's War, 1641-47
1972978-0-00-211411-0Edward GriersonImperial Dream
  ''978-0-00-211412-7Stanley AylingGeorge the Third
1973978-0-00-211413-4H.Robert BustardKay's Turtles
1978978-0-00-211418-9Albino Luciani · Pope John Paul IIllustrissimi: The Letters of Pope John Paul I
1972978-0-00-211423-3John HallowsDream Time Society: Life in Australia Today
1971978-0-00-211424-0Daniel ThomasSali Herman
1972978-0-00-211425-7Reinis ZustersZusters, Rierus (Australian Artist Edition)
1972978-0-00-211428-8James GleesonRay Crooke (Australian Artist Edition)
1974978-0-00-211431-8Vincent ServentyDesert Walkabout
  ''978-0-00-211432-5Stanley Breeden · Kay BreedenWild Life of Eastern Australia
  ''978-0-00-211434-9Percy TreziseLast Days of a Wilderness: Cape York Peninsula
1975978-0-00-211436-3James Miln ThomsonFish of the Ocean and Shore (Australian Naturalist Library)
  ''978-0-00-211440-0A. B CribbWild food in Australia
1977978-0-00-211441-7Stanley Breeden · Kay BreedenNatural History of Australia: Australia's North v. 3
  ''978-0-00-211442-4Michael J. TylerFrogs (Australian Naturalist Library)
1977978-0-00-211443-1Barbara York MainSpiders (Australian Naturalist Library)
1976978-0-00-211444-8TERRY INGRAMA Matter of Taste: Investing in Australian Art
1978978-0-00-211445-5Gavin Geoffrey SouterLion and Kangaroo
  ''978-0-00-211446-2Douglas DorwardWild Australia: A View of Birds and Men
1976978-0-00-211448-6Alan StrettonThe furious days: The relief of Darwin
  ''978-0-00-211449-3Malcolm BookerThe Last Domino
1966978-0-00-211453-0Lady Veronica MacleanLady Maclean's Cook Book
1956978-0-00-211456-1Len HowardLiving with Birds
1969978-0-00-211467-7Richard AldingtonLawrence of Arabia
1978978-0-00-211470-7David BurnettLongleat: The Story of an English Country House
1969978-0-00-211471-4Arthur BryantThe Lion and the Unicorn
1970978-0-00-211472-1Oliver HarveyDiplomatic Diaries, 1937-40
  ''978-0-00-211475-2Geoffrey BibbyLooking for Dilmun
1971978-0-00-211476-9John GlendevonThe Viceroy at Bay: Lord Linlithgow in India, 1936-43
  ''978-0-00-211480-6Anthony BourkeA lion called Christian
1975978-0-00-211482-0Sonia Mary ColeLeakey's Luck: The Life of Louis Seymour Bazett Leakey, 1903-1972
1972978-0-00-211483-7Gerald SummersLure of the Falcon
1972978-0-00-211485-1Christopher SykesNancy: Life of Lady Astor
  ''978-0-00-211486-8Milton WaldmanThe Lady Mary: A Biography of Mary Tudor 1516-1558
  ''978-0-00-211487-5Susanne HartListen to the Wild
  ''978-0-00-211488-2John CassonLewis & Sybil: A Memoir: Lewis Casson and Sybil Thorndike
1975978-0-00-211489-9Janet DunbarLaura Knight
  ''978-0-00-211493-6Regine PernoudBlanche of Castile
1974978-0-00-211494-3Vincent CroninLouis and Antoinette
1976978-0-00-211498-1Leni RiefenstahlThe Last of the Nuba
1967978-0-00-211501-8Arthur BryantSamuel Pepys: The Man in the Making v. 1
1967978-0-00-211513-1Arthur BryantThe Medieval Foundation
1970978-0-00-211528-5Christopher LloydMr. Barrow of the Admiralty
1971978-0-00-211530-8Richard CollierDuce!: Rise and Fall of Benito Mussolini
1974978-0-00-211531-5William W FletcherModern man looks at evolution
1976978-0-00-211532-2Desmond DoigMOTHER TERESA Her People and Her Work
1981978-0-00-211535-3Teresa McLeanMediaeval English Gardens
1972978-0-00-211536-0Fernand BraudelMediterranean and the Mediterranean World in the Age of Philip II: v. 1
  ''978-0-00-211538-4Peter Saunders"Mousetrap" Man
1974978-0-00-211539-1Robert ReidMarie Curie
1973978-0-00-211540-7Fernand BraudelMediterranean and the Mediterranean World in the Age of Philip II Vol. 2
1977978-0-00-211541-4Marie Louise BruceThe Making of Henry VIII
1976978-0-00-211542-1Edward ShorterMaking of the Modern Family
1969978-0-00-211558-2Christopher BookerThe Neophiliacs: The Revolution in English Life in the Fifties and Sixties
1976978-0-00-211561-2Stephen W RoskillNaval Policy Between the Wars: Vol 2, The Period of Reluctant Rearmament 1930-1939: Period of Reluctant Rearmament, 1930-39
1974978-0-00-211567-4Bryan ForbesNotes for a Life
1975978-0-00-211569-8Ludovic KennedyNelson and His Captains
1976978-0-00-211574-2Edward GriersonNorthumbria (Companion Guides)
1981978-0-00-211575-9David J. HowarthVoyage of the Armada: The Spanish Story
1977978-0-00-211576-6Gerald DurrellGolden Bats and Pink Pigeons
1978978-0-00-211577-3Rowland ParkerMen of Dunwich: The Story of a Vanished Town
1973978-0-00-211580-3Moshe SafdieTitle: Beyond Habitat
1964978-0-00-211581-0Roderick Haig-Brown · illustrated by Louis DarlingA primer of fly-fishing
1976978-0-00-211596-4John Frederic GibsonA Small and Charming World
1975978-0-00-211598-8Helen Gougeon · Carlo ItalianoHelen Gougeon's Original Canadian Cookbook
1979978-0-00-211613-8Mary LeakeyOlduvai Gorge: My Search for Early Man
1981978-0-00-211616-9The Greatest Hunt In The World.
1976978-0-00-211617-6Bobby AtkinsonQuebec Nostalgie
  ''978-0-00-211619-0William Avery BishopWinged Warfare
  ''978-0-00-211624-4David E LewisA lover needs a guitar: And other stories
  ''978-0-00-211625-1Frank Gordon LoweI beg to differ
1976978-0-00-211627-5Bruce WestThe man who flew Churchill
1992978-0-00-211628-2Lyn HancockThere's A Seal In My Sleeping Bag
1976978-0-00-211629-9Betty KennedyGerhard: A Love Story
1979978-0-00-211635-0Arthur BryantPepys and the Revolution of 1688
1980978-0-00-211636-7William PapasPeople of Old Jerusalem
  ''978-0-00-211638-1James McNeishBelonging. Conversations With Men And Women Who Have Made Israel Their Home
  ''978-0-00-211641-1Geoffrey Nicholson · Clem ThomasWelsh Rugby: Crowning Years, 1968-80
1979978-0-00-211643-5Wilfred ThesigerDesert, Marsh and Mountain: The World of a Nomad
  ''978-0-00-211644-2Alex de JongeFire and Water: Life of Peter the Great
1975978-0-00-211648-0Peter HebblethwaiteThe Runaway Church
1983978-0-00-211649-7Lesley BlanchPierre Loti
1945978-0-00-211656-5John MoorePortrait of Elmbury
1969978-0-00-211673-2Malcolm MacDonaldPeople and Places
  ''978-0-00-211674-9Bernard HollowoodPont: The Great Punch Artist
1972978-0-00-211675-6Sven BerlinPride of the Peacock
1973978-0-00-211676-3Mollie JenkinsSchool without Tears
1980978-0-00-211678-7Maharajah of BarodaPalaces of India
1973978-0-00-211680-0David Douglas DuncanPrismatics
1973978-0-00-211681-7Agatha ChristiePoems
1977978-0-00-211682-4F. S. L. LyonsCharles Stewart Parnell
1974978-0-00-211684-8Edward GriersonKing of Two Worlds: Philip II of Spain
1976978-0-00-211685-5Patrick O'BrianPablo Ruiz Picasso: A Biography
1974978-0-00-211689-3Rollo MayPaulus - Reminiscences of a Friendship
1970978-0-00-211693-0David GreenQueen Anne
1980978-0-00-211694-7Edward Douglas-Scott Montagu of BeaulieuRoyalty on the Road
1969978-0-00-211715-9James FisherRed Book