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ISBN 978-0-00-632423-2 to 978-0-00-635312-6 < ISBN 978-0-00-635318-8 to 978-0-00-637003-1 > ISBN 978-0-00-637007-9 to 978-0-00-637730-6

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1979978-0-00-635318-8P.C.W. DaviesStardoom: Scientific Account of the Beginning and End of the Universe
1978978-0-00-635319-5Ray StanfordSocorro Saucer
  ''978-0-00-635322-5Michael ChineryNatural History of the Garden
  ''978-0-00-635324-9F.S.L. LyonsCharles Stewart Parnell
2001978-0-00-635328-7Agatha ChristieAgatha Christie: An Autobiography
1979978-0-00-635335-5Stella BrewerThe Forest Dwellers
1978978-0-00-635366-9Katharina DaltonOnce a Month: Menstrual Syndrome, Its Causes and Consequences
  ''978-0-00-635420-8Michael DempseyBubbles: Early Advertising Art from A.& F.Pears, Ltd.
  ''978-0-00-635421-5Justin ToddMagical Paintings of Justin Todd
1978978-0-00-635433-8Derek Humphry · Ann WickettJean's Way
1981978-0-00-635518-2Graeme SalamanClass and the Corporation (Fontana new sociology)
1980978-0-00-635536-6Rose ElliotThe Bean Book
1979978-0-00-635537-3Margaret A. BodenPiaget (Modern Masters S) (1st Edition)
1983978-0-00-635547-2Brian BondWar and Society in Europe, 1870-1970 (Fontana history of European war & society)
1979978-0-00-635554-0Peter TownsendTime and Chance: An Autobiography
1980978-0-00-635555-7Richard MabeyPlants with a Purpose
1996978-0-00-635557-1Gerald DurrellGolden Bats and Pink Pigeons
1980978-0-00-635559-5Denis PostleCatastrophe Theory (A Fontana original)
1981978-0-00-635607-3H.E. HallamRural England, 1066-1272 (Fontana History of England)
1979978-0-00-635608-0Vivien NoakesEdward Lear: The Life of a Wanderer
  ''978-0-00-635609-7Stan GoochThe Paranormal
1987978-0-00-635619-6Frederick LeboyerBirth without Violence
1981978-0-00-635626-4Theodora FitzGibbonTraditional Scottish Cookery
1979978-0-00-635631-8Anwar El-SadatIn Search of Identity
1980978-0-00-635652-3John SeymourComplete Food Garden
1979978-0-00-635667-7Calton YoungerIreland's Civil War
  ''978-0-00-635670-7Geoffrey A. ParkerEurope in Crisis, 1598-1648 (Fontana history of Europe)
1981978-0-00-635698-1P.J. KeatingThe Victorian Prophets: A Reader from Carlyle to Wells
1979978-0-00-635703-2Vera BrittainTestament of Youth: An Autobiographical Study of the Years 1900-1925
  ''978-0-00-635707-0Fritjof CapraThe Tao of physics
  ''978-0-00-635718-6Errol Lea-ScarlettRoots & Branches: Ancestry for Australians
1980978-0-00-635719-3G. WilkesDictionary Aust Colloquilisms
1980978-0-00-635721-6H. McdonaldSuhartos Indonesia Pb
  ''978-0-00-635722-3Elizabeth WindschuttleWomen, Class and History: Feminist Perspectives on Australia, 1788-1978
1979978-0-00-635733-9Lewis Chester · etc.Jeremy Thorpe: A Secret Life
1984978-0-00-635741-4Roger MagrawFrance, 1815-1914: The Bourgeois Century (A Fontana original)
1981978-0-00-635759-9Frank FieldInequality in Britain: Freedom, Welfare and the State
1983978-0-00-635788-9Claire CrossChurch & People 1450 1660 (Fontana history of England)
1980978-0-00-635795-7Robert Bocock · etc.An Introduction to Sociology: A Reader
1981978-0-00-635799-5Quentin CrispHow to Become a Virgin
1992978-0-00-635842-8Harry ColePoliceman’s Progress
1983978-0-00-635847-3Alan BullockFontana Biographical Companion to Modern Thought
1980978-0-00-635858-9John NicholsonSeven Ages
1992978-0-00-635859-6Gerald DurrellGarden of the Gods
1981978-0-00-635923-4John LyonsLanguage, Meaning and Context (Fontana linguistics)
1980978-0-00-635932-6Tim Pat CooganThe I.R.A.
  ''978-0-00-635934-0Herbert O. YardleyEducation of a Poker Player
1983978-0-00-635943-2Wynne A. H. Godley · T.Francis CrippsMacroeconomics (Fontana masterguides)
  ''978-0-00-635984-5E.H. Matthei · T.W. RoeperUnderstanding and Producing Speech (Fontana linguistics)
1982978-0-00-635986-9Mary EvansThe Woman Question
1981978-0-00-635987-6Clara Emily MilburnMrs. Milburn's Diaries: An Englishwoman's Day to Day Reflections, 1939-45
1980978-0-00-635990-6Margaret LaneMagic Years of Beatrix Potter
1980978-0-00-636008-7Brian JacksonYour Exceptional Child
  ''978-0-00-636042-1Peter BossOn the Side of the Child: An Australian Perspective on Child Abuse
1983978-0-00-636048-3Sideways from the page: The Meanjin interviews (Fontana original)
1980978-0-00-636077-3William ShawcrossSideshow: Kissinger, Nixon and the Destruction of Cambodia
  ''978-0-00-636081-0David SinclairQueen and Country: Life of Elizabeth, the Queen Mother
  ''978-0-00-636091-9Peter LargeMicro Revolution
1981978-0-00-636092-6Gita MehtaKarma Cola
1980978-0-00-636109-1Olwen H. HuftonEurope: Privilege and Protest, 1730-1789 (Fontana history of Europe)
1988978-0-00-636114-5Rose ElliotNot Just a Load of Old Lentils
1996978-0-00-636115-2   ''Simply Delicious: A Vegetarian Cookbook
1990978-0-00-636168-8Helen ForresterTwopence to Cross the Mersey
1981978-0-00-636184-8David AttenboroughLife on Earth: A Natural History
1980978-0-00-636186-2Vera BrittainTestament of Experience: An Autobiographical Study of the Years 1925-50
1981978-0-00-636187-9S.A. Walkland · Michael RyleThe Commons Today
  ''978-0-00-636192-3Malcolm MuggeridgeChronicles of Wasted Time - Volume II: The Infernal Grove
1981978-0-00-636205-0Rose ElliotYour Very Good Health: Recipes for Healthy Eating
1982978-0-00-636237-1Robert A. HindeEthology: Its Nature and Relations with Other Sciences (Masterguides)
1983978-0-00-636299-9David McLellanMarx - The First Hundred Years (Fontana original)
1981978-0-00-636310-1Arthur MarwickClass: Image and Reality in Britain, France and the U.S.A.Since 1930
  ''978-0-00-636311-8Joy AdamsonQueen of Shaba
1992978-0-00-636312-5Gerald DurrellPicnic and Suchlike Pandemonium
1980978-0-00-636315-6Simon Welfare · John FairleyArthur C Clarke's Mysterious World
1981978-0-00-636317-0Harry ColePoliceman's Lot
1984978-0-00-636320-0Geoffrey AsheAvalonian Quest
1981978-0-00-636326-2Mary O'HaraThe Scent of the Roses
  ''978-0-00-636345-3Hammond InnesSea and Island
  ''978-0-00-636353-8Vera BrittainTestament of Friendship
  ''978-0-00-636354-5Robert ParkerRough Justice
1982978-0-00-636391-0Adrian TameMaralinga: British A-Bomb Australian Legacy (Fontana Original)
1984978-0-00-636398-9Harry RednerAnatomy of the World: The Impact of the Atom on Australia and the World
1981978-0-00-636405-4Ray ConnollyJohn Lennon, 1940-80
1981978-0-00-636416-0Robert BainThe Clans and Tartans of Scotland
  ''978-0-00-636423-8Jenny CarterThis is Scotland
  ''978-0-00-636426-9Jonathan PowerAgainst Oblivion: Amnesty International's Fight for Human Rights
  ''978-0-00-636427-6Ludovic KennedyA Book of Railway Journeys
  ''978-0-00-636428-3John FraserThe Chinese
1975978-0-00-636429-0Jonathan RabanSoft city
1982978-0-00-636431-3Charles ThompsonBob Hope: Portrait of a Superstar
1983978-0-00-636450-4Meera TanejaNew Indian Cookery
1983978-0-00-636453-5Patrick MarnhamPrivate Eye Story: The First Twenty-one Years
1992978-0-00-636458-0Harry ColePoliceman’s Patch
1983978-0-00-636467-2Rena SalamanGreek Food
  ''978-0-00-636482-5Rose ElliotGourmet Vegetarian Cooking
1984978-0-00-636486-3E.K. BrownLinguistics Today (Fontana linguistics)
1983978-0-00-636489-4Paul Bailey · Cynthia PayneAn English Madam: Life and Work of Cynthia Payne
1982978-0-00-636492-4Christopher CampbellWar Facts Now
1983978-0-00-636493-1Caroline BinghamLand of the Scots: A Short History
2011978-0-00-636494-8Helen ForresterLiverpool Miss
1982978-0-00-636495-5John Hutchinson · Lord Home of the Hirsel · Douglas CorranceScotland
  ''978-0-00-636502-0Wilma GeorgeDarwin (Modern Masters)
  ''978-0-00-636503-7Geoffrey WansellSir James Goldsmith
  ''978-0-00-636504-4Reinhart WinklerThis is Windsurfing
1986978-0-00-636506-8H. A. L. FisherHistory of Europe Volume 1
1982978-0-00-636509-9Robert LaceyThe Kingdom
1982978-0-00-636512-9David Kogan · Maurice KoganBattle for the Labour Party
  ''978-0-00-636514-3Des Hickey · Gus SmithSeven Days to Disaster: Sinking of the Lusitania
  ''978-0-00-636515-0Michael Sellers · Sarah SellersP.S, I Love You: Peter Sellers, the Man and the Myth
  ''978-0-00-636516-7Peter AllissAn Autobiography
  ''978-0-00-636517-4Peter AllissBedside Golf
1983978-0-00-636526-6Frances FarmerWill There Really be a Morning?
1985978-0-00-636528-0Richard MackarnessA Little of What You Fancy (how to control smoking and other cravings)
1982978-0-00-636529-7Tom VernonFat Man on a Bicycle
1983978-0-00-636536-5Paul FootThe Helen Smith Story
1982978-0-00-636538-9Hugh Montgomery-MassingberdDiana, the Princess of Wales
2011978-0-00-636540-2Helen ForresterBy the Waters of Liverpool
1982978-0-00-636542-6Gavin ScottHow to Get Rid of the Bomb
1983978-0-00-636551-8PETTY'S MONEY BOOK
1984978-0-00-636557-0Kay DanielsSo Much Hard Work Prostitution: Women and Prostitution in Australian History
1981978-0-00-636559-4Alan Cribb · Joan CribbWild Medicine in Australia (Fontana books)
1982978-0-00-636564-8Frank Muir · Jamie MuirA Treasury of Christmas
1984978-0-00-636583-9John CribbonKilling Times
1983978-0-00-636584-6Bob EllisTwo weeks in another country: a journal of the 1983 British election
1983978-0-00-636602-7Betty EdwardsDrawing on the Right Side of the Brain
1984978-0-00-636606-5Ngaio MarshBlack Beech and Honeydew
1983978-0-00-636614-0Edmund Fawcett · Tony ThomasAmerica and the Americans
  ''978-0-00-636616-4Ludovic KennedyBook of Air Journeys
  ''978-0-00-636620-1Rose ElliotBook of Salads
1984978-0-00-636623-2Paul M. KennedyStrategy and Diplomacy, 1870-1945: Eight Studies
1983978-0-00-636629-4Henry Ledgard · Andrew SingerElementary BASIC: Teach yourself BASIC by solving the mysteries of Sherlock Holmes - As Chronicled by John H.Watson (A Fontana original)
  ''978-0-00-636631-7Morris WestChildren of the Sun
1984978-0-00-636632-4Eric Butterworth · David WeirNew Sociology of Modern Britain: An Introductory Reader
  ''978-0-00-636640-9James LaddS.B.S.: The Invisible Raiders
1983978-0-00-636641-6Rose ElliotBook of Breads
1983978-0-00-636644-7Nicholas MosleyRules of the Game: Sir Oswald and Lady Cynthia Mosley, 1896-1933
  ''978-0-00-636647-8Harry ColePoliceman's Patrol
1984978-0-00-636653-9Shona Crawford PooleThe New "Times" Cook Book
1983978-0-00-636654-6Dorothy Hammond InnesWhat Lands are These?
  ''978-0-00-636658-4Katharina DaltonOnce a Month: Menstrual Syndrome, Its Causes and Consequences
  ''978-0-00-636664-5Arthur MarshallWhimpering in the Rhododendrons
1984978-0-00-636668-3Roger Kilroy · Edward McLachlanYou Don't Have to be Mad to Work Here.
1983978-0-00-636670-6Tony GeraghtyThis is the S.A.S.: Pictorial History of the Special Air Service Regiment
  ''978-0-00-636675-1Peter Van WagensveldThis is Freestyle Windsurfing
1983978-0-00-636678-2Tony GeraghtyWho Dares Wins: The Story of the Special Air Service 1950-1980: History of the Special Air Service
1984978-0-00-636685-0John BurrowesBenny: The Life and Times of a Fighting Legend
1983978-0-00-636688-1Glen BaxterImpending Gleam
  ''978-0-00-636694-2Ronald DuncanThe Writings of Gandhi
1984978-0-00-636703-1Rose ElliotBook of Pasta
1981978-0-00-636715-4Roger GreenBattle for the Franklin: Conversations with the Combatants in the Struggle for South West Tasmania
1984978-0-00-636717-8Rodney HallCol Book Aust Poetry
  ''978-0-00-636718-5David WhiteAustralian Movies to the World: The International Success of Australian Films since 1970
  ''978-0-00-636720-8Anne DevesonFaces of Change
  ''978-0-00-636729-1Michael DunnAustralia and the Empire: From 1788 to the Present
1983978-0-00-636740-6Alan BullockFontana Dict Mod Thought
1984978-0-00-636746-8Glynis McGuinness · Sybil Greatbatch"Slimming Magazine's" Freezer Owner's Diet Book
1994978-0-00-636753-6Kenneth Blanchard · Spencer JohnsonOne Minute Manager (The One Minute Manager)
1995978-0-00-636758-1Albert Henry HansonGoverning Britain
1984978-0-00-636759-8Richard HymanStrikes
1984978-0-00-636766-6Patrick DonovanPeculiar People - the maddest exploits of the otherwise innocent
  ''978-0-00-636773-4Peter DickensS.A.S.: The Jungle Frontier - 22nd Special Air Service Regiment in the Borneo Campaign, 1963-66
1986978-0-00-636775-8Charlie A. Beckwith · Donald KnoxDelta Force: United States Counter Terrorist Unit and the Iranian Hostage Rescue Mission
1985978-0-00-636776-5Peter KurthAnastasia: Life of Anna Anderson
1986978-0-00-636778-9Ludovic KennedyAirman and the Carpenter
1984978-0-00-636782-6John ArlottHow to Watch Cricket
  ''978-0-00-636793-2Moyra Bremner · Liz FilippiniPasta for Pleasure: The Regional Recipes of Italy
  ''978-0-00-636796-3Robert LaceyAristocrats
1985978-0-00-636802-1Laura Busini-BirchTraditional Italian Food
  ''978-0-00-636803-8Jimmy TarbuckTarbuck on Golf
1984978-0-00-636813-7Clive WoodLiving in Overdrive
1994978-0-00-636824-3Kenneth Blanchard · Robert LorberPutting One Minute Manager to Work (The One Minute Manager)
1986978-0-00-636841-0Penelope LeachFirst Six Months: Getting Together with Your Baby
1985978-0-00-636843-4Harry ColePoliceman's Story
1985978-0-00-636871-7Sally GarrattManage Your Time (The successful manager)
1986978-0-00-636874-8Professor Ronnie LessemThe Roots of Excellence (The successful manager)
1990978-0-00-636875-5Jack DominianDepression: What is it ? How do we Cope ?
1984978-0-00-636877-9Posy SimmondsPick of Posy
1994978-0-00-636892-2Mike Pedler · Tom BoydellManaging Yourself (The successful manager)
1987978-0-00-636922-6Jane De TeligaLinda Jackson: The Art of Fashion
1985978-0-00-636929-5John P. Briggs · F. David PeatLooking Glass Universe: The Emerging Science of Wholeness
1987978-0-00-636934-9Robyn VinesAgoraphobia: The Fear of Panic
1985978-0-00-636940-0Charles ClementsWitness to War: American Doctor in El Salvador
1987978-0-00-636943-1Tim Pat CooganThe I.R.A.
1985978-0-00-636952-3Audrey PeckhamWoman in Custody
1986978-0-00-636953-0Mark H. McCormackWhat They Don’t Teach You at Harvard Business School (A John Boswell's Associates book)
1985978-0-00-636955-4Christine Marion FraserBlue Above the Chimneys
1997978-0-00-636961-5Janet MorganAgatha Christie: A biography
1985978-0-00-636963-9Glen BaxterGlen Baxter - His Life: The Years of Struggle
1989978-0-00-636965-3Alan Bullock,Baron Bullock · R.B. WoodingFontana Dictionary of Modern Thinkers
1985978-0-00-636972-1William ShawcrossQuality of Mercy: Cambodia, Holocaust and Modern Conscience
2013978-0-00-636973-8Paula PimentaConfissao
1990978-0-00-636986-8Ian Sayer · Douglas BottingAmerica's Secret Army: Untold Story of the Counterintelligence Corps
2011978-0-00-637000-0Helen ForresterLime Street at Two
1985978-0-00-637003-1Tom SteelScotland’s Story (A Channel Four book)