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ISBN 978-0-00-217182-3 to 978-0-00-217759-7 < ISBN 978-0-00-217760-3 to 978-0-00-218354-3 > ISBN 978-0-00-218361-1 to 978-0-00-219149-4

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1987978-0-00-217760-3Akio Morita · etc.Made in Japan: Akio Morita and Sony
1988978-0-00-217763-4Peter VansittartHappy and Glorious!
1986978-0-00-217769-6D. David EisenhowerEisenhower at War, 1943-45
1987978-0-00-217770-2Ken LivingstoneIf Voting Changed Anything They'd Abolish it
1988978-0-00-217773-3Fernand BraudelThe Identity of France: v. 1. History and Environment.
1990978-0-00-217774-0Fernand BraudelThe Identity of France: People and Production v. 2
1988978-0-00-217775-7Rupert ChristiansenThe Grand Obsession - An Anthology of Opera
1987978-0-00-217779-5Tariq AliStreet Fighting Years: An Autobiography of the Sixties
  ''978-0-00-217780-1Lew GradeStill Dancing
1988978-0-00-217786-3Robert MarshallAll the King's Men: The Truth Behind S.O.E.'s Greatest Wartime Disaster
  ''978-0-00-217787-0Martin AdeneyThe Motor Makers: The Turbulent History of Britain's Car Industry
1987978-0-00-217788-7A. Norman Jeffares · Antony KammAn Irish Childhood
  ''978-0-00-217793-1Sarah LloydChinese Characters
1988978-0-00-217794-8Jack WebsterAnother Grain of Truth
  ''978-0-00-217795-5Penelope Hughes-HallettChildhood: An Anthology
1987978-0-00-217796-2E.V. Lucas · G. MorrowWhat a Life! An Autobiography E.V.L & G.M.
1987978-0-00-217801-3Simon SchamaThe Embarrassment Of Riches: An Interpretation Of Dutch Culture In The Golden Age
  ''978-0-00-217802-0Barbara Lazear AscherPlaying After Dark
  ''978-0-00-217803-7Terence O'BrienMoonlight War: Story of Clandestine Operations in South East Asia, 1944-45
  ''978-0-00-217804-4DebrettDebretts Hndbook of Aust
1988978-0-00-217813-6Baiba BerzinsComing of Strangers: Life in Australia 1788-1822
1989978-0-00-217825-9Richard Ingrams · John O'ConnorEngland: An Anthology (British Anthologies)
1988978-0-00-217834-1Eric W KieransWrong end of the rainbow: The collapse of free enterprise in Canada
1992978-0-00-217855-6Peter MarshallDemanding the Impossible: History of Anarchism
1989978-0-00-217856-3Fraser HarrisonTrivial Disputes
1992978-0-00-217857-0Iain FinlaysonTangier: City of the Dream
1988978-0-00-217859-4John KeayIndia Discovered
1987978-0-00-217867-9Perle HessingMirror to My Life
1990978-0-00-217868-6Mary SoamesWinston Churchill: His Life as a Painter
1987978-0-00-217869-3Mark H. McCormackThe Terrible Truth About Lawyers
  ''978-0-00-217871-6Trevor HallThe Royal Family
1987978-0-00-217887-7Stephen BrookMaple Leaf Rag: Travels Across Canada
978-0-00-217889-1Telling Tales
978-0-00-217890-7Michael HarrisJustice Denied: The Law Versus Donald Marshall
978-0-00-217891-4The secrets of Soviet sports fitness and training
1986978-0-00-217892-1In all respects ready: The Merchant Navy and the Battle of the Atlantic, 1940-1945
978-0-00-217895-2Smiley's circus: A guide to the secret world of John Le Carré
978-0-00-217896-9Spectator Sports
1987978-0-00-217903-4Paul HawkenGrowing a Business: Paul Hawken
  ''978-0-00-217904-1Stan & FischlerBreakaway 87/88 ~ Trd Pb
1987978-0-00-217908-9Margaret Eleanor AtwoodCanlit Foodbook
978-0-00-217909-6On the Triangle Run
1987978-0-00-217910-2Peter FosterThe master builders: How the Reichmanns reached for an empire
978-0-00-217911-9Charles LynchA Funny Way to Run a Country: Further Memoirs of a Political Voyeur
1988978-0-00-217919-5Paul QuarringtonHometown Heroes: On the Road with Canada's National Hockey Team
978-0-00-217922-5The Dried Flower Encyclopaedia
1987978-0-00-217934-8Woodrow WyattConfessions of an Optimist
1988978-0-00-217936-2James Lees-MilneRoman Mornings
  ''978-0-00-217937-9James Lees-MilneVenetian Evenings
1991978-0-00-217941-6John LoweEdward James
1989978-0-00-217942-3Andrew MitchellA Fragile Paradise
1987978-0-00-217945-4A Guide to Beijing
  ''978-0-00-217947-8A Guide to Shanghai (China guide series)
1989978-0-00-217948-5William DalrympleIn Xanadu: A Quest
1990978-0-00-217949-2Jane RidleyFox Hunting
1988978-0-00-217951-5Alan BoothCollins Illustrated Guide to Japan
  ''978-0-00-217953-9John HoskinCollins Illustrated Guide to Thailand
1987978-0-00-217954-6John RaeLetters from School
1987978-0-00-217957-7Philip ZieglerMelbourne
1989978-0-00-217959-1Robert Vavra · Fleur CowlesTo be a Unicorn
1987978-0-00-217960-7C. V. WedgwoodHistory and Hope - Collected Essays
1988978-0-00-217967-6Rick Smolan · David CohenA Day in the Life of Spain
  ''978-0-00-217968-3Rick Smolan · David CohenChristmas in America
  ''978-0-00-217969-0   ''A Day in the Life of the Soviet Union
  ''978-0-00-217972-0John BurdickA Day in the Life of the Soviet Union
  ''978-0-00-217974-4Rick Smolan · David CohenThe Wall
1989978-0-00-217976-8Roy JenkinsEuropean Diary, 1977-81
1988978-0-00-217979-9Witold RodzinskiThe People's Republic of China: Reflections on Chinese Political History Since 1949
1988978-0-00-217981-2Mary RussellThe Blessings of a Good Thick Skirt: Women Travellers and Their World
1987978-0-00-217982-9William Leslie WebbBedside "Guardian": No. 36
1988978-0-00-217984-3Shlomo HillelOperation Babylon
1990978-0-00-217987-4Anne EdwardsRoyal Sisters: Elizabeth and Margaret
1988978-0-00-217988-1Anne EdwardsShirley Temple: American Princess
  ''978-0-00-217989-8Frank Pakenham,Earl of LongfordA History of the House of Lords
1989978-0-00-217991-1Arnold C. BrackmanThe Other Nuremberg: The Untold Story of the Tokyo War Crimes Trials
  ''978-0-00-217992-8Gay DalyThe Pre-Raphaelites in Love
1987978-0-00-217993-5Prince EdwardGrand Knockout Tournament
1983978-0-00-218001-6Angela KingKnit One
  ''978-0-00-218005-4Mike BurtonHave Balls Will Travel: The Story of a Rugby Tour
1982978-0-00-218006-1John GriffithsBook of English International Rugby, 1871-1982
1983978-0-00-218007-8Esme Newton-DunnThe Bodywork Book (Willow books)
  ''978-0-00-218010-8Marcus WilliamsWay to Lord's: Cricketing Letters to "The Times"
1983978-0-00-218021-4Dorgan RushtonBrush Up Your Pidgin (Willow books)
1984978-0-00-218022-1Bob WillisFast Bowling with Bob Willis
1983978-0-00-218024-5Simon InglisFootball Grounds of England and Wales
1984978-0-00-218025-2David BryantBowl with Bryant
1982978-0-00-218028-3Michael MarriottMountains and Hills of Britain: A Guide to the Uplands of England, Scotland and Wales (An Adkinson Parrish book)
1983978-0-00-218030-6David BarrHaig Guide to Trout Fishing in Britain
  ''978-0-00-218032-0John ArlottHow to Watch Cricket
1986978-0-00-218033-7Vaclav NemecekThe History of Soviet Aircraft from 1918 (Willow books)
1982978-0-00-218040-5Kenny EverettThe Custard Stops at Hatfield
1983978-0-00-218041-2Konrad BartelskiKonrad Bartelski: The Autobiography of a Skier
1982978-0-00-218046-7Antony PrestonSea Combat off the Falklands: The Lessons That Must Be Learned
1983978-0-00-218047-4Anthony BurtonWaterways of Britain
1984978-0-00-218048-1Steven SpurrierFrench Country Wines
1983978-0-00-218049-8Martin Tyler · Phil SoarEncyclopaedia of British Football
1984978-0-00-218050-4Michael SmithCook's Tour of Britain
1983978-0-00-218051-1Chris ChantAir Forces of the World
  ''978-0-00-218053-5Liz McDonnellMoney Matters for Women (Willow books)
  ''978-0-00-218056-6Shona Crawford PooleNew "Times" Cook Book
1984978-0-00-218060-3Terry GodwinInternational Rugby Championship, 1883-1983
1983978-0-00-218061-0Kenneth H. Blanchard · Spencer JohnsonThe One Minute Manager
  ''978-0-00-218062-7Lord Killanin · John RoddaThe Olympic Games
1983978-0-00-218063-4The Olympic Games 1984
1984978-0-00-218066-5Graham Price · Terry GodwinGraham Price: Price of Wales
  ''978-0-00-218067-2Angela KingKnit Two
1983978-0-00-218069-6Pat Jennings · Reg DruryPat Jennings: An Autobiography
  ''978-0-00-218070-2Peter AllissPlay Golf with Peter Alliss
1985978-0-00-218072-6Hugh Montgomery-MassingberdHer Majesty the Queen (Willow books)
1986978-0-00-218076-4Keith HackettHackett's Law: Referee's Notebook
1984978-0-00-218077-1Derek RobinsonRun with the Ball! A Brisk Dash Through 150 Years of Rugby
  ''978-0-00-218081-8Gyles BrandrethThe Scrabble Omnibus
  ''978-0-00-218082-5John ArlottArlott On Cricket - His Writings on the Game (Willow Books)
1984978-0-00-218083-2Clive ThomasBy the Book
1982978-0-00-218084-9Patricia Bourne · Wendy MajerowiczTante Marie Book of Traditional French Cookery
1987978-0-00-218086-3Ted CrokerFirst Voice You Will Hear is
1982978-0-00-218089-4Phyllida Hart-DavisGrace: The Story of a Princess
1985978-0-00-218096-2Robert BrookeWho's Who of English First Class Cricket, 1945-84
  ''978-0-00-218098-6Don MiddletonTest Pilots
  ''978-0-00-218101-3Bruce L. BedfordUnderground Britain
1984978-0-00-218103-7J.C. BarringerLake District
  ''978-0-00-218104-4Jack R RavensdaleNational Trust Histories Cornwall
  ''978-0-00-218105-1Christopher TaylorCambridgeshire and Mid-Anglia
1984978-0-00-218111-2Humphrey WelfareWessex (National Trust histories)
  ''978-0-00-218112-9Humphrey WelfareWessex (National Trust Histories)
  ''978-0-00-218113-6Chris ChantNaval Forces of the World
  ''978-0-00-218115-0Bob WillisCaptain's Diary (Willow books)
  ''978-0-00-218116-7Steven SpurrierFrench Fine Wines: Guide to the Most Distinguished Wines of France
1985978-0-00-218117-4Daniel TopolskiBoat Race - The Oxford Revival
1984978-0-00-218118-1Kenneth H. Blanchard · Robert LorberPutting the One Minute Manager to Work
1984978-0-00-218119-8Steve Ovett · John RoddaOvett: An Autobiography
  ''978-0-00-218123-5Bill O'Reilly · Jack EganThe Bradman Era
  ''978-0-00-218126-6Various ContributorsIn Public View: Nation's Album of the Royal Family
1986978-0-00-218127-3Trevor BaileyWickets, Catches and the Odd Run
  ''978-0-00-218145-7David HemeryThe Pursuit of Sporting Excellence: Study of Sport's Highest Achievers
1985978-0-00-218146-4Steve CoppellTouch and Go
1987978-0-00-218148-8Enzo AngelucciWorld Encyclopaedia of Civil Aircraft
1984978-0-00-218150-1Norman MairThe Year of the Thistle
1985978-0-00-218156-3Colin DysonHaig Guide to Coarse Fishing in Britain
  ''978-0-00-218158-7Angela King · Caroline BakerSquare Knits
1986978-0-00-218160-0Graeme Wright · Joe Brown · George HarrisonBrown Sauce: The Life and Times of Joe Brown
1985978-0-00-218162-4Simon InglisSoccer in the Dock
1985978-0-00-218164-8John ArdaghGuide to France
  ''978-0-00-218166-2Gyles BrandrethMonopoly Omnibus
  ''978-0-00-218167-9Rixi MarkusThe Rixi Markus Book of Bridge
  ''978-0-00-218168-6George Hostler · Gyles BrandrethWit Knits
  ''978-0-00-218176-1Leon GriffithsArthur Daley's Guide to Doing it Right
1985978-0-00-218177-8Derek MillsThe Fishing Here is Great!
  ''978-0-00-218178-5Graham GoochOut of the Wilderness
  ''978-0-00-218180-8BlanchardOne Minute Manager: Salesperson (The One Minute Manager)
  ''978-0-00-218182-2Harvey SmithBedside Jumping
  ''978-0-00-218185-3Chris Lloyd · John LloydLloyd on Lloyd
1986978-0-00-218188-4Bruce GrobbelaarMore Than Somewhat: Autobiography
1985978-0-00-218189-1Simon InglisFootball Grounds of England and Wales
1985978-0-00-218190-7Jimmy TarbuckTarbuck on Showbiz
1986978-0-00-218192-1Brian WilksThe Illustrated Brontes of Haworth (Willow Books)
  ''978-0-00-218203-4Christopher PickRailway Route Book (Willow books)
1987978-0-00-218204-1David Rayvern AllenCricket's Silver Lining: The 50 Years from the Birth of Wisden to the Beginnig of The Great War
1986978-0-00-218206-5John ArlottArlott on Wine (Willow books)
  ''978-0-00-218209-6John BarrettWorld of Tennis 1986
1987978-0-00-218213-3Michael YoungCollins Guide to the Botanical Gardens of Britain
1988978-0-00-218215-7National Railway MuseumThe National Railway Collection
1987978-0-00-218216-4Elwyn Hartley EdwardsHorses: Their Role in the History of Man (A Channel 4 / Scottish Television book)
1986978-0-00-218220-1John Barrett100 Wimbledon Championships: A Celebration
  ''978-0-00-218226-3Ian Botham · Frank KeatingHigh, Wide and Handsome - Ian Botham: The Story of a Very Special Year
  ''978-0-00-218227-0Murray WalkerBedside Wheels (Willow books)
1988978-0-00-218230-0Brian WilsonCeltic: A Century with Honour
1988978-0-00-218242-3Simon InglisLeague Football and the Men Who Made it
1987978-0-00-218245-4the EcomomistEconomist Business Traveller's Guide to Japan (The Economist business traveller's guides)
  ''978-0-00-218246-1   ''"Economist" Business Traveller's Guide to Britain (The Economist business traveller's guides)
  ''978-0-00-218247-8   ''"Economist" Business Traveller's Guide to the United States (The Economist business traveller's guides)
  ''978-0-00-218249-2Simon InglisThe Football Grounds of Britain
1986978-0-00-218250-8Peter AllisImprove Your Golf
1987978-0-00-218254-6Martin CohenMarine Corps 3X Fitness Programme for Men and Women
  ''978-0-00-218255-3Clive EvertonImprove Your Snooker
1989978-0-00-218256-0National Railway MuseumThe National Railway Collection
1987978-0-00-218257-7Mark H. McCormackWorld of Professional Golf 1987
1987978-0-00-218258-4Konrad Bartelski · Lorraine JerramImprove Your Skiing
  ''978-0-00-218264-5J.P.R. WilliamsSports Injuries Handbook (Lillywhites)
1988978-0-00-218267-6Trevor Bailey · Fred TruemanSpinners' Web (Willow books)
  ''978-0-00-218283-6Mark H. McCormackWorld of Professional Golf 1988
1989978-0-00-218288-1Iain SproatThe Cricketers' Who's Who 1989
1987978-0-00-218291-1Nigel CawthorneAmerican Football
1989978-0-00-218295-9Hubert Doggart · George ChestertonOxford and Cambridge Cricket (The MCC cricket library)
1988978-0-00-218302-4Jane Griffin · Vivian Grisogono · Larry Halpin · Ian McKenzie · Colin McQuillan · Ian Robinson · John Robinson · Malcolm WillstropImprove Your Squash
  ''978-0-00-218304-8David GrayShades of Gray: Selected Tennis Writings of David Gray
1990978-0-00-218305-5Simon InglisThe Football Grounds of Europe
1989978-0-00-218307-9Tim RiceTreasures of Lord's
  ''978-0-00-218308-6John ArlottThe Essential John Arlott: Forty Years of Classic Cricket Writing
1989978-0-00-218315-4Ian Botham · Jack BannisterCricket My Way
1994978-0-00-218316-1Ian Botham · Peter HayterBotham: My Autobiography
1990978-0-00-218319-2Ralph DellorHow to Coach Cricket
  ''978-0-00-218322-2Bill MossHow to Coach Tennis
1988978-0-00-218338-3Henry LonghurstEssential Henry Longhurst - The Best of His Writing in Golf Illustrated
1990978-0-00-218342-0Michael Down · Derek WestSketches at Lord's: the cricket lithographs of John Corbet Anderson
  ''978-0-00-218343-7"Golf World"Improve Your Golf
  ''978-0-00-218350-5David Leadbetter · John HugganThe Golf Swing
  ''978-0-00-218351-2John ArlottBasingstoke Boy: The Autobiography
1990978-0-00-218354-3Michael Prichard · Dietrich BurkelNew Encyclopaedia of Fishing in Britain and Ireland