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2004978-0-00-711405-4Sarah ZettelThe Firebird’s Vengeance (Isavalta Trilogy)
2011978-0-00-711406-1   ''The Firebird’s Vengeance (Isavalta Trilogy)
2001978-0-00-711408-5Map2002 Map of Scotland
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  ''978-0-00-711423-8Amanda GearyThe Food and Mood Handbook: Find relief at last from depression, anxiety, PMS, cravings and mood swings: How What You Eat Can Transform How You Feel
2002978-0-00-711426-9Doris DavidsonThe Back of Beyond
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2011978-0-00-711480-1Dave PelzerHelp Yourself: How You Can Find Hope, Courage and Happiness
2000978-0-00-711481-8Sidney SheldonThe Sky is Falling
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2002978-0-00-711501-3Narendra Mehta · Kundun MehtaThe Art of Indian Face Massage
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2010978-0-00-711536-5Christy CampbellPhylloxera: How Wine was Saved for the World
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2001978-0-00-711563-1   ''From Medicine to Miracle: How My Faith Overcame Cancer
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2001978-0-00-711573-0   ''Forty Words for Sorrow
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2011978-0-00-711628-7   ''Night Angels
2002978-0-00-711630-0   ''Bleak Water
2011978-0-00-711631-7Danuta ReahBleak Water
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